The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 6, 1934 BLYTHEV1LLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Texas Oil Center Sees Great Benefits From IfM ONE NRA Declared an Unqualified Success in Texas- Oklahoma-Kansas Field. Tills is Hit fifth of 11 articles on "Ainiika Undfr the Blue Ea t k, a series willten exclusively for Cour-• irr N,«s and othrr SEA Srrvu-e' musppets, aflcr a 5300-mllf jour- iiej of -urvey to Hie nation's pnn- , i-ipal renters of population, slmw- I lux II.0 situation after sis months': operation of the recovery program.' B V W1I.I.1S THORNTON NRA Service Staff Correspondent FORT WORTH. Tex.. Jim. G.— Tlse last "wild man" of American industry lias been tamed by the coming of the NRA and the oil; code. | T.'ie oil fields have gotten them- i stKc-E :i /aiicu'.. shave and .1 clean ; Ehlri, and they're tickled lo death with the way they loan. The wild and wooly oil driiler has become a family man. even o& you and I. working 30 Hours a week instead at 84. He's raisin» chickens in his spare time. And the industry Ihni used to spend half Its time cutting its own throat and the other half wastln? precious natural resource*, has seen! the bright light lhat comes from NRA headquarters in Washington. The days when four huge wells were turned loose just to entertain a trainload of oil field visitors, who taw literallv millions of dollars go spraying olf to the Gulf of Mexico, are definitely over. Solves Us Problem 1 believe if accurate to say (hat no other industry has made sucli gieal and suilden strides toward solving its own prnblenis under N'RA as oil, and it lias done all this ut its own expense, without Ptoinp to the taxpayer for uny- . tbinf but moral and legal backing. Oil men. from Oklahoma to the Gulf, are pleased with the way their cede has \vorktd. Ar.d why wouldn't they be, when it ha-s raided the price of crude oi! from 10 cents a barrel lo anywhere from 75 cents lo a dollar? J. D. Collctt, general chairman of the regional committee, which Includes Texas. Oklahoma. Kansas, and New Mexico, tells you how it was done: "The first thins was lo cut production to where it Coileit. Motorized Flyerj Threatens Steam King's Reigp , Auulhei revolution In railroading is pictured here—an aristocrat of steam whose relirn • is threatened and Us rival, (lit; liurllngloii Route's first Mrcam-llncd stalnlcF.s strel motorized train, capable of l»'0 mili'.i a minute .sliced. The "Zephyr" li Hearing completion In Philadelphia shops and will tour the. east i before totng into service. The "" now pulls a crack Chicago-Denver train on Ihe Burlington. The "Zephyr" complete wcifilis only 85 ions; the "Iron horse," with tender, welgl's 359 tons. BriiisK Plan New Way ' To Halt Jay-Walking, Wilson Signs to Lead Phils Fort Worth, midway In tl'.c vast Texas plains between the great casi and west Texas oil li":(:: . to one of America's most individualistic and most wasteful industries. lion, and more than 250 cases of j I ailet-cd violation of the oil code; have bsen checked in Washington. . The money question seems a I little remote down here. If a man i« pruducme oil, or rnltnn, or wheat, or livestock, he knows ' that, whatever kind (if money is decided on, people must come anil give it to him for his oil or cot- : ton. He is in a different fix from the city worker with a fixed salary, watts, or savings, who never | has anything of value but money. NEXT at Blytheville's Theatres THE LONDON il)!'l — Fatalities "jay-walkers" may be al-1 mast elimlnnleO by u new road | : .safety plan being discussed by, •British authorities. ; Csnnnr- Twine 7 Set* i Tllu nlnn ls si '»l»e. A two-ami-' cdniKm ivwns— i aus !n _ lmlf fco( llosl n]Kl cllllln bnr .. Claim LoncrevitV Record i r! "' wolll( l he placed nil along the ' pivcmcnl curbs. Al Intervals Ihcre would be openings to permit uc- dcslrlans to cross the road In j "infety lanes." In these marked [ lanes, any motorist killing a walk- i IT would auloimitlctilly be charged ' with manslaughter. | While walkers In the sjwclned '• gaps would have the right of way,' ! those jumping over the barriers to ; T.III.I.RHUItY. Mass. (UPi—The jCannon t'ALiis — two .sct.s of them • ciaim ;; li)ii<:i'vity record. I Pa'.iuV. H and John W. Calli noti, ;hi i Icier pair of twins, rc- ocmly uV-.