The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1934
Page 3
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JANTARY J, 193£ BLYTHEYU.LE, (ARK.) COURIFK .\EWS PAGfe THREE pposiiion Program Stairs Is to in Recovery Western San Francisco Is Enthusiastic Over "New Deal'' Fading. Thls He slxlli rlfven ar- r the Ilh lr and ol |for Courier News a Service nrusi'apris, afli'r a .>»• mile Journey of survey to Hit na- llon's urinriral f"*** «f ir>yu- Mlon. showlne «'* ""»<">" afler months' operation of the rr-| }-ovrry program. B y JOHN PII'Ell Servile Snecial Corresiifllldenl SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 3.-The •'Blue Eatfe" « Hvil1 ? h '8'> over the 1 tales of lhe Pacific coast. Industrialist" labor leaders, ami Hie con- lumiiw' ""Mi-: have accepted his llskaiion with open arms. He is here to stay: no doulv liboui that.. Sirono indivld'.ialisis i had hop"d ihal lhe lime would ome when they might lake a nit |hoi and brins; him down eradual- are llnlirj up lo pay him hom- Uconflicts there are. bin tr.ev ironed out rapidly. Opuo- [ilion there is. but it is waning. Here nnd there von hear a bank- of the old school priinl disan- brbva) of what he terms govern {r.entnl interference. Instances hav< !evelone<l w'rere larste employers o labor have sought to behave unde lhe ancicn', laws of ruoged indi lidnalisin — lhe onlv rules of bus! fiess conduct they ever learned. But thfv are be^innin^ to see th light. T.ieir associates, thei'- owi trade organization, their Cham Iwrs of Commerce, arc leochln Them that q new r«imc lias s'.en|>ed in ami reoeaM the "do* eat pog" philoson^v o! doiii" hi Thousands Oel Work Statistics tell lhe story of KHA's success in the Pacific coast Itaies. Men out back to wort:, nay- lolls inrrfuin?. store sales advanc- : THIS CURIOUS Botli Niilious Preparing for Strut'.iilt; Says Dr. K. H. Donaldson. CLEVELAND iUP>— A Jup-Russo war In (he Fur East Is as Inevlt-1 able us spring, al which season It will beBln. Dr. K. II. Donaldson, u professor of mining enulncerlni! ni C-.IM' .School of Applleil Science WHOSE FOIL i\;^.l WAS A\ARIE JEAN PAUL ROCH WES GILBERT MOTI6R-, AAARQUIS DE LAFAVETTE, WAS MADE A GENERAL WHEN ONLY OF AGE. A million men put back to work . . . dial's George on San Francisco and its famous Golden Gale. Creels t-siimate of wiial NKA has dene [.>:• the of the code. The case of one !la- , grant violator has been sent to j J Washington, with the rccouimen- • dalion that, he be dispossessed of I his "Blue Eagle." i California's experience wilh price ] fixing may prove valuable to NRA ' administrators in Washington. | When £c national recovery ac'. was ; patsed. the state legislature \vas in | s«s5ion, so it adopted a little NRA • ; 11 its own. Tr.c- CRA (California, Recovery A:ti. as il '.fas called.] =iness. i worked out several codes with price : ' fixing features. ; One of these, the barbers' co-Je, brought wholesale criticism. Th° ' code fixed t'r:e haircut price at 65 cents, the Irishes! ever. Barbers in ' Double llolps Declarer j Make a Difficult Conlrarli Inu. hank debits sjainiiw are lacis "vhlch ea'nnot be denied. Just how much nf liie irnnrove- Inent is due lo NKA il 's imoos- lible li determine, but it is •='?