The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1943 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1943
Page 4
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EIGHT BLYTHtfVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, .JUNE'17," 1943 Northeast Arkansas Youths - Offered 'Chance for Mili- v/.tary Courses 1 Boys 16 years old or older enrolled at Arkansas Stale College, Jonesboro, Ark., whether Inking high school or college'courses will bc eligible to take the regular college K.O.f.C. training next Fall, President H. E. Thompson stated today. College authorities stated' that tills slcp was laken In order to glvo the youth of .Northeast Arkansas an opportunity of getting a year or EPSON IN WASHINGTON Income Tax arid Servicemen BY PETER EDSON Courier News Wasl'iiiflon Correspondent One group o( taxpayers who come out pretty well under this new Current Tax Payment Bill o( 1943 are the men and women In service and, along with their dependents. So well do service people conic out under the tax forgiveness provisions that, In some few cases, it may bc possible for anyone not now In service lo save money by- joining up this year. To iinderslniKl how Ihcsc benefits work, first lake Ihe cusc of Ihe civilian. If a civilian earns more this year niore of R.O.T.C. work before being | lnim ne dm i as t year, 75 per cent inducted into Ihe armed forcocs, of n | s ( nxcs on 1942 Incomc arc upon reaching their 18th birthday.' f org |ven. Ihe other 25 per cent of "The taking of this basic military t[, c (n)ics | JC | ni , n ddcd on lo the training should place Ihe student lllxcs on 1943 Incomo. This 25 In line for officer's candidate school ])C1 . ccll t O f i flxc _ s on 1543 Incomc Inslcnd of his being taken Into i s not , necessarily payable in 1943. the suvlce as a private, and by u n |( 0 [ u, mny ^ paid March 15, taking this work in high school the 1!H4 t | lc ot | lcr j,.,|[ March 15, 1945. student can betler serve himself Ulldcr t | le . (irs t anti-windfall" nnd his country," President Tliomp- -" " son stated. Students Receive Credit clause of the hew If the cl- vilian earned more last year thai this year, the taxpayer must first axes on their 1942 Incomes. The unxlmum benefit which a service nan could derive from the 100 cent cancellation of his 1942 axes, through the working out of he new Jaw as described, will be bout $4000, which Is the apjiroxl- nate lax for u 1942 earned Income f $14,000. All this should IK pretty welcome lews lo the men and women In >ervicc, and Ihelr dependents. (Mine Layer good head and n 'sound person- (lie physically hnmllcapncd, It allty. This' Is possibly a bald and would also prove to be u policy MIND YOUR MANNERS man ever use the was Introduced to Arrangements are now bsing made determine the amount by wlilcl by Arkansas State College officials lllp lilx oll 10 4 2 income is grealci to take care of the large number tn!u , |j lc (n x on 1943 Income, llils 'of requests that llavc already been cxcess [] lc n being carried over and received tor Ihis training, und hous- a( |dcd onto the luxes on 1943 Ining facilities arc being reserved on com< ,_ ^t the same time, tha lax the campus to meet their needs. on 1943 i nco me Is increased The R.O.T.C. work which the stu- hy 25 |)el . cent. That's the bill's way dent docs in high school will count O j s(1 yi ng that 11 forgives 15 ' as high school credit and will as cc]ll ot lnc i csscr year's taxes. accepted as part of the units rf- N0 c'AKKY OVER quired for graduation, Dean D. F. ' have per . ( - OK §h'6waHcr stated. Assuming that you now under .. College authorities have 'an- staml j n „ vague way how .the pco- nounced that the high school Ini- |)le w)lo concocted tills Involved tion will be $20 per semester; and , nw tigmc on treating the civilian, that an H.O.T.C. deposit of $5 to consi(lc| . how Ihls cx-clvlllan is to insure return of the uniform loaned )J( , tn , a t e <i \\ | 1C has been In' the to the .student will be the only m - me d services nt nny linie in 1942 lees required for this work. Outlines Courses '.Lieutenant Meyer, acting profes- , nny i first place, for service or 1043. In the ... - -. . - - men. there is to bc no carry-over sar of Milllnry Science and Tac- | nso [ av ns n lc earned Income parties, slated thnl students during Uon of i 942 tax liability is con- the first year will probably study ccnlN i r w |, cl , 1942 taxes .exceed the following courses: (1) Military 1(M3 [nscs Tnc earl , c( i income, you Fundamentals, a. course dealing wll) re(:n n., Is wages or salary .lip with citizenship, military ^customs, lQ j^noo, paid yon lor personal history, and courtesy.