The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1943
Page 2
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11 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS », in Hollywood t\ FKSKIVE JOHNSON I %F V. bU« t or respondent I Grscp McDonald Is an exception (o I'fte »bupiboo that Hollywood publicity stunt girls seldom get to i IcoL a.,»io\ie camera .In th« eye. I During the last year/ Grace's I line nnd figure Iwe decorated. I he foluiiRS* of more newspapers" and nup.vt.nct than tiny glarnonr girl in Hollywood -'"..- ;•, File's been the Parachute Girl, , the Rsk Sa'vage Girl, -the 'RsaU ' StccHu&Giil and Hockey dirt, the lotmlo GUI, the Darling of (lie Ueseil ar<a*a fe* hundred oilier a.-,oilM things \otfd hardly Ihlnk 'she'd have I time rtp \vork In front of a movie eiamc-rs; which, after all, .Is the i UnUorsal studio Is her a iery three, fKins salaij e\ei> week. But that is xsllcic Mlsa Giuce McDonald, fiolcj Hollywood and disproved 1 Hie old fllmlown proverb '-'?i|u- lirt uMunt guls are nice to look a, but M ful actresses." . Dufiw; the same ' year, that C itle has been getting her;shape- t |y limbs and other charms, known i di a\ci America via -publicity, mnh she s been eetllng '. herself into ju"t about e\cry picture : at tlie -Universal studio. Among'• other l thins* she s Charles Boycr's lead- i mt Iidj in Fresh and Fantasy,", .iml.lhe feminine, lead In the new j JUKI • Abbott-Lou Costello'-comedy, It A5n I Hi> ' '. ; Which,- you'll have to admit,.is I ni<'e : going for u 20-year-old who, to Hollywood tradition, .should be wondering what,'a. imtvi?''camera looks like. 'film apprenticeship, I IMF Oracle's Ic lining (he Intricacies of poise and pose before the cold and i.-rilicni still camera, . started V* togs demanded . wns the Indefatigable- Oracle. . . • ,'. ' »'; . • . • .' ACTRESS, TOO ;. Soon, the; producers at Universal eife . yelling, for' Oracle, too, for their nev.' pictures,- K- seems soiiw- one had dlscqv*re>iJ. she could act, tOO, . "'•'>'.. •'' ';' '' ' . '! So Q mcl* • »cte<» • arid continued to BOte fo(.; Uw *U1, cameras. To \ho» he* a (Irl oould gel «lci)g without f»rt*r»-»nd the precious rubber ' that -Vent into their innk- , the filocklntr top" around a coin— Ui« MclJonnld »'*re again tinvtll«! to a modest altitude. ' ..-.• .:,. Oh, y«j, arxl sp«hd three evenings it, W««)ts as; a , htekss at the Holly wood '•. <^rit<W v '-. rnak? toi i rs ' . -. with «.rmy..-c»mp flio'w and for hundred* of fashion pictures, II all k«n>3 a> girl Vary busy. But as Qfatle say*,; '-'Belny tlic , Tomato Qtrl, th* KM Salvage Girl ami' th> : E)r!»aji StjKklng Olr! Is a lot better than being itlc Forjjottfn " "'" '" " rs, Look To iiiii)er : Retai lei* rtime';' ' • c&vejoprnent.'i luive ; Ujt^; llimber v (Jealefs servte ' ' ' ' Wartime' WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 1943 Women Need Guidance in War Work What To Do And NOT To Do In Appendicitis 'more valuable' ' to, 'his :' community l,han ever-ljeJore, ,tjie Insulation Board v Institute . points' mil, With ' . novenuncnl i', proper ticSpie inalnlenaiice Ls k !."joi : . ,\he. duration. 'Hie -- diikf, . therefore, Is more. than ft ; »^p>« liitptt'-hf Is u coun- seUor'cci/aU 1 maUiienaiice and repair problems. ' By,• nature.!o{ ;'.hU' business, Uie ... materials. He t<i In u positli ihe-Money.' advls* horn*, owners as lo what can Shortly-after Grade arrived In be done and what cannot be done, Tlo!lyv$otl ^Hh; a _ Universal con- , n , ne ^ fty or ; no n, e improvements, a Universal con;- in the tract. Jiiii a .lot of ambition, the Any home owner who Is .considering an' Improvement program—or War- : PN>diic(loii Board- the dismal news that Amer- kairgafs *\Vould have to get along wiihouLsheer silk hose. With npth- 1 ' ing'iekc-'lo do, Oracle was called lo the studio and her shapely Minks pou[cd Intq, ft p'airof ersatz stockr for Ilie benefit of news earner;;* A ;few million women were convinced .'tliereby that, glamorous' gairf; anfltjieafln? Hitler were not irrp^onsii^bie prpjipsltlpiis. And Universal 'studio, at Ihe fsnft; lime, was convinced Wat. Oiale McDonald" was very pliofo- eeny:. F^jv,' days "later die sludto rall»d Oracle again when they waited toi'help the government "selt 1 the" nation • on the rag r,al- va«J campaign. Cff.20ll!)a. ^ raUoning approached. Qriyie was plopped into a horse- ilni'ilii buggy for the clicking cam- vranled for hei>ltatiiig because of uncerlnlnty over re^trlctioris or. ayallablllty of niaterlals—sliould. sec '. Ills lumber dealer t\t pnce. ' era^ WiVcn' pictures, were vra lo broiiioVe doi'mUons of'books s:ri§ccinen,'wh^n^llie 'word went (jiitithiit, housewives should havu coo*i;ig fats for conversion lo nltra- gl.vcg.