Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah on September 6, 1922 · 7
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Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah · 7

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1922
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" ' WEDNESDAY EVENING SEPTEMBER 6, 1922 THE SALT LAKE TELEGRAM 7 y (ii'mhhimmimhiimmii iMMiMitnMMiMiHMiiiiiiMiiM;iMiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiirm F. FT, TM Cl N ' S TT A G E AND SORE ENllimitlH"tlltlMtm"im"HlM"tiul ' graateT than inj Universal picture erer lrortoced. "The Storm hmm a unique record. It had three consecutive Broadway runs. It was first shown at the Capitol for one week, where It did capacity business de- - wu transferred to the Central theatre t an advance In price, whara It enjoyed a four weeks' run with packet bouaaa day and nlgM. Following Its Central theatre run.It went Into the Broadway f"T a. weK. Tt dd . gusHys grvxl tmsl- - nesa In th Broadway aa during Its twe previous run a. In Chicago "The itortn" also nad a trip's engagement In the first rim hUr"-a- , playing tha Chicago, th Tivoll and the Rlvtwra. fhra of tr- K'"? h"1 " "The Storm" Enjoying Phenomenal Success "The Storm Is creating haves, with attendance records at th Klnrma Ihe-t- rt This Houm rtrre etarrln htcl haa ratahltahed a popularity for ItMlf far for a rartaln kind of part ha aaWom gsts out of tha rut." , Miriam Cooper, feminine atar of Kia-dra- d of tha Puat," Is an anthuelaailc aportawoman. In tha gardens of bar beautiful noma she ha a a but bathing Hha motors dslly Into loa Angeles, rl. expect iwlmmcr, golfs and piaya tennis. Recently aha Joined Denisnawn dancing oiasa. ducersof thts feature that ha agreed to miki ana picture. Ha la generally recog- nised ona of the finest actors of tha old school st presentengaged in t has tries! work. "No. I didn't say that as a whole tha actors of lHtt-lM- wera better artists than thosa of today, aaya Mr. Ferguson. "However. In those days wewere much more accomplish! We could play any roles given ua. Today we acted in comedy, tomorrow In tragedy, nest day tn operetta or In burlesque, "We wars given lifatruction dally In fencing, pantomime, dare t re;, stsce and character makeup. Veterans of the stage gave us classes In expression. Today they pick actors for certain types. Once sn actor becomes known Veteran Actor Play in "Kindred of , the Du$e W. J. Kenrueon. who playa an Import-an- t role In "Kindred of the Duat," which Is being shown as the feature of the bill at theAmerican theatre all this week, has been on the speak in stage for fifty-fiv- e years. Hlnce 1870 he has never found ft nenessary to Broadway, and ft wan only pon the Inwtwtenre of the pro 4 . , . 0. Cloninger Returns in "Reel" Life in "Monte Criito" at Pantages : r rrnr-jz- ? y rl II II Ouwrent I lAltraclionsX DRAMA AND VAUDEVILLE - HeuM New vaydeviue bill opens to. night with Qua Edwards' fifteenth an. nusl song revue, Tom Smith and Joe Rmiey. Matlneea start tomorrow. ANTAOH WMilim Fox special. "Monte Ortato," atar east. Including John Gilbert and Ralph Cloninger, Vaudeville in. dudes Bobby Pender Troupe, Mils. Rhea, LsPlna and Emery, Judson Cols. -MUSICAL COMEDY. STATE Monte Carter and company In "Step Lively," a musical comedy; also motion picture features, MOTION PICTURES. KIN EM A "The Storm, great epectaeu-Is- r screen festure; comedy, "Cured," with oil animal actors. International t News. x PARAMOUNT.EMPRESS- Wallace ReldJ Conrad Nagal, Bebe Daniel in "Nice People') Lloyd Ham Hamilton In "Thai Speedetere." AMERICAN Peter 0. Kyne's wonder atory of tha Northwest, "Kindred of! the Duet." today and all this week;! "One Terrible Day," a new Hal Roach comedy. ftOiOADWAV O. W. Griffith's supreme masterpiece, "Way Down East"! com-- r ady. "Meat the Wife." OEM Agnee Ay re a in "The Lane That Had No Turning." ISIS George Arties In "The Ruling Pas-- . slon, RESORTS. . SALTAtW aTtra - aoetsssesw Sswse -- a Sl night, with balloon and rainbow light. V,nQ faatura. CRYSTAL HOTLAKES South on State. forty.fWe minutes from Broadway, ORt'HBrM CIRCUIT V AtTDKVlLLE COMMENCING TONIGHT f.iO ORPNEUM CONCERT ORCHESTRA J:35 . IOPt FAtHI t.tO 2 42 TOPICS Or THI DAY a:!7 ' LLOYD NEVADA & CO. ,SANDV,, Fern Redmond & HV Wells- - " 71 JOE ROLLEY , At PalmB.ach with Lm Laird. Z TOM SMITH Tl, Aaalatad by Harry Newman CUS EDWARDS' 15th Annual Song Re-V- ue With Tha Populkr American :5' Mnkrr. rTraantlnf "A FOUNTAIN OP YOUTH" - IN MANT SHOUTS Featuring ALICE FURNKSS AS a CHKSTER FREDERICKS and "A Fraah Cropa of Nawly Found Protaa" 4:4 PATHE