The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1943
Page 1
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VOLUME XL—NO. .12. ' n ' E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHM ST AlmANKAK AK,n «v. ..^_..._. ^ •" * ' ^ niytlicvlllc Dally News lilythcvillc courier Wytiievlllc Herald Mississippi Valley 1 ^^ OPNOIWljgAjiT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIBflOUR, Hl.YTilKVILLE, AUKANSA.S, WKIJNKS1MY. MAT 5 S1NGLK COl'JKS FIVE CENTS-' mm M A( • '•' > _^^ _ ^__ "• "-• — aii\ui,i'; uui'iKS FIVE CENTS ^ YANKS THREATEN TO ISOLATE BIZERTE Today's War Commentary FallOfMateur Paves Way For Tunisian Victor By THOMAS J. DONOJIUJ; K ol Uniled Piess he fa I of Alalenr .seems to have , IUW( | (| lu Wllv fur Ule mal (lissoliilioii of the Axis armies of North Africa. A.nor- ita is mny lake juslilmWe prute from the fact that Mulciu- fell largely as the result of the efforts of the United Stales Second Army Corps. H was the first real break in the Axis defense line m omul Bizei'te and lunis, even though the Germans appear to have |)uJ ed out voluntarily and in good order. The loss ol Matcur to the Americans confronts the German Tuni sian command with some hard alternatives which nroljiiblv will involve the abandonment of considerable «rouml Matcnr was Ihe junction linking -- Ihc only railroad line between Tunis and niaM-tc. The only rcinnin- ing connection between the two cities k a highway running north from Tunis through I'rolvllle. then forked around Lake Bi/erte into llie city iUsclt. This road is under constant. Allied air bombardment, however, so it's not much good for heavy Iraflic. As a result, Bi/,eilc might soon be Isolated. ' A.vls »n Ihe .S|»il 1 Tho Germans arc in much the same predicament as that in which the American Army of tlie phil- ipincs found itself during the closing days of thai campaign. Then as; now,''.the defenders were faced with on : overwhelmingly superior attack arfny. well-equipped f,dlh artillery'"and planes. In each case, tlic defenders enjoyed terrain \ve!l- s'ullcd.Uor holding operations, but the simply problems., of tlie Germans are nearly ns acute as those of'Ihc .Americans as they, withdrew lo BatnarC .''.-.'"''.' 'Corregidor was our only supply point, Just as Sicily and, lo'a lesser degree. Sardinia are the Ocr- maix supply points for Tunisia'. Tlie Americans In southern Lu- Lions President zon, were .able to pull biick to Ea- taan Peninsula In a masterful withdrVwal.' that kept our -army i] tfl M, i Qinre., jtwi fougjit " a long cielayi^g"a'cTion^llTaP''fbVcc'H Ihc Japanese to pay a heavy price before they achieved n filial breakthrough. ;.' Tn Tunisia, Gen. Von 'Arnim lias to duplicate the feat 'of the Americans on Luzon if (19 is to escape u disastrous break-up of his army. 11 is beginning to look more and more as if lie will be unable to hold a Tunis-Bizerlc line in the face of the many-pronged Allied advance. As the situation now stands, an American column is racing south- cast from fallen Malcur to join a concerted British push on the railroad town of Tcboura which is only 17 miles from Tunis. A second American column Is driving northeast from Mntcur in the direction of Fcrryvillc which lies only about 13 miles south of Bizcrlc. A combined American-French force has reached a point only 10 miles from Ili/.erte. And n combined Amcrican- Frcnch force has reached a point only 10 miles from Bi/.crtc In 'the cxlrcmc north. Von Arnim Must Act Thus, bolh Ihe ucrman Sirong- hokts arc in direct and growing danger. But since Ihe greater danger is to Tunis, it is iwssible thai Von Arnim shortly may decide to abandon Hie