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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia • Page 2

The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia • Page 2

Washington, District of Columbia
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aDtrtalns to roosters in their vbeartnsr i m12Jylmmumi ft sort if horseshoe around a little al lories Va1 VV i ni t1 i At inM T4IkmU A nil 1 i IvAmiI Lw yT IAV atirt oanrt ehKMt RV viMine wandnM I i ar I dli on tneir vacaugns wui ooui vu eaoio i 1 towja oaa another tailed to develop In BBSiiVimmvi giinghoa An 1 7 rvuU naa 6eenresamate By tier sdtoUsts 7z fe V-beginning to come back jneceseary PM Tork Teltgraph Hr produclng495 calories ofheatenergy hi A woman dancing expends ln an hour i vivv Ktni lTtiftTv TMrniMt win lalim ana Bins iorming maaea siipsnoa nn against Crooks cavalry The scheme was ort1flv rJLn lshvMttkea thorough job for these youngsters to makea nice woman devoted to ordinary household it itfl not easv to nrevent thein frdril Europe In order tdrstbh em when they Rhode Island1 Red Cocks of the samei pinning you to a stanchion ana maKing try to make a running start on you listen what they have to say their vacation reminiscences about their vacations Still there uAre For instance theres the fellow One effectual way is to pretend that begins every sentence when he gets back festetlon of spleen or peevishness minor employe and glanced over at the Out we rode 600 picked Slouxs and trtt wwk al0lib3 aM six hQurg youve visited the places that theyw with When I was in Parts I thought at first said lit St J6hn eminently respectable old Indian the phftrennes staglngana yeJlng As we of rest 00 calorics The total for 24 tient upon talking about Just look little Bright Eyes over he to day athaV it was just haughtraloof rA WnsiriWSiio TUB 5rf hours Would supply enough calorics to Av elt sir saysthe returned tourist begins on you first time you mett him nesaburwhen I saytbemxacUy divide a raise 75 pounds of water rem reeling to trying to herd you up In a corner so after his return and Jtell him It you a worm in twor and each take half I nor employe whohadbeemtot theboiling point therell be ho chance for you to make think he overlooked any bets over yon realised that they weret friends As I With sbmeSsmail mission in th city and lflHVPuSWft5vI 55 BO ilinaethei thftenonBOua amount oV a getaway Im Just back from Pink 4er on thether side Say xhum when observed them a UtUeinor closely 1 hak Me4 ifc Jii0telgiieSt fe lywAir ArTlireSUitoasBtpitiiad by a woman Loon Lake in the CattarondacksL ana I was in Paris i saw their friendship was real and sin i ZiiftrtxZL worcbemamr Jealousr savagely sofe who dances I6urs exertlne everv ZrrZrZZF ZrZZSZ ZmZZZvl musclerbrbodythout rest almost say feller if you want to have a sure Ho hd leave It to you to scout out cere In fact they deemed singularly de ills jiiicB ii xcliu yviiKie utcies aiuua or your coin you coon in right there point taking him off his guard before and of course he fa flattered by the enough good time why the places in Pari where mere a action T0ted to oho another psyAologic phase ear Right yoi are you sucki in at tmsr lor your coin you eppp ngnt inere tit lg quite abnormal among roasters fount of speai Hut tne oiansyenne aavancmgcayairy WithoutVfoodi for thbrifl Tmi wisdom and uncle to half tho sPKiW ay weeing seldoma leaves the noorand lAfla ai a iTTTinn Tfi tttt nn hiitb mer up there In lets seer ln SS yep It was 9 andi never caught so many trout in all my born days Glad yoii enjoyed yourself Youve got a bullyj coat of tan Well slong thlpmate and then you sort of edge off leaving him stranded vww luuiiL sja Hwuuiu caAvt mavv hu viw sArMUAAAa leaves auB iitifir inn Bo pronounces became this friendship ottlftthk0w ohlvrfued the whes while dancing being mM bff a huge cigar aptPck resumed wSd i a haA KAsrt ah ArrwiTis nan what lormej jjampn ana laner i yinias me auwit vr Tneseaances ftre usuaUy held In small nr th Mm TO0t Tne are Indeed Inseparable and will mftvo nntown withWtanbr was back yonder In the early nineties fight or each other at the slightest qa innt flnd h1m PyW fuselyi Tra hon xnloM 4r Ha aA1 nates iiKlll Ul CttX UUiCI Ul L11Q EUKilLCBL fcMV os um jwia mpimere ana because vou aont nna nun i tu fu was nTntn iirr tn when I took my first wallop at it but its provocauon nis loving pair or bocks 1 wKirl Wftere does a woman dancing 20 hurs pretty nifty yet I dropped in there for oniy yesieraay slew a groucny Minorca nrsi craci you laimonu uuvui Ua ue an 7 and burning up so mkch fuel eet the little whiz around in the summer of that strayea from ank Rues farm Into hunt for him ought to give you the ping tnemasjasi power if she does not consume it iw say yeuea io Durinsr her 34 hours nin i leading the charge this tne oest iJlw Btirz 1906 know Did you have a peek at the St John barnyard fennlr ritrlt in Kin VAlf tltfht hr fltlll Maybe hes not sufficiently stranded to vm tTiat tlm1L a Lh it i Ill let It xo this time Mmtn fm WotHnir 1t ftn VMI1 uyu vu ovc WilU WUUUCIOU J11U1SQU ZcrhvuviM hovered around there by the guilty look Invincible As he came through the that lesson soak into in VOUr W1CKK to nf T9mnn wo Trout you say Why we didnt get 7q i start to ao a imng Jrvi tinvirrv RtiiASii cu tU Bitjfcaw got was small