The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1934
Page 4
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MJu KLYTHBVlLLE, (AUK.) COURIKIl NfiWS «, tHE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS : fBB OODROB NEWS CO,, POBL ^ O. R. BABCOCK, MU« H. W. HAINE8, AgverttolPg Bott NttloniU AdvertWng Heprewntktitw: iitaiuu D»Ui«, inc., New York, Onle»r&, Detroit, St. Mul«, Dalltu. Kansas City, Uttie Hoi*.' PubJIihed Every AJwrnoon Sunday. Oatfrcd in second class nutter «t Jie post ofl!« at Blytherill*, Ar- ,-Miias, under act ol CongnM October 9, 1917. fierved by the cm ted Prwt. " SUBSCRIPTION RATfc By carrier in ihe City or BiytltevJlle, Wo per wetk or 13.50 per year In »dvanc«. By mall wttUn a radius of U mll«», P.OO per jear II SO for elx months, 85o for three taontnj; by mail In postal zones two to six. Inclusive, 16.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable tn advance. Sacrifice of Politics to Lasting Honors Probably the most significant single thins about Mayor l.aGuardia's inaugural in New York was his blunt |)veWiction: "I never shall be re-elected." That brief lemark, taken in conjunction with the new mayor's policies, contains a whole volume of commentary on municipal politic.-; as it is practiced in America. The reasons for the new mayor's pessimistic prediction are simple. He aims to give New York a clean and efficient administration He is going to reduce Ihe niimlwr of city employes by approximately 10,000. He is going to cut salaries, abolish useless boards and commis.Mcns, consolidate cily departments, end the reign of graft in the letting of contracts and the buying of supplies, remove politics ''frpm'thc police department. v ?' He K going, in short, to-do those ! simple things which obviously and indisputably arc proper for n mayor to ' do. i .' ..,, . _.. _, ..'•-••—'•"••* •*' • •' • - ' But we have btiill up the kind of system in our municipal politics which makes it very unlikely that any administration can do those very proper and necessary things and win re-election. To succeed in American municipal politics, as' a general tiling, a mayor must consent to a certain amount of inefficiency, a certain amount, of favoritism, and a certain amount of outright corruption in his government. The extent to which ho nuts up with those things varies from city to city, naturally; but the man w!i<\ like La- Guardia, boldly proposes lo abolish them entirely is a great rarity, and be takes it for granted at the slarl that he cannot be re-elected. We have hut! a Ki'^l ticiti of Uilk in tlie last year iiljonl a "new deal," sihotil a new spirit that is cnlerin^ our conduct of national affairs. Nowhere do we need ;i public opinion thi'l will sup- in ouv system ot local government. We need not only politician. 1 ;, wiio are courageous enough to put principlt! above the SUCCCSB of their OUT. careers; we nee da public opinion that will .support such men when they do appear, and give them the backing ihey must have. The piping times in which money was so plentiful that wo could afford lo support wasteful and grafting city governments have gone, now, and there is not much chance that they will return soon. It is up to us to cut our clolh to suit our pursi; to html for and support politicians willing to lake office with the prediction, "1 never shall be reelected." —Bruce Cation. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark To Check Blackmailing Senator Millnnl Tyiliiitfs of Maryland plans to seek a mocliltailion of iliu famous Mann acl in llio ii'.'oscnt .sus- sion of Congress. This law was passed to strike a folnw at the white slave tnill'ic. Unfortunately, it also lias lieen a lioon to blackmailers. It is perfectly possible to prosecute under it a man who never has dreamed of having Ihe shadow of a connect ion "with llw: organized vice trall'ic; and unscrupulous folk have used this fact as a lover to extort money from men guilty of nothing more than indiscretions. It goes without sii.vint', of course, that iu revising the law c;ire must be taken to leave it a n cIVeclive club against commercialized vice rings. Senator Tydings believes it is possible to amend the law so as to destroy its usefulness for blackmailers without weakening its usefulness in Din Meld for which it was designed. It is to be hoped that lin succeeds in Ins plan. m siissj fW life! itpr %i til nVs^yuFa'jti y:c_ ff_u o y */r r fv. _ "Well, what are YOU starim CHURCH EXCUSE Jiiil a short time aya our minds were centered around the o:ie word, "BifU." One uf the greatest [lifts known to man ts recorded hi the (ic.spcl of John 3:10. A>, a result of this fcifl we have faith, ho|x> and love. As a result of this ^ift wu have Ihe clvijrch—The chinch tenchr.s us to develop our faith, ouv hope and our love. ATTEND CllUKCil SUNDAY Co tti in it ice. Arthritis Hits Joints Like Rheumatism But Is Different , malic disease w!:ich occurs in pco- p!c under 30 years of age. This t'oni) nf riifL'iiie usually begins with an infection .somewhere in the body; for example, teeth, tonsils, or- • tor-elated ' presicieatcf&lunili University, the , sciicofffiat played. Stanford, last Monday „ , , ,, From these points. the are earned by tne blowl to Use jomts. whch then swell and be- , antl , S • whether this is due to intecuon. ' to s °i™ dietary disorder, or to some t-enns , spcola] < £ £CnsUivit The disease gradually gets worss. 8 ' c mosl tllat ca , (lo!1( , BV I»K. MOKIIIS l-'ISHBKIN' i rdilur Journal of the American .Medical Association, and nf Hygeia, flic Health Magazine What you may think is rheumatism may be. instead, a fortn of arthritis, or Mime inflammation following an accident, that can bs cured more easily than rheumatism. Rheumatism may affect the whole body. while arthritis is any inflammation of the joints. Of course, some cases of art'.'.rHis may be rheumatic. On the other hand, a person may sustain an iu- jmy lo f. joint, such as a sprain of j (] er appendix, kidneys or sinuses. I .•-„ n .« t al>3lUm or chemical il,,,t~H the ankle, which may to folded j „ ls j, ol M aculc aJn<1 Mr!olls as!!^™^"' Sly. S relatton'" by inflammation. , (be type just mentioned. This form j sn | p (0 fo3A _ Goi]l ro])rc scnts arlh- Arthritis of t'.us type usually is j of arthritis Knot so frequently fa- | r i ( j s O j this tvpe I not infected and gets well if the ' ' ' i joint is put. at rest by bandaging After the in- come painful. Associated with, to give tne Ucill ](cf f| . om , )c these cases are fever and sweating., palll bj . suUablc p hj. sical mcasure . Moreover In some cases, the heart alld , iai . napSi , '^ treatmciu to is affected and the condition known, limil ex tont, of the dcfo-mity -ind as acute riietimatic fever develops. Another lorm of arthritis K sec- progres-s of the disease. Finally, there Ls a form of arth- ondary to infection in gall-Wad-' r i t i s that is due lo disorders of lal and much less likely to attack i Apparently, in this type of in- the heart. j Damnation, moderation in eating In still another typj of sriihritis. | is of the greatest importance, such nammation has disappeared. Ihe (lle j 0in!s pradually became crip-: a person should eat eggs, green joint iniiy be used :\ little each day i P ! et i; one after the other they break vegetables, cereals, milk, nd mi!k and will recover. Idown and are injured permanent- products as the chief elcir.ciits in There is a fern) of acu'.c rhett-My. It is