Hot Springs New Era from Hot Springs, Arkansas on March 6, 1913 · 5
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Hot Springs New Era from Hot Springs, Arkansas · 5

Hot Springs, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1913
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1 THE NEW ERA, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MA RCH 6, 1913, FIVE. 1 0: Social and Personal MISS ALTA SMITH Editor Telephone 601. SOCIAL FORECAST. Thuredajr The Lotus Club holds an important meeting with Mrs. Claude Marsh, 1806 Central avenue. Auction bridge with Mrs. L. Leath-ernian, 426 Spring street. Sunshine Society bazaar at the Arlington during afternoon and evening. The Sans Pareil Clab meets with Mrs. L. W. Princehouse, 140 Henry avenue. The Oaklawn Club meets with Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Simpson, 14 Oak-lawn boulevard. The Thursday Bridge Club with J!.r; Iivin Keller, Central avenue. The regular formal hop at the Park I'.J'.r!. Srii'oe Dansante Club's private I H) Neiph'xiilioo-! Hook Club v.ili be entTta:ncd Jointly by Mrs. 'V. K. Cr.s and Mrs. Chark "Webb at tii'1 ii.nup of the former. Tie Oal; S'-bcol Improvement Association meets at the school building. The Arlington informal assembly. Kleven Club's private dance. Snlurrtny Miss Gaines a bridge hostess In honor of Mrs. Herbert Stitt of Baltimore. The regular formal assembly at the Eastman Hotel. Eleven Club gives a dance. LATEST STYLKS, FADS AXD FANCIES. . The first spring gowns indicate a great silk Reason. Tailored suits have short-fronted habit basques, short, wide sleeves and cellars with half-high back3 and open fronts; also some Claudine lingerie collars. Silks are Ottoman faille, ribbed serge and crepon. Many odd satin c:ats match the lainge draped skirts. Afternoon gowns are draped, slashed and short and are developed in crepe de chine, broche and flowered gauze, trimmed with tulle and lace. Beau-vats embroidery, effecting narrow braid on tullne. Corsages are transparent, with -open throats and -Venetian lace collars, high at the back. Extremely short sleeves. Sashes POST THERE ARE TWELVE BATH HOUSE VIEWS, NAMELY ALHAMBRA, THE HALE, IMPERIAL, LAMAR, MAGNESIA, HOT SPRINGS, OZARK, PALACE, PARK, SUPERIOR. . YOU UAN JNO. 0 draped at one side. Evening dresses are of tulle, bead embroidered, and of brocaded metal st' !)? in chirr, veiled with lace. Ti. deco".lUo i lo sloping, and sic -Mr; fains ar.? pointed. T nr at u :;-(i rralf on mintelets f tu?"e r- -e worn over lingerie ai.i' a!'V i!r( i-c-f . Colors are sand, biese, red, ci.erry, bottle green, Chippendale blue, mordore and til leul. Mannequins were golden brown cr mcle kid shoes with silk hose. PARK HOTEL GIVES nEOl'LAK HOP TOXIGHT. The regular forma! v.ekly hop j the beautiful V.ill: : : v. ?f '.he Park Hotel. ! Prefesfor Lewis and his orchestra, j who have become noted for their wry excellent dancing renditions, p'a'i an unufually rood program for tonight's event. Mr. anri Mrs. Hayes extend their iial cordial invitation to local and visiting society. Dancing begins at 9 o'clock. TANGO DAXCE 1XTKODIVED LAST XlGHT AT EASTMAX. At last night's informal assembly in the ballroom of the Eastman Hotel there was Introduced for the first time in the history of Terpsichorean activities in Hot Springs the famous "tango dance," recently imported by N'ew York society from the Argentine Republic. The dance met with In-,stant favor from both those who participated and the onlookers. Generous applause greeted the trippers of the intricate and fantastic step at each cessation of the music. A large number of the dancers exhibited familiarity with the "tango dance," and there Is every Indication that it is going to find Teady popularity in the spa. .MISS NEED EXTERTAIXS. LITERARY CLUB. The Literary Club, composed of the teachers of the Oa-klawn scnooi, met on Tuesday evening, with Miss Nodilene Sneed as hostess. - The early part of the evening was devoted to reading and literary dis- Because of misfortune we have come into possession of the famous Shannahan Post Card-Hot Springs Views stock and plant. This stock is noted for its millions and millions of high class colored post cards and souvenir views of not only Hot Sprinjrs but many other cities. This stock covers over 93 subjects of this city and 11 of Little Rock and as many of St Louis' choicest attractions. 26 HOTEL Arlington, Cclcnial, Cczy Inn, Delmar, Eastman, Eddy, Gaddard, Great Northern, Imperial, Josephine, Louisiana, Marquette, Majestic IN ADDITION U THE ABOVE COLORED POST CARD VIEWS, THERE ARE m.