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Hot Springs New Era from Hot Springs, Arkansas • Page 1

Hot Springs New Era from Hot Springs, Arkansas • Page 1

Hot Springs, Arkansas
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FOR AITI.KXOO.V, XOVKM I'KU II, VOL, VII, NO. 300 1 ESI milM Allies and Germans Are Holding Their Own Today aijjks these fortifications at Enplish and Frpnch Dattleships are said to be bombarding the fortifications near Constantinople. These vessels are unable to come very close to thi city on account of the mines that have been planted by the Eventually the fortifications seen in the photograph, however, may ic called upon to withstand a furious bombardment. It is hardly likely that they would last in such a contingency. ithdT 2Srk 1 'PS! tfrH II i i J- A KV fc A liS.S fS A.

lurkish fortifications guarding the IJosphorus. News Bulletins THE RESIDENT FOR THE The raper Constantinople' iJttuCA fi Hot Springs Will Be Represented At Suffrage Meeting Hot Spring's will be represented at the National Woman Suffrage Association which convenes in Nashville. by Miss Allele Johnson, daughter ot the well-k'aown banker, Ed. H. Johnson.

Dr. Anna Shaw, Mrs. O. F. Belmont.

Jane Addams and many other women of National note will be present at this gathering. Three Are Arrested on Gambling Charges j. Goodman. Morris Herman and M. Sheffield were arrested yesterday, charged with gambling.

The lirst two were fined $1 each by F'o-lice Judge Vernal Ledgerwood and the third was dismissed. O. Jackson. V. H.

Graves, J. Cage and J. C. Brown were arrested for violating (tie new ordinance re-nuiring thai junk dealers report their purchases. Tneir cases were dismissed on condition tiiai they comply with the ordinance in the future.

Jim McGowan was fined for carrying a pistol. State President of W.CT.U. Here Minnie Rutherford of Magazine, state presp.ent of the W. C. T.

was a visitor In the city this week, conferring wti'u Mrs. I'. L. Henry and Mrs. Calvin Webb in making arrangements tor the V.

C. T. C. rest room and cottage at the state fair. The former will be located in the main auditorium, where seats i-ati be found and where water will be served free.

At the rest cottage there will be cots and chairs, also tables for lunch and emergency articles. Those in charge will extend a cordial welcome to all women and children. New Cases of Foot and Mouth Discovered WASHINGTON. Nov. pew cases of the foot and mouth disease which wei'e discover- 1 among the.

prize breeding cattle in the Chicago Dairy Show, were todav reported to the agricultural department. This makes a total of 9ft pedi- gieed animals affected 'by the disease at th. show, valued at thousands of dollars. Ah VISITOft-FOR EVERYBODY For the People. TTc COHION OF OPENED TODAY The Little Rock district convention of the Arkansas Federation of Women Clubs opened this moi'aing at o'clock in the convention ball, of the Arlington hotel, with Mrs.

V. E. Ma-sssey, chairman of tiie loial nine, presiding. Whiii the attendi-'ace vvasj not so good, more delegates are expected in the afternoon and tomorrow nii.rning's traius. The invocation was delivered by Rev.

H. B. Trimble of Central Methodist church and the addres8 of welcome made by Mayor J. W. Mc-Clendon.

Mrs. A. M. Robertson, in lier address "Welcome, Club made the visiting delegation feel at home, and brought out many good points of the usefulness of women's ciubs. Mrs.

H. C. Gibson of Little Rock, one of the most brilliant club women of. the state, gave the re-siwnse. after which Mrs.

Jesse E. Harper, district president, took the chair and the 'minutes were read and officers' reports heard. The final number of the morning session was a Chopin selection, by MIsb Eugenia Swearingeu. The distrit-t will give a silver cup for baby health contest. At the afternoon session reports of the standing committees were heard and Mrs.

Claude Marsh played a piano bumber and Mis8 Louise Horner sang "AH For You." The feature! of the afternoon Iprogram was the illustrated lecture on fire prevention by Mise Mary McCabe, of Little Rock, which took place at the 1'rincess theatre. A brilliant reception will, take place at 8:30 o'clock this evening at the home of Mrs. F. M. Sigler, nraiiiuriiis, 1 UI HIT Uat'UILa I avenue and Orang streeL Tomorrow's program follows: Thursday, 12 1 a.

