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248. ARE ENTHUSIASTIC Decide at Mass Meeting to Build Good Road From Here to Malvern. MEETING LARGEST OF KIND EVER HELD IN COUNTY Two Committees Will Be Appointed to Confer On Building the Highway. At a meeting of th good roads boosters of Garland and Hot Spring County at Malvern last night. It was docided to build a good road from here to Malvern to tap the proposed national highway there.

County Judge H. C. Fitzhugh. of Hot Springs county, who presided over the meeting, will appoint committees Trom Malvern and Hot Springs 1o devise ways and meang of build-ng lie highway. l.x-K'-presentative D.

D. Clover, made a motion that Hot Springs and Garland county combine and form a district for th purpose of working convict labor on the road under the Patterson ait. Dr. A. I'.

Williams, of Hot Springs, moved that a committee from each city to be appointed to confer on the matter. Both motions were carried unanimously. Judge FitzhugU has not announc ed who he will name on his commit tee. Dr. A.

U. Williany-. Simon Cooper. Sorrells and the coun-tv tmlee of Garland county will be named on the Hot Springs commit tee. The meeting was the largest of its kind ever held in Hot Spring County.

Large numbers of the most prominent citizens of Malvern turned out. Among the V.g roadi boost ers present were: Judge B. C. Fitz-iingii. Captain Elmore Young, Captain V.

H. Cooper, D. S. MeCray, lir. Williams, Dr.

Frank lUnry, Captain Tom Floyd, Hon. D. 1). Clover and W. H.

Kirkham. T1k Hot Spring delegation went over on the o'clock train and returned the same night. In the party were: Mayor J. W. McClendon, John A.

Riggs, Simon Cooper, Dr. A. P. Williams, J. It.

Riggsby, Tom Pet-tit, Keb Houpt, G. Van Sickle, A. D. Fow U-r, J. S.

Harney and Peyton Jordan. The Rock Island railroad held the train until 9:30 o'clock lor the deloates. The meeting was called to order at o'clock last' night. County Judge B. C.

Fitzhugh was elected luirman. After making a brief address outlining the object of the meeting, he called on Mayor J. W. McCkndon, who told of the national highway that is being proposed. Simon Cooper and Dr.

A. V. Williams were the other members of the Hot Springs delegation that were called on. Both made rousing speeches for good roads and told the people the only way to get good roads is to work hard. That, the people of Hot Springs county and Malvern are aroused to the necessity of immediate actiou if Caey are to have good roads was mauifetied at the meeting last night.

1 r. S. McCray, Representative D. D. Clover, John Nemus, of Magnet Cove, all spoke in favor of good roads.

The road from here to Malvern is already in pretty fair shape and ell it needs is a few bridges and some working. County Judge Fitz-hugh says he will ask the levying court to build bridges and he is sure Hot Spring County will build its share of the road to Hot It has been figured that the route to Little Rock by way of Malvern will be but five miles further than one by way of Benton. The Malvern people believes the old military road from Malvern through Benton to Little Rock can be improved on at a small cost and with very little work and expense, Hot Springs will have a Kood road by way of Malvern to Little Rock. MALVERN ES ROOD 1 PRICE FIVE CENTS. OE DELAYS START OF THE IflTERURBAfJ Will Not Begin Little Rock Line Until it Has Been Secured.

COMPANY HAVING MOST TROUBLE IN GARLAND CO. About Eight Property Owners Have Refused to Give Rights of Way. The Little Rock to' Hot Springs Interurban Railroad will not be assured until all the right of way is secured according to L. Garrett, of the interurban railroad company. He says that only 90 per cent of the right of way haa been donated.

"We have gotten all the right of way for the Interurban railroad from Little Rock to Garland county said Mr. Garrett. "We are having all our trouble on this end. About eight property owners have refused to donate their property to the company for the Hie. "Many of the Garland county people have been very generous in, donating property.

T. M. Dodson baa given four miles, Walter Dodson a half mile. H. Westcott a mile, Col.

S. W. Fordyce a half mile Dr. R. B.

Dimon, a half mile and many others have helped. "I received a letter from Col. S. W. Fordyce In which he says the interurbftt'wril WtfSf ne f1-est things that ever hVuftened to Hot Springs antTthlivEe thinks all the should be interested in ft and do all tiiwr.a to noli) ejater- "UnleM these property ewnqrs whon'ave been holding out give their property, soon, may decide to change the route of the line.

