The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1934
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Served by the United Press BDTTHEVILLE OTOKIEK T11K DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OK NOIlTHKASf ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME VOL. .XXX—NO. ^ Blylhevilk' Daily New-, Ulylhevlllc Courier MlisLssippi Vaii.'y louder Hl'yUu-vilk' Ih-iiild ULYTIlI'lVU.I.rO. AUKANSAS. MONDAY, .JANUARY 8, MISSISSIPPI TRAIN WRECKS SINGI.R COPIES FIVE. CENTS Hearts Pil-a-Pal Wlirn Pat Poses Storm of Lawlessness the Alternative Me Tells Legislature. LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 8 (UP) — Delivering a special message to j ihe house, Governor J. Marlon i Futrell this nftcrnoon said the leg- Malure must dispose of the taxation problem to omen the wav for ••an honest consideration of the refunding bill." "If it. is necessarv to save our homes." the governor said, ."we should avail ourselves of all possible sources of revenue." He said foreclosure proceed ings j arc slaring Arkansas landowners j In the face. j "Alllioueli there can be no ac- j tua! foreclosure until after April ID. 1935." he declared, "within 30 j days after this legislature is dissolved the appointment of receivers will beein and mandamus proceedings will be instituted." "This will go a long way niutarminim: the morale o[ the pronle of the stale." ' "Don't wait until the storm of disorder and lawlessness breaks." The governor said holders of improvement district bonds will accept no agreement that is innc- Cfrptable to holders of direct hlgh- wav obligations. Tlie house considered a resolution by Dollingcr to enact a refunding lav; conforming to the agreement between ihe two groups uf bondholders and the state. | A resolution by Representatives! Hardin and Harris asked an m- j vrstigation of records of -A. G. Stedman, superintendent of the! state-penlteptiary. The' resolution alleged "a widespread belief that thrr present siHM eiiutendent is utterly incompc- itnt." SEEK5 IN Hum PDLIu[ Author of MUI»P Freiicl Fraud . Shools Ilimsell in the Head. CHAMONIX, FLASHES Mi:s lil'DV roil im'OIU'K l.KS ANCKI.KS, J:in. K IU1') -l.i> MVWi Vallcc Illi'd ^uit Tin <llv<,ici. from Iduiy V.-il- li'- i.ulio at -i hint i TI uni'r. I IICU'I SIM 1 KOlt TIUHtSDAV Jim. X. ilil'l — six navv |il:uirs Mill It's a sight to make hearts palpitate, this saucy pf'Ee of Patricia Ellis, screen beauty, tantalizing lips, come-hither exes, and curly tresses itgainsl the fluffy background of her "lu;»-ipp-tighi." LI -IJ? uEUEKEE Mrs. Sam Jones Dies at Home in Kansas City Carn^ntcr Estimates Pro- -Hf('to''County.'-From 'Reduction Program. IT, Jan. 8 :h:i Hlavisky head of Ihe defunct Credit Mil r.icipal Bayonne whose failure ha: cuiistil a national M-amlal. .sho himself in the lu'i'd today whei fd by police In an oiulyln: villa ol Clu.iuonix Al lirsl he wus believed dead, it doctors- detcH'tul u faint breathini; afler the shcotlng mid worked "desperately over him ill ihe ho;:pllnl. The climax of France's urcal- «st .scandal since Ihe Mississippi r.ufcbic came drum'.ically. Wllh police hot on hi.s trail Stavisky was unable to cross the Alps into Halv or S-.vitzeriar.'- and possible freedom because cf lii'i'p snow Mucking the passes. Smnke Amuses Suspic-lim Inspector Ciiarpenlicr was pre-1 parins lo leave frr Paris when I Cnamonix resident, suspicious be-: cause of smoke cnmlng from the chimney of a \illa vhich had been Hi-occupied for moMiis. notified police. Chnrpentier hi'bteiu'd to Cha- ironix (rom Cliain'orey with six detectives. When the doorbell was i.m.nsv.ered they riaricd lo smosh- in<i a window and n shot rang out. •I hi' invaders Jii!ii;-sd llirouali the window, battered down iliu bcd- KOIEI door and StavLsky on SAX !