The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 15, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS •VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 2f.7. Blylhevlllo Courier BlytliBvllle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER O? NORTHEAST AU1CANBA8 AND BOOTIlEAffr MIBOOU1U nlylncvllle Daily News MKslsslppl Valley I/?adei • __ H1.YTJ1HVIUK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JANUA11Y 15, SINGLE COPIES FIVE Assislant Attorney General's Talk Regarded As • Political "Feeler" Bailey Is To Hear Flea For Commutation l.'TTI,E KGCK. Ark.. Jan, if, icUI'l—Gov. Carl 'E. liuiicy wlll return lo his oilltv Monday t tin applu'aliun of Newt lor 11 cnniiimiulon of hii denili! sentence, it was iiimomiml io-i i lay. James L. Bland, secretary to tlu't giA'ornor, In making the ;itinoiiiuv- : meru, suid Hit 1 executive In iv- l.'iii.itib' to his office would slayl crly n short Uni; each day :ii' the order of physicians. "The doctors hiivi 1 agreed lilin lo rt'turn to work Nominated For High r<mrl Dumas Boys Releas- Unharmed Officers Di ROCHESTER, N. Y.. Jan. 15 (Ul't— Assistant Attorney General Holiert H. Jackson, the New Deal's number one trust buster, renewed I'Is atlark on monopolies today, warned business to free it-self ol holding company "parasites" and absentee landlords and called the so called "death sentence" for utility holding companies "the emancipation proclamation for local operation companies." Denouncing "financial bureau- craoy." ho repeated his previous, castigaUon of the "ruthless tew"! f i r 17 IX i \vi- who "exploit our social life to sat- J ucl ge <J- t. Keck Wl isfy t.'ieir own overdeveloped in- " stinct-s of acquisition' Jackson spoke before the Rochester city club here—only a few miles from his home iii James- toivn, N. Y. lie devoted a large portion of his address to praise of relations between New York state Government and business. His remarks were interpreted by some observers as a test of reaction to the justice department official's possibilities as the next Democratic gubernatorial candidate. Would Accept Nomination Jackson already has admitted that he would accept the nomination if the party drafts him. Jackson's attack on "financial bureaucracy" and parasitic holding A iv lufor. .nt' •'."• l " ilium UJ UU1K IJJI UK.'promlKe lliat he won't be ljo'li-1 UUMAS ' A ™.. •'•'"' IS. lUI'i- ered «Hli too much he-ivv woii- 1 ' lll " ly " llk ' 1:ll!i weir notified i.-j- Bhtiul said ' ' <!: 'V tll; " tl "'<' 11 yumi'j m.'n of ilils __ «'y wi'ff 1'iiiui.te to their homes Preside Over Civil vision Here The January term of circuit civil court will open here Monday with Judge G. E. Keck of this city presiding and a variety of city were emoUe to their homes hen; ufler having IXTII forced lust nislit to drive mi i'.<ra|)eil Ciiai- mins prison fnrm IniKty In thelri uiitutnabllc Id Giliiicr, 'Tex. They are Ciardmr Clill. 20, L. j J. Stiidslill, li). and Chester Wheeler. IB. The men called officers fro',1 l Oilim-r today, saying they were [ kidnaped last nisjht by Hurry Wells I convict, and forced Ijy him to drive lo the Texas city. Prison farm oiticials said tint Wells acted us cluiuffenr for I. N. Moore jr., farm official, and .slopped the young men. in a light delivery car. lust night ns they lo attempted lo deliver groceries lu the home of I. N. Moore sr.. where (he convict had driven the offi- stilts, ranging from alienation ol clttl earlier in the c-venln B affections and seduction complaints' Wells ' absence was noted to the usual personal injury actions awaiting determination. Members of [lie jury panel will report Monday, several cases having been set down for trial rn that day at the tentative docket setting by members of the bar, subject to the court's approval. Alienation of affections suits i:i- i'om|ianies followed closely