The Roosevelt Standard from Roosevelt, Utah on September 17, 1936 · 5
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The Roosevelt Standard from Roosevelt, Utah · 5

Roosevelt, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
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SEPT 17 I 1 1936 the roosevelt standard published in the center of ane great uintah bas basin n utah wetonia wv tonia 0 deabre he abre 1 l where tiie the talking pictures q talk A little better it II ier roosevelt utah J birst SHOW STARTS AT SECOND SHOW STARTS AT P al sun mon tue sept 2021 20 21 22 youre going ti lovolove this striking new screen person jalaty in this strikingly hu- man drama ALWAYS TOMORROW with FRANK MORGAN BINNIE BARNES ALSO DISNEY CARTOON in colors AND NEWS REELKEEL adults Cb children Ildren sundays other nights loc wed thurs sept 2324 23 24 HERBERT JEAN ARTHUR in if you could only coole with LEO CARRILLO together thrill you charin you win you in this glorious now romantic com- edy also MARCH OF TIME AdmUs lon and wednesday Is silver night fri sat sept 6 A year to make it cast of thousands not adnee in oldarizona such a picture WA BAXTER in ROBIN HOOD of EL DORADO with annabring ANNL bRING BRUCECABOT MARGO J CARROL NAISH DONTMISS IT LASTSTAND admission and sterling transportation lati on co uintah dazin bain to A prom from salt lidz P avo if points eastern utah transportation co uintah basin to from pike aiice n- iaand iceme diate points every day service each way AUTO R prices reasonable satisfaction guaranteed official inspection station COMPLETE BATTERY SERVICE INSTALLED IN OUR SHOP LET US SERVI SERVE YOU complete acetylene equipment we weld anything JeN T nulu auto A aci f service VL phone open day dav and night ahe scientist says Y 1 U R E A R 13 Q HAS t TIN 6 UNES 95 why it needs this 1111 that gives JUBLE 0 0 0 ro 0 to tilellieoil scientist every car tieslias faster anan than ordinary oil of similar body iwo en ginesa gines a LOU alu ii engine and cand i a ComLin cJ anith w tillthellie toughlong lot flat engine lasting film that resists engine it is is juri burng aff the first few seconds after bleattilellie instant spreadingquallyquality of 0 enables if llila remarIa Lle ol 01 starting inC ilat most oftile acar occurs vice is new I 1 hat wear con can now lc be greatly reduced to fl give double protection to lo every for lore lere s onan oilthat spreads instant engine new or old ly lyon on wetal covering the finely machined vicovice is refinery scaled in cans for and ana close movina parts duji your protection UTAH OIL REFINING COMPANY 0 of service stations sicilians and dealers in utah and idaho manufacturer of pop pep 88 Ga gasoline solino Miri distributorbutor ot of atlastiros Batt batterieserlosaccessories and Sta products KIDS heya rit b V 1 TOTH JUS TO 13 RE M G FORCHILDREN 14 YEARSOF AGE AND UNDER et come and be the guests of at uintah ouray indian fair t L D 2 7 aea R B R 0 combined SEPTEMBER circus 17 and 18 carnival 19 PEOPLE 3 2 BANDS R LIE q 4 A M E R Y great 2 23 1 HIGH 3 ring CLASS piccadilly ACTS circus 23 22 NINE UP TO DATE RIDING DEVICES 15 SIDE SHOWS irenes HERES WHERE TOGETYOUR FREE CIRCUS TICKETS the following dealers servoserve calder gros aro heres all you have to 10 lo do go to one or leeice cream CO more inore of 0 tho dealerslisted and buy one W 7 of those 13 D HERRON fort Du ducheine Duc lieno cheino 6 exl GREAT BIG BASIN DRUG roosevelt CALDEREROSBROS ICE CREAMCONES ROOSEVELT DRUG roosevelt then ash the lio cerk tor for CITYCAFFICAFE roosevelt ONYXHOTEL roosevelt DUCHESNEDRUG duchesne Du chesno YOUR FREE CIRCUS TICKET FOR THE BAKEBAKERY RY duchesne PAUL NELSON neola SIEBRANDBROS 3 RINGCIRCUS PETERSON CAFE neola NEOLA TRADINGCO neola 51 R n MITCHELL neolaneals f V there are no strings attached to this offer in anyway each calderbros R L DIARD MARIMAN fAN neola dealerhas plenty of tickets and one of then jhc thc n Is yours when hen you buy an LESLIE TAYLOR whiterocks Whlter TAMES DALGLEISH myton ICE CREAM CONE the ticket admits any child not over 14 years of ago age to siebrandrandbros 3 ring circus at the uintah ouray indian fair nothing GET ET YOUR YOM FREE TICKET ANY TIME DEALERS more to buy you area guest of calderbrosanditsdealers HAVE THEIR TICKETS NOW Z CINT let ie an automobile mobile DONT accident dig into your savings complete automobile insurance will protect you financially auto fire casualty insurance surety bonds roosevelt Roose veli agency company 1 A amer A edwards ROOSEVELT UTAH 7 legal notices NOTICE TO WATER USERS state engineers office saltlake city utah august 15 1336 1936 notice Is hereby given that hugh A stevens Sl ovens altonah alzonah Al tonah utah has made application in accord anco with the laws of 0 utah to appropriate 3 seesec ft of water from two unnamed spring areas in duchesne Du chesno county utah said spring areas are described as follows 1 neg deg at the wi IV cor sec 7 T I 1 S R 3 W USE M q and running thence E 40 reds N 43 41 rols W 40 rods and S43 rods to beg 2 beg at a point N rodsof said NV cor see 7 anil and tanning thence E 15 rods N 10 rods IV 15 redsand S10 boils roils to beg bee ft ot of water will becollectedfrom spring area no I 1 at a point which bears E 40 rods froni