The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARR.) COURIER NEWS jiccipes Used By Miss Edna M. Ferguson In Courier News Cooking School RECIPES Yale Beets ' Economy Cocoa Cako Roquefort Bites Uakcd Beef Liver Loaf I/ii'ely Rice Dessert French Pried Onions A Cup of bood Tea Ui'own Sugar and Raisin Refrigerator Biscuits Banana Fruit Salad YAI.F. BEETS 2 tablespoons fat I 1-2 teaspoons tablespoons , 2 °tS>oon II snl1 n °" r 1-4 teaspoon ' 1-2 cup beet 11- ,, e ppsr <Wi<i 1 1-2 teaspoon 3-4 cup orange ' sugar juice 1 can beets Melt the fat. Add the flour, when mixed stir in the liquid. Add the rind, orange juice, sugar and seasoning. Stir till mixture thickens. Add the Iwets whole or diced.- Heal thoroughly and serve. Serves four. ECONOMY COCOA CAKK ! BB ""''IH '-2 teaspoon I cup sugar salt I cup cocoa 1-2 teaspoon 4 tablespoons soda melted short- 1-2 cup mil cning meals 3-4 cup sour milk 1-2 teaspoon or butter milk baking pow- 1 1-3 cups flour dcr Mix sugar and cocoa. Blend these with the egg and shortening. Add the milk. Measure and sift Ihe Hour, salt; soda and baking powder. Combine the ingredients. Put into a greased pan. Sprinkle the nut meats over the top. Bake at 350 degrees P. for 35 to 45 minutes. Serves six. ROQUEFORT KITES Mash Roiiuefort or any cheese, moistening with cream. Spread on potato chips and use fts appetizers. HAKEI) BEEF LIVER LOAF 1 1-2 Ibs." beef 1.-8 teaspoon pep- liver per 3 cups slale 1-4 teaspoon crumbs paprika 4 tablespoons fat, 3 tablespoons melted minced onion 1 egg 3 tablespoons 1 1-2 cups hot minced par- water slcy. 1.1-4 teaspoons 2 teaspoons bak- salt ing powder Pour Ihe boiling water 'over the liver, and let stand 5 minutes. Drain and put through food chopper. Add all the other ingredients. Mix well, shape Into a loaf or put in a greased loaf pan. Bake at 350 degrees P., for an hour, basting occasionally, if in a loaf. Serves six. LOVELY RICE DESSERT 1 package raspberry gelatine 1 pint boiling-\yater 1 1-2 tablespoons plain gelatine l-a'cup'cold'nrilk "• ' " 1-2 cup sugar 1 1-2 cups hot salted cooked rice 1-2 cup whipping ; crcam 1-2 teaspoon vanilla 1 tablespoon lemon juice Add the boiling watcr to the raspberry gelatine and lemon juice. Pour this into cold wet mould and chill. Soak tlie plain gelatine in the cold milk. Add the sugar to the hot rice, and then the soaked gelatine. Whip the cream and flavor. When the rice mixture Is cool, fold in the cream. Put rice mixture over the raspberry gelatine when set. Chill thoroughly. Ssrve with whipped cream or raspberry sauce. Serves six. ' FRENCH FRIED ONIONS 2 onions—l 1-2 1-4 teaspoon salt inches diam- 1 egg yolk ctcr 1-2 cup flour 1-2 cup milk Pepper Slice the onions 1-1 Inch thick. Separate the rings. Beat the yolk. Add milk and then the flour. Stir in the seasonings. Dip the onion rings into the batter. Fry in deep hot fat at 305 degrees F., till golden brown. Drain before serving. Serves six. A GOOD CUI' OF TEA Use a teaspoon of tea for eaeli cup and an extra spoonful for the pot. Have the water "mad boiling hot." Scald the pot. Pour the wat- cr on the tea and allow to draw for at least five minutes, strain oil into another teapot ready to serve. If a tea bull is used remove from teapot. BROWN SUGAR AND RAISIN REFRIGERATOR BISCUITS 1 cup white flour 4 tablespoons 1 cup graham shortening "our 3-4 cup milk or 1 tcasixx>a salt more 4 teaspoons bak- 1-2 cup raisins ing powder Brown sugar Sift together the flours, salt, and baking powder, cut in the shortr cning. Add enough milk to make a soft dough. Mix. in the slightly floured raisin's. Chill the dough well. When chilled, roll out 3-4 nch thick. Brush tops with melted shortening and sprinkle with brown