Fort Wayne Daily News from Fort Wayne, Indiana on May 15, 1908 · Page 1
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Fort Wayne Daily News from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 1

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1908
Page 1
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WV t A Uiii m h w t W IWf 4 4i f Mb Wd iSUll JVM fi k f K Vi d I jtt I s mm mMw JlV Wit iksb MWS f air tonight1 8i urdayi siljbUy cooler In extreme north im - j TBffiiOUBiiHi tfto xiiaL J2L lf RiBlYBtBNiMris Ioa SIXTEEN MGE6 - PIUCE QNB M THE JAW Vf Hri Hrijp OFMRS GUNNESS Is Positively Identified by Dentist Who Had Done i Work for Her L SENSATION PROMISED Lawyer AssertsThat Prominent Citizen of Laporte Wat Womans v Accomplice DIGOINGr IS RESUMED It It Believed ThatMore Bodies Will Be Exhumed at Murder Farm LAPORTE Ind May15 - Dr I t Korton who did Mrs Belle Gunness dental work tor years today Identified a human Jaw boone found in the ruins of the Gunness home as that cf Mrs Qunness The formation of Mrs Gunness Jaw boone was peculiar said the dentist ueveralofthe rear teeth having been Temovei - The cavities left by1 these teeth were found in the jaw bone by Dr Norton who ays he also found parts of cement he used at the time The authorities at noon received word that Anton Gunderson of Chrls - tlania Norway was on his way to La porte to look for the body of his cousin WILLIAM E ANT1SS Antlss Is deputy sheriff of La Porte county Indiana and has worked sight and day on the celebrated multi murder case Carl Gunderson who disappeared from Christiana several - years ago Gunderson believes the young man was one of Mrs Gunness victims Attorney Worden counsel for1 ilay Lamphere announced 1 today that lie had evidence that one of ihe best - known citizens of Laportewas an - accomplice of Mrs Gunness and that his arrest might come at any time Worden got hla first information in a letter from West Virginia It was noi anonymous but names aLaporte man Continued on Pafe Thirteen JUDCEG1LBERT MAY BE WINNER IT IS BELIEVED THAT TAFT WILL APPOINT HfMTO THE PHILIPPINE COMMISSION WASHINGTON May 15 - The ap - polntment of Newton W Gilbert of FOrtWayneIndJ as a member of the Philippine commission is one of the possibilities of the near future It is expected that Secretary Taftsoon after his return from Panama will fill the vacancy on the commission While the prcsLdent will make tbe formal appointment his action will be based on the recommendation of his war secretary A great deal of Insular politics has cropped out in tbecampalgn for this Important office Mr Gilbert resigned from c6nef est ft ew years ago to be - come a Judabf tt cViirrotttaflrBt Instance In the phlllpplnea Bit taonlhs iagoy when the vacancy on the Philippine commission Occurred h waieinentibned for It but Witbat time SecreterytaftwMof the opinion that the appointment should go to someone who had been Identifier longer with the Insular eervlce than Mr Gilbert Recently however he Is said to have changed his mind to a degree at least It seems that nearly all of tbe men who would otherwise be considered available timber are disqualified by having antagonized either the Filipinos of certain cllpes of the foreign residents Secretary Taft Is especially Interested In the maintenance of good relations in the Philippines and he will not consent to the appointment of any man - on the commission who Is likely to be a disturbing factor There are two strong points in Mr Gilberts favor Ills official record is characterized by complete efficiency Indicating that he would be a useful member of the commission and in the second place he has created no antagonisms and t his attitude toward the Filiplnos has Von their friendship and esteem For these reasons there Is a strong current of opinion at the l war department that he itandsa good show of securing the appointment on the Phil ippine commission This place pays 15500 a year and if Mr Gilbert gets it he will be the highest paid Jndlanian In the public service ROOSEVELT MADE A RED HOT SPEECH When accused of cherishing ideas of governmental centralization - BRYANREAD ADDRESS