- liificant t':-ai nhnosi r-vcrvone r.nn- lernrH is willln«* to give the "Blue I'aele" the credit. Georfte <Jre*l. 'rtvnamic rhair- Iman of th- National l.abnr Bonrrl Ion the roa't. ffnvH-s thai the INRA ha* rut l.OW.IWl mm :md vomen bark to wflrk in this re- Hls fi'jure Is higher than some Ither' estimates, and may b; too imis'ie. but Creel bases his data reports from countv compliance .aris all over his district. E. Tildon Mattox.'district eoni- Jlanee director of the NRA here aid 30(1.000 had been re-emoloved nder the codes in California. Jfc- :ada and UHh alone. Add Millions to Payroll Mattox declared pavrolls in lorthern California and Nevada lone have . jumped sn.200.000 lonlhly over the figures of last nmmer. The same oplimistic story comes rom oilier lenders in the NRA iiovement on the const. Prank blesseuger. district compliance hantiger at Portland, said 52.000 |*rsons have been given employment in Oregon. Furniture inami |aclurin7. canning, lumbering and lail business have been primariU fectcd. The NRA compliance represenl live in !da'".o reported that 10. 00 jobless have found work in tha tate because of NRA activity. Messenger described lhe build Ing up of confidence through th ]1RA and the Civic Works Admin slralion program as one of the nost r.ealli'.y phases of the enlire ituation. "With both individuals working •n salaries and firms operating lor irofi'." he aided, "the knoiviftVje ,f a certain job or command fcr a iven output has resiillcd in tiling:; ,novin? forward. The benefits ar-» learly visible and their clfect will t;:e next outlying sections and small towns were compelled to charge the same amo'jnl for a haircut as the man in lhe oalaiial citv hotel s'.-.op. CRA Is Kadinc Out The nublic didn't like it. The I business man whose income had ; been reduced by 50 per cent since 1923 objected to oayin? pre-depres- j sion prices to his barber. Th?n the barbers themselves became dissatisfied with ihe price fix- 1 'in? feature. Less lhan a monlh fter its adoption, the cede was i banned to eliminate this objec- ionable--clause.' Now it' appea'rs s if t'-e CRA soon will be dis-1 oniinued. .Industrial conflicts have been : clativelv rare en the coast, but; vhcre thev have oocurrcd. Creel •• Today's Contract Problem AK'iist a spatic contract by , Kouili, U looks as though Vi'est ?lu,ul(l makojhc KIIIK, jack and |f-n nC sjf.iiif 1 ?. However, by in-nprr ]ilay. South van iniike live siiadcs. J l ry il; Tb' 1 klui; of heaiib i^ oin'iitd. 4k S C 3 V A 4 1 n r, •; ?. i. K J 9 C 2 K j i n s , .— L A 7 -, . /. K Q : V Q -1 ~' « .11 u ' 4-Q '• A J R r. » !i c i:: 2 « s 4 •> A A r. X \v i: s lleiitcr A 1 '' « 7 -I V ^ « K'Q AK J i 7 A A '• V A K 1 il 5 » A ;i r, t f 1 M :i :: -1 .in— X A A Q 'J 2 V 7 6 54 4 AQ A At}-.". Solution in :ir-\i issue. IIIIK' \\rvl 111 1 ;:! l';^i Huui;], il P. Vul. ].•:..'