Tunisian capital and conccntralc on the defense of a vastly shortened line based on the natural fortifications of Hi/eric. Thai, however, is nol probable. A second and more likely move Von Arnim jnight innkc would be to leave an isolated siege garrison in Bkcrlc ns a worrying force, then indl back to Cape Bon Peninsula behind a line based on Tunis and Hammamcl. Tlic Peninsula is wild and moim- lainous country cxccpl along the coast where Ihc cvcr-prescnl olive ircc.s grow In profusion. II is almost n replica of rjataan nnd it is en- (ircly possible that Cape Bon will be Ihc scene of Ihc final act in Africa. Perhaps Gen. Montgomery of the Bill Army senses Hint, this is Von Arnim's intention. He has held his veteran imperials on a letish throughout Hie recent stages of Ihe Allied advance along a line based just north of Enfidavilie which is only about 20 miles' below Ham- inamcl. Flunk WhiU'orth /'. Frank Wiiitworth presided nt-'.tlic Lions Club luncheon,- meeting'- 'at, Hotel Noble yesterday for" the'•first time as president following his' in- staljation v a-r.week agor•: ;v; i-w$A. In 1 tlie business 'session, he 'announced these committee .appointments: Membership—Marcus Evr- nrd, C. 'p. Tompkins and 'Jesse Taylor; Program—Farmer England and James Terry; Attendance -C. W. Garrigan, J. Farrls McCalla ami Murray Smart; Publicity—Harmnn Taylor and Samuel F. Norris. Guests present were Russell BangJi and W. R. Norton. Center Of Vital Axis Indus- Ivies Gels 1500 Tons 01 Explosives ' By United Press Tlic biggcit planes Ihe Urillsh have flomi lo .Dortmund. Germany, in record numbers lu s i night for one of the greatest raids of Uic war. Fifteen hundred tons of bombs were dropped on the coal and -steel center at „ cos t of 30 hombcrs. 'flic Dortmund raiders numbered probably seven or eight hun- o'rcd. nut more four-motored bombers were used In this attack Ihan ever before. Tlic rtilcl was carried oul In "Ortd weather and tlic bombing was well concentrate! hi the target nrea. Dortmund is Ihe home of many vilal mduurics including coal liclds "'--' mills, lex-tile factories and Successor May Be A n- noimcecl W i t K i n 48 Hours; Many Mentioned Ky United 1'rcss A new commander in chief of American forces in Ihe Europcun tlienler is expected to be numerj within w hours lo succeed Ilir lale Mcut. Gen. Frank M. Andrews Candidates for the post, left vn- canl when Andrews was killed Monday In ,•> plane crush in Iceland, are believed to include r number of high ranking Amerlriii ofTiccrs. Unofnclul spcenlatlon centers on Lieut. Gen. George K Patton; Lieut, Gen. Mark W. Clark- Ma], Cicn. Ii-a C. 'Baker; Lleul •en. Carl A, Sjwnln, nnd Uciit •on. George H. Brett, 1'JWting ;ippoiiilriicnt of n per- nanenl cminnanricr, Maj. Gcu William S. Key, Uic present provosl nuslml general of ihc Europem tiicilcr, .hns taken over actinr commuml. Only one person—nn unldcntincc' private—survived the crash of An- drcws' plane which also clnlmec' he life of Bishop Aclnti' WriRii' Leonard, resident bishop of tilr Uclhodfsl Church for Washington > - C. II Is reported tlinl nfler An- Irews- jjianc had l;iken off frnu Jritain, l) tl( i wcalhcr closed dowi >vcr Iceland' and he was lulvLtn' >y radio lo return. He declined ti do to. however, and lie continued he Ill-fated night In his fonr- notored ,- Liberator. ' American' inililmy and iini-n' commanders hhvc been .shocked b- Andrews'vd E »thC. AcirVifral Haroli. (. Stark,- the nnval 1 commando! n Europe, says Ills'; death .is i everc military loss;to the Allies Some authorities believe that Andrews' death might force nnothei postiioneincnt iii -'Allied mitilar operations until life .successor fa nnlmrizes himself witli the vas details nf American mllilnry O p crations in Europe. From Pacific A torn Jnp bullle ling, n .'25 rnlibti- rlllo mcd iif-nlnsT AiiKirtnu's 'in"' Ihc Smith Pacillc nnd oilier souvenirs sent i,,, m( , |, y |,| s „,,„ , L N filer, nrc proudly displayed by J. K. Davis, who lii-i-s .