The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1934
Page 6
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PAOE SIX BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK) COURIER NEWS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1934 0 , , Championship atjftake In Game Tonight '"" ' Two Undefeated Elevens Clash in County's Feature Grid Baltic l!y J. !'. FKIKNI) Witli a season's perfect record and the clKunp'onship ot MissiK- Eippi county ul stake, (\\f Blytlic- •vll!c Oiickasaws unit thr- Indians from Rliawncr rhsli tonight under the floodlights at linley Field. Action will eel under »•:!>• :il 8 p.m. The Lxvo t&flins are evenly iiinlcli- od, Both b.ive won .ill three of thctr caracs so far this <:nin;xii<|i. The Chicks have n slight edge on oflense, having scored 145 |K)Uil'i against-jOsccolii, Efirlc and Forrest City, against 85 fur Shtiwm-c in their games with Hughes. Craivforclsvllk', and Trmnimn. On the other hand not one of the three (cams were able to crovi the Green Wave goal line. Forrest City shoved txvo tonch- down_s over against the Tribe. Tribe Slightly Heavier III weight Ihe Maroon and Whlli forces have probably a slight advantage. Shainiec's front ivnll will average about too pounds to lliy- thevillc's 181. In the backlkld tl'v- Ghlcks scale 150 apieec to nlxml Iflc same for the proteges of Coach Johnny Burnett. : Because of injuries and sickness neither Conch Carney l.aslic ot Ihe Chickasaws nor Coach Johnny FJnr- n«it was sure of his starting eleven. The gracn jerseys were rnlhc-r bruised up in their Trumnnn game which tliey \von 43-0. Basil Locke and Elnier Lindscy, i\vo Important cogs In the local machine, have been on the sick list this \vcek. However, it is likely they will begin Ihe game. It they do get in nt the beginning the Chicks will line up the same as they have the last two games. Dick Tipton and Eugene Bhckwcll, ends; Olynder "Rasputin" Haydcr aivl Byron Walker, tackles; Elmer •Undscy and Henry Utnsforti. Buars; j. w. IMirtle. cenler: llershcl Mosley, Basil Locke, Oneil Craig and Eddie Snllba, backfield. •Coach Burnett was not sure ot his starter. 1 ;, either. Tiic team that took f the field against Trnmann Avns: P. Spsck and P. WriRht, ends; R.'Johnson ami G. Sjwck, lucklcs; B; Adams tmd O. Grant, guards; E. Ashley, -center; J. Siiiolhcnnuii, ,J,, Lntta, A. Saliba.-hArl Bi'-bhirk. backfield. ' Matthews To Referee ••Wid Matthews, Cape Giranlciui, Mo,, who starred serein] years ago for Missouri University, and former professional baseball player with the Washington Senators, Milwaukee Brewers, n nd Little Rock Travelers, will referee Die gome. Wid is well known here and lias officiated in many of the local games. Other offKlais include: Dick Potter, head linesman, nnd John Holland, field judge. OAM i; , 'IVnne.woe Army- Hvwanre. Yale- IJl'OlVtl ('iillfornln- U. o. l,. A. C:\rncMjii! Trt'li- Kotrc Dame t.'uljulr- Ohio Kdite (;olitmln:i- Niivy Dnrtiiiatuli- Si. Mary's Tiiliiiiv- Guor(;ln 'IVch llarviird- Hoiy Crop's lowa- lowa Stale Kansns- KnnMH State Louisiana Sliite- Arkiinsas Manhnuaii-- Mlclilgnn Sink Plll.sburgh- Alinne.sota Nebraska- Ol:)nlioinn 3. Ciilifornla- Orcgon State. rui'duc- Wlscousln S. Mcthodist- Oklu. -A. k ;«. 'I'exas- Cciitaiiirj 1 Chicago- Indiana IIAIUIV tiJUVKON 1'ICKS AJjibania 1D-7 Army ra-o Yale 19-1 California 2:1-0 Tie i 7-7 Ohio Slate l'J-7 Nuvy 13-1 Dartmouth H!)-0 St. Mary's 19-0 Tnlain lli-14 Michigan ll-lj Ilnrviut 1 , 13-0 Imva 33-0 Kansas 14-1 Arkansas 13-1 Michigan Slate 27-0 "Minnesota H-0 Nebraska M-0 Oregon State 13-7 Purdue H-0 Methodist 2H-1 Texas 20-7 Chicago 13-0 .JOCK 13-0 Arm 27-0 Val.