Mrs. Harper, presiding. Invocation Rev. O. B.

Claren ion. Piano Solo Night's Mrs. R. Frank Bayley. Minutes.

State Federation Work Mr-. John I. Moore. Reports ot Standing Committees. Home Bcononrk-s Mrs.

E. G. Hammock. Civil Sen ice Reform Mrs. Z.

M. Morten. Art Miss Daisy DeLoney. Legislature Mrs. J.

W. Ferrell. Music in Arkaim: Mrs. C. C.

Jackson. The Net! of a State Endowment Mrs. A. Retan. Vocal Solo-- (Selected) Mrs.

Anna Egan Ehmann. Thursday. Nov. 12 p. m.

Reading Little Brown Baby (Paul Lawrence Dunbar) Miss Bculah Loyd. Minutes. Our Gr -atest Assets Dr. Ida Joe Brooks. The Nation Call to the Housewife for a War Time Economy in the Home." Mrs.

A. D. Blan. "The Recognition of Housework as Distinct and Worthy Profession" Mrs. J.

W. Hndgins. Adoption of Rural Schools to -Meet the N'eews of the Community Geo. Lewis. Report of Distirct Clubs.

Piano Solo "The Butterfly." Mrs. James E. Ilogue. (Princes Theatre 4:30 p. "The Rural School Prof.

J. L. Bon.i. Little Rock. 8:30 p.

m. Musical at Arlington, under the Supervision of Mrs. Jacques Mamer. district Chairman on Music. WK A CONSOLIDATION OF: THE 'News WhiU It's i en Lodge No.

of the ts of Pythias of tuts tin arrange men if t. are i ntertain Ui Hon. Brig S. Young, h.r. alld Hntl.

K. 'ii. atoll, siiiirtm" Tiocpur of records and seal of the lode; also (J: and Chaintllor George V. Hays and other officials in the yiliias onb r. who wii! visit Hot Sp.rincs the L'Tth of this moiitii for the purpDe of iuii ti rr tor-, vitii a view of a buation for a tubercular sun parlor for the benefit of brother kiiiuht- and tiieir lam from tuberculosis.

Tiie local lotlae of Knights of l'ythias are ai rariiiinc to have a bin clas initiated into the order upon tile oi-eas on of the visit of tiles liri: officials of the order, tiie class In be tuad up of Hot Springs ap-apidlcants from rieiu li-s to lie sien the rank hie. i time the original iy us II. Ratlibuiie. of tiie of Kniuhts i 'iiitiat'nir the first five the order, will be used, ol the supreme offclers in the history of i cake Hot Splines an Committees have been nfier the details visit and to arrange initiation in the rank iii'i botiii-4 pb'ci i a i a -eil h'' io'llidi of 1 ll'e Hii-ls. oi IS islt d' oll'ii ial i1 a pjn ed incident ti lor the i The vi-it of these supreme offi-' iii mean much for the city of lint Spruits.

It will be the means if aibc; i isitiii ibis i ty in every i' iiriiti iiblication In the Cnited states. Canada and besides nany other piat-es here lodges have been establislied. President Wilson's Aunt Is Staying at New Moody Hotel Mr-. i ol an i hotel ooinas Wood row of Denver, i Ut of rresidellt Woodrow a of the New Moody iiie will reniiiin here for collie i no. Mrs Woodrow is hiirh in her praise I' Hot Springs.

She says that the mi water is wonderful and that this ir. if the best health resorts ill the worid. Only 492 Votes Cast In Last Election Here TI.e made elect I. lection ottim! sstoners have uial returns on the recent lor congressmen and I'nited nator in tliis county. Only were cast and half of the -i 'ot ii the country failed to I eel lollS.

official returns are as follows: I'nited Slates senator hold The For liar: .1 Kcr IV Clark II. Mwu's Kirby 'or res'- man Kiv Martin (iuereti Johnson. 1 4 so 1 Sam C. I A. .1 Kied Mrs.

.1. Wad ley of Texarkana js visitins her diiunhter. Mrs. Abnei Russell. km Pi INH OFFICIALS OF K.

