The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on October 25, 1905 · Page 7
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 7

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1905
Page 7
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l - - 2J tfpe - - tiT i THE WABHINGT01 POST WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 25f 1905 WOODWARD LOTHROP New York - WASHINGTON - Paris 4 - Upholstery Department WE INVITE your special attention to our Upholstery and Drapery Departments which contain a most complete and varied selection of upholstery and drapery fabrics Lace Madras and Cross - stripe Curtains in the latest and best designs Upholstery Fabrics including plain velours embossed velours silk armures brocatelles broches and brocades cotton and gobelin tapestries c Couch and Table Covers comprising the best products of the foreign and domestic markets including French and American velours Bagdads tapestriesplain and reversible c Art Fabrics including foreign and domestic cretonnes sateens Hungarian cloth burlaps denims silkolines Japanese crepe and domestic muslins Decorative Madras in new effects and colorings Door Panels Panel Laces Motifs and Lace Edgings and Insertions for making all classes of door and window draperies Mantel and Piano Scarfs in rich and effective designs Handsome Sofa Pillows covered with silks satins tapestries c also UncoveredSofa Pillows of down and silk floss in all sizes c Lace Curtains French Xace Curtains Including Arabian renaissance and cluny trimmed with band - made edgings and Insertions on fine iuaUUes of cable - cord nets These cur tains are mostly band - sewed and are more durable than machine - made goods Our assortment of these curtains Is larger than ever and the styles and pat terns handsome and effective from the neat narrow borders to the most elaborate designs styles to suit any window or room Arabian 700 to 7500 a pair Renaissance 500 to 6500 a tyir Quny 300 to 5000 a pair Antique Lace Curtains with rich eta mine centers and antique lace edgings and insertions These curtains give a distinct character and tone to any window and are greatly In demand We are offer ing two special values at 3jOO and 450 a pair Others up to S1000 a pair Point Arabe EScurlal and Fish - net Curtains Including many new and novel effects In cream ecru red and green Prices range from 200 to 1250 a pair Special Eecurlal Lace Curtains In several very attractive patterns coloniel effects full length end width S250 a pair Value 375 1ish Net Draperies in red green and ecru 3 75 a pair Irish Point and Tambour Net Curtains In great varieties and styles These are the staple kinds and are excellent for wear We are showing several special values at 475 6 850 and 10 a pair Others up to 2500 a pair Scotch Madras and Crete Curtains the most desirable window and door hangings for apartments where the heavier draperies would prove undesirable Cream red and green grounds with soft neutral shadings A special value at 5 00 a pair Worth up to 9 00 Others at 1000 1250 and 1500 a pair New Portieres Our stock of new Portieres comprises all that Is newest and best In ready - made draperies Including Duplex Embossed Velour Duplex Tapestry French Jute Velours Mercerized Damasks bordered effects some corded some fringed also Oriental Tapestries fringed and corded Bagdad and French Silk Frou Frou Fourth floor G st Upholstery Fabrics The new fabrics are especially attractive and we are sbowlnc all classes from the domestic tapestries to the finest foreign weaves of silk brocades and wool damasks Plain Velours 150 to 700 a yard Embossed Velours 250 to 1000 la yard Silk Armures 300 to 750 a yard Silk Damasks 350 to 1500 a yard Brocatelles 300 to 1000 a yard Broches and Brocades 400 to 18 00 a yard Cotton and Gobelin Tapestries 100 to 600 a yard Special All - silk Damaskscerise green pink Nile green and blue grounds with diamonddiamond - shape designs interspersed with small floral patterns very dainty and effective and desirable for furniture covering and window and door hangings 3 00 a yard Value 500 Couch and Table Covers Our stock of Couch and Table Covers comprises all the beat products of the foreign and domestic markets including French and American Velours Bagdads Oriental and Verdure Tapestries c mostly reversible plain and fringed 3 yards long 50 60 and 72 Inches wide 2oo to 3200 each Special Reversible Tapestry Couch Covers in very effective designs GO and 60 Inches wide 2X 375 and 500 each Light - weight Draperies and Yard Stuffs Our showing of these classes of goods is very comprehensive The patterns are all desirable from the neat dainty effects to the large bold designs Hungarian Cloth a double - faced fabric In - rich oriental colorings suitable for hangings and for covering window seats c 36 inches wide 30c a yard Art Tieklnes and Fancy Cretonnes suitable for making laundry and handkerchief bags linings for fancy baskets cot erlngs for window seats c Tickings 36 - in wide 30c yard Cretonnes 32 - in wide aoc to 75c yard Trlah Paint and Colonial Laces for sash curtains door and vestibule panel c 12 18 24 30 and SS inches wide 55c to 3 00 a yard Dainty China Brilliant Cut Glass Artistic Lamps Imported Baskets and Modern Housefurnishings OUR modem Housefumishing Store which covers more than an acre of floor space is filled with all the newest and best standard makes of China Glass Grockery Cooking - Utensils Kitchen Hardware Kitchen and Laundry Woodenware Tinware Household Brushes and the thousand and one little things that come under the head of Housefurnishings Buying as we do direct from the makers enables us to offer unusual values and we invite the inspection and criticism of the housekeeper as we endeavor to keep thesestocks entirely free from those articles which look all rightbut when used show defects Quality is our first consideration j and then we try to quote the lowest possible price consistent with best goods Special attention is called to our large and comprehensive showing of rich and handsome separate pieces suitable for October wedding gifts Open - stock Dinner Sets Our more than B0 Open - stock Dinner Bets offer the best possible opportunity to select Just the pieces you actually need without paying for the useless pieces generally found In regular dinner seta These Open - stock Sets represent the best product of English French and American potteries and are reasonably priced from 1760 per set up We caU especial attenUon to the new English Open - stock Dinner Set we have Just received decorated In a light blue Copenhagen pattern which we offer in regular 100 - piece sets at 1500 per set Also sold In single pieces New Toilet Sets We are showing a complete line o the newest and best makes of Imported and domestic Toilet Sets In assorted shapes and decorations We call special attention to the new floral patterns which were designed to go with the new wall paper effects We Quote a few items as follows 10 - plece Plain Print Toilet Sets 193 12 - plece Plain Print Toilet Sets 360 10 - plece Gold SUppled and Decorated Toilet Sets 379 12 - plece Gold Stippled and Decorated Toilet Sets 3X0 12 - plece Hand - filled Toilet Sets 760 12 - plece Royal Doulton Ware Toilet Sets 850 12 - plece Green and Red Swedish Toilet Sets 800 Other choice decorated Toilet Sets up to 1800 per set New White and Gold English Bone China We offer a new Importation of choice quality English Bone China In a dainty gold - Une pattern This Is the first time we have ever offered genuine English Bone China at such low prices English Bone China Tea Cups and Saucers dozen 260 English Bone China Bread and Butter Plates dozen 200 English Bone China Tea Plates doeen 250 English Bone China Breakfast Plates dozen 300 Special Sale of Oriental Rugs 7X GENUINE Oriental Rug possesses distinct individuality