sugar. Cut into biscuits. Bake at 450 degrees F. for 15 or 20 minutes. Serves six. BANANA FRUIT SALAD Arrange a mound of assorted fresh or canned fruit on crisp let- .nce. surround this with an ovcr- apping row o[ thick banana slices. ~ > with whipped sweetened cream. RECIPES Two Egg Cake Chocolate Mocha Icing Sardine Canapes Kidney and Beefsteak Pie Whole Wheat Crust Sweet Tatcr Puffs Frozen Fruit salad Tea and Pineapple Jelly Yorkshire Pudding Banana cream Taru TWO EOG CAKE 1-2 cup shorten- 1-2 teaspoon salt Ing 1-2 teaspoon t cup sugar vanilla 2 eggs 2 1-2 teaspoons I 3-4 cups flour baking pow- 1-2 cup milk dcr Jilctid together shortening, sugar md eggs. Measure nnd sift dry in- ircdieuLs. Add flavoring to milk. Mtcrnatcly add milk and flour to :gg mixture. Bake in layer pans 'or 20 minutes at .175 degree.'! F,, or u a loaf pan at 350 degrees F. for iO minutes, O r as cup cakes at 375 legrecs P. for 30 minutes, 'serves eight. CHOCOLATE MOCHA ICINt! I tablespoons fat 1-4 teaspoon •! cups Icing sugar . ™ lllllil B ° 3 tablespoons cold 1-2 square bitter colTce (or chocolate more) Blend the tut nnd sugar, adding tile latter gradually, stir ill cooled melted chocolate and coffee enough to make icing right consistency to spread. Add salt to taste. SARDINE CANAPES Mash sardines and moisten well with salad dressing. Season with lemon Juice, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, grated horseradish. Spread on thin hot toast or crock- era. KIDNEY AND- BEEFSTEAK 1'IE 1 beef kidney 3 tablespoons fat I Ib. round steak '.-3 tcasDoon G cups boiling paprika water 1-8 teaspoon 4 tablespoons pepper flour i hard cooked egg 1 1-2 teaspoons i tablesooon Jem- salt o n jui ce Cut the kidney into slices 1-4 inch lliicK, and soak in cold salted water for 2 hours. Cut the steak Into pieces 1 inch square. Combine the meats with the boiling water and lemon juice and simmer for 11-2 hours, Mix the melted fat with the flour to make a thin paste. Stir this into the hot stew. Cook just 'until it boils. Add seasonings and chopped e»g. Put into deep pie dish. Cover with whole wheat crust. Bake at 375 degrees F. til! nicely browned. Serves six. WHOLE WHEAT CRUST 3-4 cup white 1-2 cup shorten flour Ing 3-4 cup whole 1-2 teaspoon bak- \vhctvt flonr ing powder 1-2 tenspoon salt water Sift together Hours, salt and linking powder. Cut in shortening. Stir in gradually just enough water to hold dry ingredients together. Roll out and place in pan. SWEF.T TATER PUFFS 2 cups sweet po- 8 inarshmallmvs tatoes 1-2 CU p crushed 1 egg corn flakes 1-2 teaspoon saltmllk if necessary 1-8 .teaspoon rr; ' :: pepper' Beat the egg and add it to the potato with the seasonings. If necessary add milk to moisten, shape tho potato nround each marshmallow to form a ball. Roll in the cornflake.?. Fry in deep fat at 360 degrees F., 'drain and serve decorated with parsley. Serves Four FROZEN FRUIT SALAD 1-2 cup cherries 12 m'arshmallows 2 cups thick salt find pepper mashed pota-1 teaspoon bnV;- '°cs i fng powder 1 tablespoon i tablespoon fat chop|>ed on. 1-2 cup dried '°n crumbs Add to the potatoes the egg, onion, cream and seasonings, 13eal well, then add baking powder and continue beating, shape the mixture Into small circular slmpcs on greased baking sheet tuid hollow out the centers. Brush the surfaces with melted fat, then sprinkle with the seasoned crumbs. Drop an egg into each renter. Bake at -150 degrees F, until the eggs are nicely set. Lift to serving plates with pancake turner. Serves six. EGG VOIK SI'ONOE CAKE 5 egg yolks 2 teaspoons bak- 1 cup sugar Ing powder 1 1-2 cuns pas- . „ , fc i-,, «„„%. 