The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on August 1, 1920 · Page 7
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 7

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 1, 1920
Page 7
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- Eif - s PUZZLESFRMGE W Police Search for Pretty Woman Wanted in Death STOLE LOADED MOTOE CAR 0 r - - QhaiiffeurVSltory Sheds Sope Light V bix Movements of Trio tri - volved in Crime Paris July 31 By Universal Serv - ibet - - 3rhe escapade of the young Wotrian - yho Is wanted by the police fbr - the murder of a taxlGab man by ajaminlstering poison is occupying the police all over France A few days ago at a small town i riot far from Mantes where the taxi - cab man in question was pqisoned two well - dressed men accompanied by a pretty young1 woman put up at a hotel apparently to enjoy a hort holiday Drove Off in Iioacjed Auto One morning a commercial traveler drove up to the Hotel In a motor car llled with rolls of cloth and went Inside for lunch During the meal he Heard the noise of a motor car outsideoutside - andM rushed out just in time to dee hij car being driven away by the woman at racing speed while her two jcpmpnions standing in the car with loaded revolvers kept at bay the hotel employes who had hurried out ICo trace of the car or its occupants has been found A Paris chauffeur has described an incident which is believed to throw light on the poisoning ase While stationed a few evenings ago outside r the Opera a young blonde woman quietly and stylishly dressed ap - proaojied him and asked how much it would cost to be driven to Mantes The chauffeur demanded 16 The woman agreed and insisted on paying 4 in advance Chauffeurs Story Offers Clew Before - starting the engine the chauffeur asked if she had any objection to his taking a friend The woman became visibly troubled and replied that it was impossible as slie expected to make the return journey with a party of five or six The tfhauffeur whose suspicions were aroused refused to go without his friend The woman then said that she would consult her sister who Jived close by She returned after a few minutes saying that she - would postpone the journey until the - next day The chauffeur returned the - 4 and the woman disappeared The police are convinced that it was the - same woman who poisoned the chauffeur CHANGES IN WOMENS BOARD Civil Service Reform Committee Placed Under New Control Mrs faenry Lockwood general directordirector - of the national headquarters of the National General Federation of Wonxene Clubs announces that - the civil service reform committee has been placed under the department of public welfare of the national federation of which Mrs Elmer - Blair of New York is chairman Mrs Clarence Atwood of St Cloud Minn has - been made chairman of the civil serviceservice - reform committee A committee consisting of Mrs fioward L Hodgkins president of the 2istrtct federation - Mrs Henry L tockwood director of national headquarters Mrs M L Williamson director of the District of Columbia are completing the arrangements for the meeting of the general board of the national federation to tie held in Washington September 14 15 and 16 The members of this national board are the general officers of the federations Mrs Thomas G Winter president Mrs YWF Jennings first vice president Mrs Kdam Weiss recording secretary Mrs George W Plum - mer corresponding secretary Mrs Benjamin B Clark treasurer Mrs H A Guild auditor and the following additional members Mrs J Wattzek Mrs George Minot Baker and Miss Florence Diebert TO TEACH WOMEN POLITICS The national headquarters of the National