Presi- c 't<de Uiose of Jack Timms ag • - Moore jr. came from his father's .home (o start the return drive to the prison farm. His motor car was standing at the curb where Wells had been left (o guard it Relatives of the missing men reported their absence shortly after midnight when he failed to return home. D. \V. Gill, father of one of the Roosevelt's call yesterday for nation ol all holding companies but Jackson devoted his castigation largely to holding companies in the public utility and .. financinj fields. He criticized particularly nbseti- tee^finaricial -Jfittvests.who "have no interest— in your community, no c-lose knowledge of local labor con- i itions or conditions in other local industries." using (lie Eastman Kodak company, located here, and its founder. Gecrge Eastman, as an ex- i mple, he said that there was no fear of si?.e that justifies itself by efficiency «nd economy. "Men like George Eastman were' creators, willing to live and let live." Jackson said, "but the vast financial bureaucracy which tries to get financial control of these local industries are not creators. In t:.e main they are parasites . . ." subject to coll. C, of C. Nominating Committee Is Named A nominating committee of D. A. Lynch, Ross D .Hughes and Harry W. Haines was named al r. meeting of the 18 directors of the chamber of commerce last rlsht. when it was decided to have the election at a later date. It was also voted to postpone the naming of the exact date ot the annual dinner, which is lo be: held during the last week in January, until a speaker is re- cured. C, W. mo 3 ' ,', lc l lhcllc against Matt Scruggs The form has been given , ten" ve a 0 ' ti 11,™setting for the second .Monday of 1 werc " nrmed b l' th the tern, and the iatte, case °iJ|»™' MB * "'"** who leflthelr •no lo "is son 'I" 1 n °" C nrmed b l' the near Gilmer. Mrs. Eulala Lawrence Is seeking \!,r t T „ ' , damages from the Orange Crush ™Cl,pjnD lalKS About . ' "" " State Safety Program company lor injuries allegedly suffered when she drank part of the contents of a bottled beverage which she claims contained a fo.-- eign substance. It, is for trial the first Friday of the term. A similar complaint is the basis of n complaint against J. A. Leech proprietor of th here. The case second Monday • William McComb of Little Roc's, who hearts the Arkansas Automobile Association, addressed local members of the newly organized , 1 Right of Way May FinaKy Be Provided For $156',; 000 Project If plans being worked out by the chamber of commerce are successful, the long-needed overpass at AAA club nt n 7,„„,!,. '"'• uie long-needed overpass at !amsi j. A. Leech. £, at a meeting last night. yarbro will become n rpiliiv n i* • he Coca cola ptam 1 ""« ™" .^°™«'«^ 'or open-|b°. eved nal h $15000rolect fA^r,™ "« IvVor^r °^ Ir^SSi?""^^ be^t'Sied' of the term. Roofing Company Files Incorporation Articles The Becker Roofing and Insulating company, of Blytheville, has i filed articles of incorporalion at' ; , "-»• •!%•« i, 11 UIUU : Oil a short lime and it was decided impossl to elect officers at another meet- i IBM < imi tt* lit, nnll*..* . 1 IgUl. (J ing. to be called soon, when to oblni " »'" . - wl » ^ started some- bm throughout bo present. the district ie "';|""ic this spring. Whether or nol . Tlic safety program being launched in Arkansas by the AA-\ the Arkansas Centennial commission and the stale department ol Little Rock, listing authorized cau ital stock at 75 « ital slock a I 75 value each and _.., . beginning of business at Specimens of ancient mam- inotlu have been found wIMi the f'jifl of their last meal still be- Iwccn their teeth. WEU.7 BY BOB BURNS __ capitalization ''" r ' discussed who outlined the 'art of which Mr. C01lrsp . The incorporates were M. R ! Becker, of Kenllworth, 111., and E. 1 0. Dammann and F. A. Frederick, of