The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1950
Page 9
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fHUHSPAT, JULY «, 1980 Senate Leaders Cut Lawmaking Plans t o Finish Session ' BLYTHEV»LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* Bj EDWIN' B. HAAKINSON WASHINGTON, July 6. (/p)— Sen- ; ftle leaders are trimming their lawmaking plans to bare hones In a . drive to wind up this session of Congress by August 1. Majority lender Lucas (D-I11), the Democratic set the pattern with backing of Policy Committee, yesterday by cutting his list of required legislation to little more than taxes and appropriations. . Chairman Taft (R-Ohlo) said the Senate GOP policy makers would , not upset these plans. Only the tense International slt- 'UatSon threatened to stand off the session-end pressure of an election year. Probable Casualty I-isl ; The probable list of legislative casualties was a long one including President Truman's repeated demands for action on his civil rights program. House-passed bills to grant Hawaii and Alaska statehood appeared likely to die in the Senate rush. So did the Communist control bill that Republican senators have been ', trying to get up for a Rrnate vote Another Test Vote Lucas listed another test vote on tlirtfcon trovers la 1 fair employment prWfices bill among th • to be considered. But the way it »-as listed Indicated jio hope for victory. Opponents 'of PEPC, including Southern Democrats, already have 'defeated one attempt to'limit Senate debate and bring up the measure for an expected lengths- bus ter. Lucas said he would go through j the way. these motions again next Monday with a formal petition. That would force a vote Wednesday. Obviously if he 'won that vote the Senate would tie debating PEl'C for weeks. The main Senate business today was a vote on President Truman's proposal to shift the big government lending agency, the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, to the Commerce Department, Unless the Scnntc or House vetoes this transfer before July 9 it becomes effective. House Vacation The House, weeks ahead of the Senate on its lawmaking tasks, was enjoying another 10-day vacation with only token sessions. Senators helning hold' the nation's purse strings through control of appropriations planned some extra hours duty the rest of this week. They hope to have the big one package appropriation, passed weeks ago by the House, ready for Senate debate and action Monday. The Senate has agreed to vote Monday aflcrnoon on President Truman's renomination of Sumner T. Pike for another lerm on the Atomic Energy Commission. A 5 to 4 adverse recommendation has been before the Senate from its members on the Congressional atomic committee but Senator McMahon <D-Conn) said he believes the Senate will reverse that and vote to confirm. Lucas plans to shift the Senate onto the House-pnssed $1,010,000X100 slash in federal excise taxes as soon as the big money measure is out of Thousands Left at Bus Stops By Oklahoma Drivers Strike OKLAHOMA CITY. July 6. m— Thousands were left stranded at bus slops In this city of 242.000 today by n strike of 400 drivers and maintenance employes of the city bus company. The strike was voted unanimously at 3:30 a.m. (GST) after drivers completed final runs, Gordon Malone, union business representative, said. The contract between the company, an Independent firm, and the Amalgamated Association of Street. Electric Railway and Motor Coach Employees of America (AFL) expired at midnight June 30. Agreement of both parties extended the contract for five days. Drivers seek wage Increases and other contract provisions, including Insurance and pension plans. C. • T. Emory, federal labor conciliator, recommended .another flve-day truce. Malone said the union felt it could not grant the request because the company had failed to avail itself of'negotiation. Malone said drivers received an average of $1.13 hourly with maintenance men receiving from 87 cents to $1,26 hourly. The union had 1 for a 35-cent an hour Increase PAGE NTNB McMath Praises State Highway Program; Laney Questions Disposition of Funds LITTLE ROCK, July 6. (AP) — Oovernor McMath praised Ills highway program, but his chief opponent for the governorship again said all the highway money Isn't E^ing where it should in campaign speeches last night. McMath sixAe at Arkndelphia; former Gov. Ben Laney, at Bates- villc. McMath declared that maintenance of roads, center stripes on the pavement and work of his highway safety council resulted in 15 fewer deaths In 1949 than in 1948. He chnreed Laney