The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on April 11, 1910 · Page 5
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 5

Washington, District of Columbia
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Monday, April 11, 1910
Page 5
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mk is F B I K I O v3 t ft - - t v 11 - gotxstarted ahoui thirty yearsf topspon r J - rvln 8 Cobb in the New York Worlds i - t - lep sam uanaua om mmojwcpc sigh I was another of those persons Hiy iuuiu r - r - r vi vet - nextto tirecian aancins - anavjueiie too soon These times when I readthe ftum fromIilba wlretammc Jsthe most newspapers from New York aod - - pthenadVertlsi3d little thing there Is - laree centers md think of the things pi fearn - also that Incoming trains Im misshuj U makes me turn over in the grave until the rest of the tegular residents think the cemeterj sheen struck py an earthquake I get fao wrought up sometimes its all I can do to keen from biting m own silver nameplate riglvU oftV Thc reader may or may not recall the late Canada Bill Butjf he doesnt its a pretty safe thing that he has a relatie framed Untie Primus living - up in Union county whd recall him Jn a minute and possibly burst mto tears at the memory Canada Bill v as one pf the pioneers of pur hurried cmlizafion one of the first apd one of the greatest He was a sturdy pathfinder S ho fared forth into the frontiers at an early date with naught save at marked deck of cards and - a line of talk the wjre - tapplng game He tackles t not only oncet but Jwicet and then Ihricet He tackles It to the gratifying extent of lCftXrgitteclng sun - bright simoleons And FOR SUFFRAGE REFORM JlLT r Berlin Socialists and Radicals untteinRaiiju - a - Ss HO DISORDER MAES THE DAY - Authorities Surprised byMilitary Preci - irora Xew kneland points have beenall Jcjut leiedup lately wiUrVvhitingBlbleciass teachers and others who were coming to Gotham tv win - large sumsat laro Whats more they felt they positively couldnt lose anyway you put It Wasnt tt pacli one of them under the directs ner - - - 7 i - 5 - Ujir sonal guidance of aldnd philanthropist Berli7t Aprjl - Atieast lO00 social - 1 sioVWithWhirh Mra - Move Mmcji tot niflJ Jaffa to Jerusalem anoTi - e v - - - f - clnlt t who - met - him on the street of Bellows Falls just casually and liked his face at flist glance and tbok a fancy to him on the spot and got acquainted wltihlm and invited him down to share In a little pmate melon cutting Quite so oh yes indeed Naturally if a ew York - card hhaip Jiad aj - ipe canteloupe all ready for the pruning blade hed so all the way to Boston and environs to invite a per - I feet stranger to come along and have the the - niM hirm h iiHio Viirrin rtsrht 1 best slice My son - that game was old ddwn off the limb To him we owe the I when Cheops built the pyramid but up Wh development of three - card monte I to the time when somebody squealed they formeily a faorite indoor sport among were coming in to play it at the rate of the bturdi yeomanry of the middle West three a day with money they d borrowed t C u x - frfim a hunt - - without REllinp anvthmt LO tie was anion ine verv nrsi m icdiuie i - - - t r Parks in Squads of 100 Sound of BuglcBrings Silence to v - ThrongS Military in Reserve but Not Needed v i - - - - c rf it tHe educated pea In connection with the performing walnut hulls He had much td do vith early North American floriculture for he made two blades of green goods grow where - none eer grew before The old - fahioned 1SS4 model gold brick without wljich no real home west of the Mississippi j was formerly complete was his masterpiece Such was Canada Bill who is now no more He died in Chicago the year of the worlds fair through exhaustion Brought on by trying to keep up with the supply It was a heroic endeavor and he got so he was ambidextrous and - could trim two simultaneously using both hands at once But In tM middle pi tfie summer when he had already oyer exerted himself eight excursion trains arrived alii the same day from Burlington Iowa and points beyond and the added strain was too much for him to bear and laid down and became an e tinct specie his last words being Viiat Mamed ldjpt said only otic was born a minute At least that is my informa tion on thej subject But to continue our interview I guess my greatest drawback was that 1 got started in business about 30 years too soon said Canada Bill I belonged away back yonder in the period When the oldest Odd Fellow used to die on an average of once a wecK lie was dying every day or two in sickly seasons Kow you dont hear of his dying oftener than once in six months The Bellfd Buzzard and the man who smoked Clibeb cigarettes for a cold in his head isyerc contemporaries of mine So was the party that wore a little basket made dit of a peach kernel for a watch charm and also the maiden lady who didasquUt With 9000 pieces in it and likewise the deluded country editor whose proudest possession was one of the 900000 original remaining copies of the TJlstei county fj Y Gazette containing the account of the death of Washington - No self - respeciing cartoonist would think of drawing a laboring man wthout asquare paper cap on his head and a set j of Gov Hughes whiskers and the typical traveler was always supposed to wear a flat - topped derby and a linen duster and carry a carpetbag with a paper collar sticking out of it Nobody in those days knew anything about these patent inno - Ltion trunks for 40 that cant be smashed apd that keep your pants pressed for youj and wont let your high hat get squashed and always stand on end ana ODen liKe a wararoDe ior no 1 De the bank about It And me not there to get mine i A leading financier puts 38000 or some such trhling amount with the ends showing and strolls debonairly out of Mr Waldorf - Astorias little hostelry in a highly glazed - state and meets up with two Strong Arm Susans and parts from the wad with such neatness and dispatch that its a scandalous shame to take the money You couldnt do that in Red Dog Ark and the Mormon elders got wise to it the same year that Brlghstfn died but it goes well still at Thirty - fourth street and Fifth avenue Im told that they work the shells at I Coney Island andson side streets righ off iiroauway much easier than tney ever did at the Catajpa county fair away back yonder when - the Southern Pacific road was being put through Jh the leading hotels they are selling for ar fual real regular money mining stocks that couldnt be marketed anywhere else on earth except in yard - wide patterns at about 10 cents a roll for wallpapering purposes Yes I know where I ought to be right now at the corner of Forty - deuces street and the Big road I can shut my eyes and see the picture Over yonder the fellows endowing the Larry Summerfleld bed in the National Home for Sick Engineers Over there the Spanish Prisoners Relief Association distributing the usual triweekly dividend Members of various local orders the Green Goods Nursery Gar deners the Union Gold Brick Layers the Sure Thing Brotherhood and the Little Sisters of the Hurried Touch promenad - ingup and down The Interstate Society of Heirs to Large English Estates hold Ing a convention to initiate a few thousand more new members from Iowa and Arkansas The Tips Brothers who sell the one - best bets on the races out in their touring ars riding over the poor wretches who buy em The rumble of the cylinder presses turning out miles upon miles of crisp new green mining stocks The hiss of the engravers irons as they affix the proper stamps to the gold - bearing certificates A visiting delegation from Wall street and the stock exchange marching through giving the grand hailing sign to the affiliated fraternities on the sidewalks And right in the middle of it all me standing there with both hands busy taking it away from the farmers that were born in the city and never got a chance to go anywhere else and learn something Really now I said there are not so K VI 1 OaV vS Krfi TTT - Vk - - Tfir v 4 iTV SPggfBPC T J TT T VI I M J T iTL 2 i fiv - v ii r y - - sVs - - z f I Tl Ax - - w r 1 kfMtsti iapm vi - iirifi i sirii imi 4111 Ill Jllil II I All I M JI1IU I IHIl i i - vj j - 9 tri Y - M s T 7 rSLM - KSisStttWJS SrSPPJ - i fiBU oieMMtilmift rflMs JrJts - i Viji iv 1Sf s A ri frt - i u IVg - at - BTOoiajn Tabernacle I i Speel to TbeWubintton PpsL t i New Torf April 10 Pastor Bussell accompanied byDr Jones whoJwlll serve Wmpas stenographer sailed fromNew jrorJt JVprn j - jor jerusaiemvia - angr jBerne Naples Alexandria Cairo and In Address at Columbia Theater - Eec - ple No said Canada Bill not so many Only half as many as there would be if New York were twice as big as it is MME ST0ESSEL PAYS FOR COW fieve you xan get one that will do all many easy marks among New York peo these things and aisQ Dring ou a cup ot Save and a 5reiA sRcfe shine But back in those days we fell for the paper collar party with the four - ply Brussels valise Or anyhow an the illustrators did And a Sunday paper then was merely sf Sunday paper nothing to jt absolutely ttXit a lot Ot junk that was too long or too ttrpsome to go in during the week and such standard features as the M Quad stuff and the column of exciting Chess problems on the editorial page with the checkerboards and the chart showing how the knight jumped the giblets out of the hiihop I know that s er hard to behee thefee times when a Sunday paper weighs about nine pounds and includes a colored supplefnent the words and music of the last popular song lilt or the next ine a complete novel a cake of soap a bVok telling 400 ways to cook an egg If yljiu can only get the egg somewhere frst a coupon in a guessing contest for 300 valuable prizes a large picture suitable for framing and a cardboard cutout of a modern bungalow so that any jne who owns a suburban lot and follows the directions carefully such as cutting With a sharp penknife along the - dotted line and inserting Slot A into Slit B will hive a neat summer residence at practically no cost whatever But such was the case I thought that to get the best results art - my work I ought to frequent smelly day coaches and win the friendship of sturdy sons of the soil who had traces of their family tree on their hands and Who took off their shoes when traveling arid rode Informally or as you might say al fresco in their white yarn socks and ate hard - boiled eggs and spring onions out of a shoe box And I likewise Ists and radicals took part today1 rtlhe most Impressive demonstratlonever held in Berlin in favor of suffrage refprm tin Prussia From - lToclock in thermornlng - the streets s resounded with the tread of squads of earnest lookingjmen5 jfrpm1 gV - ery precinct in the city marching towara the Humboldt - Hainsthe Frtedrichshalrt and Treptow park where Police Commissioner Von Jagow - Tiad sanctioned open - air meetings C - a - T - 2 Owing to the recent outspoke criticism of the police methods In the repression of popular expression of the will the J police commissioner had withdrawn his lormer promotion on assurance irom the socialist leaders that no disturbances would occur and that traffic would not be disturbed March in Groups of 100 Men and women gathered at the district headquarters of the socialists at an early hour and from there marched oft ln groups of 100 under control of stewards wearing red arm bands toward the allotted meeting places There was pa shouting or singing as the crowds passed through the streets from which the police seemed to have - l disappeared as if by magic - Squads arrived at theyparks about 1 oclock with military preclsonvThere they gathered around sixteen improvised and numbered platforms from whlch atvthe sound of a bugle socialist and radical members of the reichstag - and - landtag began ad - Ldresses in which tley vehemently de nounced the Injustice of the present system of ejections Bugle Brings Silence For ah hQurand a Half the orators continued amid deafening cheers and at 230 another bugle sounded and for one minute utter silence prevailed Then a resolution declaring that it was the determination of those gathered together to fight for reform until victory had been w on for the people w as passed by acclamation Enthusiastic scenes ensued and there was great cheering for the rights of the democracy while 100000 voices broke into the stirring strains of the Workmens Marseillaise but they desisted on orders from the leaders The meetings then disbanded the original groups marching off as they had come without the slightest disorder The entire Berlin garrison was confined to barracks all day as a measure of precaution but the services of the military were not required Surprise to Authorities Twelve meetings were held in halls In the suburbs and these also passed off without untoward incident The most significant features of todays manifestation were the orderly manner in which It was conducted the police in the future have no reason for refusing socialists requests for open - air assemblages and the cooperation between the socialists and rad icals this being the first time in which they joined in such a demonstration Indicating the depth of feeling among the workers regarding the necessity - of suffrage reform Commissioner von Jagow whoJn civil - Ian clothes witnessed the demonstration was utterly surprised at the discipline and