and 1l is at the same time adaptable to an unusual degree While it may in itself form the basis for an entire scheme of furnishing it will also harmonize with furniture and decorations of widely different styles and periods Furthermore the genuine Oriental Rug has a lasting value both decorative and monetary By importing direct from the best Eastern markets we are enabled to assemble and offer an unequaled selection of Oriental weaves with an absolute confidence that gives enhanced value to our guarantee of genuineness To give zest to this rich display and to enable you to become better acquainted with this handsome stock we offer several lots and a number of single carpet sizes of genuine Oriental Rugs at very special prices as follows I 1 Royal Persian Seraphe Carpet size J 6x116 feet 20000 Value 25600 1 Royal Persian Seraphe Carpet slzo DxU feet 12500 Value 175 00 1 Royal Persian Seraphe Carpet size S 6x116 feet 22500 Value 260 oa f 1 Persia Mahal Carpet slzet10xl4 2 feet 250 00 Value 300 00 1 Persian Mahal Carpet size 126xS10 feet 15000 Value 18000 1 Persian Mahal Carpet ieei size 126xS10 20000 Value 23500 1 Mushkabad Carpet size 510x610 feet 9000 Value 12500 t 1 Muntax Carpet size 89xl2feet 160 00 Value 20000 7 Iran Carpets sizes 72x125 feet and 66x137 feet 12500 each Value S150 00 1 Fine Cashmere Carpet size 7xlT9 feet 8500 Value 10000 1 Fine Cashmere Carpet fslze 51x101 50 oa Value 7500 1 Rich Afghan Carpet size 7x9 feet 7500 Value Sidb00 Fourth floor a et 1 bale of pieces only if 1 Persian Mushkabad Carpet size 84x12 feet 14000 Value 175 oa 1 Persian Mushkabad Carpet size 112x91 feet 12500 Value i5aoa 1 Persian Mushkabad Carpet size 12x 810 feet 16000 Value 20000 Extra Choice Silk Rugs In soft rich colorings just 6 in the lot 5000 each Value 7500 excellent Shlrvan Rugs 20 2250 each Value 3aco 1 bale of Superior Kabastan Rugs 3500 each Value 4750 1 bale of Fine Kazak Rugs 1750 each Value 20x0 1 bale of Choice Kazak Rugs 750 each Value 1150 1 bale Of Fine Cablstan and Daghestan Rugs In various sizes 2aoo each Value 2500 1 bale of Fine Mousoul Shlrvan and Bellochlstan Rugs 1750 each Valuet 2100 1 bale of FIne Shlrvan Ghenles and Mousoul Rugs 1500 each Value 1900 1 bale of Shlrvan Rugs averaging 2x 41 - J - fect size 1250 each Value 15 and 1750 5 - piece China Bathroom Sets Special We offer an unusual value In - piece German China Croton or Bathroom Sets consisting of Covered Soap Dish with drainer Tooth Brush Holder and Mug These sets are tinted and have pretty floral decoration A very special value at 50c per set Brilliant Cut Glass We have Just received three large ship - menu of Best Quality Cut Glass from three of ther leading makers The new shapes and designs are even better and more artistic than last year and we call special attenUon to the brilliance and finish of our new collection Tha prices are the lowest possible for first quality We quote a few items from a complete stock New Cut Glass Nappies 125 and up New Cut Glass Celery Trays 275 and up New Cut Glass Carafes 195 and up New Cut Glass Salad Bowls 295 and up New Cut Glass Handled Baskets 350 and up New Cut Glass Tall Com - Prts v 350 and up New Cut Glass Sweet Pea Vases 500 and up New Cut Glass Handled Olive Dishes 150 and up New Cut Glass Handled Spoon Trajs - 160 and up New Cut Glass Oil or Vinegar Cruets 195 and up New Umbrella Jar Special We offer a new lot of Green and Brown Earthenware Umbrella Stands measuring 211 - 2 Inches in height and 10 3 - 4 Inches across top and with a good sensible broad base which will prevent them from being easily knocked over 195 each Other Umbrella Jars 135 to 900 Lindsay Gas Lights Those wantlns - thn hut mkntla lfphts should irrvestfrflta tha Tlnilcov am thav give the greatest possible amount of light with the least possible gas consumption They can be used on regular fixtures or on arop figius xnese ngnts complete with globes and mantles are 