> 13-ii Ciillfn W-'l Ni-. lli-7 Ohio 111-1) S. Holy 10-0 Iowa 27-0 Kan-si 12-7 l.onlslnnii 13-ii Michigan 20-0 Minnes 7-0 N'ebrnsk 7-0 Tie 7-7 . Mith 21-li Texas 13-0 Jiicllana M-7 YOU :uc of ;K ( tl.ANI) S us ii »y 0 i.> <; mi i 7 DiillH 7 HI ll to ibla (1 imlli ary's 7 Bin f" jross 0 a 0 7 Still C! State 0 sola ska > 'ornia lOlltit K is 0 na 7 g Club • * * Guessing Winners '.IH'ltll'll NKH'.S l-l.;>. IS KD1TOK • YOU I'ltK t'K.'KK Aliilinitm Army 30- ri Yule 11-8 Giillloiniii Nolle Da ill'; M-0 Otllo Sllllo 21-0 M-0 " Diirlniiuilli •.!!-(! St. Mnry's 0-0 Mld)l!)!in 12-G Harvard 7-0 Imva 25-0 . .. Karsas 13-6 l^nislann State 14-0 M-chtBitn State •24-0 PKUlJureh 7-B Nebraska 7-0 S. California 1-0 Purdue 12-0 . .. S. Metliodlsl 18-U Texas 14-0 IiKllnna 12-fi TO LflSF. BUTTLE Gopher Vets Too Experienced, Sutherland Pears"; Predicts .Vol Win By Harry Grayson NE\V YOnic.—Another Salnl ry's varsitj- is In New York for Its animal game with Pordham University, arriving with the. blast so naiticulnrly characteristic ot California teams. \7_- learn from the press bureau that when Slip Marlignn, the Had' Magician O f the MoragaS, brought his Galloping Gaels, Silken Sainls. Merry Men of Moraga, Contra Costa Cavaliers. Gleeful Gaels, Scarlet Skirmishers, or what have ypu, to Broadway n year ago he didn't use an orthodox Notre Dame offense, instead, he fielded a combination of the Notre Dame and Soulhern California (Howard Jones) systems. And that this season, believing that there is nothing new in foot-" hal , Mndlgan launches an offense which will be recognized by old- timers, but hailed as -new and sensational" by the younger genera- There will Tie, ot course several exceptions lo this [all's primarily Noire Dame offense. * * * Enler the It.ilo Ballio Shift 'We are informed lhat the main exception IS called the Italo Balbo f/i ' an . d that U iooks something XXX O XXX X XXX '•It b explained that the Italo /Balbo shifl. nko called the Anti- Attractor, ii a variation of the old Minnesota spread, n WO s designed to give the Saint Mary's quarterback countless opportunities to suddenly switch from orthodoxto completely unorthodox fotbal!. it might lie likened to the chaiige-of-pace of a baseball pitcher. ifsdlgnn permitted his quarterbacks to use the Italo liaibo shift against both Columbia University, of Portland, Ore., and California, when it proved tremendously successful. . . • . • » * Names Match Scarlet Pants Saint Mary's rolled into Manhattan with a BTccn but good team. Last year It was jion'cr nii-1 weight —man mountains, behcinollis tvom tl:e Valley ot the Giants. This year IK Is said to lie speed—a powerful line averaging 200 pounds, with two ii)-/lat bnckflclds of almost cciunl stnmglti. r ninillng Hie nickname. Silken Sainls, the Qnllopcrs will appear in scarlet pants with blue Jerseys and white shoulders. The Forrlliatn athletes nrc warned lo ixiy special attention lo Alton Ullg NlctvBlB Train, or Ambling All Niclielinl. Ed (Tlie Sllccr) Hnllirmii,/Hcfi>. Schreluitv. Waller (Ret! "'fta'p'blcbh) Harris (Ihc colo- niiiu Torrent), .loo iCrash) dy, Floyd (Smacks 'Em) Maxlmm, Hurry the Horse Mallos. Wnlt (The Little Red iron) Minogue. Ncub KHollywood) Eklnayaii, nnd some more. Nlchcltnl caught Irom behind the speedsters, cotton Warburlon. ol Southern California; Mnnlaci, of Fordhnm; Arlelgh Williams, of California; Jnckrnljbil Smith, of Southern Methodist; and Clmck ClK- r.tiirc, ol UCLA. Nichellnl and Hnllman are classed as Hie fastest regular halfbacks on the same squad In Hip country. • * » Burin! I.lkp Airman Saint' Mary.? hasn't missed Icehouse Wilson with Schreiber at left Inlf. Tcammalcp slvo Harris cred- <; for saving tin- California 8 anie. < p ;iss!dy, Majilinni ;.;,:' , s , and Mi- '.