mouthed bass and Some little burg Paris eh i there seven or eigh but every time I take a hack at it I en nra laanirw thh riiaiEC laiis as but ua i butyouVtryoiet ahea5 and make good SlT your system If you job6Pi pends energy equal to many tlm that doit up to the handle Too goodto true The answer is ln the destruction of tissue iv rh hv n0lce And dust eirucuon or tissue any trout in Pink Loon Lake AH we rvr wn Zo ZZ TV u1 8mBfl Ba8 tp 8nlro Am I rUht CharirthB Bear you old Btl CX 17t a twenty hour oanceshe will lose from fl vt wvwa us rupted him snatched tt kx maii nrai min rn nn iou ao wmi jruu 10 to 15 nound in wile Thl th accomplish iuli a a kicjll cauciibm ni viihiitv nr it a itiA flifHr iranr couldnt have used the right kind or every trip Gee but I always come back iTf lricf BOU8in plume In his shadowing war bonnet ana ri Was An egg represents acalorio value of 110 What no trout you set right back joy lt more whlch is natural enough 1 IT lt wn Damon at him brazening It out Why you pose because I leam more about lt S2 d0twnJ P00 the tidbit and was furious and were ia uu 10 to 15 Bounds in wel llunf But all or us young wrru UBu of thing prise fighters accomDilshttniktr iiv vt miv ioine what was asked i Dnie accompusn ulekly Bsms osm Butujuwuou uv wot a grear expense or vitality fiL cK jcuicaemx rn linn ctciv liiL uco wuv aiwaa come oacx Al uxo Uwb 1 ifl ma sidnir maxen flies or else all the trout have been feeling bum after hitting up Paris and JV Jumorcacame then smiled a smile of Width and wise on ro JrXoH av that Crook th if a woman expends in an hour C7T caught up there its astonishing to see you lookirig so ck with both spur3 and mlxlnS wiatn ana generaUy histories say that Crook caloriC8i 8ne shonM about caneht ten or twelve corkinsr trout ehlnnsr ftti rBnVn iaM a with murderous ferocity when Pythias ness was so hard pressed by tne inaian ai to sustain her or in hour pverv rinv that I was there and I threw tnnw th roct nun fnr crfoob who was gossiping with two hens down Lm iio ifl hf In nerfeet Entr tack that he ceased his advance anq ttsssr ICTSSS CL ft ji i I isyii Jt I IP VV hi tell vvw I back Into the water all of the small er handing a dent on the Delt of Paris the water barrel saw what was going mAiitheil hafca that tinlr mv ViBlt Well Ti7Viit forward on my way and you beat it Its bound to please him so enormously Pythias excused himself to the ladies though When things cfth He may wonder If youre telling the to have you suggest that he must have and raced up the yardto his dear friends done truth but that doesnt maKe any ait aissipaiea outrageously Paris that he euccor Tney laid that Minorca out in ference The point is that youve side wont particularly mind being thus three rounds then dragged his carcass to tracked hinj and accomplished a getaway switched from the reminiscences that the fence and spurned lt into tile Rue before he began to uncoil the entire log hed intended to sift out to you If you yard of his vacation on you dotf succeed in stopping him after un This was only one of Innumerable incl Or take the fellow who is back from a spoiling the remarks already given why dents testifying to the mutual devotion tour of the great lakes the system is to start right In to jabber of the Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Say ne says to you in an expansive iJuy icuun names oi aiiegea Red Frea tone mat pieariy inaicates inai ne is jtoii can seen 1nadfn to the muzzle with reminiscences Say begin did you ffet of Ws trip us people around here think around to that pretty little cafe chan mgh ey bdte dose Ttogethe7on the that thP SPa is the hull pheese hut eosh tant in the Noodezoo Quarter called Le 5 QlJfale close lOffenier on tne llsh you are rlghti There are Umes JWZJj trtA wn i oiiir wancing seems 10 nave Deen easily made iniBotnr but perhaps theBe flure3 ot w8te beat us off and the charge had Deen Ux ui jj im ii4 itm minutes late we wouldhave had six un i sec umi oiu vai mujusn iAt wcuvjuib occurs in unsn Hapstock now In perfect good humor fSWch was St Louis every week The wed i After tnat last mix uji wmw dings are timed to occur on Tuesday or You can never make a break by doing hto hind lance against saber wu Wetae83ay 8that they things right drew off to the ambush and waited Tor tfte end of thj weelc Well let Bft think back a few years thev troops to advance Nothing doing The Polish quarter ta located imm Auey wca jsigntn to wign street and along Blddie i mi ni ti iiti lu iiieii hlikki hiiii nmntr i imniH uently of an afternoon they sala tne oia inaian anuiu yvu wanted no more fighting and politely re and tyy Pnrp nnrt line walking soberly about true little story Ill even show you that his jUjed tp associate with us any longer in gtreets Dancing is the favorite way of tnrv mlirht have heen different It tninES snort we naa mauo iuu 6uuu liBw eelehrfttino Wed1 nira an A htrtnr C0PPEE JAE8 DEOPPINQWATEK TOLD THE TIME THREE THOUSAND YEARSAG0 Pbpulr MetKanlci HE most Interesting 4f allwater In which it standi is higher than sur iv i tw thi Mn rounding buildings It Is therefore rea i sonably safe tt itate that the Chinese s4 per Jars dropping water ln weathrr ftW cme tatIon over 10ft Canton China where 1 saw lt years before out irn Jt conslts of four ln 1867 Referring to tne slmele coppe Jars parttiKf IcUt