>n:<;<>, •--'lln Iliglil ill I'. IVnl llailjnr, ll:i»i!l, 'l:nl San I't.iM'lMci 'I'liuns- "'<>. a ilay ah*-ail uf schfilulf, i.ui 1(1 stolllis blr^lllj; uvrr thr I'.u-illi'. navv iiltiriLils am utllliTil lul;,,. COI.I.AI'SK KI1.I.S 13 KI'(ITI). Ja|iaii, .Ian. ft. (Ul'l — Si \( iity-tlirri- iicn..niis uert- kill'i] Liml i, inrc Mian UJJ ii jar- Mi liul:)) 1 ulirn lilt' |:l.ltrurln 'it liii' Kyuio railriud station rol- !:I|IM-I|. Merc than 1,01)0 jitrsom MIK ^tuiulln^ in 1 the iilalfurm ".inn it g:uc hi. STRIKE IN ndependent and Organized Producers Engage m Open Warlare. Mrs. Sam Helen Herman OSfJEOLA. Ark.. Jan. 8. — The 1933 cotton acreage reduction program netted Mississippi county farmers 53,094.500 more than they Jones, formerly Miss ™n!d Have received for their cot- nf this citj-. dicd'i lon hn<i lllc Program not been put Saturday al her home in Kansas Cily. Mo., following a year's ness from cancer. Funeral services; are being held today at Equality, 111. The deceased, who is survived by her husband and wo young (laughters, age II and nine, made her home with her grandmother, the late Mrs. Nannie Ross, and into effect, according to figures compiled in County Agent S. D. Caruentefs office for use this Sipn Un With Government; Fleet Now Slatioried ; Huffman. the flour with a bullet in his head, traveling in ' Stavisky, International confidence ! n.f.n 'whose disar'jjE'.irauce" "blew 500,000,000 worth ol dummy [ j to.i.Ji.Uiluii.-i. hiigi-- ltiv"<fsdi.iiMili u! I iife insurance companies, and the I Vfe savings of many French peas-, left Paris Christmas day. Three hundred men were .signed j no for work with n levee fleet, now . stationed al Huffman,- by Jack| Robertson. CWA employment of-: ficcr here. Saturday, bringing the' total number of men sent to the Irvre work camp to 475. revelation of his rclivitlcs. . 'Cabinet Faces Crisis PARIS, Jan. CHICAGO. Jim. ». .tUI'l—Ter iGilslii- warfare broke util Iwta: between Chicago Independent uni i itiml/.cil milk producers as n re Mill ot u strike lhal cul olf th uly'.s supply ot fresh milk. f'mperty was wicckfd and mil liuuks wi-ie hl-Jackt'll. While thousands of gallons r. mnrkct bound milk was dmni* en the hlehwnys niilslde the cltj tiic tevrotism sprefd to the street. 01 Ih. mi!lro|>olllr.:i aren where km;; LhriMtenuil war between li j dependents ami or^iini/cd prmluc ' I-IE broke Into Hie open. Slrlkr Srltlrmrnt 'Ihe new oitlbrei.ks came .will ufliclals of the Pure Milk nation, n cooperative of lairymen. souglU tr. elfccl a'cun :n-citnlse in the milk strike. Developments In the sirlke nr •nilk war InclutleJ Ihe lollowln; 1.—Large dairies uidcred tl cr.ssntlon of nil mPk deliveries. 2.—Striking farmers diimpi milk trucks and stopped milk trains in the suburban areas. 3.—Gangs smashed windows ol in-culled independent dairies, hijacked delivery trucks, ami kid- naped truck driven. 4 — OHIcials of the Pure Milkas- .srciatiun niren-cl lo settle the (arm strike II independents would pay ILeir I:unr_'rs the same rate that mcmb'.-r.s <jf the a.'sociation receive. Chicago policp squail cars were entered to prqtec 1 , trucks tlcllv- (J'ing milk to "• restaurants nnd lhal he had I (tores.. v Ltoppcd al Rinio to "aClfchd' tol Report's of half a dov^n hl- scuie personal business." 1 .'nclMngc were received. Two Irucks It was believed generally, how-|t'l the T^ikevlew dairy compnny ivcr, that he lied tc. escape Harry Barbara Boards at Reno Eastward SAN FRANCIBCO. Jan. - rrincess Ilarbara IluKan 1-nc today in her ?-125.000 private ran but without hei piince, Alexr. lo lln: orieiii at lleno under millions, were the prince' Pretty Angry! signed up five earlier in the . week by Camille uhaiitemp:: ml! ' net • meeting lodav at Cue hundred and seventy ""=j ,.(.