The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1943 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1943
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY -I, JJM3 . BLYTHEVILLE IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Conner Newi Will Be CASH ONLY Kicept to rstabllshed llmlness Finiu. Decanxe tbe law cost «f tl*f«l- lleii ad* docs nut Justify the ex- lieiise of booliktejjliifr and collection!), wo have uilonted tills (lolicy rather than a ralso In rate. No Exceptions la this Policy! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally mto per line for fonscen- ve insertions: Iliilinum ClinrKC 50c time per line 15c times per line per day 12c tinias per line per day" flu times per line per day 7c 2 times per line per day Sic Month per line gpc Ads ordered for three or six Limes nil stopped before expiration will e chnrgeil for the number of times ic ad appeared and adjustment of II made. All Classified Advertising copy iljinltlcd by persons residing oiit- (le of (he eily must \K accoin- •Jiiied by cash. liatcs may be casi- computcd from the above table. Artveitking ordered for irregular isei-tions lakes the one time rate No responsibility will be taken >r more llian one incorrect inser- 011 of any classified ad. For Rent ictly furnished front iiedroom, de- liShtfullJ cool. Gentieinen. Phone 32fM. 4-pk-lM edroom for men. Twin beds. Two closets. Frivatft liatli. Corner 10th and Cliieka.sawba. Phone 2413. 4-ck-ll iirnished room. •109 North Sixth. iK batli -J-pk-11 ooin fur two cinjiloyed women. Constant hot water, close to town. Phone r/n. l-pk-5 cdriioin with kitchen privileges. Electric water hcnicr and range. Working couple. Cull 2037 after M- S-l-pk-8 our room furnished apartment. 1B2S West Hj'camnre. :iO-pk5-7 ooins /or in™. Hurry Al):ins. 4-28-pk-28 For Sale CORN' AM> AU'AI.FA LAM), as Ijocxl us best Innil in Mississippi County. NK\v STKlO'riA MOD- i:iiN SIX-HOOM I10MK, Wl'l'H liASEMKN'T. KUHN'ACK, 1 IGIHS. HATH ON SDCONI) H.OOK, I.AVATOUY AND COMMODK ON KIRS! Kl.OOIt. Home nicely ill-ranged, plenty clothes closets. Also, new (loublo crib iintl Binn- ar.v. fair tjtirn ami lennnl rmHI well Iciu'Ctl. On gravelled road and electric line. Tcnul tuxes nunui {98.23 last year, Best level Wntk Iniul, containing 3H ncrcs, alwul 300 cultivated. This K as Booil Iniicl as liny liiml in|ip| County. It is located In Sloddtml County, I'ltlCK $85 per < acre. Terms. NO TKA»KS. Caleb Smith, ma Knst Miilone Sikoston, Missouri 5-4-ck-ll irin for s:\li'. Must sell at onoe. -JO or liO acres of giiud farm lainl. Only two miles from Hlylhfvllle. .tusl oir U. S. KIsliMuy SI. Sec or write I'lilllips Itobinson, Hl.v- tlievillc. • l-;,k'-7 Practically new Cnvulier clarinet, licasonalile price. 520 North liroadway. 4-pk-ll I! foot G. E. Mcnt case. G. E. Drink Uo.v, Cash, Dayton Scales, and other store fixtures. All iixcd less man yenr. O. N. Morse, 1 mile west of Osceola en Highway 40. I'lione 460. l-pk-8 25 laying hens, $a enth. 40 clijht weeks old ch!ck$. i Hoyal Signet poiliiljle Typewriter. Men's suits, siie 44, like new. Mrs. S. J. Cohen, phone 3525. l-pk-5 Electric Range, market cooler and case. Phone 3998. 30pk5-S For sale or trade for hon.setroller— :i room shack In west end. Excellent wiiter. Hob Ensley. IfJOB Chickasnwha. 