Chicago. N. H. Murdock, of this ' a city, was named agent for service. IV ___ -- . York high schools, 'mis course mny given In the city high school irujg Die second semester. . the right of way, the only obstacle, is obtained will be kno(vn within a few weeks. Efforts are being made to obtain 30 acres of land, necessary for the right of way. If Ibis is accomplished, work will likely begin on the one and a quarter mile ptn-ed approaches which will link the overpass, to be constructed across the Frisco railroad tracks north of Yarbro. with the present route ot 1 High way 61. present route . „ . . ' -o ^ "*. mi. I«C:>C.'IIL ZOIUC s nrst mler-colonial! IhroiiRh Yarbro would be an al»cry of mail was made | tcrnate route. bc t»'cen ' New I The first plan adopled was aban- 1C12. Boston. IliRhcst l.iglilhousc Brighter HOBART,. Australia <UP) — The' Deal lighthouse (Tasmania) which is 957 feef above the sea and ranks as the highest lighthouse in the world, is to be stepped up from am a 3,000-candlepower acetylene, th r light to one of a power electric light. doned after Ihe right of way was nol obtained and a more • feasible plan worked out, whereby much less money nnd less right of way .would be needed. Trie federal ap- NF.W YORK, Jan. 15. <UP>—I Proprlation has been made for Stock Prices The stock market rallied lodavj some limp and scored gains ranging to more ~— QUII.U lunging tu IJIUI L I ' uer acetylene, thn,, (,ra points in the main list I-»il D' n i a million caudle-, volume was light toward "he clo^ Llttle RlVe r Bank Rhode .Islancl Mgh Purchases Gin Company's Properties Here The Jake Ungtir Qin company's properties In this city were taken over by Edward G. Lyon. ot Providence. R. I., in a deal closed yesterday in which the new owner paid 420,000 cash for the gin and its equipment, the N acres u short distance norln of town, on which the Bin Is situated, the residence at the corner of Illli nnd Hearn slrceU and the property at 1510 West Ash street. Mr. Lyon negotiated last Ocl- ober for (he properties which wore lo be purchased I>y him at the end ol the present ginning season. Stockholders of the company were: W. M. Scruggs, president; Jesse Taylor, secretary, and relatives of (be lute Jake Ungar who do not reside here. Mr. Scruggs, who was manager of Ihc gin, will continue lo reside here but will devote all his time to his cotton seed and farming business. Senator l.<v Declares Action Nmlrt! To Maintain Niutralily U'lTl.H HOUR, Ark., Jan. l!>. ">!,'> K|;erifyliiK ti system Id "i-iiinU piollls" iTsiillliig from a war. Seimlor Josh U'c, Democrat, 1 Oklidionui, here loduy before moi'e than am imbibers ol Ihe Arkun- fii.s i'lvsx rtssocljillim nnd tlielr guiM.'i. outlined ways In which ihe United HtuU'.s mtyhl slay out ol wur. Me asserted tliul. Hie nniiim should depend upon (mi thlims In remaining neutral, rather than relying on cominun means of •cdlicatliijj people amiinsl war and depending on peace treaties anil dlsnrmiuiH'iil programs." T'hu two, be pointed out, wen: Continuance of the American non-iniervenllon policy, and i>n- nclmtnt ot a Icijlslallve program of "wur liixivi." In Ihe latter program, lie said, a bill should "DC enacted Ihis session lo remove Incentives from persons prolUing by war. A tax should be levied <m the wile of goods essential In warfuve." Oiilslniullng In Ihe so-called war lax plun, in; pointed oul, would be n system of removing "proilt from Ihe fhuinchig of ivar." The government Hhould be able lo ilrufl u'ciillli as well as men Into service, he declared. Lee said lie believed that "alltioush war cnnnot be prevented entirely, peace can be prolonged, "War never proves which Ride Is wrong," he .said. "It only proves which side Is Ihe stronger. "When we want medical or ._ gal advice we consult a doctor or lawyer. In war questions .