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Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah • 2

Salt Lake City, Utah
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ii 7 SECTION TION nt LOCAL LOCAL PAGE AGE L' Sports ports Mining Classified Advertising News From All Parts of Cit City Full A Associated and arid United Press Service SALT LAKE CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY EVENING AUGUST 13 1924 The Newspaper That Does ThingsThings' DENT ENT STREET ORE bRE HElD UP U- PI I HIGH NOON ng as Purchasers Two I I Invade a el thing Establishment Rt red on West Side Foils Attempt Rob Safe and With tives Chases Onek One Culprits Successfully a thrilling chase hase that led Regent gent street to Third West South streets a man It he name of Sam Ritchie 22 22 arrested by detectives one- one lt after he with a com compan- compan pan pan- re alleged re-alleged to have boldly en- en the Rhe Grand Loan Office ltit street andheld up Bill Gail Gal Gall the the lone clerk In the of- of ch when arrested was car- car- car 45 caliber automatic pis- pis trapped to his leg and was fled led by Gallenson as one of 01 ibbers that pointed the gun at at- I. to Gallenson the two entered the loan office short- short ter 12 He lie said they edd around for more than one- one h. tour ur picking out clothing les shoes Jewels and el- el- el us articles evidently with an an- I an- Ion an- in I Ion in to buy The entire loot at 90 GUN inson told police that the deposited the articles In the the- ise the- ise the- iseise which one was carry- carry he claims reached his Is pocket apparently for tor the the- toto pay for the goods but In- In a pistol and ordered to stick up his hands Ick em up he declared or or- ore or- oreore fe you Gallenson said In re- re- re story ot of ththe daylight ipp hIe then ordered Gallenson to to- I ear ar I room where both men at- at t- id t- tedd to tie him While Ritchie id rover over him he said the other restarted started toward the safe sate evi- evi Intent to It open you If you touch that Gallenson Is reported to have othe the robber as he aped ap- ap lIed ed the safe sate Gallenson did did- ave a gun In his hand but had had- had- a a the store and he said he was Ito tr try the nerve of ot theban- ban andnd id make a break for his on n. TO TO ESCAPE teadlead of ot breaking the safe sate Gal- Gal ti said the bandits ran from ont of ot the store with the suit suit- of loot and headed north They few Ci-few few tew doors ran up the steps rooming house leaped out the window Into the alley and and- ll lost st st. lenson grabbed a revolver and nd 2 the police station sou sounding arm With Vilh Detective Roy Lari Larr Lar- Lar i fifi LeeTee Chasethe three hopped in mn automobile and headed down id South street As they ap- ap hed Third West street Gallen- Gallen said to have identified Ritchie walkin westward He was ached cached and arid without resistance arrested and searched ai caliber 45 automatic pistol trapped rapped under his clothes next grOin buthe made no effort elt it when he was loaded Into ar r.

and taken to the police sta- sta rAt fAt the station he said that he and needed some some- Yo some- ji Yo ji late hour Wednesday Bitch Bitch- companion who disappeared lipe the suitcase full of ot loot had had- en ien en apprehended I vo 00 Prepared forfo- rt Kiwanis Convention VO Aug 13 Everything Is diness for tor the Kiwanis con- con oh on which is to take place Aug 23 AH AU of ot the clubs of ot i elf have been Invited to send lany ady representatives es as is pos pos- rind nd from the general attitude ped ed by the local a will visit Provo on these I jJ 1 AND VARIETY the strong features of this store I II make no mistake if you oU buy Pr of of our comfortable davenports davenports are constructed with without best out springs and you OU will find ijas las comfortable as a 11 bed Ce Kr Kroehler Overstuffed Leather dt th makes 1 a S. c. ce e. Walnut I. I Dining s.