30-pk-C ice cream wagon, good established business. Can earn up lo $150 n month. Reason for selling, ill health. I in Holly. 30-pk5-4 2 bedroom suites. Kroeliler .snfa- Ijcd. Overst'iiired chair. 3 lawn chairs. Moore's Airtight coal heater. 2 small kitchen tables. As a group or by (he niece. May be seen at 11.18 Willow after B Phone 22G8. dh-tf Oil burner healer and Warm Morning coal heater. Both practically new. Call 2224. 28pk5-5 B41 Chevrolet Pickup. Goad condition. L. L. Anderson, 36 E. Main 4-27-pk-21 GOLDFISH MINNOWS—"Grapple's favorites." G. C. Hawks, 300 E Mnin. Ph. 3292. 4-13-ck-13 Used Sewing Machines bought and ••sold. Singer Sewing Center, in Hoiitli Broadway. Call 2782. 7ck7 Wanted To Buy Two lo four year old setter. Wei trained. Box E;S, Courier. 5-l-pk-8 ood grocery siore building and fixtures. 017 W. Ash. Phone 2552. 3-18-ck-tf orofortnble bedroom. 1\vtn beds. Steam heat. Chlckosawba & IQtti Phone 2413. 11-cfc-tf jmforlahle bedroom. 1017 Walnut Phone 2SI6. 11-7-ck-tf Help Wanted I'M with accounting experience iiralod by essential industry. Answer givinp age. (nialilications, ami type of IjiKiness of present employment. IJox CW, Courier ^ -l-.IO-ck-tf xperienced seamstress wanted Hudson Tailor Shfi]). 2GckU Services ittonholes Kiasonable priees Tel- iono a;wa. l-pk-o tril Special—Permancnts two for S5.W. Lnndys' Beauty Shop, Main and 21sl. Phone 333^. 7-pk-7 wins machines repaired, singer offers G war-time service specials to suit, your machine and ils condition. From $1.50 up. Singer Sewing Center. IM South Broadway. Cnll 2783. 7-ck-7 Corn means when I. in Englnmi; n Scotland, it means oats. Girl's 24-inch bicycle. Also electric Victrala. Phone 25CG. -• l-pk-5 Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of good used ftirni ture. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-tf Will pay 20o per doz. for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleaners. 10-0-ck-tI Farm IVeeds Bring us yoiin poultry, hog and stock Health problems. We curry a complete fresh stock oi Icderle scrams, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, Main & Railroad. 3-16-ck-tf Livestock If you are looking f 01 - „ g(ra( i rcg . i.slereti l»ar pig ( a build up your herd, Duroc or O. I. a, see A L Whistle and Soi« fine herd at 1'nrngould, Ark., phone 249W1. • 5--pk-10 New Mexico Is the fourth largest, state In the Union. If you want to buy mor* War Bonds SEI.I, US THE FT/RMTURB 10U ARE NOT USING for cash! Also liberal tra,!c-in allowance for old furniture on new. AJvin'Hardy Furn. Co. Ml K. Main Phone 2302 IMANO, ORGAN innl VOICK Classes aitiinuncrtl for S !' K I N G Mrs. Dornltiy \V. Fiiwlslon, 13 A MSM OKC.ANIST ,(; TKACHKR ' ' ' , Sl'nislfr nf Mmle, I irsl Vresbytcrian Clnirrh Mn. I-..wM.n no, chlctaiawta or phone 2M9 TOB PROTECTIVE SERVICE IVnlons (he life nf your Ford, avoid major repairs save K .,« 0 imc ami motor 9 il, enjoy that smooth new c;ir nprforniancc u-ilh Kennine F''nrd: •NKW I'KSTON RINGS & BBARINO INSERTS $39.00 «» PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Tel. .ts^ Authorized Ford Dwiler 5th & Walnut SCREEN STAR ; movie star, ; Madeleine 8 She is a screen IsXcctnWeliyde )0 Matrimonial 17 Com pass point )8 Skill 19 Fire 20 Snl unite 23 Sharp 25 Hitler vote), 2C Symbol for selenium 28 Rodent E9 Yes (Sp.) 2-t Ilciirtnt: orguii decline 27 Intersect 30 Indo-Chinese moiintiiin SI Of the Ihini! 