. — * A. Xiulli l!a- 1 X. "'. J J, x v 1'ji* I': 1! R-.l-' l.lLs ]«.ll!!. Mill. \Vl-i-. r.pade to t. i v< r, II l< UKll l(-L'.t! v.l.ich v. ;! till: jack. A siu.ill •uin wilt, vr:. ]:l:iyc i the West liOtl ll-'-Ll'lKHt 51 Clllb III allu.uni! the dummy tu i:c> conlrncl. llow- ilniiigh the nat- [• r : -.'ht of hearts, in dummy wlto Ui'. Don.iKKon, an authority on fuii'it-'n truils Ims s.peclallw'11 on (.tiidie.s of Itus-slii. AsserlliiK (hat the Soviet luis iininssed between a <|ii:n lei nnd u half million .soldiers 1'iisi o( l.nkr llalliiil and aOO pliines al Vladlvosiol;, he wnnis,! : llisil Japan's preparations for j mi uuRivfslvf cninpaiKii nrv c»"" far im-siii'i-. '. Itriiurl HrliH-d Kccotnltiun i The prulcssur'H reiwi'L to Wnsli-i . iniitnn on the ixisslbllllii's of So| vlet pmchases from the United States ivus an Imimilant Taclor In 1 Ihe tuiilon's iTCOKiilllon of Russia. Coiitiacls wilh airplane manu-1 facliirers and chemlcul companies hnve sirer.ijlhcned his belief thnt| preparations lor military activity | • i lire goin*! forward in earnest nnd 1 I thai only weatlier conditions l> j pone open warfare, j Julian Trains Civilians | .Japan's preparations consist I nrlnrlnallv In training civilians I /• • :: i nynlnst )»ssible air alludes, he; WILLIAM WOULUHAVK. while helping u woinan lift -a heavy believes, pointing out Ihal her. vessel from u well, noticed a piece of wooden crrrek .loatlhg on tW armies are well equipped lor an j surface 01 tiic water. While loyliii wilh the crock, sbsent-mlna- offensive. ,_lcdly. he was surprbied to see It riglil ItscK. lime ntler lime, alter He adds Unit '"""" —"""•' tn A BROKEN CROCK, FLOATING IN A WEU-, LEO TO THE OISCOVERV Of THE A HIPPO'-S STOAAACH \VILL HOLD 4 TO 5 6OSHELS or- FOOD/ Japan [HL-HIL^ f ^ Siberia and colon- he Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WJI. K. McKKXXICV Steretary, American Briilge Leas Quite often n ^nrd is deak a if chaos. TbroURh efforts of his onVe, urrKing under direction or the National Ijhnr Board in Wash- | Inglon, :(K.a«o men rither have • been kept at work th.ough nre- : vention of strikes, or returned to •• uork on their scttlempnl. j Creel >as scttierl six major dis- • ;mles involving 20.GOO men and has! inerled eight other strikes Involving 17.^00 men. His toughest assignment was the strike of IO.COO colion pickers in central Californi". where men had been killed ir r'r'iiii; in cannection with this -Srike. Creel describes ttm NRA as p re"olution of our wlule industrial .sfucture alons co-nr>erTlive lin^s wl-ich will brin^ a higher slan-J- ar<! of living to all. Figures nf tb-- FriU'ral He.servc of San Franrisro bf'^r nut the claims of Trrcl and Mnftn\ •ir Irt-nienilons inrri*nsiu- in pm- r'-iyni''!!! and payrolls <«n the 1*2" : 'i< coast. Tl-e biti'sl report rc- '"-itocl by (he bnnk rlaimrd Ihal ir 1 Orloler rmplnynircil in Cr>'i!• niia WAS 2.S rrr -fnt grenlrr f'Tn in Onldher last year. Toui Dnyrolls wiTf IS ]>»r c?nt ier. In Oregon belli number proi;ictn, and here ; t one taken liom the national championship lourrnment at Cin- c.nnati. The declarer, of leurse. loses thr first i\ic club Iri"-!;:-. and il ico'i W.M':-. doiib:-,- is bad. ::inc? it. ;:'.rjnot I'.i'Ijj bill 'ocute tlic IieiirU'' I .or the declanr. which of course : i it does as soon as dummy goes : dcwii. Declarer reaii'/rs imtncdiul'r- i - iv lhai tile only thini; West eoulii, \ Ilov.cvtr. here i; the way nn 1 ;:.'aycil lilt 1 i-and lo ii:akt- tile ::on" ;ract. Alter lhe ac: r.r eiubs o|wni:u' i,. West. West lon'.uiued v.illl Hie fi-.>'. E:.ft v.innir.i; wiili the kin;'. On the firM c:iv!) !!