good order - if Hia return Will be via Borne Vienna Warsaw Berlin Elberfeld - and London Meetings nave beenarranca forenToute His - longest stay - wmbe m Great Britain where about twenty ap pointments In JheJrineipal cities await I uuu uria w 114 uDyuuuug jnowianj v v j4 - specially reported fn - these columns Spe - cial jnterestTrillepteT in the discourses atUerusalem andTiome The many read ers of his sermoirs will follow the pastor In TiiB tniirnpv - with ereat Interest He is - - - - - - - i scheduled tobe hack inBrookiyniJune - a irhen his atopic willbe Jerusalem In anticipation or aiarge audience ott uiai occasion Brooklyns largest auditorium theAcademy of Music has been secured fe Sermon at Sea - Oods - people throughout the Scriptures are counseled to live peaceably with all jnen so far as - possible Theyajevcoun cit - U nai - vi iise varum wcdpouo aiub iu fake to thesword for the jsettlement of illsputes bufiTathert tQuftcr injury Thejfarefcounselethat Uod 3s the is - nbl - Tiow rulinr directly amongst menf He is fullv the Master of the situation In that He could at any time overthrow hwiiii - J TV4T m - lfpHnn Inno - list OIJ t p4 - UAAg MJ v - - - - o V j - - - iT - 5Tii5tii t - - j - r - ii5 t - - r - r a v i r - - js xt f5 GeergeW BaiaaKeBtucky C6Mei5aIksTemperance v A w Jf s - - 4 - t - j social order and the exeat governments m - n - nV nwn - rm mi ttt r it the earth Wstnotbe understood J1V UJUUIlAvAU VV IwUj signify that the Bible counsels revolution v - T ir anarchy Orfthe cgntrarTi all of i T1 lstncMustBeiJed jDnSeed of i V J1K nw - ir - t 4 ineir ADOUuuh nanicu caia tW 1 4T ji 4 ut i s - T i Court However Does Not Allow Owners Claim for the Milk Special Cable to The Washington Post St Petersburg April 10 Russias indomitable business woman Madame Stpesscl has just been ordered ty the Moscow civil court to hand over 120 rubles to Mme Rouddky widow of a Russian officer The case began in 1906 It proved to turn upon the prowess of Gen Stoessels wife as queen of the Port Arthur provision trust during the Japanese siege of that place Mme Stoessel had already withstood the attacks of beleaguered civilians who complained to the government that after she had worked a corner in fowls she got her husband as commandant of the fortress to fix the selling price of eggs in Port Arthur Mme Rouddky informed the court that at the outbreak of the war she owned a cow and two calves When the siege began she left Port Arthur and handed over her dairy business to her husband who died Mme Stoessel thereupon appropriated her cow The plaintiff - estimated that Mme Stoessel sold a thousand rubles worth of milk before selling the animal for 120 rubles Mme Stoessel admitted selling the cow but declared she had given all the milk to the wounded Moreover the cow she said was injured when she found it The court decided that she must refund the price of the cow 120 labored under the disadvantage of heliev - rubles but Mme Rouddky had to pay in - that the toii whs thickest in the I the costs of the suit She did not receive REDS INTERRUPT PREMIER Hurl Bricks Through Windows and Fire Shots as Briand Speaks high grass and that to really achieve standing in the profession I ought to change my graft about once in ten or twlve years or so All of us felt the sSpne way about these things Paper Collar Joe and Glass - eyed Charley and the Harmony Kid - and the rest of the recog riizod profession VBut I know belter now - I know now that the best class Of customers dont wear chin whiskers and black diagonals And I know that the great metropolis is the real place for arty con man with a working knowledge of any of those littlp devices that came into popularity about the time Grand Central Pete first put on long pants No need to work up a new trick for the Great White Way boys Old frjends are best on the Little Street of the Wise Qnes And right there on the Gv W W in the haunt of gals gasoline arid gladsome rags is where youd find Yours Sincerely if l could get back there For me thfred be no more chasing the mt - brown jEzra behind the haymow with iKe Bohemian oats in one hand and the fountain pep in the other and making him sin the papers on the spot Thered be ricrmore riding on accommodation trains Which were so called because not Broad - - way would be the happy hunting ground of my vanished tribe of noble scouts if I iould only pay a return visit What prompts you to say such a thing as that J asked Recent hjstory said Canada Bill Ive been reading the papers and keeping posted A bright young Pittsburg capitalist comes all the way to New York to tackle judgment for her milk claim M0REIS PARK STABLES BURN INFLAMED KIDNEYS Medial writers declare it Incurable after the sixth month fhether albuminous or not The average man prefers to think ot It as kidney trquble and lets it go but the census shows this appalling fact - out ot 63000 deaths from kidney - itroHbles the last census year orer nine - tenths - 4 them SSWC took tie form called firjshtg PiBease although - tt lg - qutte probable that nine - tenths oftheBeup to the last moment thought of itjas and called it kidney trouble when as a matter of fact the only possible hope laid through a specific for Bright s Disease There never was one until Fulton - worked out hii Kenal emollient Fulton1 Renal Compound Since then inflammation of the Mdneys whether albuminous or not or whether called kidney trouble1 or Brights Disease or whether six months or U years old commonly yields If you have bad kidney trouble over slxmonths no tmatter what you call it It la the onlv Ibm EfHeiency - 8T per cent where patleBtBr - donotwalt until Deanaaen - aitaougn lome at Tnero recover Ittcan be had Jn Washington from Benryi Evans 92924 Fist V - - V We desire u heat frmran4 flvlsewitliipatlents xibtBoting tje iusnaVlmrTOTemenGrby the third Fire Kindled at iThree Places in Building of Old Race Track New York April 10 There occurred today the most extensive Are in point of area covered that New York city has ever known Two miles of buildings were burned and yet with only a nominal loss The destroyed structures were the stables in the old Morris park race track That the fire was of Incendiary origin is evident from the fact that the flames broke out simultaneously on the north east and south sides of the track Swept by a strong wind the flames spread rapidly Morris park in days gone bTi was one of the most beautiful race courses in the country and was famous as a society track The growth of the city northward made the track valuable for building purposes and a part of it already has been built upon The old stables and paddock were soon to have been razed PRUNES NOT PASTRY But Rice Puddings Are