\i\\y nol consult the warrior? He rnlgh fnrlher encourage me prcventloi of win." Message Asking Naval Expansion Due Soon ! WA.'illlNfiTON, .Jllll. 15. llll'»-| I'rtfldrlll HciiMi'Vcll. proli:dlly tfil] ,'i'inl lo run i! n?::; Monday nr 'liu">- ilny in IK MI v.e.k his f.|)w1n| me.s- MUV i-nDlh • 1i,r u niival txpnu- fti.n |>ji/[;i;iiii, .'iciTi'lury at llic M:i- j vy U..IUK 1 f,,vim:,im sahl Unlay 'il' lor u Wlilti- llnii: i' I'onini-ii ' | Sends Solicitor General's Name To Senale As His Choice. Wuwnuoo, ambassador to China, wllhin u week and the cliliuvsi! ambrissador lo Tokyo. Ifsuii lihlh- Yins. will lonvc Tokyo of Ids own liilllullvc, Ihc authorilallve Dome! news agency said toduy. Coiifcreiico To WASHINGTON. Jan. 15 (UP)~- I'n'.sldeiil fioosevclt today nomi- naled Slanley Heed, Kollcitor gen- I'rul ot Ihe United States, to the supreme court Justiceship left va- ',, . "" ' ™IH by retirement ot Justice Urclor Ambassador I o i Ol '«w sntncri«nd. R , - The president wibin el urn I loin TOKYO. Sunday. Jim. lii ail 1 ) — The JnmuxNiR Imperial conference has decided lo recall Till- agency, Hie ofllclul n iilu'esl ol nnnouncemcnl of Ihe •.ontcreiice'.t decision, which will bo issiit! dloday, said (tie Klutcmenl would nay Unit ,hip- iin must punish Uie a nil-Japanese ndnunUlralion in China, which is disturbing Hie peace of the orient. Thu Bliilcmicnt will say, Doini'l cimllnuc'd, that Japan ' pallcutly awalltxl u chancg of nUUuilv by China' bul tlic latter showed no signs of It so Ihcrefore Japan must continue vigorously its punitive campaign against ClonornUssl- mn Chiang Kai-Shek's regime the new Pelplng government." Sikeston Attorney Named Pate Case Commissioner SPRINGFIELD, Mo.— Action in the disbarment (proceedings pending against Sharon J. pato of Car- — ,— jinltled tlic nonilnalloii of Heed lo the senate In a Mirnrlso move, as Ihc recommendation had not been expected before Tuesday when Sutherland formally slops down from I Iho The city of Providence, R. 1., Is the world's largest jewelry center. Execute'd by Shot Through Temple I'll never forget an editorial II [ Ltlc Kansas paper, one I Being natural is not only a lot'a fun but it's darn good business. I've found that the actors that've stayed on top the longest out here in Hollywood are those wlio had courage to be themselves. read in a little n.anouo |)»^^i, un^ - t lime, written by the editor him-1 s self. | It said "I have been criticized quite a llltle by some of the lown smart alecks for usin' poor grammar. Now I've got three good rea- Eons for tills. In the first place— I don't know no better; second, 1'alf of yon wouldn't understand it if I did use it; third, if I did speak and write correctly, I might be maimgln' some big New York paper at a large salary, and you farmers would lose Ihe best editor In Graham county." NEW Cotton Mar. . May .. July .. Oct. .. Dec. . Jan. York Cotton YORK, Jan. 15. (UP)— closed steady. open high low close 850 855 861 870 872 854 861 866 875 877 848 854 SCO 8«8 872 853 359 «55 371 377 374b PINCHOT SEEKS THIRD TERM Spots closed steady at 883, up 3. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 15 (UP) -cotton closed two to four points higher today after recovering from an early sag i Mar May July Oct Dec. Believed to have been killed when she interrupted Ihe slayer who shot to death Mrs. Lena Waile in Ihc lattcr's home at Elmont, L. I., tKe body of Jeanne SchueHion, above, was found in anolher room of the house. The girl, like her friend, was bound hand and foot with silk stockings and had been executed by a shot through the temple. >pen high 862 867 867 874 813 878 8"9 884 «82 882 low close SGI 8C6 873 879 882 863 873 j)78 883 387b , , -™« w& QO4L, Spots closedjteady at 876. up 4 Chicago Wheat Reelects Officials LEPANTO, Ark., Jan. K-The Liltle River Bank of Lepanto held i(s annual stockholders meeting yesterday and