The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1937
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS G oiiig Somewhere Quiick :rs "Abandon Man-To- ati Style to Co]3e Wilh '.'.•''::.; RuleChange > BY HARRY GltAYSON NEW YORK—The three-second rule has .basketball coaches aband onlng the. man-for-man for til zone defense. ;Long Island University swllclici following the snapping ot Its 4'J- gnmc winning streak by the Stanford stalwarts. "The three-second rule, whlcl virtually has eliminated the bucket, or pivot, play, has bcei the biggest boost tlie zone defense, lias received," says Clatr Bee, r. I. U. coach. "It ; Is one reason why I believe that type of defense wll lie : almost universal before the end of the season." , Stanford, College of the City of New York, mid other hoop leaders long have employed the zone defense. • "Block plays can't, hurt a learn playing a zone^ defense," explain. 1 Bee, "If you liave In 11 men, your zone: defense Is so much more effective. With a zone, blocks arc effective only on center tip-olh. and out-of-bounds plnys. Be,cause blocks arc legal In some sections and illegal In others, a ?one defense Is 'a uniform protection against them." ; > Under the ,threc-socbivl rule, limiting offensive players to three seconds'In the foul slot and entire foul. circle,Bee. visions basketball developing into r\ game placing even .n; greater premium'on tall,men.than hi years gone by. Pilot Decidedly'.Beneficial Maneuver In Open Territory % Yet the Brooklyn "strategist Is among the largo group of coaches seeking to have the'back half of tho foul circle re-established as part of the' regular floor, because a pivot, man In. this spot constitutes' .a small club's ; best chance to-.break, up a zone defense as'iplayed'by:; gianls. . "The pivot in more or less open territory Js a decidedly beneficial maneuver," asserts Bee. "Long Island U. managed lo get by for hvo seasons even with tho three-second rule as It, now leads a distinct handicap to our style This largely was duo to the fact that I Imd a super-smart floor- man in Mailus Russo, who now coaches our freshmen, when we lost Russo as a plajer the job became Increasingly touyh and the defeat by Stanford largely was a culmination of this dlJTculty.' . U W. St. John, Ohio State's nthletlci idlrector and chairman of the national; basketball • committee doubts;'that t)ie coaches', • (issocia- tion meeting In Chicago,' Marci 14, 15 and IB, will ask foi an elimination ot the j; gallon On the Outside--, Tx>okirw In ..-.•:. • •.'.- . -. . -UY DUKS' Terry Says .Mllle Wc sec by the Memphis Com - ,, •••"Kuuig UHUIIgll Kit I'l'SUO Ul mercla) Appeal that . nil! Terry, the Courier of 12 years ago, when manager of the NcvrYork Glnnts, the BlythevJIle Tigers established . T , ,, , ' *-"JUIVY*HU 1 tKVIti C^lUUM^JIt'U has little o .say regarding the professional baseball's record for Giant-backed niylhevllle club in consecutive or 38-even Hill Wfll'Uliil ct Al-lsmiiTK. Innr.ii.i 11 '... •"»'i-.J w -i "" the vyi'Ilers seemed rather dl/zy to keep lab oji the losses Morgan, sports editor, writing on Louisville Veteran Takes Straight Falls; Moblcy Tames Joe Dillmon IIY J. I 1 , FKIKNn Fans and farmettes who witnessed the American I-cglon wrc.stlln? show last night received a brand 'new exparicncd. They saw a man knock another for a "loop"; I not figuratively but actually. I Hay Myers. Louisville, Ky., for-' mcr world's junior middleweight champion, knocked •.• Joe (Monk) Kirk. Milwaukee, Wis., for a "loop" to win in straight falls iuu|) in win in siraignt lans i.,,..,.., ..