The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 14, 1938
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JANUARY M, 1938 UIAT1IEV1LLE (AilK.) COUillKH NEWS ..^t •— *-*• 4v AT^ ._. IL _ i V ' ^2 *•-_* i "PAGE SKVE* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per lino for consecutive insertions: One time per line lOc IVo times per line per day .. ,08c Three times per line per day ..Otic Jix limes per line per (lay 05c i:onth rate per line sue Cards of Thanks 50c & 'iac Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six * ijmes and stopped before cxplra- %•'$» will be charged for the imiu- oir of limes the add appeared and .Ijustiiunl of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy (Ubmltteil hy iwrsoua residing out- tide of the ctty must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be lasily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular tocrtlons takes the one time late. No responsibility will be taken or more than one incorrect Inser- l.on of any classified nd. For Rent For Sale Farm For Kent a room furaisiicU apart-' incnt. I'.IO Dublin Ave. Mrs. Belle' Wood.. J'Jjone '1V5-J after ti p.m.' ! loom furnished •iparimnil. W. Kentucky, I'hone Wi. IMPROVED SUBURBAN ACKEAGE .1-4 ncrcs, 5 room house, turn. ui crave! road, right in cilije of Bljthevilie. Offered for low days at 108 a Ri'rnt bargain. Trrry Abtlruot 'J "i 1 3 room film. apis. One ;room apt. upstairs. UU llearn. & Kcall.v Co. '-' room fui'nkhcti Lake Bl. apartment. nvliiB machine cheap, 1303 Hcar.i. Call «8-J. Mis. Barham. U-ck-W Farm For Rent 120 Mcl-es ill Pomiscot County. $1000. Cii.sli r«H;tl. Briclgowood Thompson, <.';i- ntlliursvilli', Missouri, phou : Class 1 I'lion All'1'0 CLASS t'-'xpurl \Vcirlum\iinliiii Wo Uelivei- Hlyllicvilk- 1'ainl A Wjillpjipor L'o. Cut & liu.tall HI a. Second ''oIll'RO I.Mill-Ills rllllllPr NKW YOJ1K IUI') — fiplimrh, nwsluxi potatoes, mill milk lire more juHnilnr lor lunch for Hunter College liirls (hull DIP IriidlliOmil double Indue sumlai', uLConllUK In a Minvy. chow nieln, polulo r.aliul. mid colil slaw run On* favorite.'; close :.econds. Kitrc Teaching lUcortf Set UKWOUNTAIN, Olll, (UP)—.John Drury. school tciichcr, was too 111 to lake classes, was nbscnl from school lor llio llrsl (line in 34 year*. Tile taught. Ills nrsl class hero in looa. and since thai time not one of his pupl!* IMS fulled lo pass an examination. Mi;h(nliiR kills only about three peison.s in it tnlllloil each year in Ihc United Ktnles. AT BE5T • PRONIFr BEBVIOB Barksdale Mfg. Co We two Hcl]) Wanted 1 not buy a home with your rent money 1 ' — i—' l':ist Kentucky $3508.00: 3 room furnished apartment. Mrs. t > a yntle per month I C. H. Wheeler, 80Q Hearn. 1328 Miimiy iUoiignii) ....51750.0(1 ll-l>k-18| payable $33.03 per month These payment? include princiinl, intercsl, taxes and Insurance. Prices subject to change without notice. Harvey Morris, Agent <lcui! limn with Bin-.iH capital ID operate service station. Call ]•',. B. Womlson, .110. ' 13 ck 20. and Hoard uil i'<l mum uli A:h. I'lioiir Uil. FOR RENT—3 :;!ecpliij; rooms at 1!19 W. Ash. Call 12-W. 11 ck 15. Furnished comfortable bedroom. 515 Wnlmit. Phone 351. 10-ek-U 3 room ftirn. apt. wldi bath. Call 294, lin W. Ash. r\ • T « Modern fnrni.shet! rooi business Directory w| "> e»s. private ban . •> uttragc. Phone 410. room, heated iroocn and SAVK MONKY ON COAI, a( i>o:il Bit; Lump .. Nut Stoker Aline rim l!lue Kiiibon Lig I'-luc Kitilxm 3\G Slack (un yard Inn 5.?.