„.„.•' l.uxon. At Ihc left of the iilwrvB ptetme f, „ |,, m ,|.i lm ,| c Wa]khl ( ,,, u ,' lirobably owned by a Jap olllcrr. On the table uri- a small m'j|,,J miilic pistol. Iwiul grenade, nmimmilln,, , im i u nlcl.irc ol his ••on Uciil. <J.«.» Henry c. navls. Ills ,, pcu ( i illry ,„„, lln , 1|)mm ^ plclurcs also arc shown. * » ' { , , , 4 Navy Flier Sendy Collection Of Battle Trophies To Parent* Uii.s-sccliun is the collcctioir'scnl hoii'i'e IJy Limit, (iir) \{ m •y Chiton Uavw, 2.), .son O f Mr and Mrs. j K Davis of ,,r Luxoni, who look time cnpiiKli from l,i. s ||,rilli,ijf Nnvn av a ,0,1 cxiwricnces in tho^gpulk IVili, to pick tin soim tuciiciu ti oplno.s lot i hv .*{ hi* f *) n*i MOQCI i>i i^ f .;, ,. . / . ' * " "^ -,-LIH.. u<i|J[i|ittSU ill lOHlllLT SCl'rW 1 ^ Q f «t V>1 nrfrlii . _ /' • nnj*i I J, «J^k,[Hj, -the "assortment lapancse ttng covered iWth iclcs nnd powder burns, which -ome Jap /Ing-bcarcr proudly car- ;icd bin fell in defeat umld fierce Hetty Lou Hundley Dies Of Pneumonia An extended illness which developed into pneumonia resulted ir Ihc death of Betty Ij>n Handlcy daughter of ^fr. and Mrs. Willie O Handlcy, yestcrdny al Mcmtfilt Baptist Hospital. Slie would liavc been fonr years old next month. Funeral rile.i were held this afternoon al Full Gospel church Ijj tlie Rev. w. C. VanBibljcr wllii burial at Klnuvood Cemetery. Besides her parents, she Is sur- •ivcd l>y Uircc brothers and one skier, all of whom live wesl of Yarbro. Gobi) . Fnncrnl Home wns charge. Mifhl Flank Uelrral Now, there are re,>orU; that the nigliling Eighth hns begun a roll northward loward HaimnameU Such a move nould uc dictated by ncccsslly if It is Von Arnim's plan to pull back inlo Cape Bon Peninsula. For, lf\thc Brilish can take Hanunamct. llvey will be In ix»i- tlon lo flank a German rclrcat Into the peninsular region from Ihc Tunis plains. The whole tactical silualion is a Irlbute to Allied planning. For every move that Von Arnim might make we are In prime poslllon for a counter move. Superior Allied staff work Is beginning to pay dividends. It would be foolhardy to expccl a quick collRpse of enemy resistance In Tunisia for there'is every indication that the Axis has no thought but to fight it out lo Ihc end. But each Allied advance wois- cns the enemy's position and shoulders him Into v a narrower pocket. power plants. Dortmund has been bombed 25 times by the HAF. The last raid was on April M. ,!)•«. nil-Jit's rairt broke n three- flay weather enforced lull in the .-iclivities of (lie big British ,boml> crs. Last FrUiny u icy hammered fcsscn. another Ruhr Valley liulus- dial cily. Other night action was curried out by RAF Typhoon fighters They attacked BII armed freighter escorted by two armed trawlers near thc month O f thc Seine. Their cannoi " fire scl !h c freighter ablaze am a heavy explosion indicated jlorlcl"" fmim " Il1tlon c a''B» cx A few German planes appeared over thc coast of England dmliiR ine night. They dropped a few bombs, but the Jtlr Ministry says the damage was slight all( | ,'j 0 O i', c was seriously injured, In daylight yesterday the American air force made a blisleriny Hutjj Fortress attack on Antwerp, Belgium. flits were scored in the tarsel area. No ForUs Wcrc , Mt Jn lljc Tlicre is no reason to doubt that wiuitn afcw days, the final battles will be in progress. And although Ihe Germans no doubt will sell their dwiimllng foothold dearly, they cannoi. hope lo survive •> Ihe battering which shortly will ; be , ,., .