95c each See them lighted in Lamp Department Now Is Jardiniere Time These first frosts make it necessary to bring the flowers indoors We are prepared to furnish Jardinieres and Flower Pots In all sizes and call especial attenUon to the new lot of Jardinieres we have Just received in the Rookwood colorings which we are offering from 75c up Jardinieres measuring 6 inches across top 15c and up Jardinieres measuring 7 Inches across top 60c and up Jardinieres measuring 8 Inches across top 75c and up Jardinieres measuring 9 inches across top 85c and up Jardinieres measuring 10 inches across top 85c and up Jardinieres measuring 12 Inches across top 15 ana - up Jardinieres measuring 14 Inches across top 400 and up Arecia Live Palm Sale Theycorce - lnVH - inchritsradwenSrf aWl nr tha Vanr Inst i T 15c each Fifth floor New Silk Lamp Shades We offer a new lot of the latest effects In Japanese Lamp Shades These shades come in four sizes and are decorated In Japanese figure designs on white silk panels They are unusually attractive and being new and novel are particularly desirable for parlor and library use They range In price from 250 to 400 each SOCIAL AND PERSONAL Many Nuptial Events Scheduled for To - morrow MISS HITCHCOCKS WEDDUTG Simple and Quiet Ceremony Probably Will Take Place at Home of tire Secretary of the Interior Belmont Palatial Home of the Barbers Has Been Reopened Off idated at Military Wedding Among the many weddings stet for tomorrow are those of Miss Pauline Casey Wright daughter of Gen and Mrs Marcus J Wright and Mr William Walter Dinwiddle of Charlottesville Va which will take place In St Tliomas Episcopal Church at 8 oclock in the evening Miss Florence Holbrook Johnson daughter of te late Joseph R Johnson and Mrs Johnson and Mr Harry James Tompkins of Troy N 1 at 7 30 in the evening Miss Gertrude Allco Ward daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph W Ward and Mr Aloy - slus K Offut at 7 SO oclock In St Pauls Catholic Church Miss Llllle M Vernrn daughter of Mr Charles Vernon and Mr Albert Robey at 7 oclock In the Kendall Baptist Church Miss Florence Evans OBrien and Mr George Langdon Whit - ford eon of the late Col E L Whltf ord and grandson of ex - Gov N G Ord - Way Miss Virginia Chlswell and Mr Harry Kite of this city Miss Nellie Geneva Bishop daughter of Mr and Mrs Varden R Bishop and Mr Edmond H Jones of New York In the Ninth Street Christian Church at S oclock in the evening Miss Nettle Law daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Anderson Law and Mr John Lewi Johnson and Miss Jula Ravenal daughter of Mr and rMs William DeC Ravenal of this city and Mr Stanton J Peele son of Judge Stanton J Pcele formerly of Indiana which will take place in the home of the brides parents on Rlggs street at 4 oclock in the afternoon The wedding of Miss Anne - X Hitchcock daughter of the Secretary of the Interior and Lieut Commander Sims t J VsssK 4 9bHb - bbbbbbIibbbbbbP jfiTOsJl mSW isssssssm J Miller Oil Heaters We have Juat received a shioment of Miller Oil Heaters which are the most satisfactory and have all of the latest Improvements Including the nonsmoking arrangement which make them as near odorless as any oil stove manufactured 300 aqd 450 each We also carrv the Perfection Oil Heater which Is Indorsed hv the Standard Oil Company New Brass Andirons We Offer a lot of rhnlra mmlltv Ttrana Andirons In a unioua ileslcm with curv ed backs These are particularly deslr - a me jot panor or llhrary use They come In both brush brass and bright brass finish and are a special value at 300 per set Other Andirons tt50 and up Metal Beds and Bedding THE employment of metallic beds is not a fad The sanitary features were early one of their commendable qualities but it is only of recent years that the designs have been so artistic and pleasing as to meet with general approval Our Stock for the nrpsent SMcnn ruhncbnf t 1 i j l r www wVJ vaiuca