Fort Wayne Daily News from Fort Wayne, Indiana on May 7, 1908 · Page 1
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Fort Wayne Daily News from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 1

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1908
Page 1
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K JkvMn Mresla - tion for April 10187 mm mm wmm news Tirttntoa tonht vlth rain Friday Mr and warmer THIRTY 4rOTJJJTH YEAR THURSDAY BTKNlM UJ ft 1908 jiV hex ages - peiob mwxmi POLICE HUNT GNNES S Officers in Both New York and Chicago Are on the Lookout For the Woman MORE HORRORS YET TO GOME Searchers Are Satisfied That Further Investigation of the Gunness Farm Will Disclose Many Other Bodies The Love Letters of a Worldly Woman LAPORTE Ind May 7 - Believlng that firs Belle Gunness arch murderess Is sllll alive and fleeing to Norway Sheriff Smutzer today wlied the New York police asking them to watch all outgoing steamers In the hope ot apprehending her He also telegraphed the Chicago police to watch her old haunts This was the most startling development today in the murder mystery surrounding the Gunness house of horrors where the dismembered bodies of nine murdered persons have already been foujid Confirming the bellof that Mrs Gunness was a woman bluebeard who lured men to their death In her beautl ful home States Attorney Smith today revealed the fact that every door In her houie had at least one heavy lock on It and most ot them had two One room whose only outlet was a heavy oaken door with two large Jocks was heavily barredat the windows vThis room he has reason to think was the murder chamber where Mrs Gun ness dupes thelrmoney wrung from them were murdered and dismembered as Bluebeard murdered his wivee THE SEARCH RESUMED It Is Expected Many More1 Bodies Will Be Recovered LAPORTE Ind May 7 In spite of the heavy rain which fell all of last night Sheriff Albert Smutzer today resumed the grewsome search for bodies In the private grave yard of Mrs Belle Gunness where the dismembered bodies of nine men and women were unearthed Tuesday - and Wednesday The shetlff has ordered f the exhumation of everything under half a dozen piles ot soft earth In the Gunness yard He believes twenty more bodies will be uncovered before 1 the search ends Six depressions in the ground had been marked for fur ther search when darkness the dlgjlng yesterday Evidence Is pillnfe up to show that Mrs Gunness wastellher the head or the agent of a murder tiust which operated In Chicago and shipped bqdies ot slain people to her to be disposed of Prosecutor Smith Talks States Attorney Smith today de clared his belief that this was a fact and pointed to the many trunks received by Mrs Gunness from Chicago as Supporting the theory As to who assisted Mrs Gunness In killing all of these people that Is a mystery having roor horrible elements than anything In fart or Action that has come to my notice The murders of the Rue Morgue pale into Insignificance when compared to this case Somewhere In a secret chamber ot that human slaughter house the men who were lured to the home of the wealthy widow - in he hope of gaining her riches were done to death In some Inexplicable manner Whether they were asphyxiated chloroformed or killed with unknown weapons may never be known The woman evidently made love to them when they came tt see her and then when they least suspected treachery - killed thtm and buried their bodies in the charnel house outside her home1 The Lured Color is lent to the theory that those of thd victims who were killed by Mrs Gunnes herself were lured to her home by nfafrimonlal advertisements by the discovery of fho following advertisement which she inserted in several matrimonial papers Wealthy widow young and beautiful wishes to correspond with honest loving gentleman with money Object matrimony The attractiveness ot the Gunness borne and grounds surrounding It evidently made an impression on the wooers who visited the woman and made her task ot murdering them easy The guest chamber of he house which was Just across the hall from Mrs Gunness room is believed to have been the place where the murdering and dismembering took place Then the bodies were cut Intopieces and the dismembered parts token Into the ard for burial Mrs Gunnels could easily do this as she was a powerful woman welshing 225 pounds and with big hands and arms Whether Ray Lampherc assisted her In disposing of the bodies the authorities cannot ascertain but the strenjth of stopped Mrs Gunness