In masonry forming a stair UKe strueturei yuommenc ing at the top Jar each one drops into the sketch which I make from memory Figure 8 and readihg four Chinese char Bext d0wnwam till the water reaches the hadnt been too well done one afternoon tr tr Ti eaine percn ana cover eacn otner wirn reeir their wmg3 Way back 1878 I was with Sitting it ut iciisi iui Tt JAj WH tt eiui T5ii cm i per jars aroppi KuuiUlil iuuecu niia ureuiumy ami itam in me ajace uau iiuioo mat nigni i BiiuuS sausage and the music This is paid for ni ii men St Tnhns rwn rnncr i im TirVo Vhtnnki that was iT Vyninamen iniorm that the sea is the hull cheese but gosh these great lakes of ours are Well I should sav thev were vou cut ji I 1 i i I thats wherA It cnio 4et Thfl Uaa0 ll Ti KMf Jnn that hllllv little ni frPKCn eatlno nlnno between Dt trips on the lakes Djever go from on the outskirts of Bonfanquer called laed eorg Buffalo to i Duluth on the Tinkytink Au Plcquer Folies de Manteau did you nnmlnar crttvio nnrolv Imoclrmr Knit tVta tt3Kft tllflf firCt rnm ntn vmr mind Why say what were vou doinsr In To Rase Poultry Without Hens Bully little vessel that Great eats Paris anyhow Honitbn lace work aider myself an authority on poultry sendlns all kinds of expeditions took that made me feel about four inches quarters decide to marry they dress up in uont see how you could possibly have pycuoiogy ana in an my researches 1 0t ne afternoon in March as high You young men are a lot oi miotic thejr wedding clothes and canvass the niiA oidonians inl ruined our rZlZ i a acters aownwara me wansiauon 11 can sona DOttom jar in mis lowest one a spoiled our elders plans and ruined our ls the Custom of thhrldegroom to fur tDn Citv To tbe left and tin down nnat the hamhoo stick is nlaced and whole scneme oi rie uU8 nlah free beer and lunch which consists wardHon woo Alow which is Con indicate the helrht of the water and thus ui uuueu cjucjiena ana various Kinus ot per Jars dropping water Educated In a rude way gives the time Jt is said me that lt is over 3C00 to be set morning and evening by dip Henry Smith to he present tn7 his out you saw the young men and vetVdolar ever thai exoen goe to fh tt PlS gV tJH toJf strollinr through the Yellowstone coun ia if ana every aouar over tnat expense goes to tney 8Deak of it as the clock of the runs 12 hours of our time What are the itinmyVcondedln of How try dodging the troops or fighting them rproudVtVe battled taKe the place of the conventional wed street arch this would Jook quite proba uses of Jars jand 3 since the water w5 siuvg Liie iiLucuvcu uuiiums ui wnci Bimyiy euLeiizitsm unu uxiya uub UKaini I con as geeraed most suitable and Uncle Sam dlnr nreaent And Bitting Bun measured me witn a a man and a woman in the Polish nhnprd ft her Then went frnm Detroit tn fihlrairo avoided taking a crack at Au Picauer have never met a parallel case on the Sugquejunk handing him the Folies de Manteau I thought all hands The nearest to It was the case of a red hastlly constructed name of some other went there Give you a swell little fish headed drake once owned by Frank Per fictltious steamer and this Is perfectly dinner you know with singing and kins and a brown gander named Frank safe for of course hes made only one aH that sort of thing for seven francs Spineza that was raised by Prof Stanis voyage on the lakes and he cant be sup On yes expensive dinner of course laus Duffy of Great Notch The drake posed to know the names of all the lake Dut gosh the surroundings alone of and the gander used to talk through the steamers boat the heavy weather onLake Superior though over you must take that place in finite enjoyment in each others conversa seemed Just as if we wereoff Hatteras Youll surely have nailed his nanny tlon Thanksgiving came and the gander Yes siree the lakes are strictly all by this time and the result Is that he went the sad way of ganders The red right Your first ride on em Well draws in his horns completely seeing headed drake however was passed over you ought to go again first chance you how perfectly at home yon are in your and survived His grief at the loss of his get Easy to see youve had a swell Paris and thus you make your escape friend was pathetic and he drowned him time youre as fat and sassy looking as from that one eif a sardine can a Delaware capon Well got to trudge Anotner comparatively easy way to Yesterday ran on Mr Smith wiping alcng now and away you go leaving sidetrack the returned hurry up tour a tear from his humid eye I called on him standing there with all his vacation 1st of Europe when he starts ln to un Mr st JohDi and from an UPper window Cfto mo ut 1 IJ Vo ml TtHth tha nMmtn we were trailing along the Rosebua Kiver wi neignoornooa asKing every one tney Know we Bpotted General Crooks command ad and let them teach you sense Learn that to come to the wedding They get no re vancing upon us A quick council was he who carries a good thing too far is as fusalSifo every one has been a recipient held The younger warriors myself foolish as he who falls before he starts of a wedding shower of dollars or ex among them wanted to fight and we be And I have tried to remember that In pecta to ba l6me day lleved we could cleah up Crooks whole a the thirty three years since that day ln the Polttsil quarters they are still 11 IJ It