The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 13, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOllTlffiAS'i' AnvAMaiu 41011 anivniiuia»i ...n,,« <»n ', > < ^ 3v-- //-^fTs V . ' x , '( ; VOL. XXXIII—NO. 25(i lilythevllle Courier Blythevllle Dally" News P NOWIMEAST AKKAN8AS AND SOUTIIKAST MIBSOUm K, ARKANSAS, WKDNHSDAY,' JANUARY IM, 3INGLR COPIES FJVR CENT& SENATE RECEIVES NEW SALES LER Doclovs Find New,Clues in / Mattson Case as Search Continues Engine Hits Section Car, Killing Eight LOS ANGELES, Jail. 13 (UP) — Eight workmen were killed and their mangled bodies strewn along Hie right of way for 3i>0 feet when a locomotive run down their section car on the Union Riot of Auto Strike Pacific's main line near Ihe Nevada bonier loday. Only one man was Identified TACOMA, Wash., Jan. 13 (UP) Immediately. Ho was Vernal A —Ten-year-old Charles Mattson Anderson, 30, section foreman fa- \wnsstabbed in the back and then ther of five children, bludgeoned to death by a degenerate, the United Press learned today on unimpeachable authority. iner 01 nvc ciinuren. '"••' v " «*"i"v.iu M.H-UI iiieuveen ' A backing freight locomotive Ml>i " nml Asl1 streets) were sing- struck tlic molor section car near [nti 'he, blues today. This development- gave point lo Ihe secret search of Q-mcn and tlie excited search of approximately l.OOO Washington officials and , citizens for the kidnaper-slayer ofi Cima. the boy, stolen from his parents' home December 27. The Q-men were" seeking n former Inmate of the Washington asylum for tlie insane, who has a known mania for kidnaping. Perform Autopsy Tlie manner of the child's death was revealed by a secret 1 autopsy performed by Doctors S. M. Cresswell and Charles McCall, working under tlie direction^bf E. J. con- nelly, second In command of p B. I. forces here. California-Nevada earl; men were starting Kelso, a short distance the tiie the _ = shovel snow from the tracks near finiornia-Nevaaa line, in ' muicmum mat is ex- rly morning darkness 'as l )ccle(l lo result in closing of tiie MI were starling out to l )la ces. rescinded two beer licenses alone DIES OF PlnNE The three men worked behind locked doors and their gruesome task revealed further evidence of the inhuman tortures suffered by the 10-year-old school-1 boy. . [ It was established that Charles! did not die from the stabbing tiie ' knife missed the vital organs,' and that the slayer completed his job by battering in almost the entire back portion of the bov's head. 1 The killer was a sexual pervert. the United Press learned scientists had decided. Charles had been given enough to sustain his body but the food tiny fiendish captor . not .clothed him sufficiently to .ward ., iMA. aggravation - of the-cold-the boy suffered when' He was stolen from the living room of his father's fashionable Puget Sound home the night of December .27. Fought ror His life The autopsy yielded o:ie vitally significant clue. Bits of flesh and a few strands of hair were found beneath Charles' finger nails along with a peculiar bluish clay This Indicated the kidnaper- was scratched by Charles' as he batted vnlnly for his life and that the criminal carries possible tell- scars on Ills hands, arms or Officials were puzzled by a fine n in of sandy loam found on parts of the mutilated body. This with other indicated that possibly Charles was first buried in a shallow grave, later exhumed and dumped In the snow just off nl °»ly country road near Evcr- tale face. Famed Explorer Is Second Victim of California Tragedy , I-OS ANGELE3. Jan. 13. (UP) — Martin Johnson, the famous African explorer, died today, the second fatality in the crash of a Western Air Express transport that plowed into a mountain ridge with 13 persons aboard in n 'storm yesterday. Johnson, his face torn and suffering from other injuries, died shortly Before 7 a.m., 1(9 a.m. e s t. ) : ; In Good Samaritan' hospital where his wife, Osaj is in . semiconscious condition. She'-is expected tO 11^6; :-.;VV' -M~-," •''- -'•'-."