The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1934
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JANUARY 8, 1034 BLYTHBVIUJS COURIER NEWS ' H. W. HAINEB, Advtrtiatog • Brie K»tlon»l Adverting Btprwentntjjii: • iitonsu DstllM, inc.. New York, CftteUfc bttaoit, St. LouH, Dillaa. KuiiW City, LIU* ' Published Every Altemoon Iheept > us nfcoiid dva m»tt«r »t ;ie post ofllcf nl BlythevUto, Ar- ;»nsas, under act of Congreu October 0, 1911. Served b> tne Onltea Preu. BUBSCHIPTION RATKS By carrier in the City or 3iytH«vllle, 18o p« wwk or »6.50 P«r year In idvanoe. By m»U within a radlui of 60 mllw, 13.00 per year II 50 for six months. B5c for tore* month*; by mall u> postal tones two to elx lnclu»lw. $6.60' per year, In zones seven and «l«ht, $10.00 per'year, payable In advance. . The Hole We Art In Representative Nance ol' Hunton county tithes H position that is likely to have ;t slDiiif appeal '" *•'"•« lic«vily bomlefrcoiinlics of Arkansa'j when he. ijttacks Jiul^e .lohu E. Murtincau for lii's pail in the federal court decision which held that ilireel state highway obligations are entitled In priority over improvement district bonds in any allocution of stale gasoline and auto revenues for bond refv.mliinj. The decision makes it necessary to dispose of some |00,000,000 in highway revenue bonds before any provision can be made for lifting from the landsjof the bonded counties (.lie llireal of foreclosure. Naturally that is not a pleasant situation for residents of the bonded counties to contemplate. Mississippi county, with $5,436,000 in old highway improvement district bonds outstanding,, is second only to I'nlaski county in; the size of. iU 1 road bond debt. Naturally our,, people are as interested as any in tin- state in finding n workable solution to the road bond' prob.lem. They recognize, however, thal':»buse of Judge Miirlineaii is not going to provide that solution, and they arc fair enough to recognize that major blame for the present situation does not belong on him. It is easy tp see now that failure of the Martincau law to provide for the actual refunding with state revenue bonds of tin; IOCH! rowl improvement district tends', payment of which was assumed by the Htate, WHS a grave injustice to the bonded areas of the state. If that had been done there would be no (piestion of priority and no threat of I'oreclosuro now. On the other hand it must be acknowledged that if the state highway program had been kept within the hounds set by the act sponsored by Judge Mar- tinqan when he was governor slate highway revenues would probably be adequate today to meet all obligations. The Martineau law authorized the issuance of 152,000,000 in atato highway revenue bonds and provided for expenditure of the proceeds of those , bonds in such a way as to establish highwa'y parity between the bunded and non-bonded areas of the slate. But when the §52,000,000 was gone the easy money boys who were in control of state affairs were not satisfied. They kept right on selling more bonds and piling up the i-lale debt, even after it hiul liwomo ;t waller of simple arithmetic llial highway revenues were inadequate to carry tlie load. That was not Ihe fault of Judge Martineau, who had passed on to tlic federal bench, Init of Hie administration wliich succeeded him mid particularly of the legislators v:lvi Mlithoriml