-i,, i, ,, , ,^ wiKinue me Diacn eye given the main event of the program.! ,",' ,,,„, ,V W L ™i vc a st '' a| S™ organized baseball in nivthcvillc. 11 ,., „•-. ,,..,i.. .,.,,._ ,i,?;.:i...; llclc mat-the Giants are'Kolne lo TL IK n,« r« „! ,,,„ the Northeast Arkansas league. "J went W Blytheville, but that's all I'll say,"-' was the sum total of the Information Memphis report- m uiKiin EMOI-I ersi could.get out of Memphis Bill; Sept. i', 1025 wherT the Chicks •.^^crurio^s 1 si were *•"•"••»<"<"• ^ " the way from New York, home of "The Tigers arc uohif! from bad to worse now. They Imven't a ,. ------ chance to. win another same this about ns talkative season and have set sucli :i rec- onl that It will take several years lorry t 0 overcome the black eye given tlie Gin ills, to the towns along lhe Florida because -he us ft sphinx. 'But regardless ;of what During a;, lively duke slliiglng .spree Myers slaminod d i haul right to Kirk's atlahi's apple, knocking Oiv the head forward. Myers caught 'him -him rebound -..-.. — ._, are'going lo back a'.,Elylhe.villc club in the Northeast ^Al-kansas league. The franchise Is -as-, good as granted qi/nlnsl tho rnhi-s ''"cuise is•• as--gpod . as granted ,n«l Kirk ruSi illready ' wc ' rc K>W,wlth the'.Class >v Myer* augKrP,' 00 '? il " xl ™ s ,'» .have Blythe- wcll timed blow on. thei! 110 ,' «" *>l»>Wl eight-club 1,1* .,„„!. ,,.,,i !,„ '..,„! circuit and- the Giants ready to for with a . back of his neck and he actually turned a loop. He was 'out when he lilt the floor,' Myers falling on him with a body 'pin i to oillclally get credit foi the fall. I . The 'time was ten minutes.' -!','• I[ wc understand 'the situation The nmlcli was all 'Myers'. The. ' Blytheville doesn't stand to make Kciitucklan had only to watch nn >' money out of the local team out for the rough tactics cm-, '>' el/ to bc named) but on the ployed by Kirk. Aside from that othel ' llnntl "• w o»'t he in a jjosl- ' put up the $1,000 necessary" admission lo lhe league. Should Have Good Team Not the least reason why Wib Henry .was such a skillful handler of the ball'In the University of Illinois backflcld 'was that he Is. a fine guard'in basketball. The mini Ihrec-leUcr man Is pictured drlb- : bllng somewhere in a hurry. ployed by r. se rom a • tlicie was little doubt as to' his tlon lo '° £ e any. And after superiority. In fact. Kirk experience Blytheville braughl each fall on himself by llnl1 ' the his rough stuir. Tlie .'first came' ltlnn wlth 10 baseball teams, more ago it seems just " after he bit Myers to''break a Bs we " from this corner that" the hold. Ray waived the referee On1v support local fans will be aside and went to \vork. . In a aske d to give Ls their attendance short time'it was 'nil over, 'viz;I (with l" 1 ^ at the games. head fllj>s, three kangaroo And If the Giants place a win- kicks, and a body slraddlc. Tex Taines Dillmon Rex (Tex) Moblcy, ring Adonis ning combination here we believe BIylheville will support a good ball club/otherwise the Giants , . - -.-, :• •••" —«"*o from Amarlllo, tamed the tough m| ght just as well keep their p'ro- Dynnmltc Joe Dillmon, Louisville, " ' ' boy, in the scmi-finnl. i-il • i lv y- "" ll uyy, m me scmi-jtnni. AWJIIYMVI y " u>lslncss lnc "' s committee as Moblcy took the second and third •*• * I ' *- 1 L "-* '-•'V 1 • fi I fill II In In Mm Olitnl-r. «.,,] ll.