«• iliclarcr crupped the ihiv. and means to exploit easti'ln i i-/t as well, 'llils era Is rich in i extensive coal and Iron mines for ! raw materials, while the plains w ij- ictinn;cl.aiKl •. Another .s]i:iue .vnn in dummy j i lle O n the wall is ;.•••! a club wn'-l jiullculed by the facl that her k:ri{ of spades, j ugcnt.s here have .sounded out cn- liiinor.ils was re- s | ne manufacturer.'; on the i-d ihr queen nnd nbilily of gcttini; about $12.000.000 lo ::r',: wilh lhe uce. v .'0i-lli of high-powered airplane ^i. •iv.if lhe ten ol j motors before lhe Ice packs brCuk t \ a -i-i'i-d a diamond | J M ihe Vlnclivcvsiok harbor. !;•'! with the -si:v- — • , ' Assault Charge Against 1 Now a] \va.s pl.iy-1 i M 11 D 4 • :d. which Ean vn'-. -.vilh the klne INegrO Is Nolle rTOSttO ':!.u le^anile 1 :; ni -viii-ther he lu-! • nirni'd n club or :• :p,u!e. the tie-1 A charge o. ii:j.auk willi n ' ciarcr di'ranir:! :lv r.ine of dla-! deadly weapon nijnlnst Andrew ! wonds and iriinnd in dummy | Wigfall, negro, wv.'i nolle prosseil , \.ith Ihv (iuern o! v>arts. | by W. Leon Smllii. dc-"ity prose- ; He wo:; Ihe btl '.i'ree tricks will) j enter, In mimlclu-.l t"f I Salur- '!• nee. king, ar. 1 ' 'tn of hearts | cay. ...- . . -— | A charge of dlstir'jlng theo peace >aina Nathan Milton was also Hud turned It. over, would not capsize. .see Tills gave him the Idea lor a boat that. The jurk ;i: lurn-.'tl, F:ISI p!^. V'outh won the cii:bs. \Ve>l iii: : : r.d No:lh tun. •:n of hciri.s , . . , , , , „„„ i'o!le prasscd. Similar action was: Calcium Is the hardest, mineral can furnish food for troops. i "• •- " i That Russia sees the handwrli-, Irken on a robbery charge agulnsllto oblnln. of all the minerals need- on the wall is believed to be Murihnll Corlton. negro. led for lhe body. • Fred Edwards wur- fined five dol- on R charge of dislurbing prob- (),,, ix ,j(. e . ncucrt Gruhnm fulled ar* lo onswr n charge of ig the peace and his live ilollc rcasli bond was forfeited. A bond of $21.f>5 |KXSlcd by » man accused nf public dnmken- i':.'-s was forfeited on his failure Head Courier News Want Ads. HAROA1NS INNKWiUSEU FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 381 t. Fbone '-'.1 lilal \.*\\J Ullw lll'ji... .lllu it <l^\yf\.T us though hu urns'- lose a diamond i ^-^* - ^\ u • I pnd n spade. ' i I rtpCT 4 tf"&Bri*i '. 1 hope, howevir 'hat ynn found: Vxa»«-ol- X^^fl 'J-T? l he correct way to make the ; [.act. which r. a* follows: June to SI7,- Don't ! did. right gc'iin.-, T':uiMOH combijjfS 7 _ i in one. Powerful K'asur.; lo lake. No 1 Your own dni^gist i:, :i NEXT: Atlanta. How the south!." n-n::id your nnvc-y on ' was saved from "alisolulc anil ill- | '. yo;!! 1 cru^il or C-lci j tur luin" by doing less work. 'lit'.ed hy Creom'.ili 'en. I'.ein S144.3:i3.00U in 358.000 Dee. 13. ipiichly. Cr:-o- j n:iijor lu'l;:-;; but harmless.; N'o r.-. is ncreasc markedly cluriii; ,-ix weeks." Comylainls Soon Srlllrd Maltox was more t' optimis- s.: about the sv.ccrss ol the NRA m the coast. His organization 'unctions smoothly. Tlierc are IS Bounty eliairmen in ncrlhr-rn Cali- ornia responsible to him. So successful Vavc tbey betn n scllliH5 complaints from all ides that less lhan 5 per cent ever •ome to the attention of the dls- rlct compliance dirrcior. Ami onlv even cases of the thousanda which lev-eloped have gone lo l.