The Newark Advocate from Newark, Ohio on June 8, 1982 · 15
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The Newark Advocate from Newark, Ohio · 15

Newark, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1982
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I Criminal probe may delay plant's opening CINCINNATI (AP) - Officials of the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. say they welcome the Justice Department's planned investigation of possible criminal violations at the Zimmer nuclear power plant, but they say the Investigation could further delay the plant's opening. "If there's criminality up there, let's find it," Dave Altemuehle, CG&E spokesman, said Monday. "We don't condone any sort of criminal activity. If there has been any there (at Zim-mer), we hope they flush it out,"he,said. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Monday that the Justice Department has decided to investigate possible criminal violations in the construction of the Zimmer plant at Moscow, Ohio. The plant is about 30 miles from Cincinnati. Earl Borgmann, vice president for CG&E, said, "It bothers me to the extent that it's another perturbation in the whole job schedule and takes time." The utility had hoped to have the plant operating early next year. The NRC said the Investigation could delay the opening. James G. Keppler, regional NRC administrator in Chicago, told NRC commissioners Monday that the notice he received from the department Indicated its investigation would be based on an NRC report issued last November confirming problems at the plant. In late November, the NRC fined CG&E $200,000 for infractions such as filing false quality control reports and intimidating and harrassing quality control inspectors. Keppler, who Is scheduled to testify Thursday before a subcommittee of the House Interior Committee on NRC actions regarding the Zimmer plant, said a massive relnspection of the plant's construction is about half complete and that some work is already being redone. The NRC ordered the relnspection after it issued the fine. Keppler said the problems found so far include welding and material problems in some structural steel and questions of welder qualifications and documentation of welds. Questionable welds might number in the thousands, he said. "These are areas that the NRC'g regional office feels may require a significant amount of rework or repair," said NRC spokesman Jan Strasma. Zimmer critics and a few Investigators have sought a criminal investigation into Zimmer's problems since 1981. Private Investigator Thomas Applegate of Columbus, who worked for CG&E on a timecard cheating racket in 1980, brought his suspicions of wrongdoing at the plant to CG&E officials. He said the utility would not listen, so he went to the Government Accountability Project. The project agreed to help Applegate and pressed his charges through government channels. The federal Office of Audit and Investigation began a probe two years ago, but halted it when the NRC said it might interfere with its work. U.S. Attorney Christopher K. Barnes said decided to act now because "taking a look now would not jeopardize safety-related investigations." Ambassador Hinton says d'Aubuisson cooperating WASHINGTON (AP) -Salvadoran rightist leader Roberto d'Aubuisson, once deported from the United States because of alleged ties to terrorist groups in his homeland, is now "basically a patriot" who supports democracy, the U.S. ambassador to El Salvador says. "I'm not saying he doesn't have a highly questionable past," Ambassador Dean Hinton said Monday night, adding he could offer no assurances that d'Aubuisson will continue attempting to work within the system. But, he said, d'Aubuisson has behaved in a responsible manner since his selection as president of the newly installed Constituent Assembly two months ago. Hinton addressed a gathering sponsored by the World Affairs Council. During his remarks, demonstrators protested U.S. support for El Salvador outside the downtown hotel where Hinton spoke. D'Aubuisson ran afoul of the Carter administration after he was accused twice of plotting against theU.S.