The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on June 30, 1918 · Page 8
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 8

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 30, 1918
Page 8
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a3j3gsK j - - KkttlflB iBffii wisncu uucy V Tit vKf - i - ifl PJ n CAiriai I l V 1UV1UUWU 111 MV w - I Use of Current and Gas y ff HITS AD SIGNS AJTO THEATEES 5 Country Now and for tthole Period of War Will Need More Coal Than Can Be Produced and Transported Kat Fuel Administrator in An - i nounclng Plan for Conservation Radical reductions tn the quantity of coal consumed In the manufacture of electricity and gras used for street lighting advertising and store and theater illumination will be put into effect soon by an order which the fuel administration announced yesterday Is in preparation Necessity for further conservation of fuel and the proposal that private eitiaens should be asked to economize in lights became known some days ago The fuel administrations formal announcement that details of such a plan have been worked out says that in every city and village of the country electricity is being wasted in large quantities in the production of light Coal Needs Greater Than Supply The country needs now and for the whole period of the war will need more coal than It can possibly produce and transport says the statement Confronted by this condition the fuel administrator will order radical reductions lit the quantity of coal consumed in the manufacture of electricity and illuminating gas used for the purposes specified While the official order has not yet been signed It is expected that it will provide for closer restrictions in the New England States New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware District of Columbia and Maryland than in other States where the transportation of coal is not such a tremendous problem Only Enough Lights for Safety In any case it is expected the order wlll provide that no theater or other utdoor lights shall be turned on until 4he street lights shall have been lighted Unnecessary daylight use of electric lights and electric advertising displays will probably be shut off altogether The order will deal also with store window lights and will extend to all kinds of fuel including gas and oil The amount of public lighting in any city village or town shall be only so much as may be necessary for safety and the use of lights commonly known as cluster lights for purpose of display or decoration shall be discontinued MontaronieryCommissionersf B BpedaitoJ6W9hlngt0B Ppst - - ftockvUle Md - nThjunty commissioners toaay4ignattVnnual tax levy for the year beslnnlnV July 1 The general county rate was fixed at 80 cents on - the ilOO yhlch la a de - - crease of3T - lZ cents compared vwlth the we or - jast year u - fleowfw for the jarswill beVSft centaur an Increase nf Jv3 of a cent making the total county and State rate fl16 Because of rdadteUjfovetoentaiher will be sbectalrateaagalhstal districts of the - county excepting BarjItesviUe and Damascus - MULTIMURDERESS DIES IN ASYLUM Slffn Lizzie Halliday Known to Have Killed at Least Eight New York June 29 The death of Lizzie Halliday gipsymurderess In the State Hospital at Matteawan N Y yesterday marked the close of a career which was one of the most remarkable In American criminal history Born with the desire to kill Mre Halliday took a heavy toll of lives before she was sent to the insane asylum Even after her confinement in that Institution she killed the only two women who pitied and befriended her Although convicted of only four murders she was accused of at least four others but was not tried for them In 1893 Mrs Halliday killed her husband Paul Halliday a farmer of Bur - linKham Sullivan county bis imbecile son and Mrs Margaret McQuillan and her daughter Sarah a servant - in the Halliday home The bodies of Halliday and the women were burled beneath the Halliday shanty and the son was burned to death while he slept Mrs Halliday was convicted of these murders and sentenced to die in the electric chair However it was found that she was Insane and she was sentenced to life Imprisonment Gov Flow er having commuted her sentence She was sent to Matteawan and made eev eral attempts to commlti suicide In 1906 Miss Nellie Wickes a young attendant at the asylum to whom Mrs Halliday had become attached told the woman she planned to leave the Institution for other work Seizing a pair of scissors Mrs Halliday cut the nurses throat Land Sold Walter Reed at 3000 MAKESUEPIY TO BZtT JOHKSOff District Man fatocedUCameronOTn t IS T - T - n to