the additioiml bond .salw. The properly nwncrs of the bonded counties of Arlcuisiis iim Hie victims of « betrayal Hint luis placi-il in jeopardy their farm* and home*. II is not of mucli avail now lo try to apportion the blame. L'um of il k'lovg in many different quarters. Tln-ir own failure to awake until too Into lo the co.ursc events were Ink ing played a large part in bringing them lo Uu> siUuition in which they now lintl lli.unselves. The problem now is to lind n way out. The people of Ihe bunded aiun- tit'B, in solf-prcservalioii, must insist, not only llial u refunding plan be adopted by the current loitislalure, but (hat no refunding pliin be ndopled that does not iicrninnenlly remove tbe threat of foreclosure from the bonded areas. Priority we i-iinnot have, but wo can and must insist Unit no settlement of the claims of holders of direct state highway obligations be made that does not also protect the improvement district land owners. | SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Solid Foods for Infants Advocated at Early Ages UV DIE. MOKU1S I'KiHBKIN | one leavpnmiful am 1 eiadually in- lioned, Into (lie die' of In: Infant lather early in i,', certainly ,by | l.ilili.r, .Iriiiiul Ihr- ,.( Hit- American i,I iMasn*inc creasing tl!C iimOlll'.l. Tlic cliild w;\s to take iiiiu-h us H wanhHl, 1ml never sfpFT'Wli ,:;:il|v:^i V n mclli.T. vur mi^H lie con (creed to rat. 11 it refused tu • "varvin" ideas truil mke tlic solid focius il was given :ind v.aler until the KB ;ili i*m- ! have l)3;ii i-xj-ivSLC-d for feediny I nilanli, Of COIIIEC, tlic- safest plan h- to coiiMill a rv'lintrician ana 1m c runfldi-iiiT ir his judgment. fiut Ir.u-ly there .'ias been adui- i.iti- trend toward the fccdina ol j'lt.iiiu'ii v.-^tl liile 1 ; Lfiid cereal.;. :<ii(i KU it mrdi* '""• hrc-jx-r. to con- i-'der the lx',-,1 m'^hori lor yivin;; .".ich foad to vim' 1 h.iby. Ttie most pcrplwiui! pnilibm n ;U'. deleriiiinalion of the aye at .vnicli such ficdi'is should Ixvjin, :anri also tlu; intmc of the inate- , ,1 f - n ' ° f S>lch n L — i.< Ihe fad thai u ])rov|ei adc . dilate amounts ot u, e necessary vitamins. Il coiuain.s iron whicn i;. ollienvise not m :( .[ v lo . . i'iu in large amotipis hl lhc ' ( | i( ," L evacuation and r ^infl^'h^ | fant early in lift (0 ,^ A £ood _ ' to he feu. One lioilon says crange juice next feeding lime nnd MX>n;r or! Baby kangaroos arc \ mm M ,... t ' later the "hunger ot the child and only as hirge as a nvm'- rm I cruisr-d il tu Ml. !ger, yet they find their « „. (o the Observations were made to; mover's pouch without assistance learn the clict'. ol llicsc foods oin 'Ilie organ was invented ] )y C tes-1 i in- nutrition and development ol Ibius ot Alexandria about JGO u the child, their effect on it., bowel but it did not come into common I notion, nnd on ils habits of cat-I use until about 1800 A. U. ins;. j~ ~" '" The first time Ita diildren W3rc , tiven .v.r.iinod vesclables, much ol ihe who is that children S-:il solid inalena:» at i miu'ii. inr- !i>;e of ninr mouths, ajul a' 5ome Interesting Figures An interesting sidelight on the methods that were used in boosting the Arkansas slate highway debt from ?G2,000,nOO authorized in the Martineau highway act to the HUH'- lolal of "more .than 500,000,001) is contained in an editorial in Sunday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch. After