- (2) Field Ar- KL . rv j cl , s rendered. Income from tillery Fundamentals which deals dh , klcm i Si tm ( & n iid the lllcc Is not with the structure of guns, their earned income. Test your knowledge of correct ..ocinl usage by Answering the following questions, then chocking against the authoritative below: . Should ft phrase, "She me"? 2. Should you omit making Introduction because you can't remember a person'« mime? 3. Docs a hostess rise lo greet a man guest? 4. in making an Introduction Is a child presented to an older pcr- >on? , 5. Should a hostess walk through a door first or stand aside for a guest? Wliiit would you do If— You. arc a man being Introduced lo a woman who offers you a bare hand and you are wearing gloves- fa) Say, "Will you excuse love?" (b) E'ull off your right uickly? Answers 1. No. "I was Introduced to her' the correct way to suy it. 2. No. It Is. better lo admit you im't remember n name than oreyo milking an Introduction that hould be made.' 3. Yes. 4. Yes. 5. She should slnnd i guest. Better "What Would You solullon—(b). The effect of this provision for functions, ammunition, types of iuses, and elementary ballistics.' scrvlcc pcol> i c is to cancel the cur- Other subjects of the first ycnr will ry . OVD1 . wl ,i ch civilians - have ' lo be first aid, gun drill wilh standard ^ though the 25 per cent nddl- llght field artillery weapons, and Uon (o the 1(H3 lnx musl bc con i r map reading, I puled nnd paid, just ns by civilians .'Curing the second year the stu-: Thcl , e 1S] nowcvc ' ri uu ox t r u $1590 dents will study signal commnm- cxc ) lls i oll f or everyone In Ihe arm r cation, working .with both tele- c(( scrv i ccs> nl addition'to the us- overslmpllfled way of putting the problem, but many businesses have had definite employment policies revolving around employes without physical defect. Obviously, all people sire In some direction vocationally handicapped, since all possess different training mid ci>i>acl(lcs—yet properly placed, most can bc satisfactorily employed. One famous industrialist alone, who has thousands of handicapped workmen In his employ, has proved that they are thoroughly satisfactory' when put in a joU suited to their abilities and treated with consideration. Clearly, these people lave not made the manufacturer lose money; many of them have done bet- j tcr work than those not .so affected, us in the instance of deaf- ules, who do extremely well in obs requiring great conccnlra- on—other things being equal. KMOVIN'G I'ltKJllniCE There are countless distinguished samples of vocationally nnd phy- cally rehabilitated cripples, who ave gone far to remove deep- cotcd prejudice against the nc- eplanco of cripple: in normal solely—the prime example being President Roosevelt. Actually, we know now that we nost welcome them into it. with he serious shortages of miinjjmvcr hal now :uul for ii lod many years to come. With a humane realization on he part of people at large that he handicapped have much to contribute, the future of the cripple In our society can bc brighter than it has ever been in the history ol civilization. Giving the underdog a "break" is part of the American way—but in the case 1 ol of enlightened self-interest. MP Mascot Is 'Busted' After Biting Prisoner FOUT D1X, N. J.,—Former Masler Sergeant Spaghctli Meatball is languishing In the guardhouse after committing an unforgivcable sin In military police circles. He bit a prisoner. Meatball was sentenced for an: Indclenniimle period and was ill Uokcn from master sergeant buck private. >l The first sergeant said one more-} olfense and lie would be broken to civilian. Private Meatball Is the Fort nis : military police mascot, a mixture of terrier, scalyham and scmiau-' | lie was broken once before, from stall sergeant to private, lor ;oiir; absent without olfidal leave 10 days. , Diamonds owned citizens are valued $'i,ooo,<mooo. by at more thair The Devil's Tower is a volcanic | tower-shaped rock In Wyoming.' BOYS1 GIRLS I Your Name inOold on Thejo' DANDY PENCILS...