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Hot Springs New Era from Hot Springs, Arkansas • 8

Hot Springs, Arkansas
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THE NEW ERA, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. CCT02 ER 17,1913 EIGHT "WHERE SANITATION IS PARAMOUNT PETERS II J. L. ANNOUNCEMENT PETERS Are now in their new location at corner of Ouachita and Hickory with a complete line of groceries and meats, and will be glad to have their old customers as well as new ones call and inspect their stock which will be the most complete in Hot Springs, including CHASE SANBORNS HIGH GRADE COFFEES AND TEAS. I Also RICHELIEU BATAVIA PURE FOOD PRODUCTS.

Will be better prepared to serve the public than ever. GOVERNOR HOOPER'S BILLS ARE PASSED 1 iiJRPRTSKS SOCIETY HY HOT SPRINGS RESIN A IF BACKACHE Of! PERCY NEWS Tim Ijmv linler eiiient Measure piroe. Itv ISolli mill Senate. BOOSTERS VIEW BUD II BIER BOTHER i plefed and will be fitted up in an attractive manner. Members of the i comio.sioii lo to tin- silver servl-e will of booth at the i.taie lir, as have had at tin- loitnty fair and the fair directors hel-eve the fund will be greatly increased, because of the many vitior.4 from all parts of the state who have had no opportunity to jtive to the fund.

Two Hot priiiK Miffrage advo-liites. Miss Adele Johnson and 1 1( ndorson ninl Charles Dodson sp'-nt. the 'lay yesterday a I'i on bii-iness. Air. i'l'i-i, i Ciiilno fiap.

lure err fi.iii cio i-rdjv PULASKi XA.SnVILU-:, O'-l. IT. Threfi' of the enforcement bills wc Passed by the lower houe of Ihej General Assembly. They previously! res 'den''" I burned on Woodbine ft reel during i f.VI- I a H.iv.thortie Hi bit lire, ati'i Eat less meat also take glass of Salts before eating breakfast. Is ip otdir io nim.i'i 1 compelled to sell otter in'jfii 1 1:1 ri in- county.

I am ki iin ore or al! of (lie follow i'i propi-it ii sa-crilirc pine. Hct Springs Day at Fair Well Attended By Bicj Delegation. I'ric acid in meat excites tin- kidneys, they become overworked; k' I 1 I I 111... Meore. Ini- foreman, vV'irk after a li-n days' vacation which was spent al and I Sir.

M- Adaiii-i. contrailor for the in 11 ari lor a and Wilson 'T iM in 1 in- day sli-nlay i I Worl'-y is nro n-rt ini; lot" Iioiim-. luggnu, acne, mm i a App AIM Vfi 1 of lead. The urine becomes cloudy: DHnuHIN iVU. I.

SpatKo. vpi-iii iiay at the booth of fie Little Cock Political Kquality I.e. mm- at the fair grounds assisting Mrs. (). V.

Kllinytop and other women in urging votes for women. had passed the Senate. One would prohibit the Hiiipment of liquor into th? State, another forbids intrastate liquor shipments and the third provides Ptat salocns may lie declare. public nuisanies upon the petition of ten freeholder and requires that the eoift in which the petition is presented compel their abolishment. A foii-r'i measure rup ihi- ior to remove itilf liit in enfor-iiig the liquor and a'l olln lavs havini- failed I pas--I he Si na'e Wil' tiol tei, Ati Jim li-i-l ii! tin- fifth Ink on din-illy -)u in beautiful Ii of i'r 11; ami .1 I 'H -c.

1 1 1 1 Ii. i 1 i li'mbi 11 "1 uifar-'-- on Ibis tool ti tf i nl! 11 lit utirt u-ill '1 i.rli KaIi'Iii'Miik a firei'itly iniereRt seldom by a sister city, it-izens of Hot Sprim-. -lati ir men, -oiiiity oili-' luea, count, ollniah. aoi.I'II I'iiii liiililren wetil to l.illle Kocli to aitend 'In- I'u- i i laki couiily lair in progress at park. In additio'i to thoee th bladder In irritated.

uimI you may be obliged to seek relief two or i tlniea during the niplit. When the kidney cloi? you must tinm flush off the body's urinous or you'll a real si. pi rson idi'irtly. At first you f-l a dull misery kidney region, you suffer rroni -barkarhc, ick headache, dizziness, stomach gets soar, fondue coated and ol llinlji-r ari- Ui-uy 1111-io; -ii today lor iiuiMiny, uliiil! is ln-inn 1 ri-i-H-il liy Morirau. of I'n'roll.

Mr. v.i!l ocr tin- iniililiiii- I' do .1 yi ln-ra I ftirnihtiiiiK lins- HpC llliilf Ol'. BARGAIN NO. 2. amoiiK house membere I'o ami- on he early r.iorniiij; and aclfSOII III'- M.iV.'Tu IliU'' j.lsl you fee! rheumatic twines wl.

the noon Ira-iis. llnee automobih-'t Ai re driven ii, l.inlc during ii ii.ii!n-( loilay on il-iH point. 'i'h-- at. pa -i-ij today wi. weatbr la bad.

i tract is well lemed .1 hi irv i A Li to fx nt from tin la. in V-ysrs. 1 1 11 1 Smith, of i i 1 1 iiai'- arrived their i. s. 'Ii- i.eii;l ii have a Mr.

