The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1934
Page 5
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BIA'Tni'iVlLLE, (ARK.) COWIIER NEWS PAGE CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED |«t , , . - ^J.,.VOOAA "~ riSl»wr work tor lev money. ADVERTISING Any in.t< raauvor «pt*t«l_or if _ 1 cored. Got Dally rate per line roi consecu- Ihe Insertions: to AUy 111B*V l it^myv^ *V|HBII*W v« •»• cored. G«t our pclw» on new and cebutlt batteries. Call f33. KboMC-UUle Ctemlet Co. 100 kl-10 (Five average «:da to .^ COAL & WOOD One bis times ^ Une per d»y . iloaUiiiW perto^ ...•"• jilnlmum charge BOc Ads ordered lor three or rHONE Ofiol But w * »»•»•-» j T> •••,'•*.-*- ORULR battery Of I IN -.._ CHIOKA8AWBA DisTiim MIS- S1S81PPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. It, V. Carpenter. Pluinliff, • vs. No, 5135 . James M. Biickncr ot al, Defendants. , The defendants, James M. Buck ««r and-Blrdle Btyanl, arc warned lo appear wli'ali: ninety days in Ihe court iiamc'l In Hie cnptalon hereof and answer the complaint ol Ihe plnliUIIT. K. V. Carpenter. 1I 1 - Dalca' this 2'ftn ruy ol Nov. U (33. ' ' n. lj. Games. CleiK. Ily Ell/atKlh Blylhc. D. C. P. C. UoiLijlas, Ally, fi-r I'liiimii' m-23-i-i-»| BUCHANAN Ic kl-S FOR SALE nlli* will bo represented In' . ,,- i;! :il nimu.ii Miami 13111•• champions)!);* Bridge lour' •"•in. J;in. 15-17. II was un' ' '•>•' '< lini- lodny ( ',',:• Id |)l' IVplTM'lllOd 111 l' le . s] x-i-ti'il in mtract more I D...I: phiyiTK for llie qutlll tuumb. include Sew York, I !;-:i:; uiimds. include Sew York, 12 Cities Represented at i; -..». . i i| hiUu]1 ^' i ";;;, 0 ^" shl cf cl °": Miami Bridge Tourney ,:V-:'^ v 'm : immuVVSoii,' CMCHBO | (:-. \ <:•.:•-•: unrt Mlll'ill. MIAMI till')—Turhv iiu'tropol- 1 l':.;v in lliv championship IliuiL' Ads ordered lor three or to s ALE -Pure breed SUmeville itoes and stopped betore expire- * lu ^^ plice , 1/(6 uou Kl» be charged for the num- £° p E _ BIack al ' - aeared and| :^\."..',T. ~.. r.« d» i<ii «/ of time, tre ad ap^ared wS I ^.^^a^-co.' «P Ul adjustment o! till made. I . All Classified Advertising copy PEAb ESTATE ,ubniitted by Arson's residing out- -— r-.rie ol the city must be accom-1 ' ""• OUR BOARDING HOUSE L 3f ^K/ •.cr« will 1)0 foi -tlie Mliill t='''-| :<• rove trophy presented by. O! i •:, !': I'piuy'L. 'Dalivdy. 05 prcsl'lpii'. ;•'. i n- Florida' Yenr-Koimd Clui>. A I' ".h:.l>; Mll'Hi C. Work, !•. n>U<:> Sims, J- ph Deriirk Wcrnher, Il.-h-i'. W. 1'C rlOn(m I Cllr-IWKIIU HIM',. ~ i »- ....,, - ninliber of other trophies uLwvli'; i.vib j Hii'Mrd, Clilragu, winners ill- awarded, for snpplcmrn'.i' v •'! '!>' ll 1 ^ lon'mnucni; Mrs. M. events, Including the . /-.pill-sale Archer KIM! Bank. N. PYlMllS IllClUClUltJ MIL * tiiin '•< '«!')•' *»""• •»•*•• i- • «vv« i<i>••<>» •-• Four \Vinlcr Chumplonshlp, Jni. ) •. fi-'oifi' Kellli. New Ymk; mid , . , . .. - P . ..10; the Miami OIKII Pi<ir Cliatn- r. Jli\H rxiwnes, pioiulilp, Jan. r. "ml Ihe ''"' \idual Winter Chnmploiishlp. . Jan. 15. • .