^ aside for Do" Framed-by Jpc^ barbed wire, an American infantryman gingerly plants, a land mine in a lOuisjana fieJg)_\vhilk.on'.IWfa_Arjiny,mVncuvers._Layinii. niines_is. job as, detektijou thorn. phones and radios, driving, the functions' of engines, the use.? of the 105 Howitzer, and the prcpara- j $]200 fol . thosc wl)Q nr , tibn of firing data and use of con- Q1 . hciu , of R family,, pht trol Instruments. During both" the first and second years"Uie ' students will have Uo ( , on , t ]lnvc (Q rcport „_, i,, -hours each week of inihtary drni nny nllowimc( , s uiny get for and a practical appncalion or tnc s | lcllcl . ,, nd subsistence, tl)o things "learned In the classroom, Ueuttnan.1. Meyer announced. ' "' Uniforms for the basic students will be furnished .by the government - and the students while on the campus will probably be under military discipline, President Tompson announced. ..Furlher .information may be obtained from .Dr. dean i -- i Arkansas J6riesboro, Ark. D. F. SlowuHcr, State College, exemptions granted lo .civilians for those who are single, c married »350 for each dependent. Since people In the armed forces Income food, effect of all these exemptions Is . that single men up through the rank of first lieutenunt in.-the Army . ; or lieutenant junior u' grade. In the avy, and married men up through the ranks of major or lieutenant commander won't Irave any income laxcs at all In 1943, unless they have unearned Income from dividends, rents, royalties, nnnul- $40,000 for SugB«ti°" s SAN DIEQO, Gal. CUP) — One thousand one hundred and seventy-three employees at the Consolidated Vultco Aircraft Corp, turned In to their employers 10.205 time-saving suggestions that saved enough time to build a squadron of 08 Liberator bombers during thd past year. The company awarded them a total ol $40,620.25 Cripples Entitled To Be Happy And Useful Members of Society NEW YORK (U.I'.l—Pvt. Irving ntisch, former Now York Uni- rslty ntliletc now stationed at ort Bragg, N. C., has been elected plain of 'NYU's 1044- outdoor .rack squad hi'absentia.- i. > He was electsd because his team- ales felt- that'he "was well fdc- rvlng of the honor even if he imiot actually serve." '- Duck Stamps Ready "WASHINGTON, June 17 (UP) — The 1943-44 duck staini>, which a^l, - { ^ waterfowl -hunters om the age or AcAnMm wnlch thc clv il 16 must purchase, will go on saie j ...hip-i-d i 0 And at all first and second class post ! »' ls n ' c subjected. to. -Ann , ties, trust funds, inheritances and so on, payable to them from sources connected with their civilian past. 1 NO WITHHOLDING TAX Furthermore, there Is no withholding lax for anyone In the offices on July 1. •Money from the sale ol thc refugees and activities. other, conssrvatlon taxes on 1043 Income for service men below the ranks nicntlbnec above will in general be 'canceled there won't be any extra 25 pe cent increase on 1943 taxes fo them to pay, it being Imposslbl lo compute a 25 per cent Increas on an income tax which has ready been canceled out to noth ing. That isn't the best of it, elthc There being provision In the no John Lonsdale Dies •" HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. June 17. (UP)-John Lonsdale, 11-year-old former president of the American tax bill for thc payment of refund Bankers Association, died yesterday sonic time after March 15. 154 at a Hot Springs hospital. 1 "'e government will actually pa '" Services will b- held at St. Louis, back lo many people in thc.arn his former home, Saturday. ,cd services, income taxes they ha Lonsdale was president of the already paid to the government o National Bank of Commerce in St. March 15 and June 15, 1843, Louis from 1915 to 1029, and other positions he has held include Ihe vice presidency of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. bonuses for their suggestions.- KY'IUt. TIIOMAH '». MASTERS Wrlilen for NBA ;.; All wars .have brought in ^trieir wake a tragic load of.'crlpylcd, maimed human beings. It is probable thnl-(his war will bring more than its share of such 'casualties In battle, and since modem warfare Is total war, those who stay nt home and work In factories will also suffer serious accidents. There now, ties left in these partially debilitated human beings. Not only niust they bc provided for, but in the Hvork of arming our men, and In rebuilding the world after the wnr, we shall need what these people are capable of doing. Most adults arc familial' with thc broad program of physical rehabilitation followed after out in the interests of curing infantile paralysis have made most people extremely consciou. 