The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEll Ol-' NOHTIIUA 8T AliKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIII—NO. G Blytheville Courier, Blylheville Herald. Blytheville Daily Ness, Mississippi Valley Leader. l I V \IJIf \l\!«!A<l •'•''• AKKAfsbAb, Al VUPII us 1<1'(I , A1AKL1I ^), 1.M1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TO $52,55* SHE OF - Rd TUB Ccunly Apportionment of Bond Proceeds Will All Go ! to Irmrrovcmcut Districts.! World's Tallest Building Get? Its Easter Hal! i LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—First dis- ' Iribullon ni" the county highway' fund, created by Act G3 of 1531 will ] be made to the various counties April 1, Slate Treasurer Roy ^. Leonard, who is required ty the new law lo prorate the county turnback fund quarterly among the counties, announced yesterday. The distribution to be made April I 1 will total $1,815,000. which rep- i resents 12':- |>er cent of the $15.-| OOO.COO worth of short term highway notes sold in January. No part o! the extra one cent gasoline tax will be included in Ihe iirsc distribution. This tax which became rllective February 25. will be distributed for the flrst lime July 1., I)od;e McCalic Kill j Distribution April 1 of the en- \ tire portion of ihe county fund to: be derived from band sales will lessen the clfect of the McCabe bill. | if that measure is approved by the . government, it was pointed out. The I McCabe bill was passed without j the emergency clause and will no', take effect until June. It changes | the method of apportionment of turnback money to give more toj the small, thinly populated coun- i ties, and less lo the large counties. I The law requires the state tress- j urer to set aside from the portion | allotted to each county sufficient 1 money to pay 75 per cent of flic ! • maturing bands and interest cf j • road improvement districts formed ! since the Mavtineau road law went' into effect in February, 1927. i Mr. Leonard said yesterday h?1 had not heard from all county I it . sil>pi counties probably are affected by that-, provision to a greater degree than any others. .S«,551.50 for County Of the $1.875,000 turnback, representing 12',-i per cent of Ihe 1931 b=nd issue of S15.OTO.OfK), Mississippi county lias been allotted $52.- Will Be Advanced Again as School Relief Measure Nexl September. U'lTLE ROCK, March 25. tUPI —Humors circulated In admlnlstra- iton .channels loday ix>inted lo a special session of the Arkansas legislature early In September lo draft and enact measures lo aid the school system. It was generally believed Governor Pflrnell would call a special session when 11 became apparent j oward the end of the 48lh Keneral vscmbly thai no laws would b: nactcd for relief of Ihe slalc chools. Several measures designed an etncrgcncy situation now In the school system await he governor 1 . 1 ; signature. Among .he tmjwrlanl bills on Goveijior | 'arncll't desk U the school rccodl- Icclion ineasure. The. general assembly, recently adjobrncd, considered several lax measures to raise funds to relieve rural school indebtedness but could lot agree on rhcthods ol taxation. Rumors from Hot Springs point o Ule Introduction of another horse racing bill at. the special session which' would allow pnrilmutuel bot- :lng. Proponents of the horse rac- ng bills which were defeated dur- ing'the past session said they believed a similar bill providing a school tax • would receive favorable consideration at the special session. I Reno llesorls Gay Wilh Gambling Lcguli/cd and Prohibition Unciiforced KKNO, Ncv., Mrii'di 25 (Ul')—At Ihiw o'clock tliis iiiorii- ing most ol' llio ivsiilonU of this "IjiBgcsl little city in lliu world" worn nsleiip, but out a inilu or two lie.yimd Hit 1 city in ;i linlf dozen resorts Riiyely ivnchcil its lu-iulil. • .