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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia • Page 3

The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia • Page 3

Washington, District of Columbia
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It wai decided ft rJVTYl i TTrtlm totoonw titbAttwnp SissiV CiCifcV VjUkVAfeTi should be replaced IVIl DITIT iTHAM Tl ffl HTli WTT nf nnmil Trimnr Hi Until hi i i Jinll i Liiim a H1l r5 lwMWiiitUUCttWcpi iiSiiSii a VH Sl SF S3S jc fc wxr fa vi parachute for Hjators PACKED IN THE CAB BODY Wij1TiiimiIi VwJiiiiin 1 1 iffeiiftf i iV wnnrniiiiiViii tmiVi viAvdiAAi iiiiiHWiihi iHiLWIIIllilIMIIilliillinillilflijiilWWW rmrinrniil iiiiiiijiMiimiH the part of the officials that the tubular bridge by one of different type and larger dl menstons The new bridge la of the open truss or der 66 feet Inches In width carrying double track a trolley use space hleular travel and a pavement for pedestrians It was completed during the Jubilee of the late Queen Victoria and was named for that celebration When the engineers examined the3 old bridge in connection with the Installation or the new the piers had been built so solidly that they did apt show the slightest trace of the terrible buffeting and pressure to which they had been sub jected by the lea for CO winters fg tf TT vyy ncJ yjt ivininrTi ni7 iin niiir1 mm mrw ijioaVcfiyy the night andthereJ 55 rTS3 eii fKj 33p wouia tie comparative ameiirycsci 3 rl TSS sir 1 iltrtB diHfTlHrU ryingjL JIKITED KCiTEa3PEOPOSESi TQ EQTIIE APATROL HEET AlTO1uhteitiir1SScores1of pewm ior Te gTr u3 i vivvys tj irj would sometimes assembiejo oniyrrom fdr CtTftATtTTD TJTPTITTI flO trhV4n krf Anttlui twin jL wW u4Buwwuuu uu urv ouuMtpf shoothp iCEBEEas BEAT pro Jence often results from a single BuflaJNeWj the fllghtand setUlng ot the birds having been obserTed aadK concerted ttack would be madeon the fcapleflsrlctlms A peculiarity of these wild pigeons was that i i peculiarity of these wild pigeons was that gfess in matters of scl genius and the Imagination of the age whenWaoked thytwpuiiTi9r attempt to results from a jjlngle were alrehlps siUlfuHy navigated the takft zht but ntunidlv allowed them tacldenthlchactsrasastlmu Sw tnltlM beJ out6f thewer itoImaglnatlonandheeto SbP Invention Age old perils are lg patlon of the waters of the deep MrieMo a th wiiiba thr The suspension bridge across the Niagara nored till a heayy5 toll Is exacted and the V18 scene from an ocean liner but ln m6t localities there seemed to tie ocuus uuuusu iuB ii iui a Bflrt of unwritten law aeain3t the ram jusi oeiow me iaus is noi omy vorM thodted hv Itim Ar rITrrzIfr SDectacuIarly nlaced but Is an admirable sengers lining me rails watcmng ma ire i flttopin TieTnftst construction from an engineering point of negligence awakens to new responslbiil mendous battle Beauty against beauty ftUh0Ujh some didiise guns In violation Iew It leaps across the gorge in a sn ties Perhapsi the ideberg long regarded human sill and ingenuity versus the ter of the accepted custom Clubs sticks and gle span the seething boil ng waters be by ocean travelers asmerely a curious flc J6 Jr aPParenUy inert mass lonjr vlta wert used knocking the Ing 226 feet below The span is 550 feet fju npt9n 0V cmt 0f lcbel the aviator blrdfrom the trees It Was noCtroeom in length and the ends are secured by and sclnatlng spectacle is now to be picks Wa way wheeling cautiously to a mon fa to 8ee wagon bedsHed with massive anchorages sunk Into the face of cSme thln of the past because of the position thatahall make his attack most he jj of the slaughtered pigeons and the cliffs Throughout it is of wrought awful disaster that befell the Titanic eflecthe these ln some cases would be distributed steel and Is approached from either side The investigation of the Senate commit JjL tS JfLLi wn0nr th0i Tho wre no a by a single truss span 115 reet in length th watching throng passes swiftly from to gel to he roost giving a total length of 780 feet tee to ot the disaster re the ship of the air to the maM below ifniight be added that Invariably the The upper level of the bridge carries vealed nothing new to the scholar but rainbow tinted in the light of the sunv trees nppii whlcll Uiese vastinumbers of two railroad tracks below which are a they aroused tte publie to a demand for The uny craft that poises for a moment birds roosted werelightfd arid Usually central carriageway and a broad pavement This bridge is probably visited by more tourists and associated with more honeymoon sentiment than any other bridge ln the world Bpeaklng of long single spans reminds one that the longest ln existence is to be found in th Tyrol This is the Isonzo Shoot them to pieces Thafs the pro Gorgp the single arch of masonry spring gram Send the best of the navys dreading from one bank to the other tva distance of 783 feet the railroad that uses precautions hitherto Ignored Bills have been introduced In both Houses of Congress in great numbers one of the most Interesting of which comes from Hon UNFOLDING AND LIFTING THE PILOTS SEAT IT IS PACKED IN MACHINE AND IS EEADY FOR USE AT ALL TIMES it being 120 feet above the leveT of the water The highest line in the world the Oroya Railroad of Peru has some remarkable bridges This will hardly be noughts out into the perilous seas and shiver the great ice hulks to a glistening diamond powder that will dissolve in the waters they terrorized Such a program may sound fantastic in the air suddenly darts away as the kufea aa was all the undergrowth missile strikes its