-rvu! their Sdth blrlh- This basic deference is reflected movie-going people at in the altitude oi bonkers. One Well known stars theaters this week which Mill uf- e' the Irene Ware, Barbara Wepkr. Siuan e local • Flemini;, Marcelte Edwards. Mnr- Their yoi;i-'.' biotl'.er.s. Kevin | and KuVaid. .ire 7s years old. ! AH four :mi are in fine health niul M':y aniu- banker ::ere lold me that 1)31 for seven attractions. jorie King. Jean Allen, Gladys, llbke imd Dixie France.s. ' was approximately equal to consumptive demand." says tlit'.ight it m:ght not be a bad ' Tho=e who cn;x>y an Ernest T.tih- idea for the government to pay : jtscn production will toe rielighud - Will Rogers conies to thi? the- olf half its bonded dent in treas-1 wi'.n "Design for Living" to be-atie. on Thursday, in his latest ury notes. He couldn't see any| s h ow , ; a t t i,c Ritz Sunday and. fiictmx" for Fox. "Mr. Kkitch." Tlic "Since the code took effect production lias been cut approximately a half million barrels a day In the United States." Producers Gain by Code Texas, when it was producing a million barrels a day. got only $300.000 for that oil. Today, allowed a production of 88S.COO barrels a day. it sets S750.0CO for that. So why w'oitldn'i oil producers b( The problem of oil bootlegging remains, C'ollett estimates thai perhaps 25.000 barrels of "hot oil" are being bootlegged daily, bul other estimates place lllis as hifli as "O.MO barrels a day. This mlri'ht not r seem like a great deal, but when refined and dumped cheaply on the gasoline market it upstts the whole marketing machinery, as the oil business still is highly competitive. Investigators Driven > Away Enough of the boom-town frontier spirit survives so that a T?x- as railroad commission investigator and two federal operatives were driven off 'a at. Kilgore Ihe other day al gun point. However, oil code aulhorities have no doubt (hat bootlegging can be stopped and virtually airtight control of production made a reality. One oil man told me he believed 50 federal agents with proper au- thcrily could do more toward ruling tlie oil fields than the whole National Guard. -W: have had very little trouble with compliance." L. E. Barrows, chairman of the state production committee, told me. "The princioal difflcultv now lies in the fact that the code is not yet com. plete. and does nol contain a com- iplcle schedule of wages. A min- v\ imum 4S-cento-an-hour rale for field workers and a 36-hour week have been set, but there is wide divergence in the pay of more highly-.skilled workers. Dazed by Leisure It was liiltrfstl-ic to witch the rr/xM?cn of driller.;..rompers, and roustabouts when their 12 hours a day and seven days a week, juddenly were cut to 3G a week. At flrsl the men would come out and stand around watching Ihe rif on thrlr day ofT. They were completely lost, and had nn Idea °f whit (o do with their lime. "But on a recent trip through the West Texas field I encountered any number of oil Held men who were raising chickens and gardens or °olng fishing on those days ofl. I met one driller way up in New Mexico taking n long trip on accumulated days ofl. "And you couldn't help observing thfil he was burning gasoline lhat "ouldn't have been used If he suil was working seven day* a week." This Improvement in the oil business hfld a tremendous and Immediate efleci on tl'.c southwest, for the oil business is a cash affair, which settles up once a mouth. Just so this picture may not appear perfect. 