nnuM hft YOU mleht remember it alSO Mr Hap IVIno nf a foot nt Holn tint wttnea Nother mighty comfortable Au Picquer Folies de Manteau are fence that separated them They were better re reat and look for the chance stock Mrs Zapowas 34 hours It was about Susquejunk We had some worth the money Next time you trot both serious minded fowl and found ln IrronV the hllls the way The old Indian resumed the task of four yearB a lust before theAshlT Custer was caught three months later straightening his feathers and Mr Hap Building was torn down This brido Finally Crazy Horse who pertty nearly stock bowing before the font of wisdom danced three nights and das ran the fighting game outlined ms laeas uuuui which were immediately accepted He pro errand W4 NEW SEA SUPERSTITIONS pent up under his spool his stuff is to make him feel we observed the simple ways of thebarn cheap because he hasnt traveled much First you ascertain how long he was abroad yard fowl It was very hot Damon was abroad in search of provender He chased Oh only four weeks he may say llJ hunl over EEMABKABIE FEAT OF POLISH GIRL WHO USED 192 TONS OF with the palm of the hand but I sure did do a heap of traipsing TT around in that time Did London of lfji of the hennery and Da The sun had mIted the tar and Da reminiscences still surcingle It is necessary of course that you possess information as to the various points that the vacation seekers strike jut for but you can easily get all you need from the summer resort booklets For example the chap whos Just back course and Paris and a couple days in frnm iho Mfoce inVmcflttf i aet onrl I lr Porlin a rt Vr ViQ tlrnti liorl Hnr hes going to tell you all about it starts back to England to snag the steamer on feet sunk In He couldn get off off something like this back had a limited tourists ticket edv ht Pythias of his Well old tubskv Ive just put In the ysee but gosh if I didnt see Europe PglJt and that Intelligent bird ran into three corkiest weeks of my bright young proper why the house and pecked at the hem of the life up around Cape Cod and sa ay Well yes you sift ln at this point cos skirt He led her out to the hen yought of course you did have a hurried lit nery a4 Pointed with his wing to the Who me you rattle right back at tie glimpse of if you must take pains roof Damon was rescued The minute him Huh Now youre stealing my not to make your tone patronizing but he was lifted down to the ground Pythias stuff merely retrospective here but later embraced him with his wines It was Cape Cod hey Why say young fel on when you go back algaln old top very affecting ler I wrote that Cape Cod thing myself youll have a more comprehensive peek words ana music if theres a square and youll avoid the beaten oaths Bride Danced for 34 fiours jVlaxle Spooks Do Ri8 Bjddmg MYSTERY OF A MISSOURI MAN WHO PROVED THAT HE HAD SUPERNATURAL POWER Kansas City Star THE quaint town of Memphis Coming into town I saw near the shore Mo anown of many hills and P0 a water lllysatd the Mayor It a mile away from herer fetch fine old fashioned houses suf tjjat jyyj rounded by Immense lawns Mott went into his chair and closed his fc Harpers Weekly With the advent of wireless telegraphy jL there has come a superstition that bad there Is one hill which stands eyes I heard a rustling by the window news may be warded off if the mastthat out from all the rest It surrounted dont kow whenther was he Wlnd Is a part of the apparatus is patted thrice bylarWf solemn strusture with towers taplCg onihe wlndcw The Mayor went POWER TO EARN 350 evltable reply to all Irrelevant questions caHed has been elaborated in the last year to St Louis Post Dispatch q0 and ask the cooks sister and it is ORSE POWER Is a Btanaara izo puuiiua mw ciem 0 iciaicu luau yw i theoretical unit of the rate of tt in a walt JjS work equal to 33000 pounds boay UftB elght pounds time honored reply to Go and ask the lifted one foot high ln one in waltzing the feet makes three im ships cat pacts on the floor with each turn of 40 a minister aboard ship has always been minute A oio vi impacts io me imuuto a wyui taken as a Jonah sign by seamen In parapets wings and an uncanny history to It On the sill lay his water Illy ext Go and asK the cook a seamans in ideally the big solemn building is aa3re wentout to the pond The lily What Is a womans power Stupendous and almost unbelievable Recently a 1 ah malsht Af VfVa 7am powa waltzing on a large automatic recent years however this superstition wto irsna andA aia Via Vin4 inVlAKlUl The Castle In days gone It rr7s ZLZf Z2 was known as the Spirit Castle and may be an explanation of course there Is the elevation on which it rests was But I dont know what it la Spirit Hill sensational attempt to expose Jlott was made by a Mr Harding a banker of The story of Spirit Castle is the story Monmouth III and two men named of a young clerk an unlettered youth of Chffe and Wells Hardings child had quiet negative disposition but of religl aed Mrs Harding nad gone to Mem ous tendencies the son of tt village fbi veral tmest0 sea th mtle ne is said the production was not exactly sat blacksmith Harvey Mott by name isfaetory and Harding then came with bis For 15 rears that name was known friends to investigate WUs askedto see inch of that country that I havent hoofed Thats what I found about