The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS THE I31ATHEVILLE ARMY AIK COHP8 NEWS Published dully except Sundays In the Interest of die personnel ot llie Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of niytheville, by the Blj'lhcrlllc Courier News, It contains the news of the Air liase. Tinker Field Men Don't Think Uniform Is Helpiiil To Romance OKLAHOMA CITY, (Uri—Yoii can't .sell tin 1 average st'i'vict' m:in on the idea that his iinilorm endows linn with M>iiK' peculiar social charm. Not if Hie poll of "Take-Off." weekly publication ut Tinker Field here, is anywhere near ;\mimlc. "Take-Off" iiiicrvicwcd several enlisted men—no officers and found that they don't consider the uniform n positive asset in (heir encounters with the w<itnen. The question was: lias the- Army uniform lidded 10 your appeal? Pvt. Stan Le ISoeiif of uetroit ciniie back with m emphatic no. He look ilio view that his uniform had worked in the very opposlle direction. "1 think my uniforms have done much toward decreasing any charm Unit I may have tod for the gals," he observed. "In tlie first place one has to fcrl well- dressed in order to charm tlie women and wlio can feel well-dressed in olive drat) or baaey khaki? After being used to suits'that fit it's pretty hard feeling like much in G.I." <J|il. All for Uniform Pvt. Charles Trench of Camtien, N. J., WHS in the minority ranks, whose members thought, the only well-dressed men these ilay.s are men in uniform. He admitted however, that a lot. depended ujion the personal charm of the individual—perhaps, even more thiin on the charm of a uniform. On the same side in the argument, hot even more enthusiastic', was M». Chester Hcnnpu of Uncoln Nel>. Said li«: "I)<iy, oh boy. ni say the unl- lorin lias worked wonders for'me, I have initrried since ! came Into lie service, ,nid j wouldn't he u nt surprised if my uniform didn't have ,i lei to do with gelling mv wife interested." ' ' IM. Victor Ilcasley of Alvn, puiu. didn't think his soldier siiil helped a hit. "i still date the same Sirls I dated in civilian life," he observed, •':ind if the uniform gives I he. tn any terrific 'boot' they've milliard to keep the fact pretty '.veil hidden." Just a wee hit on the cynical side was Cpl. Jack Schmiekenbtirg of Knnsns City, Mo. "I've been n'great social success of late. 1 ' lie quipped. "You should see me triple-dating with my partner and his o'nc-and- "nly . . . Sonic dny I am hoping to IJCL a date of my own nnd make it n foursome. IM. Joe pass of St. IxiuLs, Mo., declared his uniform liadn'l helped him any as retards romance. "As a matter of fuel, I have Just come to a parting of the ways with my i'lrl friend, and haven't irled to get a date since then." Pass declared. Cpl. L.CO Shaw ot New York City trod on middle ground. .He. said. 'If I sec a girl i like ,i try to net right nnd say llie right thing. It doesn't, mutter, very much what you have on." ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY. MAY ,1. 1<W Massimilio Transfers Scrgl. Anthony J. Massitnillo, clerk in the Flight Surgeon's Office at tile Hospital, lias been iransfcrred from this stalion to (lie Army Air Field tit AlcBrkle, Mo., where he will be assigned duties similar lo those he performed here. Sergeant Mnssimiflo reported at Blytlicvllle Army Air Field in Au- gusl.. He was Inducted Oct. 20. 11141, at IJrooklyn. Stag Party Tonight Special notice to officers' wives: Yes, madame; it's true. Your husband has. important business at the Air Base tonight. There's a stag parly on at the Officers'^Club. No, madame; you're not, Invited. You've got lo stay home, rn A 9 ^ y " r -°W citizen of Minonk. 