Fort Wayne Daily News from Fort Wayne, Indiana on May 8, 1908 · Page 1
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Fort Wayne Daily News from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 1

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1908
Page 1
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PaSo flur FAieHsTi r MllilANlliZEi LOCAL BECAUSE RAG DEALER HiTCHESHlilEjtd VHi8CAR - nffinlrai na - hiirnoil ininliipA UribstWEicin f 3BTOUsSiV ifeeiiried long t - tlme epregltsf disCoveryThese th1inianytne1dlntejcpnsft us Uoniow TheyefeSbphsbefwfa offeecprbia8hdw e thtaVtspJtJiiie wtheseplanks Jeadinfrpnhernacef r tdthpWievaUSere tinuniiateii by - water iTheycouldThbthave burned loflafteeahe irrjTaoftheflrbjdei partmehl fasf sills and JolstdT near thesefplanks were In places - pot burned ataliVandcameVjfrtrai the wrecked building almostvlntact Dr Kesler ays - tobj Thb fire could not have started f row the bio w Jng butfan electrlcitllghtjffuseiiln the VeleVatoiv vis - tbbEdmuadSi com ipanwhlch putjn the Electrical apk pllabces around ithe elevator shaft had ihb blofr - but fuse encased W a iojorcelaln Jar - ta pireventi the starting St flreiromthlscause Thblres Wemo Arranged rthat itiwpuldhayb been almost trnposffble - to have shorts circuited the wresaby plab Ji br around the bievatof Shaft to ihave avelinesi2th victim i - ilftlltfliftri JlilfflvliJilitviflini - a iinan hiaksJhlswlfetakejupt6ytask ine piaiamuyjior8o aiietine animai has laid dbwohdidledand whenshe ti flilol fiiit wlfh hflrnpsij Anil imartri in drag aiWagpbHhrpught oi un Be8iuevcjuuXHy jia iiau ipn wnatcau unejesiaenis oot Tblslslhe proposition that Is wOrryV lnghe pepplebf that 8uburl now Frank Mulcaikl who deal in rags bottles IrbnSnd other Junkf - bahar - ncssed his wife Jo hls - wagon She an iswera with alacrity - to his Merles of gUoap whba and eyengee aid haW -At first the pair kept tb the outlying itropfi rt hAnWn ftnf IdiilSHfiiloiiskl has decided tp bringhls strange equip - and the people ire up ln arms So far hey are unable - to disco Vrf anyj meaha of preycntlngllt gomeibf those who hivewatched Muicaskideciarp he does notil ways walk beside his WJf e or behind thecartwhen hot bargaining with customers Itj is asserted hatihe aySiinihWtbwiofitheiwagon and thatipn jbneoccasibnj iwhen his wife iwaiVunable - toldragihevehicleruR inuddy rapbrbach to i abrldge onep theotrace8brokcandothewagnran backwardsdumptng Mulcaskl in the niud - - iF TillBAHEL JPI u JEMMatthewef Columbus OgWholdled faajeyerin f tilhe1bqy8aoree rASiirjTpiifV ie - f Ji - Aintn - th hbuf e leaders caiJ whiphi reijaioltrant ijoiembers Into vllne and determine upon somejeglslatIvi prpgram which shall not SJtnianiewdijyj tngrtliironljporlt thebli mnIWspilbllb flotb prbughtupbii ths1 ioor As heflr8tmeaaurei t6 hi decided upon - fthe Currenoy blI - cannot posiWy be agreed iupoti before ptt Monday night the pubilc building Wli bc bere ported ubtisotoetirpe inextJweeksA wlUhayitWbe framedby iader8but there la not much daniger jftat ahy - iembcratio pppb8ltlon wjll develop to thlsJpeaUssuaieri pf constltuenta Wr J ip V - - J Hi 5 - Phbi6flraphkiriaticihebKthe graveibf