- • " ••«••• •'•''•B i'iv Kornn. Exports serving on the n» l i>y Mo Cups Recovered 6*0 Autos HARfVl§»JUKU, i'a.; niP)—Sia- ll«.tIcs Issued.. today show that in J933 Pennsylvania's Sitale. Highway Policemen traveled 174,82( miles ufool; 4,057,310 miles on mo- toicycles, inn) 819/K7 miles in aii- loinobllcH. In lutriillo'n, tlicy recovered nearly WT btolcn motor vohlcles. Rc°/.l Courier Hem Want Ads. ALLEY OOP By Hamlin w wtrii ,,, t,, ,-uiu.l c ^ MUth of Gos . »o re.pon.lWUt, wUl be lor more limn one incorrect rn- Lke»e« Dealet seition of any classified ad. T«TT-Worthta«Um Tttto Co. Advertising crdered lor Irrepi- WjUwrilta tar insertions take the one time' rate. " Phone 306 or 307 IAMJARV SPECIALS All mir Vseil Cars arc reeondi- liiineil by Factory Trained Men •yl FOltD TUDOK SEDAN Gcod lluy at v 1 •30 FORD T U !> O It SEDAN s 'r;a roxtiAC SEDAN 5 •30 NASH SEDAN. Clean, Guod Kubber ? •20 CHEVKOI.KT COACH .. S 'HO KOADSTEll POULTRY & EGGS Frtsh eees tolly. "Urect froin fcen- nery. Pickaurd's jroctrj, 10*4 Chlekuawbo. 6* u-6 FOR RENT PRONT Room Apartment neai school, reasonable price, 3U Ifcarn SI. 6p kll FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardln after 5 p. m. 29-ck-tt. STEAM HEATED BEDROOM. 514 W. Main. Phone 98. 2c rt NICE comfortable rooms convenient to bath. Good meals. 421 South Second st. l-pfc-8 Rumble Seat TRtCK SPECIALS $ 14S Furnished Apartment in Ward Apartments, 1031 West Ash. Will be vacant January 1. Call 650 ck-tf •30 CHEVROLET TRUCK US Ton ......;;..,.- : ' * 72 FOltl) I'.j TON TRUCK. ? riCKt!!'. Clostd FOR RENT—Of! ice and nreproof vault. Hot and cold water, steam I'.eat. $15.00, app.v Broadway Baf- ber-^Sbop, FaijB^rc Bank Bldg. ' : •' "T-V.. 29c k5 FORU Cab ... $135 •30 HODGE PANIil. $ 1(i5 Mary Others tii Choose From \Vc Guarantee all Cars over ?100.W PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 200 EaU V.iin Slreel I'lwiie 811-810 Blythcvillc, Arkansas. MODERN Three room Apartment with bath, unfurnished. Phone 764. . ZT-ck-tt. STRAYED ROAN HORSE, Bay HORSE, each 15 .hands high. Liberal Reward. D. B. Pollard. Osceola, route 3, Box 2. 4-pk-8. ANNOUNCEMENTS Mrs. L. M. Buraette announce the opening of short hand, txpewrit- ing and bookkeeping cUists. Special Prices. Call 821-W. Ick2-l BUSINESS DIRECTORY NEW DEAL TKADING POST 1'Lrniture, Tools, Clothes, Etc. Let's trade. 11-1 East Main. 6e kl- EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Machine Kepairing. V. S. Blank- cnshiv, UG E. Rose. Call 163-J. WANTED We pay more for pecans, Jurs, hides, brass, copper, radiators, aluminum, leal, batteries. Phone 17G, Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main. 23c kl-23 AUTOMOTIVE Nice room in pritale home Itro beds, nil 7«fl after 5:00 p.m. 5p kid SALESMEN WANTED LARGEST STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and St. LOUIS Also Auto Glass—Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO LOW PRICES oil winter car needs, heaters, alcoiir.', GPA glycerine, Model T toi'S fz side curtains, fl.93 up. WOLL-' ARIAN. 128 E Mai". 