-riiie, (lie model the Ellll pho- Spring, Fireman's Headache Spring ls T tKer Busiest time of. year 'or. most ttremen' because of the 'requency of gra>?, and brush tires. Tlilii year it is mpre Important than ever to flip, ''potential, bhish fires n the t)iid. The t)iree leading causes of brush, fires are cigarettes alonif roadsides, faulty outdoor Incinerators and careless' brush burn- ng. BeqaUEe sparks often are jlown long dLstancess nnil then ignite roofs of farm h\ilkllni;s or spread tire Into bu.llt-up coininu- nlUcs, lire •. -. resistant, asphalt, safe agnhut sparks, ihoukl be,. used to re-roof ^vulnerable . structui'cs ' ' By RUTH MIIJLF.TT "I might get a Jol) In » war plant," you often hear a woman say casually—as though getting/and kcepln one were us esy as Joining the women'K clul). ,' ' , Tlial Is because the overage woman tlosen't know anything/about the Jobs In war plant,v-rout$|de <>f the fact that If she gels one she Is likely to wear overalls, or/ slacks- She can leain something, thpugh, about the now ivorld being' ojicncd up lo wonien—tlie-workl -of -the work Ijpnch nnd drill press. Tliere Is a book Just-.out,, "Want-, cd: Women In War; Industry," which leads a woman step by step from home or[ of flee-Into tin 1 factory. It Is a practical book,-telling ..h« wlial war plant jobs lire, open, to women, the aptitudes needed • tp perform them, how t<> get a Job, nml what lo txix-ct of factory; l!/e. The book, w.hlQli doesn't.'Kiam))- orlxe factoid work, •will be a challenge lo some wojneiii tQ heli> win Ihe war by becoming sklllotl workers, it will score .some ' women to death. ., • i. ' ,. .For Ihe. jobs' all •. sound like WORK. -, - , WOKTHV OK RESPECT ' - .'. Up .If you ni'e toylnt with. (he Idea of getting a wdr plant .Job, wjtlioiit. ever having sseh .the lii- sldi; of a factory or having met a woman welder, It might be'a.,'good Idea for you lo read "Wunled: Women In Industry." . If !L ('l do anything else for you, It will make yon respect the women who arc holding dqwu war Jobs. It may even make, yon have so much respect for tliem and ivJiat they are accomplishing dial, you will become one pf the six million women lo go to .work war plants In 1943—six million, that l.s If production needs are met. Backyard Chicken House Requires Little Lumber More and more suburlmnitec and city dwellers are turning to .'poultry raising because of meal rationing. Poultry buildings can be erected with a minimum of lumber and other critical materials by using insulating boartl sheathing for walls and roofs. Such strticturei; thus are Insuluted and consturcted at the same lime. when 'a . q«f is lieedrfd. B«W Conner item want 'ids. Hy I)H. THOMAS »>, HM8TKK8' Written'for NKA t! There Is no occasion for panic in Ihe presence of appendicitis, rhcre .should be time to observe nnd study the affliction, In order o be sure ol llio diagnosis. Poi 1 .he only treatment of appendicitis A the surgical removal, ot l!ie appendix, and usually Ihe lime at which this should be done la count- oil In hours rather than minutes; As n Mile, appendicitis begins wllh 'discomfort In 'the upper iwr-' lion of tbc abdomen, and trwitieal- i.v with nsuscn and voinltliiij. Afler n period of a few hoitrs, the disi IITK.S begins to localize In the lower right DoiUon of the abdomeii, and l)K!omf$ fairly constant nnd definitely located'af a point hi Iho rnlJille of a line drawn between ilic navel and .what Is called the anterior-superior spine at the edge of the pelvis (sometimes