The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on April 9, 1909 · Page 14
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 14

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1909
Page 14
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f s 14 THE WASmNQTO - POST FRIDAY JRIL 9 1909 fi 5v CD fc Two Specials in Young Men s 975 Easter Suits tf We have put on sale an extraordinary line of Young Mens Suits at 975 embracing Fancy Cheviots and Cassi - meres also plain Blue Serges cut inv the very latest styles coats with dip fronts lancy pocKets ana cuns n c Sizes 15 to 20 years WJiD Young Mens College - Cut Clothes In the new sprinc shades of fancy worsteds and cassimeres also plain and fancy serges Body - fitting coats with dip fronts long lapels fancy cuffs and pockets Trousers cut witn iuii nips tapering lo ine ioot auu wuu weit tu l ka LAW AS TO HOSPITALS PriVate Asylums for Maa or Beast Must Haye license PE0PMET0ES TO BE BONDED LDTEKAB HAS 2G - FMT TAIL Commissioners Issue Drastic Regulations Under Which Establishments Caring for Sick Human or Domestic Animals Win Henceforth Be GoTerned Build lags Must Pass a Rigid Inspection seams Sizes 15 to 20 years FREE Ask for College Posters tomorrow FREE gaks QKmtparaj Pennsylvania Ave Seventh St If theyre Richs shoes theyre proper Footwear for men of the fastidious tastes Only those very exclusive iashions here in footwear for men which proclaim the individuality of the wearer the styles which are sanctioned by those whose approval is considered authoritative Others will show you copies of them but they are only copies and fall short of the original 400 to 700 B RICHS SONS Ten - 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following - regulations which - will be im - Every persoik desiring to maintain private hospital or asylum either Sot numan Demgs or domestic animals shall Ale with the commissioners of th Dis trict or Colombia his application in wrlt - wg ror a license so to do 2io person shall establish or maintain lor tne care and treatment of patients any private hospital or asylum until said person has - filed with the commissioners the written consent of not less than two - thirds of the owners and the occupants of all buildings located on lots or sub - dUislonal lots within 100 feet measured in a straignt line from such establish menti Provided that the word oeeu pant as applied to an apartment house hotel or boardln house shall yMiiri to mean the superintendent or manager inereor ana not the occupants of individual apartments or suites Most Pass Tests Ko license to maintain a private hospital or asylum will be issued by the com - mlrsioners until after the health officer tne inspector of buildings the chief engineer of the fire department and the Inspector of plumbing have certified that Iho premises which it is proposed to use for the purposes are In their judgment suitable therefor N permit will be Issued for the establishment and maintenance of any hospital or asylum except on condition that the licensee file and leep current a bond to the District in the penal sum In the case of a hospital for human beings of 5000 and In the - - case of a hospital for domestic animals in the penal sum of 1000 Vonditioned in either case for tlia benefit of any and all persons who may be aggrieved by any act or by any neglect arising out of or in connection with the establishment or maintenance of said hospital or asylum lust Have Strong Rooms Nb person shall use any building or part of a building as a private hospital or asylum for human beings except for children under 5 years of age unless it lias been provided with one or mora rooms properly barred for the protection of nsane drunken or delirious inmates or with facilities for promptly barring one or more such rooms No person maintaining a prltate hos pital shall without written permission of the health officer receive or unnecessarily keep therein for care or treatment any person known to be suffering from smallpox scarlet feier diphtheria measles whooping cough chlckenpox mumps or Asiatic cholera plague yellow fever leprosy or glanders or In the case of hospitals for domestic animals an animal suffering from rabies glanders or farcy contagious lymphangitis influenza or pink ee strangles dog distemper contagious stable pneumonia anthrax mange or tuberculosis When the licensee of any private hospital or asylum Is not a physician lawfully authorized to practice medicine in the District the names of the physicians or veterinary surgeons shall be posted In the office of the hospital May Revoke License Whenever It Is made to appear to the satisfaction of the commissioners that any private hospital or asylum is a menace to the lives health or morals of the inmates thereof or is a nuisance to the neighborhood