object Before tne the trees In many parts of ihe sound of the explosion can reach the ship country year af ter year the ame ibcalir the passengers descry the momentous re wai chosen by the birds asrcostlhg salt Like a gigantlo bubble suddenly piace3 in their annually recurring flights burst Into radiant particles the crystal gt the conUnuous slaughter of wild line mountain la shattered pigeons eventually wipedthem out of ex A stupendous wave rolls but ironi tne istence and only one wildplgeon oftfie base of the berg and churns tQ a foam countless millipni that winged elr way the swell from the liners propeller as over the North American continent now they meet Perhaps the bulk of the berg exists This Wrd lives In the Zoo at hltherfo under the surface of the sea ICmcinnati and when it dies its body will bobs disconsolately fdft a momen only be sent to the National Museim at Wash to be reduced to floating negligible hurton A wealthy bird teverof the East chunks of ice as the second missile de scends upon it And the beautiful crea wondered at when it is remembered that ad perhaps it is But the gentleman from tlon of the terrible North Is no more The arshlp speeds away to safety on the far distant shore its work well done figuring how much the navy wasted in plan that has been devised under stfess dragging poor old hulks into the ocean of the great occasion Wm Scientific American XVENTORS have been seeking for a good method of operating a parachute ln connection with an aeroplane so that ln cae the aeroplane should fall to the ground the parachute will remain ln the air and come down gradually to the ground with the pilot An automatic device of this kind the Invention of Max Bordes was exhibited at the recent Paris Aeroplane Show The different views which are given here will almost explain the working of the device ln themselves as it will be seen that the parachute Is attached to the pilots seat so that this latter serves as the car of the parachue when It descends Usually the parachute Is stowed ln compact shape inside the aeroplane body and back of the seat Means are provided for unbolting the seat from the aeroplane and at the same time releasing the parachute rod from the car so that It spreads out in the air when the aeroplane falls The simple movement of a lever carries out all the needed operations so that the aeroplane will fall down leaving the parachute Jn the air with the pilot Around the seat is pivoted a fork which ln turn holds the parachute rod so that fork and rod carrying the parachute can swing either in the line traverses a series of mountains seamed with deep gullies and torrential rivers The traveler who lands at Callao in order to reach Oroya 138 miles Inland ascends 15863 feet in the course of 107 miles negotiating dozens of the canons and rivers Five miles beyond Tamboraque the line tunnels ar peak to emerge on the brink ofa drop that falls sheer Into the river below The gulf is spanned by the Inflernlllo bridge the name of which in view of the savage surroundings and hair raising leap that the bridge makes across the void is entirely appropriate Because of the sheer faces of the cliffs on either side of the chasm the workmen had to be suspended in cradles and loops that dangled from ropes attached Maryland wants the matter Investigated He spent hours in his office in the Capitol the vertical or horizontal position The to brackets driven to the solid rock above fork is large enough not to interfere with the pilots movement and ln the usual flight the rod and parachute are laid back and held in place by a lock device The pilots seat is held to the aeroplane body by bolts at each side which work upon levers so that he can unbolt the seat by working a hand lever and this movement also releases the catch device of the parachute detaching both seat and parachute from the aeroplane JVIen WLbo Smile at Danger BRIDGE BUILDEH MUST BE A COMBINATION OF DARING SKILL AND COURAGE Railroad Mans Magazine HEN the men of the level and the transit set out to link the East and the West by the thin steel rail they held their in struments in one hand and their revolvers ln the other for the Indian tribes west of the Mississippi River were on the war path It is true that The shoot from one tunnel mouth to the other by an apparently frail link ot steel Is said to furnish a sensation Perhaps one of the most picturesque railroad bridges on this continent is to be found at Stony Creek in the Selkirk Mountains on the Canadian Pacific Railroad There is a shaped ravine there of great depth flanked by stern granite cliffs and crowned by pine clad hills A noble arched steel bridge springs from the sides of the gulch The Cisco cantilever bridge which carries the railroad across the Fraser River Is also another striking illustration of the engineers skill It leads to a driven through the precipitous wall ot the canon the boldness of the work being fittingly framed by majestic surroundings British India has been called the land of remarkable railway bridges It seems entitled to the distinction The Sone bridge of the East Indian Railroad consists of 93 spans giving the structure a total length of 10852 feet thus making It one of the longest bridges ln the world The Oodavaria bridge of the Madras Northeast line is 9066 feet In length and the Gokteik viaduct of Burma Is 325 feet high It was in Sweden that steel was first used for the erection of railroad bridges to be battered down by the practicing gunners on the great battle ships He acknowledged the necessity of practice but figured that the shot might