with Indifference to a condition that existed on a stretch of Highway 61 south of Arkcuk'lphia once known as a DOCTORS ELECT—Dr. John W. Cline. above, San Francisco surgeon and past president of ihc California Medical Association, is the new president-elect of the American Medical Association. Unanimously elected at a meeting in San Francisco, Dr. Cline will take office at the 1951 AMA convention at Atlantic City, N. J. With the Courts Common Pleas • • B. C. Land Company vs. Ij Standcnmayer McCain, suit on account to collect $255.69. American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation vs. L. C. Rol- llson, suit to collect $GS8.56 debt. Circuit (Ciril) 'Jack Finley Robinson vs. Ellis Burnett, suit for collection of past due rent, $-550. 'death trap." McMath said that Laney refused to have anything (tone about th« section, where the pavement was 14-inches higher than the gravel shoulders, Sine? he took office the shoulders have been built up to the pavement level, and there have been no fatalities, McMath said. Lanty'j Ijat Year He asserted that in 1!H8, Laney's last year in the governor's office, 13 persons were killed and 127 others injured on that particular stretch of road. McMath said many delegations unsiiccesfully sought kaney's help In getting the dangerous condition remedied. He read what he said was an exchange between La:>cy and Jim.Greene, city editor of the Ark- artelphia Sittings Herald ,on the matter in 1948. Lanoy said at Batesvllle that under his administration tl5.000.000 worth of roads were under contract in 1D47 as compared to $13,000,000 Trousers Snag Bombardier in Jump; Chute/Snares Raft; Finally a TOKYO. July t. W)—Lt. Harry Lister of Topeka, Kan., twice jumped out of his stalled B-26 bomber before he finally hit the ground. - Th« .first time his coveralls wught on the seat and the 29-year- old bombardier had to crawl back and release himself and Jump again. That started a chain of events like this: Ll*ter hit the water safely but his JU« reft tangled with his parachute »nd he floated about four hours •upported by his life preserver before South Korean fishermen found him. The Koreans could not ascertain whether he was Russian or American. That caused some bad moments. Finally the Koreans took him to a village. Policemen eyed him suspiciously. Eventually a Korean colonel cleared him as American, presented him with silver after dinner coffee cups and sent him by Jeep to Pusan, where the mayor and other city officials gave him a hero's welcome. EDSON Continued from Page 8 their own revenue. General state government In Illinois costs from $100,000.003 to $150,000,000, depending on whit items you include. So a saving of even 10 per cent doesn't correct what's wrong. Governor Stevenson cites his own experience in his first year as a reform governor, elected by the biggest majority in Illinois history on a platform pledged to clean up bad government. By dint of rigid economy, the firing of 1500 state employes found to be unnecessary, reduction of padded expense accounts, and similar measures, savings of $15.000,000 were mapped out. But in this same year, public welfare expenses Increased. Governor Stevenson faces the necessity of going before the state legislature next January and asking for 528.000,000 more for this purpose alone. So the natural increase in government expenditures in one department Is twice as great as the savings made by practicing rigid economy and good administration. What all this points up, to Governor Stevenson, is the growing need for a complete overhaul of the tax structure of city, county, state, and federal governments. As an example, the governor believes the federal government might stop levying taxes on gasoline, leaving this field to the states as an exclusive source of revenue. Federal, highway grants to the>-statcs might then be reduced, making road building a" state responsibility. Similarly, sales taxes might be left exclusively for state governments To collect. And amusements taxes might be left to the cities. • The need for such wholesale reform, says Governor Stevenson, arises out of the fact that many of the states are broke and are completely hamstrung by obsolete state constitutions and laws. During the war. tiie states piled up big surpluses. Collections were good, and restrictions on use of building materials stopped expenditures for public construction projects. After the war, these surpluses were di» Feathered Deputy SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (If)— San Bernardino County has a new deputy sheriff named Little Jim. He is a