The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 15, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Circle One. Woman's Missionary Ecciely of First Methodist Chmv!), mcelihi; with Mrs. B. A. Lynch; Circle TVo, Mrs, V. G. Holland; Circle Three, Church; Circle Feu: 1 . Mrs. Harry W. Itnines, n't 2:30 Jim. Woman's Auxiliary, First Presbyterian Church, meeting 2::iQ o'clock at church. • Mrs. Tom Martin, Dell, havlni; Woman's Council, First Christian Church at 1:00 o'clock. Woman's Missionary Union, First Maplbt Church, meeting 2:30 o'clock at church. Mrs." T. R. Watson nnd Mir>s Delia Purllc sponsoring Bingo par- ly "I AiHiorcl school. 7:30 p.m. Business and Professional Women's Club meeting at Got! Holfl ut 7:30 j:.m. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Chester R. Babcock having Tuesday Bridge club. Young Matrons Bridge o meeting with Mrs. Dixie Cnvv;- lord. Mr, and Mrs. Cecil Shane on- lertainiii!; the Tuesday Night Supper Club, 7:CO jim. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mre. \V. H. Minyard 'havins; the Wednesday Bridge club. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. L. 1C. Haruarfr, of Ost-e- ola. bavins Jewish Ladies' Aid, 8:00 p.m. 'jliursday Aftenioon club mrcl- ing with Mrs. Eddie Uegenol'd. Mrs. Evcrelt U. Gee having Thursday Luncheon club. Mrs. G. E. Keck entertaining Thursday Contract club. Mld-Wcek Bridge club meeting with Mrs. M. O. Usrey. Mrs. Hiram Wylie entertaining Tfiurcdny Bridge club. *Altnr of Immaculate Conccji- tifln siBitsoring bingo party. 3:00 o'clock at Caatholic Hall. I'TUDAY'S EVENTS Music Department of Women's Club meeting 3:00 o'clock at ilie Chih House. SUNDAY'S KViTNVS "'Jewish Ladies' Aid hnving benefit partv fov men at home of Mr-:. A. Livernnt and for women nt Mrs. H. Kurtz 1 home, 8:00 p.m. In Luxoru. Mi croph one"Leadi n £ Ma n' Bits of News Mostly Personal Mrs. C. C,. Hcdman Is ill at liei home on llpans .street. Mi's. June A. Young, ol Graus Valley, Calif,, nnd Mrs. Agues 7, rrodenskt, of Ilibbings, Minn,, ttrrived Wednesday to be gw-its tif Mrs. Younn's hrothcr, E. B. l.ymiui. They plan to leave Bunday. Mrs. June Klncaid. of Klinbcr- ly. W. Va. is the guest of ht»daughter, Mrs. W. A. Olrinimelt, mid Er. Griminett. Mrs. Griin- inctt. who liafi been seriously ill, is now boiler. Mirs Evelyn Bradshcr. of Marked Tree, who attends Arkansas Stale college nt Jonesboro, is spending Ihis iveck with her parents, Mr. an;l Mrs. Tom Bradsher. Mrs. 13. P. Burton, of Marked | Tree, was the Burst of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bradsher Thursday and Friday. C. Lewis Wilson, of Memphis, wa;; here Friday on business. Mr, and Mrs. A. Knobclocli, lor- merly of here and now of St. Loul.s, have been here this week CHURCHES I'll.GIMM LUTHKKAN CJIUJtC'lI Xixlh anil Walnut Streets II. J. Klcindienst, 1'astor Sutuiay school, 9 a. in, Divine services. 10 a. in. Sermon tliciue: "Is Not This Joseph's Eon?" 'Ihe Lutheran Hour over coast- (o-eo.'ist. network. Hear Dr. Maicr's message, "Deity of Christ Beyond Challange." ' No evening service. Hear the mossagc of the cliangc- ICIT Cmisl loi Hie c world. SATUKDAY, JANUARY 15, 1938 FLAPPER FANNY riKST CHKlS'l'lAN CllUltCU Main at Si.vlli (Jen. \V. 1'ullcriuii, Minister 9:45 a. in.. Uible sciicol. W. O. CJuerln. wipl. 11:00 a. m., worship, communion iin:l preaching. Sermon pastor. ::OU p .m., FUlelis Society. ..8:15 p. m,, YOUIUJ People's Cuun- r :M p. in., worship and preaeli- ing. Sermon by the pastor. 