far better rain against the sides of these floating enemies of peaceful commerce and traffic than the harmless old derelicts of the navy yards There are certain authorities upon icebergs who have maintained that a broadside from a modern battle ship would completely wipe out one of these obstructions to the lanes of commerce And who knows but that had thj suggested plan been in effect this spring ithe very iceberg that sent the llM ated PTitanic to the bottom on her maiden voyage might have been sighted and destroyed before it struck that main road of ocean traffic The plan is one that makes deep appeal because it foresees not the multiplication of means of rescue but the elimination of the possible causes of disaster The bill proposed does not ask that the program be inaugurated immediately It is not that visionary It modestly re quests that the Secretary ofi the Navy A patrol fleet has been suggested a fleet equipped with wireless instruments of such power that It might call out a warning to any vessel endangered In the sea however far distant however near at hand It must be attuned to every possibilitypossibility of distance and weather These patrols would search and scan the ocean interminably for evidences bf dangerous ice floes Once discovered the warning flashes would be hurled from has a standing offer of 5000 for evidence that a pair of wild pigeons is in existence to the world IN POETICAL OLD PERSIA London Standard ERSIA la essentially a land bf the sun said Sir Mortimer Durand and I noticed when I was In Persia that feuropeans who hatd lived therefor a time were always anxious to go back There vvwwmLluuvoJLfspiiep tmmmTiiS T1 vfiStj BBsMiSKKHnsitsiisiHH wMBiflpfrtfssisj rxjjyyyBKBHMOH hhn4 MR6leiBiiiHSSBflBHH9BIHHH wL hhk iRiiiiiir iyuBnHlsRePP9PHIIHilB risHPmKiTKMMBIIH RjpS8imTTll iK ighmuTmrm sHBHHHIHH BRMRInHBHHHIeHIIHHIHIBMIiHIH MMilSiSiiiiiSSliSiiSSSliJ Is no need and little lneentivej to travel fast in Persia For One thing there are their wireless towers No ship could miss erpportunltles to do SO and when one becomes Used to camping with camels ff Vt rJ Jl DENIZENS OF THE SEA ONLY CREATINES T0 SEE THEWRECKf OFTHETTTANlV them no accident octeur without unbe lievable criminal negligence upon the part of a master The Bhips would be in constant communication with the great towers being constructed at Ft Myers Va by the Government These three towers combined constitute the most powerful wireless station in the world capable of talking to stations and ships ln almost every section of the globe At their very inception they will be attuned to receive dispatches from as far distant points as San Francisco One of these towers will be 650 feet high and the other two 450 feet each fair rivals for the worlds tallest struc tures While the problem of the Iceberg bsir and mules one prefers that to railway luxury Why build a road 7 was the question of ah amazed tribesman whose soul recoiled at the thought of a straight line of beaten track It was really a nuisance for there were no stones where the feet Could hold on by he explained Among the Arabs of the plains the reason for the docility and gentleness their horses is easily discovered The animals play with the children know them and understand them with the re Th Sketch scabbard nib 62200 fathoms Gastrostomy 6 LOCO fathoms Btylophthslmus paradoxus 7 L60d fathoms Chlasmodon nlger 8 1400 fathoms ApByohus gelatl nosus Baccopharynx fligel Aphonops 343 fathoms The Lepidopus tenuis 2 00 fathoms lum 3 A dweller In deep waters rarhn 4 143 fathoms Hallochlrurgus centrl scoldes The Titanic lies tn water two miles deep that Is 1760 fathoms Here are some of the only living creatures likely to see the wreck of the great vasselfish from the abysses of the ocean with notes as to the depths at which they have been found With regard to Stylophthalmus paradoxus It should be said that the long eye stalks are characteristic of the young and shorten before the adult age ts attained The Chaismodon nlger shown has swallowed a fish larger than Itself herice its distended condition Aphyonus gelatlnosus is blind and colorless and has a body which is almost transparent tunnel be and ls hereoy authorial and di had no part in their construction they ult that there is a bond between man and beast rarely seen elsewhere In SimlajSaid the lecturer my wife rected to conduct experiments with a view to ascertaining whether the target practice of warships and the use of explosives dropped from airships or applied in any other way may Bupply a means of destroying icebergs For this purpose a sum of 100000 is asked It would indeed be a mark of the will none the less be dlvertible to the great uses of safeguarding ocean traffic And perhaps the name of Admiral Hutch I Cone Chief of the Bureau of Bteam Engineering of the Navy Department may go down in history as that of a man who made the seas safe beyond the dream of man had an Arab horse which used to come walking into the house He would walk Velocity of a BulUt if WM in at a dinner party and put his head EASY TO TELL HOW TAST MISSILE IS TRAVELING WHEN IT over your shoulder Nf or a bit of bread LEAVES WEAPON inal structure has been replaced by one that ls larger and heavier but the fundamental principle ls exactly the same This is not the only remarkable bridge in Colorado The railroad that runs through Cumbres Pass swings round Phantom Curve and plunges into the the inrmvaHnn hpine Kturtefl hv thA it Toltec Tunnel which ls drilled through Major Adelskold ln 1886 His bridge the crest and not the base of a mountain was