The people of Benton are anxious to get this railroad and some of the other small towns between here and Ltttle Rock, have offered large bonuses. "We would rather use the route we have selected because it passes through a new country than can eas ily be built up. -The Interurban promises to be a great thing not on ly for this section of the country but for the people whose It passes through. They should he willing at all times to do all they can for the line instead of throw ing obstacles In its way." DECIDE STATE LINK OF NATIONAL ROAD. Ocean-to-Ocean Highway Promoter, Dell M.

Potter, Deslg-aates Route. LITTLE ROCK, June 7. The route of the "ocean-to-ocean highway" threugh Arkansas from Little Rock will be via Bentott, Hot Springs Malvern to Artadelphia. This an nouncement was made yesterday by Dell M. Pottef of Clifton, Ark.

president of the Southern National High way Association! who spent several hours in Little Rock, ehroute to Dallas, Tex. ln company with E. A. Kingsley, state highway engineer; and Dr. JOfc Bush of Forrest City, president Of the Arkansas Automobile Club and vice president for Arkansas of the National Highway As sociation.

Mr. Potter spent Thursday at Hot Springs, attending an enthus iastic meeting of good roads advo cates of Garland county. The original route from Little Rock did not include Malvern, but as the citizens of that town offered a bonus to have thp proposed road built through that place, the change was made. While it may be a some what greater detour building the road via Malvern, yet hills are missed which would have been encountered elsewhere. i Mr.

Potter was enthusiastic over the scenic beauties of Arkansas, es pecially in the vicinity of Hot Spring3, which place he believes will be one of the notable points on the route. He will attend a good roads meeting at Corpus on June 12, to complete plans for the route for a highway through that state. RIGHT WAY NEW FA(JL t-KUM MO. IN HOUSE OF RKPS William William L. Igoe, a St.

Louis lawyer and a graduate of Washington University, which recently furnished a cabinet officer in the person of its former president, David F. Houston, is a new man in Congress. Mr. Igoe is a Democrat and is the man who beat Teeron Catlin, the former con gressman who lost his seat because; his father spent too much money in securing his electiou. Catlin, after being unseated, ran for the office again at the last election, but was defeated by a good majority.

The new congressman is of Irish descent, is 34 years old and resigned as a member of the Missouri house of delegates to accept his new office. 'Services Will be Conducted From the Residence This Afternoon. The funeral of Judge J. B. Wood the prominent lawyer who died yesterday morning, will he held this afternoon at 4 o'clock from hid residence, 1622 Central avenue, Rev.

C. F. I. Tate, pastor of the First Baptist church, will conduct the services. Mayor J.

W. McClendon yesterday issued a proclamation calling on all the business houses to close this afternoon tc allow the empoy-ees time to attend the funeral. The Garland County Bar Association met this mornjng land made arrangements to attend the funeral in a body. The funeral arrangements are in charge of Judge J. P.

Henderson, who for years was Judge Wood' law partner. At the bedside at the time of his death wore his beloved wife, three sons, Scott John S. and and two daughters, Miss Marnette and Joe May and Ms brother, Hon. Carroll D. Wood, of Little Rock, Mrs.

Walter Morris, a sister from Ft. Smith, was also at the bedside. Following will be the pall bearers' Honorary From the citizenship, Co'. Air Whittingtoil, Damp Williams. W.

S. Sorrells. Dr. J. Mc Clendon, M.

J. Henderson, Dr. V. H. Hallman.

J. M. Housley, S. A. Buchanan.

From the Bar George W. Murphy, E. W. Rector. Judge C.

T. Cotham, W. H. Martin, Z. W.

Lake-nan, M. S. Cobb. From the churehf Dr. M.

G. Thompson, Dr. A. I. Williams, Rev.

J. W. Mclkmald, Dr. A. J.

Robertson, J. D. Brock, J. A. Townsend.

Active J. P. Henderson, H. L. Hale, A.

W. Borland, A. J. Murphy. C.

W. Swearingrn and E. T. Hous ley. Among those arriving this morning to attend the funeral of the 'ate Judge J.

B. Wood were: W. A. Wood, of Monticel'o; Mrs. W.

T. Amis, of Muskogee, The Rev. L. D. Wood, of Pine Bluff; Mrs.

Wood's brother, Mr. John Scott, and W. T. Uarry of Fayetteville. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY FOR SAKE.

