The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1943
Page 6
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f ACS BIX BLYTIIRVJLLR (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, 'MAY '4, 1943 BETTER HOMES Government Agencies Appeal To Owners To Convert' For War Housing A ne\v ai!(i urgent appeal for Hie conversion of old-fashioned houses into homes for war workers is being made by government agencies, according to builders here. "Remodel ; for Victory" is Hie slogan for the campaign. Remaking old homes' into apartments- and housekeeping quarters, it Is.pointed out, is tlie quickest and mose economical way to relieve homing shortages which are seriously hampering Hie war effort in many production centers. • Utilization of existing structure.; provides adequate housing with a minimum of critical materials. It saves time, labor nnd money. In For as You Care, Ye Are Like to Reap .duly^'wilh -jhteiligeht care will your Victory Ganleii vegetables grow. < Weeding, cnllivnling nnil proper v'alering arc csscn- linl. j ~ " ••• • Surface sprinkling ilocs no gooil. Water musl get lo the ; roots. A*" ?^> Don't water too frequently but he sure tlial (lie soil has sufficient moisture at all times. " BLYTKFVILLE WATER CD. Ilcrnaril Allen, Mgr. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity." addition, 11. means neiv income for the properly owner, .simplified financing procedures for .such projects have been worked out by Ihc government, • Here arc some .suggestions" for profitable remodeling, made In' the insulation - Hoard institute: .Vcir licoras: Space now'wasted In a dnsly attic or on an unused porch ran easily be mnrtc Into one or more rooms toy huildini; walls and ceilings of Imiilallnj; board. A fc-.v weeks' Income would pay for the material needed, ?cco'iii j:| 00r ,Ypn r | mn ,i ; Many families whose rhlldrrn have grown up nnd left home no longer need big houses. Usually II lakrs lltlle alteration of the fundamental floor plan lo turn the .second llooi into a self-Minlalncd aparlmcnt. New walls and ceilings can he provided as needed by applying insulating board over old surfaces or to new studding. Added Wlnjr: A new unit of ono or more rooms added on lo the liome will utilize both land nnd existing walls, It may be so constmcl- cd thai culling through a partition tt'lll make It, an Inlegral part of the original home at sonic future time. Apartment Over Ciaragc: A single room, or n small, compact nne-room nparimcnl, cnn tic added by building a second floor to an allachcd garage. .Multiple • OivellliiKs: Tlie old wiles best located for war housing arc frequently of the over-sized type popular several generations sack. Houses of (his lype can be turned into four pr more dwelling mlts, each capable of bringing In •x good revenue. Remodeling' jobs of this kind cnn be done largely wllh non-ci'ltlcnl naterials such as Insulating board, which builds. Insulates and decorates at the tame time. High preference ratings will enable the builder o obtain olliEr materials needed for approved jobs. is THE: LUMBE Timely Repairs Will Save Possible Damage To Building and Contents In war as In peace, roofs wear out nnd must be replaced or re><l. Once an old roof begins to In even one spol.-lt is almost n sure .sij/n thai there Is dctcrlora- j lion ul other points. I Hoof failure- cftn quickly cause extensive daimujc to a building and Us conltnl.s. Water dripping through a faulty roof will stain wallpaper, crack plaster, .shorl circuit electrical wiring—perhaps selling fire lo the house—ruin tlie furniture, nnd ijs;i- Icrially weaken Ihc c-nllre .itrucUsrt. Todiiy, good citizenship as ivfcll as found economics demands thai the home be kept in a sound slate of repair. We must make what we (have do for the duration. Spring time Is the time of year when we are most apt lo be reminded that the loot fa in need of repairs. Now, leaks really have their fling because roofs 'take a terrific haltering by cold, wind, snow' and Ice during the winter