The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1950
Page 2
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FACE TITO BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEW! FRIDAY, JULY T, 1MK> tit* Notmi Today! Tti« MuniHom Board if War C*m»i— Government Agency Stockpiles Heeded Minerals lor U. S. War By JAMES MARl.OW WASHINGTON. July 1. UP} — When this country got inlo World War IT, It needed some new plants, and had to build them, and It badly needed a lot of minerals for war. To avoid a repetition of this If we got Into anolher war, Congress In 1947 pissed an act sotting up a government munitions board with * couple of Important Jobs: plants and materials. Congress voted money for the board to buy up and lay away—or stockpile—two kinds of materials: 1. Materials of which we don't have enough In Hits country. 2. Materials we need from other countries because they might be shut off from us, ss rubber was In World War II. The materials. as bought, sre stored away In warehouses and In Army and Navy depots. 71 : Items on l.lsl The board has 71 Hems on Its list, of scarce and strategic materials. Here are some of them, with some ot the countries from which they're bought: Manganese (for -steelmaklntrl from the African Gold Coast, Brazil. Chile, Cuba. Mexico; tin..from the Belgian Congo. Bolivia, the Netherlands East Indies; bauxite for making aluminum! from British Guiana, and the Netherlands East Indies. This .stockpiling Job. started In 1947. was supposed lo be completed by 1952. It's far from complete and probably won't be completed by ID52. Needed Bluff Stockpiled Right now some of the needed atuff has been'stockpiled 100 per cent. Some other Items haven't been stockpiled at all. Only about 40 per cent of the total stockpile which the board decided we should have Is on hand now or has been contracted' for. And only about 40 per cent of the 13,800,000.000 which Congress authorized for spending on this program has been spent to buy up the scarce and strategic stuff. That's •bout «1,S20,000,000 As to plahts-^the government has Its fingers In two kinds: 1. Those which (he' Army and Navy own and operate, such as senals. World War Plants J. Those which were built as war plants In World War .11, later were considered surplus to peacetime ^eeds of the military forces, anc tnire sold or leased to private business. There are about. .270 such plant* Rotarians Hear Seed Expert Work on M«l breeding »t the Hale S«d Farm at Burdett* was explained to members of Bljrth*- vllle's Rotary Club yesterday. George Hale, operator of the firm, showed color slides depleting re«ulUs of his experiment there. Mr. Hale is president of the Arkansas Seed Breeder's Association. Guests it the meeting Included Dr. J. E. Nichols, New York; R. c. Bryan and Lloyd Godley, Osceola; J. Lee Bearden. Leachvllle, and A. S. Harrison of Blytheyille. SWASTIKA RETURNS—Th« swastika, «ymbol of tyranny to Nad Germany, has been making mysterious reappearances in the itreetj of Vlolho, Germany, where a number of high-ranking BritUb military officials live. The child above is ieen pljyinf near one of th* symbols, which German workers had to eradicate with liquid tar. Kate Cross-Eyes, Wife of Geronimo Dies on Reservation at Age of 94 MESCALERO, N.M., July 7. «•)—#•The widow of one of the most fear- I _ ed Indian warriors of the Old West D< riled here yesterday. She was Kate Cross-Eyes, widow of Geronimo. the last great chlel- tan of the Apnchcs. Kate Cross-Eyes. third of Geronl- mo's wives, was believed to be 94 years old. She had lived on the Mescalero Indian • Reservation here with her son, Robert, Geronlmo's sole survivor, since 1914. Potato Bug* — Red, U.S. or Fabrication? WASHINGTON. July 7. (#•) — Russia's charge that potato bugs were dropped from American planes to sabotage East German crops drew a comeback from the State Department yesterday. The department didn't dignify the Russian note with a direct reply. Instead, It issued a diplomatic statement which said: (A) The charge was a "fantastic fabrication": (B) The Russians borrowed the idea from German Nazi tactics; (C> It was an excuse for a serious potato shortage in Eastern Europe and (D) The bugs. If there were any, must be Communist bugs. Israeli Citizens/tip is foxy JERUSALEM—(flf—It's a simple mailer to become a citizen of Israel Every. Jewish immigrant automatically acquires citizenship the moment of arrival in this country. In great simplicity—It's only five words in Hebrew—the "Law of Return" approved by parliament says: "Every Jew has the right to Immigrate to Israel." I'to5y y work wfttiirflM days. *In addition to this, the munitions board has the Job of arranging with other plant owners for doing war work—If needed. For example: If a certain plant can be con- Terted to tank-making, plans are worked out to be held In readiness. The bonrd is negotiating with 30.000 plants for this kind of wartime Job and >!ready has agreements with about 5,000 of them. Machine Took One more thing: the board also Is responsible for stockpiling ma.