AlorMii's new iiiiil'liiiK. 4 i ris( l( ST. IS IX I. NlfW VOlcK. Oct.

17, The HepulieH of the i'rotOtal)t Knisifi-t eliuri-li, in triennial general eon-'. eiitiiin iii ii', vol'-d In hold the ne t-i-iii-iai con--ntioii at St. Louis i'i. The decision III II -f he tin- House of Indications ilia' would lie done. I- Ml rfAl.K A.

Itobhins gn. -try -tor'-, doing good ''eison lor sell tig, oiim to Milium. I'liope 1 ii- 1 MOVKV Tt ll CITY AND NTIIV IlKAX KSTATE. Hot Springs Abstract anil (iitar.Tity fo. 4ft; National Hank Rull 9 1 If vew Kra wnnt ads pay.

Eat kirn niat, drink lots of wat-r; I alao get from any iliarmari-t four 1 ounca of Jad Salts; taVt a taic-apoonful In a of ttttU-r bHore breakfast for a few days. sinl your kidneya will tln-n act fim-. Tln-famoud salts Ih niudc front tli- acid of grapes and lemon juice, comtiin-d with litbia, and ha been used for 'oi in w'ih Uiey were j.resentei! The deb gai ion, beaded bj W. W. to I.i.- evtiaordinary n' Waters, presid'-nf, and Ceoie On- when tiny v.

ere pre- I lleldiiif, seirelary of tin- iroiii (oming to a vote, hut rfta'e l-'air iatiop. Mayor .1 V. ill 'In- main follows the suggestion! McCleudon. and ol n-rs lie-of i': Hooper In his call lor- fair rounds in the morning, w-'nile Hi pr'--Mii meeting of the Oenera! second ileleKation sp'-ni the aiter- -i v. noon inspect ing the many displays i-ilm Al MM CI-ATKW.

YKHTKil! AY. John haii.r Crin'on. Cbaytor;, la 'tcr i. M.m. Wi.Li- J.iruf.-;, ur-cd I.ouiioii society by her reient iiiarriat-'e not -ruu tiiiiti a her 1J1 atit.

Mr. ai.ii Mrs. Wiiiit- Jar.icn were favorite of the lal'i Kim: I'A fartn anil pasture land road. Well fenced Mini pli iitv waii-r fuel I to l. 'Kin per acf" ill aion I i bill lens A liii tiiin if laid "'u.

BARGAIN WO. 3. 20 acre la-try and Wulf mile east of Goir t.rot.iiil.i joiti.nx th'-fjinoiiR berry and fruit of i. Muoni y. Tbi if.

wi'ith per I a' re but con.sidi-t aide 1 wil' buy it jusi no. 3ARGAIN NO. 4. 4u acres just this of lieauti-fu I'm k. on Hie i I 'I lie hills prohibiting tiie ship-j of tin- feat.

ne li'ms k.ii)n al the N-w Central Theatre yester- (sh'oiis. The L'ale Ilium and mini ol Moiior either wrt.hin the lay the Heerhnut i'ackiiiK I ivaril, who 1 1 '-(jUfntly theM a gle Corps accoiiiianiei the fion. their beautiful he- t-, Wt IX-toU and ftimulate them to normal activity, also to neutralize the acid in urine, ao it no longer Ih a source of Irritation, thus endinn bladder w-ak-nefs. Jad Salts la ln-Xetinive, catinot in- in into the Sta'e are pr'tnar to f1(. federal u'l i I i i t-r the shipment of all r.bol- i.

i-i a into ilry territory i'le The atif hill aimed dl i I'-i 'iv the suloons. The Ib-blins; said the. booth in which the battleship rkaiisa-model will In- lias hi-i-n SULZER GUILTt AND HIS REMOVAL VOTED JJH ui n--' ii oei-iuie elT'CiiVe Marcli rmv plant, whid. loi-it" tuil'-s out of New York City al i-aiiharie, N. Y.

Tnls plant tir( nit by K'-Vemiiieiit ilispei as beiu a mod'-l one. I'iisi i-sl i'i'if ol the buildings an- i followiil bv lo'ltllic in di-parttui-'it. WiO-, ti.i.i hiiii c.iiiie a ease of L'ci limit I'rand chewing Kiim, wbi'-h was ist il'iite-l to eer pa. ron as they ntered I iie I 1, I'M i. the other lav.t into littla water drink vlndi row and then lo keen; the kidneys elean and active.

In glata beve aay wll i mm SUFFERERS HERE'S Jl QUICK CURE! i ii'ili iis Me. CoVeriiOr iiflix iii- S-Hiat'lfe. north twice the inoeny I II II 'or in ii.ind I ai-i "I need I ne price on these propertied. is wiiat I want, but part cash will n-lp siw! tcrins on balance ran be arranged. Call on or write me at oflice KOI'KZ UIOAIKDY I'hone or lTfi'i.