monlhs. Ice on a roof lends to force Its iray Milder shingles-, Inviting wlml-drlvcn-sprlng rains to enter the house and cause untold damage. Shingle nails, contracted by cold and expanded by warmth, tend lo weaken their grip and pull themselves loose from the roof. Valleys, msted over the winter months, bur- feted by Ice and snow, and ripped by winds, re apt to be warped or torn. So valleys should be Inspected and repainted lo prevent moisture from seeping In. Likewise flashing around chimneys or dormers need'; Inspi'ction, Broken or wnriied shingles, cracks or open joints in metal or roll roofing, and worn spots are harbingers of trouble—trouble which may rapidly spread to the entire house. Where such conditions exist, a new roof of some nre-and-wenth- rr-resistanl material Is the safes!, bft. and more economical In the long Imn than patching. This docs not mean that home owners or fanners should re-roof their homes READY-PASTED'HANG-IT-YOURSELF WALLPAPER MAKES DECORATING EASY, CLEAN AND INEXPENSIVE llusrd In Hie walls, new draperies mid now rugs of the reception room and chapel which also lias a new A new, revolutionary rcady-pnsted wallpaper makes il possible lor (he homcmaker Lo bo licr own decorator Prepared wilh a specially formulated pa.slo coating Die paper can be hung easily mid quickly without tho two of brushes ami paste and without the disorder and incssiiiea.'i of.' ordinary paperhaiit'ing. Washable, fadcproof, and slylolosled-, (his labor-savinir paper )s standard higli grade wallpaper. % using it, a pro'- fcssional papL'r hanger will save nuicli lime and cfi'ort lint because there are only three major steps in haoginj; (his new ready-pasted wallpaper, no special instructions or experience lire necessary lo paper one num or a whole Louse 1. ROLL J T A strip of pjior tho length of the wall is cut and rolled up with tlie pattern on the outside. Decorating wilh micly-pasU'ii wallpaper ^ so simple «»<! tlciin (lull no special work clothes arc mpiiifct . . . no special tools other limn ordinary household articles. Ihd pnpci- «m }/e iiuittf :i strip or two at n June, leaving Hie room in jicrfccl order dui-inij ami between sessions. RU-EER-OID TEX-TAB ASPHALT SHINGLES lex-Tab's popular vrooj grain texture and alltaclivo colors make smatl roola. Tor- Tab weais longer, piolccls you against lito. Many discrlminolmtj homo owueis picfcr Tox-Tab. Looks cosily, yot you'll bo pleasoil at ihe Ihiilty piico. Made by - maVcis ol fine rool piocincls for over half a century. See us today! DELTA I-UMHHR CO. unless there is need' to do so. But where delcrlormtlon has set in, it is wiser to re-roof al once, particularly in this war year when conservation Is all-Important. In selecting material .'or re-roofing, economy in first cost, and in maintenance arc two important factors. Also the roofing material should be fire-resistant- as flammable roofs are one of tlie principal ctius's of residential lircs, "according 10 Ihc National Fire Protection Association, as well as of farm fires, according to the U S. Deportment of Agriculture. It should be n versatile material and blend with the building and add to its attractiveness. Asphalt roofing products adequately meet these qualifications and are mast frequently used. Check the physical fitness of your roof today to make sure thai, h is Take A "TIP" From THE NAVY! WMK-your'fra li ne ^ a f /« w «-,, MCrvcil r ul Mnsillfralinn . Rirfi| lime to make rcpa re. A liltle \iaint i f^,. , -i i . , costly repair bill! la,er. ' J ' *** "^ ""' S01 " C lllmlier in «™' ° f "» "vc VThlS IS NO TIME TO "OCRASTINATE WITH NECESSARY HOME REPAIRS. ' M WY MATERIALS NOW. Monthly Payments Arranged For Both Material And Labor . C. Robinson Lumber Co W. Ash We Close Wednesday Afternoons Phone 551 jilano. '1'he same colors were used In Iho office, Immersing tho small roll in water wets llio ina- chinc-ajijriiccl paste evenly. This quick short step replaces the old-time laborious tusk of mixing two or three pounds of paste nnd ajiptving it to iin- wieldy strips of jmpev laid Hat on' :i long (able. Uniform machine application of the paste has anto- ]tinlicnl!y eliminated tlie danger of luni|>s, wrinkling, and discolored spols. Precision-trimmed, selvages uneven edges and slanting paper. 