the commissioners will give notice to the licensee requiring him to show cause why his license should not be revoked Persons violating the hospital regulations or aiding such violations will be punished by a fine not exceeding 200 or by Imprisonment for not more than 50 days or by both fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court The commissioners yesterday approved the recommendation of Auditor Tweedale allotting 550 for the Installation of metal lockers In the Franklin School building to replace the wooden lockers which have been a source of danger to the pupils Auditor Tweedale said yesterday that the appropriation of 50000 for the current fiscal year as an additional amount for repairs and Improvements could not be used to defray the expenses of new lockera I do not believe he said that the law granting this appropriation contemplates as a general proposition the pur chase of metal lockers in lieu of wooden lockers It appears from the statements however that the conditions which exist In the Franklin School by reason of wooden lockers are such as to call for ad liberal an Interpretation of the law granting the appropriation as Is compatible with the language thereof It is noted that the appropriation Is for the specific purpose of protecting the build ings from fire That part of the law which provides for miscellaneous altera tion and repair work as may be neces sary to secure protection against fire In the school buildings In my opinion is broad enough to authorize the purchase of the metal lockers but this view Is not to be construed as establishing a nnc that wooden lockers in any school building may be replaced by metal lockrs and the expenses charged against the appropriation for fire protection CITY BULLETINS New Head of Religious Society The Rev Joseph E Smith D D LL D has been chosen president of the American Society of Religious Education which position was made vacant by the death of Dr J E Gilbert its founder Rosemlnt Howards window Uth W Every Algbt Kxcepf Sunday Vou can enjoy a fine feast of hard crabs at Schneiders Navy xara juxenange Try Our Vamous Stews Phlla OjUcr Chop House 613 11th nw Fresh Strawberries Are Used In makiiu Quality Ice Cream 1 gaL Leave Sunday order today Rosen f elds az H st ne pnone unc ww Jailed for False Pretenses Arlington Mead who gave the police three addresses was convicted it police court yesterday morning on a charge of false pretenses He received a sentence of 60 days in Jail In default of a 20 fine It was found that Mead was Involved In p questionable order for printing OTJL sWTaasasssZssavTaVaas aSaSaw araaSaSaSaSaaaTSaVTBi Af KZtl f Bflrcheirs Bosquet Coffee 25c lb Its purity and delicate flarfor make it a household delight NW BURCHELL 132S F Street Prince Albert and Dress Suits for Hire I CAN MAKE YOU A GOOD LOOKING SUIT FOR AS LITTLE AS 1 0 and better suits at slightly higher prices HORN SU 637 F St Complete Assortment Housecleaning Requisites The JIonseWares Store China Glass Housefurnlshlngs fFSTirronghto 527 - 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results No chare for the advertising v Suffers u Attack of Vertigo Whfle at Top of Pole William T Dancevof Manchester Vs employed as a lineman by the - Chesapeake ana rotomac Telephone Company suf fered an attack of vertigo while at the top - of a 25 - foot telephone vole at Ne eraclca avenue and LOughJjoro road yesterday afternoon and fell to the ground fracturing his left wrist and spraining both ankles He was taken to the Georgetown Unl verslty Hospital It was found that he was in a dangerous condition - Dance is 26 years old and has rooms at MS Thirteenth street northwest Last summer he received a sunstroke and since that time has suffered witn vertigo HEARING OK TAXICAB BATES Commissioners Will Receive Public Testimony Next Wednesday On pext Wednesday a public hearing will be granted by the commissioners for the purpose of receiving testimony concerning taxlcab rates At a - hearing several weeks ago the taxicab companies asked that the prevailing rates be Increased Commissioner West however has Investigated the matter and has drafted a schedule which will be submitted to the other members of the board - today SCHOOL LOCKERS ORDERED tlt IT Hit Tl Wk WEEK SATISFAC - IM IS GMftJWTEET Ira wWdmtlXWi t 409 - 415 - 415 - 417 Seventh Si g SaaMBSSaeBSaalaSaaBaaBMaManBBSasSSaSaBHBB I New Easter Clothes I X Specially Priced for Today and Tomorrow X Stylish apparel for Men offered at special prices with the conveniences of credit if desired OPEN AN ACCOUNT AMD PAY US LATER Metal to Replace Wool In the Franklin Building Necessary 550 to Be Taken From Extra Appropriation as Recommended by Auditor Tweedale TO FIX SCHOOL PLUMBING Work on Plans for Wailach Building Will Be Begun at Once Work will be