•'. .-•,;.'•• ~ v The famous 'explorefs~"and* bfg game hunters were oh route here to lecture when the airliner crashed into a ridge 25 miles north • of Los Angeles, killing one passen°er instantly and injuring all others James Braden. Cleveland, was the other victim. 'His neck was broken Three of the 11 survivors, brought down by wagon and truck from the snow covered ridge after lying in the wrecked plane as long as en hours, are in serious '.''condition. ••- > Worst fears were expressed for E - E- Spencer. Chicago, president of the Stromborg Electric Co.. who lay in tlie Pasadena hospital with fractures of , both legs, one shoul- scToiis "' S SkUl1 ' H Pilot W. W. L-wls and Co-pllot - 1 . Lewis also were injured se- ------ ~"» JH.L-U^L'.'l and warned others operating along "beer" street that sales without :cc-nses would result In .Immediate arrest. The killing of Prank McGregor' oy Earl Parker near one of the beer gardens last Saturday night I and the theft of several dollars In money from an intoxlcaled man in another beer "joint" yesterday afternoon, spurred . law enforcement officers from passive to aggressive Interest in 'the Railroad street situation * * -i--v •" *•"• • ii -" 1 " ii-i.-wn.-i uuuj IMUMV IIL nun., luicn. TIIO occti|mnls Chief Takes Uu liccim-, scl ' ambl . cd to M(ct V nE "«=' '"ele'e raged, with guns, club's, and tear gas brought Into play, Flint po- Cily Attorney Hoy Nelson' told' lice and company guards battling the crowd. Eighteen inen were Injured In Uie'conflict. the city council last night that H. O. E'artlow, deputy prosecutor had asked that city officials rescind beer licenses as the easiest! method of handling tlie situation. The council Immediately ordered licenses already issued to beer garden . proprietors on the street rescinded and instructed the city attorney to take whatever steps',, .•night be necessary in cooperation I (-OUIKl .vi Mad Etcher's Work Bou-lil . TOLEDO (UP)_A Bracquemond etching has been added to Toledo's famous museum of art. it is a portrait of Charles Meryon, himself an etcher, whose tragic career asylum J8M '" " Pa " S t!mns New York Cotton tlnco "- . tims might from lying -v-.. a ... i, JC uuiu ior nours ir he wrecked ship. The plane, corn. ill? frftm Call Tn1.« r,:, ,vere mg out the last vie NB\V YORK, Jan. 13 (UP) _ Cotton closed steady. open high low close Jan 1237 1241 1234 1241 March 1249 1250 1245 124G May 1238 1239 1235 1237 Jul >' 1231 1233 1229 1229 Oct 1194 1194 11B8 1190 "W 1194 1194 1188 1192 Spots closed steady at 1300 off Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 13 (UP>Cotton closed steady. open high low close 1234b 1237 1237 1234 1244 1244 1239 1239 1230 1236 1232 1233 1229 1230 1225 1225b 1189 1191 H87 118Sb 1197 1190 1197 1192 3 ? t Jan March May . July Oct Dec ---. ..i, v iiai ny^ Spots closed sieady at 1300, oil n <- <^ „-, •nmr u s Smelling o,, . , mo '\ U S Stool ....... ,X \~l Warner Bros '" ,Z ,„ ™<* v: : ll\l nr,^ n- r "' lelmlllal and the safety they missed In the " ri ernall<l ° valley. A snow mained intact, providing Th at« shelter. ' •• . . ° ; ; A T and T American Waterworks Anaconda Copper ... Bethlehem Slecl ..." Chrysler %.. Cities Service Coca cola .' IM General Electric ........ 57 [_ 4 General Molors '-651-2 International Harvester 104 i-' McKesson-Robbins . : .-; ! .'.' Montgomery Ward '. '." New York Central .