Which Was a Colorless Essay Devoid of Offense to Anyone WASHINGTON May IB President Roosevelt made a ringing - apeech duilng the morning session of the gpycrnpra conference In which he fleflned his stand of stales and federal lights His remarks followed ft talk madejay Governor Comer of AUbama who expressed himself aa being just a little bit scared1 over the presidents centralization policies 11 Tha president was on his feet tho moment Co4rnor Comer had finished and declared that he cared not a whltWheth - er the las were enforced by the state or by the national government so long as they weie enforced for tho good of the people a i I am not concerned th the acaderolo question of whether the tate or the fed eral government shall do this or that he exclaimed but I am concerned In seeing that whichever power can do it best shall do It and do It well There art certain things that cannot be done by the states alone Take the graiitfng of right to private corporations for tho use of water power I want the corporations that develop the power to have atnph reward lor their enterprise but I do not want them to have perpetual reward I want the term of I their contracts to be limited fxrt the states have control of those things that are within the state lines and let the national government have control ovr those things that the slates cannot control I am for such a division of responsibility and power as will best coh - serve the Interests of the people aa a whole There was an Incipient revolt against the president brought about by the report of the resolutions committee The i evolutions pledged tho delegates to Work for Hit enactment of legislation that will protect the forests Linda mines 4nd waters fiom exploitation and waste and also providing that the governors arc to be colled together In the future for Similar conferences whenever the president thinks It necessary Cov Glenn of North Carolina and Cov - Folk pf WKiourl opposed the latter resolution GoV Glenn wlthdew hl opposltlonaand the resolution was carried The president then called upon W J JBryah to address the confeience Bryan readhTs address which was ari essay In advocacy of conservation of natural resources through the co - opeiatfon of the national and state goernments He neatly avoided taking any definite stand mlliMr l I iV UPALLNIGHT Nominating the Delectable Gene Debs for the Presidency f yrrt A LOT OF CANDIDATES But the Bulk of the Delegates Wanted Genuine - w Flre - Eater l DEBS MUCH PLEASED And Announces From Terre Hint That He Will Accept the I Alleged Honor CHICAGO May 15Eugene V Debs of Indiana and Kansas for president and Benjamin llanford of New Yorkfer vice president was the ticket nominated early today by the socialist convention after an all - night session Five candidates were named to head the ticket Debs A JL Simons of Illinois Carl D Thompson of Wisconsin James E Carey of Massachusetts and Max Hayes of Ohio The nominating ballot was Debs - 162 Simons 9 Carey 17 Thompson 16 The nomination of Debswas made unanimous The ballot for vice president result v W A M Simons ed llanford 105 Seymour Sted - man Illinois 43 May Wood Simons Illinois 20 W J Slayton Pennsylvania 15 George W Woodbey the negro deleaetej California 1 Jls WpS - comb OmahaKL Debwas the leader In the famous A R U strike in 1894 and spent six months in jail for refusing to obey a mandate 6f ttie federal court He Is an advocate of violence Hanford was a printer of New Yock city He still carries a union cardi The platform adopted was the one forecasted early In the week and positively pledges the party to government ownership The proposition to amalgamate with the socialist - labor party was overwhelmingly defeated Robert Hun - Continued on Fifteenth Page ANNA WILL WED HER BEGGAR PRINCE JUST AS SOON AS SHE ARRIVE3 IN PARIS SAYS DAME RUMOR MONTE CARLO May 15 - Prlnce Helie de Sagan and Mme Anna Gould are prepailng to leave for Paris tonight Rumor says they will be mar rled soon after their arrival there The prince will be dependent on Mme Goulds generosity as her estate is so tied up in trusteeships that there can be nd settlement op him