commenting on the. current effort, tp straighten out the Arkansas roall bond muddle, the Host-Dispatch expresses surprise thai so little atten- 'tion has been paid discrepancies in valuation figures used by Halsey, Stuart and Co. in marketing Arkansas bonds. In advertising a $28,000,000 issue of Arkansas bonds in 1029. il is pointed out, Halse.v, Stuart gave the stale's assessed valuation as $GO!).720.lifi« and the actual valuation as S1,21!),4'11,32G. In 1030, in advertising an additional issue of ?18,000,000 in Arkansas bonds, Halsuy, Stuart gave the assessed valuation as ?I,2<l8,(i'!'J,7(>n, and the actual valuation as Sii.OOO.OOO.OOO. Which, as the Post-Dispatch seems lo think, was (jiiilc a jump in a year. Our old friend Clinton I-. Caldwell, it may be remembered, came out "I the woods back on Little River somu years back to impure about these lig- urcs.. Their present importance, it seems to us, lies in the evidence I ley provide that the same interests which are now crying -so loudly about what they term an attempt by Arkansas lo repudiate an obligation it owvs I lie widows and orphans who bought these bonds were parties to a .scheme to hand those same widows and orphans something that wasn't what it was represented to be. inrueiwl seemed 10 pass through ihe bowels without im:cn ugesiion nnd, a-; a result, Hie i 'towel aclion was colorod accord- | to llii 1 nature of the feed ' Cariots. beds, tomatoes ! •^ hcans wore found lo lie | lull diet at Hie ;'.;.! of 1 1-2 l:)| -.veil digrstrd ihe ictoiul time they ! uo years. Other hs.s conservative' W en> eaten, bill ;:;iin:ii-h rcmiired | si.tcialisls say thai Ihc full die! lour or live attempts before it was ! may 11? given :.L frarn live to ciglil I digected to any appreciable de- |' ii'.ontli.s. tree. j In urging this, they emphasize * * * I ihc lael dial the- tolid foo<ls, in j Egg yolk resulted in golden il.e form ot strained vi^clables, brown color. When the bowel (Kg yolk, fniils am! cereals, con-1 movement i.s soft semi-solid, and: Kin vitamins; I hat they tire eas-'i'anges in color irom yellow to | I'y handled by th- infant's intes- j brown, with about two n day, and liual IMCI; :hey contain iron. 1 with relaiiiely lilllc odor, U seems . vliich i.s lite-wary, r.nd lliat they -'"fe to say that tte food taken is I an- valuable i", i".-cliiii B children v.iiiabie. « »as observed Unit the cal early in HI:. »ionp to which vegetables were given showed a definite decrease in chronic constipation. "Don't let them know I'm here. I have work lo du." Recently, 231 li:iti:'js of different ii;.;cs wcie f«l with arninccl cciv- us. vc'si-uihlci. r;[; yolk a nil ;t rained fruits. One- new food was iti'.rcecl each clay. UC2,mni!i§ \vitii As a result of thrse studies doc- lurs favor the introduction of Mrained vegetables, and the other] materials that hive been men- 1619 LaSalte reaches Mi publishes to • Common <s0Jt$c Orleans, lou.ista.Tv CHURCH EXCUSES . By Gco. W. Barbara Deitr Aunt: Archibald and I both think it is not rnlr to you for the church to ask you to work out all those de- lulls iibout the church since its beginning, but Is just like, you lo do it for them and it is as you say it will lake you most nil your spare time for the next year. We think Ihcy .should employ one of those .slilislnclons or whatever they ! iirc called nnd then you would be \ left free lo lunnage everything us you h:ive been doing in the: p;isl. think with you engaged in this stillstncioiml work what will become of all the quillings and the church suppers and the br.i- zars nnd the nimnye sales. They mayn ot realize il but if they keep io'i from the nianaseuu'iit of all tlu'se things it looks like they are . pvnclicnlly closing down the mon- • ey-mnking side ot the church work. Of course. Ihey may have j seine olhcr wny figured out to \ linnncc the work but one can \ hardly imagine a church without i all those ways of raising money' being practiced. Archibald says it •. just can't or Is not done :wd lo loose your help means complete failure. Why he can't imagine a church supper without you there | f) sec thai everything is done i piojicr. and (o sce'lliat every one | Ls scaled, and has enough to eat. nnd to collect the money, and di- | reel nnd show all the other wo-1 men just what lo do. ' MI;I;IN 111:111: TODAY fiYl'SV 11 II II i:l. I. :m.l TO 11 \Vr:AVi:u uci- m.irriril nil Ihr .:,.,!,. .'... :i- i. ii. v IIIITAI.I.M; nnil I*:\I:K 1IU«. l.lla i-Miri'ls 1C. II if III l.nurj. I. ill <1 >!•• .:((!. 'i III iis 111 . her lo linii'lif hill <:?["*> L-: ( h Vtirk :ui i.lil s. 'L'l.lll mi-i-f < ii^t- IHT il Mini Turn :ilrr:n!r i.unci-x ll::ii Vrril i« Vllll Ill:n vo'iiint:. 't'i:e profiler of an airplane and uuilof make about the snmo ninouiit of noise. And another third of the noise is made by an agent known as flutter. ANNOUNCEMENTS JUT OUR WAY By Wiilianu I'VE SEEM SEVERAL, *ND THEV DIDN'T LOOK. LIKE THAT! YOU GET AT THAT PIANO PRACTICE J DON'T THINK THAT KIND OF HOOEY 15 GOING TO SET YOU OUT OP TAKING PIANO LESSON! The Courier Nev\s lias Ix-cn au- Ilioiiwd to announce the folJowins ar candidates [or public oflire. subject to Ihe Democratic primary nc\l August: I'nr Dumber (if C'Hi^it^s CLINTON L. CALDWLLb For County TiraMirrr JOE S. DIU.AHUNTY I'or Circuil ('niirl Cli-rk HUGH CllAKi For Cminly Court Cli il. FRED I'l.EKMAN Fur lie-Election tor ^r::i [crin For AsscsMir !i. L tlHIAY 1 C'.AINi .S G. C. tlKE) HUlJbO:: TH GOOFY,HAFF-DEAD IS FROM T'OO MUCH ONE THING. TH 1 HOLLOW EST IS FROM NO FOOTBALL, ? BASE BALL-NO EXERCISEl \N -TH SLOPPY CLO'ES IS CUZ b. GUY OOKI'T FEEL LIKE JP,WHEN HE'S HAFF DEAD FROM TOO MUCH STUDY- I'M JIS SHOWIN' YOU- I SEEN ONE >' THEM PIANO GENIUSES, AN' FOR CITV Ol'FK r> Election Tucsdav. A,i:,. u IS JIST HOW HE r LOOKEO.J IUKEGUESS5 WKAT KIND OP A PL^NE HH.5WORTK Uf HIS'ANTARCTIC i • --WHY*MOTHERS;sir GRAY.,, MJ(TK[( ijij; 10 NOW Cl) ll.V WITH Till: STOI1Y CIIAI'TKK IV AN' aflcrtcd vdco suslicil, "So lliiii is Gypsy: Tlio ncnvcnmcr tall—almost a, tall as Turn. 'Jiio was honey-! bloml, with cliilioralely lashed ami uia^i^ira-iMl cyc^. I'vcryihin^ ahom • !vr Civpsy. quite n:iinrally, clislikcd c-!i sishl. I lor Iiis!i-Plra;>pcil. high- litclud t:line.<: her Kia^iiio costume of Libi'lc and whilo. wliit'h lilted li?r rnunilod li.i;iiic like the pro- plnvc: licr fnnlns accents. "Anil >inir little [ilacc — cinile swo 1 . 1 !." \'eia tnrnril a conilcsceiHi- iiip ".are nimn Ilic a|invtinclit wliich Ji.ii! si'siii! <!. only lust evening, raro li'.-rfi c linn in Ihc hriilc's eyes. Voivi lolli-.T cic;;ati(ly niJon the thiy l:cil. anil Tom ran to fetch luv.:; ft;.in tin 1 iKiilromn In make her iMiuo riunfnrtaljlo. ilyiisy sat ii|i ri.i;hl ttn u::r of Ilic stiff wimi.