—-• + in ihe brlijlilly Honied casinos catcrlm; lo divorce colonists th; crowds milled aboul ronletU' wheels. fnro banks, and card tables, lo^in chips on nnnibei'ti Hint cauglH th? 'irst Candidate (or Divorce Colony Here E.G. Matthews, Sikeston Banker, Dies Suddenly SIKESTCW, Mo.—E. C. ("Ned") Watthews. 45 years old, vice president of the Bank; ol Sikeston, «n extensive landowner,- and-Kpre'mln' The first prospective member of the divorce colony Hint may (or may noil mnke Blytt:rlllc n second neno tinder Hie new Arkansas 90-day divorce ha- has asked, the chamber of commerce lo put her In touch "wllh a trustworthy lawyer Who ha? had experience In this line o( work." The- lady, n resident of New Jersey, outlines the grounds on which she hopes to obUIn her freedom, referring specifically tc her husband's practice of "going out." will) one Janat Oreen and Inquires If this Is grounds for divorce In Arkansas. Sl)e nl- so wauls to know it the ens' cnu b? heard In private, unc what , • the, approximate cos 1 wp'Jld bo. Including residence li: si "clcnii and respectable, bill not expensive boarding house.' OF Ttlf Miserly landowner Resent- Quantity of 'Milk Baby Drank. She Says. H.MIRISONVILLE. Mo., March fancy or Idly WiKc'lilns (lie pliy. Wallers hustled nbout bc.ulnif irny.i Cfcnslbnally holding feed but mosl- ly bollles nnd Basics. ILir Is Crowded Lining the- bars, facing old Unit bar iviidcrs In white coals, ,vcr exiMMislvely nowncd women [UK* formally ntllrcd men, slujitiv,; cock | lulls mid highballs. Many hi Ilia were due in court Uxlny to lell It lo the Juilcc—and n couple of tables from the dance lloor sal [the Judge. I Everywhere are heard overtones of conversation about the cle7.-a of nmtrlmouy, for here in the lain' of easy divorce Uic cx-wllo or hus band usually U the mnln topic o conversation. And no\v the dlvcrc law has been still further shouc-ne: 1 to n six weeks residence period. DJ-. of nil, District. Attorney Melvin Jcpson ot Reno lias ruled all i>cv sons now residing in the stale ma seek divorces May 1, Excllemciit readied lU higho- pitch in the gaining rooms whcr; the crowds play openly for an stk,,— y pleoie by virtue ol th .new slate law which gam bllng In all its forms. Already 111 casnos have their patrons , wl nightly hnve tried their fortune against the wjieel of fortune. On woman Is the wife ot a wealth. Insurance mngnv:. She has s^? f2,MD. a week ior the lost lou weeks at the ' dHowF «ort. Prohlh Ion I' .icl 25 (UP) Rcscnlmcn'. over Ihe mount of milk IIP rtrniik was dls- losed today as Ihe motive for the iiurslcr of Wlnfred York, 21 mon- hs old son of Elmer York, tenant. 'armer. Marina Kennedy, spinster landowner, confessed she put arsenic n milk sent to Wlnfred and his brother Donald. W. M. Armstrong, county prosecutor, sold. Wlnfrcd dlcil of convulsions an:l Donald was maile 111. "I didn't intend lo cause Ills' ilcath," the woman suld, "I just wanted to make them sick so they wouldn't drink to much milk." The nccus;d vvcman nnri hw bro- tliers, Alexander aurt William, had furnished food and milk to York in iTlurn for labov. Although tlie three o"'i"?d rich farm hind the "Is'.er v • i no\vii ns n \voinan of mlscrlv icndoncles. After n preliminary hearing aho was bound over for trial after entering a plcypf guilty to murder Surges. ;-fi^ Monk Rulledee Enters i»m Hi, * .