7'mr, up llls slecves ;mcl sot lu J7,000 iioimcts of scrap for the lo cal scrap drive. ' 7H LPM N0 ONE FORGETS' ^»&%&^^»K l ^i%& 1 %S iSed 5 ^ M EiHSr ^ ^-sy^^-E- [ami heniispnere biscs. ^""' '" cont " 1 «''»I U"i»ert States Free Calls S Are Reward For 326th Pour men of the 320th Smiadron made free long distance telcphon calls Sunday because Ihelr squadron was adjudged the best in iht weekly parade ceremony Thur-iduy afternoon. The best squadron tu "ie parade lomoiiow will have four calls lo apportion to members al the expense ot a St. fxnils brewery. The calk were made to i'ennsyl- vnnln, California, Michigan and New York. They were to u mother, n wife, a sister and n sweetheart Slaff sergl uivcrne II. Undsey of Ihe I'arndiute Department, lele- phoned to Jackson. Mich; Rergt Kiifieiie Seimlore, of llie i,e|'»i Claims and Boards Office, to Philadelphia; I'fc. Carl A.vers. of Ihe Link 'Inilncr De])nrlment, to Westfield, N. y.. and 1'vl. Joseph E. rosier, on scpmdron duty, lo French Camp. Calif. dipt. John F. Mend, squadron commander, had to use the Judf- menl of Solomon lo apportion the prize awards, lie. allolcd one call lo Ills men in (lie Hospital. TheYc were 11. A nurse drew Ilip luckv immbe; from « hnl. To stlccL ihe fortiinto Ihrce from the member.? of Ibc .vqundron Captain Mead eliminated all whose Physical training attendance record was not perfect, then Ihase who were in bad graces because of in- fiaclioiis against discipline, then those who had just had a furlough or who were aboul to have one and finally.those who lived close fiiough to Blyttieville so that a long distance call would cost but little "ml left. 41. siitd (lie luckv three' were drawn by lot. Laugh It Off For just about 30 seconds, Serut Gerald Murder held the reputation ol being the most popular man •U Fort Rlley. Kan. That was when the mail arrived. Sergt. Warder's name was called out, not once—not Iwice-bul p time.i us his buddies Flared in envv at tlie flood of letters. Then Ihe bubble burst. It was ihe sergeant's own mall being returned. He had forgotten to write the wore) "Free" where a stamp usually goes. The soldier—a noted goldbiick— was about to be discharged from the station hospital at Camp Grant, He didn't want to go. So he dipped his thermometer in a cup of hot coffee. later when Die nurse showed up and told him to get ready to move he protested. "Why," he exclaimed, "I was worse this morning—my temperature must have gone up." "Yes il did," admitted the nurse gently. "It, went up to 130 degrees and that's why we're moving vou "You're dend!" It happened in Denver. Two teen - aged girls skipped lightly aeross the street lo police headquarters. A strange young man. they explained, had grabbed them and kissed them—right out in the street. Police 'Captain E. S. Davis picked out 'the culprit In a hurry—a 17-year old youngster who wi]«cl furiously at lipstick smudges on his face. "Why?" demanded Captain Davis tolerantly. "Spring" explained the youth sheepishly. "Oh!" said Captain Davis nn- derstandinjfly, , > PLANE'FROM AMERICA - ^SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON REQUEST of , *»™'™» <»<' ™.<*m l"»i.l. Al m, evnciiHtHm cninp In Inm n smiling [.,,!isU Ui-d Ironi Hour supplied by tlie Atneriftm Jicd Cross. At n Hussion nirllcld n n* smii uilol npprauclKs bis newly umvctl U. S.-lmiH llfihlcr plime, rciuly lo lly il lo ,i billtciroiil. ' Summer Uniforms Are Back Summer \inlforin.s were' brought aut. from tlie bollojns of lockers nnd lonncd by • military jxirsomiel of !i; Blytlicvllle Army Mr Field Monday morning. Enlisted men gnrbixl themselves n llic regulation OI "sun tuns," consisting of smnrlly cut khaki shirts and slacks, a mohair tie luck- it In between the second aiid third juttons of the shirt, n khakj gar- Ison cap for wear In tormritlbns or i service cup for wear on, Informal occasions. Officers clothed themselves In miforms similar to thoose worn by 'nlisted men. but many also pur- Imsecl a lightweight tropical d uniform for dress occasions. T)n>y invc their choice in summer heiid- ijcar and can wear a Harrison cup, \ service cap or a tropical helmet. except for formations. windslilcTd's so full of slickers tlmt . «iai equipment nindc for safe •<Wvfn«r-^ <l - - - .