The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on December 23, 1919 · Page 4
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 4

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1919
Page 4
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- 2C JSU 1 fe Acfaaed I A TT I A ia j i sF SBSfSRSgBSg G8T 4 WOMEN IN NET rrf J iT - TJI WI1 ce vonauci - Koiinuuiur plif ters in JDoBtoivB Stores J Ji - M3rwTwMHMMMMwMaHMn rsvfAse - fMKii - j - T - ri nn - n iwrnTTmn rTwnrnrr - rTwmmTmHiMM - mmiMmmmmmmmmmammmimmmmmMTmmmmmammm - rvur nnnwm - n i - J WhIt11ITTO - X SO r Jrr - - - t J - rti - iX - rZTk f A - - 1 r jeu - xxhx r - - - - - tt - - i - j - ir r - fti 1 tii - SVi - t - i i i i rir3 TsvtU fJo - rr sr - - li - iHr t i - vsJLte itivi5ii I lf t - fmvni - gf i - itaT - 5rfsrx - s jkz - ipri - - - - s i - i Tr - rirsf ai - Jrjar w i imm i t i - y - i iv - r XT - - 5ilit WSW577S 5 - KSVcti S l - F I I - l - i3Bl 1 - l - - e - JVSfe3se3S 1 1 II SBtl 1 rii lnlM i li i i Hii iilflii i I i h JVl PFl i H v x - rr - t iAIKJWODSpBTH 1000 i rir J 1st Said to Be Memliefrs of Rep table Families of JWasbJngtoa i - t - r - - w c t I Another Jfad loot Prepared 0ts to Children tectlves from police headquarters jtssigted by several members of tbe - WoilJana bureau of the department yeslfrday conducted a round - up In - ovfntown department stores and ar - rpsfed four women on charges at shoiiittlns More than JliOOO worth of BOcgis stolen from stores h the last Treffi was recovered if was Intimated at headquarters last niht that the accused women wei4 from reputable families of Wajhlnffton and Virginia and for Uialj reason their correct names were witjjiheld I Charged to Customers CWe girl was arrested by Policewoman Clark charged with the theft of 5wn and hats from a department stofia In which she was employed Afccordlngr to the police the girl chaf red the articles which she took to thefs - ccounts of credit customers and In Sils manner obtained several hundred doilars vorth of merchandise Afiother girl arrested was found In posjession of several hundred dollars woAh of articles alleged to have been takfen from several stores Made Gifts of Loot Vhen this girls home was searched iheipolice say a number of parcels neatly wrapped andaddressed to juvenile friends werefound The girl hadjaiot retained any of the articles shelis alleged to have stolen for her perjonal use the police assert Because of the girls unselfishness in the disposition of the alleged stolen articles operatives of the police department finally found a person to depslt collateral for her Of all the women arrested during the Christmas rush only three have bee sentenced to pHson The others wTrfined from 5 to 15 and released Tlie stores through the efforts of the shoplifting squad headed by Detective Jacob Berman have recovered raoi than 8000 worth of stolen goo in the last three weeks The annual loss at the hands of shoplifters is eftimated at more than 3000001 OfgBfmmspsEPm B1MM - m - c - - z 4Ln3Ir i - ZrH - j - V - S - - 1L - - S57 v - c - - ijCTii - v3Ufri jiwfc 3a - - Cvv - iivrsuiT - Tfiiaa JiT Ibwm - - - r - - i t - 1 Baltimore 1ectt - Cfea3n9rrtajxcy3i74i choice 3IaryJand ancC Pennsylvania rollv - 4re48 - Oblo rroHs - fS0iWest Virginia rolls 4648 atoreljacJc - err - 46J - Maryland Virginia - ana jfenn3yxvaniar aaary print3 - - 50rpTocess batter 5859 EGOS - 7Marylarid Pennsylvania - and jearbv9rsUt 0J72 West - I ctu uiowji ivv f - i - S o firsts 6970 Sou tb era firsts 9 POULiTKY Jiye lekens old hejiaM lbs and over 2702 small p jnedlum 2i25f white leghorns ft 025 r old roosters 20 21 springers large 2829 white leghorns ZAZZi clucks - young pekins 3 lbs and overi 31 32 puddle 2930 muscovy 2930r smaller thin 2526 old 25 26 turkeys young 7 lbs and over 46j48 oldrt445 folk 37T5 Wllminston 3700 Grain Chicago Dec 0 - CORN No 2 144145rlo - 2 yellow old 153 OATS No 2 white 8 - 70889 No 3 white 84 86 - RYE No 2 L76176 Sdg 35rjrxeatBazuc4Z - sirio ra - t red winter - 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dayvvarned the public to watch out for jBke tax collectors One way the fakjtax collector operates is to sell a taxpayer a book with directions to fill it offt and make his returns to a fake income tax bureau Alleged letters of authority sent out by nseudo collectors are printed on lettoSr heads of the income tax bureau in ytashington and bear impressive goldenseals Alafjra Over Small Shoreham Fire Hundreds of people gathered at Fifteenth and H streets norihwest yesflrdaj afternoon when an alarm thatrtthe Shoreham Hotel was ablaze called out all Are equipment In the dowhtown district It developed that an overheated