1-2 teaspoon flavoring try flour 1-2 cup hot water 1-4 h><ir,poon salt Bent the egg yolks till thick. Add the sifted sugar and continue beating, Measure and sill together flour. baking iwwder and salt. Add this alternately with hot water, combine flavoring and beat till well blended. Bake In imgreased tube pan at 3JO degrees P. for one hour. JEANIE'S SCOTCH CAKE ! cup shortening 3-4 teaspoon salt 2-3Cup sugar cups pastry flour White Icing Tomato and Pepper Aspic Salad Cubes -of Tea for Iced Tea Buckwheat Griddle Cakes Banana and Meat baking pow- dcr 1 cup whipping 1-2 cup chopped cream nuts Whip the crenni. Fold in the salad dressing. Add the fruits marshmallows and nuts. Freeze and serve on lettuce with additional salad dressing. Serves 10. TEA AND PINEAPPLE JELLY Use a. teaspoon of tea for each cup and an extra spoonful for the pot. Have the water "mad boiling hot." Scald the ]»t. Pour the water on the tea and allow lo draw for at least five minutes. Strain off into another teapot ready to serve. If a tea ball is usec! remove from the tea pot. 2 cups crushed 1-4 cup cold pineapple walcr 1-2 cup sugar 2 tablespoons 2 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice gelatine 2 cups hot tea Soak the gelatin in the cold water. Dissolve U and the sugar in the hot tea. Add the lemon juice. When partially set. fold in the pineapple. Chill till firm in a cold wet mod. Serve wilh whipped cream. Serves eight. YORKSHIRE PUDDING 2 eggs 1-4 teaspoon salt 1 cup milk 1-4 teaspoon baking pow- 1 cup flour tier Beat the eggs well. Add the milk. Measure and sift flour, salt and baking powder. Combine the ingredients and beat till smooth. Pour into pan with the roasting beef. Bake at 450 degrees p. for 30 minutes, then at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes. Serves si.v. BANANA CREAM TARTS C bananas 1 cup whipping cream 1 tablespoon powdered sugar 1-2 teaspoon vanilla tart shells Whip, sweeten and flavor the :ream. Add the sliced bananas Fill the shells with this and sprinkle with grated chocolate or garnish with a cherry. v RECIPES i Potato Nests Ejg Yolk Sponge Cake Jeanle's Scotch Cake Delightful Date Turnovers Mock Foie Gras California Chicken Tea Mousse mushing Btinnle Bananas au Gratin Blend the shortening and sugar and egg until very creamy. Gradually work in the fiour mixture, the flour having been silted with the salt and baking powder. When well blended pack Into (he greased pan half an inch thick. Bnke in nr oven at 325 degrees F. till very delicately browned. Break into smal pieces to serve. DELIGHTFUL DATE TURNOVEitr 1 package cream stoned dates clieesc c whf(c 1-4 cup shorten- , ing r chopped nuts 1-4 teaspoon 1-4 teaspoon salt baking po\v- 1 cup flour , dcr Sift flour, salt and baking powder together. Cut in tho shortening and cheese. If necessary add water to hold Ingredients together. Let chill well. Roll thin. Cut in pieces 3 Inches square. Roll dates In egg white, then in nuts and sugar. Fold in each piece of pastry. Bake at 1375 degrees F. MOCK FOIE GRAS Simmer calves liver till tender In salted water, chop finely and mix with mashed hard cooked egg. Season with salt, pepper, onion juice Moisten with . softened butter or mayonnaise. Use as sandwich filling or on crisp crackers. CALIFORNIA CHICKEN 1-4 Ib. ground 1 tablespoon pork 1 Ib. ground vetvi ; ° 1 teaspoon salt • 1JOpper 1 egg '-4 cup crashed 1-4.teaspoon pep- pineapple per ' seasoned cnimbs Mix the meat, seasoning, pepper and pineapple well together. Shape like chicken less around wooden skewers. Dip in seasoned cnimbs, then in egg, then in crumbs again. Pry in deep fat till golden brown at 350 degrees F. Serves eight. TEA MOUSSE Use a teaspoon of tea for each cup and ah extra spoonful for the pot. Have the water "mad boiling hot." Scald the pot. pour