designed to carry the Uddevalla yu cuicrsiug irom mc luunw one miuw Wenersborg Herljunga Railroad across this condition no longer exists in this himself on the brink of a precipice the the Huvudnas Falls just above the Trolf oountry but ln other lands i still ob tains Who does not remember the massacres of surveying parties by fanatical Arabs when the Hedaz line that runs from Damascus to Mecca was being projected or the comparatively recent wiping out by savage Dyaks of a surveying expedition that was seeking a route across British North Borneo or the tragic fate that befell a band of British surveyors who attempted to penetrate the forests of upper Uruguay But apart from human foes the railroad surveyor has sometimes to contend with those of a four footed kind The man eating lions that held up the construction of the Uganda Railroad Africa furnish a case in point So did the grizzlies that disputed the right of way with tfiose who were investigating certain routes for the Northern Pacific and the Great Northern The builder of railroads also has to contend with and provide against the antagonistic forces of nature from hurricanes to impassable canyons and it is In bridging canyons that the pluck skill and Ingenuity of the railroad engineer are seen at their best Bridge building ls one of the most daring and romantic callings ln the world said the late Charles Hays to the writer It calls for a rare combination ln man brains and courage There are many remarkable examples of bridge building in this country The White Pass and Yukon Railway of Alaska traverses a region of lofty peaks and deep precipices alternated with great gorges and wide clefts Such a condition calls for much bridging work during construction Between Skagway and White Pass summit there are seven steel bridges one of which Just before the summit Is reached ls 400 feet ln length and 215 feet above the bottom of the gorge The physical difficulties that had to be overcome before these bridges could be built seem beyond description Men defied the antics of acrobats to do some of the work The Central Alaska Railroad was intended to run from Seward to Fairbanks distance of 403 miles Unfortunately only about 60 miles of the road has been completed the project being hindered by entangled finances Yet the railroad lias a wonderful horseshoe timber trestle 1240 feet ln length and varying from 40 to 00 feet in height Over a million feet of lumber was used ln its construction The massive and impressive bridge of the Union Pacific Railroad over the Mis souri River at Council Bluffs crowned opposite portal of the tunnel also beng on a cliff edge The gulf between is spanned by a masonry bridge in the form of a balcony The depth of the chasm is over a quarter of a mile To build this bridge the workmen had to be slung out on derricks A snapped rope or a missed footing meant certain death There are some interesting even sensational examples of viaduct and bridge building on the recently constructed Oregon Trunk Railroad of the Hill system which opens up to transportation the Valley of the Des Chutes River of Central Oregon One of the tributaries of the Des Chutes River ls called Crooked River over which a steel arch bridge has been built that rises 320 feet above the water The sides of the Canyon through which Crooked River flows are unusually precipitous The usual cantilever methods were used ln the construction and the manner in which the building materials were carried across the canyon was decidedly out of the ordinary The work of erection began at the northern side of the chasm and when the span projected somewhat beyond the cliff material was lowered from this projection to the bottom of the cliff There It was fastened to ropes sent down from the south cliff and hauled up to the workmen at the top The completed bridge fumishes a good illustration of the resourcefulness of the American engineer The line competes with the Des Chutes Railroad which runs along the east bank of the river and is a part of the Harrl man system At Saddle Point the rival lines enter twin tunnels the approach to which ls over a single viaduct The greatest bridge from a structural point of view crosses the Zambesi River just below the Victoria Fall South Africa on the Cape to Cairo Railroad It is of steel and springs ln a single span of 500 feet from one cliff to the other At low water the center of the span is 420 feet above the river Another remarkable bridge on the line of the same road crosses the Kafue River which is the most Important tributary of the Zambesi It is of light steel divided into 13 spans each of 100 feet and supported by masonry piers 18 feet wide and 8 feet thick Light as it ls it is exceedingly strong for while in tha dry season the river averages about 9 feet in depth and has a sluggish current In the wet months It rises to over 17 feet and rushes along in a roaring torrent During the construction of the bridge hatten Falls At this point the Gota River forces its way through a gorge 137 feet wide just before it falls over a lofty ledge of rock The design of the bridge was of a novel order being something like unto an Inverted suspension bridge The Bergen Christlania line of Norway ranks as one of the most striking examples of railroad engineering in Europe The line was constructed across a storm swept plateau In one of the most sparsely populated districts in Europe where the winter lasts for eight or nine months It passes through 184 tunnels and includes 14 bridges ranging from a single span stone structure of 60 feet to one of metal 566 feet