fA I Ite carzer Cream S. vi 95 Star tar oil Stoves Stove the best but made for hot weather r. Ranges Range oy Department Open ipen All Year STERN COGO ESTATE STATE AT BROADWAY ere lere thetho prices areara always right 4 1922 1922 i 3 Packard I I Sedan I New tires New paint Looks runs runs and is like new I I Weeter weeter-Colletti weeter Collett Motor 1 0 tor Co 0 SOUTH UTH MAIN II WasWM I oF ti II Grain Bags Potato Bags Se Seamless Bags Sewing Twine Twin Since 1865 weve we've been headquarters forthebestbeat Burlap Bags and Twines Any quantity from tOO to Prices right Bailey SODS Soils Co Grain Bags Twine Grain Retail Store 63 3 E. 2nd South Telephone Wasatch Office and Warehouse Cor South and 3rd West t- 2 i Lct t- Everything inill Building Material Special materials for garage construction KETCHUM i BUILDERS BUILDER'S SUPPLY W. So Was Wu Old Cedar Post Object of Reverence Reverence- Reverence 0 Daughters of Pi Take Pioneers neer Interest I 1 oo 1 Fence to Protect It From Vandals I Remains of Historic Tree at ai Sixth East Street and Broadway Broadway- lo fo Be Preserved Pre Preserved as Monument Monu- mentment in History Seclusion and protection from an annoying world are rewards merited merited mer- Ited mer mer mer- by ly old age Eveh Even a tree in Its declining years would register objection to slaps and pats of ot the curious and vigorous vigorous vigorous vig vigorous Jabs from sturdy but well- well meant bootscould it only talk At last old cedar post is to to- be to- be I bebo done with all this admiring but but destructive abuse This relic of i pioneer days das which stands at the I corner corner of or Sixth East street and Broadway is to have a fence erected erected erect erected erl around it to keep away the pe pe-pe- pe The city commission has Just granted the Daughters of Utah Pioneers permission to build one THE LONE CEDAR How long since old cedar post was a sapling and how long it stood there before first looked upon by white man cannot be determined but that that some of the gravest se se- I secrets secrets se- se crets connected with the building I of ot the great empire of ot Zion Is I locked up somewhere in Its heart heart- isis not such a matter of ture When Brigham Young ledhis band of ot pioneers to the valley In 47 47 this tree was one of the first to receive the Joyous attention of those weary travelers There were few trees in the valley at thanthab time the records show and the tree be became became became be- be came known to the early comerscorners as the lone cedar It marked marled a a- spot a- spot i spot between tile the place at the mouth of canyon where BrIgham Young uttered thehistoric words This Is the place andthe site where the pioneerspitched theirfirst camp which Is now PI- oneer Pioneer Pioneer Pi PI- Pi- Pi park WELL-KNOWN WELL SPOT The lone cedar was known to all travelers andbecame a convenient meeting place and it Is not too much to presume that many Important Important Im Im- irn- irn meetings between outstanding outstanding outstanding out outstanding characters took place In Its shade to say nothing of thetho whispered words of love that must have been exchanged at this naturally naturally natur- allyally popular trysting place The city placed the cement base around the tree to preserve It and the fence by the Daughters Daughters Daugh Daugh- of the Pioneers Pioneers' willwilt keep keep- keepIt It Intact for thefhe edification ofthe historically curious for tor many years it Is believed I Death of Woman oman Recalls Meeker eker Massacre of 79 Indian Who in Youth th Tried to Stop Slaughter Dies at Ouray An echoof ot the Meeker massacre comes from Ouray In the an- I announcement announcement an an- of ot the the death at the the- ol the- olA I ol olA Indian agency there ot of Chipe Chipeta Chip Chip- ChiP I I eta ta said to be theoldest woman In the Ute tribe She was ninety years old When the massacre of ot the Meeker agency was planned by by- the by- the by- thethe Indians Chi petta then a young woman is said to have done all In her power to prevent the slaughter of ot the agency residents resident The massacre of ot the agency oc occurred occurred occurred oc- oc In the spring of ot 1879 TheThc agency was located in northwest Colorado In Routt county now Moffat county Agent Meekerand two others were killed andthe women women women wo wo- wo- wo men and nd children were carried away by the Indians took Mrs Irl Meeker andher daughter daugh daughter to her home and kept them there for a considerable time Afterwards Afterwards Af Af-Af- Af wards tex they were taken by the mother of ot Old Chief Frankand lived lI with them lor or several years It Is said A company of ot soldiers hadbeen sent from Fort Bridger to the re relief relief re- re lief ofthe people at the Meeker agency but when they reached Mill Creek a few miles mlle from the agency they were ambushed by by- the by- the by- thethe Indians and slain A monument monu- mentmentmont now marks the spot where the soldiers were massacred Dougles Doug- Doug leeles the chief who killed Agent Meeker when he forced a barrel stave down his throat died only a a.