the water on the tea and allow to draw for at Icasl five minutes. Strain off into another teapot ready to serve, if a tea ball U used remove from tea|K)t, 2 cups tea 1-4 cup cold wa- 2 eggs ler 2 tablespoons 1 tablespoon gelatine lemon juice 4 tablespoons 1 cup whipping sugar cream Beat the egg yolk with the sugar. Soak the gelatine in the cold watcr. combine the tea with the egg mixture, cook in a double boiler till thickened. Add the lemon juice and gelatin. Chill, and when partially set fold in beaten whites nnd whipped cream. Freeze and serve. BLUSHING BUNNIE 1 Ib. ground or 1-2 teaspoon salt grated cheese i_ s lca spoon red 1-4 cup fat 1 can tomato soup . . 2 tablespoons teaspoon Worcester- cclcr y ^ shire sauce ! C11 P nl "k 1-2 lcaspoon to- 1-2 teaspoon basco sauce baking pow- 3 eggs dcr Put the cheese and fat in a double boiler to melt. Mix all the other ingredients except the egg whiles. Combine the two mixtures and continue cooking in the double boiler till thick. When done fold in the beaten whites, serve over buttered toast or crackers. Serves 8. ISA.VANAS au GRATIN 6 bananas 1-4 cup grated American cheese 1 tablespoon dry crumbs 2 tablespoons lemon Juice 1-2 teaspoon salt Mix grated cfieese, salt and cnimbs together. Roll the halves of bananas In lemon juice, then In Ihc crumbs. Put into a greased bak- '"g dish. Bake 15 minutes in a hot •>ven at 400 degrees F. or until nlcc- 'y browned. Serves six. ' egg POTATO NESTS 1 tablespoon cream RECIPES Pecan Pie Dark Fruit Cake Sticks with Seafood Birthday Kings 1'ECAN PIE 1 1-2 cups brown 3-4 cup milk sugar 2 tJiblcs|>oons fat 2 cups hot water 1 teaspoon va- 4 tablespoons nlJIa "our 3-4 cup ground 1 egg pecans 1-4 teaspoon salt whipped cream noil sugar nnd water 111! syrupy. Stir Hour In with Iho egg. When smooth add the milk. Combine this with the hot syrnp. cook till thick In double boiler. Add fnt nnd vanilla, when cool, stir in the ground nuts. Pour into cooked shell. Cover with whipped flavored cream. Sprinkle with whole pecans. Serves eight. I'astry; 1-2 teaspoon salt 1 1-4 cups flour water 1-2 cup shortening Bill together Hour and salt. Cut In shortening. Stir in gradually just enough walcr lo hold dry Ingredients together, noil out and place in pan. DARK FRUIT CAKE 1 Ib. raisins 4 eggs 1 Ib. currants 1-2 leaspoon soda 1-4 Ib. candled 1-2 Ib. brown cherries sugar 1-4 Ib. candled 1 cup shortening pineapple 2 1-2 cups fiour 1-4 Ib. citron peel 1 teaspoon bak- 1-4 Ib. lemon peel Ing powder 11-2 Ib. almonds l teaspoon ctn- U tablespoons , . n!>m ° n cream teaspoon nut 2 tablespoons , i™,^,, macc grape jelly 2 tablespoons 1 teaspoon salt rose water Blend together the shortening, sugar and eggs. Measure and sift together the flour, spices, soda, baking powder nnd mix with friiils. Combine all the Ingredients and mix thoroughly. Bake In an oven at .175 degrees F. for 3 to 4. hours, or covered with wax paper and steamed for two hours, then baked at 375 degrees F. for 2 hours. It qan be used as Christmas or Wedding Cake. CELERY STICKS WITH SEAFOOD Finely flake crabmeat, tunitnsh or red salmon. Season well and moisten wilh mayonnaise. Use as a filling for short tender sticks of celery. BIRTHDAY RINGS 1-2 cup shorten- 3 egg whites "'S 2-3 cup milk 1 cup sugar \ teaspoon va- 2 cups Dour niJla 2 teaspoons bak- 1-2 teaspoon ing powder salt D!eml shortening and sugar tb- frether till very creamy. Sift dry ingredients together three times Add these alternately with the milk. When mixture is smooth fold in the whites. Pour into greased ring mold. Bake nt 350 degrees. F. for 35 minutes. Remove from mold when done and Ice with White icing. p,,t vase of flowers in center. Serves 8. WHITE ICING 3 egg whites j teaspoon bak- 2 cups granulated j ng powder sugar !