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Hot Springs New Era from Hot Springs, Arkansas • Page 2

Hot Springs New Era from Hot Springs, Arkansas • Page 2

Hot Springs, Arkansas
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1 1 TWO. i idav Afternoon. July 0, 1015. Tlic New Era luKillnT olltliMl mill HiHritltliitliinlU fH IHllllfc I lie IIHMlltl mother. Mrt I.

i'iiihi hlri 'l. almi i i (7 Never Again ANNUAL CLEARANCE OF MEN'S WEAR Your opportunity to buy i rally high Riade lines of everything that a man wears at tremendous savings from the regular price Broken sizes and odd lots of some of our ery host numbers in Men's clothing- furnishings and shoes, are now marked to sell at 2f to 75 per cent less than you have been paying. 1 1 Men's Suits HROS. an, other well known dome-tic serges, in regular THE IIOKSF. OF Kl Ppl li maker in broken Mzi'- i 1 values up to "it marked il LI I li PLC in.

lupins: high gradi in sell now from 1 lo lov a i "1 CHI'SS impoi tod iihI 'Priestley" Genuine PALM BEACH SUITS iii'liiil i iik. suits worth up to In MOHAIR I iii 1 inline, values blue, black, tray thr lu st makcr.t an 1 shrunk $17 bv the "Cravciiettc proces'. now. I' II 4.9!i i Ii in it 1 Priest lov Cravan-ctlc process, all marked to sell at Straw and Panama Hats Kvctv Panama ami Straw riii' half t'e'tr former pi ice, f'aiui ias i'tiw 1-2 Price 1-2 $7.45 SUITS nji to $1 In ami other popular $7.45 II at just $2.50 Men's Shirts Odds and ends, in Shirts with collars and in Madras without eollalrsi. Pongee att ii Shirts broken i.e Clearance price, 'A fer $1.00 Union Suits Open me I'nion Suit; with crotch regular II oil values.

1'karaini' price 69c BOYS SUITS REGAL SHOES 'M" on I h'linitf I Mill III Mi an 'I Mrs 1 i in i "ii avenue. iiiiio uii II'1 d.iiigliii Krlilav I ii i ho I.i it i. AT A RECEPTION Ice Pn'Mili'iit Drli IT Ivi lrf Ail ilie-s rroli.vK-iiaii Shower LaM MKUi Larue rowil AllcliiU nml "joyed I In Affair. Tin- reception nml shower given at tin' Orange Street Presbyterian church last eveniiu for Dm purpose of enuiping their kitchen vvas the lirHi social event hold in their new edifice, and it vvas largely attended despite the inclemency of the weather, Vice President Thomas R. Mar shall added to the occasion bv his presence.

The reception commute; vvas composed of MesdanieB II. Cobb, V. Wylie. V. S.

Kdsall, M. SholTner. S. K. Dillon, J.

W. MeClen don, O. Dunaway, T. 11. Stewart.

Woodruff, Ledgerwood, Kobert Lower Allen, and Osborne. These, were by ihe lollowinj; nienibers of tin: King's Daughters: Misses lienevievc Iv.isall. Jewel Hattie Sparks Ktnnia Depan, Sara Megginson. Kert Phillipi, Maliel Chapman aud Mrs Those who took part on the well arrange, program were: Mrs. de Vampert, Miss Jewell Miss Adele Johnson, Mrs.

Sidney Nutt Mrs. Kie Davies and Miss Ellen Anderson. L. Dunaway. superintendent ol the Hot schools, was intro duced by the pastor.

Dr. K. M. Wylie. and Mr.

Dunaway in turn in rodueed Vice President Marshall. whose remarks in full follow l.ndlen. Prof. Dunaway. and CciitleiiK'ii: 1 owe you all an apology for my failure lo appear with Mrs.

Marshall. We had the pleasure ot dinin.u out tonmiu ami -he was dressed as the ladies now Iress in undressed uniform. Somc- droiiped down her back and she had to stop at the hotel. was not my fault. "Now I am not here for the purpose of making an address.

An address is a uhject that has been carefully worked over and polished lor public inspection. I stand before you with one toot res! itiu' on the foundation and the other on the ence of the saints and 1 cannot yet along in life either one. "There are certain Ihin-s in this life that a man has a richt to be 1 rotul of, anything that does no! harm me or any one else, ami I am roud of the laet hat I am a Pres bvterian, and it has done me a lot of uood. I knew Dr. Wylie vvas not talkins about me when he spoke aboul the sassafras branches.