New York Su preme Court Holds New York April 10 The appellate term of the supreme court Justices Seabury Lehman and Gavegan sitting has af firmed a ruling mad by Municipal yourt Justice Lauer that prunes are not pastry and affirmed a verdict by a Jury that rice puddings are Judgment for 101 with costs which John Myionopbuies obtained against John Cobates was affirmed The plaintiff set forth that he sublet from the defendant part of - the latter restaurant at 691 Sixth avenue - it being agreed that the plain tiff was to have the sole right fto sell - In his parflbf Uheistofe Turkish cbffee Cigars Cigarettes arid pastry The flgfehdarif sold primes and rice puddirigsiqihisfpajl of the restaurant and the plaintiff ibrought suit to recover 500 - damages on fhej ground that prunes and rice pudding were pastry Street Fights Follow Opening of the French Electoral Campaign in Saint diamond Saint diamond France April 10 The opening of the electoral campaign here today by Premier Briand was marked by violent counter demonstrations by anarchist and revolutionary groups who interrupted the premiers speech to his constituents by smashing windows and firing revolvers Premier Briands address was infused with the spirit of moderation and peace urging social reforms by pacific methods The republic he said owes to ail equal justice and liberty She cannot make herself a persecutor without failing in essential principles At this point the premiers words were drowned by the crash of a shower of bricks through the windows ana tne cracking of reyolvers The speaker Continued and outlined the governments program In which electoral reform occupied a prominent place Measures to which attention will be given he said include the proper definition of the status of the state empToyes in order to prevent a recurrence of the recent postal strikes and the establishment of a system of arbitration between workmen and employers calculated to obviate strikes For internal peace said the premier 13 as important as external peace As the premier left the city fhe mani - festants crowded round him and there was a sharp fight between them and his supporters many Wows being exchanged and some shots fired In the air A number of persons were arrested An individual who was arrested while trying to make his way into a banquet attended by the premier was found to be a Spanish anarchist He was armed with a revolver - Pastor TRussel planned to preach at sea J 41 tnw jlT1aiir mnPfflflr louayirom ic icai id though - the mountains be carried into the midst of thesearPsalmsrxlvI2 his sermon being as follows - x VI have chosen formy texfa sea topic a symbolical - prophecy whichrf I believe Is rapidly nearing fulfillment l Bible students recognize thefacf - that many of the Psalms aye messianic j that - Js tbsay they apply tin the timeof theJnauguraj tion of Messiahs rrrmennial klngbomi Events if TX ew Age Described - j Some of HherrTdetail the peace and Joy and blessines which will then prevail among men when the great leveling procr esses of thattime jwlimaise - allthe worthy poor and degraded and will hum ble all the proud establishing society un der such new conditions that the nev order of things is symbolically styled in the Scriptures a new heavens and1 a new 1 1 S WT1 a V f JjrhiAAiencta T eartn wpereju uvycuclu - iisHtwuauswa - II Peter Ull3 i - e Others of the Psalms describe In highly figurative terms the work of the millennial age For instance - we read Gird thy sword upon thy thigh O most mighty with thy glory and thy majesty And In thy majesty ride pros - nerouslv because ol - truth and meeknesS add righteousness and thy right hand shall teach thee terrible things inine arrows are sharp In the heart of the Kings enemies whereby the people fall under thee Psalms xlv3 - 5 Here the great Redeemers pictured as the glorious conauering king of the millennial age and His victory over every opposing in fluence is emphasized Unto Him every knee shall bow and every tongue con fess Isaiah xiv23 His right hand that will teach terrible things is the symbol of the divine power which will be exercised at the inaugura5 - tion of the kingdom Slain by the Truth The sharp arrows which will pierce the enemies to the heart and cause them symbolically to fall before Him slain represent His messages of truth and grace which then will conquer as - they do not now - except In the hearts of theffew A sample of those now slain after this manner by the word of truth is furnished us in the account of St Peters sermon on the day of Pentecost He preached the truth plainlj thrusting in the Jsword of the spirit up to the hilt He told his hearers how they and their rulers had crucified the Prince of Life They were cut to the heart and It was the greatest blessing that could have possibly come to them Acts ii23 Similarly durr ing the millennium the arrows of truth will smite down all opposition and mankind cut to the heart with proper appreciation of their own sinfulness and Gods mercy will fall before the great King accepting mercy upm HissraclouS Day of Trouble Pictured The psalm of which our text is a part is one of the Messianic - psalms Prophetically and symbolically it tells about the trouble incident to the passing away or the present order of sin and selfishness and the inauguration of the new order of righteousness and love hh - der the great mediatorial kingdom of Christ Whether the events which the Scriptures predict shall come in our day or not we hold that they win come and be in full comportment with these prophetic pictures They were surely written for our instruction II Timothy ili16 And as Bible students we do well to take heed to every Item of the divine revelation that thus we may keen ourselves in touch with the Infinite One and in sympathy with all the features of His great and wonderful program Let us note the particulars of the psalm in detail God Is jur refuge and strength a very present help in trouble Psalms xlvil How beautiful How comforting How strengthening Those who hae entered into covenant relationship with God through Christ through faith and consecration and who are abiding in His love - may feel serene in any trouble in every trouble not merely in the final trouble with which sin and sor row will be brought to an end Not merely when Satan shall be bound will God be the refuge of His saints but in all times and under all circumstances the peace N of God which passeth all understanding will keep the hearts ana minds of His faithful Fear Is the Adversarys Lash FLEET REMAINS AT DRILL Delayed by Bad leather Warships kake Up for Lost Time Special to The Wash tngton Post Norfolk Va April vl0 - The Atlantic fleet which steamed out to the