The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1934
Page 5
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BI.YTHliVILLE. ARKANSAS. SATURDAY,''JANUARY 6,.' 1934 ULYTIIEVILLE, (AUK.)' COUIUKR NEWS PAGE FIVE ClMllflED CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line lor Ihe insertions: (five average words to a One time per teo ••••• Two times p" ILne per d»y 1 tine times per line per day bix tunes per U™ P* ^ • ilcmth rate per Uno ........ Minimum charge BOc line) .. 100 .. 08c .. 06c .. 05c .. eoc CLEANERS. TAILORS I To look your bett i« always eiaea ItlaL Let us keep j«ur Clothes fit. Unique Cleaning Service Call 171. 2fl-ck-JO COAL & WOOD I'HONEIOI ~" BUCHANAN "Our Cflal 1* Black But We 'i'reat YOB FOR SALE Ads ordered lor three or »li FOR SALE—Pure breed Stonevllle I'mes and stopped belore explra- NO. 4 Cotton Seed, price »1.'IS lion will be charged for the num- pe r hundred. Sec F. E. Black at tcc ol times tre ad appeared and Bij.tlreville Gin Co. *P kll adjustment ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy I 1. submitted by persons residing out- poR SALE. 40 acres, all In cultl :Lr!e ol the city must be accom- vatton. One mile south ol Qos- anied by cash. Rates may bel r , c )l. Roland Grien. 6cltl-6 Come in, list yew real ratate See whit we hjrre to «eTJ E. M. Terry Licemed Dealet Terry-Worthincton Title Co. BlytheTtlJe Pb«* «17. family" computtd from above table. | No responsibility will be taien for more th:m one incorrect tii- seitlon of anv classified ad. Advertising crdered for inegu- tor insertious take the one time rate. Phone 306 or 307 START THE NEW YEAR RIGHT POULTRY & EGGS liuy u Better UseU Car—Thrsc Bargain:, Won't last Long! rre»h eggs dal'y. direct from hen nery. Fickard'f procery, 1044 Cbiekasawba. 60 kl-« FOR REN1' | FRONT Room Apartment neaii school, reasonable price, 9H I Hearn St. 6p Icll "33. FOR!) TUDOR SEDAN '30 FO11I) TUDOH SEDAN FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. $3»o| walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardin after 5 S225 p. m. 29-clc-tf VJ KOK1I T U D O 11 SEDAN" •>9 FORD TUDOR SEDAN .. S1S5 30 NASH SEDAN". Runs Good §2151 '2!> I'ONTIAC COACH. Good Condition TRUCK SPECIALS •3D DODGE I'ANEl '32 CREVKOLKT \'A T. Truck, CC Dual Wheels, Bargain $335 •20 FORD DELUXE , UELIV-'' £KY. Cheap .:. V .'..V 5 "5 •S2 FOUD TRUCK. Looks and liuns Good ?39o Many Others to Choose From. All Cars Over S100.00 Carry a Guarantee. PHILLIPS MOTOR I STEAM HEATED BEDROOM. 51i W. Main. Phone 9B. 2c KS comfortable lent to bath. South Second st. rooms conven- meals. 421 l-pk-8 5175 1 Furnished Apartment in Ward Apartments, 1031 West Ash. Will I be vacant January 1. Call 650 ck-t FOR RENT—OGice and nreprcol vault. Hot and cold water, steam i'cat. $19.00, app.v Broadway Bur ter Shop, Farmtro Bank 1 .r... r ,«.,-> Vl ,,. v Bldg. MODERN Throe room Apartmra with bath, unfurnithed, Phone 761 n-ck-U POSITION WANTED 200 East JIain Street Phone 811-810 Bljllicvillc, Arkansas. PIANTATION MANAGER no* employed desires., change, years • experience on all farm'ma chlnery including gins. A-l references. Box "PM" Courier News. 23p STRAYED BUSINESS DIKECTORY NtW DEAL TRADING POST Furniture, Tuols, Clothes, Etc. Lei's trade. 