My I resby terian mother never took time to go for sassafras branches I was (rained up in a most holy fear ot iik mother, hut always reniem bored she was an authority. Our system of Kovernnienl is not all an Cnglish system of govern mi nt. The jrrcat ideals of our re public are not hnmish they are 1 uin'r riirilan, I'resiiytonaii or Dutch, coining from Holland. The government of the Cnited Stales a counterpart of the Presbyterian church, ami I am proud of thai fact. It is a hard religion, hard because you can't make a Presbyti nan man say he believes a Ihinj; il tie doesn't understand it.

Tin Presbyterian church started. I be lieve. iu Missouri. Il is a 'show church. TIh'v want lo under tatid the faith in which Kiev hi In I don't know this church, so if I say anything that tramp- on your toes, ilon think attythins 'boil! it I am a ureal advocate of he common schools of America I'here three institutions in In liana, ail Presbyterian "I am with Thomas in 'is belief in the -eparatlon of Hie hurcii and state mid common -a bool of the repn Idle lo tell 4 on om, placi ni a.

sup I' 'I iii I lot nut's, ami mi i eh I a I 1- II II I i it It. ei, i. on, hi lb, 'hi 'i 1 1 he- -t i I I ippel. I I 'I I lib. the i in! in i inn- to- pel i i' MARSHALL SPEAKS J- 4 3 litld evollllli.ll ol il Md.

bv nidi' Ihele I all evidtlUi'll I an evolution ol evil i'oltn: on all liu wiiiic i in- union id hin nt in. 'Hie that virv no iiiIm I ol tin- Ii ii Tt lias mi in ii, ,1 oiilv in 'he moral and rchu Ions WeP.lle and llpll't 'l every of church, bill also an ill the pl'ospl 1 1 Ol I I'll III "I think there is another thoiinin abroad in me land, and that is thai Cod AliniKhlv put you here lo ihink about the inillcpium, and that if you should die lonithl the mil lenium would come The mil ilium will come when Cod peP-ready. He put yen here. I think, lor the purpose of lactni; the evils ot society a-i ihev are. This is not a perfect world Cod lias not made it perfect yet.

Just as soon as the agriculturalist gets rid of one pest he linds another to li.nht. Just as 'oon as you put down one thing immoral you will find another to right. You talk about an honest titan. What do you know about whether or not a man is honest I do not even know whether am honest or not. No one knows whethei a man is truthful or not until he lias been put to the test.

I do not believe that the church was founded on Peter himself, so that his authority was handed down from pope to pope or priest to priest. 1 think it was tounded upon i change that came into Peters life. 1 believe that the church ol lesus Chris! ot today is loundc.l upon stalwart men aud stalwart wo men who stand for the right and who hind themselves together ready to fight any evil of society; ready id light anything that is wrong anywhere. That is what 1 think the church stands tor. I hope 1 have not said anything that will hurt anyone's feelings.

I am not a minister hut I am glad to speak in this Presbyterian church for just .1 minute. 1 wish Mrs. Marshall was here so liai von oonlil see Her. she is eally worth seeing. She takes the ding out of the mean things I have say.

She has saved me limes number. "I do not take any stock in legis lative society. You can't follow evil with a legislature, you caul patch up with it. "When I was governor of Indiana me of the worst evils I had to li-ht was the use of cocaine anion-, the olored people. 1 concluded I would have to get evidence before sent them to the 'pen, but 1 loiinil that each one Used a differ, cut thine.

line sold aloh.ii'ii-n.. mother belacaine ami another They used all ihe son and daughters 'Cain' but Co came. "Don't anytliin- on the sup position that you make Hot right if the people an vrong. You can pass all the aw-m earth, but von can't onto, hem. yoti have to have right pco-de back of the law.

and so I i.ick. while trail around proclaiming the ol the 'arty, and I b.dieve in it. I know lie of the American republic, to sav that the power is in in. div idual man and the individual woman "I don't know what with a pertect we would do I want sick. and suffering eliminated hut let go back to the rily sure appeal in society and appeal lo the id of our fathers lo give use the iiagnaniiniM.