-backed civilian-military junta which, held power until the Constituent Assembly elections in March. In July 1980, he was deported from the United States after entering the country illegally on a visa that had been revoked by the State Department because of his alleged ties to rightist terrorism. He also was accused by Hinton's predecessor, Robert White, of having had a hand in the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero in March 1980. But Hinton said d'Aubuisson, head of the National Republican Alliance, the largest of Salvador's rightist parties, has been cooperating effectively for the past six weeks with Salvadoran President Alvaro Magana. On a related subject, Hinton said withdrawal of U.S. support for El Salvador Inevitably would lead to the establishment of a Marxist regime there because the guerrilla movement is captained by the "hardest of hard line" communists. Among the countries and groups Hinton said were "mucking around" in El Salvador are the Soviet Union, Cuba, Nicaragua, Libya, the Palestine Liberation Organization, Vietnam, Ethiopia, North Korea and Bulgaria. Continued American support for El Salvador is essential if that country is to avoid becoming "the third communist country in the Western Hemisphere." Later, he amended that slightly by saying there are "1.8" communist countries now an apparent reference to Cuba, which is avowedly communist, and to Grenada, which is pro-Cuban but has not established a Marxist system. There is "so much senseless violence" in El Salvador that "sometimes you wish you weren't there," said Hinton, who has spent the past year a& ambassador. But the United States does not have an inter-est in permitting the establishment of a communist government in that country, he said. Hinton is here to lobby for congressional support for continued American military assistance to El Salvador, which has come under fire in Congress because of signs the rightist-dominated Constituent Assembly is curtailing the land reform program. Hinton characterized as a "bum rap" reports that the assembly is turning the clock back and said the government is continuing to issue land titles to peasants. 10-month search fails to find girl TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) -Some 10 months ago, Cynthia Jane Anderson went to her job as a legal secretary just as she did most mornings, at a glass-fronted law office in a Toledo shopping center. She hasn't been seen since, and both police and her parents in Lambertville, Mich., say they have no idea what happened to the 20-year-old woman after 10 a.m. last Aug. 4, when she vanished. "We don't have a clue," said her father, Mike Anderson. Described as a decent, Christian girl, everybody agrees that Cynthia Jane Anderson was not the type of woman to run away. "Cindy was the sweetest girl, she had so much going for her," said one of her best friends, Terri Lynn Schultz. "She was a very nice, upstanding, moral person, the last person anyone would expect this to happen to." Said her mother, Margaret, "I know my daughter. She did not run away. She's a very responsible person." In an office in the Toledo police department, Sgt. Sam Mihailoff and Detective Bill Adams wait and hope. "It's the most extensive missing person investigation we've ever conducted," said Mihailoff. Adds Adams, "We've got nothing, absolutely nothing. We've checked dental records with homicide victims from Arkansas to California." From day one, police say, they've treated the case of Cynthia Jane Anderson as. more than that of runaway. Foul play was suspected from the outset. Ms. Anderson arrived at the law offices of James Rabbitt and Richard Neller and parked her car near the office. She was seen by a maintenance worker at 8:50 a.m. and by a passerby who looked into the window of the law office to check the time, at 9:45 a.m. The lawyers she worked for would later find the office entrance locked, mail in the door, and a radio, lights and the air conditioner all on. The car was still in the parking lot. Cindy, her purse and keys were gone. In one day of the investigation, 10 police officers and an equal number of National Guard troops combed wooded terrain, broken fields and ravines searching for the woman. A friend arranged for the