The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on August 8, 1909 · Page 1
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 1

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 8, 1909
Page 1
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wmmmmmmmmmm vll dr1 fr lu tfc - ijk THEATRICAL Announcements PPPHMHpppfpfMi9iqn t mmsMmmi r v - cixj siMi - aii - 5Z - tre - jTk - vfiwi - jiftsnrfffvw i - iw3 fv fcjwV - t3H - - - siO - - ti ssk ivr sac3 s - e - - i - vss ao f tjwv - - fi c4 - YVAOJlJUlxXUl OUlilAJL Jiuuuoi oi aui7 - - - v - - s - - - S - - - t - t 1 i - WASHINGTON SUNDAY AUGUST 8tl - 1909 - M - ji - i UNCLE SAMS lliiigKaiMS L YBniBB PiBMBBBBBBBBBBBBBIl L - HHWHHv fl r 5fi 4H1BBB9H111BB11BBBBBBBBBBTB HiiiiiHiliiillBlillW I Ll V3iBaaiaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf BbHbBBBWBBBBV ViBBBBBBBBi BBMBBBBkflr SFTWl - VBBBBBBV Amttt TAWfPOn MiBB C about to become the ranWng K - rZi rear admiral at te navy - wants - fDi Wii ADKL TFE7ElLnVffi0i HAS EAS2lEO cSCVESSMil ON WAY H ARNOLD who Is about to becoime the ranWng rear admiral ol the navy - wants - J - i hisdecoration of the Order of Bolivar And thereby hangs a tale of a pawnshop The pawnshop Is kept by Uncle Sam and this particular business of his is undoubtedly the stupidest and least creditable enterprise in which the gov - ernment is engaged It amounts In effect to a system of forcible confiscation for the owners of the collateral are not able to regain possession of their properly until after they themselves are dead It is the Department of State that manages the business and the collateral consists of gold cups sllvey vases jett - t - Ied swords and a great variety of other things of value presented to officers of the army the navy and other branches of the United States government by foreign powers and potentates They are mere gifts of compliment tangible expressions of amity and good will The Order of Bolivar for example was bestowed upon Admiral Arnold only a few months ago when in command of an American squadron he visited the port of Caracas and made friends again witli Venezuela - Cupt Richard T Mulligan U S N in like manner fairly earned a silver vase presented to him by the President of Guatemala as a reward for negotiating a reciprocity treaty between that country and the United States The vase is worth 51000 and its owner would like very much to have It to ornament his domestic sideboard But may he 35 so By no means The government has grabbed it and keeps it in a safe in the Department of State It will never really belong to Mulligan but when he dies k will become the pronerty of his heirs Safe Full of Collateral Could anything be more stupid At the Department of State in the ctfices of the chief clerk is a huge safe filled to overflowing with g - oldan and jeweled ciders and decorations belonging to various persons They are all in pawn Uncle Sam lias lent no money on them but he holds on to them just the same Those who own them will pay the Interest flue by dying and their heirs will get them In the early days of this republic H rppears the notion struck somebody IZJETRY nT rs - rrr vTATIttt T - a - Hnrtrmi - VCtFihtswak IIEPMEaiiy WHO 16 J20mteDZ aTHSv lOF - TKEPJBEaK - - SX y - ic - 3trTT rr - T - t - S - rXI - I HAS IGEIVE05GIDTOiWOiyQie r GOLQG DECOjatlObg BprSPnJ Gold Cups Silver Vases and Other Valuables Belonging to Officers of the Government Kept In Hock by the Nation Why Owners of Such Articles of Virtu Are Not Allowed to Recover Them Until After They Are Dead that it would not be safe for military or civil officers of the government to receive presents from foreign potentates or powers They might bij bribes in disguise Consequently the framers of the Constitution incorporated into that document a paragraph forbidding the acceptance of such gifts On the face of it the idea seemed a good one but nowadays and as applied in modern instances it is surely out of date Recipients of such gifts sometimes gain actual possession of them by securing the I the brief interval Acuities There was the case for ex ample of Dorsey Mohun who held a consular job for a while a fewr years ago in Belgium The king of the Belgians gave him a handsome decoration as a matter of compliment which under ordinary circumstances he would have been unable to receive But on getting back to Washington he formally resigned his post and allowing five minutes to elapse became United States consul to Zanzibar having accepted the Belgian ornament in passage of special bills through Congress permitting acceptance In this way Admiral Francis W Dickins U S N has been allowed to accept a very beautiful golden decoration from the Spanish crown But such cases are exceptional In a majority of instances petitions of thC kind are turned down and the gifts remain in the charge of the Department of State the jeweled orders in the great safe and the gold and silver cups and other valuable presents packed away In boxes Just now an effort is being made to get around the regulation of putting through Congress a bill which will permit army navy and other officers of the government to borrow their own decorations and other valuables from the State Department on memorandum - thus beating the devil around the stump In a manner which will at