not to uphold the traditions of the republic, but tin of our own church WILL OXFORD DIEDAT HOME oi mer Hot Spring pires His Home in the Country Last Yfqht. Will Oxford, a fornier member of lo- local poli.e .,) ten o'clock at hjs tew miles out tiom tow n. ias been ij mr soni lim, er where he Willi fe- Th funeral will lake Plaee tonior- )'c0( ow morning at I be remains will he int, rt-d in llollv ood 'ineteiy. i. lib- is brother.

rmer. I While ere lie tt 11 Die Arkans.i:. Nat lon.i I i'nig I'll HI4 work (abinet and Repair Shop MiVOlillf 'oil wiilll Ilk ynu want 11 Villi 11 HiieivliiP WOODS I bun lulu I'm iii DID TOU ever wear a Heal Sl Then, now Is your time to oe? miv Kins of All Shoes for Hint; at t.r.o are new Regal Oxfords in aU leather, ami all i.v. ed to sell at a dollar and live ccjukmiv ing your size now $3.45 $2.95 tfgal Oxfords, in all tyle of a dollar and five cents. leathers Your si." mil size: now at a saving sizes of MEN'S UNION SUITS Such Shoe Specials You Should Investigate $2.95 Sixty pair Women's patent Colonials in patent and dull kid.

$3.50 to alues. $1.48 forty pair- in this lot. White Canvas Mutton Hoot and Colonials, al so dull kid. Mary Janes size? 1-2 to I 1-2 only. from Kilty pair ol children's White Canva Mutton Hunts and kid Mary dsallShoeCo.

512 Central I failroad otn Ki.ssion. MrKnight iitly wr-jtc to (lamp Williams of city. that the time for railroads to complv with the com- th. 'lii-s-ion's orders for an interchange of in Hot Springs would xpire on 1.1. and the cojiimju.

-ion was aiix'iii-- to gei this matter o'npi. ted and off ir docket. He. ask'-d "thai 'the nialter be taken up aud an expression given tro-u the citiziiis to their isbes in matter letter was turned over to ''he Men's League and Ser-iretary Holding has replied officially that it i- the sire of the business of Ho' Springs that thj3 Order he as oou an possible, and askiiii-- the niiiini jon to go ahead and like whatever slept? are necessary in tp- matter. It seems that compliance with this order has be, ii deaed en account of the and railway into the of i titer, ha ng atreetn nt.

Mr. McKnight tatos the commission does not desite further delay in the matter of peopl here want th ord.r with, and Secretary P.el.liir.-' litter iraidK it plain thut Hot Spring i wants this improvement and wants it soon. Saturday Morning to 1:30 o'clock We will jjive away 25 Ladies' Street Dresse? at $1.00 Each They arc carried over Dresses, were worth up to Dtm't miss a trend Notice window. Star Store NIK Cfiilrul f-ir M.lMf NIERChlbE RACK MATTER IS UP AGAIN off averaging, one-fourth Suits ot ail de 6 Hoys now $1.00 Hat In tin- llonsi- a i 1 to Wilson Bros. Shirts SprjiiK and summer mo i ali sizes, in the lolt worth $1.00 aU over the now 69c Olus Shirts JuM a left, excellent patt rns.

nonr. worth less Mca. inark- than, the price now is onir 69c 1274 "pbones 248 Here ftoes -1 tresses behind are due to the nine's' as Slav dl'iv i it I backs'" which i.isli'n thai hook ul' t'uis tall "Hack tint to th. lie to Hit liable females will chant ere iu ii ii to il.eit crliii-iiii: spun -es noiit With: he advent hi! 'a, is up 'hind il Ol I he hoe as itiev ,1 a Id' back fasteiiin In reversion to -hoNiil tiiliow have it- I' a'i. A nv a Il il--bale it tli.

11 io I. Itl; ile. nl. i in, up to idlli'lV, I a "111 to I a it iii.l. HCCIT A I.

I in an Il I I vl. I'lH'S 1., i I 1,1 II ii I 1 ,11 I 'I p.l II lie 1 I I I i I I I 1 1 1 'i -count Hoys' scriptions. Suits, $3.75 1: ii Ii music by various ones present was enjoyed hy all. The Kndeav or.

is netted their treasury a neat inn troni the proceeds of the even to he used in defraying the onfiitioti expenses of last month IWiil CI The Maicaberv will he home, of Mrs T. .11 Chapel street. meet tonight A. Miditower ALS. Vice President Tliiunas It.