-o rhair.". wisliins slic nmihl BO. wish- hit; the ni^hl wtnilil n]irn nnd sv Inu' IIPV. llaU'ful, hatcfni s Wiipn'l II <!iiinn;h thai she liad jirc- eniplod Tom for luncheon lhal day \villiinit havinc lior wishctl npnr thrni at ni^lit. Hut site was soiti. c In-jl' Ift IiT:=:na Fnnn. Tom liai fltafJOii: slie had so wanted to nicci h'-. ~,!te. "Ttl. aSs iliifs." Cypsy had sai--. 1 jl-'iioslly. fl.irliMi;." Tom had l:~C!l lilir!. li.^'.vil !f:otl hy the ! lly in lln^ almo novrr sec'li Cv | Sh/fl .Th'-.iy.i bran c.i •••' fiicvrlly u;:'i evoi'^an r.f :i Si:rl(|-Tl. fur lin U'l ho : L, MABEL McELLIOTT J'l'rn lolled ctcganlh on ti.c day bcil and Tom brought to n;,7^c her more cofn/or'afc/t:. ilc (r.-iialion. But oil, how re- li-!rc. Why. ]:r. l:ad j vollin-;! ; liko lliis litfmo! ' ••[ v .,i n 't ( !o it." said Oypsy. Slio Hut \voiihl Tonnny got her a and It J'J'i i Ihc ]>•..• ihliy all | i-jom;... n-i::on. ' atnl . ; ml lu (nsi? That -.van whaL Vcr.i wanted to know. H \v^ just aroiimi tlio fmilins 10 iii'ivclf al j conlor - icall >'. li; H S!IG was afraid C 1933 NtA Service, k holstery ol lha uay bci!. emiily !hf of Hpalk-k sUiiiLCi! ci^ret ends, anil pretend she bad ue.Ter ^ tliere. k * • CUNDAVS WPVO tliG he-st. Gypsr ^ found. During ilio week. t!i* young Weavers luirlod in ratlier a (lurry. In the evenings, t'cnple usually tlropiicd in. or they re;id books from the lending lilnary. or went to [I picture sbnw. Sii!irl;jy \v;id all their:', free nnrl ycdrlcii and ^c:i- erous. Occasionally tliny went out to Illnc Hills cm Sjtinday nisliL tti waken laie in tbc bis. siialihy room, with tlio red nuiple milsiilo. Tlicy would Imvc u laic li:c^kf:i.;l. \viUi-Clytlc pcncrous in J.!)C i::mtcr of hot cakes nnd synip. Mrs. .Morell pceniotl brighter on MIPSO nrrn- siotiy. arnl fiypsy"^ fattier won!-! lieam cmitenfcdly at them fnun i behind his s'^sea. v W hat's tha prog r;i :n I oi);i y , "I don't know." Oyi'sy v.'nulil SGV. "U'lial's iilanncd. nnittior';" "Xolliing lint fi 1 o'clnrli dinner," that lady \vnnlrl rt-ply. vnn. tenlcdly. "Yon drive rue l'i rhunli, fallier, anil after llial I'd likp lo stop at the cemetery. It's Mclh- cr's anniversary, yna l;m\v. .lu^ N . you and Tom dn a^ yon pltxt^p. dear. Von work hard all UTC'C. 1C yon "Kant lo he here for dinner, we'd love it. Hilt it yrvi'il rallior picnic, v.lty Clytic will Ms a hasUcl £or you." So, occasionally they picnlckc'l. n^t tlio two of them. OTI a hip-i .till, ivilli the lirishl Mine bkic.s ill ale Octohor nvcrheaii. II w,i5; fun — il was glorious fun. Later lli:V would tool Ilic litllo cat l>,:rl; -.0 nine [Mils, nnd have tea ivilli lh' family in the early dusk. Tliorfl would lio a rnarins oficn iirc. S=KI:O ot Gypsy's friend? miiiu dvo;-. la. lo exclaim over Clylle's clKi^i'o cake. Tlio twins \vnulil i-niMliitlo over llieir hicyoles. An;! .^oaia hours laler, tired nn<l utterly C'i:i tent, they would Fay i;on:!liy aarl ho driven down to tlio slaiiua liy firc. Rho ran the walcr fn- and w?nt to tbo rcfriscr- r Ire culies Sl-.e lie nllt alollc '" x « w York . Tom's "bvious cue. al tbis moment, wa ll> wall; "'rouml Ilio corner" (a inaUcr ° f SO!T1C fiv ° Harvey Morell. "llo out. next wec\'. flypV "I think so, T)nd. I'nlr.-s Tom lias to work. It's been s;ich fun. Von'ra too panrl to ns." v "Hnn'L be silly." He wosiM ki?= her and sliiho Tnin'.