traversing CAUGHT RATTLER WITH HOOK girl and a man was il UVCi 11U1CS OliUW illC LLLK3 lUtU JLLUUJC til If I llld tVIIlg llijf ICW lllILIUl gTavures thats all hurry up trips dodging the tracks made punk eharound Provincetown Did you know For example youll be want 0no aay last week Mrs Geer you stick axound Gloucester very long ing to spend a while in the Austrian passing around their house on the farm wedding between a Polish Bcale throwsfihe hand of the dial eight has been modified to a certain extent A ocefln tQ ocean country ana his dead brother The purported shadeof the departed came Harding had a small Harney County Ore News a tvAw fnm Wa nrtnt nf hr vAnno minister the seflmen helieve will lvna Ir TToet DOUniJS Cltuoi yyo i uuu 1 i rtnn vtwi vnuio lulu tClCUlOlOU lV tnnt nn k1nn mmh nf TciTiaVl With Vllm 1U JDUIULO JI J3 BS1U tU UUUU IJlirflHII iikv I 1 1 artra I nrsurnT vprv limn ciluci luu uul liiuk ao iuuiu i wwu iuiuci 11n11 inirci hii iniimiua Ma Madison 111 At Polish weddings tne touches the floor of the scale at each rev as an old one annually visited Memphis to have Har squeezed it thoroughly spattering thf bride dances with every guest at the olution of her body sometimes the point Men on the sailing vessels haye always Vey raise their dead kindred and friends ghost Mott came but dripping with cereniony who asks her For this priv ep of the scale shows greater weight held that scraping or scratching the man pilgrimages lasted so long with the yeT a1 Harding and his ceremony wno ass ne ghe Jg Mng ftnd hw foQt wQuld brng ft jQng perlQd of g0d i pignmagw ami a so long wa Mtnda Mu Batifled Motts explanation ilege theman tosses a silver dollar upon becomes heavier That is she then weather Men on the huge modern steam ever lncreashlng proportions would In as related to those who heard it was that niate If the blow of the dollar on the nw weteht uDon her foot vessels now similarly believe that scratch dicate that the blacksmiths son nraduced tha eonaritinn heine AiAne ti atmosphere of historical association and PlS a huge rattlesnake that had come pJate breaks lt he has the privilege of before it leaves the floor of the scale and ing a smokestack with the fingernail will apparitions of a satisfying nature elf whatever happened to It would be sne raises more pounas wun vi ji muc wuuuu fOJ Th4 tv aKt tvt iransierrea ig oit me local papers fAllffht A tk hm4AAm a ta wit utavrer Bume Claiming I guess yqu dont live in an atmosphere Tyrol and the Italian lakesll get your southwest of town came very near step vl Hi3iuiiidi duLiiiuuu up cuuuiiu mere goat un rigat aner you ausoiu Liieu what And thats the seashore section where all that Lake Como and Lage Maggiore out from under the house to get a drink uhmit navine a fellow can take hisease too eh No especially and youll want to have a and was returning to his chosen lair uttULs But eight pounds per step is the average llrHDrl rf rtce lun lr 4 I 1 a Tl I 1 11 OTininPr IHVnr w1 up aiu an Liiat oiuu iitisn at rtussia 100 uie uis itiir sav aL wnAra no woa on ituwn irtma rieiTnr ua Nijni Novgorod and Moscow and of ueer was scared and caneo ner xwo sons like you have to do when you make the fashionable Massachusetts places like Magnolia and Buzzards Bay and all that stuff course St Petersburg Russias off the beaten track but youll get there for a sure thing Id been So youve been Cape Codding eh jn Europe seven times before I made Well you showed sense there son you Russia Didnt make Portugal did you sure did Going there again this year nr mnr nntT shnuM have romom bered that you didnt have the time myself iine nines out oi ien wis win stop WeU theres a Iot of interesting stuff him especially if you adroitly start in to arounfl Portugal I lived in Lisbon for change the subject right where you leave nf mnnthB nnmrtn nnri ii a ur cv a always remember how delightful lt was ever suspicious of you perhaps hell un AAnt aai Rnan ever off little and the hired man and the latter armed with a hoe nailed Mr Rattler on the tall with the blade of the garden tool but instead of pulling his Bnakeshlp back he succeeded only In getting the tail rattles and alt And now the dilemma was worse than One of the oldest sea supestltlons has another favor Tt Hftlne elehtcounds with every waltz been connected with the flying of birds If himself was terrified at the sight of a Mott had been immnnicM nthori vi The men who attend Polish weddings stePi 40 to the minute she is actually the birds flew high that signified good ghos He shrieked in fright when the explanation was convincing to candid in and about St Lous work In the lifting 320 pounds a minute with the weather If they skimmed the water that gnadeiflr8t floclted about and would roindA skeptic said combined force oi an ine muscieg oi ncr ineam uau wemuci iuwo xne runny part orU was that when body spreading among the seamen a supersti run to a neighbors house for protection bt Menl spread out bvertke country Tn the 34 hours that the celebration of tlon that lt any animal is aboard the ves He did this many times in the dead of it strengthened Mott ployed in the gas works They are Mrg Zapowa wedding consumed she had weather may be deferred eyen II nigb i00king over his shoulder and AU this time Mott wasattracting mora powerful men danced about 20 hours and rested 14 