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Hot Springs New Era from Hot Springs, Arkansas • Page 2

Hot Springs New Era from Hot Springs, Arkansas • Page 2

Hot Springs, Arkansas
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Wednesday Afternoon, May 2, 1923. HOT SPRINGS NEW ERA PAOfVtO the use of military and naval to 9 in any matter connected with RADICALS GREAT LAKES' VOYAGERS PLY MIGHTY MAN-MADE CHANNET I labor dispute; to prohibit by law nks and Yellows into formulating Id specific attacks upon tha const intioti of the United ih- form of amendments would ultimately destroy our basic foreclosure upon farm propt-rty debts: to Immediately recognize a (Continued from page 1 I soviet government of Russia laws-. Ii was expressly ing or parade, public or prjate anvi i All rtiiriue his address Mr Ell I i Social I Personal I Kills dill. HI a UUtUlll' Hi mm- was interrupted Dy frequent appuuj flag, aeanef or emblem intended to ytaboHte or indicate a purpose to overthrow by force or violence, or by and when ho had completed ill Hridgeman, Srbere the ni-inunist parly held its secret conven-Hna MMt1r that larg' assemblage tame to its fe physical injury to pers.n or proper-. 'and inndered him a great ovatw ty the govermm-nt or the i mtea tha, tnPV would adoirt- Here and there over the faience I I niaies, luai mm uiwa.u.

DM- or th-v Rr-bel yell of Civil War days to MEETING. import, or cause to De imported mho rfmanrt of the th hut this time it was a rhe into 1 communists if they were adopted. for the stars and stripes thf I'nited States, or to transport any such matler rrom one state to The sole purpose of the Reds, he i A motion was promtptly adopn iimlhov ir intn anv lllapo slihief Circle No. 2 of the Central Metho-tat' church wa entertained at the. home of Mts.

J. N. Coppock on West Gtand avenue yesterday afternoon vhfe Meedames Coppock. E. C.

Oon- declared, was to furnish their gn-1 "iving the stamp of approval of to the JnrWiejloo of the Cni'l Ijl)lp allies wiln program that association to the Sterling bill ai States; who shall violate any of the I woii( fm.ther thp revolutiona endorsing the suggestions of provisions of the act wan, i movement without seeming to advo- Ellis. A committee was appoint cate violence. Among these propos- t0 Up suitable resolutions fouvirtion. forfy' that any foreign rtiS iciiiaiinsnip; born person whoi als. he said, was one to make any or- and jt was voted to ser nas ueeiarna ins pumiw to ddohw gaallhtloa of employers to protect to PVeTy member of the Hon if Jf i "vB HbP9 a citizen shall, upon such conv.ction.

themselves against organizations and senate of the United States col forfeit his right to become such a to employes, a criminal conspiracy: employes, a criminal conspiracy: gress and to every industrial orgal tft, Tom. Oaren. J. B. McCallum I and H.

Boyd acting as hwrtewu. The house was lovely with howls ot fiowersln the dining room a Maypole was formed from the chandelier and at the' end of each streamer was a May basket filled with wild flowers. The meeting opened with a prayer ted by Dr. C. O.

Steele. The pro-ram fneHnled a reading by Miss Mildred Cobb, a hymn. "Blessed Bo The Tie that Binds," led by Mrs. citizen, and shall be deported to ir provide that maintenance of provide that the maintenance of 7tinn in the country. It was all country from which he came.

The voted to have 1.000 copies of tl Ellis address published and dist tier in striking regions should be solely 'n the control of the strikers' involved: to grant a genera! amnesty to all jtersons convicted -f crime in any way relating to the labor movement: to make unlawful buted among the memebrs. FOR A LOAN call Phone i96. violation of this act carries a penalty of a fine and five years in the penitentiary. Scores Native Radical. Mr.

Ellis declared that there are two classes of people among our own citizenship who ar more dangerous than the Reds. He called the Pinks and the Yellows. Mr. Ellis described the Pinks as being the parlor bolshevists. many of whom are weak-minded men and women of wealth and higrf social station, who go in for radicalism as a fad.

and who are contributing annually millions of dollars, some of it consci H. C. "Wehlan and accompanied by Mrs. Boyd; a piano solo by Mrs. Boyd, and a short talk by Mrs.

Coppock on "The First Day of May." Each guest was given a tiny basket filled wtM small flowers. A fctte was in each basket and the ously and some unwittingly, to aid ll A Mm ZfTX FREIGHTER rvnoH.nn ar.rf the other on the in thP subversion of the government which protected them. The Yellow he described as being cowardly m.ib Auction Sale THURSDAY, MAY 3, 1923 Commencing at One P. M. at 314 Market Street, Seven Rooms of Nice Furniture.