year ear or two ago and Chief Red fled Can who ho was alleged to bebo another another another an another participant In the massacre now resides near Ouray and Is be believed believed believed be- be to be the only survivor of the massacre eithercither white or red Commissioners Out Cut Granite Dist Levy By formal action Wednesday morning the Salt Lake Lak county commission made a correction In in- thethetho tax levy for tor Granite school die- trict die die- I to bring It within the tho statutory statu statutory limit forlor this year I The levy as formerly fixed waa wu wu- I reduced 04 of a mill which reduces I I the levy as It It- now stands to I mills Instead of 93 3 mills as at at- ii first fixed I Attention of or the county commission commission commis commission was called to the fact that the levy for the Granite district t- I was in excess of ot the legal limit by the state tate board of ot equalization I A resolution making the correction correc- tiontion was was' passed by the county board on motion of Commissioner I I S. J. Lindsay 4 OLD CEDARPOST posT I I 0 I iiii 1 wk i a t- I 4 4 4 Hot Dry Winds Stop Honey Flow Hot dry winds during July have caused the honey flow of ot thebees to stop to reports submitted submitted submitted submit submitted to the stats apiarist from the bee inspector of ot Duchesne county The bees hoes are ire not now mak- Ing making making mak making sufficient honey for tor their feedteed it Is said The honey flow stopped within twenty four hours and unless the second crop of ot alfalfacontains more nectar thanthe firstthe bee industry will be seriously crippled According to Inspector Ellis Merkley of ot Duchesne county the bees started In with a strong rong flow low the latter part of June and continued about eighteen eighteen eigh- teenteen days During this period the bees made two cans or pounds to a stand Change Announced in G. O. P.

Primary Place The rhe list of ot Republican primary places in county printed in The Telegram Tuesday and furnished furnished fur tur- by the county Republican committee gave the address of ot vot- vot In district in the Fifth precinct as Denver str street et It should have been listed at the home of ot W. rr Hopkins which Is at Denver street TAX LEVIESFIXED Sevier county on Wednesday re reported reported reported re- re ported the tax levy for the current year ear at 45 roms mills andthe school levy at 9 9990 mills making thetho total tax mills Elsinore In the same Bame county reported a levy for for- the for- the for- thethe town of ot 12 mill mills III BETTERING Of WATER ATER SUPPLY IS SUGGESTED Assistant Chief Engineer of National Board ofFire Firel i Underwriters i Offers Offers Of Of- Of-I Of fers Recommendations The unqualified and wholehearted whole hearted support of the Kiwanis clu club Is pledged to the ch chamber pf of commerce commerce comcorncomI merce in that organizationsorganization's effort to solve the Water supply situation A communication praising the chamber for its initiative in the in investigation investigation in- in investigation in- in was received by President Presi- dentdentFrank B. Cook of the chamber Wednesday We are ready and eager to aid your organization Jn in everyway possible possible pos pOSe sible said the Kiwanis club letter The Kiwanis club public affairs committee has been authorized to draft a resolution pl pledging Us members memo mem bers to assist in relieving the Water water water wa water short shortage ge President Cook complimented Mr Andrews on his report and ex expressed expressed expressed ex- ex pressed his pleasure over the in that they confirmthe findings of the chamber of commerce commerce com merce committee i Suggestions for bettering the water situation In Salt Lake were made by Robert E. Andrews as assistant assistant as- as chief engineer of the national national national na na- board of or fire lre underwriters to th th- municipal water supply committee of the chamber of ot commerce commerce com commerce Tuesday Mr Andrews'Andrews recommendations i i follow i 1 House tto house Inspection by by- aa force sufficient enl to cover the entire entire en- en 1 tire city Within three weeks Es- I Estimated Estimated Es- Es I cost COt 2 survey sur to detect underground leakage from mains I Estimated cost 3 Installation of meters on all all- ii service connections to Le be completed com com- 1 by December 1 1925 25 as proposed proposed proposed pro pro- posedby city officials 4 Raising the dam at Moun- Moun Continued on page C. WILLIAMS HAS BROKEN PELVIS PICTURES SHOW I Lieutenant Colonel W.