^ bear Arkansas Briefs MARION, May S. HII'l— Twn men from Marion dird ip, x plane accident near lierc yc.s- (rrria.v when Ibcy crashed Khile sliinl-flyhiK. One nf Ihc mm was Hn Army officer wilh some 1500, hours fljinur time. The dead arc Itonald Muir- lieart Rynie.s, : , 20-ye;ir-nlrt in- Miranre siilcsman. HIM! Firil 1-irul. William Arlhur Kusscl, wllo was 2. r >. Tlie small • privalc plane, which Ihry hart rcnlrd, fallp,) t» romr nut nf ;i spin whil- Iliry were slunling al « Ion- altitude. M'lTI.K IKHIK. May S Ilil-) —Om<i;ils nf Ibr 'Arkansas (.'otinlj .llulecs A\so<i;ilioii saj- Miry will refer to Uic voters appropriation In , llcrbc Junior •Vrirullural College. The bill carries an animal aprroprialion of Sn.f>98 for (ip- cralion of tile school. MTTLK fkoiJK, May S IUD —Atlorncy General Guy Williams Miy.ij Governor Adklns lias (wcciitive power lo rcslorc ar'mrs licenses revoked by final convictions as in drunken driving cases. Williams sa ys Ihc governor'? power lo restore snrh licenses is granted in the italc consli lulion. The opinion was re- ducsled fcj- (he covcnior's secretary, ,toc Martin. flLARKSVlTuTMHy 5. (UP) -Damage from, a fire al h lumber company planl owned by banuicl Tcdcn and I,«u,cr Klnr "f Chrksvllfc Is csdmatcrt al between SJO,Of» and 512,000. '( Is believed lha( a fr»m_thc holler fell i, "(1 slarled the count. Lielilejiiinl Uitvis «-ns reared 01 '».*• IM.L n;n in (leicm iimid tierce 'i'yhwny (j], norlh of Lu^orn, when 'ightlng when the bearer was kill-, 1 '- 1 * r '»™cr fatlier nlso lias n slori!. -"d. In Nuval nvlallonilor tlircc yriirs ' A Japanese .25 calibre rifle mafic. 1 " 1 Wlw " |lill)l of " p -' l() al first bin n Germany, a small nutoumfic, a lltw ls °" ! > patrol shlji, :ograph book and diary of Lien- | El "io Duvis Jr., is iiltcndlni; Offlci'i """'" "~ : '- -'• - - •• Cnmlidiite School of ilic Army, am another brother, who lives here', hn: been dismissed from flic Marine Corps because of a |iiiriily/,ccl nerve In liis shoulder. Of six dmiRhters. five, nrcunidnal,. nurses and Uic oilier Is a sccrctarj in n hospital. First Uisut. Tommyi Davis is an Army nurse now 01 duly nt Camp Forrest, Tcnii., while awaiting overseas duty for wlilcl she is immediately sliiied, .land grenade, a walking stick and various type biillcls—nil bitendi.-d .or American soldiers—arc included n (he I'ollcclloii, nlmiy with a pho- 'cnnnl u.iris' life since Pearl llar- )or, to make thc collection a prized lossession of tlie Davis family. Was Down Al Sr-a His experiences include being forced down at sea alter running Ji't of gas, being picked up two inrt a hnlf days later, participating :ii thc Uiiltle of Coral .Sen, HID ooinbing ol Tngiihi in the Solomons ;roup, the Bnltle of Midway mid ^hc bombing of Wnke Islaiul. These -soiivenira arrived several Jays ago-along wllli oilier brlong- ng.s- of Ijlctitcnant Unvis—for lie is repcclcd home for a furlough. Made of n material resembling :olton with a silken sheen, (lie flag 's white with a red ball in the ;cnlcr, above ivhicli is- an emblem -if Ihc Japanese government nnd nt ilic side ts lettering, believed to Icsignalc tlic division of the Army is the red center denotes the rising •»m. leather tabs al tlie corners prevent thc Iwo and a halt dral flag from tearing when lied lo ;t ilandard. lias Slinrl Stock 'Ihc gun lias such a short stock Jial It could nol easily be used by i man of average height. On Ihc inn arc the words "Hcmhuru, I!U9." 