begun at once in making plans for the remodeling of the plumbing in the Wailach School an order having been issued by Engineer Commissioner Judson to this effect esterday The board of education some time ago called the attention of the District commissioners to the bad condition of the plumbing at the Wailach School and the matter was taken up at once and investigated Capt Kelly who has direct charge of this work stated yesterday that he saw no reason winy the request of the board of education should not be complied witn Immediately There is no need he stated of delaying the preparation of plans and speciflcationsv or the letting of contracts for the work until the appointment of a municipal architect M0TT SCHOOL COMPLETED Officials After - Inspection Pronounce It Best Type of Building The Lucretia Mott School at Fourth and W streets was completed yesterday It Is one of the most up - to - date school buildings in the District The CQmmis - sicners and members of the board of eoucation inspected the building yesterday They were unanimous In the opinion that it is the best type of school building they have ever seen Particular attention was given to the means of ventilation exits anl spacious classrooms all of which come up to the highest degree of anticipation of any member of the committee which had a voice In school matters Bubble fountains have been Installed which are considered the highest type of sanitary drinking founts They were constructed in accordance with the recommendations of the tuberculosis congress ASSAIL VAGRANCY LAW Counsel for Negro Appeals From Recent Police Court Conviction The Tillman vagrancy law was assailed in police court yesterday morning The first appeal from a cinvictlon under the new act has been completed so far as th police tribunal la concerned The decision is awaited with general Interest Lawyers and Judges alike yesterday discussed the law and the difference In the penalties prescribed and the wider definition of what constitutes the offense of agrancy in the law of 1909 over the old law of 1898 Jerry Fleming a negro who was convicted on March 30 is the accused around whose head centers the storm of contention His counsel contends that the evidence tended to establish only one charge against him that of leading an idle and Immoral life He avers that the evidence was Insufficient to convict on that charge Flossie Johnson and James Yate charged with vagrancy - were convicted before Judge Kimball In police court yesterday They received sentences of six and two months respectively COSTS 5 TO STAB HORSE Greek Pays Pine for Injuring Animal That Ate His Bananas Mack George a Greek wllj not stab a horse that eats bananas any more Mack stabbed one Wednesday and paid 3 in police court yesterday morning for the act George pushed his cart under the nose of a horse in Louisiana avenue Wednesday and the animal proceeded to eat hU fruits The enraged vender got revenge by plunging a knife In the animals neck A Sure Straight Road to mental Bealth and power Grape - Nuts Food Theres a Reason Bead the little book The Road to WellvMe In pkgs t f w It Mens 2000 Suit 1775 I Fancy Cashmere and Worsted Suits two and three button models semi - X fitting backs and full peg - cut trousers J Reduced to 1775 f Mens 1250 Guaranteed Serge Suits 950 Guaranteed blue serge - suits strictly all wool made with cuffs on sleevej full ti4 - FAiiaflro nroll KnArl onrl tmppTv fin - 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Wool Blue Serge Suits Ax 8 to 17 Yoar Wolf Sekelnmaa Aaslaraee Price Sale Price 9TJJO 9X30 Juvenile Suits Wolf Sehelnmaas Assignee Price Sale Price 9300 9139 Friedlander Bros NINTH AND E STREETS M i WOMEN WILL WORK EARLY Perfect Plans to Clean Up City Next Thursday Husbands Servants or Paid Agents May Do Actual Labor of White Wings If you are curious to see Washington women indulging In the pastime of cleaning up the town next Thursday you - will havelo get up early In the morning At a meeting of women yesterday In All Souls Church It was announced by the promoters of the project that the plans contemplated having the work done before 9 a m This statement was made by Mrs F V Cmille of 1S36 California avenue a member of the Twentieth Century Club and the originator of the plan Mrs Covtlle was unanimously chosen as permanent chairman In charge not only of the work on next Thursday but of the general movement loosing toward a cleaner Washington Mrs Covtlle said that on Thursday next It would not be necessary for the women themselves to do the cleaning Husbands servants or employed agents could do the actual work she said under the direction of the women Although there were representatives of several womens clubs present no definite organization was perfected It was the unanimous wish of all present however