mlsnarurd the hip-bone.) IJONT C1IVB A LAXATIVE Wllh Ihe localisation ot Ihe. pain In 111!,* regipn, ime can frequently delect .Involuntary re.'ilst- ahec on Hie part, of Ilie, abdomiha( muscles lo, pressure'applied tlirotigii trie fingers—as if the nnisclefi were fyroltcttiiy the sore spot. By' itlie tline the dkcpniforl has totalized, there Is usually jjresent oiie' or oiKj-anil-n-liftlr degrees of fever. "When these symptoms have be-, gnn, Ihe wall' pf Ilie appendix Is iiifla.iiie<l nnd weakened and II Is therefoie obvlotis thai (he Hdniln- Lstrn.tipii. of o,' cathHrllc- or laxative stimulating Intestinal activity is bad. The least result of such an action :Ls Increased discomfort; tiie serious effect of It ts 0 'Induce a pci/omlton of (he (ip- Kiidlx nnd the yrnve con.spquence of peritonitis, ; Under no circumstances should 1 Inxiilive or cathartic be given n Hie presence of any nlxlotnlna ja.ln li'inof-V rcscmbllii!! thai dc- icrlbrd aljo>'i > . HKKI) SIIIKT1NC I'AINS Ik'cansn of tlic necessity for niiik- !iK a clcilnid' diagnosis in dlcltis, no iiH'dlcation should ilven dial mfBlit In nny way mask Jic sytiiptoms—jiiiin moving from l!ie i>ll of Uie .slomi(r;)i to the lower light section of the nbdoincn or, to the right flank—appears In (he presence of low-gnulc ton peratuie, one should seek compe- !e»t medical care. It has been a popular procedure lo apply colil pncte to Uic nllrct- appendicitis really npilhci cold nor hoi jiacks at-compllsh inyllilng. Tiio ajipc-ndix Is a .small appen- lnte, Bomewhat smaller In diam- ter llian the Illtte nugcr. and of tlie »nni(> IdHjUi or a little longer invlng I us origin al (lie commencement of Ihe large bowel in Ihe lower right portion of the nb- domon. ft Is subject lo inriam- iiiiHiun because, beiiiB just outside the usual conrsi-' of the feral .stream, material tends to enter Ihe appendix, where It bi'COine.s dry and serves (o block a part of the a\> peiulix. The rosiildnsj; irritation of the lining permits Invasion of tlic wall of the appendix l).v terms musing inflammation, nnd weakening wall, so that a perlojalion or iioh ni'licnrs in Uio a]>pfiidix, pcrmlt- li»(! infected inalciiiil lo gain nr- cess to the abdominal ruvlty. he has six Bonds out Iliere flglit- ng for her. Five of her sons are n (lie armed forces and one Is In the Merchant Marine. R<ad Courier News want You Women Who Suffer From HOT FLASHES **„ CHILLY FEELINGS Komi* Are Fighting Family JlOCiANSVILLK. Cia. (UPj-Gen- ei'iil of U)c War Mother's Club here Mrs. Elln [liua (loud, is nullfnghcr nil Into this war. Mot only docs she buy war bonds regularly, bill During 38 to 52 Years • of Age! If zwi-llke so many women Ijo- Uveen the ages of 38 and 52- syiffcr from hoi flashes, w>ak tired, dizzy, neri'oiis feelings clis' Iress ot "iiTcguliiritlcs", are bl-io at times-due to tlie functional middle age period in a woman's life-start al once—try I.ydla E Pinkham's "—-''• - Lydla Pinkham's Compound is famous to relieve such distress Taken rcgularly-it helps build tm resistance against such amiovini' symptoin.'i. ROXY Bargain Mfht Ever; Nljbt Exetpl ' Saturday. Box Office Open* 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 C*BUna«s» SlMWi 8»t. «n* Stm. The Miracle In Permanent Waving! COLD RAY, the modem, scientific wave. No heat—No machines. Drop in for details. BEAUTY 104 S. First Phone 2532 Last Time Today 'One thrilling Night 1 with .lohn Beule and W-.uula McKay Selected nbjeeta. Thursday and Friday 'Chan In Rio 1 * illi Sidney Toler ami Mary Beth' }• .'..•'«•; _. • Ifugties ,, ' ' "' Selected Shorts l4<- Street Methodist * Revival'Will Continue Ttie evangelistic meeting at Lake Slr&t Methodist Church Is con- (iniirng will!