7:30 ji. in., Wednesday, sl»)jiiiK of old songs at the Christian Hall. Wo most cordially public. Strangers in our city c.s- pcciiilly Invited. We'll try to 'make you glad (hat you cnim ASSKMHLY 01' COI) ClUlltCII Seventh and Ash Slrci'ts Rev. N. IT. Itlioilcs. 1'asloi 9:15 a. in. Sunday school. 11:10 a. m. Morning worship. — 4:30 11. in. Jail service. intending to their business Inter- ' 5:30 p. m. Junior Christ Am- tsls. I<ri:lay, Mr. Knobcloch and]baesador class r^t 4-H Club News Notes c oi:r way. 3X»rs Turner Addicises U. 1). C. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner was in charge of fhc pj'ogram at a meeting of^llie Elliott Fletcher chapter of'.'United Daughters, of Ihc Confederacy Thursday after- nopn at the home.'of Mrs. M, FiU- simmons, wlicn Mrs.''I, O.'Welt- brook was co-hostess. •After a short business meet his over by Mrs. J. W. Barter, M. where Mr. Knobeloch Is liav- n« some houses erected on a [am winch he recently purchased. This .... „„„..„ .* UVJ1UU , morning. Mr. nnd Mrs.. Knobcloch attend these services left for points of Florida to spend Burns went to Kcwanec. | 6:45 p. m. senior Clirist Ain..... .... ,,-.. , . . basstvdor Class. 1:45 p. m. Evangelistic service. Tlie public is cordially invited to U " remainder of the winter. Mrs. David Dartdn nnd Mra. 3. E. Jolly, of Calron, MO., slopped 'ie Friday on their way to Mem-' phis. They were nccompmiled to Memphis by Mrs. Barton's mother. Mrs. w. M. Burns. .). H. Coslcllo, of Memphis, at- tendecl to bu.slnens here yesterday. Harris Diauglm, of Sikcston, Mo., .'•ppiu Friday here. Miss Uosc Lou Cookc nnd Mrs. Estclle Cooke Vollmer, of Memphis, will arrive lale today to be the week end guests of their sister, Mrs. w. J. Wunderlich, and family. liowls of .Ivy made colorful can-', throughout, the party with the Sam ''• Williams has gone to ii'!|,icccs for Ihc individual ti'.- tallies an:l decorations cmphastz- kajce Village for the week end. blcs, harmonizing with the red Ins Ihc coming holiday, glassware. In the card games which fol- bridge i lowed .supper, Mrs. Tx).v Welch won served, thr women's prize a mndcria voll « • » cover, anci Cecil Shauc won the' IJIciary Cluli Meets, men's award, a litvnd made huiul- « "Women iui Explorers and Avlal been'.'looking nflcr business inter- J 11. II. HouchiRs bos gone to Mrs. Stilwclf was high In th= Fullcn, Mo., for the %th birthday bridge games. A salad plate was °f his mother, Mrs. Mary Hoit- chins. He plans to be there week. Mrs. R. D. Mnioiicy, wlio kerchiefv" /Tltc quests were Mr. and Mrs, lors" was the program subject of; Hie 1 Literary Department of the Cecil' Sliane, Mr. and Mrs. Lo;'| Woman's Club at its monthly. Welch, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Wil- meeting Friday. Hams, and Mrs. J. If. Biking. vice president, the meeting ..... turned over to Miss Turner who M:l|il ' rl; " 1s talked on Ihe stale, of Tennessee. 