Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 16, 1897
Page 21
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John Gray's ...Corner on Plain and... Fancy Dress Goods In all the fashionable shades and weaves, including aH Covort and Granlli Cloths. Something new ' in Silks for waists in Roman Stripes and Checks. New Ribbons and Gloves. Come in and look through this stock, John Richardson Dead. John Bichardson, the Panhandle brakeman, whose right arm and shoulder were crushed Thursday while uncoupling the air hose on a freight train at Crown Point, died at St. Joseph's hospital at 10:30 this morning. The remains were taken to Echerla, Ind., this afternoon, where interment will be made. The deceased had been in the employ of the Panhandle just a month. He was 28 years ot age,and leaves a wife and three children. He was a Mason and an Odd Fellow. DOJOIMEATJEAT? »»«»t«»+»»»*«**^^±±^^ Of course you do and you can buy the choicest cuts ol Wm. Rowe. Cor. Broadway and Fifth Sts. Phone 247. _ SERVICES AT THE CHURCHES. Topics to W.J. Barnett, Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market srrcot. Call, attended L daj or The finest outlH In the U. f>. Col. c. x.. will remain with mo. Phones E.H.GBACE,D.D.S. DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market Street. New Alumlnite Bubber Plates Bur» and Sells Second Hand Goods. Give us a call. 200 fith atreet INSURANCE Of all Kinds "Written by GEO. GONSER. be Discussed In the Pnlpits Tomorrow. Rev. Alexander, of Crawfordsvlllfi, will preach at the First Presbyterian church tomorrow, Rev. Putnam occupying the Crawfordsville pulpit- The Eastend Sunday school will be held every Sunday afternoon at 2:45 in the free kindergarten moms on Twelfth street, near George. All are invited. Ninth Street Christian church. Rev. H. C. Kendall, pastor—Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6:15 p.m. Morning and evening devotions at the same time. First Church of Christ (Scientist) — At the Univfcrsalist church tomorrow morning at 1! o'clock. Subject: "Paul's Answer to False Accusations." A welcome extanded to all. Cumberland Presbyterian church- Services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at 9:45. Senior En deavor at 6:45. Junior Endeavor a 2:30.—J. W. McDonald, pastor. Wbeatland Street M. E. church J. K. Waltz, pastor—At 7 p. m. Mrs C. P. Wright will give another o her interesting lectures on her trip from New York to Cairo. The Seventh Day Adventis church—Preaching Sunday nigh at 7 o'clock. Subject, "What is th Blessing of Abraham?" No. 510 Syca mnrestreet.-O. S. Hadley, pastor. Market Street M. E. church— DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth and BroftdwaT Now Is Your Chance. LOGANSf'OUT Unite in Endorsing a Wholesome Prepiration. ctnal Use HM Demonstrated Iti Excellence and Reliability. We print below statements from ome of the best known Housewives n Logansport. All will doubtless be lad to learn the views ot these rep- esentative housekeepers on a matter f such importance to the health of he family as bread leavening and he preparation of the daily bill of are. The manufacturers of Cleveland's >aklng powder have asked us to thank he ladies who have so kindly con- enterl to the puolication of their •lews. In the twenty-eight years, during which Cleveland's baking powder has been on the market in various sec- u lons of the country, it has been endorsed by United States government chemists, food commissioners, lecturers on cookery, etc., but we are assured by the manufacturers that no words of praise give them so much Measure as those that come from lousewives who use the baking powder. It certainly speaks well for an article introduced here so recently, that it should receive such hearty and unanimous praise from those so well qualified to judge of its merits. I take great pleasure In testifying to the excellent qualities of Cleveland's baking powder. I find it superior to any other.—Mrs. W. T. Giffe, 122 Tenth street. I have tried most baking powders and I am now using Cleveland's and find it very satisfactory. Everytaing made with it has been a succesi.— Mrs. John W. Barnes, 50P Tenth street. Having tried many different kinds of baking powder, I can safely say that there is none superior to Cleveland's. No other can take its place. —Mrs. Jane E. Corn well, 1430 North street. "A good workman la knowa by his tools" is a well known and true ad- Do you know whit baking powder is bought by the Government for the families of army officers? Cleveland's. Do you knowwhat one all the leading teachers of cookery use and recommend? Cleveland's. Guarantee* Grocers are authorized to gtn back yonr rnouey if yon do not Clevela "~ "- 1 -"' *--•—— 701 ,. iiJUUl-J I* J«— —— — -- find Cleveland's the best bakin* powder yon hava ever used. Cleveland Baking Powder Co., H.Y. Our Fall and Winter Styles. in elegant combinations of color IB up-to-date fabrics In plaids, cuecka, stripes, tweeds, twills, serges ar«t waiting for your inspection. Skilled workmen are also waiting to Jaahteft them into the best fitting and finely finished suits that would cost you twice as much if landed under the new tarlfl- >' . Tailor and Draper, Carl W. Keller 311 Market St, THE OIL FIELD You can i a homo or pay off yur mM. M.Gordon a buyer jStHSa7B«'«£e7"who will divide the commission with > O'J, M". M. Gordon, Sp Old Phono office 300, residence 1S9. Morning service at 10:45 a. m. Even Ing service at 7:30 p.m. Subject •'Temperance," will be discussed b the pastor, being the third Sunday i October.