-uUT A MILLION OF COLORED VIEWS OF THE-SAME .SUBJECTS ONLY IN LARGER SIZES, PUT UP IN SETS OF 2,4, 10, 25 and 50 SUBJECTS ON ONE SHEET. THESE VIEWS ARE SUITABLE FOR SOUVENIR HOLDERS, BOOKS, CANDARS ADVERTISING NOVELTIES, ETC. ALL THIS STOCK WILL BE SOLD AT ONCE IN LARGE OR SMALL LOTS TO SUIT DEALERS, OR THOSE .OWNING THE BUILDINGS OR PLACES OF BU-S NESS MENTIONED ORANYO THEM 10 OUK NtW LUUA I UN. AMtH flLN ALL UIMoULU JIUOr WILL DC SULU A I ntuULMn wriULCOHLC rrwut. un mnuu ui ! VERTISING NOVELTIES ETC. DEALERS AND OTHERS INTERESTED SHOULD BUY AT ONCE BEFORE WE HAVE TO ADD EXPENSE OF BUT IntM Al ALMUo i JUlm A. RIGGS, or NEW ERA cnasion, after which dainty refreshments were served and a most pleasant social hour followed. A notable feature of this new club is that the members are daily associated and the harmony and congeniality existing among them is such that on each Tuesday evening they meet and spend the time in study and recreation, a delightful blend of work and play. Those present were Misses Boy-den, Sneed, Killingcworth, Cotham and Wier. MRS. KRAKMKR HOSTESS FOR MR. LLOYD OUDE.N. Mrs. L. ,Kraemer entertained a party of young people at her heme on, Quapaw avenue in honor of Mr. Lkyd Ogden of Rockfoni, 111. Rook and other games were played, after which refreshments were served. These present were: Misses Gara Howard, Frances Smith, Mollie' Hol-linshead, Clara Kraemer, Bessie Welsh, Fletcher Gunning, Mrs. F. Kraerner; Messrs. Lloyd Ogden, Fred Sims, William II. ("Boob") Johnson, Charles Radley, J. O. Connor and It. H. Banks. SUFFRAGE ASSOCIATION MEETS FRIDAY AT :t. j The Hot Springs Woman Suffragol Association will meet at the court j house. Friday, March 7, at 3 p. m. The following program will be given: Report of the action of the legislature on the woman suffrage bill, Miss Adele Johnson; account of the woman suffrage parade in Washington, Miss Ella Wright; report of the petition sent to the School Board by the women of the city, Mrs. J. W. Hudgins; address by Mrs. Lucky of South Dakota; address by Mr. John j Riggs. The puoilo is cordially invited. AXXOUXCEMEXT. The meeting cf the Friday Five Hundred Club, which was to have been with Mrs. G. E Buckstaff at the Milstead Apartments, has been indefinitely postponed on account of illness. PERSONALS Mrs. A. T. Hanson and daughter. Miss Maybelle Hanson of Minneapolis, Minn., who have been guests at the Maurice, left last evening for Jacksonville, Fla. Before returning home they will also spend a while in Miami and Palm Beach. . Both Mrs. Hanson and her daughter made many friends here among the residents and visitors, who regret their departure. Miss Hanson s;ng her way into the hearts of large and ap- CARD VIEWS OF Milwaukee, Moody, New Albany, Park, Pullman, Richmond, Rockefellovv, Rockefellow Building, Sigler, pauiding, St. Charlees, Townsend, Waukash?, rMrtn rnlbCd. dCC iv'W'-.l tady-S Dress. Here Is s becoming model and ons of the newest effects of the season. Thl dress closes at the front and ia made with three gored skirt and separate guimpe Any of the popular materials may M employed in Its construction. ' The pattern, No. 6,163, is cut In stow 34 to 42 inches busf measure. Medium size will require six yards of 36 Inch m terial or five yards of goods 44 lnchei wide with one-quarter of ft yard of 22 inch allover and one-eighth of ft yard of edging. For the body of fhft gnimpe seven-eighths of a yard of 89 lacaninf is required. j IThe above pattern can bd oMsteed ty sending 10 cents to the office of this paper. preciative audiences on several occasions at the Park Hotel. She has a lyric soprano voice of the sweetest timbre, melodious and birdlike in character, under a control that could only have been secured by persistent" and well-directed study. She sings in a quiet' yet effective style, free of anything 'suggestive of affectation. Last Sunday night at the 5 CHURCHES. First Eaptist, Central M. E. First Presbyterian, St. Lukes, "tf. Mary's. 4 SANITARIUMS. Diamond Joe, Kccley Institute, Red Mens. St. Josephs' 7 PUBLIC BUILDINbo Auditorium- Arkansas National Bank - . Park her selections were especially good, just suited to her voice and temperament, and left an impression on the audience long to be remembered. Miss Hanson's friends anticipate with pleasure her retum Iitrv next season. Mr. W. S. Sci-rclla has returned from a bu3ine;s trip to Shreveport, La. Mrs. F. B. Ellip:n, Mrs. A. R. Lynch and son, Harry, returned yesterday, after spending a week at St. Charles, Mp. Mrs. F. S. Baird of Wayside, Nob., is the guest of Mrs. S. E. Ellsworth. Mrs. Baird is quite prominent in social and club circles in her State. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Marion Al-dridge, Jr., 1119 Central avenue, announce the birth of a son, Francis Marion Aldridge III, Wednesday, March 5. Judge Robert Mooney is seriously ill at the home of hia mother, Mrs. J. N. Mooney, 110 Grove street.. He has been contined to bis bed for tea dayt. It was learned thi3 morning that Mrs. A. Frazier, who has been at the point of deatu for several days, was somewhat improved today. Hei daughter, Mrs. Ingersoil Goodwin, reached here last evening from Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dodsun :ave returned from a brief visit in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Mits Gussie Parker has returned from Benton, where she visited her sister, Mrs. Cisler. Messrs. H. Hilton of St. Louis, general passenger agent fcr the Prison lines; J. N. Connatzal, assistant general passenger agent of the Fris-o, and Mi. McDoogal of Birmingham, district passenger agent of the same railway company, are guests in the city. Mrs. Isaacs of Benton returned home yesterday, after spending a few days with her mothe?, Mrs. Alexander. ' Mrs. O. W. Watson went to Mc-Crry yesterday to spend most of the summer there. Mrs. J. S. Altschun of Pine Bluff, who has been visiting Mrs. C. A. Parker a tew days, returned home yesterday. CI Mr. Crea Pugh, a prominent attorney of Shreveport, is visiting Mr. W. S. Sorrells for a few days. The interest a store takes In the public is measured back to it y the interest that public takes In that store. "And a stare's Interest In the public Is erttieacea try tne extent of Its adverUstus. ADVERTISE IN THE NEW ERA. BUYER Business Men's League, Court House, Iron Mountain Depot, High School, ost Office. .9 VIEWS OF THE ARMY AND NAVY HOSPITAL AND OTHER GOVERNMENT AND RESERVATION BUILDINGS. VIEWS FROM H. S. M. A GALA DAY, 2 CENTRAL AVE. VIEWS. MOUNTAIN DRIVES, FISHING IS FINE, Amusements The Xcw t'enrral. Those ot you who laughed and en-Joyed the "Mutt and Jeff" cartoens In the Pathe Weekly l39t Thursday will be mere than Interested in the announcement that th?s speoal feature will continue this week. "Bud" Fish-jr, the OTeator of those two laugh producer., will also he on the program. Fisher has signed a contract with the Pathe people whereby he will draw esch week, before the camera, l.'ls inimitable "Mutt and Jeff" cartoons, and they have proven the greatest bit of. anything seen in this weekly In many moons. There is also seen in the Pathe Weekly the beautiful ice pulace at Saranac Lake, New York, as well as scentfs showing the wreck along the cosst of Plymouth, England, after a recent gale. General CiPriano Castro, cx-Presldwnt of Venezuela, is also before the Pathe Weekly camera, as are the King and family cf Sweden when on a recent visit to Stockholm. Those and mar.y other scenes taken in all parts cf the world constitute a great Pathe fc-atuve today, and will be shown in ecrnecMon with two olher special rele, a strong dramatic t?tory and a rnnriug farce remedy. Ilorno's Animal Show. After a mother seal in capt;vity at, the Horne Shew near Whittinst' n Park had given birth to a small sea! and the Zoo management w-'.s happy over the new addition to the family the mother spoiled evertyhing when she killed the little one. The mother had been watched for some hours after the advent of its y:ung, fearing she might harm it, but she behaved well until eyes were turned away, then she killed it. Adversion to life in captivity is the only reason that can be assigned for the act. Doc Owens had the baby seal placed in alcohol and it will be a part of the museum, Just the same. Notice. All delinquents and those who have not paid vehicle license are warned to pay same. This order goes into effect tomorrow. The chief of police has been notified to arrest all violators, and will begin to do so tomorrow. W. W. WATERS, Mayor. ' When one more housewife, becomes a regnlar, systematic reader of the ads, one more home la added to the number or Wiswy Managed Households in this city.' HEART OF HOT SPRINGS, WATER MELON TIME, OBSERVATION TOWER, HOT WATER FOUNTAIN, MAURICE SPRINGS, PANORAMIC VIEWS, OSTRICHES, ALLIGATORS, PARK HOTEL GROUNDS-PARK AND PROSPECT AVES. WINDING DRIVES, BATH HOUSE ROW, -TOO TOUGH FOR ALLIGATOR And Many others, together with many private residences. .j w 1"r-'Xi; -JAii Vcfb ev CALLING ON YOU. GET BUSY Telephone NEW CENTRAL THEATRE TODAY "MUTT AND JFFF." Are with us today and "BUD'' F7SHER is on today's big program. See Fisher draw "em. PTHE WEEKLY Is better today than ever before. Two other new reels will also be shown ttiat have never before been seen in Hit Springs. WANTED JEWELRY Manufacture, Remodel, Repair DIAMONDS. Remount, Reproug, Reset SPECTACLES. Repair. Expert Workmanship Gu wtee k lewehy Mfg. Shop r 130Park Ave. Op. Majestic Hotel - B. J. Soderlund FOR RENT. A well-furnished tive-room-l cottage, arranged, if necessary, to accommodate two small families. Situated on cne of the principal streets; on car line. JOHN H. LEWIS. 625 Central Ave. Phone 331. aifllA WIUII C NOW WHILE 1748 s 9 ft V

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