- chlne tools that would be necessary in wartime/ This means industrial equipment—for example, measuring devices. If ;they weren't stockpiled to iome extent, in case of war, the lovernment would have to search the country for them or lose lime In getting them made. About 150,000 machine tool items are In stockpiles now in Army, Navy and Air Force warehouses. Chairman of the munitions board Is Hubert E. Howard, appointed by the President out. of civilian lift He used to be In th« coal business. His fellow-board members are three Important civilian officials of the three urmed services:'John T. Koehler, assistant secretary of the Navy; Archibald S. Alexander, un- dersecrctnry of the Army; and Eugene M. Zuckcrt, assistant secretary of the Air Force. ... the letters start. 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' Geronimo was taken to Florida, then to Alabama and finally, In 1894. to Fort Sill, Okla. He died there In 1909. lEyes'was captured in The Oberammergau passion play w been presented with only a few pses since 1634. 'etroif Gets Tough With Speed; Collects DETROIT, July 1. (XP)—II fifjurts count for anything, Detroit's crackdown on speeding drivers Is paying off. In 60 days of a "get tough" policy 590 persons have been sent to Jail. Over the same period 23 persons were killed in traffic as compared to 34 for the previous 60 days. "It looks good to me." said Traf- fice Judge John D. Watts. "But give us another six months and we'll really show some results." Michigan Governor Apologizes (or Speed TRENTON, Mich., July 7. (/P) — Gov. G. Mermen Williams Is apologetic about that fast Fourth of July auto ride through this village. But, he's not too sure that he and his »t»U police escort were doing .7»;;mlle«' in; hour. : \..j. rebuking 1 " 'letter from the vlnaye'pfesrdent, Dr. Gordon L. Strohm. the governor jalri hU escort declared It was only 40. But he added that he "sincerely" CORRECTION Onr ad In Thursday's paper had two prleei Incerrectlj lUted. It •hould have read 5 Ft. Tubular Steel—Reg. 5.95 CASTING ROD $4.95 9 Ft. Bamboo—Reg. 7:95 FLY ROD $6.49 Southern Auto Store POINTERS for cor The Simple Truth About "EASY TERMS" U is oflcn more convenient lo buy a car out of income, rattier than pay cash. Bui to do so involves additional cost. So it is important to keep this cost as low as possible. For instance, Iwcnly-four months of financing service cosls twice as much as twelve. The cheapest and best way to buy on time payments is lo pay all you can down and pay as much per monlli as you can comfortably afford. Don't be misled by so-culled, "Easy" pdymenls. Take time lo check on all costs as well u services proposed when you buy. ASK A1WHJT THE GMAC PLAN . . . The PLAN thai has helped millions oi car buyers lo satisfied ownership. A Specialized Time Payment Service far Ihf following (krtcral Motor* product* CHEVROLET • rONTIAC • OLDSMOIILE BUICK • CADILLAC • FIlGIDAHf DELCO ALLIANCES • DIESEL ENGINES GMAC PLAN Alx Used Can of AO AfoVx SoU *y fewW Afston GENERAL MOTORS ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION regretted any difficulties. Dr. Strohm had said it was "reckless." Mrs. Mclntosh Writes Only Hadacol Helped Sick Stomach Spells caused by deficiencies of Vilamin B,, B 2 , Iron and Niacirt We are Indeed very happy to make public this letter from Mrs. McTntosh and hop* that any of our readers who are suffering from »uch deflclenciei will profit from her experience. 1042 KIckland Memphis, Tennessee April 3, 1950 De»r Sir: I have- been wanting to write- you before now and tell you about your wonderful HADA- COL, »nd I Just couldn't put It off any longer. I am 24 years old and have been nervous and run-down for quite some time. I kept suffering wllh my stomach. I kept having those dreadful lick: spells. I Anally had to give up my Job and stay home, and that's the reason I'm home now to rest. So I decided I wa* going to get a botUe of HADA- COL, after hearing about It over the air, and try It because nothlnr else teemed to help me. I Vnow people won't believe me. but I had only finished that one bottle of HAD- ACOL when my stomach felt better than It ever had In my life. It's the most wonderful product I know of. I'm not nervous llk« I was. I'm gaining weight, something I never could do. I've got my grandmother taking It too. ana It has -helped her so much. Thank* for a wonderful product. Urs. Mclntoah Many Doctors Roc«tnme«Ml HADACOI. HADACOI, Is that wonderful new product for stomach sufferers recommended by many doctors. It Is NOT a quick-acting antacid which give* symptomatic relief —HADACOL Is so successful because It relieves the »«L CAUS» of stomach disturbances, gas, heartburn. Indigestion, bloating, constipation and a general rundown nervous condition when caused by deficiencies of Vitamins BI, B 2 , Iron and Nt.icln. So If you're troubled thto way, don't keep on putting oft relieving the XXAL CAOSC of your trouble. HADACOI. gives you more than your dally needs ol these vital elements. Remarkable Improvements are often noticed within a few days' time. G*t That WmdcrM HADAOOI. The great advantage In taking HADACOL Is that continued use of this great product help* prevent such stomach misery from coming back to torture you. Know what It means to enjoy that wonderful, luonder- /ul HADACOL feellngl You'll have to admit anyone \* very foolish and deserves no sympathy If he or she continues to sufTer such stomach disorder when relief U ao near at hand at any drugstore. Oo right now to, or telephone, your nearest druggist for HADACOL, Start taking It today. Trial-size bottle eottJ only |1.2S. Large family or hotpUal slut, $140. RefuM sub- «tltut*«. 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