the bM are flying clcse gaspW wealthy and influential patrons He had Polish bride receives at hours In lifting eight pounds to tne step I f0 she had lilted lyzuu pounas oi oeaa packing houses and steel mills are porters in wholesale houses and are em She Tbe favors a her wedding are ner suver aower oi nnfl 20 hours dances as often as she can because oi he caneing the stupendous weight of every dance brings her husband a silver 384000 pounds or the equal of almost 12 4 Relleved of his alarm clock the Th vhetf fhhee Zt5 course WeU Spains a long trip in itself Bnake der hou8e more un7el dollar A Polish wedding ceremony lasts horse power or Vt itll take you three months to cover come and dangerous than oerore now anu inaL Jfuu vc iicvci eveu ucam tt xt he does tljis your method ft nUU thH nnmAe ZyiZru VlrXZut Seville Madrid and so on and It takes mg a loTof ImgarysThuseits to do It right and so on him up and take time to concoct a scheme places By this time youve got him feeling so the house was tightly banked at the Shucks yes I could mooch all around lrey stmx ove isUttle old rour opening under it Later a boys wits met those niare in mv sleeD walking bark weeks trudge around the easily acces iyouT TniMlil le of Europe and theres noth the situaUon for its a cold day when a other little fishing villages besides Blue hS fcr him to do except to curl up as to 6nake or any other serpent can get the taug Mayrurabeak Abalonegay Swart ms vacation reminiscences in tne lace pest of a live Oregon boy neck Faliork Flymouthbark Squtllgake our extensive Knowledge of the more and all the rest of em why say of that rountrv that Ive orowled around quires on your part knowledge of coun hnttn TnoMe ha nlorert chunk nf heef 0Jrnanuc Pwer 1 in tries and people and this knowledge may fastened on a stout hook tied securely to At the East Madison wedding Mrs Vou canhardly fail to annex his angora take some trouble to acquire but no per the box Then he made a hole In the Rosie Zapowa the bride of Fred Zapowa by rattling on in this way a wnoie lot nas ieen auuciea ior several banking under the house placing the or neat artinciai names ms suspicion ui lllu uetun oy tne holev side of the box tiehfuo aealnst NEGRO SLAVERY IN INDIANA itllTTnttTVitTS riffttrm nf onitorntiit i Phrrmll rr yv vw0 iiiiwuuia moy6 lQ a jarft cUy FlnaIlv aj yj ur Mott at one time clerked for Horace gent solicitation of a Jonner Congress Pltkln a believer in apirlt ommtanica n1 lt 1 id he agreed to go to Kansas tlon Pitkin told the clerk that If the 5ty FoJ v9 hls 8tar continued the ascendant People crowded his rooms dead had selected him as their go be begging to see their dead Then hi Indianapolis News A single line ln an abstract of the title tween the living it was his duty to ghostly friends teemed to tun thelrbacks Th oTrrArtlnn that a certain woman nn innw a Vi oTtrcrv nf the hridft flnfl i Calr nvf tlma ri 4 it UB Is ag SWOng BS ROTSB IS COmmOU fthb eaoVl Vouve got to have a look at Toledo 1 7 her mala pests TVThen every one ls t0 enough but he who woud say that any nrDnertv known as the Buschmann submit But Mott for a long time pro il hm they came no longest his calt of the actual i loieao 03n But the first thing done was to seal lm tt rM wnman was as strong as 12 horses would of the property known as tne gusenmann tIiw MlM He was arrested chareed with nhtatmnn thfrf be credited with an exuberant fancy to Block has attracted much curious atten pww ne oianl ai nave m0Rty unJer ftlM preteBfM Ed and groom retire from the festal hall leagt flut Mrs Zapowa ha3 UOn from aU wno have Been It ThJailna anything to do with the dead ward McKee was retained bjr tfce defend with the dollars the bride ha earned by proved lt actually on a delicately poised seem tQ lndlcate that atxone time Jt MKee iwrwhere he covin knock dancing Often the wedding ceremony scaie the pointer of which is sensitive to ha 0J atore ad look confused the case out onjhe law Buthisclient lasts three days and nights the bride the weight of a feather tea 84 the could be prop JJT he said I fisted that he meet the Issue Jsqparey The computation of Mrs Zapowas teat vc re tne souis or tne i slmnle enouzh and the proof of lt is The Buschmann real estate was once tt car ia ueaa tiu attorney protested rn urpn nr rnnn nn until niriTi iv iii 4 juawumi no witnesses Swart vauauon reminiscences in tne iace Dest or a live Oregon ooy slmnle enough and the proof of lt is The Euschmann real estate was once I uoau ne attorney protested Ilgake of your extensive knowledge of the more Henry the young son of Mr and Mrs time if she has the physique The best A automatic scale will owned by John Bhaw who signed him chulhtof sr UalB 01 he bPn You wlUgetno witnesses 1 untraveled parts of the Old World Geer took a box covered the top of lt dowered brlde Is she who has the greatest the record of any dancers lifting lfT ffil ST ffSOclainjr wlth th5 deParted fTSfn YoU wUl saM Motty mile It will be observed that all this re wUh wire netting and cut a hole ln the dvnamIo DOwer POwer In a wX the rest of the calcula self of Marion County Indlana ln a ndIittoJd h5m He handed hhf attorney a Hat of nower ln a waltz me rest oi tne caiuuia xm uinc a iai qi people tlodcan be done by a first grade pupil will bequeathing this property and his quietly but firmly that he