from end to end In the little known British colony Nya saland ln Central Africa ls a railroad bridge of noteworthy construction Thi3 Origin of Cerm Stool pigeon HE WAS A CAPTIVE BIRD WHO SNARED HIS KIND INTO A NET Tlnlinpolls Star HE stool pigeon of to day com that wen the taut rope was jerked the monly is known as the tool of net wcmld ro11 down th lrame nd PVa I out over the ground like a sheet the law a decoy used by police Wlth our et fiet We wer6 reafly tQ Rx detectives or other officers to UD the stool nion A long nole like a draw out criminals or petty of fishing pole was obtained and on the end fenders by standing in with them and of was fastene1 a lock of 0 flv or six inches high On this stool the cap exposing and giving evidence against tlve plgeon 3 tjed securely about 10 feet mem in court or even ln some instances suggesting schemes to a suspect who it is believed will fall for them and thus definitely disclose his real character Some Courts discountenance this method of obtaining a conviction and occasionally it happens that where stool pigeon evidence has been nearly alto qulte naturally But It may not have been good for the carpets On the mountainsides the horses are surefooted as goats and will leap froni rock to rock with their riders with cool assurance There lsno need for a back to the land movement In Persia The people have never left it and the Persian peas Chicago Inter Ocean ERSONS at all Interested ln gun would mean a rate of 2000 yards in 60 firing of any kind whether of seconds Thus in the fragment ofa sec the revelver or rifle or of heavy a naryfor the bullet tinter one side of the paper drum cross lt and out ordnance of any sort occasion at the other side the opposite ldeiOf the any come upon tne term muz arum wouia snow considerable deviation ant ls one of the happiest in the world 8ie velocity and velocities of the missile aet diameter of line pii 1 Borne of the tribes know no other bread 4tBtate4 distances thin that made from acorns They steep the acorns In running water for a time and then break them up and manufacture their bread with the same deliberation as they murmur their poetry One Is led to the conclusion that the from the net The pole was balanced on a stake two feet high to which It was tied and to the handle end was fastened a How cirTahybody tell how fast a bullet Is traveling whent leaves the muassle or a weapon ls a likely comment on the part of the layman As a mater of fact this approximate velocity of the missle may be one of the country creates poets automatically Only eiBltat of determinations to make a churl would refuse to be a poet In a land where blue sky looks down on winter In firt lace a drum like cylinder snow and oxen tread out the corn Even Is made of fixed diameter and of sufficlent lnthe night the traveler has the chirp ly stiff paper to allow of it revolving rap of the little owl for a lullaby and the rv uAir 11 1 1 idly on a spindle using a cylinder or bells of the mules for a solace But by a peculiar law which Is cast gmn circumzerence is necessary mat age It Is this space of deflecin ahowrtin aide the further rim of the drumithatt used for the computatlonCbf velocity of the missile The speed of the cylinder may be computed to the ten thousandth part of a second If necessary tad ih lineal distance run in that time may charted In perpendlcularilinesbn 1e hv rfer side ofithe paper At whatever lint rthe bullet penetrates outwardtreglsteri Its time In crossing the diimeterof thj cylinder if It has require the teh thousandths part of a secondforithe bul let toVfly one foot frorn Its muiile ve locltytb the mile may be compueted1 any schoolboy By the same Iproeessi rPesuch Vy that the pole could be comprehension Omar Khayyam is almost the speed approach 2000 T61uttonv too thV worked up and down by pulling the rope extending into the hiding place Wheat was then scattered over the ground under the net Having sighted a flock of pigeons approaching a half mile or so distant you got your fly pigeons ready that ls cap Ignored His poems do not find such minute These revolutions are produced yards may be deterralried ready response among his modern coun trymen as they find ln the West Even the late Shah repudiated them and laughed when his name was mentioned by Sir Mortimer Durand I was asked bv the Omar Hoelfftv he said to see if the Shah would cause lWed dlrely at the center of the cylin by electric power and the count is made by an exact mechanical register The gun Is placed securely at the required distance from the drum and is 1e rtn tVto CMro RliroT ot OVilrnmn It a about 420 feet ln length and has a lift 8Blaer reea upon lhe V0 censures the pigeons wmen long strings were ing span of a novel kind Its construe Police and the Stool and releases the atted Jen flock was witbln 600 SJCT 5 HewrtMeu in ptutloa OH th dock nw It Then two or th 1 on anil will continue jmikt i more caDtlvea would k1 Tk kn thoro the flock drew nearer the working of the nected with Omar Khayyam The man the weapon the bullet striking the center vulnerable coming breast oni The Ism is very simple and can be handled by crimes to ferret out for th f01 etm 1 5 BfVeral been fad tvhouBan1 can df the drum as measured from top tr tha nalivsia China has many striking examples of beHt pollce Elective chiefs in the coun rallroad bridges One over the Lan ho try himself a man of honorable reputa Rlver is 2170 feet in length with five tlon once retorted a Judge who had by the late Sir Benjamin Baker and aroused much criticism by its unusual features Omars grave to be set in