••)i:c also are li Kiduayan is guard who. rolls out ot (lie line like n barrel to lead Interference. Tlic Saint Mary's press bureau neglects to say what liobblcd Big Train, The Slicer. the Colorado Torrent, Crash, Smacks 'Em. Harry thr Horse, The Utlle Hcd Hen, Hollywood, nnd all the other Galloping Gaels, Silken Saints, worry Men of Moragn, Contra Costa Cavaliers Gleeful Gaels, or Scarlet Skirmish-' ns. irtcn little Nevada nosed them out, 0-7. The Italo Balbo shift may liavo ih.irte Mndlgnn's ofTensc new that afternoon, but scarcely sensational 'Vs ,1 matter o( fact, it appears to have been buried n.s deeply as Balbo was when he • Africa. But why bring that up? it does- n t necessarily detract from one ot Ihe greatest football shows on earth. Blylheviiie-Slunmee Linc-Up The probable startlnsj line-siius of the Blylhcville Chlcknsa Indians with their weights nnd respective! nnd the Shawnee positions: Blytlicvllli: Blackwcll FZnydcr Lindsay Piirtlo Lunsfonl Walker Tiplon : Mpsley Criilj; Locke Salibn lieserves: niythevlllc-57 W. T. Burns (IDS) T, 15; IG'Han-Is (IliS) T; is Larkln HCU) T; 12 Baxter 7l5s7 C and E; S Meredith (155) HB; 17 13. Burns (136) Cl- 14 B-.shavse 11351 15; 7 Hutchlns (130) lin. S!mvnee-A. Wwdman (135) G; K. Rogers (130) G; J. Speck <11!i> C; A. Johnson (1-10) T; J. Slaton (HO) I1B- P Dullard irj!>) K. Referee—Wlrt Mnthcws (Missouri). Time of Game—a I 1 . M. ^ Coaches-Carney Grahnm Laslle (Alabamn), Blyllicvtlle; John Uiu-nctl (Southwestern), Shawnce. '; Weight 150 109 150 no •158 MO ' IGO !•» 158 ' I 1 03. LE L,T LG C KG KT HE QBJ LH Hll . 1'B- Weight 140 155 IGO 15D 155 175 140 .'135' MO 135 175 Shawnee P. Speck ' R. Johnson B. Adams E. Ashley O. Grunt O. Speck P. Wright . Smolterhian J. Lattu A. Saliba B. Cl?rk \'J Burton (170i Ivtiicltel Returns To Local Arena On Monday Nigli! Scries Causes .Slaying STElJHRiWH.U?, Q. (UP) Gregory Prai, M, baseball Jan, was rlnbbecl lo dealh lipre as he explained the World Series to :i girl tty JOCK llt'ail Couch, (Inlfiisily of I'HUliurgh I'lTTSHUndH, Oct. 19.—There iuen't main 1 K'imcs .Saturday, Oct. 20. to mate n proijnosUciilor'.s tusk an rasy one. Looking over the list, I cnn pick out only a few In which the winner is any way near cert u In. There nrc plenty of tough ones —and right at the Ion ol the lot Is our own gp.aie with Minnesota. lasi fall t!ie Norsemen gave us n Y-3 trimming, the only one we received. Since then we have lost eight regulars, and Minnesota only one. That mnkes the picking easy enough, but then, In addition, there is the fact that several of those 1933 M!;mesotn varsity men arc riding the bench, pushed out of the way by big, hardy sophomores. My scouts tell UK this fellow Kostka Is the nnswcr to a coach's prayer. Ami. by Hie way, tile Gophers rested lost week while we played Southern California, Despite all these factors in favor of the westerners, however, I think the game is going to be '•lose. I'm counting on the spirit of my team lo keep the score doivn, but I hardly can hope for a win « t i I like Ducky Pond's Yale Bulldogs over the Brown Bears. Brown is good, but Yale is about due to click, and I think that it will be this Saturday. Tlie Ells have the reserves and tlic weight. Carnegie Tech goes out io Notre •nine, and Howard Ilarpster gets his first chance to play a Layclon- coached eleven. All the Irish'have on (lie Tartans is a desire for revenge, for Tech has big, experienced linemen, and a tine forward passing attack, plus a great open Held runner in Terebus. 