.1. A. ItlOCH. However. He ot llisl.m i-e ioin llol'liriu Oftice i Stale f.l.Will OPENS GLQGGED NOSE AND HEAD AT ONCE Salt to folka who Leiien- in ov r-roraing kidney trouble while it in only trouble.

notici; Tyj vi.sntms. A good dinner at rnll A Lunch I'nccd a Lnuncti at nil hour 1 ,1 li 111 by the heat of iis: peni-i rates and healu Af.HANV, Oct. fiover It'lll! i. I he to; mo tiiiiain was loiirnl ginl-ty by the High Court of Impeach-' men; fin three of the artifh-H erred aiMiii't him. They v.i-r,.

Notice la heretiy given to any vis tor to Hot Springs who baa Infor- iiatioa that he has been drummed steered while in Hot Springs, thai he convey a favor on the city ministration and tiiereby h'-lp con Jiti'uis. If he "ill report such fads: 'o the mayor. An inves'fjfatlon 11 made, and affidavits taken, and In tile Minnie Vinir Stuffy se and Head t'lears, Sneln( 11 nil Nose Kiiuniii CeaM-, Dull lleinlai In-fie. Try "Kly's 'Cream 'If-I a small bottle anvA-a-, 'o try it -Apply a little in no and lustintly 1 iioae and stfpped-up air pa: ot Hue swollen tnenibran Mii'-ji the nfise, Ik ad and 1 i-a is 1 hi- air i. 11 i i ami a lean 2 and 4.

lie i 1 lareu innoi ii! on ifi- i in Tubiv he II he rem' vert fron be visitor WILL NOT BL, KB- t.h bead will open; you will lirenthe i.ntited lately. I oii't lay awake tonight for breath, wit ii bead jtuffi-l; 1, hawking and Ca'arrh or a I'lld, with 1 mm. in if n.ise, ff ul mucous drynon l-i lisi "sing but truly I nl your fairh- Just one-- io "Kly's Cream Halm" and your cold fir catarrh will tnirely disappear. I o.iif-e, no from holding office in thl.t State in th future unless there ii a stibsiantia 1 ehange in the informal vote report- efl Tfi lifiif. t.i.i.ri l.t, i Jl'IIIKU TO to appear in freely; and headache dis the j.

W. M'CLKNOOX, appear. Jly mornlnt; the catarrh. 5-24-tf Mayor, '-old-ln-head or catarrhal will be -gone. M-jfce wanta Known tbrotiRh such mim ry row! the 'he dasBifled column of the New ninH bottle of "Kly's Cream Hiiin i any dniK store.

This swet, fra- i i i n1 fl i i I on 'bene questions in hoc ret session Kor fh(- same reason It was er pectfrl that he will be found not eiiiiry on o'lier four article still remafiiing tf he voted on when tin court adjourned tonight, Lieuteiiiiiif Covornor Martin II Olynfi, who hit! been ai ting gover-ner sin-e die Impcarhment of Stil- in 1 MISSOUR 7. For Lumber, Fire Proof Roofing, and all kinds of building materials. Phone 355 -or call on W. 0. Crea-son 843 Central Ave.

where estimates will be carefully furnished. zer. wil! heeome chief exe-ufive ol the State. He is an Albany news paper tuner. Kohi rt It.

Wagner, Yoik will become "ei'tenant govirnor. Me Is the majority leader in lh Seri'ile The voln on Articles I nnt! 2 tofllf lo a hate majority. The former arihle liargcc that the governor rah Hied his of fiimnaigii com ributions, the l.iller charge that he commilfed "ii'ry in hi The vote on Article whicl charges th-- governor bribed wit-nessei to wlihhold testimony fro it the i'rawliy lug com mil-tec, whs iiiiitiiimouM In favor of Nil governor. vole ou Arll le 4 wim to 14, six members ciiaiigfn! their vote on 'Article I mid 2 from tiol guilty lo guilty mid two from vnilly lo not Thin nrllcle charged thfit the governor suppresH-ed evidence by means of Ih renin to l.eep from lerllfyliig before the I'YnwIey cotutiiiHee, AiinuiK these Hits Puucntl W. Htute Ccinmliedotier of I'tibMc wli' teat I fled at tlm Irhl that Iho gov.

crnor had asked him to commit porjnry. Tint ancrrt, Informal vole in te inovQ the novornrr wait said to be 411 to 11, the fume 011 Arllclu 4 mil llio vole not to dlMiiiniiry hi 111 Wait HA Id lo bo UllltlllllloiH, Mrs. M. B. Woodworth Etter ThaWorld Famed Evangelist, who is conducting the interesting meetings at Whittington Perk.

Consumption, tumors and many other diseases have fccen healed during these The public is cordially inv ted. 623 After6 P. H. Phone W. O.

Crcason -OR W. O. Green Services at 10 A. M. and 7:00 P.

M. daily. Sundays 10, 3 and 7 p. m. Come early in lo secure a seat.

Special services for colored people Wednesday, Thursday and Fri-cJy at 2:30 p. m. 1511.

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