The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 14, 1938
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY H BtA'THEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURII3K NEWS One Wav To Col A Clav Pack /thevillc '!' e a m \Vi: Make Fivsl Home Ap- pcarance At Armory BY J. l». FKIEM) Coach ;joe Dildy tonight lakes the wraps oir Ills Blythcvillc Chickasaw capers for their first home appetirancc of the new sca- s::i. when meeting the Bluwnce quintet from Joiner, at the national guard armory. As a preliminary feature, Ynr- bro clashes with Conch Ace Puck- cli's Junicrs. starling at 7:15. Honstmg n young but (.ill «:;- ercgallon. Sliawnce is likely lo of- ,tcr .serious opposition. After u slow slail, in which they dropped lh:ir first three conlcj^. Concli Stanley Mllihtll, fcriuer Arkansiv; Tecli star. I:;;:; pulled his youngstors out of UK- dump an:l lius them working nicely. They have ivon six of their last seven games. The Greenics twice lost lo Hul- tcrt. and v;ere beaten once by Manila before they crashed into l..c win column. Once started, however. th"y have boon as hot as u baker's oven, bowling over Mar-1 ion. Dyess i2i, Kciwr (2). and Ar- I morel. Manila spoiled their streak by trimming them again. Cased en past performance, Die Chicks must keep Iheir eyes focused on one Clarence Bolin. pint axed forward. In most of Hit games this year he has displayed keen nwksmnnsliip in loop'ing field goals. Despite being marked fifbr cue or two spurts in which he sank as many as ten fro;;! t»e lloor, Bolin has continued lo score. J. C. Pounds, his running mate, is also a sharp shooter of no mean nbilily, Earlie Crouton, center, Talmadgo Rogers and Prank Dean, guards, arc the likely starters since they have been working together. Croxlon received recognition in Die county tournament last year. Dildy announced this morning that he wonl-l probably start his shock troops but hoped to use at least two full terns before it was all over. That means that Charles "Fecfc" Hardin and Dan "Deati- I'yc." Warrington will be the forwards. Bill Godwin, center, Russell Mosley and Carl Hughes, guards. FXK seconds include Homer Bc- iiharce and Akin Justice, forwards; Jack Jenkins, center; Hugh Har- uert and James "Bab" 'Roberts, guards. Since their .opener at Wilson Tu ^ a S;.'»Bht,,in which they scorer/ iin easy' 34-21 triumph, the Chicks have been working hard and long in an elfort to iron out the rough spots that cropped out- Stress has been laid on perfection of plays as weil as snooting at long range. They minified at leasl a half dozen nice returns by missing easy shots against Hie Bulldogs. Tne offense lias been slowed down a little, loo. They broke loo fast for (heir own good, losing the ball many times because of PV- cpEsive speed. If the Maroon Maulers maintain the:, scoring pace set in the first game. Coach Dildy fech tnal they should lally at least 45 Jioinls, ordinarily enough to win. Marvin Graves will officiate,. Dirty Business Blond Cyclone "Bright" l-'ulurc See imo\i>i'ii:u> "I Pierce Named President Of Caruthersville Club ("ARU'T'IlERSTO-iE. Mo.. Jnn. H — E. c. Pierre was named president of tlic Canillicrsville B.iseball GUib, (Inc.. at a meeting of directors Wccl- nesclaj' night. Pierce served as sec- rcliiry-lrcasurer of tlic chil) Ihe latter part, of last year. Have Pillow, retiring president. appointed a nominating committee cf Harry Malloure. Ralph Hutchin- soii. and J. H. Wooclson, which nominated James M. Reeves. E C. Fierce. Harry Malloure. Van John'•ou. Paul L. Horuer. Bob Mnlliniks and Bob Melirle to the board of director. 