~» toll 5.25 Ion 5.20 ton 4.8(1 Inn 4.75 Ion -1.75 lump 1.00 r>.iO 5.15 5.VS 8.IJU 1.511 , CURYE IN CAFE Cu iliglnvay Gl at Holland Phones 5 C-| ai,,i 87S Shoe Repairing Everything for your slices. Free Delivery. Phono 121), Quality Shoe Shop Batleries BATTERy SERVIUB J. Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom .Tnckmn's •1 room Turn. ant. 1315 Main. Mrs. Henley, call 335-VV. '1-ck-lf One comfortable bedroom. Gail Mrs. S. S. StcmucrB, SM. 1M Holly. 2B-ck-28 Phone 12 13-ck-17 Grocery store, cheap. Mrs. Jlerb Tliompson, 1C11 W. Rose. | room unfurnished apartment. Very reasonable. 701 W. Asli or call 1008. 23-ck-ti For Sale, nk'c 0 room stucco residence located 512 N. First. Biir- tjnin, small riosvu paynicnl. Also S135 Sinecr Console electric scw- IIH; niachiiiD fur $50. Call 120 QUALI'l'V StiOB SHOP. Comiiletc 10 volume set of Standard Reference Books with loose cat binder. Call 239 or 7S2. 15-Ia-fa 2 comfortable bedrooms, private bath. Gentlemen preferred. Phone 704-W or 161. Furnished Mrs. S. 7-ck-tf. house on Holly. Call S. Sternbcrg .it 981 12-ck-tl MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Personal MEN OLD AT «' GET PEP. Ne'-v Cstrex Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster invigorators and other stimulants. One dose starts ne'.v |)ep. Value $].CO. Special price 89«. Call, write Kirby Bros. Drug Store .Amiounceqient w« Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1044 CiiicIiawBba I'hone 073 EOT Sale or Good Used Pinuo. Reasonable. Mrs. Elma Archillion, 712 Main. Phone. 318-W. ll-pk-18 WaiiteS C.1HLS: increase your income by learning n profession that will affonl constant employment. En loll now in Ihc Beauly Culture classes stai'thi"; Jan. ^rd at the Eagle School of Beauty Culture Cooper PMg. Walnut <t Second Sts.. lilythcviUe, Ark. Slate ap proved school meeting nil require ments for Arkansas and Missouri KirKy's Tasteless WALLPAPER New IMS patterns. Closj iirlces. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Repairing Gun repairs. Guaranteed work. E M. Damon. 315 E. Main. For Country Style SAUSAGE I!HAD CIIKKSE AND BOUSK Ililjs, lliifkbcnrs, Tender- Inin, Hams ,v Shoulders. I'ure Lard. —Prepared liy— An Expert German Butcher ami inspected anil passed by former I'nitctl Stuli-s 1'acli- ll\S House InsucL'tor. Drive Out :\ntl Siive Delivery Charges DEE'S,PORK HOUSE Pride Adrt., Old Spiccr I'lacc Turn south olf lUgluvay 19 lo grnvfl road Iic(«ccn f>ost liny Cmci-ry ami Kotiinsoii l-'HUng Sl;i(inn, (hen 2 blocks GENUINE W;ishrd (.!oal Is The CHEAPEST COAL I'or Ihi! Money No sUili-, nu'lc, sulphur luills »r dill. Alisolulrly vli'an coal. 'Pi'i'imri'il ii\ tin- most, m » <i f i- H mid liii'KOSt pliint in (he world. SUPERIOR COAL CO Phone 700 Ml KM 1NST1UJCT10NK in Ijitrsl Styles Knitting "IHiltNAT" KNITTtNfi VAKNiS Mrs. Leslie Uoopnr !I'W C!ili:kasaub,l I'liotw IDi USED CARS At Bargain PK9CES Lee Motor Sales, INC. Drs. Wcrt & Wert OJ'TOMBTKISTS Over Joo rsancs* Store "WK MAKK 'KM 8KB" I'liouo MO J. C. EVANS llox ti<H Blylhevllle, Alk. District Maniiscr /l'ttN TUHST I'UNJ* Bjjonsorcd By llaniilton Ucixxsltors Corp. BtECTRfO * WELDING tfHONB 19 FARM POWER UNITS Light 1'lunl IK) VoU _ MOO W ult 1'OWKH nil' SAW Second Hand -Safes BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 200 No. Second SI. FARM LOANS 1(00 and Up Arkansas and Mtaoorl lx<w«Mt mil's—luwc»t r>|it!nse Alsn rltv prafH'rtle* DON H. KASSEUMAN Thoma« Land Co. onicc P. O.