G. Williams Wil WIl- hamsliams adjutant general of the Ut Utah National guard who fell from a tree while fishing on on the lac l-lac Madison son I river In Montana Friday Frida suffered a fractured pelvis bone according I to the ray x-ray diagnosis made at at- the at- the at- thethe L. D. S. hospital Wednesday I morningby Drs John S.

Sharp and- Roy and andl Roy Grosbeck J. The he hip bone bon which at first was thought to have been Injured was found unharmed In spite of ot the the- Injury which according according according ac ac- ac- ac cording to physicians lans will keep him him- In him- In him- in In the hospital eight weeks Colonel Williams was cheerful on his ar ar- riel ar- ar riel here from West Yellowstone at 7 30 o'clock Wednesday morning He was met at the train by Colonel Le- I LeRoy LeRoy Le- Le Roy Bourne Bourn Captain A A. A J. Mechin I I and Captain F. T.

Gundry Gundry- of I the Utah National guard He was ac ac- I accompanied ac- ac I companied by Mrs Williams and aC 1 his hb son Roy I I had already broken four fliesfiles Colonel Williams said In relating the details ofhis tallfall and the fifthfilth I oneone caught In the tr tree e. I 1 climbed thetho tree and was working out on a I branch when It snapped The fallfail i hurt me more than I If first thought When I trltried to to move I foundlound It It Impossible It was a a welcome sight to see strangers come along and and- II find me The place on the tie Madison river where Colonel Williams fell tell was three-quarters three of ot a mile nile from the Halford and Smith camp twenty- twenty seven miles mUes northof ot West YellowYellow- stone Og Ogden en to Pr Promote Bathing Resort OGDEN Aug 13 BelIevingBelieving that that- aa resort on the shores of ot Great Lake near Ogden would at attract attract attract at- at tract many tourists and that such such- aa resort lt with with bathing bathing and amus- amus ment features would prove advisable advisable advis advisable directorsof ot the Ogden cham chamber ham ham- betber of of commerce at a meeting tI ay decided to over prospective sites for such a resort Syracuse arA Pr Promontory montory ai aro tw two I of- of otin tin places that will be consid consid- I ered I I I Thousands hous ds to to Honor Rodeo Rodeo Queen Quee Queen- Queen- I i 0 0 I Daily Irwins Irwin's Estimate o- nee o- 9 o- II Florence nee Makes Big Gain IF JF CHARLES B. IRWIN veteran veteran veteran- rodeo producer and promoter promoter pro pro- I moter of of the Salt Lake Frontier Round up und up is right the queen will play hostess to people at the state fair fairgrounds grounds each cah day of the big show August 27 30 This might soundlike bunk said Mr Irwin but dont don't forget that the up Round-up commands more than local interest This year rear we expect visitors fromall over the country who will pay homage to the queen In years to come people from all over the world should come to the Salt SaIt Lake Round Then confessed Mr Irwin lIm Im I'm awfully anxious to meet I the queen i Florence lorence Jones who has votes since Monday is inhi line to win will tile electric curling irons to to- tobe be presented by by- the by- the by- thethe Utah Power Light company company to the candidate securing th the most votes this week from 10 0 o'clock clock Monday morning rn until 6 0 o'clock clock Saturday evening Dont Don't forget that the queen in addition to all the favors rs of her reign will receiveseason passes for herself and escort to both the Paramount-Empress Paramount and the Victory theatres HOW HOVI THEY STAND HazelAnderson South West cst Betty Doran Meeks South 2nd East apt 8 Katie Washington street Florence Jones West Vest 1st North i I Regina Harris Edison street a f. i Dma Dina Johnson 67 East ast 0 Clara Flowers 1720 20 Major str street et i I Irene Ward Sperry Court I Lillian illian lian 1055 East 2nd South I HelHelen Holt Virginia street Constance Croft North 2nd West Jennie Johnson Pierpont av avenue nue 2450 Catherine Stack South East Glad Gladys 's East South Olive Lewis 1795 Lake street Bell Leonard Blair avenue Rosaline Hitesman West Vest North Dorothy Procter West Vest South I Esther Mace South West Vest Arvilla Pierce 1876 Lake street treet I Leona reona Bassett 21 21 street I Oenone DalleyDailey 2013 South East street I Alberta Brock Brunswick Place Martha RogRogers rs Harrisonrison a avenue 10 0 II Ruby La Planta 11 Aiken Court 10 0 Hattie Diamond 1537 Edison street r. I Hilda Ililda Jacobs Ontario avenue Mildred Simonds East South Sout 1 I Nina Searles South East i i- Nellie I I- NellieNellie Tedesco South West Vest Ivy Morriss Moriss East 2nd South Eleanor Dye 1st avenue HelenPatch 1112 East 2nd South 3 50 Katheryn Smith Alkire Smith Auto Co I Rose Fort Douglas 2800 Mary Iary Gleason Spiegel II street 2050 I Loraine Shai Crandall avenue 1850 Agnes Trost 3rd avenue 1800 1800 I Norma Bird Chicago street Chicago street 1800 SOO I Helen Goodman Cody Place 1800 i Genial Cox 1378 Gilmer Drive 1750 Sybil bil Goldberg 2499 Park street 1600 Christie Lund East South 1300 Martha Rodgers East South 1200 I 4 TO SPEAK UPON PRISON REFORM Many Other Subjects Also Also- toto Be Discussed at Penal I Congress Ope Opening ing at Hotel Utah August 15 The program for the fourth fifty annual congress of the American I Prison association which will con- i convene con con- i vene at the the- Hotel Utah at 8 o'clock ck Friday August 15 was an announced announced an- an Wednesday by E.

