The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1943
Page 8
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EIGHT BLYTUKVII,!,!-; (AKK.) COUKIKU NEWS Effortless, Malchless For Nineteen Years, Old Alex Picked Up Where Young Left OI.T ; By IIARKY GKAVSON ; NEA Spoils iCillloi- ,Cy Young, pitching for the lios- ton Nationals,' nvs beaten In Mis final game In 1911, 1-0, by :i Philadelphia, recnill named Drover Cleveland Alexander. ; So It was that lull, frcckle- faced, sandy-haired Old Pete sis a ^youngster picked up whore another immortal left off. 1 Alex the Great, did II with a sldeann curve, fast ball and iima/- Ing control. He quickly picked up all the tricks, From Hie out- scl, he. pitched and thought like n veteran. He was as cool as a polar bear squalling on an lechery. There were no frills, little conversation. He seemed Indolent. Grover Alw.tndiT had u rubber arm'. Had he lived to u training code, there is no telling how long he would have tasted. As U wa.s, he got In 19 years ol cnorilcss and matchless effectiveness with good, bad and Indifferent major league clubs. 'Hie quality of his support made no clilfcrcncc Ip the Grover Cleveland Alexander handcuffed b.ilters ivilh side-arm curve and fast Iiall. II SfflE Fl kii^lil Mississippi County Residcnls J )a y Fines Dur- y ing Past Month hrilliant right-hander from Ihe Nebraska farm. Alexander established Ms records that si ill .stand and holds more Nntloiiiil League marks thriu you can shake u stick at. yet Is best remembered as Ihc veteran. (Aipixjscclly on Ills last lags, who struck out Tony Lnmrl of the Yankees on lour pitched bulls with the bases full lo Rive the St. Louis Cardinals the seventh game and victory in the 192G World Series. BASKS DRUNK, NOT . That Is one they will reconstruct and retell flown (he in the spirit of the ancient liomnn epic of Iforatius at the Bridge. ••Alex's reputation as a Guide A drinking man made it plausible and a good story, so descriptive writers practically hiul him .stug- . Bering ns he too}; his lime coming in from deep right field that chilly Sunday afternoon in Yankee Stadium.. It was said that Rogers Hornsby had given him permission to celebrate following his victory the day : before. When Jlornsby .sig- nalled ,-for • his remarkable relief performance in the c'cvcntli in-' ning, the-story was that a team- rnate had lo wake him from a nap. "I wasn't any more drunk than the fellows who wrote thnt story," says Alex. "Hornsby the night before told me lo be ready—thai, he jnlglit have to nse inc. "I didn't see any reason why f should run in from the bullpen. I suspected that Lnz/crl was just as anxious as I wa.s, and on the way I was thinking how to pitch ip-biii). He mast have been aiwcl- oiis for he hit at pretty bad balls. LI'ITLK ROCK, May >!.-•.,.,„ Arkansas concerns have been fined $IWJ each on n charge of polluting Mrrains in Ihe .slate, the monthly rcrmrl of Ihc Arkansas Ciuinc and l-' C'»iniiii.ui<m revealed Moiulav, It also showed that 37 East Ar- kaiissnis were arrested for giimc ilolalioMs (hirliiu ihe :m days jiast. Firms fined for polluting Ihe ill-cams were the Southwood Oil -•oinpany; llollifield and McKarland Company, am: :hc McAlister Kiel Company, all of Clark Oounty. The ill-rests were made in January, but not reported until this month, tin: reporl revealed. Ten persons were arrested in Mississippi County for game violations and cljjlx of them were fined i lotal of $75. I'lnpil were Diehard JJrcwcr, Dean Warn, o. C. und E. Wadlcy. K. C. i'oe, Lester An- Jrews. William Woodhousc, two iharucs; la nest Koonce and w I', Krlsbei!. Joe Vincent and Robert Freeman of Clay were fined $15 each, Joe Piliows, Bardin darner, o, K lit:ll and Calvin Walker of Greene, were lined fo rvlvlnllng fishing rciiiilalloiLs. Oilier Kast Arkansans fined were Ox/it 1 Moore of Phillips County; Robert Jackson and Charles l.'je of Mtmioe; Joe Knvin and J. \V. SnlliVan of Cross; llubavd Wilson. Carl OKtcsby, Urines