Leaguei of Women Voters has announced that ischools of citizenship to train women in civic duties before the fall elections are being organized in normal schools and clubs throughout the country These schools will specialize in practical politics the American system of government and the machinery of elections The general work is uiider the direction of Mrs George Graham of St Louis Two regional conventions will be held in October lmporttnt matters pertaining to the elections will be taken up at these conventions the - location of which has not yet been determined The first annual convention of the league will be held in Cleveland Ohio on April 1 when the policy of the organization to the new administration will be determined and full reports of the first years work received u Jjipcrefc Many j secrets you will find N revealed in the green box of TJadine Face Powder They are secrets which every wpjsan would solve secrets of personal charm The secret of a rose - petal com - pfcaon V N A DIN E S gift to womanhood The secret pf Tasting charm rthtrm which endures through - pat the dav h secret of sldn - cpmfort gwlthijiever a hint of narm SrojyQa as to a milUoQ others NytDIN - B will reveal iaese jerjpaan44Aho 3dA vlm Sold by Peoples Drug Stores and other toilet counters iji or by man wc NATIONAL TOILET CO Paris Tea VS A orciMi ih - - - - - m - s n w M I 1U JL saa i ami - - mp in - a J - m - m Jmmmmat da mm v B 1 WS w s v ma mt n t j mi - t nii 1 i WmfDirlrMfyaV i 11 1 II y fji I Vl iZ16FSt JJ I Extra 1 100 1 30 1 20 Crepe de Chm i Ftere is one of the best silk I and styles you M sWsl JPlW JLcLW O - JJiiu0flPAKf5fe r rJ - fcrijTT v T t - I irf ti - r - tif 7Awmkmmm - X5 r rtxtraordinaify Savings wver tarly season Uuotationsi pgFJS j - skMSKBJBk uv sIVi j T - r - TRtKHr33Jaj - i T v Kit A n3 1 II g hmwHsXtt JtWrWwCT9ISgslBMi f Throughout our shops our stjocks - aretoojieavy Some months agoe announcedianew rlaw for lower stoqksbut our steckshayenQtf yetbeenmaV - Beginningtomorrow we Jshall rigidly enforce this new law and reduce stocks - j By selling all silrplns gobdsht mm Vow prices By - ageneraj clearance of seasonable goods at greater reductions thanuer At the same time weshall not shut thedQortoinewrgoods taia month if prices and - qualities insure - a quick response Purchases like the silk dresses noted below do notTncrease istocks because they sell so quickly Note - all features of the items oeloww ordinary Purchase Silk Dresses New 4000 to 5000 Dresses 1ni aSV50 Mignonette Silk 5 Georgette Crepe At ijl - i s - 25 Taffeta Silk dress Durchases of the year the most popular silks colors want for fall and workmanship of a quality thai commends them toevery one Mostly Navy Blue A few in White Flesh Color and Brown - In street and afternoon styles New Moyenage bodices butterfly tunics long box - pleated tunics overblouses petal tunic3 and smart coat dresses V Beautifully ornamented with silk braiding hand embroidery beading hemstitching tucks and ruffles Some have long others - 3 - 4 sleeves and round or square necks lace and net vests Dresses of splendid quality - and a remarkably low price Clearaway - AI1 Cotton Frocks Less Than Half Regular Prices I I w islggSSSzSSSs - i W lis Gingham 1376 KuitfeJlff vawWgatPCT ft Mfstwf Syr gfT HIV iiffe 111 r SAX JT JrA v Flowered Voile S1150 Foulard VoUe Georgette Voile Flowered Voile 1850 1860 876 Never such values never such pretty frocks or greater variety in any August sale Our entire stock in the four big groups below Why not get an early choice 1850 to 2000 Summer Dresses Q75 2150 and 2375 11 50 Cotton Dresses - 11 A wide choice at this low price Dainty