the fCuhhei8 farrri - v 8hrfi8miHiii1 hi filled alub with lobat bbnetakn frorrt hele - x RELillS - OP Nl RS GONNESS GIRL VICTIM r v - - - - - T - ll - - i - - l - V - i Vt a wi A Olson fat the left and Mrs ueoroe uiar Jennie Olson Gunne8vll8tcnlna to one of Mrs Gunnew1 neighbor who Is telllnathemvwhere he last Mwthejglrl alver They had ju portrait pf Mrs qUnder - also thown i tfi - JiV bison Cat the left and Mrs Georob bianclei with the muffV fatherrand sister pf murdered lson Ginne88 llitenln g to one of Mrs Giinnets neighbors who Is telllnat ATLANTA SUFFERS A DISAST - - iL11J - - MMMvitfirutfVliijuMjAiMWAimNiM iu the loasENTAiLpiAGGiREi VkQAtE iVtlONAlNbvAALFi - - v - - - vi - iv - the am iJlledianltJWas iEntlrbnbiMiiefDstrlctWas Vij - - cV lNotpe8troyed ATLANTAGfeMay 8r - A lsas trbusilr6earlyHbddy lnthecenter of the Twholesftledlstrlcti laid In i riiins a blockiindVa half bflhelargcst and bestbu8iness hulldlngs hef ei Fifty businesshouseiarevicbmpletb Jwrecfc The lo88 isie8timated2atvmbrevthan l6600O0v and will falljnosf hbavily ori S Mlnman i wealthy capitalist Who owned practically all thel build - lngs f rom330 ju Itf intli7 Clhe flames ragedTheentlrb blbclt bund - ed byMltchellMadisonyiFbrBythand Nelson V streets wi bumedout The block is near thetiew terminal station whfchwasserlousiy threatened Thf Terminal Jhoteiljstatotal Joss Thevgiiestk bpedr - andridar its known no bnewa8killedbi seriously Injured lri the Are whlbhwaa tbembst serious Atlantaihab experienced in years Firenien n numerous instances nadinarrdwsleBcape8rhoweerfrom being buried beneath fallirig walls Th fife started from some unknown causeriniJhetblSbuildingbfthe ScbleiBingespaker company tand Quickly Bpreadtb adjoining strueturbs heniflremea arrived the flames t had gotaCb6dstarts At a critical moment the waterpres - sure ailed The flamesspreadrapdlf untjl thbentlre blbciwas ablazeKThen he - pamesJumped acrbssthfrltreetTtp lilDF HOLES THAT Sf Eciilfe VVORK 0F THE GUtEALAt50VERN - ST NOW OMiNlNT FIGURE A IN lApifMtSTERlT mMX - fc - rj pj JsBssssssssBsmBPJPWV SHERIFF SJdJLlTZERi The official Who arrested RayLahrih pherbrananabrsupVrlntended work of dlflalnafor bodies peclajms to have lono auipecUd Mrs Gunnew crjmeb a neighboring block iwhichwas partly burnedutV At theflrslalarm guests at the Tet mihal hbteihlch ws idjrectlyin tlie jlne of the Are were warned and with plenty of tibietbiscapeill got out safely Wheni the1 blbckiwheretbefle originated jhadiiburned Siut the wprit othbflrbmen Jbecameeisler andthb flames wereflnaliytjrought trbl4NblnujahceflgurcLirsfet available - butsltrJs - understood prac - Ucillyall Jlieibulldlrj surea anatmosii qitne occspants lare rote4tedojitheirst6cksfJjd8V10Mi postdfgcup - siailnas qreidf btijt thijmall Iwassavedv v i - Abiongheriar8tcbncniburned irethearagdnsU8p9nderwbr SchlesIngerjBakef comiian i Marion hbtei anneiv Central iankVand Trust cbrppratlottbranch housed tbe McClure ten - cent cpmpanysj wholesale stpre Jiiilds hotel and i restaiiran Keybtqne typifoundryIIillNeckweircbmrny and jtbblnsonjNeckwear cbwpaiiy The failure of thbaterrsupplytthe most brltlcal moment has baus6imuch crltl cism r - MENraU