«i»_ ^ _ « luinu ii.ii i.' jtitaa «, GuiltV Pleas' Likely to I Others at the Willows tell of ttia _ * mMfllo naftH uirminn Af hliVi eAfifi Farther from Ihe ground than anything else ever built by man, the monument-like tower at the peak of New York's mammoth new Empire State Building is shown lu these airplane photos as It appeared after the removal of the scaffolding which surrounded It. Note, in the striking picture at the left, the tiny figures of two men at the top of the tower, where facilities for mooring dirigibles and discharging cr-a°!a- 3 e?TurZcf^y "e| 3nd Ju « ™ ^ ' Pulaskl with SH6.027.1l, Jefferson' Avenue below, and the with $55,231.40, and Union with I $65,216.10. Sebastian with $52.642 ra-1 ceives practically the same amount I r.s Mteis'ipp! county. I passengers in the heart of Manhattan soon will he provided. There are observation towers at the top se of the mast. It's 1248 test from the tip of the building to famous -Fifth view at the right -gives a vivid impression of tho height and architectural lines of the world's tolUst, skyscraper. woman of rt-> . T • ft - IIL1UU11J UgCU VrUUUUl Ol 1 "•' Lontirme^Jones Last\./,,vsu'.od,ing who lost a.hugi ' Monk nutledjre of Blvthevllle ; f )io begged the'management to Report 2580 Pounds of ; Copper Cable Stolen Approximately 2500 pounds of, :oppcr cable, valued at close to '1,000,. the properly of the Arkan- •lasrMissouri power company was jtolcn at OscfOla-Jast night, ac- . cgrdln? .to repurU", received hcre- ioday. -:'i:>^-'. r -i. ' ' : ; lar'I'^th ibl' Two. ciblc,' -.eld io- h&ifr-^eiif-^ert. r.t the WHO Q£..**«t« | ! 1 ^f'ill««i _rXr!e.fv*iiritlf\rt «(• County for 25 : years, died 'suddenly Tuesday of ihrombosln, a dis-1 ease which causes clotting of the blood in the. arteries, thereby stopping circulation.- The malady, can not be characterized distinctly as physi- Mr. Matthews retired eirly Monday after his usual day's work and seemed in the res! of health, according to hb physician. He arose feeling fairly well and was at the Bt mxora last December. a form of heart disease, n clan said. _ UlUCJIy UT.1UII Ult^l |rVll411l<.-33. h?IJl Mlla gltl'M L\ lt>.*l. Hllloush in criminal court! As lo the free flow of thlrs at Osceola yesterday and was sen- j quenchers federal agents throw u tsnced to 18 months in Ihe state; their hands. William G. Walker penitentiary for grand larceny. A prohibition commissioner for Cal! similar sentence for burglary was fornla and Nevada, a native of till were here today s:el:ing some trace of Iho stolen copper; said.' suspended. I slate, despairs of ever attainln Hutlcdge pleaded guilty following 1 any degree ot aridity. Ihe conviction of Forrest Chlsholm, (UP) — J. Something over SSB.Mfl will be STUDENT BEIS l FLIC reqmred to pay maturities and in- i ierest en improvement district' bonds in Mississippi county this j year. Roart districts in the south end of the county will be heavy beneficiaries under the act. < In view of the tact that Missis- i sippi county's apportionment of ] S52.554.SO from the bor/J sale pro- \ ceeds is less than the amount to ; which improvement districts are- entitled it is not anticipated that ] MADRID, Mar. 25 (UP) — Civil any money from the apportionment i guards after four hours of student now being made will be available, rioting at the University of Mad- ^uai'ds Subdue Rioting Collr^iartF at Uriiversi'.v of Madrid. Auto Ride With Nellie Results breakfast table when he suddenly Indicted Jointly with Rutledge and, PHOENIX, Arizona, Jlmmie Jones for a depot burglary j. Rymer, dairy truck driver, was rollinu • along congratulating ! Commission Gets Bids ... .. .way. Projects ^ e r^sir° flUe Jlmrnle Jones probably will not himself because lie stepiwil on the ' on LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 25 (UP)— t Irlal al the present'term ol. g 35 the previous morning rest-1 COU )-t in Osceola, his attorneys.', thereby avoided two bandits. , . was called, i^lexander and Cooper, said today, i jjij a stop or a delivery he was who was present when the end; Mr Alexander asked for a con- in Trir» trk Tail 1 Dids for 9 ' i ralles of concretc P 3 '- ! ne iart pr ill ±llp IU J<Hi:|l ng and for several ihousand feet health with '• - suddenly. harl previously been In good concrete and steel bridge con-!-j nvs i n .;i the excsption ol 10 when he suffered ATHERTON Cal Mnr -The auestio'nab'e' auennmc-r or ! tinunnce of the Jones' trial because j urgent business will take him to Missouri tomorrow, he said, i Colleges to Keep Names for use by the county highway de- i i-;rt today forced the r'tuden's io , D:wncy. 24, and Edward Roddy, 22, j to 5 ,, 8 teet to ftc partment. : raise a white flag over the medical sitting arjuing in a machine with' SM ^ e r [ vcr nm i Highway department estimates i colic?* buildings. I whatappear^ to be Rn^undrapeds' rilinc Foidyce highway are that Mississippi county's share ' of subsequcnl apportionments of, the piocecds of th; extra one cent: gasoline tax v.-lll QS about S35.0W. .'; s'.ructlon were received by the state heart- attack, and was confined to! . •highway commission today. Tho.his bed for a time. Mrs, Matthews Hendnx and "Nellie the beautiful clonk mntM " i contr£Lcts nre lo te let 50on ' ! was- at home with her husband at who wi-nt ridine In he ™n V Thc pnvlng lies in L 01 "* 0 coun " ' th» tlnv?, but a son. Edward, and clo'he'~Ladv Bodiva wore ordldi^'- extending alon * Highway TO daughter, Olga., were In school. net w^ cLeflne arrest % her 1 <™. . thre ™ o > »™J» I ™ eM g masculine escorts today. i ^ v T.npnV ' Pirn 1 Rlllff ScpliS Ban Patrolman Summer, patrollng bis," ' Bldl wcrc submitted for four 1 uu J T 1 „„" beat, gazed aghast at William, hlil! , M tan , inK ( n length from 166, OB HardlimeS erected over the < • bottoms on the PINE BLUFF. Mar. 25 (UE>>— A Sr>ii!ie Foidyce highway in Grant campaign to H?a! the lips of Pine -"--.• - . , j and Dallas counties, and for ion nmrf riti7.-n 5 Malnst discussion of foUo«.n b a meeting nere confronted by the same two holdup men who robb;d him of S12. LITTLE HOCK, March 25 (UP) — j The Identily and names of Hcnd- irix college al Conway ar.d Oallo- ! be retained uiKkr the comollda- llon plan of the Methodist It was deti Dy treating their seed with radio waves, a German scientist has succeeded. In producing certain vegetables In half their normal time, even when they are grown in poo; soil, i . Foo of Truce Attacks Ganslbi With Flag Pole Legislature Aids Doomed Fiddler A Students of the Men's Normal ~ School sang the ^r-olleise nnd. . i r>i i r 1 'ii_ KARACHI. India. Mar. 25 (UP): burned a picture of King Alfonso,' AWOOQ FleaOS UUlltV -Th: Mahalnia Gandhi narrow-: VIII. Several students'v-were armed today, the third day of warfare ly C5cr.p'.'0 sci ions Injury this mor nin5 -vlien Burhat Sahara, member! between students and police. of one cf the nrgr.nizalions demon-' sirating against Gandhi's settle-; to Attack on A. M. I ment with the viceroy, struck sav- • J7' J Sign? of Oil i ately at Oanri'ii with the butt of a l mQ ^'s" 5 OI "" . Gandhi was saved by the in'erv-rn'.icn of the pundit Malaviya, pi'esidcnl of tl:e Hindu Ma- hnsnbhi. who was standing nearby. Max Arwood. entered