R. Cass general secretary of ot the association who arrived here to prepare for tor the I opening session Mr Mi Cass said that to will wm attend the sessions which will con- I continue con con- I from August 15 to 22 Among con I I I some of ot the prominent men who al- al ready have lave signified them Intention of ot being here are Dr CharlesCharlea H. Johnson president ot of the association association I tion George W. Wickersham at attorney attorney attorney at- at torney general of ot the United States from rom 1909 to 1913 1013 and Ramon Victorio Victorio Vic Victorio director of prisons Manila Philippine Islands The program Is as follows Frida Friday August 16 15 8 p. m.

m. Invo- cationcation addresses of welcome by Governor Charles'Charles R. Mabey and Mayor C. Clarence response and presidentspresident's address by Dr Charles H. Johnson reception and get acquainted meeting Saturday August 16 to 1230 A A New Light in Prison LifeLite Dr Frank Moore superintendent state reformatory Rahway N.

J. other speakers to be announced I 2 p. m. WardensWardens' association association- The PrisonProblem In the Philippine Philippine Philip Philippine Islands Ramon Victorio director director di- di I dl-I I rector of bureau of ot prisons Manila i P. 1 I.

John J. Lee warden of state state Prison Bismarck N. D. Subject to to- I to- be to- be I be announced The System of Education in Prisons GeorgeGeorgo T. I Continued on on page 6 JUDGE RAISES AUTO PARKING PARKINa PENALTY TO 10 I A fine of ot 10 was on D.C.

D.C. D.C. D. C. Jensen 18 of 1028 Eleventh East street In the police court Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednes Wednesday when Jensen pleaded guilty to to- a to- a to- aa charge of 01 parking hisautomobile on MainMahi street for a a longer nger nger period than two hours Tuesday afternoon I The customary finetine for the offense is 2 or 3 3 Judge Ben Johnson In passing sent sentence nce made it clearth that the heavy fine was being Imposed be because because because be- be cause Jensens Jensen's fatherJ.