AloRe Financial sacrinror f 2000 an cre Ty AppeaVtoPt tnousm - aonnson uiies jvccotus in Effort to Discredit BOY BADLY HURT BY AUTO Edward Crismond Crushed Against Wall S Hines Arrested Suffering from a possibly fractured skull and serious internal Injuries Edward Crismond 10 years old 634 Maryland avenue northeast was taken to Casualty hospital yesterday His condition is critical The boy was Injured when he was struck by an automobile while playing in an alley at the rear of his home The auto driven by Samuel Hines of Arlington Va backed into the boy and crushed him against a brick wall Hines was arrested BANKER ACCUSED OF MURDER Georgia Cashier Claims Killing of Architect Was in Self - Defense Bainbridge Ga June 9 R H May cashier and vice president of the Citizens Bank here is in he county jail charged with the murder of H - S Richardson a prominent architect and contractor also of this city May claimed at the inquest that Richardson entered the bank late yesterday afternoon and demanded that certain names be released as security on papers aRichardson had given the bajik for money advanced on building contracts May says he refused and claims that Richardson advanced on him with an automobile crank which lay on the cashierJs desk and that he shot Richardson in self - defense Richardsons skull was crushed from a blow and in addition he had been shot five times Statements from Myron M Parker ot Washington and Representative JBen Johnson of - Kentucky chairman of the House District committee were Inserted In the Congressional Record yesterday in a controversy between the two - men over the circumstances and conditions of the sale of about 20 acres last spring for an addition for Walter Reed Hospital Col Parker through Representaw tive Greene of Vermont eubmlttted his side of the case Representative Johnson insisted as a condition to the insertion of the Parker communication in the Record that he be accorded opportunity to answer It This - was granted and the two statements appear in the RecOrd together Last week said CoL Parkers com munication Mr Johnson chairman of the District committee while discussing the profiteering bill In the House ntamntaA tn KInVn mv character bv making the statement that i attempted to sell ground to the government for an addition to Walter Reed Hospital at 4000 an acre which I Anally sold for 3000 Makes Patriotic Appeal Col Parker then explains that the Waltier Reed Hospital knowing that he represented former Senator Cameron asked him to negotiate for the ground Mr Cameron first wanted So 000 an acre Col Parker says he advised sale at 4000 an acre At the request of the Secretary of War the property was valued by one of the assessors at 3000 an acre Col Parker then visited Mr Cameron in Harrisburg and made a successful appeal to Him to mingle patriotism with price with the result according to the statement of Col Parker that Tilr Cameron replied that looking at it from that point he would accept 3000 and this was all there was to it I had no interest in the ground either directly or indirectly concludes the Parker statement I did however obtain a statement from the most prominent and conservative real estate men in Washington as to values and they certified as set forth by Mr Johnson This ground was really worth at the time of selling 5000 an acre it is worth that today The statement of Mr Johnson is as usual misleading and on a par with most of his statements Representative Johnson In his statement lays emphasis upon the fact that both In his communication to Representative Greene and in a newspaper notice on the subject Col Parker said VI had no interest in the ground either directly or indirectly Then concluding Mr Johnson says Explained by Col Parker It is unfortunate for CoL Parker that the records inv the office of the recorder of deeds in the District of Columbia contradict those statements Those records show that by deed of conveyance dated March 25 1918 Myron M Parker et ux - Nellie F conveyed 1976 acres to the Unitedi States of America for and in consideration of the sum of 59280 SSi I - M5M Delegate ri hl vwlf elwere ttheimmediate grantors Of - fhIlR - n otiATTnltiv StatAS - iThS records - of itherecdrderiof deeds - jthow that titletotnlaparticular npicpf TfroveTtyaaigecurea byCplPjarJcer inrougnr - aeea or y conveyance iron Eliza Cv - jBradley etalfft VWith3 those records1 itaringfeCol Parker in tbe face llriertalnlyt should notbe - expected stohaye - further issue with hinvjabout - it 54BW irdiriiis8tatementofMi5 Johnson is j as usual - mialeading and - on Apar wifchinostToiL his statements Itt - - reply gratulate myself beeauseEtnyC