Flowered Voiles In light colors foulard pattSrn voiles in light and dark shades attractive plaid ginghams and solid color linen crash frocks all 875 N The styles include tailored coat models ruffled tunics and surplice basques many with lace collars - and vests attractively designed 2500 to 2750 1 075 Cotton - Dresses 13 Biggest and best assortment in our stocks choice of imported dotted Swisses organdies and ginghams flowered dotted foulard aad solid color voiles all beautiful fabrics itiade in lovely styles with dainty lace trimmings ribbon girdles hemstitching fine tucks self cording and tiny ruffles a big range of colors - white flesh coral maizo rose mint green Copenhagen blue flame bluette and peach Also light and dark colors in effective combinations - Choice of sheerest organdies in Pastel shades daintily ruffled and tucked or cool white striped - dimities and flowered of solid color voiles made with the popular long apron and plaited tunics or with long waistlines Dainty lace vests ribbonl girdles and butterfly gashes add also to their attraotiveness 3000 to 4000 1Q - 50 Cotton Dresses f - 0 TTnlimited choice beginning tomorrow of our finest cotton dresses for large and small women including imported organdies dotted Swisses Georgette voiles woven striped voiles made in dressy styles wtih fine laces embroidered collars ribbon girdles braid embroidery and net vests or tailored in real Irish linen in Russian over - blouse bolero jacket dropped waistline and coat styles Terrific Loss on Wash Skirts JlCto Gabardine Skirt Tucked Panol 645 750 Gabardine Skirt and - Embroidered Hip Pockets 245 1600 Tricotlne Skirt with Hand Embroidery 895 950 Tricotino Skirt at 495 1760 Irish - lines Skirt Tailored Style 585 To reduce this stock which is grossly over proportion we have suffered the greatest loss of our career in this department Pre - shrunk wash skirts will be good for wear this season and next they will always look good since the materials and tailoring are so fine and the prices have now reached that absurd low level that makes quick buying desirable ft 750 Wash Skirts 045 200 Skirts in straight - line styles with embroidered pockets ajld wide button tiimmed girdles All of them our fins quality goods in cotton gabardine pique and French cord 95 850 to 1000 Wash Skirts 4 95 1350 to1750 Wash Skirts 300 Skirts in superior white gabardine satinetto - nd IBTtlty woven stripes and plaids - A choice of straight line fid fastening and gathered yoke styles with wide becoming belts and clever packet treatments Take your choice of the finest Wash Skftts in our house beautiful styles and materials with hand embroidery fine tucking ahd hemstitching - - unique pockets unusual belts and ocean pearl buttons and materials the best - that money can buy - Irish linen cotton - tricotines poiret twill and satinette - as well as the fine sheer voiles - - 1050 to 1250 Skirts 45 Strictly tailored and dressy styles in finest of gabardines tricotines satinette linens and the light voiles the fashions feature cross - tucked hems tucked panels embroidered pockets and belts hemstitched flounces and the ever - popular coat styles that button straight down the front with large pearl buttons - JERSEY SUITS Reduced to reduce this stock made of the splendid All - Weather Jersey Jand suitable for many occasions town And country buslciess and vacation wear wrinkle proof and shine proof - choice of our stock 1850 24M 2850 Regularly 354b 65 - Solid colors stlvertone effects and the best heatber mixtures browns French blue oxford navy sponge and chow in bolted tucked panel styles - - tucSed pookets - r - notched and Tuxedo revers