elected the following oflicers: K. P. Cullojn, president; W. F. Wilson, vice-president; D. F. POI-- tis. vice-president; Benton Oar- rett. cashier; Miss Myrl Seymour, assistant cashier. Directors named werc: W. F. Wilson. Benton Garret I, S. A. R«g- euold. K. P. Cullom, D. K. portls, B. H. Murphy and Oscar Wcenis. A cash dividend of 10 per cent was paid to the stockholders and $2500,00 was added to the permanent surplus fund fro mthc 1937 earnings. The .statement of the Little River Bank showed a good year with deposits $233,312.50; cash, U. S. bonds and commodity credit corporation loans aggregating the sum of S231.176.28. The capital. .iur- plus nnd undivided profits are $43,604,33. May Jtilr open high 97 7-8 98 192 92 1- close i 7-8 97 1-4 jTwo Draw Fines, Jail Sentences For Larceny Robert Simpson and Frank Al- Newcomb New Treasurer Of Power Corporation Oliiirlcs liny Newcomb has been named secretary and treasurer ot the Arkansas-Missouri Power corporation, and Franklin E. Atkinson bus been made general auditor of the company. It was an-1 nounced today by James Hill, president of Ihe corporation. Doth will be clectcirio their positions by the board of directors as officers of the corporation. Both Mr. Newcomb anil Mr. Alkinson have been connected wllh the coriwration for a number ot years. Making Ihe announcement, Mr. Hill said: "The company has always followed the policy of promoting personnel in Its organization instead of Importing men I from outside of the company for I evident reasons." | Mr. Newcomb replaces K. D. Carpenter, who resigned to accept | a posllion wllh a Chicago firm.' Howard Wilson, who lias been with the Poplar Bluff, Mo., local ol- flce. has been transferred to the general office here lo take over certain accounting duties Incurred by an Increase In Die company's business and the personnel transfers. awnlts tiic announcement. of dale for hearing Ijy M. E. Montgomery of Slkcslon. Montgomery was recently named commissioner lo hear the Pule Some Shore Lines Chicago Corn - ' J^UJT.I. vji»nj^suji ai:u riiiiifc ni- ai 1-8 91 l-4 |ki ,. s wcrc eaj), nne( j ^ and sell . " 'tenrrd to 30 days after having IIP, n found guilty on charges of K".I; larceny in municipal court ixJa.v. -^- tu iow ciose They were charged with Ihe May CO 1-4 60 3-8 60 1-8 60 1-1 theft of some chickens and iiiso- July 60 3-4 ci 1-g 60 3-4 61 open low close Hue High School Athlete Is Hurt In Accident LeRoy Brown, star athlete ot the city high school, received a severe cut on his right wrist and arm late yesterday afternoon when he was Injured In n highway accident) several miles north of town on Highway 61. Although it took nine stllchcs lo close the wound, the artery was not cut and It Is be- j Hcved the injury will heal without any complications or mad results. I His arm was cut when he was' thrown through the right front window. of the car In which he was riding when It collided with a car said to have been driven by Miss Dorothy Knitz, "Miss Birdie Thompson, who was' . driving the car, and LeRoy Brown I;' were accompanying Miss Gather-1 j. Ine Thompson to her home when . Ihe accident occurred about six o'clock. Both cars were slightly damaged but no one else was Injured. Giflord Pinchol, twice governor of Pennsylvania, emphasizes With vigorously gesticulating hand that he is ready for Ihe 'fighl of his life." despita his Y2 years, lo win Ihe Republican nomination for a third term. (lis many foes within the parly assure a bitter struggle for the gubernatorial nomination. liecd is a 5'J-year-old veteran of New Den I legal buttles before the hiffh irlbwinl. Upon him lias fallen Ihc burden of defending Ilia government in repeated challenges before Ihc supremo court of legislation enacted by Mr. Roosevelt's administration. As solicitor general Reed directed tin; legal defense of Ihe gov- ernmonl