1 1 '' or Year's Work by a pa- hcre, hns returned to liei c in Marshall. Texas. Mrs. Ray WorUiinglon accompanied by her daughter, MJ-a Mrs. T. E. Tnle, who was In Thelmn, went to Memphis charge cf the program, spoke on io enter Ihe Baptist hospital fol touiKc Tlindcii, tlic Arkansas nvia-! treatment. , lii.v. Mrs. Janir-s Hill told of Anno, Mr. Rnd Mrs. j. u. clime aiu This talk was followed bv a pa-' Plans lor this year's work were: Morrow Lindbergh, avialrlx, -nur so11 ' Carincl, lire in Paragould la- pcr on Andrew Jackson "by Mrs.nimtle by members of Ihc Business! Mrs. Martin Johnson, explorer.' d»v because of the critical con- J. D. Borksdalc. Girls' Circle of First Baptist Amelia Enrhnrl was discussed by dilion of Mrs. Chine's father . Mrs- E. P. Blonu-yer is ill wilh Influenza nt her home on Hoarn street. 1 {ice, lioncylnm, I "is'i we could <jot marrial now! I tan just sec 5011 in a elite little aiiron cookin' lit^ do^s for uu hrcakhisl." \V. F. Cooley of Joiner, principal .speaker. Teachers for (he training Love Letter," pastor, li:30 ]i. m. Training unions. rchool are the liev. Harry King, feivicc. Music 7:30 p. in. Evening evangelistic Six members of the Hatcher Bcyi; and.Girls •!-!! club presented a musical program in a broadcast over KLCN yesterday as n part of a weekly broadcast this croup is_ sponsoring. Edgar Car- IKT, sponsor, accompanied the members. A number of (he clubs met to- Ktther to listen to the broadcast. The Promised Land club will broadcast next week, | Wed For 12 Reasons Other Tlian Love AE1LENE, Tex. <UI')—Workers In the Taylor county clerk's oirice looked over the marriage licetiso Icilser and Ihcn listed 13 reasons why people got married. Ti> v,el a living. To a\oid income (ax. To avoid living wilh the rj'.d folks. To save the (rouble of pullint; <ni their best clothes to go courting. To get a .slice of "Uncle Horace's" estate. To get (he premium that employers put on married men in salary increases and unemployment, liability. ' Ju-sl for a lark. Curiosity. Intoxication. In order - that they mijihl ,;H- Pilgrim's Joiir- "Undcrstaiuling People"; Miss Eth- ncy"—Young People's choir. Olfer- elenc Samplcy, "Intermediate Materials"; the Hev. Hemy Rogers. "The Church TEMI-I.K ISKAKI, Herman I'ollack, ftalilii 3 p.m.—Sunday School. Last week the prize for the best essay on Chnnmitaih was awarded to' „„..,...„ Jacob Barkowitx. of llayti; Ailcou) j rc t, "Called Men." Ccopcrman, of Caruthcrsville, Go3rtloe, and Its 1.UXOKA METIiODlSr CMUKfJH Jaircs T. Kandle, i\\slor Sunday school. 10 a.m.—Mrs. Sue Brown, superintendent. Morning worship 11 a.m. Sun- lory solo—Miss Wyncttc Shepherd Sermon—"If Christ Had Net Been Born"—Pastor. All-Church night. Wednesday. 7:CO p. m. Departmental meetings. 'i:Sy p. m. Mici-weck service. 8:30 p. m. choir rehearsal. Cfivrtl honorable mention. 3:45 lawn. :» p.m.—Weekly P.m.—Tree planting on services. Read- from Exodus 10 and selected portions from Jewish classical literature Ecrmon subject: "Out of Boiul- Service. 5 p.m. Prelude. Miss Cnrolce Wood. Heading, "The Master of fhc Inn," by Robert Handly, superintendent. ngc. Evcrycnc Is cordially invited. FIRST S. H. Salmon, Faslor C..OKU,, Horrid:, the theme belli;-. "When Men Break What Can Mend Them?" Teachers meeting and Cliolr practice. MtiKlay evening. 7 /IRMOKET, liAl'TIST CHUIUJH C'. L. ISistiup, Pastor Euntlay School, 10 a.m. Special a.m. nnd 7:30 p. lie down and quit wasting money. To avoid caliiiB in a hoarding house. Frcm fear that it mi s j)t be their last opportunity. I-ai'c was also listed as one c,f Ihc reasons. CHUHCH lily and Vim* Ktrccts Itcv. \V. O. Singtrtcrry, I'astor 0:45 a.m. Sunday .school. Hoy 11:CO a.m., Morning worship. fi:3G p.m., N. Y. p. A. \oiui3 l,ro[)le arc urged to be present. 