Southern drill grounds off Virginia Beach last Monday for tactical evolutions Broke the usual custom of spending Sunday at anchor in Hampton Roads - The ships were frequently seen f romthefshore Failure to return to the roads Saturday afternoon was du tb the fact that the fleet encountered bad weather the early part of last week - and the schedule planned for Itv could 6t be - fekecuted without anotheraylbn5the - drtUgrounds The vessels are expected in tomorrow morning and most of theweek1probably will be passed In Hampton jRoads for the adjustment1 of guftlgh ting mechanisms for the hig - gun target practice soon tdicbmmencei wo ofwiCneeessarjr tar - etandwDeingutltleSNorfolk - navy yard wiil probably oietiedjby the rTntfprtiinrtVVWiifiif wil it Sp r - rn - av Saved Jrora Capsized - SaUbaat AilbbatcupieXbyCpr6ss of 4F46tret5oathwes andameaanI lgan of930AGStretSlkHithwestMyoting men well khowril - about thetrhaYbor cap - sIzedSaujdayaf teimMriJiaboutJylark in aha WMhingtonchannep ofi - the Eotomac jbnpositeihefNbrfoltMandibWashington Steambbaiemrhyrswhr Rkedonrpjtjejtpital British to Exploit Malay OiL Lisbon April J0It Is said that the goverrimen t 4i gr anted sa concession td a British Syndicate to Exploit richoii fields ort the IslMrfIihorsniythe Malay JtoIpelagd sandphatAit lisHbr liey isdicatje ill vsodrt jOustLfohefcH YhtSehgiTaass Sail - vnt finflttv ThA H mtrial lmTtrnve - TnAnt Kw rhftihlnl I fcaSaifritB Affi iW4SW P aniiirormTtropean patr wto IMtanyQetftoCT - StEaRBKl - MmkKmWIUMJFPfm 1 r il - Ji - - Lirr - - Z lZZfg i rAS - lSPWVPKi 3lSSUVESV - - r t - -V- i - - vr - i j - ZWi founsirherSaexrert3Swrm Therefore will not we fear though the earth be removed and thoueti - the mountains be carried into the midst pff me sea - Dear is the great torment Tof the majority of our race It is the lash which the adversary frequently usesto drHe away from God those who need His sympathy ahd love and succor To such the Lord speaks tenderly saying Come unto Me all ye that - labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest And again God declares Hia name to be love1 and says Their fear toward Me is taught by the precepts of men not by His word Isaiah xxix13 He would have us trust him as - a great loving generous Father saying - Like as a father pitleth hia children so the Lord com - passioneth those who reverence Him Fsalms clii13 j As love more love Derfectlove comes into our hearts it more and more casts out the fear which the adversary would inculcate and which has burned Into mens minds and consciences vthe doctrines of devils to which the - apostle refers J Timothy Ivl Fear not their fear neither he afraid says the Lord toi those who are His people Let the - peaceof God NUiich passeins - au unaerpianaingTuie in your hearts fie faithful Ro trustful niart the assurance thatall things snail work together for goodto those who Jove God - to the called ones according to his purA poses Romans vuu8 rV TlQantainsAre SymbolicalJ This class willrioE fear when the earth shall be removedXand whenthe mountains shall be carried lnto the midst ol the seaTheymlght indeed be astonished and in trepidation Jt these were Uterat mountains buftheyaresymbolIcalThe people of the LordunderSHis ln3truc - j tlon will notice In darlyiess that that - i day - shall overtake them tas a - thief although itwiUComCas a - thief and as a snare upon the whole worldLukexxIrJ 35 Vs - A - - - - r - iin tne rsyinDoiogytjoi ine tsiDjvjjtne He does not acknowledge taatxiis will is now done in the earth hut1 tells vp that - Jt wilLbKdoneDyirandTy andk encourages us to pray arid to hopeand to jwait for it He tells jis that Satan is now tne - pnnce oruiis - worioy hyvvJrtue of the fact - that he deceives the minds ahdjliearts of the majorltyUod would have His people understands something - ot His great program - but He - would keeD this hlddeh from all others hence the Impossibility of r explalnipg - spiritual things to a carnal Tnlnd Corinthians 11 14 None of the wicked shall understand Daniel xll10 V3 f t The GreatCreatorhascontented Himself with such a supervision of - human affairsas leaves much responsibility7In ituuictnriianas e mereiy mterieres to raise up or to castfdown on occasions whenthe Interest of His cause andj program may sdemandFor instance the case of the Pharaoh Iraised to the throne of Egypt Jn Moses - day K Used Kings Wrath God there Talsed to the throne a map of great - determination and hindered from reaching the throne other men not so favorable to - the carrying out of the divine purposes - Thus without interfering with the free moral aerencv of the king God used the wrath of man to praise hlmfandithe remainder He restrained Similarly God previouslyraised Joseph ta the governorship of Egypt for His own purposes The prophet describes the tumult of that day of overwhelming trouble when Gods kingdom will be established saying of the sea that will swallow up the mountains The waters roar and be troubled the mountains shake with the swelling thereof Psalm xlvl3 It Is probably true that such socialistic and anarchistic roarings have many times in the past caused the kingdoms of earth and their rulers to tremble But some day accord ing tothe Scriptures the final catastrophe will occur How near that day may be who can tell Quite a good many earnest Bible students concur in the thought that such a climax is indicated in the nrophe cies for the year 1915 But be the date asitmay the fact remains The prophecy we are examining is - nearly 3000 yeaTS bid but it is as good as sure and as meaningful today as ever it was Not Fostering Fear We are not of those who would harass the minds of our fellows with feat - Rather would we point them to the fact that behind this cloud of trouble there Is a glorious silver lining of millennial j6y and blessing for all the families of the earth Rather we would encourage all who have the hearing ear to zeal and faithfulness In their consecration that they may make their calling and their election sure toa share in the kingdom giones ana escape those things coming upon the earth Luke xxl3G In a word the Gospel of Christ is not a message of - damnation and fear and torture but as the angels declared Good tidines of great joy which shall be unto all peo - pie iLuKe - nip In the fourth and fifth versps foiinm fng our texthe church f issymbolicailyr picturea as tne city or kingdom of God Hia dwelling place And the stream of truth is represented as a river mak - Ing the city clean and fresh and glad The proclamation is made God is in the midst of her She shall not be moved God shall help lier early in the morning - earIy in the millennial morn ing The church is to be a first - fruits unto