state - tWSfltB - A 1 A rM Mta nrUKhlB ir a5 Took Titleto Aid Government - C - AfV - s - - V r - WhenV Representative TvJohnsons statement vwa called toCol barkers attentionastevenlngvhe reiterated his assertlonthat heliad no Interestin the landsdldjtothe hospital andmadethis explanation t f a - t Tn conveyinsr the land to - therWalter Reed Hospital jthet government re crutreai as It - alwaysc does3 a general warrantyideed The Camerons wouldnt give that becauselthey said they had received only a special warranty deed when they bought the property Bo 1 public and Federal buildings In Fed - that there might not he any delay the eral territory In public carriers oper ated vtt the government in - certain States In the army and navy schools In ihe right of suffrage In certain States and in the civil service The petitioners ask in view of the military service rendered by their race during the present war that our own republic may not be a part of the world not safe for democracy They also protest the segregation of races in the military camps The congress was called for the pur - he - xonsession r i - iVjAs - JR - t - S - iV HereliitPetiti6riJife PeiirbsesaBanasf tfc - V - i3is v r Jf jongress is requesiea o majte lynco - JtngW crime against the Federal government andjs suchsubject tothe jurls - dictlon ofJtheFederal courts in a petl - tlonunanimouslylpassed By the National - Colored Xiberty Congress which closed Ita sessions here yesterday Thjs - andfiveotber requests for the abolition of specific race discriminations are advocated bythe petitioners as a winitbe - war measure The petit ion has been placed In the hands of Senator Penrose and is to be presented to the Senate this week The colored congress protests that negroes are - discriminated against In TnanbefowjthelUnited States Congress and was attended hy XLS delegates from OUtlCS - CXC I J0IUIOWU VI LKew surgeon general of the army tbelng most anxious xo get possession or jne property I volunteered to take title to it in a special warranty deed and hav ing received this I immediately conveyed the land to the government giving the general warranty deed which was required The name of Elixa C Bradley appears in the transaction because she is one of Senator Camerons daughters - n NEGRO SOLDjERS Tb HAVE HC - SPITAL Torkiwas - chairman - oIthevcongreis Villlam jTrotteriofciBostonswaa electedchairman of thenatipnal execu - tlvecommlteeV - fortheicomlngyer ThecommltteewlUiwageanvactlV6 campaigntosecure - the desired iegls lation - zg2srfH - - f5i rMAJA2KERTe0UT0PjPRIS0Kr american atlldberty in - Berlinibut - Must KeporttaJollbe TWeelrly Amsterdam June - 29 MaiJ enry cfosby BmerywrSo - rVseised onlae Aland islandsby the Germans1 last March now isin Berlin according to information reaching here MaJ Bmry has beenXreportedJanX occupant of vaX rious - German prison amps the latest being Camp Tuchel where he was held with other American prisoners He is at liberty in Berlin but must report to the police once a - - week He Is reported in good health Daaj nrtneryiejtxne unnea jjutes jn September 1916 to represent New York - banking Interests in Petrograd Physicians of Their Race Starts Jive to Raise l6c00d Fundi New York June 29 Negro phyr siclans in New York stirred by the heroism of soldiers of their race on the French battle front are making a drive to build a 100000 hospital here planning to offer It to the government as a base It will be known as the McDohough 3Temerial Hospital Twelve thousand dollars have been already subscribed to the fund and grounu broken on a West 133d street plot near Fifth avenue Dr William A Sinclair Is directing the campaign He points out that negro troops haye shown that they are not only good soldiers in battle but are good citizens and law - abiding men at the camps scattered over the country He maintains the institution is necessary for nine big reasons the maior one belnsr that it erven necro nhv elcians an opportunityto assist in cas ing for their own soldiers Col James A Moss commanding the 367th infaptry negro Camp Upton has written to the organizers wishing them all possible success jfiithe worthy undertaking Other letters have been received from George Foster Peabody Dr Talcott WHlifhnf Dr S S Gold - water and Maj Joel E Spingern Camp Dlx The Institution is named in honor of Dr David Kearney McDonough the pio neer negro physician of New York who died In 1893 after practicing forty - four years French Senator Loses Third Son Paris June 29 Havas Agency Capt Marcel Doumer commandant of a French escadrllle Was killed during an aerial combat at Vlllers - Cotterets yesterday He Is the third