7:30 p.m. Evening service. The pastor invites you to conic and meet with us. TOO LATE T O CLASSIFY l''o r Kent room furnished apartment. 713 Chickasawta. E. M, Eaton. Dinner Problem Solvrd BEL-I,AIRE. O. iUP>-Thcre was a craslnug sound upstair;; just as Mrs. Frank J. atcbbins asked her husband what he wotikl like for dinner. "Pheasant," yelled ,Steh- bins, upon dashiny up to invest i• -:ne has just llown In through a window." "Pour licgear" Irks Police KLAMATH, Ore. (UP) — Police would like la capture "a poor crippled beggar" who. after panhandling a block with little success, crossed over into the next block, recovered the full use of his limbs, stepped into his own new sedan and left for greener fields. • i ^rtacn.i:*. n a.n 5:45 a.m.. Sunday church school,' ni . by U K , Pns , 01 .. ivi i ample facilities for everyone.! Bapt | st Training Union, C:30 p.I •ll'.OO a.m., Morning Worehip. 1 ,„ Sunday PEI1SONAI, Sermon. "What Difference Does H Woman's .Missionary Union 2'30 Will pay all expenses to party (sons. 15-ck-tf Lincoli lvalue of Lincoln Iclt an estate with a $110,2^5. winch was shared equally hy his widow and ;\vo Make?" Anthem by Adult Choir. .,,„ j ,C:45 p.m., Pioneers' and Jim-: Amlcr icrs' Vesiwrs. ' ,,„,,,' •si: 7:J3 p.m.. Evening Worship. Sermon, "Religion For All Time." Anthem by Junior Choir. •Monday, S:3G p.m., Woman's Auxiliary meeting. Program Monday at the home of Mrs.' driving me to Indiana. Inquire Andersen. Royal Service program ivt 425 E - Davis - 15-pl:-l9 interest to all ladies r.f tlie church. MJXOKA BAITIST CHURCH' ' I: r. Flcmmin^, pastor Sunday school, »:5D a.m.—Mis. , . ..Missions, led by Mrs. p.| s . j. Smilhi stipcriuteiidcnt. nfur ' ,Miss Sue Ramey and Miss Marian Tompkins played a piano duet. Felix Anrdt's "Nola," and Cliurch at a round table discus-1 Mrs. 15. A. Bugg. aon Thursday night. Mrs. Harry Brooks, new presi- Mts; Sallic Ma till!) played Orcly's' dent ol the Woman's Muisionary I J 0111(110 1\€WS "Bulterfjy." In continuing the Union of the church, met with the I Jacksonian theiire, Mrs. Ja:ncs B tJ r °up in the absence of their spun- ' Mrs - Bertha Belcher is ill from Clark talked on tl>e "Hermitage" &OT ' Mrs - J - O- Barnes. Slie spoke fnfliieuza. at Kashvilie. the colonial home of bl ' i e/Iy of (his group's activities. I Ml 's. J. W. Tally, who lias been Aniirew Jackson. ' Mrs. J. L. Newsom was in charge m tor Eolllc thnc, is convalescina. •Mrs. J. W. Barter displayed sev-! c( tllr pvogram on the subject of t Mr - nnrt Mrs ' R|U:1 Ballew spent cral pictures of the home of Rob-1 lllc "O=lden Jubilee." crt E. Lee anci of dillerenl rooms ! * ' * at Mount Vernon, home of George Najarcuc Woinon Mrcl Washington, as she (old the croup' Sicvcn memtors of the Woman's !c|:nl1 t!lc wcck cll<1 wilh M - E - 1)3 week end in Manila with Mrs. 1 Ilallew's mother. 1 O. E. Sisco, of Clnrksdnlc. Miss.. visit of. her ..„._.. Mount Vernon this summer.' •Cake , cream, the hostesses. to Arlington" and'Fercisn Missionary Society of the tB " clln " nn - (Nnzra-ctie church were present at.' ' anrt Colc- . - .................. ...... . ee presen a., ' e tcpiwd with whippecl ' the business meeting Thursday ati' 1ian nll:l kabv ' of I '" xtl ™. N>ent i, and coffee were served by thf ho::u- of Mrs. E L &-ans' I last wect; w1 "' Vcrilol > Colcman Will Sponsor Kcnefit {'ar(> Mrs. T. R. Watson The meeting was opened with j n "'' i Ci'oii!) song, following which Mrs' ' Dimaway nnd Mrs. Gaines olfcred prayers. Ellic rc " , Colcm:< "' «»'Cf J'""' o!d Frc(1 Colc »™». who ROI Delia Furtle will sponsor a bin-o party at the Armorcl School, Monday night, at 7:30. 