repair but when I spoke to the old Shah during an audience he sat ln his chair and laughed Why he cried do you mean to tell me on and will continue no doubt as long nKre caPtlv would be sent up and as that there Is a society ln England con uia uock arew nearer vviiu ov atnl nfflrAKn intH mIrIhi 1 1 omv l5cuu Bvakteu ioioiuj CCYClttl crimes to ferret out for as one of the feet by meane of the pole then letting it downswiftly so it would appear that the bird had been flying and was alighting Once the flock of birds began to approach you ceased to work the decoys Soon the ground was black with pigeons where the wheat was scattered Then you Dulled der which is spinning atro many rods even miles a minute as its circumference determines With the drums speed adjusted an electric current discharges YearW ago before wing shooting had become an art the farmerywlths tntttile loadfaig shotgun1 4nd cbaTe bf blak powder would shoot directly at wild goose or duck In full flight He eyojyed theory of own as to the oncSminsf Mrd hbldlnr thai the heavy breasttfeath ere turned the shot He waited until the rtoTnt had passed him when fifing directly at it he could bring dowiv his quarryv Butlt was not because the bird was tell you of many better poets than he But the admirers bf Omar have the satisfaction of knowing that though the Shah laughed at the poet no one even laughed at the Shah Perhaps the most fascinating part of TRIED TO BUNKO NATURE Verona Cor New York Press EDAR GROVES famous chick en experts Squire Baldwin George Hehry Smith and Frak Rue agree that the death to day of a rooster owned by John Marshall a New York merchant who the lecture was a rahtri nntitno nf ter coming out on the other side with y6nd its position when the6wlerflrst your tautUope and the big net rolled Persian year At the end of February the scarcely a shade of impediment With the touchedthe trigger But by flrlnr direct dowi over the feeding birds The sudden garden is full of violets and after the drums DeriDherv whirling at the rate of blr Ur li had passed the i jii i unfit nnar7 rtnn a rMnvwtAiiAAHM vwaw uw HMvu ta4uVuwr VU censured him bitterly for using a stool pigeon in a case where all other ordinary methods of detection had failed vvt cuius uiiua iuo sum rour Honor as you must know and movV would frighten them likely but as garden Is full of violets and after the vlo as I know this man the prisoner and they flew up they would find themselves lets pass away the water JhanntlS are his kind wk ii helpless with their heads Jammed through lined with white iris and after the Iris the meshes Most pigeon trappers just come tiger lilies and after the tiger lilies studying how they can fool the pollce or pulled the heads off as they protruded come roses With the roses come the evade the law or bumfoozle the Courts through the net and ln this way several nightingales which sing while the sleeper once they are arrested surely In the hundred could be killed In a very short sleeps name of decency and the law it should of my wlld pig6on CQn XlTJZl SSfflfi one be permissible to reverse the game and eluded Mr Hobbs was done in Ross do while the early summer a riot of fool these disreputable offenders occa County Ohio ln the early seventies color The autumn tints are rnore ylvldy sionally by trapping them in any way we re a a yung man I mem wan any in tne world except perhaps run rinn tMi ber that in my first pigeon trapping at those in America The snow of winter is JUt fact nwis that It flew oyer tys charge shot before eouft null tb twWiV llotton ahdtheammeT could faU onvthepre The reader understands that with the assion cap ahdfthe comparatively iildw drum stationary the bullet would passdl lckLpowder cbuld be 4giiited arid Li i TV Ploded sending the shot 25 or 80yards rectly through It on the line of Its dlame he bird had flown rfiJitti i r0 2000 revolutions a minute and its diameter only a fraction more than a foot this drop ailttlew and the bird flylh on a1 level llaigbt in the way of teihargei lives in ueaar urove was aue 10 oia age ii ccral i zrZLTZ KSSSHSi SS SPSS the paradoxical fact that the fowl was ously affected by the means used to prove Plentiful as they were there was a good hatched only this morning The case hlm my of tn chap a market for them and we shipped the 30 offers a startling study for chicken breed jt aozen xo Portsmouth Ohio getting 1 50 ers Marshall who recently moved to Cedar Grove from New York determined like all new rural residents to raise chickens and having no experience in that line he read up on the subject In one of the books he was informed that it requires twenty one days to hatch havetdone in this case But this article Is not about the stool pigeon of to day particularly but about the origin of the term itself its common meaning of a half century and less ago and same interesting fact3 of that a dozen for them The wild pigeons now extinct as is were considered yery good delightful What ts the charm of Per sla asked Sir Mortimer Durand One finds it In the great contrast between everything about him and all that he has left behind well known in metal marks the point at which the first acrss the contlnent railroad was begun This bridge was the outcome of years of untiring surveying by Theodore Judah the Railway Pathfinder The Government stipulated with Coins Huntington who was financing the project that the Union Pacific should start on the east bank of the river which of course called for the bridge Mr Judah was Intrusted with the work of surveying as a reward for his advocacy of the project One of