1 like No- Ire Dame, however, but It will be close. Another defeat is in store for eastern elevens when Andy Ken- takes his Colgate Haiders to Ohio Slate. Ten iimeli weight and experience on the side ol the Buckeyes. In a major sectional game. Lou Lime's Columbia Lions invade Annapolis. The Middies gave ttic. Lions a scare last fall, but in doing 1 so they made it tough for themselves (his fall. Despite all Buzz Berries can do. Lou Little's experienced, alert ball team will bent the Middies by two or three touchdowns. Dartmouth's 111;; Green, going along in real stride under a new and capable i-oacbin» stall will overwhelm the Cavaliers of Virginia. SI. Mary's Oaels, roached bv the veteran Slip Mndigan, will likely repent their 1333 win over Fonlh.-nn i although this should be one of Ihe I banner names o f Ihe day. There is . no (articular strong reason for, ng Ih? Gaels over Ihe Hams, j lama, two teams that always arc imoiig the lenders, batik in a game lhat will have everything, [ iik e Tennessee, chiefly because Bob Ney- tand's teams have yet to develop Ihe losing habit. Another southern major ""gome should be Harry Mehre's Georgia ^f-ain downing Tulane. i have been told to watch that (Ifnrpjn '.'Icvan. It is di)3 to !i!ii..ii <;:i lop in tlic iOlltll. Michigan Is go:... . .."tract from the .soiillr/i inters:!^; oal record l>y ''.'hipping Georgia Tech. The Engineers don't carry the threats lo beat the Wolverines. I4ml.sln.mi Slute should beat Arkansas, o))t> of tbp xirojijr i-jatns in the southwest. Another southwc^l- 1 standout will .see Jack Cliev- ly's Texas 1/mghorns humble C'enieiniry. In Hie middle west we have sonic fin? si'ctlonal contests, Indiana, tougher this year than ever he fare, will win a conference game by defeating Chicago, itself an Improved eleven, nnd Wisconsin <in:i Purdue will probably end up with honors even, Michigan State is going to Manhattan, and I do not believe Chick Median has accomplished enon?h °f a grid renaissance nt the latter school to brat the Spartans. The nig six title is likely lo be nt stake when Nebraska meets Oklahoma. Dana Bible's team might not have been 'experienced several weeks ago. but his squad is getting belter each week-, and will b" loo lough for the Sooners. On (he Pacific coast, Southern California and California should got back in Ihc tiile race by handing defeals to Oregon state and C. L. A., respectively. Southern California will h3 out to avenge that scoreless tic oj wa Clash Between Tennessee And Alabama Satuixl Big At l faction ay Broke Leg Raiiciii" SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) -Miss Carol Fowler, 24. literally "tripped the light fantastic," and witli fantastic results. While dancing with her brother, she tripped broke her leg. I!" NKA Service Knoxville. Tenn., Oct. ID.—The Ked ftlcjjlmn(s of Alabama arc crashing (hrough Ihe soulhern Brldlnnd with as much verve, and ponderous .speed as ever. Their opening, though playful, thrust was against Howard, neighbor school whom the Tide giants look under, wraps. Then come the Shawnce Tiger with nothing more than ihc name of powerful teams In bygone days. And the Tide brushed the little foe aside with case, Mississippi State, the third 'victim ( has come and gone under a •11-0 score, and the Tide is still undefeated, challenging its next opponent to do better than the lirst three. So Dixie fans already have been shown that the Alabamans again nrc strong and sure to be a dominant factor in the Southeastern Conference pennant race. It happens that their schedule calls for a game Saturday, Oct. 20, with Tennessee's Volunteers, another top-notchcr also rolling along undefeated, despite mournful predictions before the season began. The winner of the Tenncssee- Alabamn battle will be the tenm to beat for the title this fall. The game easily is the most important Jn Dixie. Offensive fireworks in the Ten- nessee struggle will) Alabama at Birmingham should hold the fans for riulte' a spell, llolh teams have