not definitely kno\vn' his diet. Death for Reckless Driving Sonic Niirl of nitonl fur severity in dealing with rctkless driving seems to have been 'sut by the Russian court -in Moscow, which recently imposed the death penally on n nintorict who let his car i;et nut of control, caromed into a nini'cliini; column of troops, and caused the dentil of four men. This .sentence is ;tll the more astoiind- injf when one considers (he f;ict thai, except in cases of counti'i'-reviilulioniiry activity, lUtssiait courts arc reluctant tu impose the death penally at all, even for cold-blooded murder. It isn't likely that very many Americans would favor the adoption of such stringent measures ii! tins country. Nevertheless, there is something to be said for the adoption uf extreme severity toward the man \v!io handles bis car so poorly thai he destroys the lives of his fellow men. We have a lot of public nieitiiccs of that variety in America, antl .so far we do not seem to hive Sound any very effective way of dealing with then). Yugoslavia Finds New Inspiration in Rabbits liEI-GRADE tUPi—A buck rabbit by the name of "Magnus" has proved the inspiration of n new Industry for Yugoslavia. Two years ago his owner. Professor Lebcdev, a lecturer at the Technical Faculty of the Belgrade University, purchased him from Britain for Die purpose of start- j h.g an Angora rabbit farm. | Professor Lebcdev' had a few other rabbits at that time, but liv PI tributes must of his success to this pri/e winner. who has brought ih? population of his farm up to 1.500 in two ycsvi. Due to Uivl success of this firs*, venture in the I Angora wool bnvuicos, Professor | Lebcdev expects io open mhcTl Hibit centers^in Yugoslavia. Part I nl his success he attributes to | nourishment here, and labor c:.ring for [hetn. High prices arc j obtainable for first class r.ibblirJ tutli from Uritnln and the United Slates. j Each ..rabbit is clipped approx 1 mutely four limes a year and his Rod bill averages iuit more than : r-bTjUl G2 cenl.s in twcivc months. The average wool return per rabbit is over S3.20 and [he upkeep i? negligible and a (lomishui^ in- (iustry is iircdiclei.: for Hulgratlc antl vicinity. arneo urn • ii!;i;i\ 111:111: TODAY (;Vl'SV .M O II E: I. L nnU TOH ^Vi:,\Vi:H (in- jn:irri«-tl ivltli a Kll-lpli- I-4TC1IIIHI T nil tllf iSIIIllC tl^T Hi-. 1 I, II. A II I) 'I A I. I .\ li ntiU l)i:Ui:U Itl.ISS in:irr>- hi ,\f(T 1 nrk'fi rtiD\t f;i •. Mi-inn I dr church. «;.vii^j ;n, il l.ila :irc fhiljlinoil fr!< mts. '[],,• \\>rtvi-r^ >-iifiiil llitir h<m.-j ii in TIII il KM- nuii r; Vurk ai The sacrilkc inndc by On»;i(ii.'i^ of yc.stcr- <lny should be our inspirnlioii lo tlisdwrgc Ihc rtulics of today uncl loi^orro\v. —Premier licn- iicll of Ganiulii. Cnnucrs Iliiild Cluhhnnse 1IION MOUNTAIN. Mirii. (UP' - A loy cluhiioiisi' in the scenic • hills of Pine Croc':, iu':ir here. w;;s • 'r,i:lit liy n ijvoiip cf fai-m?r.s. wlio S^tiicr cacli yalurrlay n: ;:u lor' old-fashioner; dnncfs. Let U not te forgotten lliat vc «cic siivcd not by Gernuui blood, but by llic b'.ood of the Saviour. —Cardlnnl Fliullmbcr of OtrniLtny. SWcr; Mcel Aflrr .V> Years I'ROVIDENCK. J>. I. lUi'i—Mrs.' Briclye! Maloivj. o.' iN'cw Xnal,in:l. '-. ai.ti Mrs. Thomas F. Clossick. Sr.. of Providcnrc. ini-i ' at a dinner; PCIV tccenlly for [lie Hrst tnnc :•! • 52 years. They ar.- sisters. It is trouble enough to make li.oncy \ulhoiK havinij to count, it afterwards. —George I)cr- tiard Shaw. ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier .Ve».s has b-:rn ai:- thoriznd to announco the foHowing as candidates for jvibllc otrire. subject to the Doi.'.ocratic primary next August: Mm r;n n.