••; v Packard j.;..X;'. Radio Corp . ..." V t St. Louis-San Francisco Sinumlis Bed ... „ Standard of N J .....'. m ' Stiidebaker ; u . Texas Corp ' Council''Rescinds Licenses' at Request of Deputy; Prosecutor •Beorless" beer garden proper- tie.s oil ' Railroad street (between 'B City officials, taking the ilep In a movement tlmt i. s Conference VVillSeek Auto Peace - 'j v : • ,'biBTROlTi Jan. 13 <UP>—Preliminary ncBOllntlons for selllo- meiU''of the General Motors strike apparently were nssiu'i'd Unlay us automotive labor agreed (o n conference, tomorrow with Clov. Prank j Murjmy and (ho world's largest builder of molor curs indicated tt would send 0110 or more of- llcinjs to Lansing for tlic meet- In^' : : .•'-.•, Murphv, In letters 16. William S. vKhuctscn, executive vice-president of General Motors, niul Homer Miu-lln, International president, ol Ihe United Automobile Workers'- of , America,' urged the 'conference a. few hours after lie had dispatched more than 1,000 Michigan national guardsmen lo the .strike-tarn' Flint area lo nmtn- Inlii'order and prevent n recurrence of Moiulny night's rioting In which 28 persons were Injured. • •50 PER GMT In an •••. t ' • ' ^^^^••"•m^^BHpi^^^Qp outbreak that caused 'the first bloodshed In the General'Motors strike, rioters:here'ure shown us they overturned a deputy sheriffs car near n IFIsher Body plant In Flint, Mich. Tho occuiwnts ... -f "• >-«<"|'l.l UL.1UI •vim Ihe prosecutor to seek pad- :cck • injunction," if such.-a; course Jecame necessary. Police Chief Ed Rice this mom- ing look up licenses which had already been Issued this year to Bonnie Odiim, woman manager of one place, and Chedad Abraham ^>' s teet merchant, who", has re' cenlly...redecorated- -ami-iiistalHrd License Tees were refunded Offi cers said lhat no licenses ' hid been issued as vnf. to ™,_,,;. Lease o( Giandstand, field The city council last night approved a lease by the Mississippi county Fairgrounds Association of lei fleld of the a baseball team next summer at a — diamond lighting equipment IJie lal to be constiucied in the, in- i tiack cash rental, of $600. The council also - . »er of Railroad and As •Tijin n EI nied Parlnin wiV ed nnother parlor on the" street!' Corey Refused License Corey, bemoaning the vvarnine of officials agaftist the sale of ing that he'had' $1,506 worth "of equipment that would be sacri- Iced if he had to quit business, lie was refused a license today. John Spicer was fined 550 by --,• Municipal Judge Doyle Henderson Physicians feared that the vie- lls m °m.'ng for petit larceny in Citv __•* ig attorney, to close: Rflll- street beer gardens and re'•- schKled licenses already issued for sale of beer along tlie street. Tho lease of the fairgrounds it contract pneumonia l ™?.! hefL of several dollars from In the cold for hours in ?" intoxicated man, Clarence Wild ship. The plane, com- , nms of Ma "ila, at Miss Odum's ..<; wiecKca snip. The plane, com- , "' ™nua, nt Miss Odum's ing from Salt Lake City, struck ?, ipc y esle rday afternoon. Terry shortly after 11 a.m. Rescuers were Ll0> : d ' r . elea . 5ed fl " 01 " 'he Missouri Unable In Krinrr II,- !__. '.'