with yokes and box plaits Good suits for faU wear N A V Y RLUB These are Suits which will sell themselves but we want you to knoK how attractively priced they are before it lstboclale Two lots RelarljrjsliSO - NivT lluetricotlBeforftow ajidjely and expensively tailored loth strictly tailored and trimmed stylos the lone line - unbelted the iaitow belted - tho - oao - batten fastening jmd panel bielr itylSs - toepassy - willow ittki Uned and hand nishedi B - M Early Fall Glove Sale Two Items in the Famous Cehtemeri French Kid Gloves Arriving ahead of tim and offered at prices whlcfc we do not expect to duplicate this season Centenieri Long Gloves 630 Pair 12 - button lengthy yrencn Kid Gtoves for wear with the elbow - length frocks for fall Both white and black Limited quantity for this saie 225 Silk Gloves 145 Pair 2 - olasp lieavy Milanese Silk Gloves in white black gray mode and mastic with wide wrist bands arid embroidered backs Beautiful gloves - at a low figure VANITIES VANITIES In a dozen shapes another fortunate purchase 850 to - 1250 Vanities 690 590 and 695 OH - SO ATTRACTIVE Round squared oblong 6 and S cornered In dull and patent leathers greens blues tans browns and reds with two to six fittings ofiJust made for your own fittings and all selling at these low priees Umbrellas Down Now Under-price purchase of the popnlarEAINor SUN vssr - - a m 1050 Jto 1200 Colored Silk umbrella rarasois - 6750 k - SERVICEABLE - iN AKY KIHD - O - WEATHEk jAJway8 - gooa - iooKingto - iMrry witu colored silks and - large ferrulesYour - choice of ftwhite Bakelite handles witu - rtngs aarKs nandlca - with - rings 4 - to match silks and leatherhandles of dlstirrefc smarts ness xur cfloice7oiii5 455 Iky6ivillfnev6f1resrfet vourpurchasa if you buy nowrarthissaleratliertlthan W waftlnguritilif all5GJioice garments are now Here largelitselectforisi of - small Vturs - andtneavings are wellwprth while - JfpzlMStJ - UttJOamauraepositrecLuirea wnoia your purcnase ana payments nutfv oemaaa mothlv while earment remains inv storace free of charee - i - - I - tJ - v sv - - v - - - 4 - f5a v nuaspn aeai iwoveity coat r nn p nuason aeai uoatsv Wlth rnotilcfivrfur - 5 dollar cuffs ahctiborderj36 - 6xchlength Sum - iner - saloprice - x HuHson - eal Coats 325 flJ - tftlonflrfVi 4tfA aittU til cUl relJppBsum or skunlc collars and 495 cuffs wSumrner sale price kudson Sealffe6ats 38 - inch length wthchoice of various furs for collars and cuffs an extraordinaryvalhe Summer sale price Caracul - Coat 39500 A 8AVI1I3OF7501 01T OMGIJTAL atTOTATIOKS Forty inches In length with large skunk collar and cuffs Styled with full flare back and all - rourfd beltT MarmoUCoats 19500 A SAVINd OF 6000 OK 0EIGINAI QTJOTATIONS - Three - quarter length with choice trimmings of skunk or raccoon both for collar and - cuffs a flare moder with belt Bay Seal Coats 19500 A SAVING OF 7500 ON lOXIGINAX QUOTATIONS Popular new coat 36vinches in length with large cape collar andbell cUffs Full flaring ripple skirt with reversed border of seal Has the appearance of Hudson - seal and is strong and serviceable I59S m 40 - inch length choice of fursW for collars and cuffs SurninerTjt salatirlee - - c - - f Hudson Seal Coats - 45 - inch lngth choice of trimmed collar and cuffs Summer sale prcie Srs - f Neckpieces - and - MufiFsTi Fox - Scarfip 7500 v - i In taupe brown and black i Fox - Scarfs 3950 r Rouble fur animals In brown taupe and black - i AlakaWoIf Scarf 5950 Large sizes Jn all colors - - t Natural Skunk 3500 - to 19500 Chokers animal effects j stojes and capes Blaclt Lynx 750QJ to 20000 - Scarfs stoles and capesr1 Bay Seal Stole4950 J Curved and straight