The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1950
Page 13
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. vTTTTV «. •L11HKVILLK COURIER HEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoopk I'M PRACTIStW DIVIKJ'/ -ax) KMQW THAT GRACEFUL STUFF SEE-- HERE I <SO- DOES rr LOOK: LIKE I'M REALLY DIVIW'T GREAT CAESAR,, MR. 30SK.1W t MO/. HOLt> IT/ X KMOTlH •-WWT PLWiK? ALCUCVWE THRCVW (OR A 500 -YEAR. L066 THE EASV OUT Political Announcement The Courtei News has Been authorized to annunnce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries July 25- and August 8 rOK COUNTY JUDGE Roland Green FOk STATE RKl'RKSKNTATIVE L- H AUtry Re-election past No 3 John .7 Cowan Kenneth a Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A. Banks Post No 2 E. C. "Gene" Fleeman (For re-election Post No W P. Wells for SUte Senator W R Nicholson J. Lee Bearden 4) SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR Osee Nnnnally William Berryman 'Inks Out a Hobby BLOOMINGTON, III; CAP)—Ten yearm ago ft Triend gave Mrs. Loren 15%OFF LITTLE DOC Copyright 1950 by NEA Service, Inc hl» arrtvMl. Kit < Klrl. vrhii wnrkk Marav. OI4 r*r O»* »• fa • Kfcrrphrr On Your Coleman FLOOR FURMACE If Yw Install it Before July 31st Dt> tt Nowl Save money, be rwniy for winter before the rush. And get the famous Cole- maa that {rives you Automatic HeaW-Clean Heat-^Warm- .FloocHeat •M A DcmonstnrriM Todvy Chos. S. Lemons Furniture Here's One Way To Save Money 4|- Expert Service Hfl LTCRS QURLITY SHOC SHO MT^hl itflrr a bravy day •( rrral- tn f M^M and aalHiila. n*v kjaara Kll aad Ikr aft la ab*rr«r4 1*7 Tnnd aM •••crapnlAva rhamrlrr wfc« had h^rn h^ale* mp *y n«* In a Acht aad whit ala* katra r>ii*ly. Kit rralUr-a Thai Tftad ITlTl nrr That Daptly brar* nhovt II aad S>n.»<r Mlichf tmrm acalMa* VII : TT must have been somewhere •* around midnight when Jattle Doc blinked his eyes open and kept blinking them against the Here of » lighted match held in the cupped hand of a tall man standing over his cot with > six-shooter in his other hand. The fellow had a black silk handkerchief pulled up across the lower part of his face and above the mask were m pair of slivered eyes, the color ' of pin metal. "Put on jour duds and fetch your doctor's bag. We're goin' fer » horseback ride." The match burned itself out, leaving them in darkness. "You don't need that gun." said Little Doc. "Put it away and light the lamp." He didn't like the ugly sound of the man's voice. "Don't waste time staUin' around. We ain't got all night-" "I'm trying to hurry ft. Quit trying to scare me." Little Doc dressed quickly. "My bag's In the operating room. I'll have to light the lamp to pick out what 1 need to put in it. Is it » knife or gunshot wound?" he isked. "The feller's been shot. Fetch plenty of chloroform to put him to sleep." "Clean wound? Or is the bullet •till in him?" Doc pulled oa his coat. "It's still in him. Don't be too curious with them questions." "I'm not curious about you or the wounded man. I just need the proper lools for the job." Litllc Doc lit the lamp and carried it with him into-the operating room and set it down. The man warned: "I got my eye on you. Don't try to slip a gun into that bag along with your tools." "I don't own a gun. But I'd like to leave a note for my nurse—instructions for her to follow while I'm Rone. When do I get back?" "Tomorrow. Next day. Mcbby next month. Mebby you ain't comin' bark. You ain't puttin' nothirr in wrilin'. If you do, you're askin 1 for a gun-whuppin' Doc. SlufT what you need in your bag and let's get goin'." • a a N r FH>: tall man had a saddled horse waiting outside. The stirrups were too long but the man said he would shorten them, once they got clear of town- He took a black silk handkerchief and blindfolded Little Doc. then led his horse Little Doc had to hang onto the saddle horn with both hands. He heard Shep growl softly as they rode cast/the shed where Old Dart, the shccpherder. had his'bed. •."You keep a dog. Doc?" , "1 feed every dog that comes to the back door." "I don't like dogs. They baric." "Most burglars 'don't like dogs." "1 ain't no burglar." "My mistake. 1 thought you were when 1 woke up." "I don't want your money. Nothin' you got, except your know-how. Only you. because you're a doctor." The man chuckled harshly. "We got a job fer you." "Thanks. Who recommended me? Thai's a question all doctors ask. Routine qnestion." "Yeah. I know. Like the lawyer asks questions when a man's put on the witness stand. And you git the same answer. I don't remember. ! don't tell nothin.' " 'I wr«j't be much use as • doctor when 1 get there, it yoti don't do something about these stirrups." • • a 'J'HF, tall man dismounted and started shortening the stirrups. He kept clearing his throat and spitting. "That cabin of yours sure stinks. Doc. What is that stuff I'sm'elled, chloroform?" "Formaldahyde—a disinfectant Have you ever had scarlet fever?" "No. You can die of that cant you. Doc?" The man's voice sounded frightened. "You aint got it have you?" "Not yet But I've got a patient down with it. A little boy. And if 1 dont get back tomorrow—or today, since it's early morning—th« boy may die. That would make you guilty of his murder." "TryiiT to throw a scare into me?" "Not at all. I'm just telling you the facts." "I'll just shove your feet In through the stirrup leathers." The man stopped working on the stirrups. "I ain't got 'time to (ool with the lacin's. You'll ride thataway and like it" He paused as his mind went back to what the doctor had just said "Scarlet fever dont stink bad is your office, unless a man's dead from it You're lyln.' p "'re in a hurry." said Doe quietly, "you're using valuable time." The man grunted and got on hi* horse. (T* Lewia an Inkwell— and a hobby. Mr.s. Lewis began to collect them. Now she has three shelves filled with inkwells marie of brass, copper, Iron, wood, porcelain, china, sliver, ebony and gla«. 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