The office furniture static machine and instruments In-lac of the late Dr. Snyder, and office for rent, call Monday and Tuesday 10 to 13 and 3 to 5. Phone 721. No. 125 Central avenue.

7 3L TO HOLD WOOD FUNERAL TODAY HAVE STATE BODY OF SUFFRAGETTES Little Rock and Hot Springs to Form state Association This Summer. TRY TO GET WOMAN'S SUFFRAGE BY INITIATIVE Will Have to Secure Two More Associations to Complete the Work. Tha woman's suffrage association, of Hot Springs and Little Rock will get together and form a state association according to Miss Adele Johnson, socretary of the Hot Sprints Women's Suffrage Association. Work on the organisation will be started this summer. According to Miss Johnson the state organization is being effected tor the purpose of initiating woman's suffrage In Arkansas.

The champions of the cause believe that they will never be able to get the ballot through the legislature. There are at preent two suffrage organizations in Arkansas. One is located at Hot Springs and the oth in LitUe Rock. In order to have a statfl body, it is necessary to have four state associations. It is the object of the members of the suf frage cause in this state to form the two associations this simmer and after getting a state charter go atte: the ballot in earnest.

Mrs. C. E. Rose and Mrs. O.

F. members of the Little Rock Association, were in Hot Swfirfgi'ilkis week in the interest of suffrage. They were getting the local association in line for the work this summer. Of the local Association, Mrs. Jas Spargo is president; Mrs.

E. Wright vice president and Miss Adele John son, secretary. A meeting was held last evening. A very interesting paper on suffrage was read by Miss Pearl Burrough. The paper dealt mostly with suffrage in Wyoming and contained the following resolu tion passed by the legislature in 1893: "Be it ralved by the Second legislature of the stue of Wyoming: That the -possession and exercise of the franchise by women the past quarter a Century has w.

ought no harm and has done great good in many ways; that it has largely aid ed in banishing crime, pauperism. and vice from this state, and that without any violent or oppressive legislation; that it has secured peace ful and orderly elections, good gov ernment, and a remarkable degree of civilization and public order; and we point with pride to tne iacts mai after nearly twenty-five years of woman suffrage not one county in Wyoming has a poor house, that our jails are almost empty, and crime, except that committed by strangers in the state, ii almost unknown; Rui nr. a result of experience, we urge every civilized community on earth'to enfranchise Its women without delay. "Resolved that an authenticated copy of these resolutions be forwarded by the governor of the state to the legislature of every state and territory In this country and to ev-ty legislative body in the world; and that we request the press throughout the civilized world to call the attention of their readers to these resolution" BOYLE CASE SET JUNE 13. Was Postponed on Account of Death of Judge Wood.

Jack Boyle, charged with pandering, will be tried June 13. The case had not been started in Circuit Court yesterday morning when news of the death of Judge J. B. Wood came. Court adjourned until Monday and the case was put off until June 13.

Boyle will be tried on one count in the Indictment, there were two counts against him but one was dismissed when Judge C. T. Cotham sustained a rtemurrer by the de- tenso. AKA 1 "To my mind one of the senators with inspired telegrams Senator Burton. IT 'forty-One New Members Are Takpn in By International Bible Students.

Forty-one were thif afternoon baptized members of the Interna tional Bible Students Association at WUitUhgton The baptizing followed a discourse on baptism by Pastor Russell at the Auditorium theater this morning. This morning praise and testimony service was held at 9 o'clock. This was followed by the discourse on baptism by Pastor Russell at the Auditorium theater. From the theater the crowds went to Whitting-ton park in five special cars. Pasto! Russell went out in the government carriage with Superintendent Harry Meyers.

The students crowded around the little lake at Whittington I irk where the baptising took place. many bowed their heads whije theii ider offerrl prayers; who were about to be taken into the fold. J. S. Cole, of Denver, emersed the new members as they were lead into the water.

Among those baptised were six negroes. J. S. Blaschke, of the Royal the ater, was on hand with his moving picture camera. He took pictures of the scene that will be bought by the Bible students and sent all over the country.

Praise service was held this af ternoon at 2:30 o'clock. A discourse by Brother C. E. Heard is to be heard this afternoon at 3 o'clock and a discourse by Brother P. S.