that Mrs Covllle take charge of the movement and it was decided that she Should have five assistants the same to be chosen by her from as many clubs The only one whom she has chosen to date Is Miss Grace M Thomas who was present at yesterdays meeting as the representative of the business women of the city WIDOWS PE2TSI0N APPROVED Mrs J A Dunnington to Receive 30 Monthly From Police Fund The commissioners yesterday approved the action of the police retiring board recommending a pension for Mrs Mary p ThiTiTilnBton widow of James A Dun - nlngtorv a former private of the police force of 30 a month during ner widowhood Private Dunnington had been a member of the police force for about 40 years He died of an ailment contracted in the line of his duty as a policeman - FLIES SPREADING TYPHOID Health Officer Woodward Orders Close Inspection of Breeding Places The large mortality from typhoid fever as Indicated byi last weeks health department bulletin has led Dr W C Woodward health ofilcer to make a more thorough Investigation of stables and other places where disease - carrying flies breed in great numbers To this insect Dr Woodward attributes he spread of the disease Dr Woodward says he will make as rigid an Inspection as tne limited number of Inspectors will permit BROADER SANITARY RULE Parkings Not to Be Used as Public Spitting Places The commissioners have decided to amend the police regulation forbidding spitting on sidewalks so that the parkings shall be Included In the ordinance The corporation counsel has been Instructed to draft new regulations The measure Is advocated by the police and health departments on the grounds of sanitation PENSION FOR C0RNWELL Policeman Retired for Disability Incurred in Line of Duty Policeman Samuel KL Cornwell was yesterday put on the retired roll with a pension of 35 a month because of disabilitydisability - growing out of disease contracted In the line of duty CornWeil has been on the force for elsrht years and bears an excellent record POLICEMEN TO SHOOT MajV Sylvester Preparing Range for An nual Target Practice Preparations for resuming - the tanret practice engaged In each summer by the members of the - Metropolitan pollce department are being made by Mat Syl vester The target season will open within few days and each member of the force will be required to enter Americas Beauty Rosea fThe rnott aporoprlate Easter gift lmagl - j noble Exquisite blooms at Gudes 1ZH F FOR NEW POLICE HEADWEAR Officers Summer Style Has Been Copied by City Hall Watchmen Because the watchmen in the new Dis trlct building have adopted the same style of caps as those used by the officers of the Metropolitan potlce department for summer use the latter will be required to purchase new headgear when the official summer season opens on May J MaJ Sylvester Is now considering several designs with a view of selecting one that will prevent his officers from being mistaken for District building watchmen when the former visit the home ot the city government A new jstyle of caps was given the police officers last summer For the first time in the history of the department the old regulation blue and gold caps were laid aside and light - weight - white and blue ones wit gold lettering - substituted The design attracted much attention So popular did it become that when an order was Issued compelling the watchman to wear uniforms while on duty the same headgear was selected for their usev DETECTIVES MERIT ROLL OBrien Leads in Arrests Burlingame and Weedon in Recoveries The quarterly report of Robert If Boardman Inspector of detective bureau shows that for the three months ended March 31 389 arrests were made and 283 convictions secured Theamount of stolen property recovered totals SUS6443 Detective OBrien made the greatest number of arrests and obtained the highest number of convictions Detectives Barbee Cornwell and Vermillion follow in order Detectives Burlingame and Weedon each recovered 1264 70 worth of stolen property and Detectives Mullen and Warren got second place by recovering 1030 55 worth of property STREETS TO BE SPRINKLED Dust Will Be Laid Each Day Near the Union Station The streets in the neighborhood of Union Station will be sprinkled every day from now on A request that E street between First and Second Massachusetts avenue from Second to North Capttol streets and North Capitol between Massachusetts avenue and G street be sprinkled was made by L B Stlne of 140 E street north east As the appropriation for street cleaning has nearly been consumed MaJ Judson has directed that the cost of sprinkling these streets be placed against the appropriation for the elimination of grade crossings until July 1 CLOTHING FOR EASTER Newest Styles In Mens and Womens Ready - 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