1 ;. The directors elected Pierce president. Harry Malloure vice president'. and Mrs. Fayc Edwards, sec- rctory-lrensurcr. a n d announced that J. H. Woodsoa would again be field executive. Preliminary plans were made for an exhibition game with the St. licuis Cardinals here April H. '( he following plavers arc lici relumed lo tlic Pilots this year: Pitchers Koewing, Fiehtcr. Assel- mcier and Siiinllius; first- baseman Lconliarcil, and outfielders 6ace- * man and Bern Turner. Manager Bimnic Simmous. a catcher, and Wootlson arc to select others for Hie team from the St. Mtiis Cardinals' farm training camp, to be hcltl at pine Bluff. Ark. mi. M.—Tlml toiii'tiiii'.; I'tillnii'iit abtml n woman's Hi-inn ill Hie kitchen might be In Us pl;r.T, but lhen>'.s no for U in lhi< lift' ot Mildred'lonc) iiurkr. '•'•>r Mildred has busied hmelf °yer a period of six yours with \vin- nl'iK the women's lightweight wrest- Inehidlnn Istanbul. Keokult, In., mid other way points. So she hfisn'l hud '. tnucli lime for much else. lltsht at present she cliilm:: -is 1 further distinction, to Ire one of "'<• tlrst two women inssleiK lo , compile in tl u > rln<; "iiiiidu stylo," which means In a sea of Ihe stlekl- I i'st. iiooiesl mud Unit HIP proper li'Bi'i'ilieiits et dirt and wilier can make, "If those (jiiys on Uir west c-oaxl i 1 "" d:> il. SM ran »•'!," Ihc brlsllliv; iMCJHl .merled. ami lllU-jll 1(1 (lie dismay at numerous cliurrli-<,:om "•lid hdlcs' silil societies, hopped Into »n Akron ring \vllh n-oiia (Unix-.-) C.ordon of Chicago, ami nave ihi; Patrons of (he Brapiilini; arts ;i show Ihat lliry won't lor»el for iome time. '' ••'»! J'lul Kuicy Ins.mlli When a lonid 15 minutes'or j;o f "'im !>IK| fancy insiinlly was ^included II was wlnniih, und r,im ' ""iccn. Mildred (OyclnnO Burke. '1'he comely, curly-honded Miss is serious about this business of nlh- A few years hack slip was quite u high s?liool (rack slur In 'I:T unlive Kansas city, A rabid wrestling fun, It wasn't. !em; before she gol to thlnkinir about, trying the sport herself. Tiicre were perhaps n dozen or so females in Ihc ijainc. aramd luo country, and. Mildred n»rkc (Vnired '!(• ivii.'i as longli us any O f u,,. m . Under tlic guidance, of Hilly 'Mi^-dme. Missouri stale champion, she col into Ihe .swlmr Above, Leoiia (Bnfcc) Gordon applies n none too ^rrccfiormlc hcndlcck on Mildred (Cyclone) 'Bint at- Hie start of their match in tlic mire. Below, flu priiicliMls are well on their way toward absorbing i very elegant mud pack in the world premiere of in is type of wrest HUB lor women. 'Ernie Mnddock Is the referee. Miss Burko has nppcnrai in a Blytbc ville ring several times. BY HAllltV GRAYSON Sports Editor, NEA Service Texas, long a great developing ground for baseball players, rapidly is attaining the same steady efficiency in golf and football. Amon-f the Lcnc Star state's front men of the fairways are Harry Cooper. Ralph Gulrialil. Byron Nelson. and Will Dill Mclilhnrn, who will do until you can think of !\ more able qti.irtct from one eom- momvenllh. '"alifv lias made Fiich Iro- mendoiis strides in football in recent years, with Sammy Banjh a striking example of playing skill'. and now- Texas is sending its coaches to other sections. Dana X. Bibic was brought, back after a whirl at Nebraska. Ohio State went, to Texas for Francis .Schmidt. Vaiirfcrbilt for Ray Morrison. and North Carolina for nanr \\11VT3o McMillin of Indiana learned the fundamentals nt Fcrl Worth. Southpaw Bowlers Win Oyer Righthandsd Team Tr.i/bna"' howlrr.i dcfc.itccl 9 team of • righthanders in a iiMtch at fiudbnrv's Playhouse last night. The lefthanders, captained by Pete Skinner, rolled up a total of 3,900 in four games to finish ahead -oc'K Graham -udbury of the lefthanders was leading scorer with an average of 191 while capt. three under the playing J. P. Harwell paced the riehllinnd- ers willi an average ot 182. today'.; story was lo br. about. .I;;! Hunt, who hops from Louisiana c "~'^ lo .sn-.