'The proceeds of the benefit, par- ly will go to the football icnm of Armorcl. Sfavc .Stlrpri&c l.uiichcmi. Efxlecn fricrd.s of Mrs. ,t. w. sr., surprised her with a birlhday luncheon and haiidkcr- cliief shower Wednesday. Mixed flov;crs were usecl as a and Miss The nrxt meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Wilsic Taylor Sycamore street. « = » Uji'Slitfr Horn. A daughter was born to Mr. s'nd Mrs. Thomas W. Miller, turned by falling against the sto is improving. J. C. Buchanan, who was sick from influenza. Is belter. The home of Hershel Mirhusson ft'ns considerably damaged by lire I his woek. Tlie condition of Mrs. Fvcd At the Hospitals Miss Eula Jeffries underwent an operation for appendicitis yesterday at the Blythcvillc hospital. Dora Lee Milhorn underwent a tonsilfctomy today nt the Blythc- villc hospital. J. R. Coats, of Number Nine, was brought to the Blylhoville hospitsl yesterday In a Cobb ambulance. W. P. Wilson jr.. of Wilson, is a patient at the Memphis Baptist hospital. P. M. Poolo. of Wilson, has been admitted lo the Memphis Baptist hospital. JI. Sanrielur. FIRST MKTllODIST CHUKCJI 11. Lynn Wailc, I'astor Preaching service, 10:55 to 12:00, broadcast over KLCN. Special music Sunday morning—anthem, and solo by Rudolph Morris, Jones- toro. Tfic theme Sunday morning will be "The Danger of Livinc In A Half Way House." At (lie evening hour the theme will be on the text "Little Children Keep Yourself From Idols ' Special music furnished by n group of children from Lunge school directed by Mrs. George Hunt. Worker's Council HallUsbirr. Mis/ laic last liiHiil,! 001 ™ 1 " 1 wll ° lu>s hrc " sk ' k '<"' at the Methodist hospital tht-rc.' 5 "'"" 1 Clnys ' is '"''"'Provnl, The teby has been nami'd Mollv: Elizabeth, for Mrs. Miller, wlio v ivas formerly Miss Kliwbolh K::r,;| of this city, and her nwlhrr. M:s. filbert IT. Lee King. Tlvy v.'ill' at each end, and arranged! Enlcrlsiins AVitli ratty. for a bullet luncheon. While 'he were laving lunch. Mrs. M. G. Goodwin present™ the handkerchiefs to Mrs. Adams Mrs. Clyde of Dyors- burg-, mother nf Mrs. J. w. A-l- timr, jr., was the only out of to'.vn guest. Entertain a ( j Supper and nridfe. Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Wiltey en-1 lertamcd seven of their friend:,' with supper and bridge Wednc.-,-' (iay night, at their home. i The supper was in buffet style t«rv«d from Ihc dining table. iiiy.l[ Mrs. Victor Stilwril. ::f cam-. <lcn." Mrs. Dick Lewis, nf Caruih- rrsviile. anci Miss Evelyn Bradsher, of Marked Tree, were trc <>;it, of iciwn guests present when Mrs. Tom Bradsher entertained wilh a ' bridge party Friday altrnioon. | Ulot On I'v.stal .Sprnl ALBUQUERUK. N. M. Uin - C-!c:iii Kroua: wns skeptical of the !:pced of the pcxstnl .scrviee after v.'hich carried n postmark Sunbiiry. I'a.. of Dec. 13. 193 QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all limes. 