GUATEMAiiAM3JTyi May 8KA1 - thbtjgK mbrbipoliUcal rprlsbners ire bbingctaIt7rtiDboverf lcrowdedvd6tenUdfiif0U8e execut irecontlnbingstbadliina ait iheex fcUementitfendantsiipon iiiabbHlxe uprislnprbvillfchaffai been practically - forgotten In thegeh - eralalartfllpreTalling - overwn gdrded iu Mekictfawir reatVme ports arbcionitaritilarrlYW massing of troops drj the Meilcanbor xfHrl r M - ThegOTbram the people pver thesignilotui thVatehed invasion and3inaiswers arixlbusly iwltcdtatherbqiest PreaidenfeCfe brerayminIstersTiivevseijt Wishing - 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ftlii predlctea for tonight ind tomorrow Pittsburg - Is XaCIng anptheir llopd 13oththe Aljeglieriyand Mpnon gaheUjjlvers - are rlalngr riaptdiy vTh gipttndg1f ihe PJttibiirg National leagile tcanVatExptsltlpn parlc Wlli be nlopdefl JtthepredlctloilBof thathef rwat Pre yerlflM Iind OjIs mcftri the pbtpon eritt6f - tbeBchedulcd games between the QiieagoandPlttsbrgtaoj thflopd stag - eJtorPlttaburg 1 twenty - twofeet y ijvijt nuH jair Vi mvi11 j1 - pN0HyivdipF riMSsisilofeiHoib - - - - - This shepherd dog yvas the pet of Mrs Gunness and her children It taped - from - th burning house n now follows the police about the farm as they pursue their ghastly Investl - jjatlcns iLAppRTB IndMay 8 - pnbmbri humanVbodyind the bbsot two others were unearJiedtbday byhferj lflrnutieraudiimennthe jUhi housojiIwi - M portestucretii Borgia Slmbtine - ou8iyttbrnepWbrdecou RaL8pheTiccusedtbur Ounnesi ome - ind jlinJiitnroate8 - fprtnepttime suppprfciheihe niiCnlijleabuthit inifip redvhpreburb hvoisk tc coyeWhertracindflefc p - 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hectlciibetweebtbeimurdershereiind BOmegang of Chicago murderers The eyei bf lanxibusjrelattyes ofi missing menlnill pdrtsiof the - cbuntiTirb turned to Lapbrte Sherit Smutier and Chlefotpbllcej poch rid have re - M wbdlJefthelrj hbmeC taklhsr wlthth6mthedreamsofim6rouslofes indfprtuhes that ep - j - eaented thelj life ivinga Scores Hbfjtbese peope hiyeslgnifledHbeir intentibnjbf com ing tp Laporte tci - view tlieibodies il ready bxhlnied - y - Thi Budsbergs t ABHeiielgaHne was tjieflret of thesi iparrivev Hifoiind his brothers body 41 1 inatvritiiili Continued on Page tfthreb LAMPHERE THE ALLEGED ACCOMPLICE IN CRIME - BaaaaaaHy vViVv - e wBHrBBBBBBBBBBan JC Lbbbbk ij i Miiii ivB - f u v fy 0f0WKB f - 0 f is - i1 Wraf r E JbbbbbbHbb1BBBBj9IHbbbbHNbb JvL HaWSBf V v BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBlBBaVIBBBB8BBBBfllBBBBl JtW - r VKV Kf x i3BBBBBBBBBBBffiBBaBBBBBBBBBBBlWBBBT JtK v 4aWn8vA4 QAn jVViiiHBBBBuRlBBBSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBw JWT flHK3WSf itHaBBBBBBBBHaUvaflEBREaBBaBBflBBB isBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaHam VMHlllBBBiPBlB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBiiw5iBBBBB rTT j v bWvbbbbbbV j jt BBKflMiSEjiBPBr From fesWlght Jlioto Taken ti Ufiort Jalt RAYtAMPHERIv pected of Complicity In Jtht 4rlnfee arttw hoaM of hofrbr - - - - - - - w At m K rjffil i 5t IE 1 - m m ml m M ill - i - j 1 s I i m M m M iw 3 4b i m Ti m ji if ifiSII JC

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