« t.. f.. ii.. i ..i i » . . Today To Fifteen Football Players Fifteen members of the 1930 state champion Blylhevillc high school, football team were awarded sweaters this morning. Jackets o; be. given four three-year players have not arrived. The team manager was awarded a sweater and sweaters will also be given Billy Wilson- and Jack Smith, nascots. Letters were awarded 1930 track men and basketball players at the a me time. ' . ' Grklders receiving sweaters this morning' are,: Brown, it. Bunch Roberts. D. Wanintjton. Moslcy, Harrison, Scott, •Bartholomew.' E. Cra'lg,-"'C. Moody, Burlon, wise. Bcshnfse. Justice, J. Smith and Sonny Dlllahunty, manager. Jack- ts will be given to Walker, Meredith, i Hutclilns'-.nnd.'.xp'Ncal Track V letters were • given to ,• ---...--, .... —, ,,,.j UNCK, eiters were • even In change m the present rules, but WalKe,. Hulehlns, Moslc/ Roberli if one is made it is likely to be Rlechcl. nroivn, kick S, iceby nml thf- nnivprsnl rl m nnHnii nf tl, ft t, „_,„ ' -aiut.cuj . am] the universal Kenter jump. Eliminating Center Jump Has an Equalling Eflc'cl "Eliminating lhe tip-off ha., an equalizing effect and does not concede everything to n team with superior height," says Harold G. Olsen, whose Buckeyes plajed four games without a jump in California, during the holidajs. Stanford's transcontinental trip and a jaunt by California Into the southwest meant much in the way of missionary work foi the elimination of tlie tip-off. "The premium is placed on speed and cleverness," asseits Olsen. "The elimination of the j'ump makes for more continuous action, lessens the parade of officials from basket to basket, and tends to expand the scope of llool and decrease dead spots. The tip- off elimination odds approximately five or si\ minutes of actual playing time to each game. "It practically does away with freezing of the ball by a team with a slender advantage late in .1 contest,.,as is possible under the present rules. "With the abolishment of the center jump there will still be a place for a big youngster who is clever along with it, for the rebound and. under- the-baskct play still will be important; It Mill though, mean a fadeout on the part of monstrosities who do nothing but .control the center tip." . ; • Basketball coaches and the rules committee have a big game on v (heir hands. After the March meetings, playing the same waj eierywhere should be mandatory They've monkeyed around with a good thing long enough Banquet Ticket Sale Is Gaining Impetus The sale of tickets for the Bly- icvillc booster, banquet for the late championship Chickasaws oniorrow night at the Hotel Nole is gaining impetus, it was ild today. : The banquet Is being sponsored TAKE HOME A SIX-BOTTLE V MADE WITH ATIKANSAS RICi - ' ' Distribntcd b> ,'MIDWEST DISTRIBUTING CO BlylhtvlIle.Ark. . . * J-lioncG spccts elsewhere to begiii with because past experience lias shown a tribute to llic Chicks and their falLs, but had lo get some help l )el ' ienra( l fandom and you've got " *--" ----- (Q to produce good entertainment if coaches, Carney Uwlle ami James from Referee • Mike Mcroney ' (urn the Hna] trick. Clyde "Shorty" Propsl. head . Dynamite had thrown Mobley; ' | you wont' good crowds. But we can see no i'i ,'easoh why - — ~v — 'j . »w|«jw, in-ini ij> i liiiuitu i luii unuwii iviuuiLrj, — ». coach of Southwestern University | through the ropes for lhe third ' tlle Giants shouldn't be able at Memphis, Is lo deliver the' 11 '" —' - . to principal address. , n " isl1 ''orie-lvvo-tliree" in the 'Motley, through wrestled Rex ' got hnlf Icy sensed leaped , . mon to the mat. Before lie could uiLMi iu 11 m itiiii. 13LIUIU MC CUUHI — •"--., uvut,iv tinu - i recover Rex Imd. a jack knife to Jersey City from Albany and Mike declared him the win- first ; fall (Ihickasa^ Ouint Will Clash With Cooler Tonigh.l The Blyuicviiic Chlckasaws will play the Cooler high school cag- ers at Cooler tonight .in their sec- OIK| game of the season. The Chicks defeated Osceola In • close game last Friday night. „.