help of a tracking dog. The FBI joined the search because of possible federal violations. A search plane flew over the area. "Right from the start," Mihailoff says, "we tried to leave no stone unturned. We talked to many persons, administered polygraph tests, checked each rumor or hunch." ' PAINTING Brisk Roll t Spray literior t Exterior We spray aluiBitnii, wood, asonnf ( etc. Swirled I Teitired Ceiling 587-3104 STRAWBERRIES Pick Yo.ur Own Nellie, Ohio on Rt. 38 Open 7 a.m. till dark Closed Sundays 1-824-3344 APPLIANCE SERVICE (Formerly writh Holland Upton) Please call before noon or after 6 p.m. 344-1621 NEW HOURS Office 8 to 12 SI to 4 Bottles Filled 8 to 10 1 2 to 4 dosed Sal t Son. (CRLGRS) 1558 L Main St, Newark BANK REPOSSESSION 1982 PtYAAOUTH RELIANT, Custom 4 door, automatic. 1978 TRANS AM, 4 speed, low mileage. 1980 FORD BRONCO V-8 automatic, AM-FM stereo. Call Ned Harter At PfJO 349-8451 BOWMAN AUTO PARTS 50 South 5th St. WILL CLOSE Wednesday at noon for the funeral of Milton A. Bowman Federal Revenue Proposed Used Hearing Hebron Village Council will hold a proposed use hearing for Entitlement period fourteen, the amount of $13,296. The hearing will be June 16, 1982, 7:30 P.M., 116 W. Main Street, Hebron. Unused revenue sharing money $17,917. The Public will be given the opportunity to make oral and written suggestions regarding possible uses. Sue Kneller, Clerk-Treas. Full-Time Insurance Claims Clerk for LOCAL PHYSCICANS OFFICE - Send resume to: P.O. Box 681 Newark, Ohio 43055 DICK SHERMAN'S HON & METAL CO. 1001 E. Main St. Highest prices paid for si metals ALUMINUM CANS per pound See Bob Hess, Mgr. (formerly of H & O Metals) to stll your metals products todayl Hrs Mm. On Fit ft- Sit M PH. 345-8994 lur a mcun 29' WANTED TO BUY HEISEY Mary Evans 522-2035 ECHO OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT Sharpco 1550 N. 21st St. 366-1065 BUCKSKIN IS BACK! At The Beechridge Lounge This Week Only!! Playing Wed. thru Sat. 9-2 You must be 21 to enter. 17AIHF0SS K9 Will Be Offering Dog Obedience 51 MISTYHOLLOW PIT MOTEL In Addition To Regular Classes Instruction Schedule Call For Details! 366-7065 366-2743 Socialite out on bail DAVE WOLFE HAIR STUDIO Is now accepting applications for Stylists. For confidential interview please call 344-1711. CONCRETE WORK WANTED Frit Estimates. SniU or Urge Jobs. 522-3595 COMPLETE EXTERIORS Aluminum or Vinyl Siding Overhangs, window & door eatings all trim covered, most ranches $2500 Host two stories '3300 Quality work, many references Completely insured 345-6968 PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) A state Supreme Court Justice has saved Claus von Bulow from beginning the 30-year prison term he faces on convictions of twice trying to murder his heiress wife. Von Bulow, 55, spent about an hour in the custody of Newport County sheriffs Monday after Newport Superior Court Judge Thomas H. Needham revoked bis $1 million bail because the socialite had failed to submit a list of $900,000 in assets as a condition for freedom pending an anneal of the convictions. But defense lawyer John F. Sheehan quickly won a stay of the revocation from state Supreme Court Justice Florence K. Murray, who freed von Bulow until the high court could settle arguments about the conditions of his bail. Von Bulow has been free on $100,000 cash bail on his March 16 conviction of twice trying to kill Martha "Sunny" von Bulow with insulin injections during Christmas visits to their Newport estate In 1979 and 1980. " GREEN'S MAS0NARY Fouodalions trick t Block till 014 Cbinaers Lied Chimneys hilt I ntilrtt Rurtfcs tor tort kaniaf ttmt Free Estimate 345-21 85 1 TEXTURE CEILINGS Plaster Repair OrywaO Interior-Exterior Painting Jim Riggs 522-4087 MR. FIX.IT annrmnra a t tunrtst: I ATTENTION! ; What? Pen Soecial Where? Sherryrs Hair Center H 11. Ul M.....L 1 1 Bui n. which jis., When? How ttint iuae 12th I Who? Toicai take I advantage pfSlOJN) J Wbj? Beunse We Love Yos! : SHERRYL'S : HAIR CENTER ; EtHW. Church St. j Newark, Ohio 343-0000 2 fetaBBBaVa ooaoattri If ISE F PART TIMI xf2222K MEDICAL OFFICE NURSE jTfi Excellent tritii benefits frfidjV7ii Sent' resume to: rt) I P.O. Box 53d A.Y J Granville, Ohio 43023 LAWN HAIT1I MVVMU PARTY v" Frl. 