The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BI.YTHRVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER KEY,'? SATURDAY, JANUARY G, ONER. fflS !E The Babe Buckles Down to Reducing Kingiish, Conqueror Dempsey, Sharkcv Loughran Meets Mnxic. BY JIMMY DONAHl'i: NEA Strvlce Siwrls Writer CHICAGO. Jan. 6.—There never has been any doubt in the imnd o! King I-cvinsky as to il«> Icleiul- ty of the heavyweight champion ol Ihe world. The champion. Ihc Kingfish .will tell yon »iilioui any bribing, is Klngfish Lcvinsky. Shortly after Ihe Kin? defeated Jack Demuscy In 1932. Ihe Klng- flsh, who was chrlstcneil Harry Krakow In New York, and who earned the nickname of "Kiel the Dropper" when growlni: ii|i In his lather's fish market in Chicago. felt that he was kintjiiii "1 'hi' ponderous onc-s. When he defeated Jnck Shantey In 1933, lhal feeling devc!o|*d Into an obsession. So he set mil lo tell Hie world about U In no uncertain terras--and tlie funny part of 11 is, the fellow who was the ring's prize clown Iwo years ago has developed Into a foremost challenger. • • * There hasn't been a guy like lilm In the heavy ranks—wilh Hie nos- sible exception of Max Baer—since Jack Dempscy brought glamour to the game. His mistreatment of the King's English is notorious, his effrontery Is amazing, his ego knows no bounds. He went into the ring ngalnsl Tommy Loujhran as the underdog al 4 lo 1 odds. He plastered the Philadelphia dancing master to the floor, calmly crawled to Ihc top of the ropes and waved to the audience, saying: "Look al Ihc old four-to-one on Ihe floor." Then, before the SharXcy fight, the King Implied thai the Gob should confine his fighting to Ills fists and leave his mouth out of it',- and that lie, Ihe KlngfVsh. would see to it that perhans Mister Sharkey's teeth would chnt- ler in the ring—from fright, nol from talking. TMBOUGH THE QQP NSWERS V. I!Y KVKKK'JT S. IIKAN* Hirkvllrall t.-i.lKh, hlili.uiiL []jilvi-l>lty Wlien New York city!; L. [:ilki-d ot, v.-c linmwilately ilnnH cf N:iV Ilohniin. former Celtic y: 1 ! 1 and [jri'sciu couch al llu 1 City College oi Ni'w Y«rk. Hol- the gnnu-'s greatest player. n-r(i--inzi-d ni cui' ol the leading conches In tlie Uniied Smic-s. his teams at C. C. H. Y. ni • n.lci! onnually ILS iunoi)^ tho oul- aandlin! in ilic 1 ensl. GUESSES Hook . s and Slides Bill Braucher |: nilli the Cli:c:iE» Ik-ars oilrli [hi; .suulli mil! \ivsl — In? Mother CJ.irhMci looking :i!U-i' Ins InvMiiiriil nlulk! Hit- Gliusl's ' Old Records Reveal \M Indian Village Mawacre" 1 WHITEHALL, Mleli. (UP)-Thc (story of a meat f m ii ;lu massaci . e Hulitinn itiKKrn li.i hns this to say <:1 the u-iiin.'. in thLs jiait ol - icimlry. inosl of Ilium mx- ir:- the I'l^l Ijreitk ri'iiluriii" fllcijii CiiiiiiiiiKkiin "f tli« I'NIVKHSITY OK KANSAS Is urn; uf tin- KASTKHT KUNNKIIS In Ihe WOIU.II. CJKItHIIWIN vs-iol.' Ill'; "K!i:i|> iwdy In III no." Tin.- t-Mn-:in"ii liciillHl I)/ f.l M<;(. I.N 1 •!•'•••<• WOISVII |1|:;1I3 10 II) 1 aill/,1 {!••> tlniT; men liiu-k f..<> i:i> :ml1 Uj'.-n cliaiiiji; ov-i ir 11.i rr.:in-f' i 1 - ir.uii diTeiw. Kcn-nlly our <;. <:. •• Cut : Ciulj Ruby ni 111-? UnivciMtv j 1.1 Illinois watils i-acli D:i.-j"iUtUi!; , .. :iiu in the lite Tc;i. u> [iluy i-VHV | - i.'liH 1 U:un....rushing to the ar-| ;ihii:elic, we are abb; lo this j •.itr.ilii cull for an !8-«ainc sluHi. j \.ith uut.sid'.-rs eliiiiinaled... .l j tir-' «.;:<-. usually ruling will) Iht- con- j ii'ivnc.' tujmolchcrs :oxi UOCUJ on | 1 liu- hoop Benson la.-l yeai 1 . U. Shwlli''. WLOII thai Sniimo!!- hos Hive-:-. V.'lf n-unil ti.