^ In-tl :iad i frionds." fiypsy said. Job. :e your old q up a "1 think you were "Go;!:, vhnt sets into temalcs. I nnylio-.- Tom l nil ri;!il at noonlinie, good forever l-rif!!i:i-. i:nil:;:n; a \Vi:!i her !: i! cypsy fimply did r,n oM i'ipoli^f 1 :! nil atliii'.lif- [leii n fon!;tool. Siic i I'oront, ~--,e I Why dM yi ! "1 \v.,a'cf to he rhannins." i? r-ntting on aa act. run out ou me? 1 the signals." to qivo her a chance- Ho n:.irclicii her to the door. e'.l ;|-;i t-ajlin- ::!;•.! 'I.-.T-.I "Look here, you rm bark them cnn'.d !:oar it." C.y;•-y and lalit to Vcra. I'll do Ihe dirty : "ir f!;c'il sto;i !'-.i;'.<;i::;•;' work." He kissed the h.ick of Lor her h.ruls nhvit him. ir:>'.i,:i.,- \:- f neck. "Yon litlle ilivvil, you!" arr.:." lint IM. Vc-.i v.a. of lhati Gyajy gave him a gamin £rin. n:i:iy i-.f <-".-,i:'.:ic.=. Si.o !.••:;'.' -o. K., 1)3=3." c.v.n^ ' S:io \vr.nt hack nnd talked to ir.iini. Vera. fcil.itcly and politely. Vcra . SUc- lnr:y_d off charm "hen tl.o niato i-'ho left il.e srenc. Gypsy'l,.vl known •'](••! a . sl;o w.ii lltat sorl of Rivl. Vtva She —niichl sh.i ii:,t !:.ivc!wc:it irto tlic licdrooin to freshon one loouy.wcei'.y sip nf v.ater? '. v.op n::ikeup. \Yhcn Tom appearod, ' * ' | wiih t'ie licl.ik'l water nmi (hrce VI'SY flirt, with piisni.-i.Ti?, [ill fronted slasscs. Ver.i :-ii'l that hrigli'.r.c-'. Tnm unifln'l' rraily, s!ia ir.nst go. A '' '>' [: " m BO: ill", she'd set il hcr.-olf. In t!-.o j Princi-iou—a heavy d.ilr—was slop- kllrhi-n she cioun<1 her ir-olh nml' rin^ by nt IIT rmislii's house at collcclcrl her force."., ^hc 1 reco?;. c-levon. She v*"illy mitsl Tliey 1Jnl1 '• 1 - - nizsd the i.ict that she hart iio wwil-l qo iiishi-i-liiiiWiii;. rvoiMluy. I ''Oh. Tom. I do |.jv» yo-i! nr.iniHit afilnr-l an ailvoisary i.I, ' ,;l.c'.i makiuq llial up," said , CNpiminl ini.i a lit or "Sho O NR Sunday morning, early In November. Gypsy's in- M-rr to?3cd over lo hor tlm IM:;> rn-j- laiulnj the society column o! liio "I ECO Liia's hack." "Ob, roally?" Gypsy seanno'l liu' llcm wilh Interest Mr. a;nl Mrs. -!-.e was entirely i!i(-1 Derek Vnii«r H'.iss IIT! iiirneil from a Jioneymoon nli Gypsy, sup- said tho sociely erlitnr, and WT:IM lio at homo after the fiflconl 1 ' In a duplcs at 3o^ Kast Rirce:. "Why, that's only two lilnclt* " a saii!e. "I Foemcd lo j away from us." Gyp^y . . ' • was prob- in?( (tie same at noon, lint you didn't nrriec 1 it. Just mv.v you were seeing UT thioiiBh my eyes." "Is ItMt Dm u.iy?" Tom rogls- tcic-l niiL-'zuu-at. "Wimdertnl thing, rj KECO!Vi>tOK t!:is son UH!I>M riic sel vtcil Kin-' Gyp.y to hi r..r!f. lii'iiniro in l:er' la'i-turi. Inni,<nlii5 lino his pray Ured tscli.v-. She mishl, Jor CMIE-- li'i"iiiiii. 'Siie [•-•in:'l 'etc w-a.-u I collar liki- a kiiiea. With "• < 11. u!?. go and «il rji Toai'3 kneo . . . ; f tiling anywhere with TOTI mil is Vfia sor.e. ev^Mnin; •>•« ?!1 rtbl in H.IC* l'?.;ti) t\jit n-ould ta Quito !a 1.N; <iU]i ! «**'« iMvlor" i»»alr. Th" ro»!i tL»i_; ,_5 -..j- pri?Gri. "Isupposo you will besoelsie ti^r qnilo a lot," surmised Mrs. M^rc.i. sently. H wouldn't do to toll «. njpsj llimiglir. * !>ilc sh " =" vl l,:ii lived only Iwo Works a|i.iit geographically, tlie fochl ?.v,> ^i<i wider. U wasn't lo" "*"'' tun 1 , their circles would touch. Uut ^he wan wrong 3-""'. iha 1 , as t!»s *o» l»l* r lo ' eavn ' (To E« Coullnui'd)

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