radiator set fire to a window sill on the second floor No other damage was caused New York Dec 22 A wireless S O S message was received Tiere tonight from tbe British stfeamer Princess May owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway saying that she needed immediate assistance She gave her position as latitude 38 15 north and longitude 7SJ50 - west The Princess May is a small steamer of about 1200 tons and was approximately 100 miles east of Delaware bay on a return trip from the West Indies when she sent out the S O S The American steamer Tjenape two days out from Jacksonville for New York picked up the distress signal and notified the local naval communications office that she was 60 miles away from the Princess May It Is assumed the Lerane has erone to her Warns I assistance The coast guard cutter Itasoa which was lying off Fire Island was ordered to proceed to the assistance gf the Princess May Norfolk Va Dec 22 The radio station at Hampton Roads naval base received a wireless S Q - S tonight at 7 oclock from the Princess May saying Want tow out of commission want assistance at once At 737 p m the second message was picked up saying - Am in sinking condition engine room flooded The radio also said that the wireless had been temporarily put out of condition by the flooded engine rooms but that they were senamg with a i COiL Later on In the evening the station intercepted a message between the American stamr Lenape and the Princess May in which the former said Airf 70 miles from yon can get to you by 1 oclock Still later a final message was received from the distressed ves - say No danger now without any further explanation aa to her condition TREATY VOTE BY STXTDEHTB Special Referendum January 18 at George Washington University George WashingtojJjUriiversity students win vote on the peace treaty atad the league of nations - at a special referendum January 13 Separate votes of the students and faculty members will be taken Ratification of the league and treaty with out amendments or reservations opposition to the treaty in any form ratification with the Senate reservations and any compromise will ve voted on Senators Lodge and Hitchcock have been asked to issue statements summarizing their views - m rw 5tr - - zZrirzi itSry - wifiS - j V T - TJa iTT j V - - 1 - SSL JbTt S - lii h i fS - li 3S - aTV3SjfipiVte R W A iHHaiH - BifvrJ sr - s it5v t v - r Sr J 1H u - liJl - tirl iljl II - cs i mzlsmwfa m I Q 4 f eV Vr v rrt J I s Si tA blouse event thatiricliides ex - 53 ll - li - V - - - rr rre t7 j i - L - Lr2S - 4i models1 fashioned of finestheavv quality Gwrgette DEATH OF LIEUT W STRONG In Canadian Army He Was Gassed at Tpres and Vimy Ridge The first Wasklngtonlan to join the allies Lieut William Strong Jr of the Canadian army died Sunday nightj at fasaaena Calif where he had gone to recover from illness caused by being gassed at Ypres and Vimy Ridge v Lieut Strong was lie only child of Mrs Josephine Douglas Strong and thelate Wllllany iNewton Strong He was aigrandson of Justice William f Strong of the Supreme Court and a nephew of Mr and Mrs Henry B F Macfarland His body will be brought East for interment In the spring ARMY OFFICER ISSTJICIDE Iiieut Col A W Smith Had Been 111 at Fpt Sheridan Hospital Chicago Dec 22 Lieut Col Andrew W Smith United States regular army shot and jiilled ftiiself at Port Sheridan Hospital todayi He hadeen ill for several months suffering from nervous ailments and insomnia Today while ona walk with a military police the officer reached over snatched the pistol from the soldiers - holster - and shot himself i BetweenDiE Kr BetweenD gg il Grafonola Style E - 2 100 Bffit - - - 1 - 9Hr r r This fine Columbia Grafonola in your home - will make Christmas a real joy Brings to you all the latest sentimental anddance music It is not too late to have this beautiful Grafonola in your home for Christmas A small payment delivers it and you will appreciate Christmas time as you never have before HEAR THESE FINE RECORDS Tell Me Al Jolson Santa Lucia Unknown Riccardo Stracciari baritone solo 78100 10 - in Single disc 00 - Tha Hnd TJiaiHoeked Mr Cradle Rules My Heart Medley Fox Trot Whoa January Medley One - Step Introducing Theyre All Sweeties 6126 10 - in - 836 - v Wonderful Pal George Meader tenor solo 2JB1 10 - in 85c Casey Jones Irving and Jack vKauf man tenor duet Steamboat Bill Irvjrig Kaufman tenor solo 2809 10 - in - 85c fc l - sTrMznfco This Columbia Grafonola Is very neat inap - pearance sweet clarity of tone complete tin every detail finished a mahogany or golden oak flj r Eg 9 y BbBBBSbBBw fl - 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