33 Htipee* (iibbr.) M .Tiies-cr !!il lops' Idln (C Symbol for cobalt IK Friend (Fr.) f!) Street (abbr.) 10 Aboveprnof : ' (abbr.) ' f 'i MoaMn o of area (pi.) [4 l.aiuis 13 Self SO College cheers 52 Uay 5 >> nanu 54 Summer SO Cuckoo .lArnerlpini . uslrielies '•>.. 4 Tier s Unit (Fr.) (1 Alitsle nolc 7 l.ady Uloratp r>8 Orator (il Pertaining to pottery 04 liny of sunshine 05 She is director of entertainment of the United Seamen's VERTICAL 1 Stops 2 Near (1 Amount (abbr.) 9 Symbol for calcium 10 Malayan coin 11 Ila/nrd 12 Anesthetic JO South America (abbr.) H Tills 21 Hnumliivy (comb, [orm) 22 Fixes 32Enst (Kr.) . ! of niTonnf •10 Turkish title ; of respect •11 Mashed sitbslance •13 lirluhlness •45 Warnlnt; 4li Kleclrined particle•IV l.cvanlino 1; el ch (pi.) •18 Half an em •19 Fi-want oleore.stn 5! Pierce with n knifo 5S Sliivle person : Wt Piece out 57 Arrive (nbbr.) . r )9 lliirly lirom.c ! coin of China ; (10 H.ibylomaii f deity 02 KMs Kn/ilish • : (abbr.) , | C3 Index ronec- •' tion (nbbr.) Ancient, Egyptians used funerary wreatlis ns early as 1200 13. C. We wint to buy BJyihftillr Honii-s. W* have nurrhutn for »U kinds of homes. If ji n w » n t to till qolck, tee THOMAS LAND COMPANY H. 0. Campbell 8ale»un WALTER HENSEN PLUMBING & HEATING 1Z15 Dr. W. P. Urcwer Dentist Blylheville, Arkan» M SPECIALS Extractions ? | 00 Full Up'r & Lower Mates 535 ui) 1912 Blytheville 1943 Defoe Furniture Co. I2G E. Main Dial 3221 Wanted: Used Furniture. Al'» you can trade your oUt furniture ID on new. RATION CALENDAR April 25: Coffee Slamp 26 Expire* M;iy ZI: Gasoline Coupon 5 Ex plres. une 15: Shoe BUmp 17 Expire* J. E. JOHNSON Fire, I.ifc and Casualty INSURANCE '12 N. 2nd Street Belter Safe Than Sorry" Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Oet Mnre and Better Food for your rntion books. 3 Deliveries Dally C. L. HABERS Grocery & Market 144 S. IHvIstoQ St. Phone Ml DRS. NIES & NIES Osteopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:30 Clinic 514 Main Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 SPECIAL SPRING 10 POINT TUNEUP 40 ('"duties I,:il)or Only- No replacement p a r I co.sls. 1. Tighten CVM.VDKK HEAD »nd MANIFOLDS. Check CUMI'KESSION. Adjust HEAT VAI.VK. 2. Clean and Test SPARK PLUGS. Adjust Spark Gap. 3. Thoroughly inspect GEN- ERATOIt, COIF,, CON- »KNSEtt, VOLTAGE REGULATOR, WIRING anil SI'ARK CONTROL. Tighten all connections. 1. Clean and Adjust DISTRIBUTOR, ' Au-jasl En- Bint Timing for maximum wartime performance. S. Chccti nnri adjust CAR- BUllETOi; for best g« economy. C. Ailjust VAI.VE TATrKTS. 7. Clean anil service AIIC CI-EANI-II. 8. Thoroughly Inspect COOf,- ING SYSTEM. Tighten Hose Connrcllon.?. Adjust I'an Brit. 0. Test anil Service MATTERY. Clean and tighten connections. 10. Tune SIOTOR for best wartime Performance and Gas mileage. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. IliU'rlet llcecher 'stowo" WHM 'tho •slei- of Heiirv Wjird lleeeher. . KKFK1GK.RATION- MOTOR SKRVICK! ''• W. Tiiltuu, j r . i>|,. r,r,7 l:i.vllii'vllle, Ark. £0_R SALE Better Used Cars t'nt:viu>i,i:r SPIT. DPI, VX SH1IAN, llcautlfiil Alii- f'U'ti f'nlnr. lljulli), llcati-r, (lititil |l|rl ' s ' ...... Thi'-i, Clfaii us a pin. i'«i ro» i) VK "to" Tiinon M.ll.l.V. livlrii toud (fix's, ini!