-W -^Tl Fifteen-year-old Gieu Uoyle of Kalamazao, Mich., had everything a soldier needs—except a beard. The ninth-grade .student convinced an Army recruiting officer that he was 18 in Detroit five months ago and \vas signed up. Boyle proceeded to win three ncdals for conspicuous service. And in 10 more days would have become a .sergeant. Then an asliile observer noticed ,hat there was no rasp when Glen miuslrioiisly drew his rnbor over lis lathered face each morning. They sent for the boy's birlli cer- lificialc and learned Die Iriilh. Now almost-Sergeant Boyle is home again, impalieiitly waiting for his 18th birthday and trying out air the nostrums anyone can recommend for growing hair on llic face. Jhe BiggerTheyXorrje— "«.»»«•*'• This Is Germany's bly six-cnuincd Mcrsoburg MK-323 Iroop-cnrrylnc a]Mn Hint la mulling nn excellent Im-yel ror nlliecl warplancs over the Mediterranean. Dcllovcd Hie largest iilnncs In opcru- llon in this war, the MB-323's have a wliiKsprcad ot IbU fool (17 feut lonuer than Hie I'Mylna For-' liess), cnn-y 100 to 110 troops, fly up lo 130 miles per hour and can be opened tit tho nose to luko In tanks and trucks. . Dozens ol these Nazi power i;lldcr.s linvo been shot down ns lliey shuttle; between Tunisia and-nxls European bases. ... _ - Orchestra To Present Program Deep Soulh jive with a classical background will he featured in Ihe concert of Ihe dance orchestra of Ihe 351st Army Air Forces lland al the Post Theater-tonight. H is the u „_ „„ „„„„„„„ m product of r -ecu. Scrgl. Alexander N uao ' , ' t ," " " ',' : Pr^tnnl,-!! u-lm lr.n/ <t Ih/* ,\,-pU«<:lrn -, ,, . .. , .. ^""^ »'» J"i' A cadet at (he Depaiiw Unlyer- sily Naval pie-night school wanted lo express his gratitude for free postage for service men. So Instead of writing "free" in the space where (he slamp usually goes, he scribbled, "Thanks Congress!" But llic leller bounced right back with a curt reminder from postal authorities that the first duly of a service man is lo obey direction:! lo the letter—nnd leave llic pleasant little amenities of life lo Ihe civilians. Soil erosion affects 15 per cent of all cultivated lands lu the Untied Slates. _ Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 60% STEWART'S Drag St.ri 4 lake Phone 2822 Poskonka, wlio leads llic _ and does mosl of llieir arranging, ami it. is something new in music. Sergeant Poskimkn ha.s .•studied jive because he regards II. as the mast thoroughly American music now tie- Ing played, and he has studied classical melodies becaust he thinks they represent the grnnimur of music, lie has combined the two mediums. Ench section of Ihe bund is featured In Poskonka's arrangements— brass, reeds and rhythm. He blends them so that their selections are full-bodied in tone and rich execution. The 15-piecc orchcslra will after a variety of musical entertainment tonight. I'fc. Waller Lr-nkc of 'Heavy, Heavy. What Hangs Over?' will sing his composition. Corp. Angclo Ratlin. Iruinpcleer, and Corp. Jackie Mitchell, dnimnicr, will give .some hot licks on "Avalon." Corp. Ralph flother. pianist, will play nn original selection by Sergeant Pos- konka entitled "Piano nines." And llie "Jive Bombers", a jam band led by Private Lenke, who plays the clarinet, will be introduced. The program will be under. (Indirection of Warrant. Officer Bcrn- mrdt, M. Kiischcl, director ol Hie >and, a.s master