(;. m oetii»j men. all common laborers, were; m(|s( . rtecillo - j Owens. Los Angeli--. process server. Owens sought lo serve a subpoc- na on the prince to Insure his • appearance at Lo-; Angeles where j his brothers. Prime David ami (UP)—Premier! Prince Serge, are charged with ill-ailed a cubi-ilfgil withdrawal of funds from Robertson. The Huffman rrojrnm. which he|-' trust liiey cstalV'shcd to bcnetit lethcv to reorgnn-' stockholders in thch I'acilic Shores his dflcinl fari'ly because or Oil company. the Credit Municipal Bayonne has no connection with CWA act-t bankillg " sca|l()a | or fa( , c „ jeering The figures are based on yields ivities. the local CWA officer smi- cllamber o[ d ep ; U ies tomorrow nnri prices of 11)32 and 1933 and nidii-ate thai Mississippi county, because of her large production. her uncle. L. M. Ross, here for a : nrcbably received more direcl cash number of years. benefit from (he 1033 reduction New York Cotton NEW YORK. Jan 8. lUl'i-Cot- lon closed very steady. oix-n hii'h lo\v clasp IOCS 106" liXJO VXA 10S8 HT74 ItJ.J 1013 ply assisting the levee fleet men to secure needed laborers. H is understood tin- Heel will be stationed at Huffman for several monlhs. fith the prospect t! rown. of being over- Prince Alexis his attorney. C accompanied H. Hnbcrich vrhcn he took im t? bound piano il Reno soon niter ihcy left Ihe private car. Huberkli said thi\v \vcrc troliia to[ were Mailed and Iheir milk spoll- cl by gasoline. Henry Hansartner IrivL'r of one of Ihe trucks, mis kidnaped by leu men and released nfter beint threntencil. Crews of wreckers smashed windows of indtpendonl dairy companies with milk bullies a n i tricks. Outside the city the blrickiide re suited In outbreak.', of violence. Deputies Itrpnlse Tickets Attempts to ship milk throng! the blockade resulted In a sharp battle between deputy sheriffs and 300 pickets who lu.led n Chicauo If HMrirjy l-'ox. iiM-lly ^i-ri'pn p]:iyi'r, ii[i]j{';irii lo Krocl (he ntw ycjii 1 a bit pvr.HlvMy. il limy lio n-rausc HntlywooH'.s Mi.-1 iJurnes- !r flll|ilhHl of 1D3-I Is ix'iinstcil n iKivi.- c''tnmf;o[| her frutn lu-r ,n (Hlu.^t-hiiKliiiml, Cliai'U's Uca- i;j]). Hlovle frJCLitls JILU iirciticl- iiu; thr? i-rmjtlc will nmko up. I'li^y \vciu marrlHl in th^.-i'inU.'!', Bus Driver Failed to See Train Which Was Traveling Slowly. , BASSFIKLD, Miss, Jan. 6. <UP> --'Iwu .schoolgirls vi;re killed oul- ilght unit u tliiid died several hoius later from injuries when J Mississippi CVntrnl passenger train plowed Into a school bus at the Mellon hero today. llasvo Stupleton. 9, and Alice Ailllmun, 16, were killed Instantly and.; Tcssle Robwls, 12, died In ij 'hospital at Columbia /jllowtng r.n operntion this afternoon. I Aboiu 16 other: were Injured, six .seriously, Thr injured were inki-n lo hospitals :<l Columbia and Ilatllesburg. Ernest Williamson, driver at the us. escaped injury. Williamson us bringing the children to the Uu^slleld public school when the c<li!c-nl occurred. He sail? ne hove his bus upon the railroad :a'cks near the Mississippi On- ral station berjr; iie was av,'are jf the approaching train. The train struck tl\e bus broads;de, scnliering wreckage on both .sidus of the track. Witness said the train wus only (raveling about 10 miles per hour ft', the time an.l v n.i slopped suddenly after hit- tins the bus. lUi STtll. l [- il E Eighty-Eight Projects Have Been Approved [or Mississippi County. Jan. ... Mar. ... May ... July ... Ort .. • Dec. ... Spots 1035 100!l IMS ll'J2 KM at lO^r 110.= 1U'4 I1S7 IN'; 1082 1005 1114 1130 1088 1103 1120 1130 than any other county In the cotton producing states. Mr. Carpenter said Ihe 1933 crop, j nsnitning n normal ten per cent \ reduction from 1932. when the i county yield was 193.000 bales: would have been 173.700 hales, and! Crawfort: ai 5c per nmnul would have boro and broiiehl S-t.342500. The estimated j v.amed yield in 1933 after the- plow-up is i tfl Crawford Noble Named to Hotel Code Authority Hoovers See I Chicago to look i^ter some busl- up 10. M. Ki.blc, of Jones- Blvtlifvlile. has been member c< the State Ho- Code aiilhoritv followlu? tlie , KM.OCG bales, which at the actual ; nermnnml u:-saii:7.