- I'liauically siiunil. Special \aw IH'Iff. 1(110 (!]ll-:VUOI.ri' MAKTIilt "'•I.. Si:i)A.\, Itjullo, Orlthml 1 l-'Hi Color, A- 1 't'li-fs, llpluil- ''''''•.V liki, IH'II'. I83.'l I'OIll) |)i;i,i)xi.; rilfXIK KKDAK. .llanuin Culiir, Itcruii- diliiinril Iliroiifjliuni, (ii) (1 ,i thfti. 1!HI roill) s. lid,. IJ-OVI, Til•'"II. murk fulnr. i-vopllnit I nrslon,. Tires, Lnolis anil runs Ifkc ni'iv. 'I'lx'M K mi cxlivuiii "i nuiiil Tunis anil Cl HI:I-: us NOW row A I'-Slil) OAK HIllOltK 'Illl I'l.V IS GONK. Phillips Motor Co. ' ll ''' 'IM OlIPII KM,!* NEW TIRES '''"'' ''•"». Trucks, Tniolui.i T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "" «'. Ash |i) lllll() ,j| W 1'Olt SAM{ One eiirniT Morn uml .) riillnKM ••-Plnse In—I'rlrr JI7SO.OO for all l-'lve. THOMAS LAND CO. CONCKICTH STOUA] SEWIW l''<if Suit' A 1,1, Sl/ltfi OiceoU CulfM Ct. Plumes n:t ,v oo J). .S. l.iinev i; ( | \Vfseitmi Owiilii, Ark. \VH NEMO USED CARS • nd TRUCKS Tap prices fr.r r.iitr. Sliidfls - - - "Sfo Krny Ilrforn Ynu Kdl." T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Ni'w I'lvniiilli.i * Otit'}'!tl«ix 121 W. Ash (•!,. 212J DON EDWARDS "The 'I'ypcwrKer Mini" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND HEMINOTON 1'OIJTAHI.E TYPEWRlTEna 118 N. 2nd STREET PH ONK MW tEvciy Tninsnclloii Must lie Satlsfiuilory) EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK Complete Stock »t ruit, HARRISON Auto Parts & Carafe Oliver Farm equipment 517 W. Asli 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE Vulcanizing— Tire tad T»b« All ' Work Guaranteed! ' i ^, WADE COAL CO. Alabama' licit Asti Coal. , « • : ph. 'ten SO NEAR-NEW USED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM T|tm> CHI-H (.'unit' I'nini I he. Ivitsl and Aru Strictly, (lily-tlrlvi'ti, with I.nvv i\] HIM I'ACUAIll) "11(1" t'ON- vt:itTii\i.i:. itatiiu. n,.;mi. Wlllll- SIllCWIlll 'I'llCH. 1.PU-. tlipr Trim HiiluiKlcry.' IIMI .uii'.vitoi.iiT SUDAN. T»'» loin) Cray, ltnilli>, Itciil- • or unit cither latins. Kill I'dNTlAU SUDAN. Itlai'k. Itiullo. llciitrr, Krai Covers. l-'lf<> Kinil HITS. • '•• Kill <:HI!VKl.i:il WINDSOIt SUDAN. l(:iillo. Id'iilcr. l-'lvn 'liooil wlilto -.lilciv.ill tires. Driven only ;i fi-iv (Iniiisiind littles. ' MANY OTHKKSTO CIIOOXU I''»OM—S7S «|i. Knsy C.M.A.C. Payment 1'lan We Never ChiHc Snlcs I)t|it. Open Uiiltl 9 p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. I'limic 578 WASH TUHHS Coino Haln. Coino Slonii l!y KOY CUANh BLAZES'. YOU X WHV,Of COURSE.EAW V ACTUALLY (30IN6 \ 6OW& CXJT IN THE TO FLY IM THIS 1 TEETH OF A GALE 15 WEATHER,STOOP?/ NOTHIM6 TO PLftNE5 • OP THE COASTAL .'AM'T LET THAT COWUV KWOSV. IT 15 FAP WORE \ Slnliliorn Itcdsliin l!.v FKEI) HARMAN I'VE CJOt AGUN IN VOLH 6ACK.-MOVO TE1.L 1OUR Tl^MM RODD1N HOOTS AND HER UUDDIUS i l.onk Who's Here I!y KDGAU MAKT1N Hy V. T: HAMLII : <" OH, HELLO KXtSNNENT 6USIN&55. EH' X OUTFIT VtXfVE 6OT ON 16 THE. V.WE-5T V.VWT TO HELP ITHlMG IN IN THE WAR / WOBKESS' CLOTHIN6 EFFOBT, OOM'T OOP...E-X6V./ / GOES ON ) OlONtT EXPECT JOW /~( HEBE / YOU TO BE / UP so V 'KKCKLKS ANI) HIS K n .Slijrlmv DistlltisKiitccI Hy MEKRILL IILOSSER VEGETABLE AllO WE TMOUGtir AND PRUIT STAND M' /WE WERE L UNDER STAMO VOU QIJ TUG SECRETARV KIDS RAISED SOME FIGURED WE COULD MftKe A DEAL ( — I'LL Buy ANYTHING YOU RAise, IP VOU'LL. DELIVER IT / j-v ff^rf^^

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