\ WITH Tin; ETOHY CllAPTKIt 111 7T was unite difiereat, Btartins 0(1 in the mornir^. from lifo |n llhie Hills. There Clytio had al- UHYK had Gypsy's breakfast reatl> and w.'iitiu:,'. Here she had to rise halt an hour earlier t! 'iVim in cider to squeeze oraupes ret Hie table and make coffee (;y;r-y was <--li]l far t'rotu exjier iu matters, although 1 iu.ii:i:d hi-r inordinately. Till.* inoi-Rliig a =lislii sliffi l)i;m:!ed nver the litlle liouseli <iy]-:.y ijcw about, measur sir:ii.iiu'. r . r-*i:iriii!;. Although she v.-a.-. siiiillciliy ohf-Tfiil. lier heart v. :i>- snre. It wnssi't fair—it wasn't lair . . . i-lie koi>t toUins herself. [!:;it Turn should f;c luuchiag to- liny, tlirir Jir-t rl.iy iu tiic new life. ;it I lie c:nJ r.E tlie boneymocn «vitli niinliir;- uirl. >'i;.u were ilif iVrcui. ilx're v.i.; nn doulit abou !l. N'ir.v. s;i:' uniiltln't havi- U'.oi:"lit irf ii!;i!;in^ an engagc- me'.it lli^t di-1 mi include him. The fact Hint l:e hail meant to lr.fii:(lc. her—hud. iu fact, blun- f'or .Member of Congress CLINTON L. CAUWELL, UUT OUR WA\ By Wiiiiami .tl: And (no si:m total o£ her ft.liui; v.;is injury. Silo v-oi:lci!i't have 1::ue tn \\;i;.h tip the liiv-.-iiifast lliiu-:.--. tliat i:-.;;r:i •;.:<:; i-o:tii:n. It w.n S:1i [inn tl: : v : it ti-v.v:i ; tor Counly Ticasurcr JOE S. DILLAHUNTV THATS ALL RIGHT -THAT'S -T.-TALL RIGHT ! YOU MAY 6& BULL O'TH'WOODS m TWIS SHOP, BUT I CAN DO THI9 - ''*JOB WITHOUT- YOUR BIG BUGLE STICKIN' INTO IT! WHEN I NEED YOU ,I'LL SEND FOR YOU 2-i_ OME. MORE PEEP OUTAYOU AW' I'LL QUIT TWS YOU BIG I- -Z.-2.-2.-2- For Cirriiit Court (Icrk HUGH CRAIC. Cnunly Court { li-rk I'RIiD I'-LEEXIAX R. L. lUIU.Y' GAIN! G. C. (IKEi HUDSON FOR CITY CIl-TICLS Election Ti:e«lay. I'tir Cily (Icrk S. C. CRAIC, fniii.- morning hail tunic.! 1:11- lOinmoL.iy ^varni. ono of hie. .S.'.-o hated /cjvirig ihc apartment f/iu5, beds unmade, the. in confusion, tiff there n-fls no choice. \vn? l:cr irrclrvant lliong!:!. At [ "I don't E;no\v." Cy[t,-y was bo- ironi IJhic Hilla. i-hc hnd j Eir.nin?:. (innbtfitlly. Bhc coithln'c, -iilij-:i i:j incro comtoriaMo fash-! she thought. o?.t a Fi:iyle bile. >-L MABEL fev McELLIOTT Sin;,, O 1933 HEA Savlce, I iet and bought chops. vcp,et^hlD« or a palail and pep.s. Next thjor she added a lias ol rolls lo her collection. She would, she decided, have to manage her affairs better in future. She would telephone an order before she Icf'. and find the supplies awaiting her at home. She would make menu ists for a week ahead . . . A church clock struck six as ?ho reached the apartnicLit busld- ius. She longed for a shower, clean clothes, time to rest liefnre dinner. Clytie had had a delightful habit of drawing a bath just before her arrival ut the house iH Btiio I1I1I3 Now she- would have tn rush, to liave tiling;; lixed ue'oiu Tn got home. She. didn't wnut lo a bedraggled. home-keepiiiB wilt.'. She wanted him to tliiuk her always pretty nml glamorous, ri-orn where, she stooii. this looked <nm& a larye order. As ?he slipped her key into Hie lock, she was visualising tiie sceini wliieli would £]ircnd lisfdre lier. There ^'ould be a pile or r.lul-y i dishes. There would Ijc f.vo briU to ninkc. Yc-stcniay's inpi'is slill ] lay about. She br.ncor] bf:r sSioul- ; der,=. ami tli.i door llew open. "Why. tiarlin?:" InnOM was there tofnre licr. Over ; •*• his shoulder she s-iw a riiick jand span kitchen. Tiifi living i room was in cxf]ui?ilc on!er. There were even .sniii'? fr<v!i ryRanthemnms iu a liitle v.ise- "U'iiat on earth . . . '-" His kiss silenced licr. fie -vis kintj her VLinlle?. 3J^hi:ifl hi:::. iu the gloom, an aproned fjs i i rG loomed. "This ir, Dian.i. Mr.-. Weaver, ma'am," Tom ?aiil. gravely. "I'i- nnt of it. did j io:i. "•: train and ferry.. Oh, well, iiff-iise. in Uy|,-lymi i-.