3. HANG IT The paper is unrolled right on the wall am l smoothed down with the palm of tlie hand Sliding: it into place is easy, since llic adhesive on rcadv- pnsled •.vallpancr' does not dry for about 20 minutes, imd Die paper can be shifted about on Ilia wall until an exact match in pattern is obtained the patterns of this wallpaper have been scientifically designed lor error-prooC matching. To .lacihtnlo measuring and cutting- the paper it is marked on the edge at one foot intervals ready to protect Ihc building and its contents front the ravages of wind, sprint' rain, fire and summer's on-coming burning sun. Pollards Purchase Lot On Chackasawba rooms on the rear to make the house have four bedrooms, the breakfast room is being used as an entrance hall to the new unit and the former screened back iioruii is Mine matte into a breakfast room along with general re;lccoralin<; Tiie Pollards now live in Detroit while captain Pollard is stationed at Homiilm, Mich. | When Capl. and Mrs. W. J. Pol- j'lnrd reEslnbllsli their home here I after the war. it probably will be in a new house on a lot- the)' piir- i chased recently. ] The 73-fooi' lot at 1305 Chnckn- 'sawba was bought from Mr. and Mrs. Parris McCalla. Captain and Mrs. Pollard soldi -- —- •••- ..^;. , their suburban home "Green Acres"! S1| atles of green and ivor v were! [on Highway 18 Bast in January to ' ^ : I Xfr. and Mrs. Garland Gillenwater j«-ho will move there soon. 1 The new owners are adding two Improvements Made To Funeral Home Holt Funeral Home has IIMII redecorated with other improvement, .mutle io tlie first floor roH it over ONE COAT COVERS WAUPAPER, putnled wollboard, wclli. APPLIES EASIVY a wi'de bruin cr witli llie Kern-Tone Ro!l*r- Kaa\n. JUST ROLL IT ON WITH THE NEW Kern-Tone ROLLER- KOATER CRIES IN ONE HOUR. ONE GALLON/DOES THE AVERAGE ROOM. America's Favorite House Paint M ORE homes are pointed with Sherwin-Williams SWP than with any other brand of paint Why? Simply because in SWP House Paint beauty, pro- lection nnd economy-combine to give you llic most i:i real, lionest- to-Boodnesspaint for every cent you spend IJ.45 pcrgallon. Askusfora ilf'.l free color card. winli. SHEH WIN- WILLIAMS HOUSE PAINT Three-Purpose Varnish For (1) furniture (2) woodwork (3)floors. Beautifies oncl protects, rcsisls chipping, scuffing. Clear f.49 £1OS3 I finish' Qt. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS MAR-NOT Quick-Drying Enamel For furniture; \ woodwork. walfe, toys. Hnamelotd covers solid with 1 coat ' ~~. Dries QQc m< 00,, (hours, Snr.rtwiN-WiLLiAMs TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Your Complete Hardware Store 1211 W. Main ' I'hnnc 515 "Something New in Paint" /f'i Clean! It's QuM! It's • Yes, Pittsburgh Techide issomething brand new in w ,il! paint-because i gives excellent results over old wallpaper, plasler, brick and many other surfaces...because one coat of Techide is usually sufficient . . . because it is quick and easy lo apply and ,hhs in one Im,, ... because it gives you sanitary, washable walls. Don'i miss Ibis oppoituuily to redecorate your rooms at small cost. Ask us about Tecliicle. ECONGMtCAl One gallon of T«Md« malc«i Hi gallon* of poin>— enflugS to do over the aveiagt room. IN I COLORS AND WHITE PITTSBURGH PAINTS <lSS^rf Tciliidc cornel in paila lorm. Can h, mixed in full a jiffyl Ititlide wolli .-no)" b» quitlly xvmh.d w ii(, mild loop end waltr. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Blytheviile's LUMBER YARDS Will Be Closed Wednesday Afternoons We Want Our Employees To Eujoy An Extra Holiday Delta Lumber Co. Huffman Bros. Lbr. Co. Miss. County Lbr. Co. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co.

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