These goods consist of Chifforobes. Wardrobes, Dressers. Dining Room Suites. Stands, Rockery Chairs, Bed Snreads. Comforts, Pillows, Gas Ranges, Sanitary Couch! Trunks, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Tables, Rugs.

Washstands, Beds, Springs, Mattresses, Kitchen Safe. Gas Plates, Cots, Tubs, Dishes, Cooking Utensils, Gas Lights, and many other articles useful in a well furnished home. This Sale Conducted by reading of these created much men i-ment for the assemblage. Delirious refreshment were served. BUSY SOCIAL WEEK.

The soc'al calendar in Hot Splines will be crowdeel with eventa this week in honor of the distinguished guests who are attending the Cottoi: Seed Crushers' Association which is In session at the Eastman and the Arkansas State Medical Society which has headquarters at the Ma-lestie hotel. The first event on the two days to two weeks in duratfoo Ljea. luxurious I made through which passes a Ire afforded by the various room, roomy ca'bins-eome phi annual torw whcb shir lines that ply on the Gat Srid.ower baths-and spadons ttoongh ather Panama or Suez traveler think he or she ie on an me uou, rr that seven, years to buOd and te followers among the politicians who are willing to compromise vital prin. 'iple'3 and who. although they know I better, are ready to adoc.ite anv measure which they think will I please the envious or the ignorajit.

It is leaders and legislators from ihe latter class. Mr. Ellis said. who make such propes? 3s the to ere a trmv with the diJerenc 32In HaeT with the diCPerence met resort, not" Canadian boat, being engaged Leks Huron SSTiTO program was an informal dance at th Eastman hotel last nijrlit. The Canal, anotte orairie.

transported Interstate Crushers and their ladies wU be entertained today with a drive over the city which starts from Superior JSLftt. eastern SV atjhjt. ot 0. H. ROLFES Many sf the Americans, as well as Canadians, who make the trace-Canada tour to warm weather, vary jSsjEfi to travel by water to Sort WOum.

or vice versa oa the uttvrn trip fir this arrangement some forty recently escaped ftJHretment, by a narrow margin, in Wisconsin abolish the statd militia; and the pending bill in the West Virginia legislature making unlawful for the Eastman hotel at 3 o'clock a golf Phone 978 The Auctioneer Mark's River, was cui on iruui vses iuiu rSffi tong. dangerous rapi moving 8.000.000 bushels of wheat By buDdteg two canals, on the 1 at one time. any ownpr ot a coal mine to inn a guard to protect his property. "It is the Yellows in the United States, some of them in congress and TO WHOM IT MAI and Mrs. C.

Travis Drennen, toast- E. HvJwarrington, for the i i rftny cari'irn in th.M mistress at oc iunnim. j-yvain wi a Mnfi ti, flnh Ths is to notice that I have some of them out. some actuates ny Oilier social nures ai uusra was iwu, bnM was be- sold the Shoe Shining Pa. lor belong tournament at the Hat Spring Country Club and a dinner dance at the Eastman in the evening The De Soto dancing pavilion will be the scene of the president reception and ball tonight given by the Arkansas State Medical Society.

The Medicos' Sadies will be entertained tomorrow with a luncheon followed by a drive. The ladies' committee includes: Mrs. George Fletcher, chairman; with the following ub-cm mlttee chairman. Mrs. J.

ro'ctor luncheon: Wr ThiMnmaon. au- I MAN HAD A FIT IN DENTAL OFFICE morrow in mni acaun. Crushers will be Ing done along these lines the tag to me at No. 326 Central avenue; 13 Hot Arkansas, and all oi matcheythe cit 1 nfcrsonal pro- afternoon anil a reception lori President, Miss Edaa perty therein cttftainerf.

to James C. the at Maurice Villa given by A Mtaa Anv nersons holiing or We make false teeth that fits. 13 years experience, fear and some by ambition, who are, step by step, encroaching upon the constitution." Mr. Ellis said, "breaking down our representative system of government and gradually weakening public authority until the last vestige of if will fall easily Into the hands of the more courageous revolutionaries." Mr. Ellis said it is the plan the Reds to dupe the less Intelligent inn i m-v- Calla Granger; second vice-presl-1 claiming any debts against me or dent.

Miss Pearl Ritter; secretary, against said bttSlnecs are notified to i Mk Vflson: treasurer. Miss nreoont same to me in three days hacked by modern equipment. Keep my force busy and watch my low prices. I z.

toniobUe; Mrs. A. Tribble. reg Br tration; Mrs. W.

G. Kougb, reception from this date, as I have assumed all Indebtedness against said business. CHARLES ANTONIO HUMPHRiCl HAJKt. -HThere Hie best milk grows." TeJ-phoee 8507-F-2. Mrs.