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M-F 12-5 KEN WRIGHT kfc" 345.96.3l WANTED: DENTAL RECEPTIONIST Experience preferred. Send resume to Box 6073, co The Advocate, 25 W. Main St., Newark, O., 43055. FIDEHGLAS PAMJT.Y DAY PICNIC HELD OX SATURDAY DIE 5ft OINETTES ClUB WINNERS WERE: BASKET Of GROCERIES WIHUtR: STKI.LA RIME $100 CIVEN AWAY-WINflER: IMM TOR ROBERT f.VOI.LMF.R OINETTES ClUB GIVES A BIO THANK YOU TO EVERYONE The Advocate, Newark, O., Tues. June 8, 1982 Page 15 Political Advertisement Political Advertisement DOW STYFOAM Ul Factor 3.8 INSULATION , FREE With purchase of MASTIC Solid vinyl siding All work and Material Guaranteed 50 Years KINNEY A Associates Since 1948 587-3231 FREE INSULATION of Guttsri I Downspouti with the purchase of Aluminum-Vinyl-Steel SIDING Price also reduced on Storm windows A doors PAUL STRETT0N Aluminum Building Product Co. 1 18 N. 25th St. FORREST COAKLEY SALES REP. Call Da; or Evening 344-3046 - 3245-6180 All work t material guaranteed 25 yeon experience locally STRAWBERRIES Pick Your Own Every day 7 a.m. till dark The Season is here and the picking is super. Hurry out & pick your own or buy them ready picked at the market. OWEN POTATO FARM Sharon Valley Rd. Sat., June 12 - 6-11:30 Food & Snacks Dancing to Gene Snelling 1 .00 per person, Members & Guests RALPH ' " mil iiimwiimiininu nf For U.S. REPRESENTATIVE TO CONGRESS 10th DISTRICT Bad Times Require Good Leadership NOMINATE RALPH BARRETT Democrat Primary: June 1, 1982 barf If tilpl limit, Mr Cotf ms CoealttM tone I. timtl, ClniraM. m Iwill kin. mwt, Hm O055 N.N.UI. ATTENTION JUNIOR BOWLERS Jkcpes to 1 0 The Junior League will start this Wed. at 3:30 at Valley Lanes 1246 N. 2 1st St. PLANT SALE Vegetable Plants '1.00 Doz. Bedding Plants $1.00 Doz. Geraniums ViW Hanging Baskets '1.0D Off F & K GREENHOUSE 421 Linnville Rd. 323-4333 Hnnrfc- Mnn thru Sal. 9:00-5:00 ?TTTB B B "'B'B 88BB8B8IIB5B BVCflB 99 t tTBTmnr WEDNESDAY THRU SATURDAY 4 oz. Ribeye Steaks. . . . 85CM 3 oz. Grill Steaks ..... 34c.. 51a oz. Supper Steaks . . 55. 8 oz. Fillet MignoriwBacon . . $274., ,0pcpkfl' so.rol Pepperoni Pizza . . irZ Breaded Mushrooms, . 36cPkg 3a oz. Pizza Steak 55.. Chopped Veal Steaks. . 59M Cod Fillets iqf W Breaded Clams': ... 55 WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS") NEWARK MEAT SUPPLY INC. Open Daily 7 a.m. to S p.m. - Saturday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Clinton and St. Clair St. Phone 345-6696 Political AdvartiMmenl Political Advertisement Politico! Advertisement Political Advertisement FRANCIS FOLLOWERS! All supporters, large and small You are welcome, one and all. The Francis group extends to you This invite when the day is through. Come on out to Licking Springs See what the election brings. Nine o'clock's when we begin And it lasts till the count is in. Paid for by Ihe Committee lo Elect Borcy E. Francij, Clark L. Snyder. P.O. Box 163, Granville, OH 43023. pd. pol. adv. PiEWARK HEALTHCARE CENTRE R.N. 4 or 5 days per week. 1 1 to 7:30, Supervisory position. Every other weekend off. R.N.L.P.N. 1 1 to 7:30, Staff Nurse, full & part time. Every other weekend off. Apply in person 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Fri. 85 McMillen Dr. An Equal Opportunity Employer - "Williams, the Wise Choice..." WILLIAMS for County Auditor u FOOTCARE OIL1! Don't Walk In Pain Most Foot Problems can be treated Safely and comfortably in the office. SJ Ingrown Toe Nails Hammer Toes Calous Flat Feet Warts Bunions Foot Disorders con be treated comfortably and easily without a hospital visit. Bring your Insurant papers. Dr. Robert 0. Van Horn Podiatrist-Foot Specialist 404 S. 30th St. Newark, Ohio 43055 614-522-2378 In our economy today, our county needs an auditor who will provide fair and equitable tax assessment... An auditor who is sensitive to the problems of farmers, businessmen and property owners... An auditor who is accessible. An auditor who is qualified, experienced and dependable. ISA FULL TIME UDITOR r. : : "- : : - Charles For Licking County Auditor WILLIAMS Is Known and Trusted Your Support and Vote Will Be Appreciated

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