„,, 0 „, uluvcl Willie not yet at tlie peak, ot wrestling with a crab. Bolir laid their game.the Chicks nrc show- - -• - ing considerable promise wllh a number of rookies threatening to oust IcUermcii from positions on the -varsity'-five. Nctliln'g. ls s knbwn" of;tlie strength of the Mlssourlans, :but In recent years they have turned out flue defensive squads. They have been usually shy of olfciislvc power'. The Chicks won two from them last year. time and repeatedly knocked hlm! can 'J r ollt their promise to put a back into the 'crowd as he at-' Blytheville learn on, the field lhat templed to return. The referee,'""" "'""' '— : - '••-" •-• in .._ ..._,__ _ lock on Dillmon to keep him from fway. desperation, clamped a head-'i lcague rnce --Certainly, the Giants are about as well fixed as any major league club today. The it looks as If ropes when DHlmqii j n ul ' £ « ls " 1ei '« ...™^., ..^ from tho oiricliil.|" lc al!u1 's are ready tO; go -in Dazed, Joe was "wide open." Mob-1 for a ran 'i system in a big way, the free ,c ",,rr,ln n,™,, II -V*^. , .. _ rf _„ ^.^ llltjl He! having recently secured an Inter- forward, Vnockhi/ DiH-1 national League franchise a n ; d ™,iiri'moved ft lock, stock and .barrell' 'Loud Colors in A. A. CHICAGO — American Association baseball uniforms will speak for themselves this year. Colors of various team suits will be maroon, black, green, orange, red, sky blue 'and scarlet. ner. Dillmon gained the after twenty minutes oir the showmanship mid kmiclJleH down to business. ! ' Mobley evened the score in<half tlie time with a ' rolling rocking chair;;split. \ •. : T Billy Price, game 105 pound Manila youngster, gave away'''20 pounds to Alton Chenowith, Bly- Ilievllle, .and put -up a whale 'p'f a scrap but came out seco'ffd best. Alton onlpunchcd him,'as Val.Picinlch was , seriously considered as a candidate for manager of the Memphis Chicks when Doc Prothro , switched , to Little Rock several, years ago.. He'Is a crafty veteran catcher who should prove a capable pilot for'uiythe- vllle. ' ' '. May' Hold School Here . Terry has Indicated' that he'may hold a baseball school here this jpring instead of at Clarksdale^ Miss.. r we're told. Such a school would probably was .~.-.. v ,.v,,,.L^, ltu iijui, iia EO. a long ways toward spurring ....o expected, but hnd to step interest in baseball here) especi- lively to do It. Jessie Tyus was.' n "y with such a personage as the slated to box the five rounds with i manager of the National League Price but was unable to make it champions and one of baseball's due to the poor roads. greats conducting the school. Those Ferocious Tijj^rs Thumbing through the pages of the record. _TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1937 Feller Signs for $10,000 Is lhe fervent praver of the writer (hpt he never has to follow another such team as the Timers have been this year." But, the Tigers foolud the sports waiter—jusf as all the sjwrts experts are u|>set occasionally. They dU win a ball gnme — the very la-'t game of lhe season from lhe pennant winning jonoslioro club, and managed to finish with the "Imposing" record of four victories and 44 losses. Besides BIylheville and Jonesboro other teams In the old Til- State league were Dycrsburg, Corinth, Jackson and Tuiielo. But-the Tigers were in the league again In I92(i with Shef- neld-Tuscunibia replacing one of the other clubs. But that was the last season. And. the Tigers went nowhere .;fast thai year too. No More Tigers, 1'loasc So professional baseball Ls due back >In. Blytheville'after II years absence. least shoulcji have little Ironblp makin 0 as Impressive a record with their farm club ns tlie Timers of old. .And whatever is none, lets don't dub the ;club Tigers again. We don't, go for the jinx theory In .a !