of ceremonies. Military personnel, ihelr families, and civilian workers living on llie 1'osl will be admitted lo Ihe concert which will begin at 8 o'clock. No admission fee will be charged. The i>roerani will include: "Avalon." (ruinpels ami drums. "Let's Gel Last," by the orclic.s- tra. "Piano Blues," featuring piano solo. Selccions by the "Jive Bombers". "Heavy. Heavy," simp; bv Pfi'. Walter I.enke. "Blurs on Parade." featuring «ix- ophone f.olt> by Corp. Uermml Jaeger. A medley of popular songs. "My Buddy," Ming by Corp Sinn Hmicliuo. "St. Louis Bines." orchestra. "American Pnlrot," orchestra. Florida farm families grew about twice n.s many gardens in l!)« as Uicy did in 1941. Net/ro Service Men Will Hear Address James A. Jackson, representative of tlie I'sso, Marketers, will be the speaker lo service men al the Negro USO center tonight. 0 p.m. Aside lipm hl.s occupation ns a fiiilesnmn for llie Htaiidntd Oil Company of New Jersey, he holds n Jaw Vlpifiw iitid « Phi IMn key, lie served in World War I as military Intelligence officer. To Hie service men and the public in i;<>neriil, lie will In: an Inspiration in helping lo build morale, it Jia.s been pointed out, |jy n. (follls, cliairman of lii'e tation to tin' public to utlcml tills meeting. Read Courier News Want Ad.1. Hold U.S.O. News Piano music was (ilvcn by Mrs, Ralph Uerryman, Hergl. .llmmle Cuponlum. inul Corp. Rulph ll, Rolhei 1 durlim the Sunday nfler- noon hospitality hour at the UHO Center. Eight pics and 1(1 cake.s were served lo 7fi soldiers and Hi Army wives by Uic women of thu Shady drove. Homo Dcmoiislrallon Club, i Hie following: Mrs. ,1. N. nollliigcr, chalriunn; Mrs. Ralph Sandaac, Mrs. 1C. S. 'Loveless, Mrs. Ruth Miilllns. Mrs. John F'lecmiin. Mrs. Jeff llniiey, Mra, Velum Williams. Mrs. lluland liolllngcr, Mrs. Will Mnssey, Mrs. Deloris Nayleii, Mrs. O. C. Miirphrcc. -Mrs. W. N. Nceley, Mrs, Nolnn Uolllngci', Mrs. Willie Mac MaMcy, Mrs. O M. Nceloy. Mrs. Earl Williams, Mrs. llurman Williams, Miss Lcdy Murl Williams. Mrs. Spin-lock, ill's, J. and Mrs. Dora Williams. Physical Training Program Here One Of Best, Lieut. Purvis Says 'Hie physical training program of the mythcvllte Armi All Field w*S commended us ono of ihe tat In Hit 1 Southeast Training Ctntifr' Avon, with the finest, body-bUlldlng program of them all by Plrat tlwt James E. Purvis, assistant alr«U>t u! physical I raining of th« Southeast Center, during a cuir«nt in- •ijiectlon, Uotilcrmrit Purvis streswd tha Imjiorlnnco of the physical tr«ili- li'K program |u prciiailng intn Ipr combiit mid said that tho cprhplMe program of spoils and exerts ( kt thb (leld Is ideal foi the purpaS He commended Lieut Bill Adims I' athletic offlcci, *ho hw bttn In charge of the piogiwn sirtce Ms hiceriMon, , V, •Uciilcniiiu Purvis was ont of (jve Heels who established the' affl- cers' IrnlnliiK school and offlcws' candidate school foi physical directors nli Mlnuil Bench, n», K ln February, 1042, \Uien he Wai' »' civilian physical dlretlor Comniij- slonsri In July, Llculennnl Purfls mil lo lake the course which >ie tind helped lo establish He wan amlgucd lo his present Iicnlllou aflcr first anting a» dt- rcclor of physlciil liainlng »t CXTS n ml OCfl nt Miami Beach Tin.' lleiitcnanl. 