the most daring and original Ideas of bridge building was carried to success by A A Robinson 30 years ago by hlDPOPOtamt and alligators Seven hun dred and twenty eight tons of steel were used In the completion of the bridge the cost of which was 250000 The eighth wonder of the world as it used to be called is the bridge 6692 feet receive a certain amount of heat and moisture That gave Marshall an idea He thought If a modicum of heat and moisture would effect incubation in twenty one days a maximum would brine about the TEE MOON IS HOT BOUND Paris C6r New York TlmesJ That the moon ls not round but oval la the conclusion reached by Prort Cas tadllobo of Colmbra University Portugal eating They were about the size of the tame pigeon of to day the meat very dark and of a distinctly gamy flavor When theyWere killed in iRrnnrahra at either end with a huge buffalo Mead tne workmen were occasionally oomereu wen eggs ana in tnat period tney must period in relation thereto The original Bom6 persons would after dressing them i in mt mark th nnint which tn dv niDDOOOtami ana auiKniors ocven nun icceive a certain amount or neat ana siooi pigeon came into use in the days when countless millions of migratory wild pigeons or passage DiKe ons infested from these cut the breasts onlv thp rt this country The stool pigeon was a bf tbe blrd nS considered worthless for of Sciences He took cinematograph pfc keeping These breasts were then ltrhtlv tuna Af thA vhnla fli iAirn ln length that stretches across the St desired result in a shorter time There iame or caJureQ wa Pon tied to a galted and drled thoroUghly ln hlc fn JT Lawrenpe Ww ln order to bring the fore he constructed an Incubator of his bloc sol fastened on the end of a state they were easily kept until winter rewaraea nnam utm we Alms that Grand Troofc Railroad into Montreal own design with a steam spray to Dass long cole and moved ud anfl Aawti fm and when the housewife desired at the time of the maximum obscuration Alexander Ross was the engineer who over the contents at all times thus sup a place of concealment to draw the wild change of diet a pigeon stew or a potpie the moon while completely blotting out appears to nsve lamcicu mt nvj ca nuu moisture in unlimited Diras on so tney could be shot or netted Bn aa to ao was to tage a number of th sun at tnn tinA hnttnm am nn thA flHpn hrfi Cf 4ii4 Minlr salt them and pack them away for future the report of whose observations during use Vhile another method was to select the recent total eclipse of the sun was Muh uuub auu A 1f li av i uctuip Awnueiiiy George Stephenson acted as consulting engineer The plans as originally framed were vigorously attacked by experts on both sides of the Atlantic the chief objection He was the constructing engineer of the being thai no human construction could hear a vigorous peep that could be heard when wild pigeons were plentiful heat and tiuouuues as an experiment yesterday Thomas Hobbs a successful morning ne placed one egg in the incuoa hunter and trapper now living tor Then he turned on the steam 111 ls one of the manv oMHi This morning he went to the incubator recall the stool nlareon as Aomv inal plumnness and flavor Kw diT earth ls not a sphere The difference be and was both amazed and delighted to talks interestingly of Its use in the days however as the great prevalence of game tween the greatest and least breadth is Valuable Crade Secrets MANY OP THEM HAVE DIED WITH THE DISCOVEREES AND ABE LOST TO SCIENCE ChicaroTrltun BABXY an manufacturers pos finally succeeded in disfiMins sess trade secrets which they tfr 8tck to a famous clobkmaker This guard Malously Some of these mnn Ufil SSf1 t4r maker la London to tw It Th Arm are of real value but the ma maa a thorough test ot it using thedil jority are or onry ranciea wonn on some snip cnronomeiers Of the fllleil When a firm or lhdlyldual owns a real tfP8 The vessel xntde ari ArcUeofife traie secreflt is frequently beyond all LnVl price and there axe many other persons the end of the trip as when It Wa first ready and willing to pay enormous sums Put on for it The oil had proved Its valUe buV tirf It has happened many times that valu onljra amall quanUty la thewhols i eWorld ami when the owner die he be able trade secrets have been lost beyond QUeithe1 ttmaijdng loToMtS recovery Kor Instance the best watch old employee as a mark pf afleetioiC the oil ln the world cannot be made to day new owner realising Jts valuedlvlded Jt because the secret process of mixin It JTJ 5fett nwwwiuefcmui ilOU I 6t or netted naa toao to take a number of the sun at top and bottom did not quite DecauB0 lBe eurei uf Afferent warehousesiee low SfrHLtlr SjhUKireMwSrh cbver it on the right and left From this rlahed th the lnventon Th1t rtlopsxonsisted of 3usiour quarts IngatCarml nw a jar off rei hi wee ilk whlcn quart of this famous fluid was sold for A great Are which happnedsoon after 3 tlmers who softened and restored them to their oris ne oowiuilo that the atelllte like the jiJ tMTrrL 5 a timers no A ii i nn Attti xSoo and that was 80 years ago destroyed three of the four ware Pueblo and Arkansas Railroad that built the road through Royal Gorge Colo At a certain point of the canyon the walls nearly 3000 feet ln height come together until a space of barely SO feet remains The narrow ledge of rock on which the road was being constructed came to an abrupt end below the river was a raging torrent Mr Robinson was badly pussled by these obstacles After om days of pon dering the solution suddenly came to htm stand the packing and breaking of