pleas of | argument" with Verna Eloise nus-|''on. guilty to charges of assault and ^H, 20, shortly before she wts slain battery and public drunkenness be- : yesterday. Investigators announced , ;, r . nj n fore Justice Oscar Alexander last' today. JCltei'SOn CO'jnty Weil n i g ht and was meted out a (otali Attorney General Benjamin M. of $95 in fines and costs. Papers • Mcl,ymau. Rhode Island. In chsr?e Murder Victimhicity gained by the recent nation ""it"was announced the consolida- I wide campalcn for funds for tlon will be accomplished as rapid-. FAT T RivER~Ma«s March 25 i drouth relief. As a preliminary ly as rosslble. Hendrlx will serve j nm^-n^H B Hai'h^wiv 18 move a "dress up" campaign is be-! as the senior college and Gallo- [ UPl-^tinoit. K. nui.!ian.>>. .. |I)B p]aned by a committee com- way as the junior. | posed of members of the associa-' to a friend he Mrs. Hoover Leaves For Visit With Herbert jr. Receives Pav io r Corset Ho Sold 18 Years Ago ;i Man Learns to Walk : GRADY. Ark.. March 25 (UP)— : for his committment lo Ihe county , of the inquiry Into the sludantj WASHINGTON, Mar 25 (UP) — ICittlzcns of this Jefferson county, farm were Issued today. j nurse's death at the hands of r ^ irs Herbert Hor.'er k-ft last nl?ht 1 town are highly excited over the i Arwocd was charged with brutal- strangle told the Unltf S Press by train for Asheville. N. C.. to vis- excellent showing of oil in drilling | y Blacking and beating A. M. that Vernon Victor Galvin, 31. Kill it her son Herbert jr. She was a water well near here. At a depth ' T n te. aged farmer. Sunday after- River Insurance man. quote;! Haih- i unaccompanied. feet further in hopes of finding I five Gallons of CfllTl Seized in Police Raid; Police raided the home of Tull move only his head for 10 years. Bu: instead of becoming a helpless i Ol!'.id, he became correspondent \ for a newspaper, transmitting news, Sllrci , e a s Fricst as Solon Items over a telephone. CONCORD. N. H.. (UP)-Be- A tow years later lu began to c:ius , a Dr i cs t elected to the New ! Thompson. 1H Johnson Row, yes>.;:,,: : flirtf. fscHiw In his fibers j Hampshire House of Represent*-. terday afte:r,ocn and seized five and tor-5. Then lie found he could t | vcs d^n't care to serve, a wo-'8 allcns ot conl w "' slte y an< J 1(J icll over nnd crawl for a short dis- c mftn has keen added to Hie Lcg-' CIri P tv nve g flllo » containers, iancc-. : i;lp.tur:. Miss Mary Head of Hook- Thompson was docketed on s KENSETT. Ark.. Mar. 25 'UP)— A corfct purchased from O. A. Fov.-:or, Kcnse'.t merchant. 18 years ago. has been paid for wllh Interest. Fowler at the time of the sale was In business at PArrrm. Kans. Mrs. B. B. Homer, now living at Greenlcaf. Kans.. took the dollar and a hiT.f corr.H on approval A days later she attempted to return It ar.d found Fowler had closed his store and moved away. . . „ ,. ,. The letter received by Fowler en- A I IT C i.-,- |mornlng ' Spa ™ 5 . v. . , C JL clcslng a check for S2 In payment Appeals Lite sentence fi re w woodwor* In the attic. The , th . h interest to date VALPARAISO, Ind., March 25 damage. (UP)—The offer of Vlrsll KirWandl to gamble again tor b!