would have to so high up that It dumfounded him And But by further calculation other and personal estate The will is dated July 28 cse that day whom he would serve they all went to Memphis from North even more startling results of the dy 1fi41 ftnj contains this nararrAnh danced almost continuously uirougiiuui namlc power oi a woman are ooiaineu of you evaporates and he makes no maundenngs of returned touriets will further attempt to slide you his vacation regard any old thing as too much trouble KltSh ps 2 VnfiSheS PQSSible netb0d flag warded and6 then as he had almost lost it and bided his time For nearly two days his vigil around the box was unre Tou people come and sit up with me Eastest and South to give their depfi to night said Mott and if you can ptff sftlons for the mldrtiemn h0o fv uanueu iumu wuuuyuj wwB namic puwci ui iui UTO vk th mv fi lif 1a tmi tv VJ 7 Ti the celebration 6f the event whU lasted dly ems possible jjt tnie Co Charged him i hours and her dower was 350 TTotUr ZapowT if it had been attested by Austin Morris and Johns 25 n0t aCpteJ Mrtt McKt tM groupd That said Judge the people -Remarkable Roosters STOHY OF THE DAMON AND PYTHIAS OF THE JERSEY POTIIr THY WORLD faith In his plan he heard a noise in his rattler with the beef and hook stowed began immediately It was inside of his Jaws safely landed and unable to help himself Henry quickly dispatched his fish with a rifle and found it measured 3 feet long being as large around as a mans wrist The family has slept with less nervousness since Mrs zannwa was married Wednesday i i was excommunicated went to him douhtlne ni hiievno i 9 zsrttzrsz titta zrrr fttzzsxriiZTZSXff jj Thursday wl5 lZZt wi a it hr th nnm of Rnhrt rt nn the ghosts walk and taik It was such a MoUs career a Vhnt at 7 the men dancers were played ton usmg familiar things which are of can father of the present lawyer John flthlugor the hotels boarding houses died hereand his body was taking to out and fell on beds and the floor ln great weight to show the tremendous JDuncan as Clerk of the Court SLiSJS ihmhrt Cti Memphta for Interment so that should his utter exhaustion Bosie Zapowa having ynamic power used by the human body a strange record andana ion wjW agaJMott praj own spirit a noUon to wander Jt in tne aecompaanmem ot uio uiuiwf uui miu mp umuu uu aa nm I vi i i vtuo ui nis no one to dance with tied her silver affairs of life state and slavery was not tolerated here few700 n0 tpcn bjt4UthTfr earthly glory MTISTACHEHAE3dRS GERMS lans uor wew lore uimesj Jll 1 takloolnth anil Toont linTtld 1 Jil il J1J no TtfViBn 1or rntaA thn nhn OIi Willing IO maKO 118 Stay Oi II1B IOreign HSrVA Mrttt WOi Blno li to rest content with having brought her mometers the exact power used In sweep from Kentucky he could be returned to This rusts pleasant for the usual consldfera and in jm sense of the word was hi a husband a dower of 350 Mrs Zapowa was unfortunate ln hav Ing a floor washing the dishes or any owner but that he could be held as a tim Dl charlatan says Albert Pitkin real other household duty which miffht De slave in Indiana wbs not possible cer VtiZ Fii ot New Hamp estate man of Memphis He was an HJ Cedar Grove Cor Bve World ST JOHN who has a tidy hand Both were little farm at the headwaters of the Great Notch Creek is the possessor of two remark able roosters There have been and are pother remarkable roosters ln Cedar Grove Great Notch has a rooster that can Imitate the bark of a Mexican hairless spaniel At Thumb Point on tlie Oseaiwixen River there is a three legged baptam cock with green tall feathers None of these however declares Mr St John are worthy of a passing thought after you get a line on his roosters Qne ofj these roosters Is a Plymouth Bock and the other a Rhode Island Red 2 ss sk wj laa a 1 tache and beard will probably not be ful ln their arms than ln thelrjegs They rrvr from the New England States visited ZLr a affected bv lt but savants here have lust broke two tubfuls of plates with their ell The production of power means the ex iS Memphis to see his departed daughter clerlt In hi store unt Hft UUU6llu mm ver dollars and were pnly able to danoe penditure or juei ooo is ine luei 1 i 7 Mottnot only produced the daughter but to his hteher work Hw Va Ir John to be cured of the pip He cured effeove demonstration against 3 been reversed man bodies burn Food produces heat named might ot have been fa Indiana Si wlerSlM4 her ill hL strenitnnVf J1 them but when he presented his bill the the malevolent propensity of the hair Mrsapoa would have had ft larger whlch computed in calorics A caloric was probab gL maSagVheSVo ffr5fflhta Mdffiffl iw adorned Ud as a harbor to propagate dowry for her husband had to jay fop is the amount of heat required to raise uee no intimation as to PierCe it is said the wedding was largely ttdf mmi IZ TtlJiL uwra neflsfl the brokln dishes as well as furnishing one pound of water four degrees Fahren attended by Illustrious visitor The fimV nrM nrT1 at one item to wu iatennzra cream insnr tho dancers An helt 1 14 ia flakes 7 They disputed the necessity of pampering a rooster on such expensive food St John retorted that in an advanced state of pip no other diet was efficacious He read to the owners of the two lt was Mrs Zapowa had the dancing ea It has been estimated hat