VV. G. Mrarlce. During tne evening there wlH be a dinner for the ladies anr. a smoxer for the men at the Eastman.

The members of the "Old Guard' will give their usiral banquet, the time and "place to be announced. B. M. Durham, of Virksburg. fs president of the "Old Guard." W.

E. Jeffries, of New Orleans is treasurer and P. S. I-e Clerq. of alias, Texas, is secretary.

Some the prominent members mclnde: Major Robert Gibson, of Dallas, Gorge A. A -ander. of Greenville. Ml Col. Edward S.

Ready, of Helena, and John All Dental work done under my personal Dr. D. S. Barton Extraction, a Specialty I Nell GfBbs. I Delegates the state convention: I Misses Lillian Newman.

Kdna SteiK-j ler, Calla Granger, Jessie Nelson an.I Adele Johnson-i The club orchestra, which has been assembled by Mrs. H. McCaf-ferty, rendered several nnmbersj which were much enjoyed. This or-1 tchestra comprising Miss Florence: directress and I Johnson an-! Mrs. Bess'e Same Location 11 Years Hours: 8:30 to 5:3 744 Central Ave, Owen, violinists, and Mrs.

Lula Wilson, pianist and whistler, will ii nn the state convention program aU play at the luncheon tendered the delegates. Mrs. Mcf'afferty Will roanonil to he address 01 welcome. i Let Us Be Your Slave Todd, of New Orleans. MRS.


Smith, for three years the president ot fhe Lotus fflub oi this city, has been honored by being selected to make the response to the address of welcome when tht Council of state Piesidents meets at Little Rock this month. The Little Rock meeting aesemble all ft I DON'T I H'FFP I A ThinG- HY wish the drudgery ot UNOciA HERE'S A PIECE of information that you're entitled to; we're well equipped to move anythisg from a piano to a van lo4 ot household effects at PROF. ALLY HINDOO SEER 0TH TIME HERE Master of Psychology The l'n-disputed Loader in Occult Science His Predictions Have Startled the World. Calls names, tells ages, your occupation and what condition your husiness is in and how to Improve it; tells all about your wife, husband, sweetheart or lover and how to win the love of anyone you desire; tells you of any move. Journey, speculation, position of any kind which may be before you; tells you whom and when you will marry, if at all.

and gives their name, age, occupation and disposition; he not only tells you, he helps you; thousands owe "heir success and happiness In life to this gifted man, he has made the poor rich, the sick: well; he has brought prosperity, health and happiness to untold numbers; if worried or in doubt, consult this CLAIRVOYANT, be tells you what to do. when to do it, and how to do it; he accepts no fee unlees you receive perfect satisfaction and find him superior to all others. Come and be convinced. Hours, 9 a. m.

to 9 p. m. 427 WHITTIXGTOX AVEM'K. i It wash days upon you iz. HAT DAPoanti oj DANCE I OK PHYSiriAXS.

The DeSotO Spring ballroom will be the scene of a special dance tonight in honor of the physicians atH their ladies attending the state mo.l- ical society meeting. The attend-j ant will be limited to the local and visiting physicians and their ladies A most enjoyable evening is i THAT Every day the Sunsets, marks ihe passing of Some one dear to us. It is within our calling to bring sympathetic relief to those left to mourn. Years of experience have fitted us to give you respectful intelligent Service. With tender care we will arrange to thp smallest detail the last ministrations of your belovt'd.

relieving you in your hours of sorrow of all unnecessary anxiety and worry. Oar Service Is rnsurpassed. McCaf ferty Funeral Home PHOXH 403 Personal Direction Mrs. H. McCafterty, Mr.

and Mrs. Ben V. Hunter and Oliver C. Wiggins. lJ iwAi ri mom nts notice Just ten us where they're going a your order will be spcdily executed Our competitors can't understand our lo prices.

You can bank on It We can. filNTiTLV-Vr the state presidents. P. W. i 'I.

I'll ELECTS OFFICERS. The annual election of office's and selection of delegates to the state convention of Business and Professional Women's clubs, to be held in Little Rock this week were the main feanfres of the business m.ip at th- local B. P. wue auu eliminate contentment from the home? Let us assume that every week responsibility a responsibility we gladly take upou our shoulders. At a cost which is trifling for service so satisfying we feel certain that you will recognize the wisdom of letting us do your wasblns tor yon.

Craighead Laundry STYLE NOTE Ore? suede still i very popular spring footwejr. Just received new grey suede trimmed grey kid. i tire aiso The supper was well attended, and out. open work top and HO tOWUe, the goodfel.owsh:p up to its usual with low Both Red Cross snoes. pnce 10.


Mftwr. 8. NOLLEY, UUnt Min.i.r..

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