—Rev. Stewart, pastor. Broadway Presbyterian church— Rev. W. E, Beiderwolf will preach both morning and evening. Sabbath school at 9:30 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 6-.30 p. m. Young Men's Bible club at 2:30 p. m. An invitation extended to all. Trinity Episcopal church, Rev. F. C. Coolbaugh, pastor—Holy communion at 7 a. m. Morning service with sermon on St. Paul's saying, "I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus," at 11. Evening service with sermou on "The Criminal Classes" at 7:30. When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN —GO TO— F H. Wipperman, 106 Fount. Street Opp. Court Houee-Entrance. Undertakers. BUS Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to, day ornlg-ht. Mr. Kfoun was for many Tears foreman for CB»rh s L. Well. Telephone 281 DE. C. D. EVERSOLE'S DEDTAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store. Corner of j Fourth and Market Streets, AS A GRAIN MARKET Logansport Shown to be the Best. as Good as refused McConnell&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DA1LYPHABOS SATURDAY. OCT. 16. 1897. OITY NKWS The Carroll County Citizen, A. B. Crampton's paper, called up various grain dealers yesterday, October 15th, and got the prices they were paying for grain. The result proved that Logansport pays as good prices as anybody.' Following are the figures: Kerlin & Son, Delphi, refused to quote prices. Kerlin & Ryan, Flora, refused to quote prices. A. E. Cohee, Bringhurst to quote prices. E. G. Kltzmiller, Flora, refused to quote prices. Donlin & Griffith, Delphi, wheat 86, corn 27, oats 17, clover seed 32.60. J. Thompson, Frankfort, wheat -36, corn 27, oats 17, clover seed $2.60. Loughr? Bros., Monticello, wheat S7, corn 23, oats IS, clover seed 12.50. Dhl & Co., Logansport, wheat S6, (corn 23, oats 17, clover seed 12.75. Sam Born, Lafayette, wheat S7, corn 22*. oats 16i to IS*, clover seed •2.25. Kay & Rice, Camden, wheat 86, corn 23, oats 15, clover seed 12.60. McCormick: Bros, clover seed |2.60. Burrows, oats 16, Walden sells John Kelly shoes. Channcey Custer is assisting at the county treasurer's office. $3 78 for men's suits, every day and Saturday evening, at New Otto. CallatDwire & Guiney's, corner 3rd and Broadway, and see the jack rabbit and roast beet lunch. Mrs. Mclntosh fell last evening at her home on Park avenue, Westslde, and broke her right leg above the knee. Dr. J. H. Shulu was called. A warrant has been issued for the wrest ot Hiram and Sarah J. Har- •»eyfor contempt oi court. They Tlolateda. perpetual injunction by leasing certain lands, A hunting party consisting of John H Weyand, of Harrison township, John Burkhart, of Clinton township and Albert Buyers, of this city, will leaw on Tuesday for Northern Minnesota, to hunt moose and caribou. RilLROAD BREVITIES. a, to hun moo . r—-v- expect to remain a month. I the goods Short Items of Interest Gathered From Many Sources. William Ball, of the Panhandle shops, will spend Sunday at Idaville. The Panhandle boiler skop men nave been reduced to eight hours' time, but probably only temporarily. Harry Ganger, late of the Panhandle machine shops, has gone to work in the Monon shops at Lafayette, removing his family there. Charles Klinck, sr., of the Panhandle car repairer's force, has gone to Michigan to attend the funeral of his father, who was 67 years old. The trainmen on the Panhandle rill appear in their new uniforms October 25. The uniforms were made in Sew York, and some complaint is heard as to tte quality of I.UU13 * 3 ** "«••*- — age so if you would have a Rood cook von' must give her good material to work with and as there is no baking powder so good as Cleveland's, the COOK should be supplied with it.— Mrs. Horatio Thornton. I cheerfully recommend all my young friends, just beginning housekeeping, to use only Cleveland's baking powder. It never fails.—Miss Lizzie Dunkle. I have used Cleveland's baking powder and can recommend it as entirely satisfactory.—Mrs. Joseph Barker. I have had excellent success with Cleveland's baking powder and would not be without it. I recommend it for purity and economy.— Mrs. E. L. Grable, 914 Broadway. Good cake and biscuit require a good quality of baking powder, t have used Cleveland's baking powder and find it in every way satisfactory. —Mrs. Ben Martin. I have used Cleveland's baking powder and can cordially recommend it It has always given perfect satisfaction.