the ice of the St Lawrence But the two engineers went ahead with the enterprise The working season ls very short averaging 26 weeks a year Nearly 3000 men were employed during this period The bridge consisted of a huge rectangu lar tube carrying a single track It was 16 9044 and sonry mVa nrwMrai nnv vls destroyed three Otthiifanrir wv a i i Bince then every effort has been tnade EJEl Pn of all kinds ln these days obviated the however estimated by him at less than awa rit tn ottemnt to 1 ZTTtZT FZLF1 even above the noise of th hiwinp ThB etnoi nfr We caifl necessity for it three miles ZfTi rrT t44 t7WMMy stejtm When Marshall opened the incu ago was ortlnarliy used to draw the Tto f0ra8e oi Pffeons was Another curious communication made reproduce the but wnaonswm gi pa TO Wwit Any bator a healthy looking young rooster birds info a net much like a big fish mostly mast small nuts and acorns on this week to the academy shows that men The man who made it and who alone jM broke through the shell of the egg The seine which was sometimes used First the oak trees which at that time were of the stone age sufferedfrom gout dys knew its composition died and no one oMhe eldest trade secret in the poultry book had prescribed soft meal you sought a large operifield where you most abundant in many paru of the coun pepsla rheUmatlsmand many pther mod waw hl name or even the nlace of his a ne en alTllied It Is the for young chicks and Marshall hurried could see a long distance In either dl try Their feeding was chiefly done in the ern ulseases While In charge of prehla Poc nvaWa ch4rtrettetfi famous back to the house to prepare the food rectlon then you built a hldine niaee of dense forests yet strange to ear they torie excavations In Llzy sur Our in the ouri He never veaiedto any one we liquor Tift White Friars the monks of When he returned he was startled to hear fodder corn Inside the fodder shock seldom made their roosts very far from Seine et Marne department Archaeologist details of his mixture and it was not uh the chiefs Carthniiaa monastery the feet wide 18 feet high and weighed the new arrival crowing lustily The where the trapper was to be concealed towns or settlements These roosts were Baudoln whols equipped with wide medl til after his death that the real valuator wona nomine secret and jrom time tn tons It was divided into 25 spans rooster was already half grown was driven a stake several feet high to something wonderful and It 1s difficult la cal knowledge Jits been examlnIngover the oil was discovered monaijiney naveinaasjiiusyjijnou the piers were built of massive ma TThat fellow doesnt need soft meal which was fastened one end of a tope this day and generation to conceive of a hundred skeletons of the stbne age men After the inventor died hl bookkeeper Cordial at Xa a Chrtreutteltuated in addition to we onage proper inougnt Marshall He needs hard corn annnt isi Uet ienr th hth nrt niT them Millions of birds aetuAiiv oher and women and he anas tnar a large pro took tne smau swok eroiron aanaiae jiDMTuBjrsjjieri urenoB i wiraprtpertyjksi As a result he threw heavy Iron girders some 2500 feet of approaches had to be When he returned With the corn which attached to a stake the 150 feet iHtant Ing the sky like a sreat cloud would de portion have deformations of the spinal his par for the MOO salary due him Ht JFranceViDesplte thf fact that tht French across the canvon from wall to wall like fashioned so that tne total lengtn oi ne had to go to Soulre Baldwins store Kn that th mn wis stfiitpborf taTt pt iscend In some aeemtnlv weifteted column These are suted to be certain tie creaming that he WOuiareau anywoyemmemconnscaiea the rafters of a roof and anchored their the work was 91 feet The cost was to purchase Marshall found the rooster height of five or six feet The net was wood and their settling in the boughs evidence that the men of a thousand fcen wjiere neaf ltbet amount ends In the solid rock 8000000 fully grown lying dead in the bam about 30 feet Jong and lzfeetride and and branches was a scene Indescribable luries agosufferedlrom many formsor daring his life the inventor trnm thai rafters ha simrunrteri Ac he napfiAneer and freight traffic in When the Cneiar Clrnv morto nraiA i wn ctn4 a ra lfirt Tlnrr ti HmIi nwm iV fVi klva nVirnnff arthrlHa nch artt nrrlman1 B1IW sfullvifo ftell the Oil bridge that carried the track until It creased however the demands on the called in they diagnosed the case as nat your hiding place rolled up against the would settle so closely as to be a compact nowadays The results have been con ers but they werelskeptlcat and wuld Chemist JtnoW exactly wha Ingredients igain met the friendly shelf on the other single line of the bridge were so great ural death due to eld age rope like astovepIpe wlth a slanting mass would bend beneath the load and JJnnedby other sdentltsTanditJs now not eyea Vo a rVinnT In Its ronSITOCtlOn W3 rrurP Ohot Hmm tnrlar in hinlrA lw hiwM lf th in flTl9llv tsmV I4 nh Air KmK IS lalltttf nnilhll Mdlt Ml ArtrrtTileTH lHAnfl Imperative After much consideration ture commented Squire Baldwin ihe rope own to the ground5 ro arranged whirring wings and the cries oi 5 side ot the gap The plan worked ttke eharm She orig 1 kMW0 give it a trjair VT vg oi 3 eontarns Mttheyfannt mix them in nltltPnrtroVgd tivbe a better tsuchs a W1V ai tdcoiifioct thettnulna the often pathology of7the stea Klesnaw i JX fe feV A ti a ff WSiy rfa iisv 7 Si 1 tj i rfjsr 4 i mwrnmssr wtfl i i fjnnsmMaaaesssmHmmtm

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