OF P. HERE ON NOV. 5 I i a i i h. 1.1 v. m1 i fc 'i it 1 14 ii PRICE FIVE CENTS (UlAlo) mini iff FEW GAINS HAVE BEEN TODAY PARIS, Nov.

11. Alternate advances and backward movement with the losses small on both sides mark the continuous fierce battle between the allies and Germans on the battle line from Nieuport to Ly today, according to an official war statement given out this afternoon. It was admitted that the Germans were holding Dixmunde, but it was declared the French -have offset thin victory by taking and occupying Lombaertzdke. The German forces in the vicinity of Ypree continue to make a furious attack on the allies vfth the view of keeping the battle in progress until additional reinforcements wfll have time to reach tSiem. aceordAia to military officials here today." Desperate fighting is in progress along the entire lln9 tn thi9 vicinity and it Is believed by many authorities today that the expectej German reinforcements.

have already arrived which accounts for the renewed activity all along the C.erroato front in this section of the wsr territory. According to advices from the front during the day. the Germans are attempting to take many towns by bayonet charges, while the artillery on both side- Is declared to be fighting violently at many points. A report rrom Petrograd today claims the crown prince, Fred erick Wilhelm, had been appointed supreme commander of the German forces in the east, w'th Gon. Hln- denberp in enmmnnri nf ihn Inft wU rwl Gen.

Dankl in charge of the right. The report is unconfirmed. Berlin Sayg No Change. BERLIN. November 11.

The fighting in the vest continues unabated and with no change of positions, a-cordlfig to an official war statement Issued this lafteinoon. The Germans are said to be gaining in th Yires regions, and ali advancing in the Argonnes territory. Oil Agent Kills His Wife and Then Self ST. LOC1S. Nov.

11. Mr. Es-telie Neeley. the pretty wife of a Ciishing. Oklahoma, oil agent, was shot nine times and killed, lat night by her husband.

George Neeley. who then committed suicide. The double tragedy was enacted in the Terminal hotel here. Letters found among the woman's persona! effects indicated that she Men-led getting a divorce from her husband and marrying a man named "Bill." I'nited Press Correspondent Jfi i Is Honored by the French. Ifi PARIS.

November Wil- ifi liam Phillip Simms. the i'nited Ifi Press correspondent in Paris, was today nominated by the IR Jfi French government to go to ifi the battle front to represent fi ill the American newspapers. One ifi correspondent was nominated )R if; to represent each neutral na- fi tlon. 16 TO 2: REPORTED NO LET UP I'KTKi iGRAD. Nc vt'in 11 Military authorities here today de-, rirt tie-re na oeel, uo Ui' 1 1 1 1 t.t tue Russian pressure agasn-t i.crman and Austrian forces nor in Russian cam pa in a-ain-l de Turks.

The Mssian advance in East the Post, province de- i l' sat e-pite the fact tiiat many troops ir- ttoin the main amies to in the am agaiu-t i 'U if It. Hit t. mi ia! adv es iron: at i kai--r i- withdrawing n', ti from France to ri.e easier i war iwa- "fue tod iii had thi' ta towair. lake, fores nU.iiifi' ii.ive "ilVV IIS.

iii i 'i- oil li NlckllW in on Cracow ami in in rtosseil Wislnki Dnyonvv, Rzheshow l.isko. Germans are reported to be i ii i "i f-i iHt-nts ro Thorn an p. to top 1 1 1 Uti isiai. I 1 1 i'st i s. ''ii umi Makcnge nnd hU staff Iter with Gen.

von Libert, tin CiTti'an command. at Lodz, arc said t'i have lucn captured, iiciordin t' iol-. i i received from the front this afternoon. 11' ictol MHIs, RUN 1 1 (iii ins here ItCI'lill. The til) vt ll it Ti -II' i f' Titi i the L'i- 'roiii the threatened Russian in Hi.

tig in ad ices receivi1-' I till' oil licriaf the hav- defeated the itussiatis on Caiicsndan front, vfpidliim tin dan adviiine. was ii in out tliat tue (ierniiin had utterly routed tiie -iwtin at and that th" Turks foiceii (lie allied flee; bombard in K'i-iii to retire. iejio't received fiom sas tin- Russian troops are en in important movements ii. '''da in eat al i :) in is siiid to lie apparently In, dire. auiiinst Tiltko.