nidi djc vciy unusual and the effects are the richest and most artistic we have ever shown Attention is called to the following cnmnlete Ttd nffitc ka at special prices Uutht Jo 7 Consists of 1 good strong White Enameled Bed 1 All - iron Spring and 1 Husk and Hair Mattress 3 pieces complete for 1200 Outfit No 57 - Consists of 1 White Enameled Bedstead with brasstrimmings 1 AU - trbn Spring and 1 fuU - size All - hair Mattress 3 pieces complete for 1450 Outfit No 63 Consists of 1 extra heavy White Enameled Bedstead I extra heavy Woven Wire Spring with good strong supports and 1 All - hair Mattress full size Second floor F st 3 pieces complete for 1700 WOODWARD SlLOTISROP Phot br Harrts - Ewlnt Miss Anne E Hitchcock U S N which is set for November 21 will bo the most important event in official society of the fall season It probably will take place in the homeof the bride - elect and will be a quiet and simple affair The details and the wedding garty have not been arranged as yet ut all the arrangements will be carried out with the utmost simplicity as all entertainments of he Secretary and his lamlly have been during their residence In Washington Col and Mrs Augustus Tyler whose home is to be the sew Russian Embassy are at present in Charleston 8 C where they will spend the greater part of the winter although they will return here for the midwinter season of a few weeks Among the returning European travelers this week Is Miss Frances Benjamin Johrston who recently landed In New York on the Red Star Liner Kroonland After a - few weeks In Italy Miss Johnston spent most of the summer auto - mooillng with French friends among un - jrequniea Byways ana out - or tne - way places through Switzerland the French Alps and the Riviera Miss Johnston will spend the winter In Washington and not in New York as previously reported but early In January she goes to Chi cago Mr Charles H Bradley of this city wa9 one of the ushers at the wedding Monday In Philadelphia of Miss Mary Warren and Mr Hugh Irwin Wilson Miss Warren Is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Frederick P Warren of 04 South Forty - first street and Mr Wilson Is a Princeton man of the class of 92 Miss Josephine Durand was one of the members of the Berkshire Hunt Club who served the guests at the annual entertainment given by the club to the farmers and their families in the Berkshlres over whose land the drag runs are held The entertainment this year was at Oberlee the country place of Mr and Mrs Samuel Frdthlngham Mrs Winthrop Rutherford formerly Miss Alice Morton daughter of former Vice President Morton is recovering from a nervous collapse She Is In the convent of the Sisters of the Holy Child in Philadelphia It Is hoped that she will soon be restored to - health Winthrop Rutherford and Alice Morton were married about four years ago in Grace Church Philadelphia At that time both were deout Episcopalians but about a year ago Mr Rutherford became a Catholic his two sons being baptized in that faith In May of this yeat Mrs Rutherford also joined the same faith Ever since her marriage she has keen in delicate health and - much of her time since she left Washington has been spent abroad in the hope that she would become stronger She is weU krown in Washington and deservedly popular Lieut Commander and Mrs Edward X Eberle have returned from Newport and have taken the Logan house 2028 Hlllyer place Miss Edith Wetmore daughter of Senator Wetmore left Newport a Jew days ago to visit friends in Boston Mr Henry M Ward of this city has leased the Ellas J Herrlck place at Newport for next season Dr and Mrs E F Risen fit Brooklyn are at the Sboreham for a few days Mr Wilbur P - Smith of this dty wttl marry Miss Katherine Feigner daughter of Mr Edward H Feigner of acg Eutaw place Baltimore In Nevember at the home of the bride Mtaa Ada Sorg daughter of former Representative Paul J - Sorg of Mlddle - frfrrfrM - frmM - mfrfrW J W THE BUSY CORNER J A Special Sale BELTS Including goldcloth belts the latest fad CHOICE of more than a dozen styles in Silk Belts and Girdles in fancy and tailored effects black white and all the good seasonable col6rs Worth 50c to 75c each SALE PRICE 39c ISWsflN J TAFFETA SILK BELTS in style pictured above in black white Hht blue royal blue plum Alice blue reseda Regularly 1198 AO stock In this sale Uq 50c kind Patent Leather Shaped and Perfect - fitting Belts all sizes with or gilt buckles SALE Wf I pmcE rv i NARROW Beu of genuine Morooco leather lined with kid in all tha best colors and all sites Reg - Of titer 80c belts SALE AyC PRICE - - - wv TWO styles of Goldcloth Belts one figured and one plain rep weave with choice of assorted buckles Regular 75c belts In this sale at only 49c Wide Gold cloth Belts fancy woven pattern gold - plated buckles L40 value This QQp sale special Oold and SUrer Cloth Belts made In Inverted N pleat - style satin lining a regn - ular 1200 belt Sale price only 149 VTKTvvvvYv4rWr4vvMHWTrvrv I vtvtvtvtvtvI vlwI v VirVTVTVTVTVTVrVrVTVTVTnVTVTVrW TRADE - MARK At Sloans Galleries H07 0 Street m i The Baker Sale Beautiful Mahogany Furniture x Rare Persian Carpets and Rugs Standard Books in Rich Bindings And a large quanity of BOTTLED WINES ASSORTED BRANDS the property of a former I Ambassador from - Mexico X And many other goods of value including the furniture FROM AN OLD WASHINGTON HOME the gatherings of a cen - Y tury Particular attention is called to the elegant mahogany furniture than which nothing finer has been seen in Washing - X ton for many years i All to Be Sold atBublk Auction t Within our rooms 1407 G Street x X Wednesday Thursday and Friday J October 25 26 and 21 at U a m and 3 p m each day t On view up to hour of sale Catalogues mailed to any X address X C G SLOAN CO Auctioneers 1 W G St i V - f - J t ATssTsTeATlaiyeTATesf - t A T Asfe AafAeTAaf eAtsgVTsAerWSst AfA itlAlTlA T lb tA Wedding Gifts ARTICLES bearing the name of Gait Bra are known to possess mert and to be of the finest quality 4 Our prices are invariably THE LOWEST GALTBRO Established Over a Century jewellers Silversmiths Stationers t 1107 PUUUL AVE Before you do - 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1241 H Street N E Phone East 1093 PHILIP LEDERER Prop ALL IN A NUT SHELL Lquo2one Free If you need IUquozone and hT a tnwn rthlo will be married on KoTember ry all classmates of tbe - aroom On r - ir 4fL th Va Tt 1 to Capt Pierre HXwlllard of the United turning from their wedding - Journejr m a ioaf drug - lst for a full - slse J - ot - States army Miss sorg is prooapiy me utui uu jur isunwwuy wm ec k we ana - mm pay me aruffg - isi ourscires wealthiest young woman in the State of Ohio Mr and Mrs Arthur A Alexander who have been spending the summer at Chevy Chase have returned to the city for the winter and are located at the Grafton Mr and Mrs Charles A adman have as their guest Mrs George pallas Sldman of Philadelphia at their country place the Glen on the Quarry road Belmont the stone castle at the head of Fourteenth street the Washington home of A I Barber has been reopened The children arrived last week and Mr and Mrs Barber are expected any day They closed their cottage at West End nearly two weeks ago and started for Washington in their locomobile They stopped over in Philadelphia so that Mrs Barber could attend the sessions of the American Humane Society a work in which she Is deeply Interested and to which she has given much time and money Mr and Mrs W W Saftord have removed to their new home 1358 Princeton street Miss Alice Lamar Laird left the city last night for Phenix Arir where she will make an extended visit Miss Laird is well known in Washington especially In musical and art circles She is an accomplished pianist and has met with much success as a portrait painter Mrs Albert S Barker has just returned