- Peilitplllinrv • nh/M.t - *..._• _. i. ball nark layout to Saliba is for' the use of the Blytheville baseball club, backed by the New York Giants of the National league, which will make Its debut in the Northeast Arkansas league this spring. The agreement provides that the Pope, Better, Sits at • Window in Wheel Chair VATICAN CITY, Jan. 13 (UP) —Pope Plus XI., -gravely 111 for more Ihan month, nrose from his bed today and sat nt a window, gazing Into sunshine-filled SI. gazing into sunshlne-nllcd SI. p. „ ~—" stable, . and Maine W. Join Peter's square, expressing his grat- L/VCSS Residents Will Be J l|lill<:c <) r " 1Q PC"i.e, directing Itudc to.'Ood for the improvement nit i r, rc6c " e believed (ho nail c Itudc to.'Ood for the improvement In his condition. The pope was lifted lo H wheel chair throne, specially constructed, and after hearing mass In an adjoining chapel was moved to the window In a salon of his private apntmcnt ' Apartment Porter Arrdst- . ed in Killing of Young .New York Woman ;• NEW YORK. Jan. 13 (UP)— Thirty-six hours after the battered body of beautiful college-bred Mary Harriet Case was found in her bathtub, police today charged Major Green, 33. a negro porter with her murder. bull park may he used for other . Pollce announced that the stain- purposes at all times except on ctl trousers found In an inciner- days when the ball club will use nto ? ln the Jackson Heights aparl- It nnd furlhe'r provides for n rcn- n ' e nl house In which Mrs. Case I ill nf ClA'n *tn,,' r-.- «. _-,_.. ' hfld -If VCI\ itv\t*ti \\n\- i-ni >-^ln<. A „ lal of $10 a day for games play- regular playing ed beyond tlie schedule. , --...»<-<.• iiuin my IVur penitentiary about two or thrn^ ' weeks ago after serving some 14 lims until almost niidnbht .•-.-.... u BU um-r serving some 14 From cabin windows of the craft T nths of a two-year term for the injured passengers could look ayi " e llis step-father, was clear- ciown and 'see Union Air Terminal Ccl of a clml e e ° f accessory in tnc and trtp c3f«>ti. iiin.. —: , , .. cnsp A i As lcnsec ' Snllba wil1 lia ™ the had lived since her marriage ,. little more than n^year ago had been identified as belonging to Green. They said that Green's privilege of operating whatever. lin B er prints had been found on concessions he may desire during " le bathroom door of the aparl- Ihe games. The agreement also nicnt - • contains an option clause allow- When arrested Green was wearing Saliba (o renew the lease for' ing - a shlrt which |>ollce said had j IUJ8 and Indian Native PpHflle - " alS Approval of the lease was asked by Jesse Taylor, local attorney,, wlfc ' s representing tlie fairgrounds as- """"' belonged to Prank Case, youthful ive who discovered his clad in chemise and ' llotcl overflowing tub Closing Stock- Prices HYYDERBAD, mdia <up>_ Ba '-...- Jagopal, an Indian student, nvctni • I • -*•• *.u«-.'nii6 LIU. lull glulllluS 115- ' •" *"^ u»\.l lluwllij; IUU OS Hrs. Without Sfnn 50cilltlo ». »'«1 Marion Williams, I Mo »day night. r^muui oiup nrst wnrd aWcrmBn> mn(|e a mo i More than 200 police and de- tion for approval of the lease. lecllves worked to "break" tho The council approved a report casc which bore an amazing siml- - . . in student, cycled M continuously for C9 hours, 20 min- 29 1-2 i " tcs and ? et >'P what is believed to 56 3-8 er n worlcl 's nonstop cycle record 75 7-8 " R ?J a g°Pal became drowsy after 118 1-8 £>' clin £ for 69 hours, and to keep 4 1-2 h " n a *' a . !tc a bail(1 Played, drums 123 ., were beaten and fireworks set off. But 20 minutes liter he was over- 13 158 43 1-2 16 3-4 vjuiuu, ameiman, John P. Lcnti. •»'"<:nuji in nor apartment las city auditor, and Miss Ruth Ely- Good Friday. Her murderer, Join, the, city clerk, on their examina-! Florenza, will die In the electric ticn and approval of expenditures chair nt Slngsing next week. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., J(m 13 (UP)—Hogs: Receipts 9.500 Top 10.80 170-230 Ibs. 10.35-10.45 Lighter weights 7,50-10.15 Bulk sows 9.35-9.65 Cattle: receipts 3,500. Slaughter steers, Mixed yearlings and heifers G.OO-12.75 . Slaughter heifers, 5.00-11.00 lieef cows 4.75-5.50 Cutters and low cutters 3.50-4.25. Chicago Wheat open high' l ow , Mhy'134 5-8 ^35 1-2 134 ,n= Jul 116 7,8 117 1-2 116 , m i. 8 ! Chicago Corn Jill open ' High' : l l-Sliai^-lu' 107 1-8 107 S-8 107 come by fatigue. nuuulTO nnn touched the ground with his left foot, thereby giving .