'Hie smaller gun, n 25 caliber lulomallc. lias Ilic words "Brown- ng Pntcnl" wrillcii on It wilh Jup- inesr inscription below. Tlic iiniid-carved walking slick is tccoiiilcd with inlaid molhcr-ol- Wliilc the Irophlcs (old Ihc |wr- HHs and other relatives somtlliini; if Uruleiiani Unvis' expcrlcnci-.s, he dairy tells more. Home , Otiicrs In Service Bill LlciilemiiU. Davis is only oni incniber of n patrlotii; fumlly. Cf ili c three sons. f'fc. Joscpl A son-iu-liui', Jiunes \V. Wrigh' Is in (lie Medlcnl Corps of til Army nmi In Nortli Africa for Hi past four months, E Violent Aclion Reported As Reds Strike At Kuban Bridgehead on furlfingli when Ilic m- amoiis attack occurred. Uculrniiiit Javis cdt his vacation short iinrt mmcdintcly relumed to duly. Called "nlry nollilngs". ihe'diary ells of his May nl Penil limlxir mill the Following May when he ell Kuncokc for New Caleiidonlii, i French possession off the cast i-ojist of Aitslralla. Tells of experiences Brief accounUi arc given ol h's icrlloiis experiences which include nany air bailies in many places . . looking for survivors nftci Hy United I' Fierce lighting | s In (lit' northwest Caucasus where Russian troojis- have laiiuclicrf n nrw offensive to knock oul Hie Axis Kuban brldgclirnd. In one sector alonr. .Soviet mtll- Icry wiped out near Kldfl cncmv troops and ilc.slioyrd four lanks and 'i\ guns. The nclion look plan 1 In Ih irea northcjisl of Novorosslsl: wlier, die. Germans already linvn iicknowl- edsctl Ih; cvacualloii of Kiiui.skiiva. an important rail Jutirllon llnml to lijind figliting del-doped'in (he aica. 'let long range bombers iiiucli- cd off numerous lirc.s nnd explosions In n series of allacks mi rn- eniv airdromes in (lie sector. And Kovlcl fighters knocked (town (i5 Oerinan plane.s for a lass of II of tncir own. Re ( | Star_th c Soviet army ncws- |in)):r—reports that In Uie Kuban. Uic IliKslan air force lias complete rls Biiltcv Supply Points In Solomons; Kiskn Hit inc By llniicd t' ciui llli'rs urn botublim .inn- biisi-s from \\ 1K Alimllans lo (he .Solomons and tlie Aslutln 'n the ccnlnil Koloiniins two vnvc.s of pinups citlncked (wo cii- 'iny ah- rmil supply Iwscs nn Kol- Jiiibiiiignrn Island while riyliiH i-'nrlimos buttered (he cn,,my H ,,,. ""v.: l)iis« |il. lickulii liny. A noun slurred nt all points. All nliincs rullirnwl , wifely f,- om . (,„, inids, wlilch were carried oul ycs- lerdiiy, ' On Mtmdny, Army plunr.v !. den. McNair Hack In Washington - ,Muy 5 (U.I 1 .) — Ucltt. Ocn. I>f«lcy .;. McNiilr. com- inunder of u. a. Army ground forces who was wounded in -funUlu April •a. returned Ui Washington (odny. by nlrplnnc. McNnlr wns lukcn liinneiMntnly lo Ilic Waller Herd Ocnernl llaspllnl lor liirllier lii-iilmenl, He ivns on his led nnd mmurenlly ,„ R i t ilslnc- liiry (.'ondlllon. McNnlr wns wounded by sliell riiKiiienl.'i (lint lift n forward oli- wrvntlon pml wlilh; he wns on n lour of Ilia fronl In North Africa One friiRinem penclrnU-d bis hcl- mct nnd inlhcletl n scnlp wound which could Imvc been fulfil lind Hie framiunt llono miicli deeper. ~.. . Jliii helmel imdotililcdly suved Ills life. Anollicr fiiigmcnl caused u .severe sliouldcr wound. On Mtmdny, Ann.v plnnrv niiDck- n •|i Kiskji in u,,- Aicuiinns. ,,i,, ( , Lai'tilhcrsvi c Dull [oins ' 1'OTi. -Ihrrc (lira were ,.,t,,rl(. c Mn r „ . .{. " nc cnomy inuln i:innp riren, Thul's ' Ol'CC I I'OlCCllliy I IpC- ' n '""''' '" ' line Workers „ —,-,, ..,,.,.,, i,i, ,1, i mill.