5 SAVE /MONEY AT GAINES MKT. 118 W. Main Thonc A valentine motif HAVK VOlJlt PHOTOGRAPH MADE NOW Safisfaclor)' Work Low Prices SOUTH WORTH Over Joe- Isaacs r OPEN FOR BUSINESS (NEW MANAGEMENT) NEW DJN1NG ROOM AT UNCLE BILLIE'S TOURIST COURT 5015X1! CITY LIMITS OX HIGHWAY fil Private Cining Room Mi'sic Private Hoot In Home Cooking Special Club Breakfast Hot Biscuit aU the Time Pit Barbecue Barbecued Rite sandwiches Fried cblctot Sizzling steaks Kalian Spaghetti Lunches ' Drinks SPF.CIAI, PAllTIES INVITED—PHONE 81S PLENTY l)J> PAKKIN'G Sl'AtT' ATTENTION LADIES PRICES FOR STUDENT BEAUTY WORK Shampr.u, Set A- llry . .3,">c Wft Sri .....l!ic Hair Cut I'.c Neck Clip v 10,? Oil Shampoo 50c Oil Trrnlmenl "5c r(Tin,iiirnt<i si.nn. si.W rcrmauents S2.50. Hair Dye Wilh Ket . .SI.50 ICrnna Pack, Khanipno j«- Color Kinscs lOc *; 25c Facial 50c A- 75c Manicures , 25r Oil Manicures sjc Brow <t Lash llyc .tSe Arc ' 1 ISc All Work Is Under (he Su|»crvision Of Our EXPERTS AM) IS GUARANTEED You May Enroll in Our IJcauty School Now! NOTICE - - - Miss Hazel I.ucas is now connected with the Kagle licaiily Shnppc and Hill be clad to Have her customers call uii her for tnc same careful ultentloii and pricr-s as before. Eagle School of Beauty Culture Cooper Uldg. 2nd & Walnul Phone 319 supper anci Morning worshi]), 1C:5S a.m. Baptist Training Unions. 6:00 p.m.—Mrs. R. L. Houck and Mrs. Charles Corkran, counselors. Evening worship, 7:00 n.m. "Monday afternoon, 3:30, Stunlay School Teachers meeting.' ( Tuesday afternoon, 2:00 o'clock,] Missionary Society. Mrs. J. I. MUIlin, hostess. Hoynl Service, Mra. W. L. Clark jr., leader. Everything for your enter (ainment and comfort. Saturday Only riHST BAPTIST CHUKCH 'Walnut anil Eighth Hev. Alfred Carpenter, I'astor 0:30 a. in. Sunday school. 10:40 a. m. Morning worship. Music—"Praise the Lord," choir. Admission Always JOo * 2Bc Show every night. Matinees KrI- day. Saturday & Sunday Only. Friday & Sunday Matinees starj 2 : 15 p.m. Saturday Co.lliiiiious showlnjf from 1 (o ll-.M p.m. Night shows start 0:45 p.m. Last Times Today program, Tuesday nigiu. The Rev. I Offertory solo. Sermon — "God's You'll like our excellent food nuisl of all. Yet, you'll notice, mil] appreciate Ino, our niimcroiis advantages. Perfect service, pleasant surroundings and hospitality. Special Sunday Dinner T.Sc Choice: T-lionc Sloak Half KIT Chicken Crapnu- icish Chiiunol Cat I'VtMtch Frit'l Polaloes ami Salad Coffee or Milk /{ 0 ( R O ]| ; ; Frcsli Frog LCRS Jfol, Koilo Ki-'juch Fried Potatoes and Salad Codec or Jlilk 65i-. Half lln?,rii Oysters Fried \\, t { i{,,Hs l''rrncli Fried Potatoes ami Sal;ul Coft'en or Milk Mei'dumls Lunch Cocktail H:<!;ed Tnvkny with Dressin;: !>;iked Chicken wilh Dres^itic Fried Chicken with Civ;i,,, (; raV y Veplallies_ H,,| Rolls baked Potatoes Cre;inir,| r ;1 rn.>U Green Hi>ans—German Style Sliced Tomatoes •tc-llo Pic with Whipped ('ivaiu ColVco or Milk 1 ^ niDM \w$% ® ® a ?& n B= fcias'Biiv s Ksf£ Highway 01 At the Stale Srsssrss wins romanca wi 'th lilting William lioytl Cassidy) and Haves. EVAIVN KNAPP GEORGE REGAS PAT O'BRIEN HARRY WOODS Sunday - Monday Also Cartoon jt Serial "Itadio Vatrol" Sunday - Monday Aho Paraniounl Ncw s HDDLEK'S 1'ERSONAUTV P \ KARC. A(hi>.t.;ion Sunday Malincc and Ni»hl. IBr <t a;,. Arim. Moml.iy Jialinrc K." tf We Adm. Mm.rf>y N| s h( ] 6r ft 36< Continuous siioniiig Simd-iy. f 1 C 1 U f 5 Di.-eefcd b ? Edward Clir.o _ Frcrlvced b? Wlfka-n Sisfrcra Also lo.v News & remedy

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