to Washington from a visit to Miss Helen Gould at her country place on the Hudson Lieut Laurence Hulstead Is TislUrg his parents CoL and Mrs Benton Hatsteid at 1936 Baltimore street Washington Heights Mr and Mrs B J - Droop have returned from their trip abroad and are located at their old residence 1455 Bacon street Surrounded by relatives and Immediate friends Miss Kathleen Graham and Lieut Halsey Dunwoody llth Coast Artillery U R A were married In the Church of Our Father last Monday evening Dr Couden Chaplain of the House of Representatives performed thev ceremony Miss Dorothy Graham sister of the bride was maid of honor and William C Drmmick oldest grandson of former Representative William CsnneU of Bcran - ton Pa was best mac The ushers were Lieut Thos Duneaa Artillery Corps and Lieut Henry E Mitchell Third Cavalry j Tha brides gown was of white crepe de I chine with duchess lace and cording her i hat a charming - creation of white tolieJ and ostrich plumes The whole - eostoxa was - completed by a huge bouquet ox white chrysanthemums Mlrs Dnrathr Graham wore white net over silk trimmed Wlin Tiucncicuuvs un net ui was white chip with - wlnga and rosea Her flowers jellow chrysanthemums Among thtlse present were Lieut Otho V Kean Artillery - Corps Lieut Thomtn M Sotuldlne Artillery Corns and Lleuu Berkely Thorn Merchant Fourta Caal home to their friends at Fort Monroe Va Miss Kathleen Carmody daughter of Paymaster and Mrs J B Carmody will be married to - day to Mr William GlbMn of New York City - The wedding a quiet one win Include only the family and immediate friends of the bride and groom The return to Washlnytpn of Mrs Kufua Peckham wife of Associate Justice Peck - ham of the United States Supreme Court is somewhat delayed - on account of tha death of Judge Peckhams brother lit New Tcrk Mr snd Mrs - Abram Llsner of 1723 Massachusetts avenue have returned to the city for the winter after enjoying the pleasures of their home In a parking of twenty - seven acres in New Hampshire Mrs Elizabeth Schuyler formerly of Wsshrogton Is visiting New York after a six months tour of the Pacific Coast Mrs i St Clair Hill of West Chevy Chase has had as her house guests fo - the past three weeks Mrs Charles O 11111 and Miss Hill of Philadelphia CUT OUT THIS COUPON Tin t sod feall U to Tfc tl40M Ceo Yaf4 - M4 Watufe t Caicaco lfj ljii I kar Hr t - Ut Unnm kut tt r m supply m a Ma sottl era 1 wUl Ux lb 4 OIt4 fall siUum mlu pUuly r5 - - H4 - 64 - M - S LW t r flarriSiShafer Company DIAMOND AND GEM MERCkANTS JfV take the same care in serving those who desire moderaiety priced meddin gifts as is supplying others whdrequire more expensive arthter Your inspection is invited to bur superb stotkfof fine gold frwelry and sterling sitverafdre ilt3 Pennsylvania Ave SPECIALS Cream of Wheat regular pret tX - this week White Bairt usually 5 la special this neek at-Lea v Perrins Saucer usually St this week only ColamaBSi Mustard caaxlly Be special this week at Baker1 cocoa ttsoany Vtsf rpcdal this week ct - lh hngJ of Bull tmriUy fez special this - weHt at He 3ic 9c 10c 17c 3c tAtlaaii5Pacin3Hir K4n Cor - tj asd K m f It Is often the source of consider - able worry and annoyance t know Just What wedding gift to lCt - Ton can overcome that This stock js full of appropriate srggstlons X A superb collection of Silverware V Diamond Pieces sJ Novelties that T Jewess unusual meHi X5 EROT VYHtTMORE CO T iwI - rv tlTtrrsdUs IUle - - r r W Elrvenlh Ss 44MW - 0f - f - Pimples Btackhsafc Cw4aa4 rtavntf ten fvitr toskn4 Hot Wirt RW Xo Ite4 Wfeu Blrtitatrta PXart r cay hAttLS a r sMv tse ikls ytta - Uulr act proaUT rami u 9 rrsrxT J ANDOLINE H Will tl off tixi tmijhtfy t n and aiu taa illn soft anal white AT all itnjtff 25c Hatfiiia Soap Sreaii ofFtne BiteuatmETwry Calm I Mntlsri Ult aiiSnar - IrSWES - k w saw fsujm jgjZ t - at - v - J5J

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