Wilson. J. I!. Hilcy and Kills Miller of Jefferson; Ilaltie Harris and R. II. Duncan of Prairie. Jm Dol of I.onoke, Homer IlUlc- ont and Lester L. Brown of While; Mike .spencer or jjesha; Tom Scott of Cliicot; Tom Lunjj of Drew; Hay Crouell of Independence, and J. o. Hai/iip of Lawrence. WATE/VTOIVN, Mass. UJ(>) _ With Ihc advent of the fishing season, this "ad" appeared in the Watcrtown Hun; "WANTED; Energetic hoy to dig worms and night walkers for im- cncreetlt. fishernmn. Write Box UiJlft." "The Ilrst one I threw him was curve and was called a bait. Then 1 gave him a high last one inside and he hit. a long foul flown the left field line. That was the only fast one he saw. I then struck' lihn out with two curves." As for Alex being about washed up lit Hie moment, he bagged 21 jamcs lor the Red Birds the following campaign, 1C Ihc next. Al.UXAXDI-K'S KKCOKIIS Ales von 28 games for Ihc Phillies in ills Ilrst major league year, the 20th century high for a Jvesh- man. In winning 31 games while pitching the Phillies lo u pennant in 1915, he turned In four one-hit performances, nn all-time record for one season.' In three seasons, slaitina In 1915, Alex ba™ficd :io or more games, :I3 in 191(j. Christy Mnthcwson—100'j- 05—is the only other 20th century pitcher who was able to reach the 30.5 three years In .succession. Alex toiled in more games, COO, Sunset Gold No. 370193 The Stallion of Perfect Conformation AT STUD _ ---—••""••™^u-a^i!»^.- a 3ia»««r>T^;:; Wilson Allen s Sunset Gold WORLD'S F1NKST WALKING STALLION A Full Brother to Grand Champion-Pride of Memphis Sired by the Famous Wilson Allen , = ' C!oUI is n l)ark Chestnut, (wo hUc ^ I1Ilrt ' Fie Ycr Old A Limited Number of Selected Registered Walking Mares Will Be Accepted Several Real Walking Horses and Bred. Mares for Sale Phone or Write J.H. GRAIN, Wilson, Ark. and won mere, :m, than nny i>tliM' National l.caiinc pitcher. Ite drop- Jed 2CII. Tor six years lie led (lie eaiiuc In number nt complete ;nines. n majtii' loniiiu: record shared only by Walter Johnson, lis ciiiiml run average of 1.22 in D15 Is Ihc National Lcajjiic icc- ord for pitchnr.s workimj in 2flO jamc.'i or more. He holds Ihc National|!Uc cconl for number of yp;us li'a;l- ng tlic Ic'iiguc in crimed run avcr- >BC—five—and in .games won—six. He is the only National Lvalue iltclicr who ever tO|)])cd the i:h- cuit In Iwlh mm nnti last porccnt- and ERA In two different vein's. Alex pitched 1)0 shutouts, the lifetime National league record. Ills 10 shutouts in ISIKi sol thp |)rescnl major league record for one year. In ln s (i, s t _ VP , iri i, c [litchcd four successive shutouts, (linre.s this freshman murk with Kd Heulbach. Sergeant Alexander saw three nonlhs of action in France with he 3.12111! Field Artillery in World War •!. Grover Cleveland Alexander could >ilch there, loo. Baseball Standings •SOUTHKHN LEACH*) W, I,, lilrmlnKham Atlanta — Nashville ... New Orleans ..title Kock Chattanooga Knoxvlllc .. Memphis New York Cleveland Washington Detroit HI. 1/iui.s Hostor) Chicago TUfvSOAV, MAV .1. MILT ID DOWN PHILS A.MtiltlCAN Brooklyn ... 5t. I.ouis IMtisliiiriih .. Cincinnati .. Chioauo New York ... Philadelphia XAT1ONAJ, !,t:A(illi; W. L, l'.;t. 'J i •I .5 5 7 3 7 2 0 . o 0 .818 .GOO .571 .5 '15 .545 .:ioo .:ioo .250 Disallnwa Atlanta I'rolcst ATLANTA, May 4 (UI'i-Atlan- a's protest of its \imnv with Knos- ville on April 1!!) lias Iwrn ilisal- owcd by Southern Asswlaliun I'rcsldrat Billy Evans. Cracker Mnntiucr Ai I.cit/: had nkcii exception to an intinfercncc •ulhiB by umpire Dutch Hotfman igain-st nn Atlanta batter attcmpt- ng lo make first on a hit and who collided wih Ivnoxville pitcher Dick Cofltnan, iryinu to firlil Ihr l) :t )i. Uotfinun ruled inicrterence and :<eil Treadwny was called out. says the protest lacked suh- staiitiallon and the mniH- will stand as played. Knoxvillc. '2. Atlanta, 1. P-eael Conner r»"ws want nds. Shnw ,Sl; .Win. Alvviiv,-, Mi- ami •>;„• TUESDAY PAL NITK 2 tickets for 2oc 'Mayor of 44th St.' Wednesday & Tlmrsdav 'Texas' Milh \ lloldeii. Cbi,,. - lrrvil| . anil Glenn Turd Yesterday's Results SOUTilKHN' M<;,w:iiu No games scheduled. AMKIIICAN I.K Chicago at Cleveland, postiwncd, v.