- inn u.i- l-'iitiiuiy nilr, Sir Uar- l;ecn up by -lie One of Ihe weighty problems Ihiil confronted Oornc- Ik'rmnn Ruth a: he bewail training for the 1D:(4 season was lakh"; oil Urn 10 pounds he ha.s accumulated since lasl summer. lien 1 yon si f Ihe iiomc-i'iiii swaltcr (jelling down lo Ihe biislivss ol taking n 'i!l—with a llulc outside aid—al llu; New Yuik gymnasium of Aitit- McCrOvern, .sliown in the rear. I,.||UHM-<| tilt Wt-stuir:' l'i If.uii .in" ' till y |!llt lip :is IV.' :i!i -.->.ln! ill Ihc . /.one deli-i.-r us I I.-W It'umS l!(KI(!.i(l ill th:il 'i 1 i :-:i-hl::j\'t ly. 'I Jn: :-iHii- 111:11 !i.' -Jiiiui uli? till 1 <'*' ] y l 1 .^ 1 !.'• !• 1.1 li'iiNj uw-d in il-.. ."i-ii»«i. Cirhltron [u Muvio^ AllKIII RllH-ll IX'IZ S'i'.llllvlll Cill- Jiurniii All-AnicriL-l I'.nnid. will j M-rv-- :LS an a.'^i-*i:irit movie iliit-ij- ' tui in Hullywriod u-= '0-j:i :>s tl'.i' j 1:11: enl Kcliool U-uu is ii "pfayeiVTo to FOi'ih... .stopping Hcl ypi'ii'-^--. Ark.. I'll 1 u couple tt.'l'k.i Ii. have iliori- pllllv all,... u.(|ia-i is Cii':<; Tiiiuii-y is An:) iluv. .Muih.' Do yu:i i-c:il!y Hunk Andi'r.-un Is Ejeliin^ SliJ.uiHJ a year al North C-urohna s;:ilL>'.' and isn't lhal II:OR- than In- L"l ut Noliv Dame?... .If KaiL4 l.ivlnsky is tlie lioviini; liiu-cess In \;iiHit-viltC' tli:<l Mi:\ llat-i 1 v. - a-S in ila- movies, ittnyb:- Hie .Y.a:<w.;]l | ;lu-t-l iiiuckt-ri-l ni-.'iclianl will foi- 1 Where are the pnys who wc-rfr |^ in^hii-aso.'.'.' lCo|X-ha 'is :i Uusli i Medical siisdi'in. - ..Hix-.ik i ny ol' .•ihcols, Harry Meh-v. Unlvi-rsity ol i Ciim-giu coach. Ls in his si-tond yoar of law school. i-mb; related ninny Indinns then believed to bf 6 ",,^ than 100 years old. Hubbiuil learn U¥ , i ed thai a fortified village 0( [i,,. ~ ! Poltawatomie tribe 1 was sacked j a warring band which al ! ca llicm. LlQ> .' The altackevs a . c eige that. The survivor were coinei-cd on~a pi-ninsula on Ihe lake during Wl utieinptcu nieht itnil ainiihltaim, lenrned. iiily eiidii-li. tii' 1 ii.'.mi- »» iu:iii:-t Ki»n is Oracle. What do piufi"-Min):il fl ....Wi' h:ivi- ui>,lU: ua : u! tin 1 C'lHCKgo Hi .'I.. 1 lineili-ii.... Eiu-kler in ll'i 1 .U:i!iiic I'l"'*' 1 .-o loitd in p!cki::3 Stanford to wlinpixi thai Coli'.'iibia Lion? — : Well, blushing and all. here's onu • ....and I fear I'd fall'into the I Euinc erroi 1 if the game were to J lie replayed toraovrow You prob- j I'bly heard about Red Orange cpetilng a night Hub in Chicago j mas," famous Christmas poOm. first! well, Red (who vethes for goodlwas publLsiied on Dec. '2'i. 1822. Hi at the end of evo-j football .sea- | was written by Dr. Clement Clark ' i Eon) is taking trat six week's Moore. "T\vas Ihe Night Befoiv Cliriil- ' Kindling For Sale Special attention large orders. CHICAGO MIL!, & H'SIBER CO. Cape Preps Defeat Chickasaws In Fast Game at Armory, 30-26 Tiic Blylhevllle high school with the lead changing hands fre Chicks looked like a different team | ijiienlly. The score was tied at 10 .by an overwlu-lniiin; score lo lliu I uunrlvr anil Cajie led Just before his ."cent langic[ C(1Fe l)re])s |lt Cnpe G | ral .,, cml| i (nc lln!r |.- 01l1s hy lhc 18 to 15 a Ihe Blylhcville !