effects Mink 16500 to 49500 Stoles capes and coatees Kolinsky 1 75f 00 to 34500 Stoles andcapes Alaska Wolf Muffi 4950 Hound and canteen shapes Natural Skunk Muff 4500 fto 8500 Round and canteen shapes - v - Neutria MufiW 2950 l Bay Seal Muff 1551 V I II ZK - 4 Ft - tr Advance le of FM Boots A Wonderful Money - Saving Event Sorosis Patent Leather Boot With dull kid top baby - French heels also all - black kid A 1500 bocjt August sale price 1000 pair Sorosis - Calf Boot Black or dark brown calf with low flat heels ideal for walking li quaU ity August - sale prices 000 pair x Sorosis Black - Kid Boot With high Cuban heel and welt soles a 1500 boot August sale price 1000 pr Sorosis Black Kid Boot With low Cuban heel A fine 3treet bqot and 1350 quality Summer sale price 1000 pair Sorosis Patent Leather Boot With dull kid top high Cuban heel and welt soles a 1500 boot August sale price 1000 pair Sorosis Brown Calf Boot With high Cuban hepte ahd - welt soles practical iandr smart tn appearance A 1 boot August sale price J10J0 pair Choice of six styles of the high - quality Sorosis - make patent leather kid ahi calf - MvithJow and nigh Cuban flat and Baby French heels f Boots of regular 1350 to 15 quality Good size assortments in all styles based on Fall quotations Choice JL Pair a sale to take advantage of These boots were made for spring selling butlhe season suddenly turned from a boot season to a low shoe season and rather than have them interfere with pur regular fall business we offpr them now in advance of the season at this extremely low price 4 While we have good size assortments none can he duplicated at this price when once sold so if inA terested in saving money - on the purchase of your fall boots this is indeed an opportunity to quickly take advantage oft Sorosis leathers Sorosis lasts and Sorosis workmanship in these shoes make them doubly desirable to all who know the satisfaction that Sorosis stands for in footwear a a More Than 3000 Pairs of Womens xire Silk Stocki In a Great Sale Beginning Monday Morning Every - paim - perfect full fashioned and xeinf orced a direct result of the decline in - the silk market 85 Savings of about one - third I 25 - - f Regularly Full f ishioned sun meTCarixed tartar tops and a range - of coU navy axtm tan iau L00 ad 30 Ik StockUin with all silk and heels and toei well reinforced i which includes clack - white and bronze Regularly 400 Pair Medium weipht full fashioned Silk Stockings with all - silk garter ov rail well reinforced and in white black navy Cordovan and gray also white silk stockings with black iand - embroidered clocks 485 Regularly 675 and 750 Pair s in a vartet - beautiful ualj 450 Plain and f liij of patterns and novelty stripe effect ties in both biacKjana cordovan V d 50 Glove Silk Stdckings 350 ppenwprk glove ailk stockings in black white gray and - Cordovan Pure silk lace stockings lace docks in a varteiy 5 - e uau - - t J - t1CC - J 9fin Nnvnlfv Sfnrlrinar QS Tiber f and pure - iik stockings in two - ton effects including Cordovan and pnrpl black and Cordovan with mavr and black wlthi Cordovan also dropstitca stockings i in blackwblte Cordovan suede and navy blue SSES Taffeta Silk Drewes 3950 6T60tiW500 Dresses - n extra buy foirj ywmr people - in exclusive youthful models basojte tunic ruffled and new longTwaisted effects Co - Ed and Peggy Faige Dresses nayilue beaver black and Copenhagen blue - 67J50 to 7500 Wopltex Suits 2250 Wondeiful Talnes in Iricbtine Serge and goxnespun Suits made with Wxflits flare g andstrafeht lbe models all light shades of Copenhagen blue and tan Sizes 14 16 18 years r x V - 5500 SportsimiiuifcBv2750r