C. Jensen abstractor had previously been finedtined for a similar offense ortense The I judge addedthat another violation I within a reasonable time by Jensen or hisfather tather would result I In tn the defendant going gong to Jail I IFo Fined For For Wid Cutouts Four jour were finedtined 5 each each- In each- in eac- hinin in inthe the police court Wednesday when they entered pleas of or guilty to charges of driving theIr machines machines ma- ma chines with the cutouts open in violation ofthe city ordinance The practice of drivers operating operating operating opera operating their automobiles on the street In an unnecessarily noisy manner manner must stop said Judge Johnson The court has expressed its willingness to cooperate with the policepollee de department department de- de in eliminating this nuis nuis- I de-I ance Ogden Coppers Will Meet S. L. Monday When Copper Met Copper may may zay be tilethe Itle of ot a story written next I I I Monday evening after atter the Salt Lake Lake- II departmentsdepartment's baseball tteam am has s- mm matched Itself against the Ogden policepollee team The game Is scheduled to take place at Bon- Bon lle park at at 3 pm p.m. The Ogden team recently trounced thetho local band of Coppers toppers when they went to the Junction City The local team swears to take Its revenge re next Monday Monday- however and then relieve I Ithe I 1 I- thethe sting of ot defeat with a little UWe I entertainment I Man Accused inS L.

Ore Salting Case Battles BatHes S. Fo Police William OConnor O'Connor Known Here as William N. Connors Riddled With Bullets as HeHa Fights Two Squads of Officers in ApApart- ment Apart rt ment nent Lives to Face Holdup and Attempted Murder Charges A AFTER FTER a spectacular gun battle with ten detectives on the third floor of a San Francisco apartment house in which he lie was vas riddled with bullets William OConnor O'Connor nationally known gunman guman bank robber andaccused slayer of his fellow felIo bandit James Blanton was captured and taken to the the the- theS San Francisco Emergency hospital OConnorO'Connor hasbeen In ththe San Francisco Jail jall and hospital since July 7 OConnorO'Connor Is said by C. E. Woods chief of ot Burns' Burns detectives In Salt Halt Lake tato be the man who operated in Salt Lake as as' as William N.

Connors Connors Con Con- n- nors in connection with ci-E- an crt crt- salting scheme devised to ell lo a mining syndicate for SOO OO 00 ji ji- mine amine a. a mine near Ely Nev Nv v. In February 1923 OConnorO'Connor worked here herewith with 0 McCoy The story as as' as It came ou out at the time attract attracted tl wide attentionbecause of a graph device employedby local detectives In tnt thehotel room of ot OConnorO'Connor and McCoy which was said to have Involved them In a scheme to defraud A carload of ot ore fromthe nor mine was was submitted to to the to the Garfield Smelting company where an assay found It to to be ri richly hb sprinkled with gold dust dusL st st. This aroused suspicion and led Ted tp arrest of ot the pair It It was vas al all ale that the got Into ihs all assayay office and ml mixeded the sam sample to provide for a favorable repot report At a a. jury trial McCoy was was' ac- qui ac ne qui quitted OConnorO'Connor was released on bort bOl HeIre went to Los Angeles for forr hI h.

malth aIth and was not summoned tv trial because physicians said he was In an ant advanced stage of ot ttu- tu OConnorO'Connor furnished San San Francisco Francisco Fran Francisco with a wild west thrill July 7 7 5 Detectives traced him to toan an an apartment house at Sixth 1 street Armed with sawed oft shotguns and pistols nine officers headed by Lieutenant Henry Pow Powall ell divided Into two squads one ne' ne surrounding the building the other other other oth other going to O'Connor's a apartment it One of themen called for OConnor O'Connor OCon nor to come out The answer was was- aa bullet that ripped through The tho door The criminal desperate then ran to the fire escape and was greeted by a a. volley of ot firefiro from below Bulletscame simultaneously simultaneously simultaneously simul simul- from the squad at the door OConnorO'Connor was game He Ie emptiedemptied- his pis gun un twice He was between two firingtiring squads When no more shots came fromththe room the de detectives detectives detectives de- de ceased firing OConnorO'Connor set up a R. white flag and ered When the door was op opened nM OConnorO'Connor was wavering his side bullet riveted his neck torn and his right arm dangling But Ul th weak and pitied tubercular was was alive alve He lIe said that he didn't i 11 Intend In tend to be betaken taken alive but thi that that that-Ie ho ho- ranran out of ot ammunition HeIreHeVaR was VaR called by the name nam William Wil William N. Connors the name ho he used In Salt Lake said to be his right one at the grandJury hearing In San Francisco August 4 4 last He was indicted on two counts one I charging him with the holdup of the Eureka Valley Branch of the tho I Bank of Italy Los Angeles and nd thetho other with assault to commit murder murder murder mur murder Jn Sn connection with the gun battle he put up when captured In thetho apartment July 7 1 at at- 48 Sixth street San Francisco A third charge that he headed het a bandit panggang in the Houston gem th theft ft In Lo Los Lot Angeles In June Is pending nor is also wanted In In Los Ang Anc Ange- Ange Jes es forlor the alleged connectionconnection- Inthe In- In the Providence Loan a robbery He Is Is- men in connection with the murder of ot his buddy Jimmy Blanton Blanton Blan- Blan ton In San Francisco early Jast Jut May ra In O'Connor's room room officer found a womans woman's wig and feminine apparel Indicating they say that OConnorO'Connor had planned escaping eSCo fromthetho bay city as a woman oman Schools Cannot Finance Statue i Of Indian Chief i I Plan to Raise Funds for Propos Proposed Proposed Pro Propos posed Washakie Memorial tS' tS Vill Will Be Presented in in- NearNear Future i if At Ata ta a conre conference ence held hel Ii In 11 the office of Governor Charles R. Mabey on Wednesday by the Washakie commission comcorn mi mission Governor Mabey and several sever several superintendents superintendents of schools It It- I it- I was was as the co census of ot that ththe schools could not be used for- the for- the for for- the I the purpose of ot raising a fund tb to erect a statue to thefamous In Indian Indian In- In diandlan chief who was friendly to the white people In tn th the thi early days das of Utah The last legislature enacted a law creating a a.