NEWS 10:0 NIGHTS WED. TO 8UN.. INC.. 15c TO 75c MATINEES THUR8. TO BUN.. INC., ISO TO 15a-T- ax II Included. JJ ' "THE. OS GIT B ME" THE STUPENDOUS FOX SPECIAL . ' WITH AN ALL-STA- R CAST INCLUDING JOHN GILBERT RALPH CLONINGER ROBERT M'KIM SPOTTISWOODE AITKEN RENEE ADO REE VIRGINIA FAIRE WILLIAM V. MONG - . THE SCREEN'S CROWNING SUCCESS, TOGETHER WITH ' A WONDERFUL VAUDEVILLE BILL BOBBY PENDER TROUPE EUROPE'SWONDER ACT 0 MLLE. RHEA THE SWEETHEART OFTHE DANCE a' - ' JUDSON COLE FOOLERIES OF 1922 LA PINE AND EMERY LITTLE WHATNOTS OF VAUDEVILLE PANTAGES li " I. .1 VT THEN love blooms again in two ..VV heartsthat have been tea) pest- - blown by life, i that not the tweet- - est atory in the world? RUPERT HUGHES te one It1 American author who II tells his own story on the screen A motion picture you will remember forever " 1 you liked "The Old Net" you'll love "Remembrance" ' - (1 flMCAKI ' Jr'HCOOI- - ALWAYS Ml j Upaar BIQmtfft aat tootyof 1 At torwrrtrrn kwr.tairW r i Ityn MIH1AM CCTPER. Evening Cntlra tower floor. In. eluding lease, SSe ; mexss n n y tosee, ISoj bsicony. 10a. 20c. Mst-Ine- e, 10a, 15c, 95c. Her' yht u ottered ah ICQyYYnryfn 1 Week Paramount Week fl'',rV It thl, the"mad age"? fT a Are we all running CAN SMOKE 7JJ:;!Cx! hu Also A Gssolin Comedy LLOYLT HAM HAMILTON in hia lataat travaty en tha much-abuaa- d Fliwar "THE SPEEDSTERS" I Tha Uaual Good Muae Show. Star at 12:30. 2:1. 4:00. S:4S. T:30 and t:1 assaasafnaBaaaaKsaaKnanafMaaBBnataaaa 4 110,000 SALT LAKE PEOPLE HAVE " NOT I SEEN . " SEE IT I ; TODAY! ' K1NEMA fcfrMEATEs 4S EAST BROADWAY MONTE-CARTE- R Musical Comedy Revue Step Lively ADDED ATTRACTION ' VIOLA DANA Piaturo Sensation They Like 'Em Rough-Nig- ht All aaata, BOe MatTnaa All aaata, 80 Children All times, 10a Centinueue Perfermanee Daily 1 te 11. An entire new revee nairt weak. New eenoa new aeatumea, new eettlnga. r n Dance To-Ui- te To the Most Popular Dance Music in the State. Adolf Brox, Leader. -:- - ISIS -:- - ! M. R. HAND, Manager TODAY George Arliss "THE RULING PASSION" FRIDAY ANDSATURDAY "QUEEN OF THETURF" j Big Racing Special GEM ! TODAY v Agnes Ayrea "The Lane"That Had No Turning'' And ether (eereree. Tkmilar and rridar JtUT AHOI tt TDK XlilRrll." j scream from the minute he appears to hts last exit. He has a habitof making- audiences clamor for more, for his blackface atunts In comedy are claaslca In vaudeville. Vers iledaiena sad U. WelU aweaMt "Tha ; p," it ia a akit brimming over with comedy, with a Utile ains;-in- s; and dttnctnir of the enjoyable sort mixed In for good measure. "Handy." Hum Kd wards' little Scot oh ImmlRmnt, Is also on the bill with a lot ofhis lever tniltstlona and Rcolt inh folk song-H- . He's nothing; shortof s riot In his Harry Katidehlsma. Lloyd Nevada Co. ntart the show off with s combinationofmirth and mystery that put one in good humor. Aesop's Fa bles, Toplca of the Day and Pat he News add their share In making the bill one of the most Interesting that has ever graced the Orpheum stsga. Cus Edward One of Orpheum Feature Qua Kdwards comes to the Orpheum toniarht. This, as everyone knows, means one ofthe greatest vaudeville bills of the season st the local home of the big time vsrietles, for an Kdwards show may always be relied upon to product th very maximum in the good things ofthe stage. Mr. Kdwards brings with htm this sesson his latest song revue, a production heralded ss the very best thing he haa ever done. And this Is ssylng a great deal, forlocal show-goer- will remember the a rest offering he brought to the Orpheum last sesson. This yesr he offers "A Fountain of Youth," In which he sppears himself, ably supported by besuty,youth, artistry In song snd dance, and originality. The great actor, manager, producer, compoaer and starmaker nas a chorus In this year's production that will give a fillip to the jaded nerves of even the hsrdlest theatregoer, andhe Is seconded In his efforts by such well known youthful featured art lata ss Alice Furness and Cheater Fredericks. The production asa whole lacks nothing of the old time Edwards' pep, and the composer keeps It on the go ss of yore, with nary a dull moment. He alngs his Is test songs and some ofthe old favorites, too. ' Tom Sdiitth haa an offering of the variety. He does a single thst Includes soma clever eccentric dancing and a lotof nonsense that Invariably scores heavily wlthtiot weather sudiencesand all others rs well. Harry Newman ably assists him. Jos Rolley In "At Pslm Besch" Is a . rdulia Faye in ' De Mille'a 'Nice People at Paramount-Empres- s

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