said wi cor seesec 7 and seesec ft will bo ba collet colleateil cd from spring area no 2 at a point which bears na N rods and K L 15 rodsfrom sail WIL wi cor sec 7 said water will ill beused from april I 1 to october 31 9 1 inclusive ot of each year asa supplemental supply to irrigate Irr igata acres of oe land embraced in parts of avi J 4 and kwanei SWA NEi A faid seesec 7 As much ot of slid water as is necessary will bo be used during each entire year for incidental domestic and stock watering dur purposes this thia application lo Is desista des isna ica in the state engineers office s file no 1201 5 all protests against the granting ofsaid fald application stating hohe reasons shall bebasub mittel in affidavit form and in duplicate accompanied by a fee ace of aloo and filed in this office within 30 days afterthe comple- tionofthe publication of i notice T II if HUMPHREY state engineer date of first publication august 20 1336 1936 date of last publication icat lon september 17 1936 IN T TIIE LEE DISTRICT COURT or OF THEFOURTH JUDICIALDIS- TRICT IN AND FOR DUCHESNE COUNTY STATEOF UTAH SUMMONS FRANKLIN BUILDING AND LOAN COMPANY a corporation plaintiff vs JOSEPH MARX LOUISA MARX E 11 II BURGESSROOSEVELT STATE BANK a corporation HOME REALITY COMPANY a corporation and allother persons unknown claimingany right title estate or interest in or lien upon the real property described in the complaint adverse to plaintiffs ovner ownership ship or clouding plaintiffs titlethereto defendant the state of utah to the said defendant you are hereby summoned to appear within twenty days after the service of this summons upon you if served within the county in which this actionis 13 brought otherwise within thirty days after service and defend the above en- titledaction and in case of your failure so to do judgement jud gement will be rendered agonist you according to the demand of the complaint which has beenfiled with the clerk of said court this action is brought to foreclose a mortgage on the following described property andforother relief in connection therewith beginning at a point 80 feet west of the northwest corner of block 5 plat B roosevelt townsite survey andcontinu- ing thence west feet thencesouth feet thence east feetthence north feet to place of beginning badger rich and rich and badger lowry and strong attorneys attorneys forPlain P 0 address boston building salt lake city utah sept 10 oct 8 NOTICE TO WATERUSERS state engineers office salt lake city utah Septer Sen riller 2 19261936 notice is hereby given that C T beggs myton utah has made application in accordance with the laws of utah to appropriate 0 6 sec ft of water from canyon stream in duchesne Du chesno county utah said water will be diverted at a point which bears S 31 deg 10 W 2260 ft fromfrointhe NE cor sec 1 T 4 SR 2 W and AT M conveyed by ditch and used frommarch 1 to octo- ber 31 inclusive of each year ES asa supplemental supply to irrigate acres of land em embracedbracel in part of E 14 NEU NE U seesec 1 T 4 S R 2 WNNW 1 11 S sei E aa nwe and nea seesec 6 NIN cwi sec 5 T 4 S 11 1 W and M part of said water will beused during each entire year for incidental domestic and stock watering purposes this application is designated in the state engineers office as ai filefila no all protests a againstgrinst the granting ofsaid application stating the reasons shall be submitted in affidavit formand in duplicate accompanied by a fee of and filed in this office within 30 days afterthe comple- tionof the publication of this notice TII 11 HUMPHERYS I state engineer date of first publication septem- ber 10 1936 date of last publication october 8 1936 what the nations newspapers say I 1 about politics THE DEMOCRATS HOLD THAT ono one more business now deal Is ruining nearly all of tilethe tailrailroads roads protested vigorously that they would bobe ruined utterly by the now low ratesratas ordered by thothe interstate commerce commission result their reports indicate that the averagegain in passenger revenue for july of all eastern railroads was per cent over july 19 1935 cation of what the republican party proposes to do torestore the people to the ruggedheights on which coy knoxhas fi fixed aed his gaze chattanooga times ind dem hoping forthe concrete the task of the old guard republican management of landon and knox in this campaign re- marksthe chicago times ind is to prove to the people thatth can guide the course of recovery into true prosperity bettorbetterthan roosevelt can we are hoping to get their concrete plans before election tho the old guard carries a spare according to a close friend of ex president hoover quoted in in thetha Wililam sport pennsylvania gazette zette and bulletin the former chief executive is not desirousof serving in thelondon landon cabinet however hovever the staterstatement nevit continues on an orn ominous inous notel hoover intends to sitback and be an observer unless a national crisisshould makemaka his return imperative pera tive commenting on this development at a time when westbrook is asking the bureau of 0 missing persons to locate gov landon the philadelphia record ind says maybe we via ought to breathe easierbut were gasping the republican campag campaign