commission to provide prod pro videw whys ways 's and means by which a suitable site might be procured and also a statue of ot Washakie erected The commission was authorized to receive subscriptions from the people people peo peo- pIe of the state for this purpose It had been suggested that the schools of the state might take up the matt matter i of raising funds hence theconference Wednesday con considered considered consid consid- eredthe qu question sUon and decided that it was not a wise move Another meeting will beheldneld In In Inthe in- the the near near future when plans will be bo presented by which thetho provisions of ot law may be carried out It was said S- AmongAmong those In attendance at at- the at- the at- thethe conference were the governor go George Albert Smith C. P. Blanchard Blanch- Blanch ard Superintendent D. W. P.

M. NielsonNielsen C. E. Gaufin and State School Superintendent Dr C. N.

Jensen Jenen i WAR TROPHIES NOW AVAILABLE MABEY ADVISED Distribution Jf of war devices and and I trophies by bythe the war department to to- I the several states and territories I under the provisions of a bill en- I en- a enacted enacted en- en a actedted by the last congress is now I ready to be made The provisions of ot the bill blU contain no appropriation for the carrying out of ot the distribution distildistri bullon hence hence no definite time can be set for the transporting of ot the trophies Governor Charles R. Mabey Ma Ma- heybey bey has has been advised and he has turned the matter over oyer to th thotha ad adjutant adjutant adjutant ad- ad general of the state Colonel W. G. Williams In view of the fact that the state has no fund available forthetile payment of ot freight and other charges on the trophies should any city town tow or Ot club In Inthe Inthe in- the the state desire an any ofthe trophies they can communicate with Colonel Williams Among the trophies which are available for Utah are armor suits bayonets plain and saw tooth canteens cartridges helmets steel and Uhlan German machine guns German rifles of various kinds and many other devices There are also many devices and I trophies that are to be disposed of ot by the secretary of ot war which are I not not- considered on account of their nature as suitable for trophies These consist of knapsacks revolvers re I ers ere spurs spurs' and gun carriages and other articles I. I Want ant New Curtain for Nibley Park Theatre Theatre- SS Miss Charlotte Stewart of ot of the city recreation department asked I the city commission Wednesday morning for to provide pro a new front curtain for th the Nibley Park theatre for tar the production of The Pirates of Penzance The Tho commissioninformedher that 1 if she could find an somewhere In the park depart- depart mel t.

she might have It IL The matter matter mat matter was referred to tmtnt commissioner commissioncommission- er of ot parks for tor action I FEDERAL SLEUTHS BUSY Federal prohibition agents ar arrested arrested arrested ar- ar rested James West at South Main street Tuesday on a charge of ot selling one gallon of ot moonshine Frank rank Ramsey and Dave Law were taken into custody on a charge of transporting the liquor State charges will be bo preferred against them it la Is said 1.

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