God Her salvation as the bride of Christ will be accomplished early in this millennial morning Oh how glad will be all those accounted worthy of a piace m that elect church the church of xiie nrsi - porn wnose names arc writ ten in heaven She shall not he mov ed Is in agreement with the first verse in assuring us that Gods people will be preserved from fear and doubt and misunderstanding of the events of that time of trouble and that their faith will en able them to triumph at a time - when others will be In great distress and perplexity Luke ixi26 Raging of the Gentiles Beginning with the - sixth verse the prophet gives a brief synoptical picture of the time of trouble and its consummation and the Inauguration of universal peace The heathen Gentile peoples raged 1 These words describe the tumult which wiU prevail among humanity in the great time of trouble before the climax is reached Raging angry voices arise frompubifc meetings and In the more private meetings of the lodges of labor and capital and through the columns of the press to the extent permitted c In Germany - the raging press for some time has been muzzled The same Is true in other natiohs In Great Britain In the United States and in France there is a fear of tumult through public press raging and everything possible is done to restrain it Whoever sees that anarchy is the most dreadful terror confronting civilization must realize the wisdom of reasonable restraints upon his own tongue and upon the tongues of others Nevertheless - the Scriptures sbow us that all effort to suppress the tumult and the angry voices of men selfishly raging out against each other will fail The prophetic picture continues God uttered His voice the earth melted lhe ZF victories - in the caus oCprohibitlon and temperance covering u aau - semury w George W Bain of Kentucky in an iii h Pntiimhia Theater yester day - afternoon ildclared that it was only a matter ofttme until was - hmgum me Capital of the United States would be fasr aeyj a3 some oi me Doumern du Hia address was delivered before a mass meeting held under the auspices of the Womans Christian Temperance Unipn and presided r over byt Senator Elmer Burketti of Nebraska X - - - I Col Bains subject was JThe Defeat of the4 Nations Dragon He likened the drink habit to a greatred dragon that was slowly trampling the lifeand prosperity out of communities in which it is - allowed toilvei In part hesaid TheVork tf the - W CrV UJ - inthe last half century cannot be too strongly commended This organization withthe helpof tonsof literature and speeches without number has slowly - been rlng - lngthe nation to a realizing sense of the great danger it is facing - w Saloon in South - Panic - Stricken j I am a Southern man andwhen the cause - of total abstinence was first espoused Isald It was impossible for the South everito go dry From time Immemorial jit has been the stronghold of the liquor - traffic It bred a race of men who considered interference In their likes and dislikes an lrisult to themselves and to thevcommunity When I first started speaking myjife was1 constantly irrdanger At the present time I can go anywhere in Kentucky orthfrougb the South and not only will I be In no dangerpersonally but my discourse will be attentively heard Throughout that portion of the country the saloon is panic - stricken and the South - as a whole is slowly but surely going dryt The - saloon Is one of - the greatest crime centers that any community can harbor It is in the saloon that all the dastardly plots against the peace and well - being of the community are hatched If any one doubts the truth ot this asser tion I can point Jto the fact that in times of great calamities or catastro - phles when a town Is under martial law - in nine cases out of then the first order that goes forth is to close the saloons Saloons in District Must Go Saloons ar - bound to eo fn the Dis trict because the seeds of their abolition were planted jears ago Every year it Decomes harder and harder for a saloon keeper to procure a license The author ities say Make your business a model one or you cant rVin it at all I want to call on the people of the District of Columbia to sweep away their saloons and when they have done It there will be as much chance qf the traffic regain ing its nom as it is to send out a counterfeit note as the real thing Immediately following his speech he was tendered a vote of thanks by the audience A part of the musical program of the afternoon was a quartet num - ber by members of the choir of - Vermont Avenue Christian Church - V - T - 2 JEFFESSOHsBAY SIIAKEIL K - 3 - t Mere TteaSOTIfeaaciatnVjW f BaaqwtitWilliia f More than 690 Democrats will attend the Jefferson Day banquet to be held at the WWIttanl nW - lnril IS 5 TtfftuVltfMfM - V I IIIIIIHIHUV nta r - J - - f StateTjn tha union will tWTepresented Henry D Clayton oJAkbama - Will be toaitmaster i c Among the speakerswiU he Representative Francis Burton Harrison of New Yorif on Thomasjleffersori and His Po 1 lltical Principles Representative Champ Clark ot MlssourC on Economical and Efflcteit Administration of the Govern - ment Senator CharlesJ JIughes Jr of4 Colorado on The - 1Deciarationrpf In dependence Representative Henry T i Rainey - of - Illinois on Peace Commerce and Honest - Friendship With All Nations Senator Thomas P jiore of uk - lahoma on The Vital Principle of Re - publics and Senator Benjamin F Shive ly of Indiana on Jeffersons Political Philosophy BOY BADLY BURNED AT PLAY fltf BEM IN WBfCK tMtiSf sriU j r - Others Hart mMU Q at Petfermanj W - ya - W - A CristraBrakeman Who Losf His Life in Crash Just Outof a Hospital BellHad Fajjen Fnira Belfry and Fractured His Skull Mother Hurt but Her Baby - Escapes Little Theodore Splcer of Alixan - dria Injured at Bonfire Dancing Gleefully Around laze When Gay Draperies of Bunting B - - come Ignited a WASHINGTON POST BUREAU in King SnctrAteundrlvVa Draping himself with several yards of red white and blue bunting such as Is used for decorating buildings on festive occasions Theodore Spicer the 8 - j ear - old sonVof Mrs Mary Spicer who has rooms in the old City Hotel building Cameron and Royal streets Alexandria built a bonflrcof straw in the jard about - j Soclockjjesterdayv afternoon and was dancing gieeiuyiarouncr inc - - iiauica when his - regalia caught fire Rushing through tthe building into Cameron street - where a stiff breeze was blowingrthe boy would doubtless have been burned to death but for the presence of mind of Harry Ale WlUlanf McCaff ery and Frank Twaddell glassblowers and Frederick Didszonelt a cabinetmaker They grabbed the boy and tore the burning clothing andTbUnting from his body