-e nation U compliance division in Wasn- ngton for final .settlement. NRA officials here have more .ilfflculty with the cleanin™ am' lyelnj Industry thin with any |>thcr. TossiOly [-is is .lue to Uic nci that out.;fdr of lhe oil indiLs- ry. 11 is the onlv business which |ias adapted price fixing in its •ode. The public definitely is opposed to price fi\in£. Mrrc criticism is heard of trc N'RA because of th~ (lx*d price ertabllslicd hy the cleaner*, and livers lhan of any other feature in the administration of Hie tnw lirre. Price Cuttlnj AUackcd Before the code was signed, "cut ;te" cleaning ami riyelnj plants [barged 49 cents tor cleaniii!; and •resslng a suit. The code set lhe igure at SI. and this had to be re- uced later. Complaint after complaint came ->, the compliance office of elean- |J\'WlK> had cut prices In defiance , ="iiilD.vcs and lotal wcekh wa-"-s i wcvp 40 p:r ccn! i,i s hcr than October. 1932. , "'ank debits fo- leadino cilies in . Aii7ona. California. Idaho. Nevada,; :son. Utah. an:l Was'-ingtcn lo- ! il'id Sl.ocn 649.000 hi Ocl-bcr. eom- iare:l to S1.8in.733.0flO nonths cf 19^2. 'n November l!-e 11 eilies in California alone •crease of 4 3 per bank debits. ho .: : i me leadiiur repfirled cent in •'i'k up than the figures for em- •••.vmenl nnd payrolls would indicate (lint ii would. Department •Crr sales in the Ttelff- Federal ^i-'erve di-jlrict in November were -r!y 3.2 p=r cent greater than In if" correspond ins month of last ycir. Fan Francisco rc-?r'?d a «atn o.' 9.8 p?/ cent, but Oakisn'l. Portland, and Seattle all recorded Hmnlicr coinimmltles. however. : fhi\v-^ wide ?alns. st'rcs i;i ni'. 1 - ('I'lin-nwd citbs in Wruhinjton reixJrting increase of 23.G wr c^n' in sjles for November.' Utah and -c-ithcrn Ida'-o. typically rural nates, reported n jjin rf 2'2.S per csnl. ! DJitk deposits of Federal Reserve member banks in selected cities of the Twelfth district in-' creased from S1.41C.COO.OOO in June to * M 53.000,000 Dec. 13. Reserve accounts of member; i.nnks wilh the Fertcral Reserve I L'ank of San Francisco Jumpexlj MOTHER- Jt*4h)}ilied-uli noi£ mayAtant t/i& ^ MOUTH BREATHING HABIT ! Wlien a stopped-up nose makes your child breathe j through the mouth, that's a warning signal, mother. He's ; ! in danger of forming the deadly mouth breathing habit, blank and dull. Look after those nostrils at once, mother. Put Mentholatum in them; also on the upper lip. Kub it briskly on the chest. The penetrating vapors of Mentholatum will help break I p the cold, soothe the Breathing through the mouth is like opening the door to dread disease. The mouth, unlike the nose, cannot keep out the havoc-working germs that enter with each breath. This undermines the child's vitality. Physical and mental growth arc stunted. The child becomes irritable, listless unable to study. His mouth grows detormcd,his expression irritated memhrnnc, help restore normal nose breathing and guard against a disastrous habit. .../<? me they're MILDER ...'/& me they TASTE BETTER , I.ior.nrft Mvm To»«:co Co.

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