„,, the stnr- gle. ' " J County's Float Third at Bailey's Inaugural LITTLE ROCK. _Mi Mlssi pp| county's float In yesterday's parade In celebration of the Inauguration of Gov. Carl E Bailey won third prize, it was ; announced last night after a committee of three:-unnamed judges had submitted Its report. • . : ; ,"'"" c ,™nly (Texarkana) placed .first In an Industrial display and, Pol k county (Mena). was,. second^ with & float on which were a live 'possum and a do» Prizes ;of. S150. .lioo and $50 were awarded the throe winning . noa|ji . by the Arkansas Centennial. Comintsslon by a committee composed of J. L. alderman, John P. Lcnti. larlty to the slaying of Mrs. Nnncy Titlerton in her apartment last by.the municipal park board during construcllon of the park improvement, last year. The council referred to the city attorney for Investigation ' of a complaint by J. R. Mustek in which he asks that the city pay for damage to his automobile sustained in a collision with a city street department dump truck. Muslck said the truck was parked out In the street in the business section in early morning without Pemiscot Farmers Will Meet on January 23 CARTJTHERSVILLB, Mo., Jan. 13 —Pemlscot county's second annual Fuller's Fartri Soil sanrt rvn™ r^f™.,,.,. ...,„ u. "" ' * c '< a '-n Conference will bo hold at the courthouse on Wednesday, January 23. according to M. D. Amburgey, county agent. About « tail light and that Ills car ' U- struck the truck before he could avoid the accident. Four Destroyers Await Scrapping at Honolulu HONOLULU (UP)—Forty-eight thousand tons of American fighting ships arc being stripped here of all their wartime gear for final scrapping. Tlie four destroyers are the Slrlbllng, the Ingraham, the Spicston and the Anthony, which were converted Into mine layers during the .World War. The manner of their nnal disposition has not yet been delcfmin- com y have bc SET PRICES 01 If TRflGTS Offered Contracts to Puichase Homes, Dyess Colony residents ; who have lived (hero for a. year und who have satisfactory records j.ilL-,soon !»-, offered .contracts for tho purchase of" thllr farms > i In a statement by l|ic board of directors of Dvc« Colony.yrto published In tho cUrrknt Jfciuo tof NIC Colony Ucralrf k, newspaper nt D.vdss,- Itv'wos nounccd that sale ^pVlce); fc, Improved farm trocts'ati " ' drainage luxXK are somewhat cheaper Uian - ony, had been flxEd:fand)tl!&t" colonists approved by '(h> board 'would be offered purchase contracts within two weeks. ' • ' ' ; : •• In connection with tho''> aiv liounccment a price list was pub Hshcd, showing the net cost .to the colonist of "each tract. Tlie I'fi'iccs, it was explnln'jd; wrre based on tlic actual cost of the land and Improvements with adjustment.'i -for location and iin provement taxes.- Homesltes with desirable locations will sell at -a somewhat higher price than those less favorably situated/while those •with priced those less heavily burdened. In computing prices only 80 per cent of the actual cost of houses has been charged to 1 the colonists and a social additional "occupancy" discount of 10 per cent and certain credits for clearing and Improvements will further reduce sale prices In many Instances. Colonists will be offered up to 30 years to pay for their farms. The Interest rate will bo three per cent. At the- same time it was announced that nil unpaid accounts of colony residents as of December 31. 