„,>,.. , IUU ,,w i«M weeks aRo. As it'players really provided Ihe Preps African import, the King mane nis was llow ovev Ihe visilois from Cnpe ' with the opportunity lo win and classic statement that all rm]s , ]e( , on Ule ^j^,. cn( i of „ so j n,ev cantlali/ed. The Chi -- ,^ ,vith Don McCorkindale, Ihe SoMh fighters Is bums." He went on to prove it by knocking McCorkindale lo Ihe canvas seven limes. • • * Levinsky resembles Ihe old-timers in , his willingness to battle. Had he lived in the days of John L. Sullivan, Bob Fitralnimons. Joe Choynski and the rest of them, he would have been right at home in those brawls that started lieforc breakfast and finished after Hie evening meal. Like the old-timers he has fought lor nearly nothing time after lime' just for the chance lo swing Ihnt roundhouse right hand. His battle with Sharlcey was one Instance. Jack got J25.000, and the King received about a tenth of ,that — which was divided among the Krakow family of 12, headed by his sister, Lena. Lena is his guiding Influence. She makes. his matches, handles his money and helps him to prepare ekgant statements for the press, praising the prowess of the Klngfish. • • • I^virislcy has fought all the topnotch heavyweights of Ihe day cx- cepl Max Schmeling. He has defeated Tommy Loughran, Paulino Zucudum, Sharkey, McCorkimlslc r.nd a bunch of other boys, and has dropped Ihe nod to Max Bacr twice, Prlmo Camera an eqna number of tiaies (although Ihe decisions were unpopular!, Johnny Risko iwice and Mickey Walker. The King seems 10 have found himself since his brawl with Sharkey. While, he has acquired no Edenlifle maneuvers, lhat right hand has developed into dyna- mile. His system is to lake a few belts, wade in close enough and tel his "mystery punch" fly. Some- limes this wallop can be seen cn- roule as far back as Ihe GO-cent balcony seals. Outside of Baer, he probably is Ihe biggest drawing card in "Ihe game. In six fights during 1931 and 1932. he helped to bring more than $275,000 Into the gale at Chicago. rfe has an Imporlant date with Max Schmeling, Feb. 16—Hitler or no Hitler. It would ze no surprise In this corner to see him finish the career of Der Moxlc and find himself right In the hair of the man who wins the loughran-Car- nera championship thing. so i I'j 20 score in a fast yame al the armory last night. A good crowd sal in on the affair with the Chicks, district cage chnnjpions. flashing much bettor form Ihan Ihcy showed in their first game when they lost lo the Preps 41 to 1C. Lasl night H was n hard fought yame nil Ihe way the fasl "pony" quint from Caixr knowing it the had been in guine ended. same of the senscm scrap before wns the first lere. reel?., speedy little forward with :i accurate pair of Ihrowing arms, vas the high point man of llit^ evening with 1-1 'points. Moieley of the Chicks was fecoiul in scoring wilh 11 points. The - game was close throughout Chicks made Iff fouls. Tlpton and Kochler turned In a yn<]d defensive game lor the Chicks and Seabangh was tin; outslanding defensive man for Cape. In a fast prL-liminary game Ihe lythcvillc Juniors defcaled Yai 1 bro. The score was 17 to 15. Brown wns high iiolnt man for Ihe Uly- Iheville lecim. The line-up of the Chick-Prep game follows: B'ville (201 Moselcy (C) 11 Tlpton 0 Put-tie. 2 Wilson 2 Kochler 4 Pos. F F C Ci G Cape (30) Peelv. Schwaf lluerur Sciiuaugh niumcnburg ,!voi man <m the- olVense. £o if Ihe learns whe-i tlu:y get. i honl will change (heir lactles mj deluye<l olt'ensc—slow break - I'lnciiig n iiieniluin on the l»l! Thi.s .slyle of yumo I:, dull uiul 1111- inlvrcsllng. but hl'.s of striiti-^y are -used to cou-.tcract lyjjss "I ucfense used by visiting Icams. "Some uf the ter.ins start Ihrn attack with lli'j pivol man then chnnge to a nvi-inan inovinnj pivol ultiiir, will men workiu;..' out of tin; corner^ and acling rr; key ineii lo stall tv play liisle:id of using iht: tine man in the crn- tcr." The tliaprain i'lnstrates