_ a teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon v.t- Bcat whites till stiff. Gradually beat in sugar nnd salt. Put in double boiler over cold water and beat till water comes to boll. Remove from lire. Add the baking powder. Cool, then add vanilla Cocoanut may be added before spreading. TOMATO AND PEPPER ASPIC SALAD 2 tablespoons l stalk celery gelatine few grains cay- 1-2 cup cold wa- enne tcr 2 tablespoons 3 1-2 cups toma- lemon Juice toe s 2 tablespoons 2 tablespoons on- parsley ion juice chopped green 1-2 bay leaf pepper Soak the gelatin In cold water. Combine the remaining ingredients except the lemon juice and pcp- per. Boil these for lo minutes. Strain and add the lemon juice and soaked gelatin. When par- lially set fold in the ireppcrs. Turn into wet Individual or large mold nnd chill thoroughly. Serve on lettuce with mayonnaise Serves ten. CUBES OF TEA FOR ICED TEA Use a teaspoon of tea for each cup nnd an extra spoonful for the )ot. Have the water "mnd boiling lot. Scald the pot. Pour the wa- cr on the tea and allow lo draw for at least five minutes. Strain oir Into another teapot ready to serve. If a tea ball Is used remove from teapot. Cool the lea. Pour into a freezing par, and rceze into cubes, use these for ced tea In p lace ot plaln , cc Lemon Juice may be added before freezing. ' BUCKWHEAT GRIDDLE CAKES 3-4 cup buck- 3-4 cup milk wheat flour 3-4 teaspoon salt 3-4 cup pastry 3 tablespoons n °'"- sugar 3 1-2 teaspoons l egg baking pow- 3 tablespoons dor mellcd . shortening Silt the dry Ingredients. Mix •gg, milk and shortening. Add to dry Ingredients. Beat till smooth. Cook on greased griddle till brown, hen Mini, Serves five. BANANA AND MEAT IX»AF Ib. chopped 2-3 eup banana raw beef plllp tablespoon 2 split bananai chopped onion 1-2 leaspoon 2 teaspoons suit dry mustard 1-8 li'iispoon 2 strips bncon liepiwr Mix together (lie iixvil, onion, "It. pepper, crumbs nml bannnu 'ulp. Add the miiMnnl mixed with Httlc water. Form the mixture iilo a roll. Place It on n greased tmklni: pan. i>m die bacon on lop of the loul. Bake nt 3SO decrees K for •!» mfiuues, Then put the spl t niuimniis on tin.- lonf atxl sprinkl,> them wlih salt. Cook the lent 20 minutes longer, basting It freiimiilly. Garnish will, pnrslcy Serves six New York Cotton •NEW YORK, Oct. 20 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high Ion- close 1222 1222 1220 1221 I22S 1231 1220 1228. 1233 I2IM 12,'il 1232 12311 1240 IMG Ii3<! 1242 1244 1241 1242 'ly 1248 1250 1245 1245 Spots closed at 1250, unchnn^ed (inlet. ' Oct Jim March May COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOT1CK Is hereby given that Uie iiiulpislyned conunUMoncr In compliance with the temis ot a tlcciw rendered by the chancery Courl for Hie Chlckasnwba Uls- U'lct of Mississippi County, Ar- Kansas on ihe 24th day ol September. 1334, wherein Tho p r ii- denliiil insurance Company of America, and Guaranty llnnk .V Trust Company, Trustee wns PlaltiUir, NO. 5741, nnd Charles F Morris, anil wife, Eva Morris, Clyde 1'. Bcmon, Trustee for Ciimranty Dank ,t Trust Company, F. C Douglas, as Trustee for E M Terry and E, M. Terry, were Defendants, will sell nt public auction (o the highest and best bid- tier, for cash, on a credit of tlucc months, at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, in the City of Blytlicvllle, Arkunsiis, on the 12th day of November, 1934, die following real estate, to-wlt: The South One-third of the Northwest Quarter of Section Twenty-seven (27), Tonmlilp Sixteen (10) North, Hangc •Eight <8) East of the Fifth I'rlnclpa) Meridian, described as: Beginning nt a |x>lnl In the West line of said