-lioii nt Little ( i-nrice of 9 cents totals SG.030.000. i Rock Saturday. 1 |To this amount is to be added j II O. Mai.imn of Little Rockj iSl.407.000. the amount received for I !s chairman and other members j I cash nnd options under thr reduc-' sre W. E. CticMor < f Hot Springs. He explained lhat the prince v:as taking care cf business for r»P£lf"PTl ;lie French govrininenl. They JJ^ULV^AI lollght . tiffccts f or 0] ,i y -^ f nr !15 = Bait Lake City an:l it was reported they could revuse Iheir course lliere and lly westward to rejoin ' ihe princess. \'t>W Ofl print CottOIlltfon program, making a total of if,. A. England of rcrt Smith nnd lllsU' \^*ic*wi«o c-7-11-7 ruin ^/,i,,^n,- ,-/i/.r,i<. 0 ,i f™. the :y n norti^'i- nf Malvern. NEW ORLEANS Jan. 8. lUPl — Cotton closed steady. open hir-li low close 1055 lOO'i 1055 10GO 10lj'2 105!1 1050 1003 1017 10F1. 1071 IOSC It'Jl lini 1081 1HK) 1108 lU'J 1108 1117 1125 n?; Jan. Mar. May S7.437.00D actually received for the i). p. nartlo:v of Malvern. I9'J3 crop as compared with the i The hold cert" auulies to all S4.342.500 which a 173.700 bale | || OU .i r . n , ihe sf.ft. of ten rooms crop would have brought al five'• or moio. Field raorescntntlves will rents. | uo sen! to all srcl'ons of thestntc] lo ascertain if ]rr.visions of the! holrl code ar> Ivini! complied 1 vi'h. Under nrr.visions r>f Ihe Meetings lo promote Ihe 1934 reduction campaign were helrl at; 1U o'clock this morning at Bnrdelle ; ' Ocl. Dec. Spots steady al W. up 13. Stnck Pricey ; and al I o'clock this afternoon at j 'ode. hotels will be awssiv lUixora and are scheduled for the | Hie upkeep o[ Hit' .i;unoiu\. ! remainder of the week as follows: | Reiser. Tucsxlay 2 p. in., Whilton, foi 10 cd ul. and Sliawnrc Consolidat- A. T. and T. 103 1-4 Anaconda Corpnr 13 5-8 IJelhlehem Steel 35 1-2 Chrysler ->2 S-» Cities Service ^ '-» Coca Cola 95 1-4 General America:. Tank 31 1-8 General Electric General Motors . International Hmvesler Montgomery Waivl Middlewest UlUKi-s New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Hadlo Corp Simmons Beds Standard ot N. J. Texas Corp 23 5-8 U. S. Steel 40 7-3 School, 2 p. in.. Wednesday; Ofceoln. 2 p. m. Thursday; >Iatcli- ri. 10 a. m. and Etownh 2 p. m. I-Yiday. R. L. Perry Dies in Memphis Hospital A. T. and T. Earnings 1 R 33 7-8 33 3-4 21 3-D 3-16 32 37-8 153-4 05-3 17 1-4 44 3-8 Funeral per vices will be held at I the Cobb chapp! here tomorrow af- 'lernoon al Uvn o'oiock for li. t>. I "Bob" P^rry. 5G. resident of the „ . . -„ .i ! Huffman coiumsinity. who died lo- bain tor Month | day al the Baptist hospital. Mem- V Tlie deceased is survived by two broil'.''!' and a half . NEW YORK. Jun. R. <UPi—Net I (:(H'iatiim income of the American ! f ' 1 ' 1 jTt'lerlTOii" and Tc'er:rrii;h compnny] 1 " November amounted to one termeut will be made at Maple: - - - -- ^..rtt-n rm>ir*tprv The Cobb Un- C43. and gross earrings to $7.290,- j <?«>"^, "" l '!",W is In charge of ! f 50. These figures compared wllh | ?5..,...i ' ^! 218.G-1G nnd S^.G02.274. rpsp:ct- ivdy. for the i-orrc-.iionding period ol 1932. ncral i Will Open Revival at Clricaf/o Wheat May July May July open msn 84 1-2 85 83 1-8 81f \-'i First Baptist Church 11 °^ EOF s Home of S. M. Casey Target of Terrorists low close 84 St 1-8 it 82 5-8 CASEY—U ... ATF.SVILLK. Ar;;.. Jan. 8. (OP) I —For the third II"'.