1936, M-lll be given a deferred status and that effective January 1 crop mortgages will be taken to guarantee repa-ymenl of all new advances to colonists who will be expected to make fill settlement In tlie fall of 1937 Deferred accounts will bear Miners Tr&pned Alive In Nevada Mine Shaft EI^KO, Ncv., Jnn, n (UP)—TWO miners arc trapped In the Delano mine In. an isolated - section near tho,Utah state line, It was learii- cd today, The men w'ero caught In. a eave,-ln 300 feet below the (round yesterday. •Tlic men. Jess Baker, and one [larrls are. alive, and arci dlrccl- 'ng resciio eliorls. Their voices miiiB through. debris to the res- ;ue squad. Dill Hargrove, con- ilablo, . nnd. Maine W. Johnson, directing the pah could be .saved, Tlit miners were cut o|I from the main shaft by a. slldt of hundreds of tons of rock and d^rt Tlie nilno Is located 35 miles north of Montcllo Nev Tlieie |i no linmedlato coittniunl cation lino to thcf nilne J . '. .Week Brings Sharp \, s Increase in Influenza QN Jan 13 (UP)— >e oft more than 8.000 iiijtu»nza in. tho week -.-fijnary s lilghest rLw for anj week. TO far this vv Inter Interest. no * Ja __^ throughbift the" country today to (Jto United States public . health "service. Telegraphic rcporls placed itl'ie total for. the week . at i 13,145 f as compared to 3953 In (he previous week Tho re||orl,'from Arkansas gave the following figures on new .cases: For HID week ended .'Januaryr''9, 283; for Ihe week ended January 2, 40, Spark Ignites Gasoline A mclal hammer, striking on metal, caused a spark that Ignited a leaky drum of gasoline at tho Blythevllle Machine shop this morning causing slight damage Goes Model Way To Film Career pointed to attend. Amburgoy ,cx- tects total attendance to tie two or three hundred. Tlie program of the conference will be based upon present problems of the farmer: Improvement of pastures, the new one-year rotations, .planning an all-year posture system, the best method of using lime and green manure crops for soil conservation, the most efficient crop production, and the growing of crops best adapted to the need of the Pemlscot farmer. GRAND PORKS. N. D. (UP) — More than a sixth of the students at the University of North Dakota arc sons and daughters of formers, ranchers and dairymen, a survey lias revealed. Found in North Dakota GRAND FORKS, N., D. (UP)— North Dakota has discovered a resource—high commonly as Puller's earth. William Budge, professor of ceramic, engineering at the University of North Dakota, surveyed Ihe deposits. He found a 10 foot bod of the clay in the Pemblna mountain regions near the town of Mountain. He estimated that the deposit extends for more tlian 25 miles Into the province of Manitoba. The clay Is usod extensively for reclamation of motor oil and for purification of »nlmal and vegetablo oils. Budge esllmstes the now clsy resource Is worth $8 a ton. He said approximately five million tons of the mineral arc available on one 200 acre plot near Mountain. . Mc'asme Would Mce,l ( Textbook niul I lomc-' stead Exemption Costs LITTLE ItOClC, Jan 13 (UP)— , The, houso of lopiesenlallves and the scimlo adjourned shortly after .noon today .until'9:30 tomorrow,, closing a short session that saw numerous administration' bills placed In the hopper. In the senate the half-da) s woik Included tho connuuallon of 15 departmental heads, and commissioners, submitted by Clov. Can E Balloy Ucfore going Into executive session lo confirm the appointments the soimte received for first and teeond readings a bill lo re-enact the Ifall two pei cent sales tax, without present exemptions. v,ltU allocation 1 ! foi rice textbooks nml homeileiid exemption losses CO IVr Cent To Schools Under the bill, Introduced l>y Scimtoi H A Nmthciitt, tho allocation