>ig way hut it would simply be too big n handicap to hang that name on a Blytheville ball club ngain. Signing a contract for what is reported to be $10,000 Bob Feller phenomenal recruit of 1336, is believed to have become tlie hl«hest salaried first-year pitcher m history. Feller, whose strikeout "feats m a three-month whirl with the Indians last season made him the talk of baseball, took time off from, high school work at Van Meier la., to travel to Cleveland, sign, and attend a father-and-son dinner Cyril c. Slapnicka, left, assislant to President Alva Bradley of the Tribe, and the 18-year-okl wonder's father, William Feller,' arc 1 . .. with him as he affixes his signature. ' Fcotliall I'inaiiri:tl Statement Superintendent of Schools W. D. McClurkin has released a statement of receipts and expenditures for BIylheville high school's 1930 football season which we are passing along. Football Season ' "193U "Receipts "Gate receipts ....'..'.'.'.'.'. 3,75o'89 "Advance Sales .... 1,040.05 "Guarantees '.'. ."'.'.' ' 25 o'oo 'Season .Tickets i..... 483.50 " Tot " 1 ..$5,055.95 "Expenditures ~ "Etiuipment, uniforms, sweater awards, etc. "Field expense ('Officials .... ^Trips "Guarantees 1,570.00 "Cleaning & repairin "Refunds "Miscellaneous (phone, telegrams, dru "Advertising "Total Harrison Wills and Bud Farm- The Giants are not asking that cxl)c " tlil er, Blytheville youths, slugged and' a "5 thing be given them as we get windmilled through a quintet of'"- They're to pay rental on the. Do You Remember? One Year A^n Today—Jimmy Kincs' 280 won ihe $5.000 los Ange'ts Open • jrolf. iuiirnanwnt: Ten Years Ago . Today — Dart- Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation Moderately Priced BIylheville Recreation Center 310 W. Main - Former Home of Dell's Tharmacy GAHNErt API'LETON MAUVIN CHAPPELL mouth cagers defeated Coiumbia 30-28, at Hanover. W A N. T E Government Loan Cotton Phone 1G7 APPLE'BAUM BROS. COTTON CO. Bldg. BIylheville, Ark. Read .Courier NCWJ want Adj. cantos, "fairgrounds ball park, the light [bin for night baseball and take „ . — ' C(lr e of their own executive or Read Courier News Want Ads loifice aides. morcvor-lcss Interesting for the curtain raiser. CAMELS, CHESTERFIELDS ONE PACK FOR lOc WITH I'USAY! LAST TIME,AL.yOUR BEST ROLLIN'TIME WAS 15 SECONDS BY THE —, STOF-WATCfi NO WONDER.! P. A. IS 'CRIMP CUtLIKRIGHL. , ALLTHEBOXSWHO ROIL 'IM FAST SEEM ROLLS TIGHT_DOESNT _ SPILL OUT THE ENDS. — HERE GOES! ROLLIN'? MILD V BITE-LISS'SMOKIN'?RIPE MELLOW TASTE? THE NAME'S PRINCE ALBERT EVERV TIME.AND JUST LOOK AT THIS PRINCELY OFFER.MEN! RA'S GOT WHAT PIPE SMOKERS WANT TOO! Prince Guarantees PRINCE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE Don't Miss Seeing the ™ It Sees! It Hears! It Talks! It Feels! Apparently It Has All the Sensations of a Human Being AND MORE TOO! U can read (he serial number of a dollar bill from your poi-kcl. It can tell you (bic make of your cigar or cigarette by smelling the smoke, and scores of other baffling feats. THREE DAYS ONLY Beginning Thursday, Jan. 14th CONTINUING THROUGH JANUARY If, (Afternoon and Night Continuous) We are fortunate in being able to bring (his outstanding fealiire to Hlythevillc. It's appearances will be these Three Days Only Come See It As Our Guesf - - lf s Free! PHILLIP Fifth and Walnut Blythcville, Ark.

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