before Uie supremo court nnd repeatedly had been suggested IIH n likely nominee to n high -'ourt vacancy. I-'xb;iti.stIve I'robc ftxpcctcrt Tlic senate already had given notice (bat Ihc nomination would be subject (o closest scrutiny by the judiciary committee prior lo n report to the senate which must - b mii-oiiv-Ka reKimc conllmi " le selection. meanwhile "shaklnc hands will! Chairman Henry p. Ashurst ~ (Dem,, Ariz.) of tlic sennte Judiciary committee said that opportunity would be given for any "coherent citizen who desired to appear at hearings on Uie nomlna- lion." Reed defended Mr. Roosevelt's court plan iu n strong letler to Ashurst. at the .height of Ihc bitter controversy, whlco,,rmrted in. the ..junking of Die , president's proposal: With retirement of Justice William Van Devanter last June Reed Immediately was mentioned as a 1 likely appointee to the vacancy. Instead Mr. Roosevelt nominated Hugo lj. ninck. , need's confirmation by the senate will ijive Mr. Roosevelt hla eiond appointment to l!ie supreme, court and was exacted to Insuro .he New Deal a majority of five justices on Ihc'nine-man tribunal.' 1 rhe other four members of the ourl depended upon to vote to uslnln administration legislation .ire Black and Justices Louis D. Branclcls, Harlan F. Slone and Benjamin N. Cardozo, now critically III. New Deal's I'Ic.ider Heed has personally pleaded many New Deal causes before the court on which he was nominated to sit. Most recently lie handled •he argument which resulted in tho court ruling upholding the right of the. Public - Works administration to make grants and loans to municipalities for poiver projects Cases argued by Reed in tho supreme court included tlic "gold clause," tlic National Recovery administration, tlic Agricultural Adjustment adminls t rn 11 o n tho Tennessee Valley authority, sccuri- lies and exchange act. holding company act. Wagner labor rela- Hons acl, the railroad labor act and processing tax- cases. To his associates in the department of justice Reed is known as a "workhorse." spending most of his evenings at his office preparing briefs nnd arguments for presentation in important cases. So great was the slrain in his work that the solicitor general collapsed while arguing the validity I of the cotton loan before the supreme court three years ago. Termed "Moderate Liberal" Decisions which Reed helped to win In the supreme court were credited by the administration with establishing a new trend in American social nnd economic legislation toward a more liberal use of law making powers in the interests of the people or various segments of the population. Two of the most Important cases -the National Recovery act, which was declared unconstitutional by a unanimous vote nnd the agricultural Adjuslment acl, invalidated, by a divided court, went against the government Heed is classified by friends as a moderate liberal. As a youthful \ Elaine Carraway is one of decorative attractions Miami legislator lawyer In Kentucky he wrote and fought through to en' WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, wanntr to- - --• «>••- .•-•• l " ov nQiv and nlghl; Sunday Increasing cloudl- one guess as to the honor that has : operative association "of tolwccn ness, becoming unsettled nnd been bestowed on her. That's' growers lo 'jielp farmers get bit- Beach. Fin. We'll give you | usl ja«tment the state's first child labor somewhat warmer. Memphis—Pair and warmer tonight; lowest somewhat right—she's Miss Miami Beacli of ' er prl«s. nn'.rJ U« !938. winner of all local beauty iwiit b *iv, *unv..ji. L«.-miA:i.t- - - -" •* ture 34 to 36; Sunday fair and .honors whenever she steps mil in warmer. . I a bathing suit. 'golf. Reed has several bobbles. One is walking (o his office every day to physical trim. Another U

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