will bo seven per Lent ot Uio total collections to tho textbook fund, not to exceed $350,600, eight per cent of Uio. collections to" replace the revenue lost by homestead exemptions, not to exceed 5500,000 Tho state welfare commission would receive 25 pei cent of the revenue and 50 per cent would go to the common school fund. Excess'revenue from the homestead exemption and textbook fund accounti undeivNortllciiU's proposal would bo ^MBiU-'t'ss--HOI cent to ( tho \velfaie dcuartnfenOand 65 iwr cent (o the schools, /)! • Under the present Hall act'the schools receive OS.'pcr" ccnVof all •sales tat p ' •enI EoesttoTS^fcfifiimWjrd office seekci (o run for the plnce ' on lit, merlls nnd nllliout tho backing of a political ring . In Ihe house the admlnistra- lion struck at U A Gentry, In- suiancc coininissloner and flro marshal, .who has refused to give up his position, by tntioducinjj a bill by Hep Ike Murray of Dallas county to ^abolish that office,- In~its s'ead Minray \vould establish 'an Insurance conunls- sloncrsblp at an annual salary of $5000 u. year witljlia snlllclcnt ofllce and, field Core*I, , , i ' \ 'Would'K« w .,[ IJqu'or I4vv ' A ,• second .administration ' niea-' Mire Intioduccd in the house called foi the establishment of a pardon (and pirole board navm introduced by Rep Canton *iSir- ils of Wefferson conntj j , •'Jnensiire would allow jho newly pr^at&i' board to passion all clemeneyTpetmoiis and nt tho same lime po\mft Ihe stale's chief executive to issue.! similar orders " Rep John CoaleJ of LHUe' nock" offered " ^ 1 audit The temi>crancc forces.-fof,* tho- slato struck theli first blow at the session when Rep. John p~ Vcnscy of HemiKtead county Introduced a bill to repeal Act 103 of the fiftieth general 'assembly* commonly known as the i Thorn and Dillon liquor bill. A Joint resolution was offered by Kep. Kenneth Coffelt of Snllnb-' county lo lefcr the question of dropping the poll tax receipt as' a voting qualification to a vote of Ihe people. Unic.lmcral Legislature A house Joint resolution, offered yesterday by Rep. Campbell of Garland county, would provide for a unlcameral legislative system. It .was read twice and referred,' to the committee on constitu-' tional amendments. • Under provisions of the resolu-' tlon, the general assembly would be composed of 50 delegates, one from each district, to be elected every second' year beginning in mO. If a delegate were elected for a second consecutive term, •tho term would, be for four years.' There would bo no primary, and the ticket at the general election would be nonpartisan. Salaries of assemblymen would be $1 - SCO a year with $200 nllowfd each for expenses. The total expenses of the assembly would bo (Continued on Page 3) A new way to crash Hollywood has been demonstrated by Orien Hcyward, pretty Kentuckian shown above as she arrived in the movie cenler lo begin her Him career. Starting In Now York as Kitty Barrcli, stie rose to fame as the highest paid magazine cover model, vvilh n record of having posed for three well-known magazine covers in one month. Then movie scouts hdard of her, and she was called . Jo. HoJtovpoiJt_ ; p John CoaleJ of Llitie nock" red a bill lo establish a state it commission Vu » e temperance forces.-?of/ tho- WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy and unsettled tonlTht and Thursday, warmer to- nlght.: ' Memphis and vicinity—Cloudy, probably occasional rains tonight and Thursday. Wanner tonight. Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday was 38. minimum 33. cloudy with .19 of an Inch raJn- fall, according to Samuel r. Nor- rls, official weather observer.

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