He was then hurried Into1 his mothers apartment wherehls burns were treated His rescuers were badly injured HELD AS TOOTPAD SUSPECT Samuel MarburyAccused of Holding Up and Shooting Man - - - - Samuel Marbury a negro farmhand employed at Burgundy Farm about 2 miles west of Alexandria t Spec til to Tb Wtshfntton Post 4 Cumberland Md April 10As the re - j suit ot flowing down toJ3 miles annouc j express Nok 1 westbound toChlego was sttuclc m a rear - end collision eany this morning by an extra westbound freight locomotive jear Yetterman W Va William Ahdrew Crisf passenger brakeman of - Cumberland Md was killed Wv H Tallman of Wheeling Wi Var was cut about the legs and taken to the hospital at Fairmont The ReV Jlorris McDonald of Mount SSL Josephs College Baltimore received severe cuts on his hands but was able to continue his journey to Wheeling r Mrs Thomas R Frost ot Warwood V Va received slight abrasions and bruises on her chest Her iniant wmen was with her was unharmed G R Robinson a Pullman porter was cut oh the legs and was taken to the hospital at Fairmont AH the Injured were In the rear PUll - man car Milton which5 jecelved the force of the collision - The car was so badly damaged that itwas burned in Fairfax On Lookout for Cowa The passenger train had slowed down on the caution older because the engineer had been directed to kfeep a sharp lookout for cows that werereported tor be straying - along the track The trainmen on the other locomotive knew - noth - Iing of the order and were going full speeds Old and who had been In the companys erice eight qears Tvaa brought to the home of his parents Mr and Mrs S K Crist here tonight He was unmarried His body wHI be taken to Broadway Rockingham county Va the old home Of his father on Tuesday morning for interment Hurt by a Bell Mr Crist was a member ot the uniform rank of the Knights of Pythias of South Cumberland and of tbeBrotherh6odbf Railway Trainmen On February 2 1909 as he was entering Grace Methodist EpisV copal Church South Cumberland to attend service the bell fell through tthe ceiling of the vestibule from the belfry and struck MrCrlst fracturing his skull ahd mjuririghis breast The accident Incapacitated him for two t unfaithfulness of humanity the clamor of greed both in rich and in poor will be answered by the Almighty Giver of every good and perfect gift He will utter His voice - or as another prophet le - clares He will speak to the people In His anger for their correction for their reproval The result will be that the symbolical dearth society will melt the social structure of civilization will disintegrate Another Scripture declares that that disintegration will be so great that every mans hand will be against his neignbor Both Israels Safeguarded But the prophet hastens to assure us that In the midst of all this tumult the Lord wllL be with His consecrated people We read The Lord of Hosts Is With us the God of Jacob Is our refuge This promise applies primarily to the consecrated church of Christ spiritual Israel But it also Secondarily applies to fleshly Israel the Jewish nation which will participate in this time of trouble but be saved out of it as the Scriptures declare Jeremiah xxx7 In thtstlme of trouble the Lords jewelsHls saints will be gathered to their heavenly home after Which divine favor will begiri toretiirn to Israel Romans xl25 - 30 The psalm closes with a picture of the devastation which willjprevkll throughout the world as a Result of human selfishness and blindness Capital and labor will rise up to a - terrible - cataclysm of - anarchy awful for rich and - poor alike Only Gods saints will theh have peace and that because of their knowledge ot the grand outcome because of their faith in God and their willingness to accept whatever His providence should send Mark the grand symbplfc apostrophe with which the psalm closes May Its lessons draw us nearer to the fountain of grace and give us rest peace and joy through obedience of heart oHim He Im - manuel maketh wars to cease unto the ends of the earth He breaketh the bow in sunderrHe - bufneth - the chariot in fire Be still and know that I am - God I will be exalted among the heathen Gentiles I will be exalted In the earth death for several weeks nd had just re turned tohls employment 125 STAEVE IN BRITAIN county Is held at police headquarters j months He hovered between life and here on suspicion ot hoiamg up ana shooting Alfred Lewis a negro a short distance west of Union Station Marbury denies the charge but his alleged victim positively identified him Lewis informed Chief Goods yesterday that he was on his way to his homelate Saturday night and had just passed un def the viaduct over King street when a negro pushed against him drew a revolver and ffred The bullet passed through the fleshy part of his leftarm He returned to Alexandria where his wound was dressed by Dr - T MJones Architect and Former Bank Manager - Among Victims of Hunger Special Cable to The Washlngioa PoiL London April 10 Official records disclose that 123 persons died - of starvation In England and Wales 4n 1303 Of this number 62 deaths occurred In London SSirsamTson Ujtol cUm lude a former Mh PLAIN TALKS WITH WOMEN - case nd1he arrest of Marburyfollowed 4 T - - - m - - Vi travelers Association Xictis Post F Travelers Protective lAssocia - tion of Alexandria has elected these of - fleers J T - Williams president HICI Field vice president R M Graham - sec retary and treasurer C C Carlln counsel C C Leadbeater R S Jones W c Davis G D Hopkins F S Harperand J T Johnson board of directors DrH B Moore surgeon and the Rev J R Sevier chaplain The delegates chosen to represent the post at the annual convention of the Virginia division to be held in Staunton May 13 and 14 are J William May W G Rogers O H Kirk ML Price jr Raymond Hulflsh William Leadbeater JohnT Johnson William Reardon jr T A Sommers HK Field R S Jones J H Trlmyer H L Reed J A Hulflsh and Wallace Lindsey The alternates are Carl Schafef Edgar War - field jr W P Taylor AH Thomson R E Miller W C Davis R M Chichester MW Dunnington K F Downham - D N Hulflsh M E Greene KW Og den C T Nicholson T C Howard and Harry Hammond s Mission - for Non - Catholics fe After a week of mission services for Catholics In St Marys Church Alexan dria a mission for non - Cathoucs opened in that church last night Yesterday morning the members of Fitzgerald Coun cil TCn 419 Knlehts of Columbus - at tended the early mass In a body and par took of holy communion The last sermon of the mission for Catholicsowas preached by Father Waters at the 1030 oclock mass At thesevening service the rRev A P Dovle of the Anotolic Mis sion House Brookland delivered - a