—Mrs. Dr. J. H. Barnfield, 918 Broadway. I invariably use the Cleveland baking powder, as I find it can be depended upon for uniform excellence. Adulterated powders act so rapidly that much of the carbonic acid gas formed is lost before the dough is baked, making the cake beavy. The Cleveland powder retains its strength so that cake doughs baked some time after mixing will still be light. By frequent tests I am convinced that it is unsurpassed among baking powders.—Mrs Henry Evans, Metea Casscounty, Ind. Having tried several diSerent brands of baking powder with vary ing success, my attention was called to that of "Cleveland's" and I was induced to give it a trial. This was some time ago, and now I should scarcely know how to cook without it, for it never fails me. No more vellow biscuit or soda flavored cake suggesting alack of acid in the cream of tartar or an overplus of alkali in the soda, for with Cleveland's baking powder both these faults are avoided and success is a sure thing.—Mrs. G. E. Barnett, 74 Michigan avenue- Having learned the value of Cleve land's baking powder, I use it ex clusively and have no hesitation in recommending it as making deliclou light biscuit and batter foods of al kinds. Cake made with it keep moist longer than When made with any other raising material.—Mrs Margaret Conrad. Something over two years ago was persuaded to try a box of Cleve land's baking powder and was s pleased with it that I have used n other since.—Bashael E. GroTe*. Inspected by Logansport People Yesterday. One Hundred Derricks in Sight and Twenty Producing Wells Drilled In. Excitement Still Intense and the relopment of Each Sew Well Awaited With Interest. The large numper of persons who went to Peru yesterday to visit the oil field, tells how strong the interest in the development of theCass county field Is. More than 300 of the active business men of Logansport were in the party, and taken all in all, they are a solid looking set of fellows. When the special left the Wabash depot every'.aeat in the five cars was occupied. At Peru the excursionists were met by a delegation of citizens headed by a band. A procession fully a half mile long was formed and marched to the Bearss hotel. Carriages enough to provide tor perhaps onBfhalf the excursionists, were in. waning, and within a half hour alter reaching Peru the Logansporters were inspecting the oil field. The first thing to strike the attention of the visitor is the great number of derricks. Wituin the boundaries of a square mile there are not less than 75 derricks. Tne center of operations is on the Dukes land, just north of the basket factory. The basket factory extends to the Wabash railway on the south, and from the railroad north the land rises gently for about two squares to a height of perhaps 75 feet. The best wells have been found about half way between the Wabash rallw^ and the summit of this incline. Good wells have been drilled I in on top of the hill, and it is ex- ected that good wells will be found United States Canadian and English Patents Promptly Obtained. Patent, Mechanical. and Perspective Drawings Prepared, Inventions Developed, ilachinery Designed. B. B. Gordon, Solicitor of Patents, Spry Block When In doubt what to «M fc» Nervous Debility, Loss ot PowW I in potency. Atrophy .Vnncocele an* other weaknesses, from any cauta usr. Seiine Pills. Draini check** and full vigor quickly reMOred. II »0«|OCMJ. ««ci iro.l>fe»rw.ltlkt Mailed for $1.00:8 bo«s $5.00. $5.00 orders we give a guarantee cure or^ref und For Sale at Ben Fisher's or miles along the ridge that ex- ends westward from the present reducing wells. THE OIL TANKS. ' The next thing that attracts -at- ention is the number and size of the il tanks that have been erected to tore-the oil. There are scores of hese tanks. Every company has its wn tanks, and they are located in lose proximity to the wells, are ound in tiers of five and SIT tanks in a row, and within a few feet of each jther. Each ot these wooden tanks holds many hundred barrels of oil, and when filled the oil is drawn off through pipes and emptied nto cars furnished by the Standard Oil company and then shipped to the i O u his lands refineries at Whiting, Ind. One sees • • ' no oil, except as it flows into these tanks, when being pumped from the wells. THE PTTMPINGr APPARATUS. Most of the wells are pumped by a single engine, but from an economical stand point this is expensive. The People's company, the most extensive one in the field, now nave the machinery in operation, that enables Our Shoes Fit Like gloves And they wear Like Iron. "We treat our customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their trade. Our prices are Low— Wonderfully low— And quality is High- Very high— And we want Your trade. Elias Winter. irection of the oil field. The best well— the out-put of which is now 500 barrels per day— Is within 200 feet of the first producing well drilled in. The trend of the oil bearing rock is unquestionably westward, No oil has been found south ot the river, and the well In the old canal bed, within 100 yards of the Wabash river, was pumping water yesterday at the rate of 500 gallons per second. The company which leased the old bed and put in the well insists that there is a showing of oil, and that after the water Is pumped out it will prove a paying-well. A well Is being drilled in at a point about four miles west of Peru between the Wabash railway and the river. Another is being drilled in about three miles northwest of Peru. The resulta t these points will in a measure demon- Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make up a Suit lor you that for Price, Style and Fit fan- not be beaten. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABRICS For Fall and Winter, Up-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and inspect. W. D. CRAIG, Tailor 416 Broadway, Next to Frazee's. strate the extent and direction ot the oil bearing rock. THE OIL KING. A. N. Dukes is the "oil king" of Peru. Tne best producing wells are t — From part ot the wells No Pain! No Danger I Teeth Extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and palnles. The Finest and Best method of CEOWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method COHESIVE PLATES, guaranteed to fit. j@-No charge for extracting without pain when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, Tk 17 XT T~ T C TI 3n *' 2 Fourth St. LJXllN 1 10 i. lover Fishers Drug Store GERMAN TAUGHT —AT- HALL'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 1 be great and Increasing dcramnd for the German language in bu sinew circle! bu )«4 President Moore to. add this branch to th» . practical bnsinesj course. , We have been foitunate enough to wcnre „.„ share of the product Is one-eighth, while from others it is one-fourth. — o - h —- of G - man w - mke charge of uu« He owns the lands bordering the Wa- lineofwork . Mrs-'potter h»« »on an envj- bash rail way tracks for a distance !^§Si«»Sy^S?o^^iy 0f r^S.SSSS of more than a mile. His income ^™^A KS ££L3?3£& ha« been changed to K pleasant partime by the Colby Natural Method. Day and evening clM§e«. Charles D. Chapman and Harriet E. Orerpeck, George E. Gates and Jesse Smith, Errtn E. Bamer and Orpha Baer, Joseph G. Laycock and Grace H. Smith hare been licensed to wed. them to pump 16 wells witb one engine. Six wells were yesterday attached to this machinery and Its work was one of the most attracting features in the field. The wells attached to this machinery were serv- eral rods distant from the motive power. THE OIL. The oil, as it comes from the wells, is almost as black as coal and it has a smell that penetrates tue olfactor- ies and at first is rather distasteful. It is very dirty looking stuff when first poured into the tanks, direct from the wells. Before it is inspected and accepted by the Standard Oil company, it is forced through a large tank filled with hot water. The dirt and other residuum sinks into the water while the clarified oil rises to the top, and when poured Into the receiving tank is ready for Inspection TUB TTJELD. Sufficient development has not 701 been madeto determinrtfae extent o from the oil field is now no less than 175 per day and will likely e double that tn the next ten days n company with Judge Eoss and W. J. Haney he drove the Pharos repre- entatlve through the field yesterday and gave us many points of informa- The Peruvians are good entertain,19 and every member of the Logans- wrt party had an enjoyable afternoon. The train returning reached lome about 7 o'clock. ion. Day and evenng casses. Cad at the College omoe and arrange for a practical courte in German. Hall's Business College. Comer Broadwaj and Siith St. Second Horn. Notice, Baldwin Club. The members ot the Baldwin club will take notice that the regular meeting has been postponed from Monday eyening, Oct. 18, to Monday evening, Oct. 25, owing to the absence from the city of the leader of the evening. G. A.- GAMBLE, BEET SiiAii, Sec. President. The Weather. Local rains tonlght;Snnday generally lair; decidedly cooler. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Visit Otto Shoe Co. The greatest line Saturday, of children's Mrs. Margaret Heflerman, wife of Philip Heffennan, died this morning at 3 o'clock at the family residence in Lucerne, of inflammation of the bowels, aged 2» jears. The funeral will be held at £ o'clock tomorrow afternoon from the renldence. Burial wVll be nude in M.t. Hope cemetery. clothing at the New Otto. Bazaar, bazaar, at St. Joseph's hall all neitweek-Plenty of pretty thing*. Oil cloths for tonight's Mtle—Baat table oil cloth, 12}c; floor oil elotb. 15c—Golden Bole. Boast pork, cranberry sance, Boston baked beans for lunch tonight M Downey's sample room. For tonight's sale—-500 dona lately fast black, children'! size* 6 to 9*, only 6e pair.—OoUc* Sola. abso-

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