Beltedlmodeia with notqhed or button - up collars in silvertono mixtures of flie sport - spun leney navy beaver Copenhagen brbwnv 1VA big - value and fine for schoolwear in the All - 1 - - - AUGUST REDUC i - ON f UNDERWErAR f This is one of our heaviest stocks and extraordinary - efforts will be v made toreduce the quantity this month to normal proportions Finev Silk Underwear at extremely low prices - BEO0SES STS1 J5 iilSM i iJr - iSr HEAVILY REDUCED Clearing - out - many vlin - of lingerie and silk blouses brings opportunities unusual this wekl 295 d350Blouses 225 Several styles of fine voiles attra - etlvelytrimmed with dainty embroideries laces frills and tticks some in anover embroidery others with touches of hand embroidery long orahort sleeves V - necffs sauarernecss roll or sat collars xaae your pica eariy 200 Silk Camisoles 89c JLblgr lt of washable Satin Camisoles bth 5tailored and dainty lace trimmed - models made with1 ribbonand lace5 straps 8 and 10lSilk Chemise in r ri flown - S585 i J - - - - f T t r - ijjt - - j - - r t - - - r f Superb quality grepea CBJM and Satin Chemjse trimmed withf - Venise laceorbeautifully h - i - stitchedjBoth s sleeveless lanaJri - rT mono sleeve gowns oicrepeaes Bm - i 500 Silk Chemise 295 Envelope in splendid - quality crepe de chine fun en witb Jace trimming or InKandribbon straps rfv erf o r C OCT1 ipou lirtv yuerasc w A - ii7L uZpr i Most attractive styies in - wsu - SliniiTilr1nf8c - er lit Envelope Chemise of flesh colbr vwOlJUUer rroCK535J chine with lace trimming or hem - i it earmenu stiMShingr - V t 4T sJCr hemstitch - - tbSI - v sz cut OneA Petticoaty4for5 ta 395 and 5 00 Blouses 295 Sheer Voile Blouses infflesb color andwhite - fome with vest androlTcoIlar of altovw enibrolaery - nniineaewiuifwiae uec xace outers yraa unxu mcu ua a iii ik uunjr JViS T Winiri - irnV riSirt mfmMn3Ettu - T - orttH - i - t fviiia i tdni or with dien hem tucked orJace trlmmea yoKes nSv shortsleeveiiTA Mr ranee for choice and pretty - rood size artortment - tailored styles wlthtstraps n i Diauu iiin uynu iiiiS - XXtAI tA - iJKTi tmtA ftnSBff ArtvCl J - a 1iD - tI - T i - - 4TDif - i - - rrPOVV jaiiucnc ciubuou and white crepe de chine riwfth BecausV - withrdbubie panel fronj - f tucked or - lace trimmed - yokes andf4 - - v - j t JL - iTiX ii J75 to 895 Blouses 500 quality - Crepe de - - - r re floih oMnrinil whltfi with sleevest ZltZj - t L - h - s M rvww - - 1 - n - r - r - 7 - f iiWr - T jr - TV - WSi AWpardAVMtojae feet your8izenbwlrfrt 51 50WashabIbSatinlri Petticoats 500 thenettlcoatyou want - forrtfr double panel backandjfrpntCi5 off i filet - Venice - vai JBiauaii iace or nana - arawn wois ua - mvy nuuoj ormw iujm jj - TriJi rxf Zi - eu - Iti - s - iZii - ii ir - ni i iM - li i inr - e iihemstitchinexiota gnreat manyi t - itiM - muiBwikuiiiuvwiiwriwH uww av - m muwswa www w ia j - isrxs r - - - r ifirii i3ffitoMlw vXZT s - 4irv - 5 z - f r - sVAiteajyiEarnKni aueauuimone iCttf j isstfe k - trm iws - KYTUr s iise vajin CMinii2CLriiiecnnf43f - 4 - - SiJi50 lricolette3rJlousesaiuo - iHViri - i - Tfi JS - V - vjTvt - I - ft - - - - - I ilTT - - - - - - - VT IV T Jtll Unn rrtSlol W11 - VTV1 r iZriitTA tt8 BASrirttvmettrbiflnorstain5v I jt - - andnicelymade - urWbestj SrSi - T trt 4Z T si - i f lKSI tAfc 73 XsS tM f - i - il j 3 a dVS - is - i Ei K i ie sm ftS3 S JSil i - Jf ts u ilf s - tf W 3SI l im Li iWl Wi fei tt f4 1 tffH - h 5c tl v - J - J A i - aeii - f SAtytJLfcggVgVBMiB T L 1 - tx f i-i H m 3 - a vV sfrC JSS r - Z - Fi F5S - I s f J5 jfc I Tt 5 2 Si i r 1 inS tl - 5eei j isse W s f vsy 7 y - f r

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