^ no uilrd day In u rnw iclsku Ims icon bomboii. for a lotal of ::o •nlds In (hrco days, in Durimi, \morlcnn inodliim boinboi-, s |,,, mi( |_ rd rnitioads In (our In lljn Mnnilaliiy iireii 1'n- ihin sheds an miles ensl. of M iui- mlny wpcc lilt yestcrdny. (tils *' m Morcrl In rail ynr,to j,| (\ mc •Mininiinlcallpn ixnicrs some (in nlli* to Ilic sonUiensl in two diiys of mills. i. The JnimiiMo (lonlrnllcd .Silicon m to rcporls Una American Illcrs twice raided ' l-Voncli linhi-chliin ny, The, broadcast unys no „:: -rns-iillad. and that mill- ilicrntl lire repulsed Hie raiders The Cli(|icse report Ihc buuie n Ihc •moitntnin ran^w ncnr .the lordcrs of Sliiinsl (ind Honnn proi'- nccs hns dovelopcd Ji|i fl (mc . O f He hlKgiwl and bloodiest battles n six years of ll(-lilin((. They say he .dips linvo nulicil. ao.OWl rc-ln- r orccments .to brlnij their strength o flO.Wm irnups iiiinlnsi, th c Kmi . Illns. Tokyo clnlms It's merely n .. up opornllon. Allied bombcis from r running inlo .^ifr, ]|]]i(i;illlon In th c |,, | ]l( Auiilmlln r enemy , the Allied pintles met up with'fighters over one Is- iintl. Two of the Jnp plmies we're not down. fames LaFarletlc Dies Near Manila Jumcs Albert fxifarlctle, wlio rc- nilly returned lo Mississippi -utility after having lived al Etrclc lo.. (llftl 'nmrsdny nt his home fmlhensl of ManUa. lie would inve open 7;i Tnc.sday Heecnlly sc |[|n u ,i,; rnrm ncnr :>tcele, he rclnrncd to ills formci ome where he had spent most, of is life, tic SVIIK born In Mndhtm ounly, Ala. He Is survived by his wife. Mrs Ucry Rllziibelh Ijil-'nrlcllc- one anghler. Mrs. Allen Flowers ol Tnnlla, nnd five -.ons, Burl. AJbt-ii, . P. nnd Vernon l^iFarlcllc of Innila. ;ii)(l John UiFmlcttc. nt le Army. Mincriil service:; were held Sunny at I.ltlle River Jinptisl C'iiurcli - l.osl Cane by Ihc llcv. W. p. lowers, witli J burial at Mjinlln cmclcry. ' Pallbearers were Charlie Asli of Leelc. Mo.. Lewis flauglicr, S:mi Incher, A. c. Owen. W. A. Stnller :id Otlls May of Mnnlln. Ifownrd (Mineral Koine of Mn^ iln was In charge. Policeman Resigns 'dVll.liic, Mo., May -i-Klghlecn lierivlly-nriucd ini'in- bcrs of ,Hie CarullicrsvlllD unit of Ihc Missouri Blalc Guard nnd three eommlssJonci! officer.-) loll lierc nl !> n. in. totjny for riot duty after Clovcnmr nomicll culled out Ihls mill other 'stale military units (o prevent Interfcivncu with construction of nn iivliillon gns iilpcllnu lo the Hist: The CiiriillicriivllJD gunnhinen, commanded by Cnpl. R. M. pioi'cc, Flrsl Mont. Cecil Coojier nnd Hcc- niul Lieut, llobort a'. Mdirlc, were Inkcn lo Slkcston. They left hern In iiutomobllcs .brlstlliit .with n- gniloo' sholgi'uw" tiii'd' wib-nmcliinr- (tuns, The contingent icrircsentcrt npproxlmalely one-half of thc -Jn- ithnrsvlllc compnny •ilic troops luivc been ordered Inlo tho coiuslructlon nri.-n In .Soiilh- cnst Missouri to prevent vloleiico In nllempl.s of A.P, of |j. imloiiK lo (ngnnl/.c workers ol two firms building (hu linn. The governor also ordered about :«| mun In Ihn arcn nnrslcd for refusing to ncl nn deputies to preserve order. Clovcrnor iJonnell says there bus brrn lio recent vioioiK-e. Tim dispute hulled work on the project lust week, Imn'cvor, when union orgiinlMTK run! compiiny gunrds nrc rcimiled to hnve engaged In n fist Americans Driving Wedge Between Bi/ertc a n t! lunis Sttonyholds K} Hulled Trrss *'. '1'lic Gcrmiiii defense iincH iinnliiiK TUDIK «ri ( |' Bi-/ C i to nn: huBiiniiiig to xplinlcr un- i 1 thu I sink and infantry as- s-aiiUs of UKJ Allied an Hi/.ci-tu Itscll Hoon mn.v Lewis Confers With Committee .lolm ttr llitltcil I'rtss L. Lewis Is meeting with , , " o '"• '"" itiuirt 1IILCI l«i« (,np Kll'i.Sinil llr- frtr icipnling in the Battle of Coral maslc-rv of Ihn »ir ca . . . the bombing of T*U«n on I rl "f °[ lh f nlr ' •lorida Islands In the Holoiiums ' ,,.' h ?. mil ! llcil110 " "'so revealed thai Suva . . . Carton , . . Pnlmyra . Olian . . . ,Vew Hcrbidc.s - - - latllc ol Midway . . . bombiiig of Vnkc Island. . . . On (he more pleasant side is his ntry of meeting and lalkiii(! with apt. Eddi: Hlckcnbackcr nl Samoa, lose to Pago Pago. A modest Fellow, he wrole simply f the terrifying incidents bill his datives learned more from the lary than from his letters and so re eagerly awaiting hts arrival ome for thc flrsl lime since Dee. Ihc Russians have been , „ a reserve flecl of aircraft, for Ihc spring offensive, nnd that the Sovicl output had been greatly Increased by thousands of American- built fighters nnd dive Iwrnlwi. York Cotton July Oct. lo have a first himd ac- Dec. open high tmv close IflRI IOB5 l!)30 1085 1970 2019 2025 2019 2025 2019 2TO2 2010 20(11 20nl W 1D89 1090 1989 1095 19S8 1933 1089 1083 1989 1982 his inlGrntilloniil Policy rjommlllec lo discuss the next move In the cuiil clispulc. -One thing lo be st'lltal Is ivbcth- cr or mil Lewis will continue lo defy tlie Wnr !,nbor Donrd. Tlie Wl.n rmncl lias .scheduled a licnr- IIIK iii Hie wage dispute for II n. in. tomorrow. A iinloli spokcs- iiinn hns said Lewis hns nol changed his nllitutlc toward tlie WLU in any respect. IVr.vidcJit, lior/sevell has inndc clear lie 'will back up the board's jiirlwltctioii in the dispute. Negotiations (he hard roal miners and Ihe operators imc lo nnollier slnlcmnte In Mew York today. 'Hie operators flnlly ruled uul nny wngc Incrcnsrs for (lie inlnni-K, bill announced they wrrc wllllnj; to 'fjrnnl four oilier concessions. And In rclmn thc operators dcmnwtcd Indemnlly provisions iiKiilnsI, wildcjil strikes. New Orleans Cotton Mi'li. May inly Oct. Henry 'Hiompson. regular member nf the city police force [or tin.- past year, hus rcslancil. it was announced loflny by f>olicr. Chltf WllHam IScrryman. I'rlor to becominc a rrj>u]ar member when tlie force was cnlnrj'rd lii.M. year, lie hud served as nn extra police when needed No successor lias been appointed. Sep. upen liigli l-nv close . HOIS '2009 20-1S '.'05S 2018 . 2018 202-1 2016 2CM SOI5 2013 2017 20l:l MI7 'M13 Chicago Rye (men hich lo-V cl-w pv.rl . 00 \ 1)0 li 80 U. TO'.. 1 . W)','. 92', 92% Dl',1 91Vi Da : ,S . ,. from Hit! rest g'f the Axis line. A-py^crfui Amci kan advance has canicd 10 witli in 10 milcH of the Kmil Axis niivtil baau ami is driv- l»tc « wadgo between Bixcrtc and '1'unl.s, Thcio nl-io |^ eildciac lliii tlie cnemys niiiiininltlon Is beginning to •iin. Mini I as tin- rrsull of the Ailed iinvnl-Alr tiltickndo /if the sicv Hnn narrows. 'The Gcniians clatni hut they nrc transfcri'lng iroon 1 ; rom Hnralii to Tunisia nnd Sdmii it them! hnve been en\)lurC(l by Alncrlcnns. Hut Alllctl ofliceivi . ItiCi dccrcnslng How of suppllr-i s being fell, by the deta'di-rs Wllliln Arllllery ltnii sc - ' W.«l of Lake lilxcrlc, 'AmcHcalis mil French triioiis riingtni! out Injn, Mntcur Imvc won control of n key road junction,and brought uli-.t-rtu within rinitic ol our intlllcry. .,''. • On the ccnlnil fronl, the Ynnks also hayc cnptured Kddcklilln,, six miles west ,'of Tcbmirn, iMvlhf; tho wiiy for ah Allied'brenklhroiigli to :tlie plains »f Tunis. The F'rc-ncli In this arcn linve'gnlned two mlki (.'(inthetist of I'rtnl'dii Fnlis lind lilt; nflllsli l-'lrst Aniiy lias knocked uul 12 .rnoro Nazi tniik.? lu icachhiif'ti; pohH only '20 mllifn' from Tiinls. -::' . Wenk but dc'siierate : Ocrtirtn coiinler-ntinckB nrc being (uniod bncX wilh r cdmpnrntivc icasc oil tlinl the Axts hto no IholiBht of evacuating 'tunitlu « hnitu enemy tneuliant ship bound from Nii|)lc.s to Tunis with iniini- tioiiK ami vehicles was spotted iviniitlny nlglit by onr'-light'naval forces. II was blown up nnri ll.i escortlni; 050-ton . 