>uhln't Invc " everything. : didn't ie:i=mi ] You i-.^il to pay for the privilege . . . she merely 1 of living in New,York City. ">:y dear, that's the be.-! look- ins m:i!lt!" Her colleagues lc;l her wilh smiles and haud- rla?ps. "We've mu'Ecd you." said * Marr. an from Kiiudolph-Macon. Th'jro Mas a lump in her throat. Vood would coil a inly olioke Iior Hul just then Blanche Jor- tian called down "Telephone for Think il's the Ijcsl hall: you." Gyiisy. hean." She ran, forgellins her new dicuity. "Ve?, it's m»." She couldn't 'We've Ihelp makiiii; her voico ?mall nnli's Koins to clciiii np (or na every day. fix Hie tilings for rtin- ncr and whatever else ym; lil:e." White teeth earaeci i:i a l:!:i-- i coriai»Iy you, honey. It's ir.jure-i. like a cliild's. !•-; IMSL i ini.;!ny nice to see you." | "Darlir.q." Tom saiil. : - :;cl T!:i : : part of It wasn't FO hail.; h-cu wnrryins about-you. '.'*' -S:ie fr.rsot the subway. Her pn- p:]5 had cr.ser dark facc^; I feel rotten about this. You know 1 want to hurt yon. I just \t 'work was' ' Iirl| i't kr.ow how to get out of face. Dinah's apion was spo "lint Tom." said Cyp-y. fiillnw- ius him luto the livins rcnr.i. "flow on earth did yon do it? Where did you find her?" lie lailialed tlie prb'e o! the cdirient male. ^ "I came home early." he saH. ,• ] "and when I saw what a slate l!ia place, was in anil realized what it would mean lo yon every ni^lit. !.-:> hitorestin<,', yon overlnoUc-d the ilirt an;l the dale . . ." "It's all right." It really wa=. r.iy., vvc , v ,, ; ~ f nr (he to:-! iev,. | ^.j, jn cl;1; . _ _ . oliaik- ii'.:i!l j sllc , vn , tnrprifoil io ' i- oi'.ly the . . t into her classes . . .junv.. liiins on your vampires. [ | lc s . . . inoilel- ' Hi'in- on yoi:r Vera Grays. He lo Ihs others, all of them. a t l loved !:?r. ? t eleven. jhcr face shinini;. .,., With the approach of hincV "I lionc you've saved me a big !,>' '*, 'ihoiir came the thought nf Tniv.V ; liu--;,-y s.i-.idwich." s!io cileil. run- r : ?".~ I reinl07vor.s. Her heart sank. Why Ininq l«:n t!ie teacher's room. "I'm ''"" ' iliil she feel so mi=crab!e about it? I famished." ill uonscnfo—ultcr nonsense.] M;-, M.,, T nll(1 Mj ... ]n chosen her out of all , cbnn; 1 '"'"""•'. i'.:i; v.-orl<l. What did tt mntler if I pbn-- ' "! i: ! :U " he lunrhcd loilay wHli another 1ikj s < c .,i A1 .,i . i;ri(io „„ Uic " ,'"", 1 ' v.nma:,: Thi:s reason arsncd, ] S MA. 1 scared up tlie rupci :ntcn<! n nl anil lie fCMt Dinnh arounil." "Won't tt cut into our bnrlgct. Oyp?v wanted to know. 'Tom waved (hta aside 1 . Dlna.i. I. would clinrgc them f .1 <-for jiirt lime vork—an.l iir.m.iiie. :';o kii- !i fu:;ioil. lull lllerc uas Mayl,, Tnr.i w,s vUi.l ainl sh, | ^^::,^ ot lnjl!ry persisted. , wniilil lime In get !om,e:ic In tj ! l . '' . . , ]-.,.., n H ; I -^ - " ! "Yc-.i coiuc ti have somethins ! T TSi'Al.l.Y (;>p.-}'s duties at th i -^:;t ;::. honey?" Mi^* Marr stm k j j-c;'.l-jiui:i:t IIOI;?G were enrici she was glad to KCt it. Wearily Gypsy lo?scrt I ho smart little hat on the da>heii and (luffsd out her hair. "Well, that's fiae." slio 51 il. "And now I must see about dinner." Tom restrained hrr. "She'll KCt dinner tonicli' — y. n:mi?ed"fp'inst"^h i didn't I tell you? Three irtM* <-r her licnd. Ko they've i wcek-that wni the arraiuc- mcnt I made." "Uarliiif. ynii'ro wonderful. •p?y breathed. "You're to re.= t n"' 11 'J * ready," commaudeil the «''."''.';_'" neatly collie:! head d mound j at four o'cl.ick. but today she was r!cl.a;:c!l for almi>=t an hour, catchin; up with letters, seeing affairs, ni.i-,lerriiUy. "Anil al.or- wards you're lo look far orctii- cft, bccauso we're going >" h-ive

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