pigeon. He and others of his breed, performing as carrier birds, have been successfully used by search parties when radio fa- cilllics were not available. Jim was sworn In at a special ceremony. Sheriff James (Big Jim) Stockcr presented him with a tiny badge, which was tied around his neck. And to- make It official, they had Little Jim put his claw prints on a fingerprint card ~ which was placed in the permanent file. worth under McMath in 1M8. "This was done In 1M7 although we had about 122,000,000 in gross revenue and McMnth had (42000,000 In 1949." Laney renewed his charge of last week that "not all the money raised for highway purposes Is being spent on the highway system. "You have an example of what I am talking about right here In this town." He did not elaborate. Laney also challenged McMath to tell what had become of a |1,000,000 "discrepance" Laney said hHd turned up under McMfith's administration In the gasoline tax refund to fanners. McMath Laney said, arranged a pension for former Gov. Homer Artklns b yappointlng him employment security director and (hen creating a new ixxsltlon of deputy director to give Adklns "plenty of time" Jo tlevot* to his private feed and seed business. Adktns resigned as.director effective last June 1. DO YOU OWN A HOME? HERE IS A SUMMER SPECIAL: $ 50 Any ordinary hous* treated for termite* - We don't have to practice or experiment on your job—we have had 12 years of e.xperitnce. All our work is done according to regulations, our work is licensed by the Arkansas Slate Plant Board. FREE INSPECTION & ESTIMATE—IF NEEDED SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H. C. Blankenship L. J. Zeller 309 Kast Kentucky Phone 2350 or 3579 slpated—oltcn unwisely. One of the things that appears to gripe Governor Stevenson is the lack of constructive suggestion from the business community on how .the problems of state and local government can be solved. There Is plenty of criticism of government spending. There Is also plenty of criticism of the state when it allows its highways or its school system to deteriorate. But there are no sound proposals as to how the state and local governments should raise the money to provide the services which the public has right to expect. NOTICE OP GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice Is hereby'given that the Commissioner of- Ilevenue of the State of Arkansas lias Issued a permit No. 641 to N. S. Rossie to sell and dispense vinous or 'spirituous liquors for beverage at retail 1 on the premises described as 420 W. Ash, Blytheville. This permit issued on the 1st day of July 1950 and expired on the 30th day of June 1951., N. S. Rossi* 7-6-50 7-13-50 Contact Us For The Best. In Wedding Pictures FAUGHT'S STUDIO New Glencoe Bldj. Phone 611] »<^ JL a FR|| Gift-a Pleasant Surprise and Enjopent all Summer Lonj! WITH EACH '4 LB. PURCHASE OF YOUR FAVORITE TEA BEAUTIFUL CMERALO CREEN GLASS It I'] STAI /M newt t 6fc«rtA tFriWT*' .. I WU &*• ea als'o available in all other Standard Size Packages of Tea and Tea Bags BEAUTIFY and PROTECT With NATIONALLY FAMOUS—FULLY GUARANTEED Jim Brown FENCE No Down Payment • Free Estimates All Jim Urown fencing available on FHA terms—No down payment and up to 3.years to pay. 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CosU less limn $9 a month on the liberal Jim Brown Monthly Payment Plan. For Free Estimate on Your Fencing —Call 584. Only $10 Down Delivers a 9 cu. it "Supreme" REFRIGERATOR With Full Width Freeze Chest 2 Years To Pay 254 95 WHEN YOU BUY YOU BUY Full Width >rt*» Chert Hold. 67 Ib.. tl Food MommMk M.ot Ke.per Hold. • • U JO (In. * M*ot for imrly • II •«.. H. •* Spot. on Tripll Chroim Ploted Sh.lrx THESE FEATURES THE BEST • One-piece J • i m 1 • > i V«et Whit. Forctloln Interior • Fomoui Dulu« Whit. Ourtlde rinlih for Llfetlne Beoyty • T r I p I . Chromed Adjuitobl. Hardware for Perfeet Fit • More for Your M e • 4 j .fid W.rranttd for 5 yeori .C' $5 Down, $5 Mo. Delivers A Jim Brown Washer Guaranteed 5 Years Prices from 67.95 to 124.95 'A low priced washer with unusually high standards of construction and materials as well as design and performance. White porcelain enamel steel tub. Wringer has rust proofed steel frame, hi-hake enamel finish. Adjustable pressure. Push bar safety release. 2-inch wringer rolls. Four braced steel legs. JimRnrwn ^P TOWN J^ A COUNTKT STORES Extra Savings! Ov« 15,000 it>mt. Come fo and i«Tcct trie things you need «* the Jim Blown Cotolog Order Desk. 105 W. Main — Blytheville — Phone 584 Memphis, Tenn". Greenville, Miss.

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