liu l>ivol play foriiialion -and ;:oiii- ol lla- play |-,as.sll'i;ilie.s. Tliis is one of Hie styles of piny rcfcnn! lo by Holiuan. It Is used not only in lhc, but. throughout ilic From this formation the U'ain Cf.n control the bull well, and OIL material fits thn piny, a.; immy scoring 0[)|:ortunities are i*)s- siblo as in any o'hcr system. Tlie center is Ihe key ninn. Any olfi^r innn ean move in'.o this inisition momentarily and this cli-iiiy? makes for a verfntile olfensc. Holman also snj.i, "Most of Hie fams are using ll'j inan-fiu-mm 1 rii'fi-iise. Occasionally, borne will n stnvt with n 7.0111; defeiisf-, iisiiif Snbslltnlions—Hylcc tni C, Mnurur (C), 1'rulll (C). Fricasseed Chicken 1 He. was lying down in a dressing . . I room and just about to. fall asleep Blamed for Knockout I when in walks Johnson. Now Johni son starts talking abom scrnc 'mosi dcllcioviei.fricassrixl chicken ah ever HOCHESTlin, N. Y. I UP!— When Joe weight, knocked out Johnson, another colored man. wilh G. G. Caudill General Insurance lUG N. Kro;ulw;iy rhone 197 ROXY Sunday - Monday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 2f>c THE MAGIC HOUR . . Cocrftai/ Hour/ Mussolini's Old Priest Undergoes Operation ROME (OP)—"My existence has been comforted owing to the Almighty's wish Ihnl I blessed am baptized the baby who »as destined to. become the ber.cfaclor of hi country." The baby .w&s HID infant Mus tolinl.'The words were tillered b nn 80-year-old priesl' still undc the influence of an anesthclic af ter a serious operation. The aged priett. Don Oiron wren he was only 30, baptized in Duce In Ihe village church Stint. Casslano. His mosi cher Lined possession Is an autographed photo of Mussolini. did -sec with thick gravy and ten- Jeanctte. giant negro heavy- der meal which ah had last 'night.' "Thtu was okay with Joe but he wanted to go to sleep. Johnson kepi one punch in the first right on gabbing until bout time their bout, fans cheered him as f and Jcc was In a plenty bad mood Litlle did they know Ihe reason .. Thnt - s why yon reporters heard hjm '(here's one chicken 'ats fricasseed' when hv let go of the for the knockout, was chicken Iri- This is bow one of the attend-! haymaker. ants at Ihc boxing club U>lls It: Read Courier News want Ads. Joe likes to rest before Sunday - Monday Mat. 2:30, 10-2Sc Nile 6:45, 10-35c When the right woman may find happiness in the arms of t/ic wrong man I FOR IIVIH<1 ,R[OBI[MAn[r! : GARY[OOP[R MIBIAM HOPKINS i EDWARD EVlRtn HORTON ; A Porninoun( /* / v c French Canadians form about one-third of Canada's population. Ulndeaota extends farther north thin ujr other elate In tlie United ! 1. P R-'O •T 1,0 N BROADWAY BREVITY - - PARAMOUNT NEWS HOUR BEBE DANIELS Randolph Scon Jessie Ralph Sidney Bl Biny Norton NOVELTY RKKI. COMEDY In Reply to Your Classified Ad" Four lines or llirre linos or two in the Courier N'ows anil a lillh; nilV cl'iuna's hiintls, an iiBinij couple (,'«<* auto triins|iortati(in r'cnitli, two heurl-l'mken swc.ct- hoarls an 1 ' friends acain. A telephone story, locusca into a few clear, cu'nnnmicnl words by « helpful ad- lakur—and the srcuntl floor back finds a rpoincr, I.izxie finds a new staratji;, Jnliiiny tinds his terrier. Ktrange wants, cvemlay wants, wnnls urKent and trivial lintl a voice an'd a'n answer in the Coimer .News Classifieds—unit living lo overy Courier News reader a patjc filled wilh drama oflen. with tlirill- occasionally, with Ol'I'OKTUMTY always. COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS $

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