- In four years The Rev. Carl H.isscU. of Call-j Ihe home of S. \: Casey, attor- ici-nia. will co:;dnc.l an rvangelis- in-y and I'ormer member of the .tic meeting at til" First BaptUtl rlate hi^luvay audit commission. I church, beginning Sunday. Tlicjva!, the tawl "f terrorists yes- pvp.nocltsi. who is well known, isjtirday. i also a trombonist nnd chalk art- Ten shotf, wore rued from on } bound milk train at Slurlivnnt. Wis. Tlie odicerr. repulsed the I.ickets with tear RCS bombs after a hand to hand skirmish. The wrecking ot a milk train near Kcnosha. Wis. was narrowly averted by an I'lfrt Iniln crew. A northbound fr( i^ht crew saw [lie obstruction on the tracks in the path of the roiitlibouiul milk Ircln n few inlnrlcs befoiv th.> l.itlt'r was due. Roosevelt Abandoned Slum Clearing Program Over SlliO.OOO was paid lo CWA workers In Mississippi county prior In the first of the year, nnd the total CWA payroll In this county will amount to several times that amount before projects already approved have been completed, It is Indicated by figures released -at Llllle Fldck Saturday from the office of W. H nyess. stole dlrecl- Projecl.s approved for this county now number 88, Involving a lotal cost of $520.000. U Li ' al1 - nounced. Under CWA •ren.ulre- Oklahoma Desperado Captured at Seminole OKLAHOMA CITY, > ..i:. " Pl -Okluhoinu's outlaw tanks WCIL :oduced still lurt) 1 • ;' -the cip ; lure of Elmer Innian. desperado wbo.wooed the d8iighl»r-<Sf Kan- rns • .penitentiary's-^.wanJen .while •jeivlng'a prison, tc'rii.' Inman was raptured, snfrciing from a bullet vound In the eye near Seminole, Okb., after he nnr! two compan- loa« fled from n . bogged atilo- . mobile.' ' '• : • Olficers sold thn - automobile he v.-ar using was the car • In which . Wilbur Underbill escaped a federal i>osse near KXnowa. Inninn \vas inarrU-d .to Miss La- vonii Codillns. daue'.'.ter of thefor- tnpr warden of Kansas penitentiary, in August, 1921. Judge Keck Convenes incuts most of tills money must he sirent for labor. Total payroll In this county to December 2B, 1 was SlOB.OH.l'J. Sustain Minor Injuries as Car Upsets in Ditch "Red" Gaylord and Leonard.W. Holt were cut on the "legs and Mrs. Holt nnd son, Leonard jr: t were scratched and bruised when' and Dlllie Merharg. nil of here,' their car overturned three miles norlh of Marion yesterday. Mr. Gay-lord lost control of the j car when it ran off the pavement • and the sedan overturned twice Announcement wns also made at im a n ten foot ditch which had Little Rock thai W. I. Tlbbs has ; stalislical clerk county. Such a Memphis and the party returned- named for each • ) lome | n .<,i nighl. They were tn-> bren j for Mississippi I clerk has been three fert of water in it. A pnssing Iruck took them Civil Court' county in the stale by Col. Frank j route to Memphis. OSCEOLA. Ark.. Jan. 8.—Circuit WASHIKGTON. Jan. 8. lUI'i — | Use of federal funds for slum clearance nnd hoiTJn^ projects in I Judge O. E. Keck of Blythevillc fcPiicrnl has been abandoned as n | convened the regular civil term of i iiajor part of the Roosevelt re-.Circuit Court here this morning. R. Allen, chief of Ihe division of research and stalisltcs for the CWA nnrt the FEHA. to compile and file nil statistical data for the .wo organizations. No major cases were set for hearing today. The cases of Mrs. Abflier and R. D. Douglas against Buy Bry- nnt of Osceola for a total of $14.- OCO as a result of an automobile accident when Mrs. Abshor, n passenger in the Bryant car. which was driven by Mrs. Bryant, sustained personal injuries. and Douglas, a negro, sustained injuries and damages to his car. are set for hearing tomorrow. The accident occurred last suni- ;mcr on Highway 61 when the tovery program. I'-" United Press •*ns informed '.od.i.\. Lack of a suitable plan caused j Ills rather abrupt change In ad- iiinislration policy. II is i-xpccl- i tl to block many ol the housing :<v»n projects which now have :=ecretary of Tnter'w Tckes' H'lit.i- livc approval. The I'WA so fat has allocated sM8.COO.ODO for lo'. 