-eed tlic veteran Harry Mchrc as head coach ol the University of Georgia. Hunt Is a Texas A. & M. mortal, who determined while slill in .college lo make football coaching his life work. He kepi (lint i;ba -•-•id (•"ilo'vin-r his graduation in 1928 and durinit live years of professional baseball as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals' chain (Tang-. Jtroken LIT rmlrd His Baseball Career An outfielder who played in cv.-ry baseball classification and had three trials with the Red Birds. Hunt voluntarily retire;! after breakm: his leg in 1D32. and decided to devote his entire time and attention lo football coaching. Hunt, blue-eyed, brown-haired, and only 32. likes to hunt and fish, bill does little of either as Ion;; he can find someone ivith wii to talk football. Hunt, who stands 5 feet I0'-i inches and weighs 165 pounds weight o! State, but lias very definite ideas of 111* own. Himl applied for the Georgia iofc soan alter Mohre's resignation. He had siu'li ri:ie rero.'iinieiidatiins that BnildOT officials interviewed hitn personally, an;l scon engaged him. Hunt fiors In (iror'ia H'itli IJrfcM liickgromul Hunt was head coach at Ihe C'Jl- Icge of Marshall. Tex., in 1323-9. where his club won tile junior chamjicnamp of the cow ooiniliy. Afler three seasons as backfiel'd ccich nl Texas A. & M. under Malty Bell, he went to L. S. U. in the same capacity- under Maj. BiJI Jones. He was All-Southwest Conference quarterback in 1925-6-7, playing hero rdK in Ihc championships lion by Dana X. niblr'.s Texas A. ft M. teams in "iy-1. He war, the oul?taiutiin performer in rm 1023 • East-West i;ame in San Francisco. j Hunt did such things as punl, i:nss. call Kijnals. blcch. run, and kick Held goals fsr the Agsies. i Hunt «ns born nl Texicc. N. M.. j where- his pateniiil [ was a prominent i;ovcrnmenl offi- { cial of territorial days, fie is de- j voted to Mrs. Hunt, the former il , 1 V. ; E.lirn Eckles of Baton House., nnd their tiva - and - a - half - year - c'.j danyhirr. Nancy Joe. Jccl fim! cr.-.nWnes (lie !,t,ei»di- ncss ot n.ina X. Bible, who clrillrd him. and 111': backlield inv.i;imli",:i Gene Dill Takes Position As Pro At itayti Course CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Jfi ! H.—Jess Gwin. manager of ' lhc 1 Gwin Country Club golf coursi announced ycslcrday that Gem Dill, formerly of Blythcville, would l.e »s.wclatcd with llic local cliii ] this year as professional and fireunds keejicr. Dill has been con- nci.Ied with Die Dlythcvillc cl'.il for I lie ]i;isl two viously was with ycavs ' n "d prc- tllc Fayetlevill, Colorado Coach Finds Glenn Morris "Unspoiled" FORT COLLINS, Colo. <UP) _ Glen Morris, former Colorado State allilc'tc. who is starring in the mcvics as 'nii7.aii after winning the Olympic decathlon championship, is slill Ihe -same mo.lest j-oung nun of his college days, according lo his coach. Harry Hughes. Hughes coarhed Morris in foot ball and (rark in 1932-3'!. This grandfather I srascn is Hie 23!li year that "• Hushes hns guided the Colorado Stale football destinies. Carutriersville Teams Beat Braggadocio Clubs _ n \nUiHKUSVILLH, rf a triple threat. He i'-i:.vilic boys Mo.. and I)uiii|i 1'rereiils Huron? BOSTON. Jan. H-—A little bump on cue of the fingers "f his pitchim hand which mysteriously added t3 the eflcctlventss ol his curve, is the reason given for his record earned run average by Jim Turner, Boston Warner single wingback is tmncml'iusly ciithusiast::: ilinul | ais first fcl--- coaching opportunity.' Georgia '.'•ill like him. Cborks N'n nets Frank Thomas has his University o! Alabi'ii:.! fcttball players change the nnmbrri c.i their jerseys for every game. lure, in tie \ic! on Hi" defeated Hr.i :- ims in n double hrarf-T '.•n an cnrly-season iln'i- .";(iicd by Ura^gad'i:;') •,i-;i!a(locio court. Rrarf Co'ttier Want AOx ; 71. '• <'.::::» of whist in England : k .-')•-( iir--. but under its oH of Triumiih. it was well known -is e.irlv ;;. 1.523 when Bishop Lati- i m?r ]>:-.'jrlwd a Christmas sen"™ ni C:-!n'>;r;«c<! and based the al'e- gori-:. 