once satisfy the requirements of the Constitution and grant to the ownerg the use of their own property In occasional instances ingenious means have been found for getting over the dif - The Department of State has in its pos session a silver bltcher belonging to Capt John W Philip U S N It has also a handsome gold watch and chain which Admiral J M Miller is entitled to wear The pitcher was bestowed ty the President of Colombia the watch and chain by the German Emperor The latter potentate also gave a pair of marine binoculars to Surg A D Norton of the navy this article and the gold watch Being presented in recognition of work done by iMiller and Norton In behalf of Germany during the labors of the Saanoan commission Lieut Frederick L Chapin U S N would like very much to have a handsomely framed photograph of Prince Henry of Prussia which was presented to him by his royal highness but he was obliged to give it up An army officer Capt J C Fremont finds himself similarly deprived of a sword which was given to him by the Sultan of Morocco And there is another sword from the King of Great Britain which Capt Dorr F Tozler U S A feels thet ha has a rieht to call his own if it were - not that WntatT1fcriffTOprit elaTmslE During the war Between Russia ana Japan Commander C Marsh and Lieut I V GilHs of the navy as representa tives of the United States watched the naval operations on board - of the Manshu Maru Afterward the Emperor of Japan sen to both of them commemorative medals also conferring the Order of the Rising Sun on Commander Marshl But these complimentary tributes were promptly confiscated fw Double Dragon Held - Too Col TW Symons TJ8 A wouldj like to get the Order of the Double Dragon which the Emperor of China gaye him Capt Sidney Cloman of the army in the same fix with regard - to the Rus - elan Order of St Stanislaus A - youngJ officer of - the marine corps MaJ - Henry Leonard Is likewise entitled - to the Double Dragon but cannot get it and the cross of the Order of Merit - of the Grand Duke of Oldenburg properly belongs to Commander William L Howard u s w As for the French Legion of Honor va rious grades of it have been bestowed upon Gen William Crozier the present chief of ordnance In the war Depart ment Admiral W N Brownson Capt Reginald Nicholson and at least twenty other officers of the army and navy Com mander Howard is also a full - fledged knight of the Order of SS Maurice and Lazarus though not allowed to wear - the Insignia conferred by the King of Italy Not Only officers of - the army and navy but also persons in the civil employ of the government are forbidden to accept gifts of any kind from foreign powers and potentates Members of Congress are pot exempt from the regulation Even the President himself must obey the rule the method usually adopted in - his case being to receive the presents and leave them in the white House under which circumstance they become the property of the nation Many valuable gifts bestowed upon va I rious Presidents are today - kept In the national museum at Washington among them a small bottle of - diamonds and an other small bottle of - pearls accepted bvj 1 James Monroe from anOrlental sultan 1 There is also a collection of Jivpanese gold coins some of tfcenU - aa blgvesrjtea - plates received during a Tastadmmlstra tlon and a golden - sctmiter sent by the Emperor of Morocco Jo Thomas Jeff er SOn KJKiJNiii BAUtUJ r REVIVAL OF CUBAN COCKFIGHTING rl V - ARRIBA gallo Pica gallp mata el bicho Go for him rooster Strike him rooster Kill the devil in pure Castllan Spanish these seemingly uncalled for murderous words ringing out upon the still calm summer Sabbath morning startle us V are leaving picturesque old Santiago de Cubai our sleepy little donkey sullenly jolts pur cart over the rough road My frequent prods with the long bamboo driving stick urge him on toward historic San Juan Hill The big bronze cathedral bells call the faithful to worship Domingo my plump little valet is a newly arrived Spanish shepherd boy His round full moon - face lights up with mingled joy and excitement as he hears the familiar Mata - lo matalo - kiIl him kill him recalling the lldia de gallos the cockfight of his dear old Andalusian home As we draw nigh to the seen - 1 Domingos moonface is aglow with a sheen of bronze animation A motley crowd at the entrance to the valla de gallos the place of the cockfight accord us a hearty welcome There is a momentary lull In the battles to prepare an elaborate afternoon celebration of the newly restored ancient sport of Uncle Sams little iLatln ward Haughty dons and distingue caballeros gentlemen are arriving on horseback and In coches de lujo farriages of luxury guajircsthe peasants trudge in on foot to see the famous cocks in bloody deadly combat Baseball Is dear to the American heart but our Ildest fans enthusiasm Is mild as compared with the Cubans excitement over the prize roosters in long lines of small wooden coops at the entrance awaiting battle A memorable day We are to witness the new repub lics first Sunday celebration throughout the Island of the licensed cockfight The insignia of the last Gomez presidential campaign banners were the victorious cock surmounting the plow The former - was a winner but the plow didnt take at least