leads to the belief that his help was hot needed Mrs Gunness size also strengthens the Impression that she Is not dead but Is alive somewhere and probably planning more murders Mis Gunness was an Amazon In size while the body of the dead woman found with her children In the EXHUMING BODIES ON GUNNESS FARM - FIRST VICTIM OUNtJ WBhBBHSSA feliiSff i SwH Wif lini 1 XI wMKb i - rf m smmlSml I W If iMMWfl If If Of the dls - t Sketched on the Gunness farm at La Porte One membered bodes is being removed from the grave ANDREW HELGELEIN Hit body was the first one found burled on the Gunness farm SSI - GIRL VICTIM OF MURDER - LUST IIS ggsJB8s mi - - mSBKSBmk - fvSrfy Jennie olsen gunness igiyiiiiini i ruins of the Gunness heme Is said to weigh only about J2G pounds Besides people who kneyv Mrs Gunness say this body is too short in stature to be that of Mrs Gunness Will Net Sweat Lamphere States Attorney Smith refuses to sweat Uay Lamphere the farm hand held on the charge of burning the Gunness home and killing the woman and three children He believes Lamphere can solve the mystery but will not put him through the third degree We dont sweat peple here he said Laporte Is a civilized town and not a Russianized American city like Chicago and flew York Meanwhile Lamphere shows no alarm when they tell blm ot he unearthing of new bodies Well well he says is that so now And further than that he will not say Peachy Letters Mrs Gunness letters that decoyed Andrew Helgallne the bachelor ranchman of Aberdeen D to his death are filled with protestations ot love They - were turned over to - States - Attorney Smith by Aalle Helgallne Andrews brother who was under exarnl natlonby Smith until earjythls morn ing Here are tome extracts Vou are to me a king I love and respect you I know from jour letters that you must have a loving heart honest and faithful Come to me Your bride awaits you We shall be happy here as a king and queen In the most beautiful home in northern Indiana I depend on you My heart would break If you should fall me now I love you as I never loved before Do not trust banks Sell or mortgage your ranch and Btocks and bring the money sewed up In your clothing Do not go to the hotel Let me know on what train you will come and I will meet you with the carriage at the station I am glad to think you never married All these years you were waiting for the one woman you could truly love You are to me the one man in all the world I dream of you my love and wait your coming These extracts are taken at random from old letters It Is now thought the matrimonial advertisement that decoded Helgallne to bis death was printed in a Norwegian paper published In Michigan Filled the Graves Herself Aslle told the prosecutor - that he learned when he came here t6 tnyestk gate his brpther3 disappearance that Mrs Gunness herself had fllledihe hole n which his brothers body wag afters wards found He leatned this - from a farm hand who worked oil th place and who told Helgallne that a few days later thetwbman ordered bira to diimp a load of stones bricks and raklifgs of - the yard on top of the spot This farm hand was discharged Immediately after Six mens watches and one ladles - watch have been found In the ruins of the Gunness home Sheriff Smutzer wUl Bend out a circular coi - talnlng the mimbers of the cases ahd movement In the hope that many of the dead bodies can pe Identified in this - way Jhe numbers foowi Watch No 1 gojd crescent case N0r litl9ll93 Waltham movement - No 140412 - ii No 2 nickel or siiver - cae 128257 Waltham movement 6 4902-527 Nb 3 hunt hg gold case 4710788 Elgin movement lOCC9812 - No4 Bass hunting case 670721 Elgin movement 9772430 No 5 Fahys MontauR filled case 5714963 iWalthani movement 9201 - 30G No case destroyed Ejsin movement 4195241 Bodies Examined Coroner Mack todays examined the bodies found yesterday and declared thatwhllthbsepersonslwhb had been killed earlier showed signs of fractured 8kullsthpseeyldently killedlater gave no such Indication Theyi were evidently asphyxiated or chlorofortaed The later ones showed no stab Wounds ness house They believe it contains bodies ft LarrqherestTJiriat Bessie Conklln of Mlcliigan jXlty sweetheart of Ray Lamphere isjuctng held here as a witness JShe Is said to have toldthe Jailer thatLampheie told her he had left the Qunnebs woman for good V I am going to get even with her too the girl says Lahipheielold her 1Tbey say shes golflgta sell that house She dont want to ve too sure or Ill burn the place down over her head