23c KI-^J UU 308~KciVs place-118 E. atom For Auto Painting Ilodv and Fender Senice 29ckl-29 AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wa". Call us for better service. Phone 633. Khouse-LUtlc Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 * Call I's When In Need OI Gnaranttcd Merchanaise Tlrcs-B»ltcri« - Fcrla<cm">t HUBBARf) HARDWARE CO Automotive Dept. lck2-I Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 12c kl-10 WANTED SAI.FS PEOPLE One salesman and one saleslady. Must be experienced-and willing to xvork. No other need apply. Commission and small salary. House to house selling. Apply own handwriting, stating experience. Superior Coal an! Mining 'Co., Dlytheville, Ark. 4cklO 1«ALE HELP WANTED Man wanted to supply customers with famous Watkins Products in Blytheville. Business established earnings average $25 weekly, pa> starts immediately. Write J. R. WATKINS CO.. 70174 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Term. Ret! FQX Is W.ltch Doj STOCKTON SPRINGS. Me j'JP)—Strangers culling at <h h'jme of Howard Colson are sur prised to find a red fox in In lole of' family watchdog. The od pet romps and pbys with mem fccrs of the family, but is shy i llie presence of strangers. WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call 633. Sluiuic-Litllc Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 GOOD COAL IS THE (CHEAPEST ICOAL* ^A There Is no ca*l, *^W> We3t of SPORTING GOODS You «ill nrd a tomplele line nf NKW MOHE1, RICVCLES »t Hardware Comp»ny 16c 1(2-16 JLBAN'ERi. TAILORS To Inok 3<«ir lic^ is always essential. Lei us keep your Clothes fit. Cniauc Cleaning Service Gill 171. 20-ck-20 RADIOS All Radios. Includlns R. C. A, are iKins closed oul al cosl for CASH at iliibuard Hardware Co. 12ckl-12 'JJATTEUIES New Ford Batteries Fcnial - Rtcharsln? - Repilrln 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION J(!« VI-IF f the ;henr MonnUins, u fat{h in beat aod u low tn.KlL' . In! U h ethkal, : becamw it's tne. We i»\i!, authoritative : mailjsis on flic on «11 CM!' and' cu pmc this claim. SUPREME Super-heat "fa tb. only coal o? Its kind and wM only by this company. 6x3 Medium Site. Lump Ton Cub A Rich Man's Coal al A Poor Man's I'rice Superior CcaJ & Mining Co 304 W. Walnil T Pboae « Bv Ahern HATILK OF / Al^ 0OY;olNNV- XQU SNAGGLt-TOolHED (Hi . CHPlVSlEGMOPS/ ^ BITE'IS HEW vus ONE IN IHE NEVER HAS "THE SNOW ^NO SLUSH or-r- 5-- .-{OLD ONCE -VHM Ht U-. tf) TO BE AW' '.SI \PP1N\& ON OWN . il'ilktft^ l*^A,;^ P»^ Wl^w m>* w.^M;^-i • '^s<^iKx^-j< •- .f.-':~ : • ^'Ti-as^j >.-••• i=-..- ..• ei BOOTS AND HER nui>o«Ks '3 'At-Vr-SO Sf.O AWO LONEi-Y— EVERV DAY SHE 6«S 70 THAT_CHftlR_ AND TUR^S ON THE LI6HT. DID YOU SEE IT? SOU DON'T BELIEVE IH SPOOKS? USTEH! ALESMAN SAM IT LOOKS A'J IF I Rr:-rJ f A ^'.SST i • __ - .' OUCKUs'.'^fou've. OU-'eo W cxi2.7.ef^ 1 ^ou'Re. COELCOME <*5O FET2. Ftve. s 'tA^til y V_ To H'I i^Trv^nr W..' ...:.i~~-^i POSITIVELY SHOCKING! FRECKhto i\nu nij i-nm.-'i/L-' .. ^ rp 6\VE.Vi>^ \J f POVJ.'E-. To O^'.aA":- •'"•-• •'*'' • • ! ~: .j ; ; ; cs ; .-To yoj i . NG?F>,..V!OT / OOMT'-P A ~n-.;>£ V OME —ITWUL GIVE , 7HSSE VJ15ES I NEAR TVIW ^CE TELEP^OSi \ IHSJLATO:? '• 'V^'/|[

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