114 East llain, 6c kl-B ROAN HORSE, Bay HORSE, each 15 hands high. Liberal Reward. D. B. Pollard. Osceola, route 3, Box 2. 4-pk-8, ANNOUNCEMENTS EXPKKT Typewriter and Adding Machine Rcvairing. U. S. Blank- eaship, 11C E. Rose. Call 165-J. 21c kl-Zl AUTOiMOTlVE I,.\KOEST STOCK CSEI> PARTS Iicwcen Memphis and St. Louis Al'O Auta Glass—Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 3c k2-3 Mrs. L. M. Burnett* announces Ifee opening of short hand, typewriting and bookkeeping classes. Special Prices. Call 824-W. IckJ WANTED We pay more for pecans, furs, hides, brass, copper, radiators aluminum, leal, batteries. Phone 1V6, Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main. 23c kl-23 Nice room in private home irith two beds, nil 780 after 5:M p.m. 5p klO ! O\V PRICES on \vinier car needs, 'hcal"rs. alsoho', GPA glycerine, Model T tops & side curtains, $1.33 up. WOLV AR1AK, Main. 128 E. 23c kl-23 Call 303-Red's place -118 E. Main For Auto Painting Body and Fender Service 29 ck 1-29 AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait. Call us for better service. Phone 633. Shousc-Little Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 Call L"s When In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise ircs-Balteri-^-Replacement Parts HUBBARD HARDWARE CO, Automotive Dcpt. Ick2- SALESMEN WANTED WANTED SALES PEOPLED One salesman and one saleslady. LEGAL NOTICES THE CHANCERY COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. JONESBORO DIVISION. IN THE MATTER OF SAMUEL R. GIBBONS, BANKRUPT NO. 1174. Notice is hereby given that petition for discharge of the bankrupt has been filed, and same will be lieurd in the United States Court Room, at Little Rock, Arkansas, on the 21st day of February. 1934. at 10:00 a. m. SID B. REDDING, Clerk. ' By BESS MATHI5, D C Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 12c kl-10 WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Ojy and Ni?ht Service. Call 633. ShouaC-Little Cbcvrolet Co. lOc kl-10 SPORTING GOODS You «il| fird a complete line of NEW MODEL BICVCLES at lliihb.inl HanlVi.irc Company 16c k2-16 BATTERIES New Kn-cl Batteries lirnlal - Recharging - Repairing Til TIRE & BATTERY STATION 26c kl-28 lljllcrr * Karilator Serrlce We guarantee you better battery or radiator work lor less money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Sliousc-Lilllc Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 RADIOS All Rndios, including R. C. A., am beln? closed out at cost for CASH at Hubbard Hardware Co. ]?< GOOD COAL IS THE 1 CHEAPEST fCOAL Is no coil, of (be All.:- theny Mountain* as blfh in hut and sa low in alb as UK f CUPREMp P| 0 Supcr.Hut JBl Vg« >^' Ih » t Is a bold * *** statement, bit it It c(htc»l, because It's tree, bare anthoritatfre ainlysl. flic on all coal and can »roTt thii claim. SUPREME Snpcr-htat U the only coal ot its kind and sold only by this company. 