-catlicr. Uoslon at New York, postponed, weal hei-. Only games scheduled. NATIONAL I.K.Atitii: Brooklyn 5. Philadelphia 3. Cincinnati 7, Pittsburgh 5. Only games scheduled. Today's Games ,SOUTIIKIIN I.KAtiUt: Little'.'Rock at .Memphis, night. At|ni!Iti -at Nashville. Mlrmiiifjham at Nc\v Orleans. ClJ.iItaiioosa at Kiioxvillc. • NATIONAL I,I;A(;UK Philadelphia nt Brooklyn ,twi- Turns In 5-3 Victory;' Cincinnati Beats ' 7-5 New York at Bo.?ton. St. "wOLiLs at ChiciiKO, Mttsbnrjjh nt Cincinnati AMEKICAN l.KAGUIi lioslon nt New York. Detroit ,al St. Ixniis. Chicago at Cleveland. Washington at PhiliicJelphia. Ity I lulled Press Operating on the' theory (hat Ins now will be of considerable "«e when the chips are down' | n tcptemljcr, 'Ihe Ihooklyn Dod"ers came Irom Ijehlnd yesterday 0 to take nnoltiei- frojii the I'ldladclphla IHIhes, ft 10 3. And in so dull,., the "bc/omi hums 1 ' climbed inlo a Iwo and a half game lead In the National League pennant race. Kirov Jllsbc went the distance for the Dod«ers for the firs! time this year and turned the pji(||i es back with seven hils, nliliough lie wrts fading at the end. The Uodoers slammed AI Gerheatiser out of t'he >'« in the fourth and conlinued their 12-hlt attack against Sehuol- boy Howe. Alex Kamponris got a double and a triple for uurocher's dandies and Duluh Camilli had his first e«"d (Jay ,'it the plalc with three sliarp singles. In the only oilier major league ...line the Cincinnuli Heds, with Johnny Vander Meei-on the'mound toppled the Pittsburgh Pintles, 7 to 5. started at ll;30 yesterday moniing as an <;xperimental "swing shift" contest and attracted nearly :(,000 cash customers. The PillHburgh ballcry ot liutch- er and Uaker failed lo live up to Us poetic promise, since Butcher went lo the showers in the sixth. The world •champion Si. Louis Cardinals bowed inimbly to the Men,Women!01d? Get New Pep, Vim Fee! Years Younger S'n'rrj'alic", "H''|rf*H'""S" c"n M™ litotrsl lr,.[i. caltil'm"ii^iliilt.^llSl^fljS'Ki'fllili^ 1 Si'! "HIM!*H iiS« u KJ? .a' 1 °i a ' : i7,'"'" n»ASo^1?B!lir°!S?iicow.."vrS^^^^ iAt ;ilj ilmi; til, is cvvryivlii-r^ — in Illlylhrvill,.. ,,| Kliliy [>n,f alily bats ol Ihc Great hakes [allowed 12 hits sailors in an exhtWiimi B «t»c. The Mickey Cochrntic-couthtd Killow used u hurling lflo of fcchmltz, Olson and Ferrick lo hold the Cards lo three hits and cop a J lo 2 decision, accrue MuJmT ,,, ns on the hill vor ;he champs and Courier News want art*. REAL CONTENTMENT ON MV PRINCE RICH TASTE COMES THROUGH TH£ CR(MP CUT SETS SNU<3__KOLLS NO FUSS. My PIPE-SMOKe, TOO i line rol]-your-o\vn clipretics [n every ftumly iiu package of f'rinco Albert THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE Y Look up. .. they need your help! °"Iih,,'!""' 1 i<; "" <licr8 u ' uinillg aml t '!' w " 1y Io ""' SIlW<I; "" ! ' I)owx>r <lf " 1<>ir<;I " Ilefore J(m (!Hv<: a BCO(HCSS milc • • • nijr ,,,, || 1( ,,. ( , CVCI . y .,Jaj.. gi|lcS( So r . u . . is ^ L ^^^ J|H c , H . IU y nalioti rcinciuhcr ll>is- I'uil anxiously llip, news,of tlu: il,,,,,- has IKMMI ;tii! ( - io produce il in such qimnli skies the 'i l; s as we liave, sans world around. Tin-re i.s^ «,. a i lionic oau do lido lI'L-si! iiu-ii. They lly OH sup<-r Right now llu> j (> l> i s to men in l.iuil,-. To r<:adi Kut-opo or Africa ijnickly il 11111*1 conto from itio Atlatilic S«si- gasolinc. Il hoard-(.,n«i,,i, sliorlcr ihu scant supplies S ivrslli,.,na vilnJ <.,]««.,•„ n ,V combnl, llatlds of p.Mrolnim » rw \ wli | 1C Anicriciiu hoys sire dying ami figiiiitig for you. Sonic of them aro dying for you. Oil (his fuel Io these is their umniiiirition! . , . Use it wisely. ei-c. £ssa STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA

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