The postofflce authorities declared today that besides the men already mentioned Mrs Gunnesa carried on correspondence with Burt Gilbert ot Huion S Dj Carl Anderson of Chl - Continued on Tenth Page INNOCENT f VICTIMS INORIME MYSTERY S8KinWiSP xixov iwro r o kj - umbbbhw uv - - t V v3 4fy rW - is i J v - V ittnyeiiiopUryiugUr ofMra Gurtrte Vvhose bodywa found H6iea unaer jinoio or oinerVictirns or fractures ot an v kind A pair otmeng shoes was found this morning In one of the graves dug yesv terday They wjll be usedto Identify Ihfi rtllirdni1 - vlrtlmfl TV a Mtrcrnra kavA Ialsq - discoyered ta - epression - n - J - the - ground In the woods back of Mrs Gun - aaBM - utnaH - WimiMW9KW iNwHBHhI ISiliJiiiliiiaM L The three children of Mri Bello Gunness who perlahtd IrC the iflamei of thelr burnlngbMeil From the top down they r ps - Phlifp - Gunneii Myrtle 8orHn IJuiyf Sorenaeru The filrls Were Mr Gunness chll drenyher - - flrtbanafthAboy by Her seeortd httifcand SCOTTISH RITE MASONS REJOICE GRAND LODGE MAKESAN APPROPRIATION FOR THE FORT WAYNE CATHEDRAL A SIGNIFICANT GIFT Indicates That Local Masons Will Have No Trouble Securing Char ter For a Consistory vIS At the anniialmeetlngof Adonlranj Grand Lodge of Perfection at Indianapolis last night the sum ot J5O0O was appropriated forHhe - use of the committee appointed lo build the Fort Wayne Scottish Jtlte cathedral This money is turned over to the Fort Wayne Scottish liltC bodies as a gift This gift Indicates that Fort Wayne will have no trouble In getting the charter for a consistory of the rite and the power lo confer the 32nd degree with jurisdiction bver northern Indiana embracing possibly from thirty to foity counties The action of the Indianapolis body last night was cheerful news for the Fort Warne Scottish Rite Masons The sum of 99000 has already been 1 raised ror the building of the cathedral at the corner of Washington and Clinton streets and It also means that the sum of not less than 15Q000can be I raised without effort The building will be a magnificent structure centrally located and an adornment to the city The plans for the building will be drawn by Mahurln Mahurln and the style of architecture will be decided upon very soon An Office Building This morning Contlactor Charles Wermuth began the work of remodeling the old White National bank building Into a flveBtory office building This building Is only one block away from the Scottish Rite cathedral site TRAIN ROBBERS KILL MESSENGER DA8TARDLY CRIME - COMMITTED THIS MORNING ON A RIO GRAND TRAIN DENVER Colo May 7Express Messenger Charles Wright was murdered today by train robbers who looted his car on a Rio Grande train The bandits secured only 100 in taoney They escaped The body was found when the train reached Denver Therbbberfl entered the express car at Castle Rock fifty miles west of Denver and shot and killed Wright There wereslgns of a struggle In the ear The battdits droppedoff the car t Lit - J ueon ten mues oui or tnis city ana disappeared The sheriff Is searching for them to the top of the building and coming out of an iron grating at the bottom of the fire escape cut off andmber of persons The Iron ladder was so hot that several persona fell from It and were Injured One of the dead a child two and a half years old was roasted to death on the grating at the bottom of the fire escape The dead are SAMUEh SACHS burned to death MRS EVA BERG burned to death In a room at the ton of h fmlldlnir MATTIE KOPELMAN a child dropped from fire escape And roasted to death on a grating UNIDENTIFIED MAN The building Is five stories high The Are started betvecn the two buildings composing the structure in an alrphart Last Saturday an attempt was made to burn the structure when oil - soaked paper was placed In the air shaft Mrs Eva Berg who lived with her daughter Mrs Sadie Kopclman entered the building late last night She declared she smelted oil and fearedntiother attempt tb fire the bulldin Two of Mrs Kopetmans sons searched but could find no fire A short - time afterwards came the alarm JOHNSON SWEEPS M80WN STATE BRYANITE8 NOT LEFT A LEG TO STAND ON N MINNESOTA MINNEAPOLIS Minn May 7 - Gov - ernor Johnsons victory 1n bis fight for delegates to the state democratic convention next Saturday means that the Minnesota delegation to the national convention at Denver WW be instructed to stand by William J Bryans rival to the last ditch Returns Indicate that yesterdays primaries wlir give novernor jonnson iwo or the 1000 delegates to the Btate convention