From her ample income however she can provide handsomely for him Reports are still current that Count Boni de Castellanes seconds will call on the prince within a few hours of the la - ters arrival in Paris DO RINGS PRbE WOMANS DEATH I 1 In the aihet of the burned horn of Bella Gunneii atLaPorte Ind her rings have been found They are shown In the accompanying photograph They have been positively Identified as hers TherWSrforrth - hnd7onhrb6tfy - SrnoTTiTri YeVlhere are 7naiTylvhoTtIlfrefuslo brieve the woman ded and beliv ti put th rings th the body she substituted for her own - In ja ef Ut to ccnlice the auihJrtli ttatdlid In tin flamei THE BACHELOR I wapder hreand cogltatv How every other living thing Copt Itself a loving mate In these balmy days of spring Since to mate Ive never dared The truth of Natures rule I own That one and one make one when paired But ones a cipher when alone Ki PIER ISRMLECTED Retiring Head of Lutheran Synod Returned to the Jt Presidency EQUALIZATION BOARD New Feature of Church Work I Irv ttltuted by the Con - fl ference TAFT CLAIMS A NOMINATION Manager Saya Hej Already Has Hundred More Votes Than Necessary ia fr PRESIDING OFFICER The Honor Will Goito Either Dol - 1 1 liver or Beverldge It Is Said FAIRBANKS ROOMS They Will Be Opened In Chicago Hotel on Next Monday Morning WASHINGTON ifay 1 Manager Hitchcock of tne Tal campaign gave out the following statement today State conventions In California Montana North Dakota Oregon and Washington and Ave district conventions in California two In Oregon and one each In North Caiollna Ohio and Texas elected Of ty - two delegates yesterday and - Instructed them for Taft The total number of delegates pledged to Taft Istiow 57 Only the Tefaistate convention and seen district onvcntlonsremaln to be held Tbe - Texas fltate convention which occurs today and four of the district conventions to be held today and tomorfow rwllt instruct for Taft Increasing the total number In tbe Taft column to 5 J or ninety five more than a majority of tbe republican national convention Californlalnetriicts SACRAMENTO CaT May 15 Every republican delegate from Callfor nla to the national convention is Instructed tojote for Taft The state convention which adjourned early today instructed for him and simultaneously the six congressional districts which had not already1 so Instructed pledged their delegates to vote for Taft ft Fairbanks Quarters WASHINGTON May 15 Vice President Fairbanks managers announced today that on Monday Fairbanks headquarters would be opened In the Annet hotel In Chicago Joseph D Keallng United States district attorney at Indianapolis will be In charge It will be the first presidential candidate to Establish head - quarters in - Chicaa - t i Dolllver orfeverldge CHICAGO May lfc - Tbe temporary chairman of the reiobllcan national convention wOI be meeting today and sub - committee ob wifrgmmjttee w looay Bejur the most promUl Senator jleyerj upport u km Notices of tweajHtoo contests have ieen received tH national com - en during the omorrow of the angements The w a er ox Iowa is ndidate though mittce Contestants have imjJl May 25 to file notices i - these are expected to number 200 when they are all in The contests will be heard by thpfull committee beginning June 1 THAW IS INSANE SAYSDB BAKER HE IS THE ACTING SUPERIN - TEN PENT O FTHE MATTEA - WAN HOSPITAL THAW IS DANGEROUS Several Doctors Testify That He Should riot Be Allowed to Roam at Large POUGHKEEPSIE N Y May 15 - Harry Thaw was petulant when he went to court today for the hearing of his habeas corpus proceedings to secure his release from Matteawan Two things had angered him Fiist he wanted to testify In his own behalf and had been refused by his attorneys Second he had Just got a report that Sheriff Bob Chanler Is hurrying back from Europe to oust bim from the comfortable quarters he has occupied in the local Jail Jerome today called acting Superintendent Daker of the Matteawan asylum as his first wllnebs His Btory brought out many facts of Thaws life as told by the prisoner and threw a n6w light on some of the escapades that have been attributed to