Bon of On April 4 last that deed of convey - 1 Senator Paul Doumer to fall in action Freight VT 7 1 1 H ships enaed in war service with Vy railroads jammed to capacity a triple burden falls on the motor truck Coastwise shipload as well as trainload are now added to the normal truckload I you use motor trucks in your business interpret this significant fact more than half the motor truck - tonnage of America is car r i e d o n Firestone Tires Passenger Quick4yaiisrfortationo passengers is equally utC portent 3ie motor vehicle motor bus taxicab motorcycle - and even the bicycle have risen in the neid of utility and service The moil important point in motor transportation is the tire that assures safe arrival That is why you will find the name Firestone on tires for every type 6F vehicle made Jr iMoEnQfti i JTr jjjlf XIOIl JfflLJTuW ifTTir iiiWm TmiT ir V Tr l IV Hl - sIBl HiBSb iHfabLv yKv - jks - L b - - yJsBBm FIRESTONE TIRE RUBBER CO 824 14th Street NvW Wbinitcm DC Homo Office and FctoTy Firtont Ptrfc Akron Clo Branches aadlnltrt Evtryhr - Captain Dies of Wreck Injuries - Chicago JuneS The death of - Capt Fred Skonlng IT S A of Elgin III today brought the number of dead in tne Aurora and Elgin electric line wreck at Elmhurst last night to five Capt Skonlng vras one of two army officers victims ofrthe wreck - 2AJ Robert IS Brooks assistant recruiting officer of the Chicago district also was killed FRAUD IN MOTOR tj - se ft t k a - - ra STOCK MARKETING ffn - lrairAr a - 5 fT iS J StrrTuzir - jz A - i EmerioiiC Motors ICom i5 Ya - Brj Inc arid KdiyidiialStS - ffYtSB - v ifr - ArerCoiivicted New TTorkr June 29 After more than twenty hoursdeliberatlon a jury in the Federal coutbfere today found the Emerson Motors Company Inc and several corporate and mdlviduil code - fendants guilty of using the mails to - defraud The defendants found guilty are the Emerson Motors Company Inc C ZC Berry fie Co Robert V Matches Co Nicholas Field Wilson Robert P Matches William Loomis and Osborne E Chaney - Tnereiwere i thirteen counts in the in - dicement with maximum penalties ranging from twoto Ave years Impris onment and an aggregate maximum fine of 122000 Some of the defendants found guilty were convicted on all the counts and the rest on twelve They will be sentenced next Tuesday Theodore A Campbell president of the Emerson Motor Company his son George N Campbell George B Gif - f ord and William H tStetson other co - defendants were acquitted t The government charged the backers of the Emerson concern with fraudulently representing to Investors that they would manufacture and sell auto - mwiininulnliMtott - tW couldbs prioed - at ana onw e Ingot - Z perf cento pref errea stooi The Dostal autborltie - intertersaaXteri XOO000hadbeen reijectearromouy - jj fegg I panyxwastorganlxed - itt goodfaltnaao warjprevented it fronTbelar a success - jfjf viyj i - v 4s - nnnoMmSm7 1 1 feU M J JULi A CiXVlTX - f tZr a - Jsjr - Z V s tgpyi - - - - r tf - TLy - fir - fxrolt Lv r JUchrnondvyal - June 29 - SamuirCoxl af former roemberof theTWashlngton v police f orcal hasb een convicted hre jT of the char ge of i importing two suitfjr cases of whisky in violation of thVproriv montK tn jail f and fined 500 lifl The aUgaoffensewasTOmmittd last MarchT while Cox was ona Vlsjttoji u his father - whVllveiinrthls city He was releasedtoncl0t0ball - and latsrbecame - arivet Inspector att - ig the Hog Island - shipyard Philadelphia Xi VThlle on the Washington force he was tC 1 stationed inNo S precinct n4j - w1 been abandoned on the train down from - Washington by a roan who - had evidently been frightened by Coxs police badge and that the latter was f taking them into Richmond to turn7 them onrS to the police when - he waa arrested at j th Htatlon Coxa vonnsr wlfa testified a C f - ln bis behalf He also offered strong letters as to good character from Several members of Congress - v VJ J - - - I - - - A House HerrtiMnn Seventh and Eye Streets Closed All Day July Fourth and During July and August Closed All Day Saturdays Other Days at 6 PM Seventh and Eye Streets YOU can be absolutely sure tnat wkat yon buy Here and wkat ypu pay for it will prove entirely satisfactory Our first care ia quality and we limit our stock to makes we can guarantee Our iea of rigbt price is tbe lowest - price tnat can be consistently asked We strive in every way to make tnis tbe store of greatest advantage Four Piece Period DesignIn Two Finishes Handsome Queen Anne model most carefully made with dustproof bottoms in the cases and careful finish throughout Consists of four pieces - 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