Section 2G 2-3 chains South of the Northwest comer of said section running thence South alons the West line n 1-3 ...chums lo the Southwest corner of snltl Northwest Quarter of said section; thence East along the half section line, 40 chains to the center of said section; thence North along the halt section line 13 1-3 chains- thence West parallel with said North line, 40 chains to the beginning, containing- 53 1-3 acres. The above described lar.d Is subject to easement for public road now or hercafler constructed on any section or halt section line bounding suld tract. Sain Sale will he hnfl to satisfy said decree In the sum of $2,082.79, with 10 per cent interest from June 28, 1034. •THE pnrchnscr at said sale will be required to execute bond with nupioved security, to secure Ihe payii.enl of the purchase money and n lien will be retained upon tald property as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand and the seal , of sr.ld Court, on this, the 20th c;iy of Qclobcr, 1934. . ; ; . R. L. .OAINES. Commissioner In chancery. Occ. N. Greenhaw, Ally., Jones boro, Ark. 20-27-3-10 IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI cdUNTY ARKANSAS. C. R. Taylor, Plaintiff, • vs. Marvin H. Robinson, 'M. T. JVflck and the NJJ Quarter ot Section 3, In Township 14 North, Range 12 East, Mississippi County, Arkansas, Defendants NOTICE OF CONFIRMATION Notice Is hereby given, that then lias been filed in my office ns Clerk of the Chancery Court for tlie Chickasawba District of Mis sisslppi County, Arkansas, n peti ion for the confirmation of thi 'tie to the NE Quarter of Sec Ion 3, Township 14 North, Rnn»e 2 East, Mississippi County, Arkansas and the quieting of the t«e to same in c. R, Taylor petitioner therein. All persons claiming said lands or any interest therein, are hereby warned to npnear In the Chnn- "S, Court for the Chlcfcasawba District of Mississippi County, A kansas, on the first day of l next term, after the expiration of six full weeks from the date hcre- <". and show cause why said title n°rm S M , lam!s , 5h<m1d not "* con- In said c. R. Taylor. T y h!> " d M lllc ci "« ,, Chl " 1ccry Court ' ""1 o l (hereof, on this the 5th day September, 1934. R. L GAINES, Clerk, By Elliott Sartain, Deputy Clerk. New Orleans Cotton NEW CHILEANS, Oct. 20, (Ul>) -The- cotton market went lliroii|>li dull session today with practically no speculative Interest and outside buying almost nil. Prices lovurcil nraimd the opening bills \iitl closed three iwlnls down, open high low close, j e- 1230 1231 I22U 1230 l 123(1 12UIJ, 1230 12Mb Mnriih 1241 1243 1239 1240 >' 1245 1247 1344 1244 July 1249 124'J 1249 124!) Spots closed nt 12CO, steady, olf 4. W. E. RICHMOND ft CO.'S AFTERNOON COTTON 1,BTTEK •NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 20—Stagnation continued to Hold the cotton iimrket In Its grip today ami prices tost I to 4 |x>lnts in n featureless session. During the entire week acllvlly has been fur below normal, ihe net change for; Ihe period amounting lo about 5 points. Many pan- nccas arc being brought forth to cure the depression In the cotton business, but what the market needs most of all Is larger con- iumpllon. Advices from Charlotlc claimed llmt much of the cotton now wing picked In the Carolina* Is going Into the government loan Mills nrc bidding u high baste but buying little, with holders' Ideas of basis even .higher. North Carolina was not expected lo make Is quoin despite early reports of favorable conditions. Memphis claimed, the present avorable weather might result In the control toll" producing „ cl . on "veer than the government's o c - '-o.ber csllmntc and that fully 85 n° ll ,mri t0 i. thi Bovcrmncnt, iimklng it: dilriciilt to handle spots. Tills 0' TBt-CfHEF JOYNER & BONIFIELD TEXACO PRODUCTS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER IT,' 1034 Today's Markets may cause a tight supply rinil cle- innnil situation later tills year Liverpool cabled (lint belief prevails ihr.