Mar-hall ami Mrs Mai-'nall. and the fed. lo.iuii; local represen' attv es from Moose Indue and Husincss Men league, Maw-r .1. W. Met len Ion, litis (ins C.

A. Callaliaa. 1-avni Huruauer. Walter l.cnily and L. K.

Saw it, 'Aire to Little ((ocli tiiihiv in a riva'e car by Mayor 'lid Mrs Charles K. Taylor of Little lavor and Mrs .1. P. Call i 1 1 1 of Armenia, and Mayor Htiid. of Pula-ki Helcni-: Sloat pisseliUer lli'i ut of tile Koek I i.i tol and I1 1 1 a in Miasti and SpriliBs dele a' io.i AMI 1 1 I urn over hi I-, I land at I I il I i 'ov, 1 1 il II vv nl to i is I in i il' li i li 1 1 ii, i Wiiim 'pint I ih I Mi M.o P.i i I to, I I.

tin Open Mesh Mi' is. a good quality f0c number. Clearance price. Three Suits for all SEEKF.U. 'ot of the whip-heraeu f.

Nine-1-. Slaves of each petty on or cai, Dragged at convention's harlut wheel be thla w'ketieii, icintiuv. soul of uiine ut I would be Uf nc liU dltintty'd, Joy.yed with freedom, fmia tin common itchh Went forth inlo the wil lcrp. he Oim tli Kt'lrOiin r.i liud "uiiuyid ol p. I it Th hrrw err I'dn.

ip. eli 'I 1 I i i Iblf il.ij Hlllll.l I j'ii luiii, it (iM hut. An4 mm "I(i i ML I ,1 lo 'j 1, i i bE4 Ml lUta SmlH). "E6ttor wliitt! or colore, tlit'eads and now Mils lonu of hand-work has cveu invad.d realm of liuKcrio and chemise, petticoat and other ulidcraruil'lita ot the up-to-date dainsci are smocked up one side and jovvn the other. Sou can I even lo bed these, nithts in a manner approved by the mude unless your nighlie is daintily siin'i ked iu pale, bluu or pink.

So mock ul the Biuock, my sisters, bat net usy with jour little Hi read and needle and do Jour Willy if oll would be tao sukh ked Hoik ul la-U chohell ones. into the hlan of the ino-i lit h.tvu Iiolmd, Hollo, how i'i. i luck, ,1 1 1 1 1 1 lu.lday liu i i.K-i li In ha of Turkey. I "imply ill i till' nuwi'l-t 1 bo, lor II I li I it I' 1 II IlllKlh)! t. tile I.

'Ike rl.i Ho i I Oil i lliil, iooil, inept l. li I'M I II I t(f tirr-l l.lll ol III. Illlll I .1 "li II III .1 Ii, Ml, i in a pii' ii i i i -ii. i ii i I I I I tlf 1 I Hi 1 1 ft I UNIVERSITY 01' ARKANSAS 0lfri full vmw Iii AtirH'iiliiinil, KniM'i rlijj. Him Arf i llM'fiil Aru, hii'I Niinl Work 'iivM rxn lli'iii fur ul iim! itiifmriiii Mfork l' niii'luHiia Hit' mUnitui full Dinliiit In lli l.r( ynU tfllMll llllltl Id' I'nhmiiy Iim 11 iiiuiik In.

nil 4 Ifiuu vit fli" l'l IllliUllI lliliU if li biw l''H) f.M filmy frUr do 1 Iciic Kbij I il, uliii wff tiiict'illi. jit 1I1' I'iiI'mI Ui -I i I ll I '1 I. I I 'bo- Hi li I 1 I ol i ''I I I I 'b- 1 11. i. 1.

I 1 1 1, i I I i l-i 1 1 1 1 4 I 1 II. 1 ft 1 I 1 I 1 i I I 111 1 if I I 1 I 1 I I i'p i. t. 1 t. il I it 1.

1 it, 1 i 1 i 1 Jil loll (hill Ihl.lV K'l'l kImm 'tit-' in- 1 Me I -'ii ff- 1 1 JL.

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