ser mon On The Church which was fol lowed by the papal benediction and the renewal ot the baptismal ows The mis sion services for noriCathohcs will - be held eachnight this week at 8 oclock Funeral of Miss Eunice Barnum Funeral services for Miss Euniee Bar - num whojdiedSaturday afternoon at her home Cottage ifarm near uncoinia7 - Fairfax county will be held at that place at 2 oclock this afternoon Miss Barnuni was 74 years old COUNTESS VESPUCCI DEAD ager and an architect The others wtre chiefly laborers FewT London Jiewspa - pers comment on these tragic deaths ex - i cept to point ouflhat deaths from star vation are unknown in protectionist countries f Coincidentally with the publicatlon of the figures the Countess of Warwick made a speech at the opening of the sim ple life exhibition She said that Elg - land was now entering a period of reac tton against luxurious living The necessity for the simple life she added affected the young almost more than it did the mothers Women had accustomed themselves to all sorts of things which shesupposed would carry them op Jo the very small part of life left to them but they hadgotto feel that those who came after them - were going to do better than they had done Unless things wereal - tered In the care of - little ones tho empire would fail through the physical deterioration of the young of TSngland SfeLFEDUCATLON T By Dr MADISON C PETERS The highest education of the intellect it worthless unless the moral nature is developed and womanliness secured structureiaa the mountains which const tuteUhe backbonesof the earth symbollzej the kingdoms of the world supported by the social order As the earth represents the fixity ofjhe social order the - sea reoresentsthe restless turbulent dis satisfied classes which lash against the earfVandcdntinuailyVseekto swallow it swallowlngVup jof the tpountains irt the seas represents the overwhelming of some - of - the greatklngdomspf - the flai - th by - thetiprIsingofthe - peopIefn anarchistic rfibellfonlaffainst social oYder VThefact tt iheScripturtsTprpphet - sjjlcallj describe thOTerwhe 2ttlSSsas that - ofth9 ter5 - The truly hccompllshed woman needs both but very often the greater is sacrificed forthe less It is undoubtedly true of the vast majority of the mothers of ourgreatestmerLthat the whole range df their reading was theBible a book of sermonsj - anda - religious paper They nevertheless capabfy and gracefully per formed the dutlesxocrilfe I am the earnest advocate of mental culture and the refmementsof cultlyated tflstp vet afteralLitisthis innate no bleness that wins mans respect and Last Direct Descendant of Navigator r f - Who Gave Name to America Special Cable to The Washington Post Florence April 10 Countess Amerigo Vespucci the last direct descendant - of the Florentine navigator who gave hU name to Americans dead at - the age - of 93 years 3 a f I Death was due to old age - y - i FASSETI IN AUT0 TBAP Congressman and Fourteen Others Arrested for Speeding in Maryland Special to The Washington Poet Hyattiville April 10 Deputy Sheriff Thomas It MOhJer Constable W C Raybold and Deputy Constable W Croulo arrested fifteen more - speeding automobilists ioday The victims were caught near Berwyn station t about 12 miles from Washington t Among the captures was Representative J Sloaf Fassett of Washington The others were residents of Bajtl - more In each case 5 or 10 wa3 paid over Jo Judge BealL Representative Fassett - said last night he was going about lomlles an hour when he was stopped He thought that the speed law limitrwas 20 miles but was infprmed it Is 12 miles He was accompanied by his two daughters and his - chauffeur Hq put up S taking Justice Bealls receipt They informed ine said - Representative Fassett - that I was going at the rate of 1320 feet In 48 second and followed that tip with the somewhat remarkable statement that they would prove It was 1600 feet if th case came to trial DANHXS TEMPERATURE RISES Virginia Senator However Has a Very - Jair Day Doctors Report Special to The Washington Post Daytona Fla April lO - Senator Daniel has had a slightly increased pulse - and higher temperature today than yesterday Otherwise he enjoyed a vry fair day he doctors report - i - eaucationis more compieies - r i ComDare one of these Ifanclfullyiedu cated women who have a smattering - of half a dozen languages but cannot express trTemseIves with simplicity and grammatical J correctness lit their own who have fcpent many years In the ac jftulsition of accomplishmentsy butwlth - rio 1 irk jjninAiflii HMittfnioTT - llndustry ahd practtcaltralning1 to ceom grandmothers ryetrHhstepasqulckllPllsh anything usefuh who enjoyed the and - light andineartherbed of slckhessVdvantagfatolIete5dJ5 - indIspensabIeto social ando domestic llfe comparee one such with my plain old mother who has just gone Jtp tier reward and how immeasurably superior does the the workings off their owniearts - ibntll education of heart andhana - appear to their theory of the SouHwas v4 - God that which is chiefly head and manners - wnricethirfhftr hotlvtft wiirand todo of iThereasno call for the well - informed Hlsown good plpasure J s JVf V j - v man - who Is without practical updwledge Ajbook of inoralt philosophy thcold go a womans education the attainment time mother mayneyer haveseen Jliut of knowledge and the ImprovemenCofthe their motipngwere - - BO gentle that suffer - ers followed them With a smlleon the face andtears in tthe eye - 7 Those dear bid souls never knew - the term earth Isused tojrepresent thesoclalj meaning - Of psychology but theywatchedj she Tcnevir enoughlo reject theiearned tneory ot jraiey uiai - seiu5Jiness is uie upThe jrernpvaly - of the earth symbolizes 4 root of alV goodness - fore her guide the thq disturbance orie social order vTne 1 Bible toidyiertnav sei - aeniai is tpe De elnninebf - vlrtutand self - sacrifice - Is Its perfect Consummation J iTherejyTvas hosinging master o give her InstrtctionXl butheptwell - g6verned temper taught herfamodulatejher vSa so - tnat it - was 1 always ienaer - ana musi - figpns gpn2p lmlng6t - thftjjalhdirievertooJoua piiooshaip iijcalledt manners must be maae seconaaryy - ana subordinate to moral culture We - are beginning to learnthat education proceeds rather from within - than from without It means the development of powers and giftsof God already in - the child to evolve to develop to educe an immortal intelligence to fit a personal moral agent uuir nerauiy in inasmic of life ta wbich she may have been J yjf 0 - J - mmi Sk nee 100 per dozen t ffijOTSi Si t JOHN H MAGRUDER DIstHbutef vJiMt ConnetIcutAvnlk8trC VfI BSBf

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