Hie kicking, passing, and rimntni; lor a brilliant attack and both have sluunch defense to battle those backs. • * • Mlllard liowell's 'Bama too .should play a great part In opposition to Toby Palmer's kicking, while two lictic Tide sophomores Joe fcllcy and Bill isoojier, will be jii constant threat lo the Vols. To offset this newly-developed threat, Tennessee has a powerful and £|:ccdy sophomore named I'hil Dickens, who rims and, pases in 11 manner not as effective, but almost ns dangerous, :is the great, Beattie Feathers. This Dickens boy i s u le man Alabama must watch. If he ever ucl.s started, a proud nnd haughty Alabama eleven is going into the Burton Defeats Franks In Bout At Dyess Colony Don Burton of Blylhevillc won the decision over Johnny Pranks of Marked Tree hi the feature match on last night's bo.xlng card nt Dyess colony. Burton was given the verdict over Franks after six rounds of mixing. Burton appeared to have a considerable weight advantage over Johnny. In another match Kid Osborn won over Battling 13o-«> in a one round technical knockout, without over e.xcrlion. Tom Gentry and Marvin Watson fought to a three round draw opening the calrd. Another sectional loplincr should sec Holy Cross spanking Eddie GU- ta SC5 " S Harvard I'reddle Knlchel of Birmingham bi a jealous rnije as he cxiihiuprV probably the most popular of the Ihe game lo Miss Jennie D- vis o wrestlers appearing here last wln-i Ilopedale, O lor. returns to n locnl arena Mon-Iday night In the main event on the armory card. | Knlchel will oppose~ScoTtsr~WnV Hams of Toledo who will be mnk- j ing his debut on the locnl mat. Knlchel is a special favorite with local fans particularly because of his reluctance to indulge in slapstick work and his willingness lo swap grips. He Is generally con* HH.-IMJ u.1 mil- sidcred lo be about Ihc cleverest wiis shipped lo inalman who 1ms shown here with the possible exception of Blacksmith Pcdigo nnd Cyclone Burns. " In Marr, from Moore n preliminary match "John the big and rough husky Seatlle will meet Tiger who reputedly hails from over Rcad clrlcr NcW3 ^ m Ms Sunday, Oct. 21st. BASEBALL Osceola Ball Park, Osceola, Ark. Memphis Chicks vs. U.S. Engineers'Osceola GAME CALLBD AT 3:00.1'. M. ADM. 25c & 50c ILAND FOR SALE 1 S3 neves novth of Gosnoll linlf mile, (food live •room house and lj tlw ban., hvo tenant houses, •good land, and all in cultivation and on good road 1 " 1 """ ""c mde to school Price $50.00 per aero, cash, hnlniK'o live equal payments. , 3 ,' f £™ J TL ih ^^ c <«"'!. ^r room house per acre, ?'IOO.OO cash, . balance live IGO acres 'nftn abkMcvms' I'nce pnyments. at Caliiniet, , all in cultivation with on good road. Price •15_ acres, half mile li,.| ow Btinlettc on Hifthwav bl, tour room house and barn. Price sr,0 00 tie'v acre, reasonable terms on balance. f«-I 6 |, aCrCS> JOi ! 1S , N °- ! ' fimi1 ' a " in '"Hivalion, two houses and bam. ,mc mile to school. I'rico nWc Scrms ""^ * { ' Wf} ' W casll > balancc '™ s »»- HivS 8 '™ 1 ! 11 ,"™ 1 " of , a ' a " ; 'a 3 mile*, all in """"on, good honsp ami barn. $-10.00 per acre cash, reasonable terms en balance. .. r land, well located, which we sell without it cash ])ayment, or lease. 1 ' Kal<> ' "" of CONWAY & HOUCHINS Office in Under Building The Modern Oxford Bible is said to he the only book in the world that does not contain a typographical error. j-1 \J W is the time to buy }our Overcoat Now while stocks avc fresh .and pi-ices arc still so. reasonable . . . . Now at |thc beginning of the season " when you cair get : just wh'litf.y&u '/Pi'" want in -a good warm coat. : Hyde - Park Topcoals 'IS 50 and Special Sale of Suils PARK HILL $3r. 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