with many liberals Gomezs political championE the late battle - scared not scarred insurrectos were aroused to frenzy - by the promised cockfight revival and the prospect of filling some of its numerous official positions Inspiring indeed was the sight of a big stout coal - black negress leading Gomezs greatest campaign parade - of black - and - white minguelistas through Havanas streets She proudly waved above her woolly bullet head a huge red banner with a monstrous more fiery red and golden nghting cock upon it The cock was pictured as crowing over dead and lacerated roosters at its triumphant feet prophetic of what Gomez was doing to his political opponents But to the cock pit for here arei a goodly host of the former insurrectos enjoying the first fruits of their great political victory Several galleros expert cbekfighters at the gate assure - us the days sport will be magnifico great We enter a hundred and fifty - foot square lot surrounded by a high impene trable board fencer At a small curibjis box - like coop we pay a peseta - y - me - J i dia 27 cents for two seats under the 4 J V - palco del juez or judges box an 8xl2 - foot compartment over the - twenty - foot circular pit The Arbltrador or judge a pompous individual is In the central front seat of the box vigorously directing the fights preparations below There are five caballeros gentlemen ana several aaaressea as general wua him in the palco I naturally want to be ameng these distinguished elect and timidly ask fer a seat with them La ehtrada es un - peso senor 1 to enter there sir says the gatekeeper I desert Domingo and become un cabal - lero a gentleman at least - duringduring the vicious deadly fights The judge patronizingly extends1 his unwashed hand I grasp It proudly and produce a bunch of the vuelta abajo most prized perfectbs - A master stroke Almost a human frappe before despite old Sols hot rays he immediately thaws With democratic simplicity for that land of ceremonious courtesies he bids me to a seat of honor at his side A quick survey of my newly found host startlirigly presents - Cruikshanks conception of Daniel Quiip He Is the same dwarflike stooped figure with big head and hard forbidding face scrupulously avoiding soap and water - He has little cunning black eyes a satanlo grin shows a few remaining discolored fangs instead of teeth Liquid refreshment makes the i fjudge most hospitable He presents vme hl distinguished guest to the caballeros and generais They do everything backward In Cuba In spite ofhJsmany official duties din and roar of thetbettlng - - crowd - bel6wahd frequent tflk calls for his sage Judgment from which there is no appeal he - nevertheless de lays hostilities in the pit to enlighten me on thd cockfights nevel features From lils high rough board perch he explains with majestic wave of hisrlght arm the personnel of 700 or 808 blacks and whites below promiscuously sand wiched on the amphitheaterlike - seats He points with racial pride to distin guished abogados lawyers depenai entes clerks comerciantes merchants guajlros quaint peasants bare root and bare - breast and copper color poneros porxers more caDaueros gentlemen cigarreros clgannakers cocheros coachmen and last put by no means least a large stocKof gen - erales generals The coatless some shoeless excited human mass below the judge said was nevertheless muy dtstinguido very distingulshed There were Jgame bettors among them pikers he said were comparatively few It was a great honor topreslde over such an audience No white women were In the crowd but several negresses were on the outer circle Nearly all smoke cigars or cigarettes The tobaccos rising aroma is a welcome disinfectant of the odors of perspiring Cubanos wafting through our palco The Judge assures me It Is a great privilege to witness today Los plntostfle Pedroso the - most famous Cuban - fightingfighting cocks in their battlestoTi fmtsh - There are he saysfour kinds of cockfights de pico thatuwIthout CONTINUED OJf THlW PACE A f - - S - - ftfceVAfj yi - V X - tiS W i n v 4 HljYeiwmmerN5hoem btock Reduced m fnce p TEisis tBireahbe eventrpf thefyearhe onMens Wo - moisWd ChildreaHfgii order to effect an immediate riparanrp Tn tKVRe - lRinrliidea everv lowsKoeinrdurkentire stock - all brand - new goods sahd of correct jstyle ThefmbVy - Win advantages of fthisale can best lbe appreciated By seeing the shoes themselves - i - f Vs 0 t - - s - 1 - Ladies iSlff andlOi Shoes Now i WttB JuiSiilfe Xomt JMake lts Patrician aiidf - iLlfe - Kr SKSpSj Y014 vill findafc this price SUirWeillnlri Plirhpsy QiBson - Tlesiipstilair in Black Suede Patent KiH aX00W - Kid - - - - iQM i - it - J - m i This lKit - vitil iactories including such - wfM France Oxfords lilktypixi0ntps ShpeWbTrieni Take Your Ghii of Any fip Tan Low Shoe in Oiir Sto A Values Up to 400 Pair learatn Brick All the new styles in Ladies Tan Fpotfeear arhere - styles that have sold regularly tip i to 4 air you - can take your choice during this clearance saledfofonly 145 - Ci Wf ii Ladies7 250 White Canvas Gibson Ties Your Choice All Sizes - - All Widths This is the famous Radcliffe make of White Canvas Footwear for women which sells all over this country at 250 a pair Being full kid - 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