-; stakes,, B*rf Oittle ----- , . . ... „ . . ! blaze, was extinguished with slight. ex p ]auied Ehe nR a on i y recently ' obtained his new address. I his life or complete freedom rather | than accept the Intermediate one-though diversity Is general now. SHU Leads PHOENIX, Amona, (UP) - Ai-.R ea!r AfimiraVPlunkett "irnmett Wilson Named , Temporary Policeman Emmett Wilson, deputy out of. Ihe office, of Constable Harry Taylor, has been temporarily appointed to the city police force. Wlhm and Dill Hicks, who was Monday night, will nil the -.acan-. cles caused by the discharge'of Thuiinan Atkins end Raymond Bo- mnr. Ernest Roc, who was referred to in yesterday's paper as temporarily serving on the force, stated today that he was not sworn into office but simply assisted Mr. Kicks on his rcunis Monday night. Chicago Mill Employe Sustains Broken Leg Frank Morion, employe in ( the box shop of the Chicago Mill and Lumber corporation, had tv;o bone_s in his left leg broken In an accident at the mill about 8 o'clock ih!s morning. ' According to reports Morton was walking (alongside of a leaded factory truck when part of the iosd s: pped from the truck, falling across his leg. He was ruiheci to (he Blytheville hospital v.liere lie was rcporlsd restlf.^ wt-11 Ihls aflernoon ?c:'. ?.-.irortstl. at 117 . Mrmbtrship in Dud Cason post, American Legion, has reached 317, ar.d with a week to go before the clcse of a contest that already has ac!i';.d ever iCt members to tile pc;t rolls ofTicers are satisfied that IK: year's total of 334, the Isnest ever attained by the post, will be ! e.-ic-cdcd. Ccri. petition :s keen tc-twesn j icsiK? cay.i:r.ed by R. N. V, r are ; nnd Rosccc Crcl'.ci:, last'nt's .reports showing ihe latter's group 1-ttdln- t. r>argin of just one rr.ctub ,nrtsv terms of the con- ;c.<: in.r,ib:rs of the winning U-am v, ;:i enjoy a fcanc-.uc-'- while the Icscrs wili !j» served bean soup. > V/EATHER a year, Dave Good-1 AKKAN - SAS _ Inc sing cloudl- illltcrate backwoods-. ness, warmer toniEnt; Thursday 5 -- 0 - lVSrs 1: , We3t cf life Imprisonment was under-the raising of beef cattle, once the consideration today by Judi? Grant backbone of Arizona's agriculture,Crumpacker. The judge late yes- i s still Important judging from re- man, sat In cells in Date, Tex... mue:[!| , di and Texariona county Jails, scrap- ;.. cnion , v a- n ,-> r Ir.g a battered fiddle, singing crude; 1 ' ' _, . ., ,. . , i ballads, and hoplnj for justice.. Accordinr to the cfllcla! v,-jather Dies in Navy Hospital. KOW, after all other effcrts failed. ! observer. Charts rhl'.iips, the jnln- - ___ . the state le?isla;ure- has ruled that rv.i':ri trmprra'.urc I'.src ycs'crdsy WASHINGTON, Mar. 25 CUP)— he may have • new trial was 45 degress and the maximum, Finally he grew strong enough i sett, great-niece of former Cover- charge of Illegal possession of In- tcroav took under advls?ment ports of the state livestock sant- Rear Admiral Charles P. Plunkett, the Jury w'J _i cor 'ictcd him of 71 deErsc', On th: same to w,i'.!t a"h the nid of cnUclus.'• nor Natt Head, won the special i toxlcating liquor In police court: Kirkland's plea for a new trial on tary board which shows that 225,- retired. 61. di?d last night at the murdering .loyd Jliiott in n day a yiar ajo th.5 mlrimum tern- He was able to walk without ; clrctlon heM alter the Rev. Na-lth!s morning. He was granted a: charges of killing Arler.e Drave.5, 139 cattle wrre shipped from the navy hospital. He had been under quarrel ov : -i.>j, .'nd fixfd pwcture w'.is 37 degrees arid the crutches for the first time 31 years j polecn Gilbert had declined the'continuance until Wed ncs day morn - j 18, at a drinking party In Gary, state and 72.505 slaughtered In the. treatment for heart disease for the death as Ihe penalty, was Intlm- maximum, 59 degrees, cloudy with nffr the accident. scat. . | Ing. Mast fall. -state during 1930. |past ten days. | Idated by a mob. .03 Inchss of rain.

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