Tt was said aft Russian ad wince suard retreat.1!! tile batllf befo.v the (it-. iniienl (M'iio Nov. I 1 With a aiisetn of brilliantly uniforai--I troojs I'arliaiiient reassemble I "id was ioiiniilly opened today. "ei re! ai t' Turn Male'- si IIIICSS. iMNKSK.

November 11. --That Oscar Trail, secretary to Henry Sienel. the nier-'liant prince, cliaixed with sra.nd larceny connectSin with the failure of Ills business concerns, had turned states evideme and usrepd to vnUe Hie delails as to the conduct of 4, finances of iSieel's enlr-S prises, was the aniKiunceinenl ifi made today upon tile opening of court. ftfi a ifi ifi CAMPAIGN AGAINST 1 TWO NATIONS Half liilion Missii.u COVKMIAHKX Nov. 11.

hundred and nine thousaiu Five have in v. and a a ilele. be. ii I oi; pa 1 1 I killed, noun and of October, acccrdiui; I i nlierlin and report I'lots Is Diccovered. ATI I IAS.

Nov. di-iov My of a conspiracy against Oerni-I ans and younj; Turks is indicated, according to Constantinople advices sayins that leaders of the plot have been executed by the anti-var Barbecue Will Be Held at Noon On the New Highway Those who wish to attend the barbecue that will be held bv the Lille Rock and Hot Sprinss Hishway Association eight miles from the city al tiie end of the new part of the highway beinc built, are to meet at Undue, and Centra! at noon, Friday. automobile owners have already volunteered to take them to the grounds. Dr. K.

H. Ellsworth, fleorue Calli-han. Douglas Hotehx'ss and Dave Murnauer are members of the committee in charge. E. Howlett and C.

O. Eveland are helping. Those who will donate the use of their automobiles or care to attend the barbecue must notify the committee before tomorrow morning. Ladies are invited. The purpose of the meeting is to show the people of Hot Springs what has been done toward building the highway.

They will be taken over the new stretch of road. The luncheon and celebration will last until o'clock, when the guests will be brought back to the city. Tiie speakers on the program will be K. Sawer and Judge C. T.

Cot-ham. O. Eveland. one of the best caterers in the city, will have charge of the' barbecue. Mayor J.

V. Me-Oleiidon has contributed two dressed kids. Dr. Linda Harry has contributed the sweet potatoes. Kobert Kit-tleberger and Bowman both volunteered contributions.

ILI MEMBERS. The annual meeting of the Needlework Guild for the final business and election of officers will be held at the Firt Baptist church tomorrow at o'clock. i I party. The inj; mi other aurtiorities I otters. are round- Japanese T0K1.

Nov. torpedo 1 ii' Chmi wliile majority i ISoat Sunk. 11. The Japanese was sunk in Kiao removing mines. A (few were rescued.

Tut CONST A The Turk Flarish, th raiiean on Palestine, h-an antiounct Make Capture. INOI'LK. Nov. 1. ptured Chakhzor and it.ter in the Meditter- boundary between I.

Egypt atconlAig to -lit today. Much Interest In Baby Contest at the State Fair C. V. Garrison of Little Rock, who is in charge of the baby health contests in the various counties and at the state fair, arrived in the city today and reports that the interest ip very great throughnut the entire state. She says hundreds of entries have already been made and many other applications are being received.

The last appli- cation must be in hand not later than November 16. A lecture course for ibe contest to be held in Hot Springs has been completed and there will be representatives present from tlu I'nited States department of agriculture, the state canning and orn clubs, the educationai department, the state board of Tiea'tCi and other organizations, to discuss all ijues-tions pertaining to more wholesome living. Officers of Emden Are Prisoners of War LONDON. Nov. 11.

That Captain Von Muller. the commander of the German cruiser Eiuden, which was roved bv the EtLglish vessel Sydney, ahd Prince Fran. Jos-fph of Holienzollern. who weiy inched from the doomed cruiser, aie prisoners of war. was the announcement mado by the admiralty this afternoon.

It was given out that 1'mi of the members of the Enilen crew were killed in the attack which destroyed the German cruiser. Miss Mary McCabe of Little Rock Is the guest of -Mrs. W. F. Lake during the convention.


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