agn manager has bee been n doing too much talking andhis candidate ant n enough maybe gov landon will pick up the silver thread that his Is manager hasleft hanging and spin it into some understandable pattern norfolk virginian pi lot ind dem we cannot imagine that big business is very muchconcerned with the injection of theanti mo noply plank that appears in the republican platform they have no fear that anythingprac- tical will result worcester post ind the chicago tribune under rates the intelligence of its own party parly by trying to scare republicans with witch stories the they y know that mr roosevelt is not wrecking the country they cannot help but see that the country has vastly improved since 1933 du- buque logaa buque telegraph herald ind we must acknowledge that gov landon and his advisers have been most effective in driving labor to the support of president R roosevelt oo sevelt newark ledger in col knox uses words but one examinesthem in vain for an indi THE republicans HOLD tho the spending issue governor Roosevel ts 1 spendingp 1 n d i in n N new york foreshad d niesifore s1 sa ia 0 owed w e d P president de n t Roosevel se ts c course u c at washington governor landoas Lon Lan dons economy in kansas gives weight and sub- stanceto his pledge of economy i elected president rochester N Y times union U S young voters I 1 want F facts acts only government waste taxes unemployment and relief are the four major issues upon which thelthe american voter is dema demanding n d ing I I facts from the roosevelt new deal party not merely opinions and glorified phrases according to a poll conducted by the trumpeter young republican Republic on magazine among of itsreaders sixty nine per cent of the in 1 ter viewed voters emphasized gov waste as the most important issue fifty eightper cent thought taxes were most vital and 48 per cent were more interested in unemployment forty seven per cent placed relief at the top op everyone every straw poll thus far published nationally has given the majority of popular votes to governor landon of kansas president roosevelt has been declining in favor new dealers naturally are hurling mud at these strawvotes claimingthey do not show how the wind blows but very much to the point are the words of democratic chairman tammany jimfarley in october 1932 then hesaid the literary digest poll is fairly and accurate ac accurately conducted every strawvote indicates a landon victory canada treaty hurts farmers adequate tariff protection is vital for the lifeof agriculture this was voiced by senator borah in a recent speech at filer idaho who blasted the reciprocal trade agreement made by the new deal administration with canada and caled attention to the increased insularand foreignsugar quotas announced by secretary wallace for thirty years saidthe senator 1 I have insisted that the american market belongs to the americanfarmer I 1 have ha ve never believed in this brotherhood of man ideal when it comes to the I 1 production of corn pigs and sugar he declared adding that the protection issue sweeps across party lines in its vital significance to the alie west DESERTS NEW DEAL alyx N 0 aw alln r 61 1 1 0 16 t lk 4 1 az V OMAHA neb Nc neither ither democratic nor forthe best interest of the country arearc certain administration measures and some doctrines declared united states senator edward R burksburke above heha promptlyresigned as democratic national committeeman commUte eman iromfrom ne- braska consumption of imported pork in thesixmonths ended june so 30 with new deal scarcity and free trade treaties in effect american families ate 18 million pounds of foreign pork this isthree times thetha consumption ot of imported pork in any ny of the ten entire years preceding 1 american way B best est we have found byexperience that american institutions serve our purpose better thanthose of any other country we not only want 1 to safeguard our freedom but we also want security and abundance of the goodthings of life we are told however b by defeatists that we cannot have both we must they say choose between freedomand security they insist we must give up one in order to gain theother letlct us not surrender to any bucl counsel of despair gov AU alf lan den at west middlesex pa augus 22 1930 1936 you ray fay taxes levied on area part of 0 their cost of operatic and are included in the price 0 their products in theend youpa tham F for or example one and two third cents ol of the price of a loatloaf 0 bread Is fe federalderal taxes it helps tc t pay the high cost ot of new deal gov ern ment S simple economics the fundamental principles ol of government finance are exactly the samecommonsense principles that we follow in the handling ot of our own family finances so long asour government follows these principles I 1 our people will prosper but if our government disregards these principles it squanders ourresources resource and destroys the public credit alt alf iii landon acres in 1932 there was imported into the united states a total of bushels of corn in 1935 under the roosevelt tariff program the importation of corn from foreign farms amounted to bushelsthe production of acres

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