4 of Ihe almost miraculous work being done among those so afflicted Medicine and philanthropy and govctmnent have all combined in gigantic eiVort to help crippled who are stnnnch in their de."rre to bc independent, normal human beings, despite handicap. CONVINCING i-: Mr i, cm-: its Rehabilitation workers have alsc made enormous strides in convincing employers that a person in- jtued in the ley may yot have a MO MONEY HEEDED for thi, ollraclivc ,,<„. til set—Milltr'a Premium N 0p jgj j usl Sf|l( j 15 coupom from any MILLER'S Cticali I]ONK with yom name nnd mldieii. to Pre/ni- iin D«pt.. Milltr Cereal Mill.. Ora.iha Nebr For variety eal: MILLER'S Corn Flake! Wheat Fluid . . . When! Brnnrtir! 40% Sran Flatei . . . PoppM Wliral. At, • teshl ; 125 FOR A MONTH'S SUPPLY Get slimmer tlio easy AYDS'waj'llOO persona lost 14 to 20 ILs. each in a month under llic ilircc- lion of Dr. Samuel Ellis. PhoneI KIH11V BROS. DRDCJ STOKE Main and Hroailway lllytheville, Ark. Women Protect Forests SAN UIEGO, Cal. (U.P.)—Tills ity has begun (he training ol •omen forest fire fighters In large umbers. Each fire fighting station i ,lhe forest and mountain areas las a group of four women flght- rs, each with a man from the rmcd forces, and a fire engine. They sleep in - bunks in barracks, he oply feminine concession bong made to them was the number who had drapes. How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly Jn 1'liice Do your false teeth annoy and embarrass by slipping, dropping or wabbling when yon cat, laugh or talk? Just sprinkle a little FAS- TEETrH on your pjatcs. Tills alkaline (non-acid) powder holds false teeth more firmly and more comfortably. No gummy, gooey, pasty taslc or feeling. Docs not r.our. Checks "ptalc odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH today at as niiy drug store. The President of States receives his monthly. Attention Property Owners To comply with city health requirements, your lots (vacant unil onnrilcil) should he kept rlear of weeds anil high grass from the streets (o the allrys. No. 26 Kelly "Perfect Weed Cutters Special At 1 19 Specially designed for cu'lllnf. wcnls. Tlie'.itrralrd double cilgc blade permits a keen, slicing cut, and unlike any (ilbcr weed culler, Is equilly effcclivc on heavy or llg weeds. . Other Weed Cutters from 85c TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Your Complete Hardware Slorc 126 W. Main Phone 515 P[TROL!UH JELIYTHISW4Y in time returned lo society useful »n .iscr I.«»B B1.IM p lii G )i ntiMitj-. For minnr e,,U Lurns.Lruisea. 5c, triplcEizc, 10& will bc Important ann happy members, if not v. ; hole in body. The enormous publicity AMERICA GOES WITH Dad's a practical sort of chan . . . (hat's why we don'l always sl»i> lo reatiy.e thai he's also a very scntimciilal sort of fellow, iircak down and show him how you feel about him on Father's Day . . . wilh a practical, wearable gift . . . oie he'd select for himself if lie were wilh yon. Here are just a few of Ihe yifts you rniyht choose: Comfortable Sport Suit 6 95 t»9 75 ('ml and cninfui (aliln. lile;il for spovts, for loirn;;m£, for ivorfciuR iJlinut tlic house. Chiiti^' ficm mulching iiml cf.nliaslir™ i;hirts anil slack-i . . . Tailored by WINGS anil I.A I'l.AYA. I!. V. 0. SWIM TRUNKS A wtilc variety uf flylrs ami i:o 11> r s lo -select frmn. 2 25 Q75 & &• VAN 11KUSHN NECKWEAR ffilks nuil \vashahlcs \\\ every \vnnlcil color. 55< s s l WINGS SUMMER SHIRTS (' n n \ i\r,\v fnhrics in Mliitcs ;uul fancy p;it- trrns. S 2 WINdS SPORT SHIRTS Compare the falirics A tnilnrin:; of Ihcsc fiar- mculs! MKI-COIA COMPANY. IONO ISIANB OTT, H.Y. FMNCHISIO BOTUlRi I'cpsl-Cola Doltlintr Co. of Blylhcville ALSO: Smart New Straw Hals, Bells and Uraa's, Jewelry Sets, Soclt!-', Odd Slacks, and many oilier practical, \VKAKAHUi KiHs! Joe Isaacs, Inc. In Dlylhcville vSincc 1!H)2 33'millionJotiiers5 Buy SltoiUton BONOS \"f

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