12 refineries In East Texas are makln? a legal fight on , the code and have not yet signed Is kith (he Federal Oil Admintslra- difterence between them and tho | Monday bonds, he said, except that l:.c j rnds bear imprest and the notes would not. FTe(i f r j C Mnrch . G:iry CoDp(!r d Miriam Hopkins are" the three film v.ill remain This is the for two (lavs. Canadian OTTAWA. tion. which year- ai;o. trickle in '. 10:i3. .screen adaption of j thikltin. liitini^r.itfur, Duwn Out. 'tUl'>— Immigra- :t:.i'!i:-i; a peak a few dui^dKI to n mere e :iiv trti months ol Only li!f:i';~> rien, women and ing 41 races, . cross the road would tlo so at their •own risk. The Ministry of Transport i.s reluctant to make jay- u'lilklng a pennl offense, and It Is 1 thought that the new plan would giontly reduce Ihe number of fatal accidents. If Annc Cameron's Salurdnv Evening "-ere principals in one ol those triangle £« ^- "P™' "'"^V-IT- U U1* "' " "" "'" rt °'" **"* love affairs which is serious, omus- .'H 1 . ., I 1 '"'""' 11 • .' nenta, National B » k wil, tell you , ft ^1^^ ?= ^ ^ --^-e^ oT. fui girl is in love with two men- friend. 1 ?—and who wants both of H. Two Ways Citrd | C. Burke. Jr., of the Conti-' I; has b'.cn estimated that an cxlr.i kernel were added I'l eac.: ear of corn grown in lhlsiuj ven admitted. '!;iis was a de- 'country, our yearly corn crop would „. be increased bv more than 5,000,-1 000 bushels. jien scratch on the dotted line and the Phillies .were'-. a new manager when Jimmy Wilson, right, spread .'liif; .Ink. The former Card catcher was selected by Gerry Nugent,' left,'. Phils' president, to succeed Burt Sholton as pilot. . lhat believes there two courses open on money—increasing :ts quantity cr reducing its quality. tnem . lt is comedy, based upon You can control the second course, Mr j OUS anc i provocative thought. not the first. Therefore, he believes the president deserves support in his Lilian Harvey, comes to this theatre on Tuesday in her first American film, the Fox produc- typical American family who take ( to the ro^d In their flivver after i the depression has cleared them ] of all their other iiossrssions. Others in the cast thai supports Rogets and Miss Pitts arc Hochelle Hudson. Florence Desmond. Harry Grcc-n. Charles Stc.inH ami Enser.e Pallc-tte. Tlie film, a Buddy DcSylva pro- Charles Farrcll and Rene Davis duction, will reveal the latesl of nre co . f tarrcd i:i Warner Bros.' trends in smart motion picture "Tji e gip Shakedown." which plays that have music and feniin- C0 mes to Ihe Rilz Theatre Saturine beauty among their principal ( | nv • ciecnts. _ _ Hicardo Coric? is '.lie •, illain of The cast in support of Miss the production. T-U- fin:": not h'.-si- Harvey and Ayres includes many tate to put his own sivecth'-'ail on notable figures of the stage and the spot, when he jilts her for an- screen. Among these are Charles other light o' love. Butterworlh. Harrv Langdoti. Sid The picture is n Ihrillir.c drima kft- Ihe of the most beautiful girls Holly- Repeal maili 1 the lliiunr :;;mii' le.-;; wood can offer — Mary' Howard, profitable. ow " Silvers. Irene Bentley. Henry Trav- dnalliiB with u new type of r.i crs. Adrian ' Kosley and a number ceriuj i'hich has come in sir.i: !ort to regulate t'r.e quality o! money, avoiding the danger of un- tion. "My Weakness." joiuro'ed iucreabe in its quantity (as In Oermany). The arrival of the cotton "plow money" has put cash in the ands of fanners hereabouts who had not known what mur.ey Icoked like for years. That a great deal of this gov- ?rnment money has gone to pay debts U shown bv t're fact ! hr" T. j. Yarbrough of the First Natlon- i! Bank estimates that debts ing Fort Worth banks b.: c-jii,i..v banks practically have bacn wiped out in receiu months. Stand by NRA NRA compliance here appears to liave been rather more complete than in many cities. H. S. Pester, head of the compliance board, has complete records of -125 complaints. "Cocktail Hour." a Columbia pro- lie Hussies, will er.tei lain tin- >f which he says only 40 per cent, duction. will open at the Rosy guests at the Roxy Tlie;r.i-r TIICS- •'ar less than t;-c average, was due Theatre Sunday with Bebe Daniels day. Wednesday and Thursday. It :o ignorance. j n the slarring role. She will re- is a mad matrimonial mix-up This is due. Foster says, to ex- rnir. two days". .with "Iwo ar.d a half" vvcddini's as .ra efforts made here to inform This picture deals with the ever somr nf the nice things about thr lecple of N'RA requirements. A timely subject of whether a wo- picture. Flnyinp: with Rns'..!es i.