11 lt)3i grudiuiU of J'urdtm university, was, »n Sl- Amcrlcnn hallback In 1832, '*hd wns higli scorer lu llie Big T«n Coiifeience nnd winner of Ihe OhV crigo Trlbinio annul as inOdl / «lG- tible player. Corp. James McKlroy To Seek Commission L'ori). ilame.'j McHlioy, physical in- alnictor asshjucd to llu: saolh llnso Headquarters Sfiuailron, ha.s been transferred from this station lo OKIctrs' Candidate School at Miami itwich, Pla., where he will take u physical director's course. Corporal Mcelroy reported here in December and was assigned to Ihc Athletic Department, lie entered the Army Oct. 12, at Clilcimo, where lie ira.s employed ns n teacher In Die public school system. He Is 11 1035 i;radiinte of Purdue University where he received a bachelor's decree In physical education.. While a .student he was oiilstand- liiB In football, baseball and wrestling. Hi 1 also played semi-pro foot-' brill mid baseball in mid around Chlcaiio. th» 1 . S. C. A. Urges Program Of Relief Tournaments NEW VOriK. (UPJ—A unified program or (jolf tournaments for war relief Ims been recommended to tlio nation's fj,100 public and private by the United Stales Goir Association. The U.S.Ci.A. nskod .•ipecincnlly for American Red Cross tourna- |mcnls on Memorial Day week end; fled Cross tournaments on Indc- pcnilciiei! Day W eek end; and Na- tlnmil War Fund tournaments on Labor Uay week end. The rural traffic drop due ration!!)!; lin.s been estimated at per cent. "Cookie, make mine dlnn'crl" shore SMALL LOANS Oa Anrtblor *< v»li«. Main Loin Co. E- Mtln — Phon* ZM» 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. LANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'4w»y & Walnut Ph. 553 Just 4 Miles To The State Line Service Station SAVK on Vhllllps Quality Gasoline * OH. Prompt, Courteous Service, Operated by Mrs. II. I,. Reynolds. OPERATING HOURS For A-IS-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 0 A.M. to 9 P.M. ALL WEEK DAYS 9 A.M. (o 12 Noon 1 P.M. to 8 P.M. FITTED I1Y Doctors J. L and J. C GUARD OPTOMETRISTS 1.V BM'THEVatB SINCE 1522 FrcalK'sl Slnclc (!ii;irniit«>c(l Hcsl Prices Kirby Drug Stores Try our "Own I\!;U|R" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Acrn»s from Hljrh Schnol Any Shoe Can Ho REPAIRED 8PTICHL STORE •209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Hoes Your Car NEED THESE? Batttrj— Scat Coverj Oilfiller— Radio Foy Lights— Lock Oa» Cap A complete llnp of Polishes LOY EICH in H (lie uppers arc sllll (rood. I Ilflnir Uicm to us for i)itallly I ivork. HALTER'S Quab'fy Shoe Shop 121 W. Mull) pf,. Slanguage; 01 Joe IB known the uorld ov*r for his Army slimy n »d cleflnltioni Here Is a sample of his World \VVr ll phraseology: , ,', , AH,—area bird, cadet walltlni punlslniient lours In area of UN ^ Albatross—chicken (tho kind /iju Armored cow—canned milk • > Army bun jo—shovel i, Battery ueld—coffee x Uelinvlar tv|!ort—Jcttcr to girl friend. Jlelly robber—mwi sergeant Bible—Army Regulations .Ullnd IlyliiB-n wind ( i ate Toot."!. - i Blow your loj)—iccil lo leinjicr. "low tt out youi barracks 'Wlio do tnink y0 ||,e jelllni: a!?' noollick—lo flattci .' Oulible dancing—dish washlriit Hunk fatlguc-lo sleep or rest liiitton chopper—the laundry Banned wllllc—canned beef Coiv Juice—fresh milk. Cross Uar Hold—guardhouse • Gco.'B-off — mjsterioiKly di«i>pears (bul dofltillely) , IlomliiB device—fm lough or pass. Meat wagon—Red Grow amtl- lance, ^ Sliack man—married man. Whoafln—an improbable lie. Hfodcrn Ice Box COOLKRATOR" For Economy and Senrlce. Tom LitHe Hwde. Co. Phone 511 WE FILL ALL VOCTOXT PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE fOIl MONKT 1 STEWART'S Store Main & l.nke PhoM Rcmomber Mother's Day Sumliiy, May 9th. . THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVER? ANTWHCBI GLENCOE HOTEL BIJM}. 491 HUDSON CLEANERS Special care taken in cleaning unifornfc Buttons carefully handled—Pleats and ereaaw hand finished—2 day service. Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insignia SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" , J , n ,° " Idc , r selection ot shaving needs, cosmetics, utrrtiam. ?11u S,5S2S5Sffi, il ***"•* ^ "«»*»3ZZ Service Men! Meet Your Friend, at Robin»o'»I

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