-i) tlmt the large nmount of cotton bring delivered to the Kovcrnnicnl should hold pi-Ices (or curl-mi deliveries uenr present levels, but linn anticipation of lower vuhies next ycnr nmy retni'O consumption with the government JioldJiijf n (urge jirrcciitngo or the carryover by Hie cud -ol tho BCU- KOII. Closing Stock Price* NEW YORK, Oct. 20 (Ul>) — law priced mercantile Issues continued to lend trading on the stock exchange today while the blllher finde Issues of (he principal division continued dull nnd sternly. A. T. nnd T , m Anaconda Copper ,...'...'. n Hclhlcncm Su-c! 28 Chrysler ...1 .'." 30 )..i elites Service 15-3 Clcnernl Klcclrlc 181-4 Clcnuiil Motors , 31) Intel naltonal Hnrvcsler' . 30 1-8 .Mun((!omei-y Ward 28 l-'l Kow York Central -.. 21 B-8 Hartlo Corp ] 57-8 Stiindnrd of N. j .' 40 3. Texas Co '.'. 20 3- U. S. Sleel 33 5 . 8 U. S. Smelling 115 1-2 Chicago Wheat o]x>n high low close 08 118 6-8 07 1-4 91 1-4 May 00 1-4 38 7-8 91 1-2 07 1-2 Deo Chicago Corn o|K>n high low close Dec 7G 0-8 70 7-6 711 70 May 70 1-2 79 !i-8 78 3-8 7tt 1-B P1TTSUUHGH, Pn. (UP)—Lllllc Caroline I'llnn's pet rabbit, I'ele, I* Hie iieliiliborhoad boxliuj champion. Pete scorns caLs niul puppies, and even "picks on them," accordlnc to neighbors. Hut tha way Pete won the neighborhood championship W!i . s by blmlorlnjf up to Tao, a cliow dog owned by Mrs. E. V. Entcrtlnc. Tao not only ollcred no resistance when Pclo thumped htm on Ihe noso with hts hlml lets, but even turned tail mid ran. Widow, Faces Massacre Waiting In Kniisoa Oltj, Mo., t'o bo questioned by federal odlclals ; about tlio Union Station mas- Encro thcto In Juno, 1033, Mrs.;' Vorne Mi I lor. widow of tha Blnin gang machine BUnncr, is" nhown horo la a now picture. Sho la reiiorled to have Ilcil with••• . Miller from Kansas Clly, wiiero' tliu pair h»« been livlnn, litiiuo- .dlntely after tlie massscro.' •'••• First Aid Ccrlillcalc In TtcH SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) —Richard Montgomery, 10, knows all about keeping his good health nnd what to do In case of Injury He recently completed tho United Stales Bureau of Mines first aid course. But he was In bed when the ccrllflcntc was picsented to him. lie had chlckcnpox! We are not TREES Watch the trees this"month of October. See them change to glorious color—and then strip themselves bare to the cold blasts of coming Winter/ Thus they remain until the coming of Spring. It might be economical /to'adopt the tree system, but it would hardly be wise in this-,competitive'world of people. New Fall clothes are a necessity for the man who wants to hold his place in business. For the woman who knows the social value of being well- dressed. . . ; Our handsome Fall clothes stay witlvus, decorative and protective. Adding pride to the new energy that comes with the tang of Fall, sheltering us from the cold, new Fall clothes are both a pleasure and a necessity. As you shop for your new Fall clothes, give thanks not only for their beauty and warmth, but for the advertisements that are your sure guides to good values. In this paper you will find each day the news of fashion, of price, of places to buy. Turn these pages at leisure, shopping c as you read. Make your selections of the things you need at the prices you can afford to pay, and you will be well and durably clothed against the rigors of the coming weather.

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