1 . fn the gnn;e. The Dope Bucket lly J. T. Mend IMMKNSli—Tills Eurly Maxwell feller, who Is lhc Commercial Appeal's he/id limn in the iiroiuoilon Hold- ollichdl.v referred to us i'ro- nuillons talllor-—-Jcrs not believe lit j dohi s Ihe job hnlf vwy . . . 'j'lic 1 n inn c.l Uie muilfr Is he'd mucli miller curry over mi extra half , , . Ills pet right now Is Ihls Golden Glove business tor lhc ambitious younnBlrrs ivho b.-illlc for fun anil mini uftnlr with the Memphis jiaper . . . And Is henlnnliij; lo hike, on tilfiiinllc iiroportlons . . . H has v >u> so |»iv(> dim he luis found it necessary lo brunch out ... So this your he divided (ho Trt-Stalcs Into districts, dpsJunnllnj; eltle« for ellmluiillons innoiii; the entiles from (hut territory . . . The winners lu ihc vnvluis districts then inciH In Memphis In whut luis been termed the Tiuunaiuent of Clium- plons . . . 'ihosi- slinon pures who survive will tie crowned Mid-South champions and earn Ihe rlBlit to comiiele ul Nashville for Ihe feonlliern Golden cilove crou'ii . . . The winners there ^u to Chlcnso th r U. li- "be.sti'sl" then «o to KIIR- 1 lund—-Loiulou foj; and nil—In the littcriuitloniil Gcilden Gloves . . . Quite V nn oiiportimlly lor lhc amateur .mill, .sllnners who hiivo the t;oods nnd can produce . . . :T,- n; .. N T TTO v, _ uivthtvllln I' c m'<' tit t'OHis In for .some recognition ... As u town (or n certainty, and maybe becnuiie of slices s'diil i Ins I'cpsculattveB . . . 'Ilie Arkansns entries buttle 11, out here next Wednesday nnd Thursday nights In the American IjCKlon squared circle . . . .Some twenty-four or more hopefuls \vl' wear Ihe loeul colors . . . There !• Indlciitlon Hint nt thrco o' four mlyht win out In Ihe slei lo Inlcniallonnl [nine and i^lory . . Most outstiiiullns. of comse. !• '• "Ualw" Hobi'i'ls, light heavyweight' . . . "Hubs" won UK; Mid- South championship last year anc went In New York ... in li\m«' Madison So,unre Garden he won hi 1 first two lights but ilrojipud u Hire' round decision lo u tall Boslcii negro . . . Then there Is u jHKisl- blllly lhal Herb Chllcls. n fust wel- lenvelght wllh » dumly left ho.'>k Aaron Uvrd, itnl ing champion, which is tantamount. M weighs 128 iraunds. and Is 22 years Irl. ' -.sent the Bluff City In the Olympic' Mhc did both), dropped in on ,Ioi truth. Training routine?. plenty of It. Tlirce or four miles of road work each day. Rope skipping, rulisthc- cs. and a vigorous workout, with Wolfe, who ulso nets as her trainer. "A lot cf wrestlers' wives—mnylie throuijh association—I don't know— x have the Idea they can wrestle. So i ought lo have n lol of comoe- tition-boforc very long." asserts Miss Burke. 'Brliift 'cm on. Ally of 'em. All of 'em. I'll rnssle 'em any time. Any place. And in lhc mud it they care to!" She pronounces it "rassling" when she yds her dander up. In other words, she means it. Read Courier News Want Ads, discussed plans with Grain for tin local tournament . . . Among lh: iDlcre.vtlng plans he rcvn'iled wa 1 the winners In the NBA meet wotilc' lie known as Ihe niylhevllle team in (he Toiirmimenl. of Champion? . . . Hot CONTRACTS -- Although lh< Ncrlhe.i.sf Arkansas professions' bnsfbnll Iriigun may experiencr some trouble ere the nones of May. Jonesboro officials arc busy ncltiiic Iheir conlracUs ready for turning them over to Uncle Sam's postal livery . . . Rules demand that thcj be in by nt lensl March 1 . . . Over in nciglilmlng Cotton States loop there nre also having their membership woes . . . Especially Is j Greenwood a question mark . . • x'fjr v '>:' i j -f • | i ''~M'- 4- •'•- f or old lashioned . MILDNESS f and -TAS^TINESS- his college days, understands players and personally is popular with them. He's able lo convince backs that he knows what he is lalking about because he .still cm nutpiint and outpass Ihe br;,t "•' them, lie alwajs it in ten cwh- tlon. He probably will empl.iy the wlilch is Bee pitcher. llsc d b y Eeriilc Moore at Louisiana T'SFuu! ITS Healthful! JT'S Entertaining! What?? rys House ^J?" '4 '/#:. ^ >-»•• &~*&fa ' J *'l£ -ff *fc> H', tefe '& ^S?