a woman ex A Parisienne allowed herself to be kissed 11 was oars luna uu urn uuuugy it ucs pju by a clean shaven and then by a bearded nacttv or dvnamiQ force to continue 13 nands most of her energy ln dancing ABA XWV 1JH AJU XAlt man After each salute her mouth was hours stroked with a sterilized brush The mi ran out crpbes thus test tube and days It was ceremonies spread Tbeean rattlln th rhr around the world His performance had about nd the pictures drop from tha walt Viw uwiw spec uarye wouia be frightened almost out of longerl hut the supply of partners that being an occupation at which she fnock Sprints Md Cor Fhilaaelphla tBecordl ulaUon jCetters came fronr everywhere his senses On such occasions he could exerts nearly every muscle of her body William Frist a local Smiitrv Minor indulries to offlclaJsconeemlnsr thlsmannnW 1 collected were deposited In a The record of Mrs Zapowa is not an The United States Government has been hasa heh of which he Is more than ordi Motf7rWM ha a monumental faker or were bedience to the spirits wishes and allowed to Incubate four unusual one ailing Polish women who experimenting for the purpose of deter aas WJC imm thesej thjng gT lowng4hem to appear and talk thrith i shown that the clean ehavea accomplish stupendous feafe of dancing mining Just how much force is used up narlly pr0u4 In getting ready to gq it may be remarked IncldentallritMtVhinv He was not an educated Inai Musla nnsited a small nuantitv of nt their weddlneS One St Louis woman In housework In nursing the baby and ln fishing a few days ago Frlstibalted now aftertha lanaa of tAmrit nt a ni ti harmless particles His rivals kiss had holds a record of haying danced almost dancing among a great number of other carelessly eft on the century the same Question mark iwr control he would sit at the piano and nlav MSlAn1nA rt lnr lino nHth a Vadllf nrtntfTiiiniittlv fni tllA ifoVIDllll fltvlltl rtCrtlin tfin which USfl UTV 8J1 UntOiCt iViiiniW Hfrt tnmv ttAvi A it V1 vA i nnnlAj Ball iu A 4 i nAJi4la Cknex Gt TAtita wAmon 4n hiMieaTxmrlr In nurstn th babv and In fishlnp a fdiir oof airn Icrfaf 1altait a MAnr aftMA ldniif a -roosters the following paragraph from Vf lrrV 3 C3 rnrrcriwirif other rrr Uttliuitss yiUUi iCB fiia urma mm uu nuiua a jwoiu wi uafu wuyai uh uouvuisi yo noOK Wpjcn Pv CareieSSiy eil On tne vcuiuiji oaiugquuuiivi ireorge iienry opiuu lamuua wuik colonized the ladys lips with the bacilli continuously for three days and nignts occupations wmen use uw rounds Mott operations here ahdnlav um nf th ii ri i hh a i 1 IUUI1LL iUr IIIUlUll Wllllf JI1S Ml Ifini lllli ri bAUUIlLR EEin How to Raise Poultry Without Hens of tuberculosis diphtheria pneumonia Mrs Zapowas reat in expenaed power amount oi ijce ims is oeiermmeu 7 A Pfcourse he was a iakesaia a harl tlons ever heard Had he wish a a wM 1 li 1 iii maii vAn An a wcmntt a enfT rtT nirn nni was kivad usnm ni ner maiipr 1 nf npn lxa ik ii i UH4 aa numerouJ OWer UupiBiUJV wiwvufa preaenig reaiMva wtv wwkm wu iumu iy i iv JflavJr iiYfU wierf ai ijtj le In case of diametric pip when the trouble does not yield to hot mustard footbaths and massaging of the me diiUa bodiJdo use sterilized cream flakes Poth were Incubated the Plymouth Rock or selected grasshoppers legs Serve hot by steam and the Rhode Island Red by hot air JBach stand seven and one half hands high to the comb Both wete sickly clicks and were brought up by and shake patient well after taklpg Why didnt you glveem the grasshoppers legs cried both owners with some heat Grasshoppers are not so plentiful ln niflrnt piav ihAin inAHjt wvwM4w mucycuueuuy A girls wno wink tnatan anemoons enopT aDoul uwue iuUuumjw spiea tne worm ana not noticing tne line Hme put ne 01a some things thatwere wlthyvbpt he never demanded money nlnm nr mnrnlnc unAnt In hnmsewfirlr nn rrinmj In this the Derson submitting tO tr which It was ftttnehert wnllrmrpil tt rvoat CTnlplnni Tha Mavnr rf a kt I Jxhausttogaccoropi8hmehU will also the experiment lives and moves and has hookandail ilHhbisxtown came here one day and that voluntary contributions As VnthW f9 the furnish food for reflection and Bossiblv his being In it energy Is used ana rue Being cet of the children FristWdisi nieht he Sought Mott that aTninatii it Mil PwiKllTTIIWtyiHl B1U1U UIUHllPn TBT GOINa TO HEADaiTARTERS And thnt mwnpmflTi ktspd vou on lips Why didnt you offer him your pride in her personal pfow llkeiJfiiUnr thehenVCbff hand gaid the father wpo spenas two oc tnre noursv iui neing suawa py Meftuuuicioi uu 4us a4m0mif oiin 1 tpwi anoconnneo I didnt have to papa paid the andies mneajm noon rtnenextoayr recoraincinstrumepts a pox awaiting oeyeiopmepts girl hes going to ask you for thatr Jnans pf an automaOc scale it has tn these Jexperlmehts the Government dayspassedhdHhen thehenlaS Tonkers Statesman een determlnedHthat a woman weighing has determined that a girl dancing per shelled eggcontammgthehools sm tMrMott he said halrthe peopiff the phantom end threw it directly on Mr I ytio mjyypurre potnmg nut a jiumoug Moft deliberately Thats all there Is fa 1 several cameyiere to satisiy myself want 4 thatj li sofrftestasifn i4 Mott now sleeps in the viUate cernta 1 JSTame It said ilott andhls ghostly colony has auleted down i a jp SSst vl

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