Min neapolis and Hennepin County heretofore considered Brjan strongholds were swept by the governors forces The three Bryan leaders S It Ben - nelt of St Cloud S L Buck of Winona and S A Slockwell of Minneapoliswill not have seats In the convention ji NO MORE BODIES IN THE RUINS That is the Belief of All Con - Versant With the Ave - A line Disaster MATTHEWS IS DYING A Gallant Fight for Life That Must Certainly Result In Failure THE INSURANCE MEN Work on the Ruins Will tyot Be Resumed Until Their Investigation Has Been Completed I This noon the ruins of the JSew Avellne hotel were practically turned over to the Insurance adjusters who haie been arriving during the morn - Jng hours The Messrs Shoaff owners of the balding are now Watlr - g for tbe work of the adjuters to progress far enough to permit them to turn the building over to a wrecking company to be rated and removed This illl probably be some time to - morow The concensus of opinion Is that no more bodies will be found in the debris and as the walls have bten razed below the danjer line the work of wrecking the building can be delayed with safety E M MATTHEWS CARTER URGES POSTAL BANKS NOTABLE SPEECH MADE IN THE SENATE THIS AFTERNOON WASHINGTON May 7In urging the adoption of 1ils bill for - the tstab - Jisnraent of postal savings banks J wmen naa me approval of the president yand the postmaster generar Senator Carter Rep Mont in the sen - ate today pointed out that it would in volve - the employment of no additional force the purchase of no equipment nor the - lmposltlon of any burden of expense1 Senator Carter said It was proposed at first to confine the acceptance to deposits at the 6821 presidential post - oiflces anulaler to extend the system By thus making banking easy and safe even to the remote districts of the country where there are no national or savings banks within reach he was convinced that the system would promote thrift The senator described the excellent results which had followed the establishment of the Bj stem In other countries Fire at Bridgeport Ohio WHEELING W Va May 7 - An explosion of natural gas In the basement of the Woodcock building at Bridgeport 0 this morning at 10 oclock fatally injured Walter Haiper a ilcrk and caused a losi by fire of 40000 The entire buslneew - sertion of the city was threatened and only the relief furnished by the Wheeling fire department prevented a large monetary loss and the total destruction of the buslines ot the city Decided Late This Afternoon That an Operation Could Not Be Performed The condition of E M Mattliews of Columbus Ohio Is very grave this afternoon The patient has not allied since 1 oclock yesterday morning and at noon he was taken to the operating room for an examination with faint hope that Bomethlpgcould be done to lolleve suffering or prolong life The condition of the patient was such that n a few minutes after the examination the unconscious man wag taken back to his room Late this afternoon his condition was so critical that it was feared the dissolution mlfht occur at any time Geoige Sill another patient at the hospital ho has been suffering from a nervous breakdown In addition to cuts and bruises was reported slightly better this afternoon BLAKELY REPORTS Has Much to Say of the New Avellne House Fire INDIANAPOLIS Ind May 7 William E Blakely state factory inspector who has Just returned from Fort Wayne where he has been conducting an Investigation of the New Avellne hotel fire of Sunday offers severe criticism of the Fort Wayne Are department and says that according to the best Information the clerk In the hotel did not realize the danger when he called only the chemical epgine Instead of the fire department r believe Bald Mr Blakely that most of the people who were burned to death or perhaps all of them could have been saved had the fire department been 8ufflcleatlyqulpped Thi firemen weTe unable to manipulate tha aerial truck and there were no other ladders that would reach farther than the third story Tbe hotel was six Continued on Page Nine IS SHE DEAD OR ALIVE FOUR PERISHED IN f ENiENT FjRE NEW YORK EXPERIENCES At OTHER i - TRAGEDY OF f - POOR - NEWORlCiMay 7Fourperions were killed and a score badly injured lnaflrein a tenement at 101 Orchard street early this morning The lire evidently - ot - lnctndlaryorlclnitartel In the basement near an alrshaft shot l il S 4 m 1 m I I sr 2i i f fl 11 t MR3V BELLE QUNNES8 - - Pntn0nfeitupolth rnyiteryt - - - iiW - N V - Xk

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