- Box «0, Phono 627, 11)35 <:iiov. I'lrit-un SW 1II3-I I'Mvil Coach (;("'il tires S'J'W tin's $:I73 lt):i(i Intel•nntliinnl Pickup 5375 AD Trnelcs (Itiantnteed To I'asH Stale IiLspccllon Delta Implements, inc. Ear-Corn -WASTED- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MALDEN GRAIN CO. \V. (). Kceves, Agent So. li. |{, Sired lllylhcvillc, Ark. Phone 555 Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON nmvAIUIS, I'roiirlclH- All makes nt licbullt Typewriters, Addin K Machines an< Calenladirs—Itepalrinf— Vans—1111) bons 1 w ai COBB FUNERAL HOME ?*>«* i™,™,* Contains Mare Quinine—More Iron The RcoommomUil Treatment lor SIM.ARrAI, CT1I1.LS and FEVEIl SWAMP FEVER—AGUE FEVEK At All KJrliy Drug stotei iladio Service Oiir claa-es in Beauly Culture arc| EXPERT KADIO .SKRVIC'K Aw UP WITH VOU, KJOW- UP5V DAI 5V.' ~~7 6V CEAClW, THEM FELLE125 SURE / GO IMTO ACTION CJUICK.' Ht?H, TvbaiAN SCOUNKD i COM:I >• AFTER ALL.' =a?Sr— J»\ r^Z^W^^mK^ Hy Ilamlin /HIJHERE, VOlT^- O AK£ VOLJ • OW MV DIMM'/; N / CHUMP5 vVHERE YA \AFTER ALL TH' THINOft VOL) OOW'r HEy/AIWTCHAl 5A1P ABOUT 'IM? HAH.'V GONMiV TAKE ME /^AlWICHOO COMICAL? to- TJ07? tt*' : \ tte) <W _.,,,^.^-^ >; in full swinj. \ r isit our shop! and let us mcrt you and show you 1 our .school. We will be glncl 10 five full details. Eagle School of Beauty Culture. Cooper Blilg.. and & 'Walnut, Blyllicville. Ark. Plionu 319. C(im[i!ctc Of IMKT.S, TURKS, BTKUIKS Harda\v;jy Appliance Co. IIKMIV WEIINEK , Furry Sea Mammal .HORIZONTAL J Pictured fur- covered I ;mimni. •5 ;i t nnimnl. ' 3 Kingdom. 11 Form of ''a." Ans«'er lo Previous Fnzzle 13 In the middle of. .'•15 To scatter. '16 Goblet. .10 To seat again. •21 Insane. '22 Price.' ; 23 Its is valuable for . rents fpl.). • 25 Destiny. 2fl Either. W fnlct. '31 To hasten. round. .14 Obese. 35 Sorrowful. 37 Membranous k I»g. T &!> To leak. 41 Pierced wiih horns. 43 Shape. •15 Aurora •1C Sick. 47 Pale. 49 Halite birtl r>0 To revolve r>2To counl again 55 Skin diseases. 5(1 To argue. 57 It is a animal . VERTICAL 1 Chair: 2Sovcrc;en. SSo't-finncil Hshcs. 4 Cover. 5 Myself. *• Fence bar ~ North Amcricii S Finished. 48Gorl of lOSpceil contest. wisdom 13 Chinese sedge. HI Ual.i H Ten cenls 53 Greek letter. 17 Sunk fence, 55 Noto in scvjle. 18 Curvcncy. 50 To accomplish. 20 Leather strip. 22 it lives in regions. 24 Expensive. 25 Unable to hear 2G Exclamation. 2711 j s one of Ihe few aquatic. 30 Neuter pronoun. 32 Exists. 34 Pugilistic. •W Sm i. 3G Moisture. 38 Sky phenomena. •!fl Plant parL •11 To gather after a reaper. •12 Challenger. • •14 Part in ,-i drama. HOOTS AND HRK liII,l/S OPINION -J<\ V/HV OA06LA5T YOUfl /X3// . r >*+ ??,',' & I'LL GIT EVEM WltHVOU 5NA66LE-TCCTfHED APES, IF IT'S 7H' LAST THING 1 EVER DO.' ffl^iriJiSfliC|r ^^^ :: ^-££!±^ !Jy Martin WASH TURBS \ voo "LOOK BROTHER OF 600O rt/bcv DATr.r; / - l l». ERE! SfcCRET PASSAGE /EXTR^OUNS UNDER m l(y Crane FRECKt.KS ANT) HIS FltlKNDP THAT'S rr,y.t-U FJIQHT! r-:E EXPIRATVOU DATE OM THE LEASE"? HISH-S-SSS! 2B, 1938! AWDTWE LEASE v/AS MADE our IM THE MAME OF 'JOHW DOE 1 '.' WHAT DO YOU THWK?\VHEM I LEASED THAT PLAWWiMG ) PROPERTY IT WASM'T PROD1JCIMG OIL IT IS!! ME MUST HAVE BEEN THE BABY'S FATHER ! By BiossiT YOU'RE A SMAi=iT MAM , MR.SCUTTLE! YOU CAN BE SHADYSIDE'S GREATEST MAW OF DEEDS'!

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