2tiilhm J '.t6r|jc(Iu Iwnt was sunk.-'Our. force's iiuffer,- xl . neither. daim'i'ge nor casualtlc-i. En.emy gun positions mid motor transport, drew most of tho iittcn- tlon of our pliincs ycsterdny anil one enemy aircraft wns shot down. Hut American bombers from the Middle East struck out at 1 Hnly iiljiilii wltii heavy (InyllRlil ntlacks on Hie Tariinto naval b:iK'ii!i!l licggin Calalirla t\l the toe of the Iliilltin boot. All our bombers rc- lurncd. I'lcturc.s taken of • Groscllo irfield In 1 Italy iiflcr the April ! 2H American riyliig Fortress raid show eight barracks destvoyctl and , Hi ollicrs badly danuigcd • itnd one large hriiignr iiiul eight planes on Hie ground ilc.stroycd.' j?lctnrcs lit the Blzcrle raid on May 3 reveal nils on the seaplane base, a liun- , wireless tclcgnipli slallon, u dock antl the harbor road. Bankers Hear Barton 1 TITUS HOCK. Mny . T. H. nnrlon says. Arkniiias go ahead as an Industrial Moody, Down •Behind Jit)) Lines, Trudges 8 Weeks To Reach Base Forced (low In China behind the, aircraft sweep dtspalelicd lo siip- .tapanese lines, Lieut. Calvin Moody, I port Chinese Iroops Ilghllna off former KlvthKulllA r n niK..n ..t n .. A - i ... _,._..._.... . b vcaled. One of former filylhevillc foolball player, Micnt eight weeks walking back to his _ base, a. news dispatch hns re- eight American filers forced down nt that lime, Ueulcn- inl Moody and his companions cached their post safely after har- ovvlng cxirei'tences. dclalls of which vcre nol revealed in ihc First news release, This is nol Hie firsl tlirllling nd- vcnliuc of "Hickorynul Head- Moody. He brought down Iwo Jap- nicsfl airplanes in a China fighter Jupanrsc attempts lo push across the Southern Yunnan border from (lie Slwn sliilos early in February, news dispatches from the American Air Porce In china revealed al Uciilenanl ^oody wns credited v:!th being Ihe flrsl local boy to gel rid of nn enemy airplane. As a fighter squadron pilot, lieutenant Moody has done a lot of flying In recent months, hni'lng been hi' Africa, India and China. !fc is the 'son of Mr. and Mrs. A. c, Moody of near Blythoville. Co). slnle after the Wnr If certain fundamentals arc practiced. Rarlon, lil Dorado oil man, spoke ni n meeting of the Arkansas Bankers Association'today. ' • -i< ;-. Bnrlon snys free (Mileriirlse, liacking n progressive stale government, will siicll tlic difference between. Indiistrlnlizntlon nnd Ilic. return of tlic pre-war agricultural economy of Arknnsns. . He snys the light for criuilablp frcighl rates must not be allowed to slnckcn until Ihc objective ir, reached. New York Stock* A T AT Amer Tobacco .. Anncoitda Copper Beth Sled Chrysler . Coca Coin (;cn Elcclilc Ocn Mold's Mrntgouiery Ward '.'. 15--I ,'1-3 .. 5C 1-1 ..• .to's-j ..' '(57 1-1 ..1C .. 101 .. 17 I-S .. 51 M 42 l-t N Y CTlllral ..." 19 7-3 hit Harvester G7 I-:; North Am Aviation 13 I -'.! Republic Sled 173-1 Iladlo . 12 . Socony Vacuum 13 1--1 •'.'Inndnrd of N J 5S 1-3 Texns Corp -19 1 -?. I'ackard :..'.'... 4 ,V-i U S Sled , 55 3-1 Livestock ST. LOUIS, Mny 5 <UP>.~ Hoy receipts 0,500, all salable. Top S1-I.S5: 180-325 pounds I4.5Q-M&1; 140-160 iwiwds 13.60-14.15: sows 14.15-1450. • ,' Cattle rcccipls 2,500 head with 2.000 salable. Calves 700. all salable. Slaughter steers 11.5Q-16.7J,- slaughtc rheifers 10.75-16.00; mixed yearlings nnd heifers 12.53-15.00; stockcr and feeder steers 10/i5-15,'15; canners auti cutters 7.50-10.75; COW3^, 11.00-13.00. ''

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