the young millionaire Describing the shooting of White t6 pr Baker Thaw said his insanity came on him in a minute before be fired the fatal shots and ended in a moment In the presence of Superintendent Lamb Thaw described the events at Madison Square Garden the night of the shooting and compared himself to a person on the brink of a precipice and ready to Jump off Thaw admitted to Dr Baker he traveled about with Evelyn Nesblt before they were married but said he Continued on Pago Fifteen THE GRAVE YARD ATJI008E CREEK FAIRLY 8QUAWKED WHEN THE CRABBITES FOUGHT FOR SIS HATLEYS BODY iMARTOfSVIIXIH Ind May 15 - Ee - Ueving they can raise tho dead fifty men and women of the Church of the first Born or Crabbltes gathered at the Oooae Creek crave yard wheru they aucceeded of Urns In preventing the burial of Mrs Qeorge Hatleyy who at one time had been baptised Into theTattiT I When ths relatives of Mr natley with tWbody reached the cemetery the Crab - Itei7wer wIltfnrlIaTrf6TlhVbbay folkmid and was stopped when the therta arrived and buried the rtIMi AUTOISTSENT TO THE PENITENTIARY HE HAD KILLED A L1TTLEGRL ON THE STREETS OF BAb LARD WASH SEATTLE Wash May 15 - Guy C Stratton a wealthy lumberman ot this City has been found guilty of murder in the second degree for killing five - year - old Henrietta Johnson daughter of a laborer living at Ballard The child died aa a result of injuries received In being run down by Strattons automobile This is the first trial by I jury under the new law governing accidents by automobiles The penalty Is from one to twenty J ears with a fine of 5000 THE VICE PRESIDENTS Nominating Committee Names Nino Men for Candidates to Sec j ond Highest Office Rev Franz Pieper the retiring president of the Missouri synod of the Lutheran church was re - elected to the office this morning aVthe triennial conference ot the organize tlon at Concordia college Rev Jlr Pieper had two more votes than the number necessary to elect and ninety four more than tbe next nearest candidate It was decided at tbe morning es slon to form a board of equalization composed of three members which shall hereafter have charge of all recommendations for appropriations - which are presented to the conference Over the question of Saving1 this board there Was considerable Continued on Fifteenth Page CARNEGIE TALKS OF BETTER TlESI DECLARES THAT BU3INE8S WILLI PCK UP RAPIDLY AFTER ELECTION - Jx NEW TOJtK Mar 15 - A promise of food llmm afertne flection M he parting - word of Andrew Carnegie tho ended for KuiopeIiut night on tho Baltic It Is plainly evident la mare ways than It U necessary to cnumeiate that there Is more of financial depression and stagnation In rnany business quarters then this country can alfoid he said Bus - nesa la going1 to pick up rapidly after the election It will resume the condition which has been normal duilng some y4S past In a general way It can be said the Industries of the country have held up wll agalnut depression 4 CHARMING WIFE OF AMERICAN DIPLOMAT MAKES FRIENDS ABROAg Hi J Clay Mrs Brutus wife of minister to Switzerland Special Correspondence WASHINGTON May 15 - Few wives of American dlplomates abroad have added more to the prestige of the United States than Mrs Brutus J Clay wife of the American minis ter to Switzerland Mrs Clay Is one of the most charming of Americas gatlon and at their chateau at Geneva the Iatehstring Is always out to visiting Americans Mrs Clay was Mlrs Llala Fish a member ot the New York family which baa contributed financiers statesmen scholarsand jioclal lead - era to the country She married Urst hostesses fa the little playground of William J Marsteller of Cincinnati Europe and although neither she nor and after his death became the archer husband have extensive fortunes ond Wife of Clay son ot the late en they havo fulfilled every social obit - Cassius M Clay of Kentucky t r Innlnrfs I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 0 10 II HI Fort - WayneR E 1 11111 Twrc HautcIl B CI V m mm tM I ml VS Tl M 1 i m I xWA m m - m Ji m f M m i m M W m CM y0i iy i - W j - Pi SI W

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