^ liiestionnalre on ie-einployiiicnl man should go out and taste, life Phyllis Barry. Vcrrce Te.nlsdab. lere showed that of 4223 blanket before' she settles down to married Mayo Melhot and Sidney ninck- :ode signers. 9S7 employers took on life. who provide the hilarity for •lew help, creating 394i new jobs. Cynthia Wnrrcn is besieged by J( ^ makin-; p'.Kiblj a. dollar in- offers nf mariiaze: but she wants ' ^ ' •rease in payrolls of S3.957.0I8 87 :i lo be indcixndrnt of any obliga- Ki'Sbie.- ,'?ar. nous. A young Prince is madly ill playboy instincts wno tak<s ' icve with her but she spurns him. cation in Atlantic City with motiNEXT: San Francisco, where New as well as a wealthy business man. ev ix> rvo \v«l from his employer. Deal conflicts arc being ironed oul How she is reconciled lo the fncl discreet butler with va- FOR SALE- new adventure in living . achieve greater happiness. A Brand New Year Last year's resolutions arc gone — kept or broken. Years have a habit of coming and going, but the habit does not.keep us from regarding each new one as a as an opportunity to rapidly and opposition is waning. Doomed to Hang that she had been wrong in her F ,.i(| n y sn j Saturday Hoct C.ib- ideas and ideals all the time forms „', „„,,,.(.,;„ , vltl , ..,\ the theme of the production. ^^ ^ ^ ^ "Gcodhyc Ixive" starring Char- iai and cavtuon. l>cl:re liiMit Man's WOBURN. Mas" ' UP)—Julian" ~r>clskv was ir-a" 1 in a hospital. • > i!" )»!:ce :nr,d: at: extensive >rrV tuv.ons Ihe snowdrifts in •he slr-et. for h:s r.cse. Robul- .< p ] it . n rn j(). -,vas in a street fishi at:d hit new «'as cut o^ by Dr-Tiiil: Pchclso. w'n was arrcst- rd ard clnrgid with mayhem. Cruelty Measured Ity round BOSTON iUP>— Cruelty Is measured by the pound bv Massachusetts courts. When Harold Levitt was arraigned, chained wilh cruelly lo his horse. Judcc Michael H. Sullivan wns advised lhat the horse 10 years old should weigh auoiil 1.100 pounds. Levitt's horse wckhed onlv M. and so the judge Imposed a 535 fine. i FONTJ DU LAC. Wis. <UP> --'. • Undersherlff Glil>ert W .Booth of Fond du Lac County Is Wiscpn- Duich stone mason, above, snl - s only flyins peace officer. The tf.teA of burning the Helens- j pupil of A. J. Wlttman. speed pilot. • Herlln. Th« | Booth owns his own plane and hns • co-defendant* two others ni his disposal at all : limes. ' liannrd NEWTON. Jlass. (UP!—No more apples or (lowers - in far.!, no uilis of o: lv kiiid-.tar ill. 1 sch.rto'.tcach- eis of i-liis city, biTause a new ruiine was pnsso<l. which icail. "No teacher shall receive presents from pupils." This is Ihe- latest ol many changes in Newton's school system in Ihe pasl year. '; on (lie gallows will be the i>[ Marinus Van Uer Lubbc, luillcllng in jiiLin'p four were acquitted. !''or isn't life, after all, in things material as well as spiritual, a constant search for happiness? And isn't satisfaction a companion thought for this happiness? There's a heap of satisfaction and happiness in being able to buy the things you need at a price you can afford to pay. Many dollars can be saved if you know where to get the most for what you spend. The advertisements in this newspaper will help you do this every day.of this brand-new year. They bring you the latest, most authoritative news of the offerings of many manufacturers. The suggestions they offer will save you much time and trouble and lead you straight to the best values.

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