1 cast liouslna -ind slum cl?iirin^ projects. Aiiproxiinntcly £4fl.OCO.OOO has ^een allocated to limited dividend „, orporations established under flat" I Bryant car collitled with the ne- aw.':. The remaliuhi if. ear mark-1 ^ro's car near Firnclnnan's Bayou, cd tor Ihe federal housing corpor-; Mrs. Abshcr and Douglus arc rep- ation. Very little money actually i resented by Bruce Ivy. Oiccola al- has gone out. Itorney. Ford's Brother In Bankruptcy Attempt to Batter Open Cotton Belt Safe Fails Cann »* O|wn high 51 3-4 52 1-8 M 1-B. PI 1-2 low close 51 1-2 51 3-4 53 1-3 63 1-4 list. Last year he ie'. meetings from Texas to Now Jersey and In Ihe I ticrth central stai>s after having preached in Ihe west for autt- which SIXH! r>way. No dam- i^e was done. Officers said thry believed the (en shots ivi;re> fired in the air lo In linildalr- Casey ami his family. Two disttUBiiislied "mourners' who saw their favorites co dnwri to a surprise defeat when C«- luralila clashed tbo liopes of Stanford at the annual Tourna- menl of Roses football same at 5'asndena were Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hoover, sliown liere, 1«- tcntly watching the coiilIU t. ISolli allemieil Slaiiford before thnlr mnrrUee. The community conning kitchen, A steel safe at the Cotton Bell which Ihe Woman's club will spon- rtepot office on South Elm street! Mr w m not olx , n tomorrow as an- reslsted efforts of burglars Sal-|' nounce( ], n le exact date will be urday night. : announced later. Police were toM that the com- ] Mrs. J. D. Barksdale is to be binatlon lock on the sate had been < supervisor for this project which Is smashed with an iron rtrawbar but;to be free. instead' of forcing the safe door i-cc-n . it apparently jammed it in-; slc «<J- :Both Parties Ended Thieves entered Ihe N.W.Tran-i 1Q11 WifK I Iham office, across Railroad street I 13J,} T»«n i frotn the Frisco station office, and ; took nbout four dollars in small ; change from n cash drawer. Waipole Electric shop on . Thalia Massie Will Ask Reno Divorce RENO, Nev., Jar 8. (UP)-Mrs. [Thalia Fortescue Massie, central figure in the famous Hawaii as- ji-ult case, will arrive Wednesday to establish reslder:e in seeking a divorce from Lt. Thomas If. Mastie, young naval tl'.icer, her at- inriiey announced today. The attorney said Mrs. Massie \\as ccming alone from Washington where she has been living. He (fid not know what plans she has made for her six weeks residence 1 ore. Mrs. Mo;sl? Is expected to seek a divorce on grounds of mental cruelty. General Motors Sales Showed Big Increase NEW YORK. Jar- 8. (UP)-Geni cral Motors Corpetatlon In 19W had total sales of 869.000 cars and trucks, against 583.970 in 1932, an increase of 54.37 per cent, the loiporation . reported today. WEATHER S [ rcct vvns n iso entered but nn articles . believe the i was en t cr | ng I. shop instead. were missing. Police Intruder Ihought he i|, c Haines Men's WASHINGTON. Jan. 8. (UP)— The Republican nilX>nal committee In n report tc the clerk of the house today revealed a financial deficit of $19M75 at the end of 1933. The Democratic commlt- li e completed Ihe year wllh a def- Icil of more than $500.000. Henry Ford's brother is in bankruptcy. Appointment ot n trustee In Detroit revealed tliat a voluntary suit had been filcii by William Ford, above, listing liabilities ot $415,000 cad no assets. The suit wns filed without knowledge of Henry Ford, attorneys Indicated. William Ford lieada a tractor (uul.lm- ' Arkansas—Fair, somewhat colder in cast portion tonight. Tues- oay. fair, slovily lislng tempera- '"Mcmphls and Vicinity-Cloudy nnd colder tonight. Tuesday fair. The maximum temperature he,-e yesterday was t9, minimum 39, cloudy with .18 of an inch rainfall, accordipg lo Samuel F. Norris, official weather .observer. Rainfall from Saturday noon to 7 n. m. Sunday was .J8 of an inch. Temperature at.8:.M a..m. today wns 33, wllh fiww falling.

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