/.various groups of the congregation being publicly recogr m/xjl nb: the nightly service. El'cryljneinber of the Woman's Secfctv of Christian Service alttnd- cd «he'' service -Monday night for Diiejof 111! most, Inspirational serv- icest held during the meeting. It wasianiioiinced. TKC Board of Education and chufch school teachers attended hi a e£oup last, night and to be seal- fi iogslhcr loniglit wll be three youVh groups.: ifie sermon at this lime wll feat- 111 ei Ihe inspratidnal service being provided by the young people Iri'the lifsfof the church. • tvin of the church will be especially honored. tomorrow night and on triday night, members of llic adiik and Junior choirs and olhers issilting in• the •'music of the rhu|ch >'jll_be 'given honorable tnety.ion^' , ' . . Belli Ilie, evangelist, the Rev. A. i' W. Jilajrrls of -jonesbbro, and the Bales Sturdy, are issu.tng.ian .•invitation to Ihe public. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT 11 f Coptinnoo* Showt 1' L ;-!w.D*y \ *Bo*; Office Opens 1:45 ? Show Starts 2:00 j 'USTEN TO KLCN 0.(Xta.r 9 .r,v 12 ;J5 pjn. 4:30 p t ?tast Time Today iT'TISH' itSth Marjorie Sfain and Lee Bownin Shorlj '•'.This is a nationwide warning being published in the interest of'protecting public health. .In cooperation with, tlie United States Food and Drug Administration, The Cenlaur Company of Rahway, New Jersey, manufacturers of Fletcher's Castoria warns all holders of Fletcher's Castoria, that is wholesale druggists, retail druggists, country storekeepers and consumers, to discontinue the. sale and use of the article because it has been discovered that all such Fletcher's Casloria which has been shipped since March 1st, 1943 contains a foreign ingredient which causes nausea and vomiting. As neither consumers nor ve- tailers can tell the difference between the packages made before March 1st and those pro- duced thereafter, it is necessary to withdraw and recover all Fletcher's. Castoria outstanding. Everyone is asked to search the medicine chest and to return lo the retail dealer for refund any and all such Fletcher's Castoria purchased, during the last 60 days. Please notify all your friends to do likewise. If you are a retailer, please immediately discontinue ihe sale of all Fletcher's Castoria on hand and return all stocks lo the manufacturer for refund. It is urgently necessary for health protection thai you follow ihesc instructions faithfully. This is the announcement that was. made over the radio yesterday. It applies, to Fletcher's Castoria sold in the United Slates only. THE HANUFACTURER OF FLETCHER'S CASTORIA It also Is a fine stomachic tonic! Thousands upon thousand!! have reported benefits. Also effccllvo for younger women (o help relieve distress of monthly functional disturbances, Follow label directions. Worlli Iryiny. A NEW KIND OF FURNITURE. KROEHLER KKW HlRMTIiRR WITH HI 111-IX COMFORT Sec. oin^lisplay of new 19-lli Knioliler AIIMM-- iciiu -Trend furniture. Tlic revolutionary ilesigjis achieve new comfort willi a si'icnlitic form-fining seal and hack thai gives coin- ptftlc rcluxatioii. The soetioiidl sol';i jrivos ncwconvciiioiiecsof arraiigcincnts for siiiiill looms See Uus eiwiubli N. r Lovely American *Trend Living Room !"••--•* _ " Closed-Ann Lounge Ch.'iirs §38.50 i 3 Pc7Complete" $117.50 A (tunning rlriign wilh'iimple graceful lines ami liilton-tiifttil nphplsteriag. Tlie ecctional sofa may be used as n lose seal am! a chair or ns a single unit. Choice of new fabrics nml rolorj, ";?>/*,' ' /-> - o" ,.•',„.''„.'*'< ;,\95- < • 1 Picture this'sninrl' living" room group 7 in-your ^ home. The three seetioiial sol'u and companion ' 1 , v lounge' chairs' are-; tailored in* finc'^diiralile' % '* fabrics'and each piece is built for'maxiiiium' |p. coinfort and durability. Clioose your o>ai colors' |v^ Vae * T °"**-'C'reiH! Freely ... or *l)cigc, wine, Line pr.tHi-qiioise. . BUY YOUR FUItMTIJHF IVOW! They Give Their Lives-You Lend Your Money Kniolilcr 1'osturc Form Living Hooni Sitilcs, 2 pieces S133.75 'V; ?1!!S.7"> Kxti'si line fabrics in colors to mcel your rcquircnionts. Only Kiorhlcr, world's l;»igrsl nianufar.lurcr of fnrnilurr, could Imllil nml dcsl;n a M/ilc like Ihis: Vnii grl nciv ffunfnrl IhroiiRli (lie srlrnllflrallr ilr.sijnril srals ;iml l)ai-l<-( :uul your biidy is comiilrlHy supported, ".Streamline" yimr home will' H'is nnwesl fm- iiitiiip irealinn. Heanliful covorinf fabrics. Chas. S. Lemons Home Furnishings M^eratfty priced

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