L. John son this afternoon at 4 o'clock. MAY OPPOSE PRESERVE Irkai'sas Congressman May Fight Montgomery County Project. WASHINGTON, June 7. It is probable thit members of the Arkan sas congressional delegation will op pose the plan to create a aire government game preserve in Montgomery as ha3 been tentatively favored by Presi dent Wilson.

The question of creating this immense game preserve has been referred to the Department of Agriculture for a report. There is feeling among several members of the Arkansas delegation that the government forest reserve in Arkansas should be disposed of rather than Increased. STUDENTS HOLD API OAY PKI5T0 Will Assist in Inspecting Busi Hness.Hpuses of city. Several prominent physicians and the tatire memltoralHPfOr the Civic Club have offered their Services to tne Hoard of Health to make the inspections in the sanitary contest ihal will be held among the merchants, soon, More, interest Is be ing taken in this contest every day and a large entry i 'expected when it is finally started. The main objact of the instruc tion department of the Board of Health is to teach sanitation and to show 'the' mr'chant3 they can improve their business.

Many people aiye a LITTLE timid about entering the contest but the board expects to have very little trouble. The instruction department Is in charge of a committee composed af Dr. J. C. Minor, W.

O. Forbes r.nd W. T. Wotton. A list of the phy gicinns who will assist in the inspec tion follows: Doctors Eastman, Harrell, DaCos-ta Walker, W.

E. Parker, Abner Cook, C. M. Wade, Wm. V.

Laws, Orr A. C. Martin, Fewkes. Koch, Hallman. H.

P. Ceilings, A. U. Williams Wallace, Merritt, Curtis, Con-nell Holland, McCain. Steele.

Vaughan, Ellsworth, S. P. Collings, Wright, Torrance, A. D. Shaw, and as muny mor as may be willing to assist in the wcrk.

The eutire membership of the Civic Club composed of enterprising women has offered its services as assistant inspectors. TO ALLOT STATE FUNDS Depository Board Today Will Open BliU From Banks. LITTLE ROCK, June 7. Bids for the" use of state funds will be opened this afternoon at a meeting of the State Depository board composed of Gov. J.

M. treasurer, John W. Croskett and Attorney General Wm. L. Moose.

None of these officials would forecast yesterday what action will be taken. An act of the 1911 General Assembly provided, JthatUje State Depository Board may advertise for the bids for use of funds by paying a certain rate of Interest on the money on daily balatioe. Last year all the bids were rejected because of the IlPf.COM TO NEM Oil III Rev. Percy Cross Says He Has Received Condiments On His Stand. That he has received letters from all over the United States complimenting him on hta stand on "Rus-selllsm" is the statement made by Rev.

Percy G. Cross, pastor of the First Christian church who last Sunday from his pulpit made an attack on the creed of Pastor Russell. "I have received many letters during the past week complimenting me on the' way I showed up the creed of Pastor Russell last said Rev. Cross. "They all encouraged me in the work and many raid that they would like tq hear more about it.

"George W. Muckley, general secretary of the Board of Church extension of the Christian church, was well pleased with the way I handled the matter last Sunday and wants a copy of the sermon so he can deliver it at one of the largest churches Kansas City next week." Rev. Cross says that he will fin ish his lecture on "Russellism" Sun-day; night. He declares something very interesting about the creed will be told the people Sunday and he expects a crowd as the one of last Sunday to turn out. GRACE ALLOWS DIVORCE SUIT TO GO BY DEFAULT His Wife, Acquitted of Shooting, Says, Sh Hopes to Be Freed from Georgian Forever.

PHILADELPHIA, June 7. Eugene Grace of Atlanta, has allowed the divorce Ruit brought against him by his wife, Daisy Opie Grace, to go by default. Yesterday was the last day on which Grace could have filed an answer to the suit oi the woman, who was acquitted after a trial in Atlanta of a charge 'of having attempted to kill him. In 1pt suit for divorce, Mrs. Grace charges cruel and barbarous treatment.

"I hone' I may be freed from him she said today. "No one can know what I have, endured." But If I. get a chance in court, I will expose him. I have had enough of men of his type." Grace has filed counter suit In SSELLI5M 4' 'ijf lP'0111 condition of tne treasury. Georgia..

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