^i«^ fs »^$ ^^ ^ f''S:, 'SKIY BL il V; Y — r*. irt m '*?^i'*' /r l*V-%» -j 7 '*' ^. BLENDED '^S^sfey; COPYBIGM11938,IHE WILKEN FAMILY,INC.. MADDIN, SCHENLiYP.O.FENNSYlVANIfc.THE WILXEN FAHIirBiENOEO WHKKlf-10 T«OOF-THE ST6*IGHr WHISKIES IN WIS PJODUCr A8E 20 WONTHS OR MORE 010, 2i» SIR4IQKT WHISKIESi 7i'A GRAIN NEUHAl SflElIS; 20% STRAIGHT WKISiCEy » MONTHS OlU, iR 5TSAICHI WHISKEY 4 YEAB5 010. t>AGE Victor's Elation Cramped — . ._ ... , * -'.obby Klggs, nt right, Is more CQiicerned over the p]|j<M of Bits-/ omul, whom he congratulates on his 5-set victory in the Miami ^fttinore (emits championships nt Cowl Gnbles, Fin., thuu over Ms jwn defeat, Clrnnl Is supported by un otflclnl mid writhes in asony ;rom a crump In Die right lor which developed nt Ihc end of the hatd-fouglil Match. im the New York Cllnuts pulled out a.s pupa they imvc been nimble so far to llnd another ... A m:iss meeting IVHS scheduled for Insl •ilslit to determine the rule They nmy operate independently'ns n's Greenville . , . Frank IJrmll, who imnmgcd them for two seasons, will direct lh c newest Oliint fnrm, l''ort smith ... if Ihey decide not to exercise (heir franchise It might elfcct Hot Sprngs, recently admitted o Incri'iisc the loop lo clglil clubs. * • * EXPENSE—Eddie- Uriel/, Asso- 'Med Press columnist, comes forward lo refute the receni, statements of California sports wrltlcrs thnt eneli Aliilmuia player wnn to Ret $200 lor spending money on the Rose Howl trip . . . Time In: "If you're Interested, kerc Is the '• .ci budget: Going out, $1 ouch; nftcr the game, $5; coming back. $1 ... (Most of the Ijoys bought wrist watches anil sultji for Ihe folks back home with what they had left)" ... ":•;..'! ••' Marble Shaft Honors Mooie, Champion Cow LEE, Mnss. (UP)—in memory of Moole, n Holstcln - Frleslau cow John G. Kills hns erccled a suitably inscribed five-fool marble monument. The cow, registered Highneld co- lanlha Moolc, set a lifetime world record milk production of 205,928.6 pound.*. Varbro and Gosnell Score Double Triumphs Varbro and Oosncll cage learns •-•crcd double victories at the :ir- norv hero Insl night, 'Ihe Ynrbro boys defeated (lie niylhevllle junior boys. 12 lo 3 Mli> Ihe Yarbro «irls Irounced Ihe Blylhcvlllc senior girls. 13 to 3. 'ni c Gosnelt boys eked out n ft to 1 decision over the Lone Oak boys and the GosneH girls beat the Lone Oak (,'lrls, 13 lo 10. Pepper's Tough NEW YORK. Jan. M. — weal bookies arc willing lo lay 10 to 1 thai f'epper Martin can lick the tighter he now Is managing. Read Courier News Want Ads. OUR COMPLETE SERVICE Insures Your Satisfaction * * * * * PRESTONE RADIOS HEATERS DEFROSTERS TIRE CHAINS PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST WINTER 24 Hour Service TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Call G33 McCORMICK-DEERING the Complete line of Steel Walking Plows MO TWO lidds arc exactly alike. You 8* know that your land is probably somewhat different from your neighbor's For this reason you siionli! choose your next plow carefully, being sui'e thai the ono you get is really best for use on your own farm. In the McCorniick-Deering line there is a plow for every farm need: stubbla plows, blackland plows, brush breakers, etc., in dozens of types and sizes. Ail nro built according to the high JlcCor- mick-Deei'ing standard of value. No matter when you will be needing a plow, come in and look'them over now. \\'e shall be glad to answer your questions and show you the plows. No matter what *iie your farm is, nor what crops you -ire growing, there nro McCennifli - Dcering machines which will help make your work more profitable. Why not come in and see them? DELTA SMFLEME»TS, inc. South of Armory Phone 8Q2 Blytheville, Ark.

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