6x3 Medium Site Lamp Ton - ?7.50 ',£ Ton H-00 Cub A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's I'ricc Superior Goal $ Mining Co 304 W. Walngt • Fhorx be considered st-uiul wuve.s oliiHKplieric dctlilclty, cosmic vnys, mctcorltrs, rockets nnil ulln|f cvlbe rc'encd to him li. I Mr, J. (Drop (he II 1 , Soviet Scientist! Plan Stratosphere Meeting "USfili," which inched a i-ul!i\l him "Public Enemy 01- The U;imboll ot Scot- crs. One as J nonius. Another htinmrri iiukrs Inn ;il Hie diciiou used by the mraii-r! iradcs milonLsi nr-.l cnnino ilriver. j Jlirmy lakes il ' M wi'h » Minlc,' lioivevcr, and makr'- no ntirinnt pick lip any "I "he drowifd iis- f-iratos. Premier ColumnUt* rail To'Ruffle J. H. Thomas Light fish C'aU-h KCporlfd SEATTLE IUI')-U. R. Bronnon, (.talc director of fisheries, reported ilis ashing catch this season wns unusually light. Light rum nl salmdn and imlibut were given LENINGRAD (onferonce ot LONDON (UP)—J. T. Tlipimis, Great Britain's Sccictary of Slutc (or the Donilnlotu- lias liad Ills bsncis lull with Irelmid's Uc Vn- fcra. But that is not the grentest ol tls troubles. His diitlcultles with aspirates have made him 7r-Vrnr-Old Vule Trcr W lil.AHUS, Wls. lUl') : i-!l tlv'l 1 . V!liSl'<l il'Olll •In u> iliis cuiiiilry yi'ni's .in. it mill Jiwph Gmur from UMS 115,-d ut the Coin- Christ nus coli'bviilloii here r. 'I'ln- tier is said tu u-; luclcs imd llic clffLW o( Hie sirn- losphcre ujHjri the Imuiiui organ eet here soon to discuss all Rnnisiiv of course, another d'lc by writers in ;is the K'lisoiu. Th stimulalcd by the record-breaking olt about 200,000 cases. ililng of joy to the column OUR BOARDING HOUSE MANGON.PAL! . K5CUE QUEEU UrtRMCEW-E f IN'T WRRV |VLL^E^« DOT,VIVIEN VT GE15 t\ LOAD OF OlNNV 8EMWV I MO VJffE KEEPS rAt BUS\ \X3»Vf OW:> -30BS-T-0 WOKS -PAW TtAE WROBEJDtCUNE 1HM THING'S TOUGH/ WU. GET SMEA IP n GETS ROOCHf HAVE A SLWt H\jt,TORYVKNT l\ SALESROOM—"DEN I'HA-SIO OP TOUSH, AND THE LACES ARE V WASH A T5OCTOR KNOTTY—AMD ^AY TROUStUS )V EBERV MAWN1N, M\ TAV^ES HAVE MOT HATJ TVAtTRESSlNG* 1( o\". LAWS -plCKE-NEE-Z. T3AWS& IRON TOP. tV\AUV hAOOtAS^ U TO A WALK -1 ONCB WELT) ' HOPES A TlbAES, HELP OUT IN MAVA WIFE'S GENTLER.AHS VN-t'f J ML RIGHT! IOOWT IM 60- W\\. KNOWS! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ' ' PU\CE, WOMT — YOU f ^\_ TOR TVVEtt wwow \ 1'IIE 01,1) JOKER! WASH TUBBS WELL. OOUT PUtL ANYO' SUM JOKES ON us THAT'S AMV. AH.VOU •SEE. TCftLi. THEM ALL ev WANE—JUST A LITTLE JOKE OF MINE HA-HA! SURE.N FOOEV! 'AT'S ' Oft MY, WO 1 . . FOOT- 1 ONLY WUNUft THE SERVANTS SVEPS. / 1H 1 SERVANTS/ HAVE (?UlT. VMIKIN' r- WE ARE QUITE ALONE. TO BE AFRWO OFiI-ASStJRE THK SURPRISE WAS TOO MUCH! SALESMAN SAM _HAKU TO TAKK NUTTY SERIOUSLY! SEfito'JS ^FRECKLES AND HIS_FRIENDS _ JSE 'fliiS IS MolvilMG LiVE AMY- •niiw; in 'EXISTEWCS...ITS A HISTO- DETECTBR! R* 2 INSTANCE,TUS conraots ARBVJT MAR'<6P W kl LOCALES ...THEYRE PATES 1K1 L|ISTWtV....IWW V*3ULD YOU LIKE TO 'HEAR UNCOUVS GETTVSBURG ADPRESS f OF <X*JRSE,IU THOSE DAYS,WIRELESS V-'ASWT , AJJD SO*D IT3B COW.D HEAR NAW-EOM, AT TW£ BAHLE OF WATEflLOO.' OR O3RMWALLIS, <SOSH,I C51DMT EVEN VCNOW HE LIVcP "I WUT'i COfJTBOLS TO THAT PATE, AWD IF EVERYjVilUG WBKS OkAV, lit ME4R COLU.V.8U5,OfJ His V3YASE IbAViRICA ....1 RCVRE THAT HIS SFD^EM VJD5DS. STILL WE FLOAT1HS A5OUSID, IM SPACE.' ;uihJDTH£M.. HO OKE XWEW ABOUT SOUMP WAVES.'

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